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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 11, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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these, but whether the plane can see these new lights under foggy, minimal conditions. >> nobody knew if they needed the runway lights checked. >> reporter: tuesday, the alaska flight 2472 diverted all the way back to los angeles and remained there. all told the flights have forced alaska to cancel three other flights inbound and out bound affecting 194 passengers, some of whom have days, the airline says we know that customers have been greatly inconvenienced and are not here to point fingers. >> over this project, at some point somebody should have said you need a flight check for the runway lights. >> reporter: well, the faa has been doing what it can to expedite this incident, they came in trying to do a landing in the fog but they couldn't see the lights so couldn't get the clearance which means they have
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to try it again tomorrow night. in the meantime, the flight is due from los angeles, due to come up here again tonight. about whether they will make the attempt. they're going to look at the weather and make the decision later. live at sonoma county airport, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. it will cost the commuters big money to clean stains from the bay bridge's new span, there are tiny particles that got imbedded in the white finish. some of them look like rust. caltrans blames the bridge builder for the problem, that contractor blames caltrans. either way, toll money will cover about half the cost. oakland police headquarters had to be evacuated today shutting down some city services. sky 7 hd shows firefighters talking to some of the 200 people forced out of the building happening at about
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11:30 on 7th street, abc news reporter leanne melendez has more with the details. >> reporter: well, ama, quite a commotion this morning. the building was of course immediately closed, still closed at this hour it will not re open today. perhaps tomorrow if firefighters are done with their investigation. just after 11:00 this morning, virginia ruiz was told to leave police headquarters. she left everything behind including her purse. >> it was very fast, sitting there and the sirens went off. and then you see everybody saying they evacuated. so it was fast. >> reporter: at least 200 employees were also evacuated after someone noticed a foul odor. >> one of our lieutenants on the second floor smelled the foul smell and pulled the alarm to notify everybody to evacuate the building. >> reporter: fire crews arrived with the hazmat team, all suited up. they went through the entire nine-story building.
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at first they were looking for a possible gas leak but quickly realized the smell was coming from the h-vac system. an air conditioning company later arrived. no public services were ever disrupted. >> our 911 dispatch center is not located here at seventh street. so that is not affecting calls for services from the officers on the street. >> reporter: people coming to do business could not get inside, the police closed the surrounding area. the alameda county superior courthouse is next door. employees were not evacuated but some were concerned. >> well, yes. i don't know if i want to go back in there though. i'm sure they will let us know. >> reporter: just last year the building was evacuated and closed after a toilet flooded. many blame it on an old infrastructure. during this morning's incident pg&e tested the area around the building as a precautionary measure. no leaks were detected. in oakland, leanne melendez, abc
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7 news. santa rosa police have released new surveillance video tonight of a jewelry store robbery showing a second suspect inside bennett jewelry store during yesterday's robbery and shootout. investigators say he may be wounded. two people were shot including an employee during the incident in the store. the owner is believed to have fired back hitting one of the robbers. that man is in the hospital with life-threatening wounds shot in the chest. the injured employee suffered a bullet wound to her arm. one person is in custody after a brawl at at&t park. tonight, police are searching for a second person happening after the giant's game came to an end. police say it is not connected to the rivalry. abc news reporter vic lee has more. >> reporter: well, the fight started across the street from the ballpark right over there outside momo's restaurant. now, the witness was perhaps
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ten, perhaps 15 yards away from the altercation. the scenario which he gave us corroborates what we have been told by reliable sources who did not want to go on camera. >> i can tell you that this was not related to any team paraphernalia. any team rivalry. that i can tell you for a fact. >> reporter: police say one assailant wore giants apparel. his friend an a's t-shirt. the game had already ended with the a's slaughtering the giants 6-1, the woman should have been happy, she was wearing an a's t-shirt. the woman and her friend were standing outside the restaurant, momo's, that is when corey white noticed them. >> the woman was obviously intoxicated and the guy was helping her. he was giving her a cup of water, trying to help support her. >> reporter: white told us that is when a group of two men and two women approached the couple. white doesn't know what started
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the fight but he says it quickly got out of hand. >> it definitely escalated from words from shoving to punches pretty quickly over the period of a minute or two. >> reporter: reliable sources tell us the group was making fun of the intoxicated woman, even perhaps taking her picture. white says a woman in the group took her picture, and hit her sending her to the ground. at that point the two began to fight. >> at that point the secondary victim, which was a female attempted to intervene to stop the assault. >> the woman stood back up from the sidewalk and the big guy, the suspect just hit her right in the face. knocked her out flat. just -- one single punch, and she was down, out cold on the sidewalk. >> reporter: the group ran off by a witness took the license plate of their truck, police later traced it to a sacramento address and arrested one of the suspects. vic lee, abc 7 news. one man suffered severe
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burns to his face and body after a fire broke out outside a kitchen of a san leandro apartment. alameda county officials say it happened early in the morning at 1:00 a.m. at an apartment complex near olive court. a woman was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. two pets were also overwhelmed by smoke and were taken to a nearby veterinarian hospital. we understand they are okay. wildlife experts blame the drought for bears getting close to people in the lake tahoe area coming after officials captured their seventh bear in the last ten days. the drought has reduced the bear's food supply so many of them are trolling urban areas looking for a snack. the latest captured bear will be released in the mountain range. the wildlife officials say the bear was dangerous to humans. and a new campaign to put pressure on the fda to overturn
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the ban on donating blood from gay men and women. the fda says it is time they changed the policy which they say marginalizes and stigmatizes healthy people across the country. they set up 50 blood drives across the states. supervisor scott weiner says the ban assumes gay men have hiv. >> this was a relic of the '80s, when we were at the height of the epidemic. and so much has changed from them. and we need to move away from reactionary discriminatory policies. >> the fda says that gay and hiv-men are at increased risk of passing the disease which can be transmitted by transfusion. the ban has been in place since 1983. and more on tuesday, board members to vote on whether to
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increase a usage fee from $1.00 to $3.55 per stop. they say they're making increased stops and the increased fee is needed to increase the pilot program that lets the private buses use muni stops. some say it exploits profits for the benefits for the employees. and you have heard of the special olympics and maybe even the paralympics. >> but there is another game you may not have heard of. including for transplant patients, we'll share one story of triumph. don't bother cooking, let me
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area, this is abc 7 news. today, google introduced an advisory council of experts to help the search engine comply with the law. it includes backgrounds and privacy, government or journalism. wikipedia founder is on the council, the law allows the officials to use search engines they feel violates their privacy. google says it steps on the public's right to know. and likely taking off monday, the falcon rocket was supposed to take off but there were technical problems, monday's forecast shows favorable weather during the launch, the launch will take six satellites into space and return to earth as part of the reusable
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rocket tests. developing the grand canyon could have dire consequences for the ecology and water supply, there is a proposed site for 2200 homes and 300 square feet of commercial space inside the grand canyon will alter their natural beauty and jeopardize their water supply on the arid south rim plateau. the park officials say they're threatened with the shops and gondola service along the colorado river, all very popular with tourists. and organ transplants often mean the difference between life and death for those who need them and one north bay family knows all too well how dire things can get. they share their story hoping others will help save a life. >> reporter: mia french was born with a liver defect. >> when she was born, she was egg plant purple color. >> reporter: doctors told her
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parents that the duct that carries bile from the liver to the gall bladder was blocked. >> they told us she would need a liver transplant soon. >> reporter: her sister remembers hearing the news. >> she was on a wait list, the people with the list said it would take time, it could have been too late. >> mia had just turned -- was getting ready to turn 18. that is when she said she would do it. >> reporter: test showed she was a perfect match for her younger sister. >> you know, she wanted to be -- her savior in a way, if you want to call it that. >> reporter: five years ago, mia got that liver transplant. her parents worried about having two kids in the hospital. >> you try to accept it for what it is. and then you -- just be thankful
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that they come out of it the way they did. >> reporter: today, mia is an active 9-year-old, and her prospects for living a healthy life are good. >> my stomach feels like -- being in pain sometimes. but not anymore. >> reporter: mia was lucky to find a match in her family many people don't. >> 18 people die every day waiting for a transplant. >> reporter: kathy clark is with the california transplant donor network. the network coordinates organ and tissue recovery and distribution and educates health care professionals and the public about the importance of organ and tissue donation. donors can leave their organs when they die. >> they can help someone live their life to the fullest. they can go out and swim, they can go out and run. they can go out and live a normal life. >> reporter: mia is doing so well she is heading to houston this weekend with her family to compete in the u.s. transplant
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games, a sports competition for transplant survivors. mia will be the youngest member of the northern california team. >> she is just like a regular kid now and gets to go compete with everybody else. >> reporter: mia thanks her big sister often for sharing part of her liver. she knows she would not be able to swim these laps without her. >> she is my hero, i love her. >> i think it is great she looks up to me like that. but i wouldn't say i'm her hero, i mean, i would have done it for any of my siblings. because she is family. you can't say no to family. >> reporter: eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> now, to find out how you can become an organ donor check our website at abc 7 news. we have posted links where you can sign up. new details tonight on an amazing story we first brought you last night on abc 7 news. doctors say the man who received a donor kidney from the very family whose son was saved by his family's donation, is doing
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well this evening. bill mallard and janis mckennon met a while back when he donated his son's kidney. today, mallard donated one of her kidneys to his son who had diabetic disease. and rising temperatures caused by global warming, scientists say, may be to blame for a sharp rise in kidney stones. doctors at children's hospital in philadelphia examined the records of more than 60,000 adults in children across the country. now what they found is that as temperatures rise the risk of kidney stone symptoms increased everywhere except los angeles. researchers cautioned that kidney stone cases increased in the last decade. but changes to your diet and
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fluid intake can increase the risk. and australian researchers looking into a connection of nearly a thousand people who get sudden acute back pain. the scientist s checked the weather reports on the days the patients reported pain. the results showed no connection to temperature, humidity or air pressure. and in the animal kingdom, the color red is often seen as a sign of readiness to mate. scientists believe that culture pushes over into the human population. and a new study on jennifer lawrence shows some may have seen her as a threat. women become more protective of their husbands and boyfriends when they see the woman in red. saying it could be sexually per acceptive. researchers say men see the
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color the same way. >> well, we're all in blue here. >> nobody is in red. sandy patel is not in red. >> and neither of us are wearing red. >> i noticed. >> outside here, brighter, low clouds around this morning along with the measurable drizzle along the coast, all kind of fading away. believe it or not the marine layer deepened. now breaking apart. so definitely a brighter afternoon and evening. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. we'll talk about your weekend including warmer weather. most of the bay area enjoying sunshine. there is some low clouds hanging onto parts of the coastline, san mateo county. most of you enjoying the sunshine, the area of low pressure pulling up the monsoon moisture in the sierra nevada? we're seeing the thunderstorms develop in northern california, watching the development there,
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dry fuels combined with the potential for lightning means the fire danger is higher at st. shasta. the red flag warning remains in effect until 6:00 p.m. tonight. it is windy out here, no doubt about it. breezy size, around sfo. 26 in livermore. 32 at fairfield. beautiful view from the san jose camera where the sun is shining, the high temperature today, 76 degrees, 65 in san francisco, 75 in san carlos, 63 in half moon bay. here is a view of the broken up marine layer from emeryville. temperatures in the 70s, really comfortable, 72 novato, and concord and livermore. if you're watching spencer, at 4:00 you probably saw the cloud cover. now we're seeing blue skies there, warmer inland this weekend. and we're expecting the summer spread early next week. here is a look at the water
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vapor imagery. area of low pressure lifting north. same low that kept the inland highs cooler than normal, kept us in the drizzly pattern in the morning hours, pushing out of here. here is what is replacing it. high pressure building back towards the west as we head into sunday, monday in particular. hot weather expected inland on monday and tuesday. so warmer inland for the upcoming weekend. cooler believe it or not near the coast. today, pacifica got up to 66. half moon bay, 67, we'll lose the south wind replaced by the northwesterly wind, meaning you wouldn't be as warm. temperatures in the mid-60s out the door tomorrow, 80 tomorrow afternoon in the south bay and san jose. 86 morgan hill, 86 los gatos as well. redwood city, palo alto, 68, cloudy as well, pacifica, breezy, 66ñr downtown san
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francisco, north bay, 80 in santa rosa, 81 napa. east bay, 73 in oakland, 77 in castro valley, inland spots getting more, 88 in antioch, fairfield, 86 degrees in livermore. a look at the accu weather, seven-day forecast. the warmer conditions, low 90s, inland, coastside. monday and tuesday mid-90s inland so the hot weather will return. comfortable, though, near the coast with enough of a seabreeze to keep you in the mid-60s along with the fog. the accu weather forecast, it will gradually drop the temperatures. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> $50. >> thank you, jason, i'll pay it forward. palo alto's real estate mogul jason buzzi still hiding cash, a clue to where another drop is scheduled tonight coming up. and abc 7 is a proud sponsor
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the hidden cash craze continues, now huntington, the fans hoping to find more than 130 pez dispensers, the mogul, jason buzzi, posted photos on twitter reminding people to take only a couple. the cash will be deposited somewhere in los angeles. >> like easter. well, it is friday, of course. we want to get your weekend off
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to a perfect start. >> that is right, michael finney is here with his free stuff. >> don't cook today, let me take care of that. friday, let's start with three bridges, these are chef-created meals. these things are pretty amazing, easy to prepare, meals, you can pick through a bunch of different meals, a $7.90 value. why would you pay -- now taking care of the meal, right? >> is there dessert? >> there is dessert. take a look at that. right there. yogurt from the yogurt bar that serves drinks, salad, sandwiches. mainly the greek yogurt, with a sweet or savory topping, with
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bl blueberry, shaved toppings, a $5.20 value, but why would you pay all that? you get this by dialing this number or at any time, you can go onto >> they're not kidding, dinner and dessert n. thank you, michael. and niners legends, back on the grid iron. >> what brought them out of retirement this weekend? >> and don't forget, germany and argentina playing in the world cup this weekend. >> our coverage begins at 10 a.m., remember you can catch the game on your
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. live right now over breaking news in santa clara where a train has hit a person on the tracks, this is lafayette and hogan streets.
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>> yeah, trains are being held at the trans america and greater stations slowing down the commute for ace trains as well. and we don't have any details on how this happened yet or if the person hit by the train survived. >> we'll update that of course at 6:00. and also coming up at 6:00. you will see what the oakland school district is doing to safeguard its people against identity theft after the iteam investigation last night. authorities close in on a fraud that is frightening people into paying taxes they don't even owe. seven on your side michael finney has more. and we'll look at an auction coming up at 6:00. and 49ers greats had a final tune-up today before their legends at candlestick park today. >> and he will play against joe
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montana and dan marino. and before that, the san francisco plays firefighters at tonight, return of the king. basketball's biggest star, lebron james. the 6'8" player announces he's going back to cleveland. and in one instant, changing the fortunes of a city. and shutdown, two labs at the cdc shut down after another mistake with a deadly virus. and willie nelson, another number one album. but do you remember when he started? how he sang? ♪ you'll hear it, because he's our person of the week. a good evening to you on this friday night. the king is coming home.


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