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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> an exclusive from abc, "good morning america" is with human rights activist trying to secure the release of the 200 schoolgirls kidnapped in nigeria >> hope you had a great weekend. it was hot? >> got a few grill marks on me. it was that hot. >> will it cool down? mike? >> another warm to hot day away from the coast where it will be school with free air condition ing. we starting off cool but through the morning into the afternoon, high clouds will come in from the south and mid-70's by noon and 80 by 4:00 and low 70's by 7:00 and inland, it stuffy in the areas add mid-60's and 90 by noon with mid-90's in the afternoon so if you ran the air
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conditioning, vehicle in san jose and closer to milpitas, northbound along the nimitz at highway 37 and closer to the expressway where we have an overturned vehicle with one car involved and it is on the shoulder but injuries involved and emergency cruise are on the way. northbound 101 central freeway near the skyway at 80 and closer to the avenue one lane is blocked and meters lights are
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minutes from emeryville to san francisco. >> in lay he, a woman dead and her suspected shooter is in custody this morning and witnesses say that the gunman shot the woman to death on the balcony of his house. police found bullet casings in front of victim's home a few hour houses away and we talking about witnesses saying the suspect walked to a car with two people inside and opened fire. a female inside the car was hurt by flying glass and was hospital ized. amy hollyfield is at the seen and she will have a rot coming up at 5:30. >> an investigation is underway if vallejo over a man with a gun. it happened last night and neighbor caused 9-1-1 and report as man walking back-and-forth in the street holding a gun. according to police, the officers chased the man through the neighborhood and when he turned to face them, they shot hill. police just released this photo
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of the gun he was holding. the sheriff deputies and highway patrol officers rushed to back up police after the crowd turned unruly. >> now palo alto police are on trail of a man who groped a woman in a difficult park. investigators have a sketch to lead to the person responsible. we are at the park where the assault took place. they are interested if getting this guy or information that can lead them to this guy because of where the park is located just south of stanford at end of a street and it is disturb because the neighborhood is very quiet neighborhood. look at this sketch of the guy that police are looking for. they are saying their suspect is accused of harassing and groping a woman. police describe him as a middle eastern man behind 45 and 55 standing 5' 3" tall and weighing
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1 accident to 180 pounds. he also is described as having a pot belly and unshaven with short and salt and pepper hair. according to the palo alto police orange the victim was on the bench at 11 o'clock on friday and he approached her. the man started a conversation with her and aggressively touched her. he then tried to kiss her. she was able to shove him off before running an. this is at the intersection of stanford and darth mouth and the victim told police that she last saw the suspect walking south out of park and we have post add link to the sketch and what police saying actually happened and played out some of the details are graphic but that information is on our website and they are asking anyone with information contact the palo alto police. >> in san francisco, the coast guard is reminding water sport love wees to wear protect ever
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gear after two dozen people had to be rescued in the waters off the crissy field. the call involved 25 kite boarders and wind surfers and crews brought everyone to safety. if you are planning to go into the bay, the coast guard is purposing you wear a life jacket and carry a main radio and wear a wet suit to prevent hyperthermia. >> today a politician plans to call attention to what he calls "third world culture of closedlies for board's board." the city council member has. whatted banning strikes by bart workers and the nine members of the board are selected by voters in alameda and tran counties. he claims that bart does little to publicize the filing period for citizens who want do run for the seats. four seats appear in november and the filing per starts today. >> and today the pakistani girl
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town -- turn as-year-older and is in nigeria pushing for the release of the 200 missing kidnapped schoolgirls abducted three months ago. she has become a symbol for women's rights since surviving an attack on her life by the taliban. she now is lending her voice to the girls kidnapped in nigeria many the same age and amy is in nigeria with her. >> you have a birthday wish? >> this year my wish is to see the nigerian girls being released from abduction and captivity and to be freed. she is meeting with the president of nigeria to urge action from the government to bring back our girls. amy will have more on the exclusive interview on "good morning america" at 7:00. there are calls for a cease-fire in the powder keg
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called the middle east is closer to ever to exploding and neither israel or the group hamas appear to be willing to stop bombing each other. we are in washington, dc with the details on that story. good morning, eric, this bombing is relentless and north side is talking about backing down as the international community pleads for cease-fire. >> israeli rockets rain down on gaza, thousands of minutes are on -- palestinians are on the move fleeing for safety. injured palestinians are taken to egypt and 150 americans are trying to escape. >> they are random bombing. >> at this school, classrooms are now shelters for the displaced. many people packing up and leaving after israel dropped leaflets say they were going to bomb the neighbors. sin the operates began a week ago the israelis have launched we 1,300 airstrikes targeting
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hamas installlations and long-range rocket launchers and fired 800 rockets at israel and this hit the town you here. >> they embed the rockets into our cities, terrorist rockets, trying to kill as many as they k. >> israel's equivalent of navy seals carried out a secret nighttime raid to destroy launchers but the hamas spotted them and four israelis wounded. >> there was a huge engagement. >> bombing continues, there is growing pressure on israel to reach a cease-fire. >> we need to start when this conflict ends prevent further deterioration and begin to rebuild circumstances that makes peace possible down the road. >> so far, no israels have been killed because of their iron domed defense system which intercepts missiles and the palestinians say 160 of their people have been killed.
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it is now 6:08. and turning over to meteorologist mike nicco today like yesterday? >> going to be warm the brentwood is 70 and nearly that in antioch and pittsburg and warm air usually rises but it is 85 degrees right now on mount diabolo and in the valley, low-to-mid 60's so the warm air is lurking with temperatures in the mid-50's to nearly 60 until san carlos and mountain view and san jose and low-to-mid 60's there. temperatures are up to eight degrees warmer than yesterday and up north, around santa rosa and napa and through the afternoon, about four to 11 degrees warmer-than-average temperatures. >> it was warm at 2357 degrees in san francisco. i felt stuffy, i will say. dare i say 57 degrees. good morning, everyone, we are going to look at the amount pass
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where it is jam pack right now. you can see 23 miles per hour or 25 miles per hour through the pass away from tracy and a solid string of brake lights, 52 minutes is building quickly, highway four, antioch to concord and 101 southbound to san francisco is quiet at 18 minutes. thank you, it is now 6:10, high help luxury retailers forced to should down. the water problem causing damage inside san francisco's pricey stores. but, first, the army announced the sergeant who spent five years in taliban custody and a major step forward happening today for army sergeant bowe bergdahl. >> imagine walking to a car and finding avid on your windshield wiper, not a traffic ticket, a message of
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we will start off right with a gorgeous picture of the bay with the sun now rising and the clouds are in the sky. just enough to make it
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beautiful. love the shot. mike will talk about the weather forecast in a minute. >> disney officials say a power outage stranded 120 people on the mono rail. all were rescued with the him of a lift that took 90 hadn'ts and -- minutes. some passengers tweeted that a lightning twice hit but that is not confirmed. the army sanctionent would spent five years in taliban custody before being freed is going back into active duty today. he will take a new job in san antonio. this is video of bowe bergdahl released by the taliban. for the job he the live on the base. he is still waiting to meet with a major general investigating the disappearance back in 2009.
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>> finding a fly other that invites you to join the kkk is happening to people in atlanta. people found these on their cars over the weekend with emergencies like "save the land," "join the klan," and "christian organization," with a phone number. when our sister station call the we number they said a national drive is underway. people immediately went through the neighborhood taking down all of the ads. >> apple is dismiss allegations that the iphone is a threat to national security. in china. apple issued a response on the chinese website after a report aired by china's leading state run broadcaster and the frequent location function on the iphone can monitor locations of
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user movements and it said that the data could be used to provide knowledge on state secrets. apple issued a statement saying they have never, would with any government agency to create a back door in its products or surfaces. >> you have heard "a spoon full of sugar," but that is the kind of imprecise measurement that can lead to potentially dangerous mistakes with mid. researchers questioned 2897 parents on liquid medication. parents who used teaspoon or tablespoon have double the chance of making a medical error. the study spoors a growing national initiative to move to a millimeter standard of dosing for the oral medication. >> we will turn things over to mike and we are look at a gorgeous morning. >> lot sunshine and a few clouds and another hot day inland.
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a lot like yesterday. you can see a lack of wind and three miles per hour is a breath in novato and napa and going in different directions and novato is none wind and fairfield is nine and from the east bay hills you can barely see in the distance the marine layer hugging the coast and the clouds right there is trying to push across the golden gate bridge but having a hard time. the longer you wait you can see the more likely you will see that fog as you try to cross into san francisco or headed north into marin. mostly sunny conditions today or partly clouds with high clouds and sunshine and above average highs. cooling trend tomorrow and temperatures are chess to average wednesday through the week end. you can see a few low clouds along the coast account high clouds are coming in, monsoon
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moisture, but it will be high and not enough to take the heat out of the atmosphere. the steam is in the mountains where we have our best chance of storms today and through tomorrow, also, so be careful if you headed this way. we will look at the hot temperatures, to the south, way into the santa clara valley, morgan hill and gilroy, upper 90's and mid-90's around los gatos and upper 80's to low 90's for the south bay and san jose 91 and santa cruz is sunny and 76. a lost low-to-mid 80's on the peninsula and our streams in los altos and millbrae at 77. mid-60's along the coast and low-to-mid 70's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. we will flirt with 90 through the north bay valleys and 76 at richmond and 88 in castro valley and most of us in the low-to-mid 80's. tonight we are in the mid-90's or today, through 100 in the east bay with high clouds and not much cooler.
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it will be more stuffy upper 50's to mid-sick. the person seven shows temperatures running two to eight degrees cooler tomorrow and back to average on wednesday and below average on thursday and friday into saturday can back to average on mound so quiet after today. have a good one. >> we have 53 bart trains rolling and a brand new crash in petaluma involving a motorcycle southbound along 101 at pet humid boulevard blocking a lane at highway 116. northbound traffic is slow-and-go traffic. this crash new is clearing in san francisco. it was three-car cash with injuries and northbound 101, at the skyways we have heavy conditions off of the bay bridge from the skyway to head into san francisco so now the surface streets getting clogged. walnut creek shows in the east bay southbound 680 drive is
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sluggish at the junction and highway 4 to the 4 -- 24 junction it will take 13 minutes. >> a major announcement from the largest bangs in the last 2 1/2 hours. >> the 6:30 the multibillion dollar finety group is agreeing to pay to the federal government and it could help you out. >> first, the nab -- nba making hi. i'm henry winkler. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money, and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with l.e.d. light absolutely free.
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a look at traffic on interstate 80 in berkeley area and what do we see? a lot of traffic volume. moving rather slowly. we are checking the traffic elsewhere, as well, and we will let you know how it looks with leyla gulen. >> now a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> the research to find 200 school girled kidnapped by terrorists in nigeria and now this is help in nigeria to secure their release with amy.
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>> jeremy lin the play closer to home after being traded to the lakeers. he layed with the rockets and acknowledged 12 points a game but he lost the starting job. the lakers believe he will make their team better for the lakers after they missed the playoffs. they hope the harvard graduate is a hit with the large asian-american community. he was born if los angeles before the family moved to palo alto. he will make $15 million this season. the last year of his current deal playing alongside kobe bryant. gold middlest thorpe said he is gay admitting years of speculation about his sexual orientation. he wrote in his audit bog -- in hid autobiography but he just released the truth he said that he was gay. >> 100 tanks and military vehicles will be leaving portola
6:25 am
for spots around the globe and the hardware was part of the collection gathered by a millionaire before heeds died in 2009 and bidder we from 37 states bid a total of $10.2 million for the item on sale. the family donated tanks to a foundation that will use the sale of the proceeds to build a military vehicle museum in massachusetts. >> not one headed to the tom d thomas garage? >> not that i admit. we have top stories. >> a busy highway forced to shut down after a deadly wreck and what we are lending -- learning about crash. >> luxury retailers forceed to shut down because of a watery mess. >> we have the latest on the
6:26 am
details of a shooting if vallejo. >> lack of wind on the ferry building and a hot day coming up but a cooling trend for the back what of the seven-day forecast. from the traffic center, you need the sunglasses if you are traveling in the eastbound direction but westbound traffic is back up from emeryville to squeeze into san francisco with some trouble spots. that is
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, at 6:29. look at the beautiful shot, this is why we live in the pay area: from the east looking across the eastern span of the bay bridge to san francisco, sutro tower, nice way to wake up. >> gorgeous. >> envious. our folks are envious they should be. now mike has the forecast. >> thank you, this is 87 down in san jose and you can see right above it, tons of sunshine for the south bay and here is our
6:30 am
day planner starting at the cost partly sunny with low clouds and high clouds through the afternoon and mid-60's and in the mid-70's arounded bay by noon and 80 by 4:00 and 72 by 7:00 and starting off sunny with high clouds and sunshine and high clouds and sunshine and 90 inland and 96 by 4:00 and still stuffy at 82 at 7:00. the monday morning commute and leyla gulen. >> thanks for the introduction. at 6:30, we are looking at this in oakland a car fire at lake shore avenue so as you head up to 980 you are going to find it. it is not blocking any lanes and traffic is moving through fine. to the south, though, look at this traffic from castro valley, it is heavy. from 580 to the nimitz, bumper-to-bumper remark and grabbing the nimitz it is going to be the brakes and southbound
6:31 am
into fremont at their ton avenue we have a two-car crash with possible injuries and delays from highway 84 so it is taking on a few extra minutes. eric and kristen? agreeing news in oakland the highway 13 has re-opened after a deadly accident forced the closing of the southbound lane near redwood road. a man crashed a gold cadillac at 1:00 o'clock and speed was a your factor in the crash. the same car was reported driving recklessly on highway 24 near the caldecott tunnel a few minutes earlier. >> in vallejo police are trying to put together what happened in a bizarre shooting that left a woman dead and a neighbor under arrest. amy hollyfield is on the scene. we have learn more of the situation. a woman who lived in the apartment building says the man who was arrested in a racist and
6:32 am
he has yeted hailful things at the black maintenance man who lived here and he is known for doing that. the map who was arrested is a white man. they say the woman who was shot, neighbors believe she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, she came to visit the maintenance man. she was shot and killed. this happened at 10:30 last night if vallejo. witnesses say after me killed the woman she was shot on the balcony he came to 9 front of the building and fired at a car that had a woman and a child inside of it and we are told the child was hurt by flying glass. neighbors heard him yelling a racial slur at the woman and child before high started firing and the woman and child are black and the man arrested and accused in the shootings is white. his name is not released. what we know of woman is she is in her 50's and lives in a house right next to the apartment
6:33 am
building but police have not said her name at this point. officers are investigating two incidents in vallejo. the department is stretched thin and had in the been able to release much information. we will be trying to get you new information from investigators. police in vallejo are also investigating the shooting of an armed suspect by an officer last night and it happened at 9:00 last night. police released this picture of the gun that the man was holding. the sheriff deputies and c.h.p. have been called after the bystanders became unruly. paramedics rushed the wounded suspect to a trauma center. there is no word on his condition. >> two officers are recovering after get president lincoln's
6:34 am
gettysburgting injured trying to arrest a man. when they tried to arrest a man he bit the officers and tried to pull an officer's gun from the holster. they arrested the man. he had a loaded handgun and is a convicted felon with a warrant. if san francisco,down members will vote on a new labor contract with muni. there is 14.25 percent pay raise over three years after a tentative agreement on wages was announced. a sickout by drivers forceed passengers to find other ways do get around. if the deal is approved muni will vote on it next week. >> in san francisco, high-end retailers in june square are mopping up from a water main
6:35 am
break. a contractor working on the subway project hit an 8" main on saturday and that sent at least 100,000 gallons of water into the toes like chanel and knee map's. there is still no estimate on the dollar amount of damage the flooding caused. >> hamas says they are using drones over israeli military businesses. israel managed to shoot down the drone with irrelevant dome dense system. 150 minutes have been killed and thousands have evacuated heeding a warning that bombs would soon be dropping. both sides are ignoring swab calls for a cease-fire. >> a senator from san lenadro will be one of two senators and four assembly members meeting with salvadoran and adequate male officials traveling to central america as a way of
6:36 am
undocumented children continue to cross into the united states. the trip includes talks on immigration, trade, and port security. the delegation will get a closer look at the legal and social and economic issues in the countries >> riot police in argentina are on patrol watching for flareups of violence after the world cup loss to germany. it was argentina's best world cup run in 24 years despite the we 1-0 loss and thousands of fans gathered to celebrate but it was marred when young people started throwing rocks and vandalizing stores. media reports eight police officers were injured in violence we last night. >> a different situation in germany where celebrations continued into the morning with tens of thousands many watching on the big screen tv and this is germany's first world cup
6:37 am
victory since 1990. >> police are asking for your help: have you seen this man? we have a crime he is accused of carrying out at bart station. ought ipad itch, a medical problem is traced to the medical tablet from apple. >> a look at bridge with traffic moving fine and the sun is gorgeous but a town of fog. traffic and weather next at the morning news
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>> the block party celebrating over the weekend today, the breaking of ground on the new expansion to the ronald mcdone am house in stanford. it will be 70 at 9:00, and shovels in the ground at 10:30 and high clouds and sunshine by noon and thunderstorms to the south and through the sierra today the none is another record high in lake tahoe and 100 influence the central valley to palm springs and 85 in los angeles and 77 in san diego. safe travels. 56 bart trains are running on time and we have a couple of problems on the road including a two-car crash which is clearing southbound 880 we still dealing with delays coming away from highway 84, and to the south,
6:41 am
northbound along the nimitz before you get to highway 237, a car was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed and flipped and is on the shoulder with injuries involved and c.h.p. is still dealing with that. this problem involving a motorcycle in petaluma subalong 101 approaching petaluma boulevard on the breaks and bumper-to-bumper traffic at 22 miles per hour for a top speed so heavy delays and a couple of miles of backup. coming up, the picasso you have been eyeing could be a click away. >> new this morning, citigroup announced a settlement for the north practices and how some of the money could end up helping you out. >> police need your help to identify a man who is responsible for groping a woman. the police sketch that they believe can help identify this man. i have a report coming up after
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class.
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introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:44. palo alto police are asking for your help searching for a man who aggressively groped a woman in a park.
6:45 am
nick smith has a look at the sketch police have released. >> there is urgent is because you can see how the park is set up. at the end of the street, in the section of a town called college terrace south of stanford campus. this is who police are looking for. this man is accused of harassing and groping a woman. he is described as middle eastern between 45 and 55, standing 5' 3" and weighing 170 to 180. the man was also described as having a pot presidentially and unshaven and short salt and pepper hair. the victim was on the bench at 11 o'clock friday morning and the man started a conversation and aggressively toughed her. he tried to kiss her. she shoved him off before running away. this is at an intersection and the man ran away.
6:46 am
the victim last saw the suspect walking south out of the park and we have posted a link to the suspect sketch and the incident report on our website and anyone withness is asked to call the palo alto police. we will talk with residents to see if they have seen or heard anything. police are asking people to go to our website and look at the sketch if you have any idea who this guy is, contact the palo alto police. the next you get a skin rash turn to your ipad for a culprit. doctors say the popular tablet has a metal that causes allergies that is found in laptops and cell phones. there is an article about a boy who developed a body rash from ipad use. he got better after putting the devis if a protect case. apple has in comment.
6:47 am
nickel is often found in >> trading is underway on wall street and we will look at the big board where the dow is up triple digits to 134 pounds over 17000 mark. it is in record territory. >>ty group settled a $7 billion settlement to end an investigation into the mortgage practices. the deal includes $4 billion in penalties and $2.5 billion in meth modification and other relief. customers with city mortgages could see the amount of their loan reduced or interest rates cut. >> apple will not release a large iphone this year with a new report from apple insiders say the company is having news with the iphone touch panel
6:48 am
and the color evenness on the casing. apple is still expected to release a larger 4.7" model. >> blue chip auction house will announce a partnership with ebay so you can shop online for persian pickups and picassos and other expensive items. in the fall the auctions will be broadcast live on a new section of the ebay site giving 145 million customers instant access to the vast art and collectibles of the auction house. >> getting so hard to get a by cake. >> and at the shark tank a battle over "ice girls" to be part of the home games. people are voicing opposition on facebook. they usually way cheerleader style uniforms. opponents say they will i alienate the shark fans who feel
6:49 am
it object files we. shark say that the professors are unfounded because men will be pat of the ice squad although she are dressed differently of the the women's uniforms are more tasteful than other teams. what do you think about idea? ice rink sounds good. >> and maybe a fan blowing over to keep you cool if the air conditioning is not working or you don't have one, that could be a way. today is the hottest day this week and we have a few low clouds along the coast you can see 2.5 miles visibility and the rest of us are unlimited by high clouds are on way coming in too late to dim the sunshine for significant cooling tomorrow. check owe the lack of winds, seven miles per hour at sfo and three at napa and nine in fairfield and everyone else calm
6:50 am
this morning. we are in the low-to-mid 60's in the south bay and saratoga is the egg exception at 59 and mountain view and santa teresa are 63. san jose is 62. we are 60 in alameda and redwood city and san pablo and calistoga and fairfield and lafayette and accident in brentwood and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50's. as far as what is going on, walnut creek has shadows and the sun is already up and you are going to push 100 today and the exploritorium showing the beautiful sunlight glistening in with more nature across the screen and cooling trend tomorrow, seasonal weather by the week en. most of the clouds along the coast and monsoon moisture in the upper part of the atmosphere and that will bring us sun and high clouds and notice where the storms remain in the variousia coupling down tonight and only refiring again tomorrow so we
6:51 am
will have clouds in the overnight hour so it will be more stuffy than this only but we will see those cooling, also, headed into the week. upper 80's on sunnyvale and milpitas and low-to-mid 90 the rest of the south bay deeper in the santa clara valley and 100 in gilroy and sunshine at 76 in santa cruz. home 80's on the perches that, and mid-60's loan the coast and low-to-mid 70's downtown south san francisco and sausalito and we will flirt with 90 through the north bay valley and mid-to-upper 70's in richmond and berkeley and oakland and 88 if castro trail and check out the temperatures tonight, upper 50's to mid-60's so warmer than this morning. the seven-day forecast shows two degrees cooler as the warm air moves off and seasonal tomorrow and cooler-than-average wrens,
6:52 am
thursday and friday. maybe saturday. >> north of highway 12 we have a vegetation fire but c.h.p. says minimal affect on the freeway traffic. as we take you into the east bay we have this accident southbound along 680 at mission boulevard possible injuries involved and blocking one lane with a slow down. on the nimitz, southbound, 880, we have another accident in the clear stages, slow-and-go from fremont toward milpitas and we have an ambulance canceled so no injuries eastbound 580 at bayview avenue away from the hoffman submit and 80 is jam packed as you make it westbound so be aware of what and we have the big project sewer line construction at willow pass road is slow starting today through 6:00 p.m. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> morning news returns in 90
6:53 am
6:54 am
whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, developing news in vallejo where police are investigating the shooting death of a woman in her 50's. police arrested one of her neighbors in the shooting. she was found on his apartment balcony. the suspect is said to have shot and wounded a young girl inside a car and hurt by flying glass. >> vallejo police are
6:55 am
investigating a shooting involving one of their officers who fired at an armed man. they released a picture of gun he was holding. officers chased the man after calls of a hand with a gun on the avenue. >> palo alto police have released there sketch of a groping suspect after an incident at a park near stanford. a woman told police she was sitting on a park bench when a man approached her and asked if they could become "good friends" and kissed her neck the she got away. >> a man faces charges after investigators say exhaust from the truck started a wildfire. officials say that he was tending to an illegal pot grow and the we we truck sparked the fire. it has green to 4,000 acres. right now the fire is only 15 percent contained. german fans celebratedded in san francisco the civic center plaza as their team beat
6:56 am
argentina. germany won the world cup. >> they did. >> in brazil, is where this occurred yesterday. tracking low clouds along the coast, where they will stay mostly with high clouds and sun and temperatures above average and a lot like yesterday, 88 to 101 away from the bay and we will be 76 to 88 and free air conditioning and 64 to 72 in san francisco. >> where there is smoke there is fire. we have report of a brushfire burning off of westbound 80 in solano county and not affecting traffic and the drive coming in from emeryville looking busy and we have this accident involving a car that want down an embankment southbound at mission boulevard slow going away from sunol. >> the abc7 news continues online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> we will be back with news and weather and traffic on "good morning america" so have a great
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heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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makica." good morning, america. happening now. 80 million on watch as severe weather sweeps across the country. trucks overturned on the interstate. families rescued from high waters. lightning barely misses this woman. the storms strand passengers on the monorail in disney world. breaking overnight. a new weapon in the middle east crisis. israel shooting down a drone launched be i the militants. thousands leaving their homes in gaza. many taking refuge in classrooms, amid new warnings about a ground invasion. gotze! >> a wild finish to the world cup. germany stuns argentina in overtime. the most watched event on the planet. meet soccer's new hero, super mario.


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