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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 1, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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. good morning, america. >> i believe that we will win. >> go big or go home. team usa, facing its biggest challenge yet. can they beat belgium? >> i believe that we will win. >> no ties. no second chances. it all comes down to this, as one of america's best returns to the field. >> i believe that we will win. >> our world cup hopes are now on the line, just hours from now. dangerous storms light up the skies across the midwest. sheets of torrential rain blinding drivers. powerful winds flipping semis. power lines on fire. >> look out. oh, my god. >> this out-of-control tarp causing injuries. teens sucked into storm drains. and the east coast on alert for its first tropical storm. also this morning, caught on
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camera. turning the tables on a state trooper. the trucker who recorded this traffic stop, laying down the law for the speeding police officer instead. this morning speaking out about why he did it. ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ and we believe. team usa's superfans are super ready. this man drove from albany to brazil in his r.v. these fans checked extra luggage to show their patriotic pride. the final countdown, now. the excitement starts here on "gma." >> good morning, america. usa. usa. usa. usa. usa. and we do say good morning, america. so much excitement here in times square and across this country. in our red, white and blue this morning. i think i saw george washington in the crowd there. out for the big game.
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and look outside our times square studios, in new york city. >> i know what i'm going to be doing around 3:45 this afternoon. i have my place staked out. know where i've watching the game. >> strahan's flying in the food. >> i'm flying in the food from london, like the other gentleman. i had to cancel my golf match to watch the game. >> you did? >> that is commitment, friends. i'm committed to the u.s. >> i know you are. >> we are all. >> we've discussed what happens if they don't win. >> it's not going to happen. >> we believe. we believe. >> we believe. that's right. a lot of news to get to. a lot of severe weather out there slamming the midwest. we have pictures from chicago last night. look at the lightning strikes there. several big buildings at the same time. abc's clayton sandell is in cedar rapids, iowa, with the very latest. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, amy. i want to show you the storm drain, the very spot where two teenagers were swept away by raging floodwaters here. and this morning, they're still looking for one of them. it's one of the many hazards as
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the midwest has been pummeled by rainstorms. overnight the march of torrential rainstorms so strong. >> oh, my god. it rolled right over that guy. >> reporter: combined with 80-mile-per-hour winds, blew this tarp on top of the ground crew at a minor league baseball game in cedar rapids, iowa, leaving three with concussions. tornado warnings issued in plain field, illinois. look closely. you can see debris flying through the air. heavy rains across the midwest, from chicago to michigan. watch as blinding conditions almost get the best of even the most experienced storm chasers. storms took out power lines in bevington, iowa, flipping this semi. live power lines setting fires as they came sparking down. while chicago was lit up. lightning striking several skyscrapers all at once. back in cedar rapids, 17-year-old logan blake was sucked by rushing currents down this storm drain next to a
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neighborhood school where he had gone to play frisbee with friends. one of logan's friends tried to rescue him and got swept away, too. carried deep into sewage drains underneath the city. that friend came out injured but alive, a mile and a half away. but logan is still missing. >> we got high hopes. he's a strong kid. very athletic kid. and he's got a strong will. we have all the faith in the world. >> reporter: this morning in chicago, 350,000 are without power. and here in cedar rapids, search teams plan on going back into these storm drains to search for that missing teen. but only if the water level is low enough to be safe. david? >> what a terrible story there. clayton, thank you. now, to the tropical weather threatening to soak so many this week as we head into the fourth of july weekend. the first tropical storm of the season expected to form today just off the coast of florida. ginger tracking it all. ginger has the new track coming in. >> i'm hearing from a lot of people. we're on vacation in florida,
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what's going to happen? you're on tropical storm watch, if you're anywhere from ft. pierce to daytona beach. this is in the next 48 hours. this is happening relatively quickly here. you will see rain, up to four inches. and flash flooding is possible. wind over 40 miles per hour. and don't go in the ocean if you're not in the right place because you'll see rip currents. that's what we're really concerned about as this depression becomes a storm and potentially our first hurricane of the year. it tracks right up the east coast. thursday night, the outer banks of north carolina, rip currents, winds and clouds spilling off it for parts of the east. this is a big issue going into the holiday weekend. we'll be tracking it the whole time, amy. >> we know you will, ginger. thanks so much. now, to the world cup and the big game that's just a few hours away. team usa versus belgium in the knockout match. and the americans are getting a big boost. paula faris is in salvador where the game will be played. pau paula, good morning. >> reporter: that's right. jozy altidore cleared to play. these guys -- [ cheers ] -- to play. just hours from now, it's do or
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die for team usa in this -- but the team says realistically, not sure how many minutes he'll get. just hours from now, it's do or die in this afternoon's game against belgium. star striker jozy altidore is back and ready to play, after suffering a hamstring injury two weeks ago in team usa's opening game of the world cup. >> he's available. and this is what we want. this is what we hoped for. just having him with us is huge. >> reporter: getting past belgium will not be easy. they've only given up one goal in the entire tournament. but the belgians might not be at full strength without key defenders. vincent kompany and another possibly out of today's game due to injury. >> yeah. they're a really good team. a lot of quality. they move the ball well. >> reporter: and the outcome of the game isn't the only thing team usa is worried about. the algerian referee assigned to
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the match, sparking concerns of possible bias. >> he scored! >> reporter: in the 2010 games, this goal team usa scored against algeria, knocked the ref's country out of the world cup. >> we hope it's not a concern. we wish he continues to his refereeing in the perfect way he's done so far. is it a good feeling? no. >> reporter: if the u.s. wins, it will be the third time the americans have ever advanced to the quarterfinals. >> so hungry for more. we want to go as far as we possibly can in this competition. >> reporter: and if they win that next game, saturday noon eastern, right here on abc. we'll all be watching, right? >> that's right. >> reporter: david? >> she said behave on the backside of that story. you could tell after what happened on the way in. so excited, all of the fans. alexi lalas joins us from rio. good morning. the giant question here in america. jozy altidore is back. how much will he be used? is he ready? >> that's a tough one. when you talk about a hamstring,
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in soccer or any other sport, you worry about putting a player in and starting him and when he plays a couple minutes in, playing at game speed, having that thing pop again, and have another sub. i wouldn't expect to seee jozy altidore starting. maybe he can play a part later on. he's an important part of this team, especially when he's up there. he provides something different than clint dempsey. that hamstring, i worry if you start him. >> in the meantime, size up belgium for us. the current team has been called the golden generation. they could be down a couple of key defenders, as well. how tough are they going to be? >> this is a team that undeniable individual talent. i don't think we've seen the best of them yet. that's a good thing to a certain extent for the u.s. but tim howard described them yesterday as this volcano. i hope they don't erupt tonight against the u.s. but the u.s. should go into this game confident. this is a team that they can beat. this is a team they should feel confident, individually and collectively, coming into this game. so, i'm excited to see how jurgen klinsmann and the guys go up against this belgian team.
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but make no mistake about it. there's some massive talent on this belgian team. >> we're ready. alexi lalas with us. thanks, as always. always put this in perspective. michael, what are you thinking as we head into this? >> it's a little scary. anytime a professional athlete has a hamstring injury that's the one thing you cannot really judge. you're not practicing at game speed. the pressure and intensity is not there. it's really something you have to get in the game and do. in soccer, these guys run the entire game. there's no break. there's no way of knowing. you just hope he can go out and not pace himself because that's another thing to try to pace yourself so you don't injure yourself again. >> you heard him say, team usa, going in strong. the game is played this afternoon. our sister network, espn, has the big game. 3:00 p.m. eastern. and before that at noon, argentina against switzerland. in the meantime, let's get the other headlines of the morning. ryan smith in for amy. >> fingers crossed, right? we begin with the breaking news in the middle east. israel launching air strikes
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overnight, one day after vowing to get revenge for the murders of three teenagers, one of whom was an american citizen. the fbi now joining the investigation. and abc's alex marquardt is there. alex? >> reporter: good morning, ryan. this is the spot in the west bank where the teens were kidnapped. today, israelis are coming here to light candles to pay their respects. israel accuses the palestinian militant group hamas of the murders. and as israel has cracked down, there's been a growing wave of rockets launched by palestinian militants from the gaza strip into israel. overnight, israel's air force bombed a compound belonging to hamas, which denies being behind the kidnapping, but who israel's prime minister says will pay a heavy price, bringing fears that this region is once again on the brink of war. ryan. >> alex, thank you. new urgency in the crisis in iraq. president obama is sending an additional 300 u.s. troops to protect the embassy in baghdad. june was the deadliest month in iraq in seven years. a controversial court decision as the nation confronts the crisis along the southern
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border. the federal appeals court has ruled a mexican teenager fatally shot by a u.s. border patrol agent was protected by the u.s. constitution even though he was on the mexican soil side when he was shot. the decision clears the way for the family of the boy to sue the agent. new concerns about the safety of u.s. auto parts after a major expansion of two recalls. general motors is recalling an additional 8 million vehicles because of faulty ignition switches. the recall, so expensive, that trading in gm stock had to be halted on wall street on monday. chrysler is recalling another 700,000 minivans and suvs because of a similar problem. and in san jose, california, a wildfire erupted on this golf course. you see the flames and a golf cart driving nearby. many golfers continued to play. nearby, the fire grew and the size threatened several homes, forcing about a dozen families to evacuate. and finally, if you need a little motivation before your morning workout, just watch this guy.
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77 years old. he's a veteran. you see him in blue. took part in the push-up contest. keep watching. one guy bows out. too tired. his younger competitors put to shame. another guy bows out. this guy just keeps on going. he's the energizer bunny. embarrassing men half his age until that happens. honey, we have to go. he could have kept going, but his wife steps in. i have to go. i want to go to the shopping mall. what are you doing? >> his wife is probably thinking, i only have so much advil for tomorrow. get up. let's go, buddy. >> she needs some of it too. we want to get to amy and a key headline for women's health. >> to medical news now. a new recommendation for women that could mean fewer of the dreaded annual pelvic exams. and we have with us dr. jennifer ashton, also a board-certified ob-gyn. these recommendations were based on a study. what did it find?
7:13 am
>> they looked at 50 studies to evaluate the risks versus the benefits of the pelvic exam to check for cancer and nonserious gyn problems. and what they found for the average risk, nonpregnant woman without symptoms, it's not a great test. and therefore, these recommendations are that women can go from having this test every year to having it every three years. >> how do you know if you fit into that one group? or if you're in the other? >> i think the key message here, and this is so important for women listening, we have to uncouple the pelvic exam from going to their ob-gyn. for many women, this is the only doctor the woman is going to see. we treat the whole woman, not just a body part. and it's important to see that doctor to screen for things like depression, to sexually transmitted infections. >> what do you think of these recommendations? we've seen similar things when it comes to mammographies and pap screenings. what do you think? >> this is going to be controversies. this comes from internists, not obgyn's.
7:14 am
there's still a role on a case-by-case basis. and i agree. >> thank you very much for that great advice. lara. now, we turn to the latest on the oscar pistorius murder trial this morning. the defense is questioning the credibility of the so-called ear witnesses who heard screams coming from the blade runner's house the night he shot his girlfriend. abc's lama hasan has our story. >> reporter: taking center stage in the courtroom this morning, who screamed the night oscar pistorius shot and killed model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. >> you wouldn't think it's possible without exception to be able to identify a male and a female scream? >> one cannot be absolutely certain. >> reporter: a sound expert saying earlier testimony from ear witnesses could be unreliable. the prosecutor, gerrie nel, hitting the point during cross-examination, that steenkamp was fearful during the fight with the blade runner. >> the deceased screamed because she feared for her life. that's abnormal scream. >> yes.
7:15 am
>> reporter: ear witnesses, so critical to this case, say they heard a woman's cry coming from pistorius' home, like this neighbor. >> the female screams. it was blood-curdling. it was something that leaves you cold. >> reporter: but another ear witness, who lived next to the paralympian, says she heard gunshots and then a man wail. >> but in the voice of a man. >> reporter: the state's case hedges on the couple having had a fight that night leading to the shooting. the defense trying to inject doubt into that version with his agent saying they had a serious relationship. >> what was the relationship like? >> for me, i would describe it as a loving and caring relationship. >> reporter: the agent also testifying that just before the shooting, oscar pistorius was a global sports icon set to make five-times or six-times more money than he ever made, implying why would he risk it all? david? lara? >> thank you.
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what could be the best story of the morning. the trucker gets pulled over by the police officer, but doesn't take it. he's speaking out this morning. >> turned the tables. >> he turned the law around. that's right. the driver says a trooper was driving recklessly. so the driver decided he's going to lay down the law for the trooper, capturing the whole exchange on camera. >> i pulled you over, for the horn. i don't know what that was about. >> because you were speeding and had your cell phone in your hand. >> reporter: when truck driver brian miner got pulled over by a state trooper for honking his horn unnecessarily, it was the cop that got an earful. >> you honked at me because you believe i was speeding? >> reporter: with his camera rolling, he turned the tables on what he believed was a police officer driving recklessly. >> you are being recorded. >> you are too sglrminer, driving for seven years, said he felt it was his duty to say something. >> if i'm going 70 miles per hour. >> you weren't going 70.
7:17 am
you were going well above 70. >> my heart was racing, beating out of my chest. >> reporter: the officer said he doesn't remember having his phone in his hand. but he does tell miner the law is on his side. >> police officers can use technology when they're driving. >> so, you guys are above the law? >> we're exempt. >> reporter: in illinois, the law does allow officers to use technology while driving. and also drive above the speed limit when on official business. 2 1/2 minutes into their conversation, the officer walks away from the truck. when he returns, he thanks the driver for his concern. >> i didn't write you a ticket. i understand you using the horn. you're trying to -- you saw me speeding. honestly, i wasn't paying attention to my speed. >> reporter: miner says he's not surprised the officer changed his tune. >> that's what happens when they know you're recording. i feel that my video was kind of like me giving him a ticket. it's up to us citizens to film them and bring them accountable for their actions. >> a spokesman for the illinois state police has confirmed that the officer in the video is an illinois state trooper. and says the matter is under review.
7:18 am
>> i liked how the officer -- i know he knew he was being recorded. but he did say, i realize i didn't -- i wasn't paying attention to my speed. >> in law, we might call that an admission of guilt. >> yes. >> on the end there. let's get over to ginger zee. another check of the weather. i can only imagine you have gotten tickets before? or gotten out of them. >> no. i'm horrible at it. i get very sarcastic and weird. oh, you're pulling me over? was i speeding? it's really strange. i can't do the crying thing. good thing i don't drive anymore. looking at the thunderstorms from overnight in chicago. this is what it looks like throughout the night's skies. and today, we do have another severe weather threat. it goes from burlington, vermont, all the way to parts of western pennsylvania, west virginia, kentucky included. northeast arkansas, too. heat ahead of the storm on the east coast. your local weather forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds. but first, here's the tuesday trivia brought to you by folgers coffee.
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>> so, it's not tearing up, lara
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tells me. it's -- >> no. i am not revealing my secret. >> come on. >> and that's the weather. >> yes, exactly. coming up here on "gma" -- >> that's right. we have new details this morning in the bizarre and tragic case of the father who was charged with leaving his son in a hot car. also ahead, dramatic video of friends going glacier sliding. it all suddenly goes wrong and how they are rescued. plus, robert downey jr. opening up about his son's arrest for drug possession. are genetics a factor? and a powerful new message about girl power. it's going viral. we'll explain what words, like a girl, really mean. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® visibly even daily moisturizer with a clinically proven soy complex. it diminishes the look of dark spots in 4 short weeks. and just like that your skin will look radiant and more even. even from here.
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investigators believe the vehicle is relate to an earlier home invasion. let's ge a check of traffic with leyla gulen. good morning. >> good morning. we have a traffic advisory in oakland northbound along 808 at 98th. that has been canceled. we had an earlier fatal crash there and plenty of backups as a result. what looks like those delays have subsided just bit. as i take you over to the peninsula, we had this accident involving a motorcycle northbound on 101 wright at san antonio road. so we have a fast lane blocked there, possible injuries involved as well. a lot of track, though, in the southbound direction through palo alto. katie? >> thank you. leyla will be back with your forecast.
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it's a little cooler today as you may have noticed. fog along the coast and fog layer for a lot of the bay area. however, things are going to warm up for us once the sun starts to come out. some 90s inland. overnight temperatures going to be back in the mid-50s to lower 60s. my accuweather seven-day forecast stays dry for the 4th of july holiday.
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♪ all those fans believe. and guess what? and so do we. team usa's big world cup knockout match against belgium. just a few hours away. everybody has to keep up stamina if their partying like that. >> apparently you need a cowboy hat. wait until you hear of the extremes that superfans have gone through to cheer on usa. we say good morning, america. and go, team usa. >> they get it. the wigs. the costumes. >> go all-out. >> that's it. go big or go home. switching gears. we're going to show you dramatic video of glacier sliding gone terribly wrong. friends in a life or death situation. it was all caught on camera. now, they're speaking out about their incredible rescue. and robert downey jr., opening up about his son's
7:31 am
troubles this morning. he's been so open about his own battles with substance abuse. why he says genetics may be to blame. >> so much to get to this morning. we get to the latest of the georgia father charged with murder for leaving his toddler in a blistering hot car. that father will be back in court this week. this morning, we have new details on the tragic story. abc's steve osunsami has the very latest. >> reporter: justin ross harris is still insisting to georgia police that he accidentally left his son, cooper, in his suv on a 90-degree day for 7 hours, causing the 22-month-old's death, according to search warrants. police have charged harris with murder and cruelty to children, saying he told them he researched children dying in hot cars. according to the warrant, he claimed he was fearful this could happen. >> how do you forget your child? how do you forget your child? if he deliberately forgot his child, may god have mercy on him.
7:32 am
may god have mercy on him. >> reporter: police say harris was on his way home from work, the child was industrial strapped into the car seat. witnesses say he pulled into this parking lot in a panic, but his son was already gone. harris will appear in court thursday afternoon. search warrants revealed sunday, show his wife, leanna harris, told police in the hours after her son's death, that she, too, searched the internet for information on kids and hot cars. mrs. harris has not been charged with a crime. >> there's really no plausible explanation that's come forward at this point, why someone would do such a search. it's devastating evidence to have to overcome. >> reporter: harris' wife spoke out for the first time saturday at their son's funeral, saying she is not angry. and harris was and is a wonderful father. friends and neighbors describe her husband, justin ross, as a kind man. but police are also insisting this wasn't simple negligence. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta.
7:33 am
we have abc news chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams, here now with more. this is such a difficult story to grasp. how critical will the internet searches be in the state's case against justin harris? >> i think they've been very important up till now. there's two key facts that have been troubling the police. number one is the internet searches. and the fact they believe he went back to his car in the middle of the day. both of those suggest to police this wasn't just an accident. but they're going to have to be able to link these two. remember in the casey anthony case, we had a situation where she was searching for things that would seem -- >> chloroform. >> seem to be incriminating. right? and ultimately, she was acquitted, even though there was a lot of other circumstantial evidence. >> the mother in this case, too, so disturbing. according to the search warrant, also researched hot car deaths and how it occurs. do you anticipate she could be charged in the coming days? >> that won't be enough just to charge her. just the fact that she did the
7:34 am
searches and the fact her child died in the car won't be enough. they have to link her directly to the child's death. they have to prove in some way, shape or form, she and her husband had colluded to do this. had made a decision together to do this, something of that sort. but the searches alone look terrible. and that in conjunction that she's been out there supportive of her husband, is making a lot of people look at her and say, wait a second. what? >> right. >> but that's not going to be enough to charge. >> do you think harris will be released on bond this thursday? >> he could be. bond is not intended to punish. at this point in the trial, we're trying to make sure he shows up for court. now, when you're charged with murder, you can be held without bond. in this case, i wouldn't be surprised if at least the bond is reduced. we shall see. >> all eyes on that courtroom thursday. dan, thanks so much. we're going to turn to the dramatic video of a so-called
7:35 am
glacier slide that goes terribly wrong. what was supposed to be fun turns frightingly dangerous. you hear the two young men falling under a utah glacier. all of it caught on camera. and abc's neal karlinsky has the pictures. >> reporter: 21-year-old devon fister, living a moment of crisis with a gopro camera on him, atop a steep glacier in utah. down below, his long-time friend, randall rees, badly hurt while sliding down on his back. when suddenly, watch closely. >> stop yourself, bro. >> reporter: his friend, aaron speedy slides out of control, too, tumbling after going over a 15-foot cliff. >> are you okay? >> call an ambulance. >> reporter: spread out across the glacier, now two are badly hurt. when devon reaches randall down below, he seems dazed. >> what hurts? what did you hit? tell me if your back hurts. okay. >> reporter: devon gives him the t-shirt off his back to keep warm. >> call the medevac. >> and a friend over the cliff?
7:36 am
>> yeah. there's like a thing of snow. and he slid down the snow. and he couldn't stop. >> reporter: along with three other friends, the three men made what now seems the incredibly foolish choice to slide down this steep, snowy cliff last week, figuring it would be a fun, fast ride. >> good times. >> reporter: the first few runs went fine. just barely. >> that is not safe. >> i was definitely scared. i didn't think i was going to stop. so, it's pretty frightening. >> reporter: randall broke his cheekbone and needed 23 stitches to his face and ankle. aaron was banged up with a sprained ankle but nothing broken. they were eventually rescued by a climbing team and helicopter, after spending most of the night on the mountain. devon by their side, the whole time. >> i think if he wouldn't have been there, things would have been a lot different. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> we're glad the whole thing ended well.
7:37 am
>> please, nobody try that at home. >> very true. ginger, you're also focused on the northwest. but this is about the heat. >> triple-digit heat in tracy, california, led to a beautiful sunset. thank you for sending us that. today, portland, oregon, is in a heat advisory. they'll go to 96. seattle, just one degree shy of tying a record today. they didn't hit 80 in june. and the heat is on. fresno, 108. 99 for reno. 112 for las vegas. quickly, we're talking about that storm. here's how much rain you can look for, as far central as it gets in florida. over four inches on the coast. this is the next 48 hours. as it moves north, we'll see some big issues and we'll be >> all that weather, brought to you by ashley furniture.
7:38 am
when a low comes up the coast, you can see isolated tornadoes with it. so some other little things to look for this week. >> i like when you say the low. >> clockwise rotation. >> thank you, ginger. coming up next, robert downey jr. opening up about his son's struggle with substance abuse. and why he says genetics may be to blame. and the tv host, under fire for his instagram rant about body image. the backlash online and what he's saying about it now. online and what he's saying about it now. daisy is made from only 100% natural,
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welcome back. 7:41 now. we continue with robert downey jr., speaking out about his son's addiction problem. the superstar's 20-year-old son was arrested on drug charges over the weekend. and the actor, who has had his well-publicized battle with addiction says genetics could be to blame. abc's reena ninan has more. >> reporter: he's the superstar who is the driving force behind blockbusters like "the avengers" and "iron man." >> how about that? >> reporter: this morning, robert downey jr. is speaking out in front of his son, 20-year-old indio downy, released on bail after being arrested on sunday afternoon on suspicion of possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia. downey telling abc news, there's a genetic component to addiction. and indio has likely inherited it. we're all determined to rally behind him and help him become the man he's capable of being. downey jr. has played addicts on
7:43 am
the big screen. but off screen, he's been fighting addiction his entire life. saying for him, addiction started at a very young age. >> when did you do your first drug? >> before i was 8 years old. >> addiction is a genetic disorder in the sense that it's a roll of the dice. do you have that genetic component or not? just like blue eyes or green eyes. what robert downey jr. has done in such a beautiful way is to be an example of an addict in recovery. >> reporter: but he's also become the success story for overcoming addiction, opening up to diane sawyer in 2004, two years into his sobriety. >> we've known each other for so long. but you've seen the whole thing. you know when i was full of crap, back in the cry help days. i could see in your eyes, not quite done yet. but to have this feeling of groundedness now and a little humility is really liberating. >> reporter: now, he's hoping to
7:44 am
see his son through this dark time he knows so well. telling us, we're grateful for the sheriff's department for their intervention. and believe indio can be another recovery success story, instead of a cautionary tale. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> thinking about that family. coming up, the new trend in wedding planning. why couples are asking strangers to help pay for the big day. and it's working, guys. >> wow. and the running of the intern. the viral sensation. we'll break that video down. and wait until you see what we have in store for our lucky intern. in store for our lucky intern. ♪ fill their bowl with the meaty tastes they're looking for, with friskies grillers. tender meaty pieces and crunchy bites. in delicious chicken, beef, turkey,
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7:48 am
there's no end in sight! i'm going to need more time. ♪ ♪ an epic showdown right now in social square. i'm here with abc's gio benitez. and he's here to explain the viral sensation, running of the interns. gio? go ahead. >> reporter: are you ready, michael? >> i'm ready to roll. >> reporter: the summer internship. and in d.c., so many interns are being put to the ultimate test. it's part of what is known as running of the interns. our friends at buzz feed helped us out with this video. no televised or welcomic recordings are allowed inside the supreme court. when a ruling is handed down, interns run the printed copy across the street to where tv anchors are allowed to broadcast. we thought it would be fun to host our own running of the interns. we're changing the rules just a bit. our interns will be speed walking. we don't want anybody getting
7:49 am
hurt, michael. our "gma" interns must carry ice coffee orders for the anchors. speed walking through times square, through social square and inside to the desk. the first intern to safely deliver a full cup of ice coffee to the desk and ring the bell, wins. those anchors, if they don't get their coffee. >> i'm an intern, i'm looking at who i can trip first. okay. interns, are you ready? [ cheers ] all right. ready, set -- [ whistle ] >> reporter: that's speed walking. >> yes. >> good job. >> good job. >> nice. >> cheers. cheers. >> all right. >> hey, that, i must say, that was a great job. but which intern is going to be the first one to sweep up all of the spilled coffee?
7:50 am
>> look at this one. it didn't make it. >> i ordered a latte. >> you didn't know the muir latte? >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: who won? >> without question. >> you were so worried. >> we should have slow-mo. there was the table across. she jumped over in slo-mo. and made it. >> long strides. outstrided everybody. >> reporter: the lady vol's a pro. >> nice. >> tell you what. >> can we see the reaction again? >> no, no, no. tell everybody your name. >> i'm sierra. >> and what's your dream? >> i want to play pro -- play professional. >> you helped yourself. great job by all our interns. coming up, the latest.
7:51 am
so i'm trying best foods with olive oil. let's see what happens. that's not best foods on your sandwiches. it's best foods with olive oil. whaddaya want, a parade? [ laughter ] bring 'em over here. come on.
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. police in san jose are looking for a suspect after a vehicle crashes into a house. it happened around 4:00 this morning on center and singleton road. police say a juvenile is in custody and they're looking for a second suspect who got away on foot. time for a check on weather here's leyla. >> warm today, but cooler again, along the coast waking up to cloudy skies and some fog. we have temperatures reaching 85 degrees in san jose for any world cup viewing parties. 81 degrees in napa. also some 90s there in clover dale. our accuweather seven-day forecast, dry for the rest of
7:57 am
the week into the 4th of july holiday. we have a couple of crashes to get to. we have possible injuries involved as we head into san jose. this is northbound along 101 at 880. eric? >> thank you, leyla. the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and we believe. >> i believe that we will win. >> team usa heads into the knockout round. fans at fever pitch. we'll take you behind the scenes, just hours before they go big or go home. and the hottest celeb secrets to happiness. could julia roberts' sense of calm and sarah jessica parker's clothing be the keys to contentment? one woman, putting them to the test. plus, kelly osbourne opening up up. details about her new show and the latest buzz about her star-studded family. all that and -- what made zac efron wiggle? the video going viral right now. as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
we love seeing future team usa right outside our studios here in times square. robin and george enjoying the week off. well deserved, as we head into the fourth. we can't wait. i have an idea where robin is today. right in front of the tv around 3:30, 4:00, espn. usa against belgium. >> i can't wait to watch. everybody else has plans to watch this. a little later, we'll tell you how some people are going the extra mile or several thousand miles to be what we termed superfans. >> looking forward to meeting all those superfans. we also have a major backlash from "man v. food" star adam richman. his new show is being pulled after he unleashed an expletive-filled rant online, that started with a post, showing how much weight he had lost. we're going to play you what he's saying now.
8:02 am
it's a powerful new video about girl power. it's raising the important question of what it means to do things, quote, like a girl. and the impact those three words have on our daughters. parents, you don't want to miss this. >> this video made us all stop and think this morning. can't wait for this. let's turn over to ryan smith. love having you doing the news. >> absolutely. good to be here. we begin with fierce rains and winds in the midwest, on the move this morning. overnight in chicago, lightning struck several tall buildings all at once. hundreds of flights were canceled there. in iowa, winds up to 80 miles per hour, blew a tarp an to workers trying to cover a baseball field. three people suffered concussions. rushing water from those heavy rains washed two teenagers into a storm drain. one is still missing. and the stormy weather is moving east and could affect july 4th holiday plans for millions of people. a tropical depression off florida could soon grow into a tropical storm. and ginger's forecast coming up. other big story this morning -- concern that a new war could be brewing in the middle east, after the murder of three israeli teenagers, one of whom
8:03 am
was an american citizen. overnight israel launched air strikes, targeting the military group, hamas, one day after blaming the group for killing the teens. hamas denies any involvement. and a potentially big step forward today in the case of maddie mccann. the first of eight new suspects is being questioned by police in portugal today. maddie disappeared from a resort seven years ago on vacation with her parents from england. and all of the men meeting with police this week have been identified as suspects by british authorities. in colorado, investigators are combing through the wreckage of a small plane that crashed into the loveland ski area, killing three people. the plane was so badly damaged, its tail number was burned off. complicating efforts to identify the victims. and the cosmetics company l'oreal has agreed to settle claims over deceptive advertising. as part of the deal, l'oreal can no longer claim its anti-aging products targets a person's genes to make their skin look younger unless there's scientific proof. for the first time in its
8:04 am
history, the u.s. navy is appointing a female, four-star admiral. today, michelle howard will become the vice chief of naval operations, the navy's number two office. it's a new trend that could make going to the dentist enjoyable. dentists' offices are offering free wine to patients in the waiting room. that's right. drink up. not surprisingly, they found it relaxes people. how about that? helps to boost business. okay. but some dentists are giving out the wine without the proper license. and getting that is like pulling teeth. >> oh. >> what? come on. >> i'm with you, man. i'm with you. >> yeah? >> i like the idea. i hope my dentist was listening. >> yeah? >> do the wine. just skip the dentist and do the wine. we're going to turn to the travel channel star under fire. as we've been talking, after boasting about his weight loss on instagram. it led to a battle over body image and an expletive-filled rant that got his new show pulled. and abc's abbie boudreau has the latest.
8:05 am
>> reporter: adam richman is best known for his travel channel show "man v. food." >> fire away. >> reporter: but this morning, one of the network's most popular stars is facing pushback from fans and his network, which decided to put his new show, "man finds food" on the back burner, after his recent anger-fueled rants on twitter and instagram. it started when richman, who bared it all for this month's issue of "cosmo u.k." showing off his 70-pound weight loss, instagramed a photo of his dramatic drop in weight. using the hash tag, thinspiration. which critics pointed out are used in pro-anorexia blogs. women reportedly writing they were offended. one person posting, maybe realize that you aren't being trolled. but that upset actual human beings. richman, firing back. telling one of his critics to grab a razor blade and draw a bath.
8:06 am
i doubt anyone will miss you. and lashing out at another. saying no apology is coming. >> get ready. >> reporter: travel channel did not respond to our request for a comment. richman, in a statement to abc news, asking for forgiveness. telling "gma," he apologizes for his inexcusable remarks. saying, quote, i've long struggled with my body image and have worked very hard to achieve a healthy weight. and incredibly sorry to everyone i've hurt. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> yeah. just kind of a reminder, you have to be careful with the words that you use, when using hash tags and tweeting. yeah. >> yeah. >> all right. what have you got in "the morning menu." >> here it is. what we have coming up in "pop news." adam levine's startling admission about how much he was really paid for his brand-new movie. would you ask a stranger to pay for your wedding? why some couples are crowdsourcing their i dos. and putting celebrity beauty
8:07 am
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kmart. where members always get more. wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. ♪ >> welcome back to "gma," everybody. that's zac efron. that's him on the right side of your screen, dancing to jason derulo and snoop dogg's hit,
8:12 am
"wiggle." the video has gone viral after posted on instagram. the great thing, is jason derulo is here, joining us friday for a huge party in the park. can't wait for him to do the wiggle, wiggle. other than that -- >> little wiggling. popping. >> it's catchy. >> that's lara's favorite line of the morning. zac efron, wiggle. >> i had to redo it three times because of laughter. let's get to "pop news." a wise woman once said, don't get mad. get everything. and "the first wives club" is doing just that. the movie of the trio of vengeful ex-wives is heading to broadway. no word on who will take on the roles played in the film by bette midler, goldie hawn, diane keaton. i hope kristin chenoweth is one
8:13 am
of them. i'm just throwing that name out there. the musical, will make its debut in chicago this spring. and hopefully head to new york for the 2015-'16 broadway season. you guys are all quiet about this. >> i love that movie. it will be great. >> a little musical theater. jazz hands, anybody? no? thank you very much. i appreciate that, ryan. adam levine may command top dollar when he performs with maroon 5. when it comes to acting, he's at the intern level of pay, as in nothing. the maroon 5 got paid absolutely zero for his starring role opposite keira knightley in "begin again." he says he is fortunate to not have to choose his experiences based on money. it's a passion, a craft he's trying to learn. and he's grateful for the opportunity. >> freedom. that's why we have interns. >> absolutely.
8:14 am
"pop news" gets a little bounce this morning. i'm talking about top seed rafa nadal. it's wimble juggles, a video of him doing something that only looks easy. he says before he started, he is wearing a gopro on his chest. and see if i maybe can get to 100. his very small actions. he doesn't go big. he's very careful. he made it to 406. i was trying this on commercial break. there you go. there you go. there you go. >> let's see. here we go. >> wait. that's one. that's one. >> before somebody gets injured -- let's put that down before we have an injury. >> it's him at his craft, going strong at wimbledon. and, oh. i'll be there, covering for "good morning america." see you the rest of the week. >> see you across the pond.
8:15 am
>> my tennis whites packed, in case they invite me. you let us know. >> i will. kicking off "the "gma heat inde index"," the viral video that has everyone asking what it means to do things like a girl? and the impact that has on young women and girls. >> show me what it looks like to run like a girl. >> reporter: it's the latest thought-provoking ad that has everyone talking. >> now, throw like a girl. >> reporter: the "like a girl" campaign for always, asks what it's like to do things like a girl, run, fight, throw. and it's seen as a snub. >> do you think you just insulted your sister? >> no. i mean, insulted girls. but not my sister. >> it's shocking to see that. but anyone over the age of 10 hears running like a girl, chances are that's what they're thinking about, too. >> reporter: but the ad flips that notion on its head when
8:16 am
this 10-year-old was asked -- >> show me what it looks like to run like a girl. >> throw like a girl. >> fight like a girl. >> what does it mean to you when i say run like a girl? >> it means run as fast as you can. >> reporter: the campaign claims that most girls' self-confidence plummets when they reach puberty. only 19% of girls have a positive association with the phrase "like a girl." >> is like a girl a good thing? >> i don't know if it's a bad thing or good thing. it sounds like a bad thing. >> reporter: the ad has more than 13 million views and counting. >> pantene to dove, to goldilocks to verizon, have used a message of self-empowerment and be self-aware as a woman. >> if i ask you to run like a girl now, would you do it differently? >> i would run like myself. >> reporter: always, hoping to make a lasting impact and change the way we look at the phrase,
8:17 am
like a girl, forever. >> i walk like a girl because i am a girl. and that's not something that i should be ashamed of. >> i have chills. and this is like the tenth time i've seen it. let's bring in pop culture and parenting expert, ericka souter. i was watching this again with my young daughters. if you put in any other religious group, any other ethnicity, it would be outrageous. yet, it's acceptable when we say girl. can a commercial change this? >> it can. it treads on our biggest fears as parents. we want to make sure our girls have a positive self-image. that's hard to do at times. they should be sugar and spice and everything nice. they're not supposed to be tough. but they can be strong. and this ad campaign can help change that image. >> it seems when they're younger and the girls don't have that negative stereotype? what changes the perception by the time they get to their mid-teens. >> all of the kids are doing the same thing. and then, boys want to play
8:18 am
ninja warrior and the girls want to play princess. you see the division around 5, 6, 7, 8. it gets exacerbated when it hits puberty, because girls are thinking about boys. that means girlie and falling into the stereotypes. that's what happens when it hits puberty. >> i'm a father to 9-year-old girls. i have my hands full. what can i do to maintain their self-image as strong, confident and capable of ladies that will turn into women? >> it starts with us. we have to compliment them on not just how pretty they are. now smart they are. talented they are. if they're interested in digging up dirt, encourage that. don't say, don't get dirty. and it also means bringing in aunts and uncles and teachers and grandparents and everyone else. >> running like a girl, as they said, can mean winning the race. >> absolutely. >> including the women we get to sit next to. i'm not kidding. they run this show.
8:19 am
also, burning up "the heat index" this morning, the secret weddings and big businesses. plenty of couples go to great lengths to have their big day. and now, even asking friends and strangers to pay for it all. rebecca jarvis has more on the the trend. >> reporter: they have a name for it. crowd funding your wedding. and soaring to an all-time high at just over $30,000, more and more couples are jumping on the trend. it's a day that so many couples dream of, the perfect wedding. but what could be not so perfect, the expense. now, instead of registering for bowls or plates, some couples are turning to crowd funding websites like honeyfund, asking friends and strangers to help them pay the cost for their ceremony or reception. >> we thought it would be a fun way for our guests to be part of something. >> reporter: newlyweds, melissa and aaron, used crowd tilt to ask for help for her honeymoon.
8:20 am
>> weddings are very expensive. having the opportunity to make the wedding a community event, i think is something very beautiful. >> reporter: between the flowers, drinks, food, photographers, a band and more, it can add up to a pricey penny. >> weddings are spiraling out of control. >> reporter: couples are having trouble with the final costs to get them down that aisle. >> trying to plan the wedding today. and we realized, we need a little bit of help. >> reporter: since registering in may, their friends have come together, raising over $1,000 to help them celebrate their special day. >> help us invest in our future. >> people are wanting to get involved in people's weddings. and really be a part of that whole experience. >> reporter: one bride had her mind set on a special something blue. but the price for carrie bradshaw's blue shoes were too steep for her budget. her maid of honor putting a
8:21 am
funding page. >> when it's an everyday couple that wants to have a blowout wedding and doesn't feel like paying for it, i don't think that's the best use for these websites. >> reporter: no matter the use, with sites like this, your dream wedding is just a click away. our best wishes to all of the happy couples. in our "gma" flash poll online, we asked, would you ask strangers to help fund your wedding? 5% of you said yes. 95% said no. i like it when the strangers help out. it's such a nice thing. >> there's also vegas. i'm just saying. there's always vegas. you can fund that one, too. it's quick and easy, right? >> thanks, rebecca. also on "the heat index," one woman's quest to find out if living like an a-lister could possibly hold the secret to happiness. she spent eight months taking on the biggest traits of hollywood. and sara haines has her story. >> reporter: from jennifer's jaw-dropping body.
8:22 am
to gwyneth's gourmet meals, hollywood's biggest superstars may be nothing short of superwomen. seemingly having and doing it all. what made you decide to write this book? >> maybe i can be more like them, i could have it all together, too. will i be happier? >> reporter: in her new book, rachel spent eight months researching and practicing what the stars preach. only problem, her wallet wasn't exactly the same size as some of these superstars. >> celebrity trainers, celebrity ch chefs. they have made brands to go on youtube and find free workout videos. you can buy cookbooks from gwyneth paltrow. >> reporter: after the eight months of working out with jennifer aniston's trainer in her own living room -- >> this is a good workout.
8:23 am
>> reporter: dressing like sjp, tutu and all. and cooking like gwyneth. she says she started to notice a change. >> just putting on a cute outfit or going for a run, feeling fabulous, will make you kind of give you that extra spring in your step. >> reporter: now, with 11-year-old maggie on her hip, she's not making as many juices. but admits there's perks to drinking the celebrity lifestyle cool aid. there is a benefit to aspiring to something better like a celebrity? >> absolutely. and if they a inspire you to be the best version of yourself you can be, that's a good thing. there's no shame if that's beyonce. >> reporter: for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, chicago. you could add ice cream to it. >> can i add a scoop of ice cream to that? does it count as a gwyneth moment? sara haines, thank you so much. time to turn to ginger for a
8:24 am
last look at the weather. >> we don't have to go far to find the superfans for out here. this caught my eye. the hot pink sign from where? >> alabama. >> alabama. all right, y'all. let's get a forecast then. did my y'all sound good? did it sound natural? that's right. let's get right into it and start in daytona beach, where, y'all, this morning, are waiting on that soon-to-be -- not yet, tropical storm. it's a tropical depression this morning, as it makes its way. they just updated the path. it's not changed all that much. it will likely become a tropical storm. and if it does, its name will be arthur. and it will clip the outer banks. a low-grade hurricane. we'll be watching that and seeing how strong it can get. let me tell you what is strong, the cool air pushing behind all of the drenching storms. the severe weather ye
8:25 am
>> this is amanda from pittsburgh. and she drew us, lara. >> thank you, amanda. that's great. here's what's coming up. kelly osbourne is with us, live. she'll talk about her family, her groundbreaking new show. and also, a new fashion line. that and more coming up on "gma."
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. happening today, california's minimum wage is going up as one of several new laws taking effect this month. the state's minimum wage will take the first of two scheduled increases. today it rises to $9 an hour and bumps up to $10 an hour starting january 1st of 2016. governor jerry brown signed the bill into law last fall. it is a livable wage for many families. a check on traffic. it's been busy, leyla. >> we have an injury accident in solano county west bound 80 at travis boulevard. it was an overturned vehicle that landed in the bushes. one person was trapped. it looks like a lot of emergency crews are on scene.
8:28 am
daly city line, about ten minutes. muni, cal strain, everything else is running on time. eric? >> thank vow very much. in just a moment leyla will have
8:29 am
really foggy out there, especially over the golden gate bridge. we are looking out to patchy fog and low clouds as we take a look at our high for today, going to reach 90 degrees in livermore once everything burns off, 81 degrees in napa. overnight lows going to be back in the 50s, even some 60s
8:30 am
inland. my accuweather seven-day forecast, we are still dry for the 4th of july holiday. a warm-up comes this weekend. ♪ what can i say oh, what can i do ♪ ♪ i'm crazy, so crazy for you ♪ ♪ i try not to show it but just can't control it ♪ ♪ i'm so crazy for you ♪ [ cheers and applause ] you are looking at a "gma" exclusive. it's a first look at robin thicke's latest video, "still madly crazy" from the album "paula." it's a personal project for him. and it's full of songs inspired by his wife, who he is separated
8:31 am
from. robin will be performing for us live here on "gma" tomorrow. you do not want to miss it. and you can see the full video on our website, on yahoo! >> i love that little guy's moves. he's like -- >> yeah. >> sorry. >> i wanted to go your way. but also ahead, the always candid kelly osbourne. we just saw her. did you see her hair? >> her hair's awesome. >> she's at the twitter mirror. she's here on her new series and fashion line. incredible future coming up. >> i love that she always tries new things. i wish i could do that. hello fdny, love you so much. >> singing their song. and we need to get to day two of our annual dog versus dog showdown. on monday, we have our finalists. kona from california. he takes his adoptive brother, another dog, joey, for walks. and happy jack, who does tricks
8:32 am
such as jumping through hoops. very talented fella. your vote was happy jack. we have two more adorable pooches facing off. we have sundance, a border collie who drinks. sweet sundance doesn't have a drinking problem, though. the owner puts the glass in the paws. and sweet sundance just goes -- gets right after it. look. look at that. >> pretty good one. >> wow. >> do it. here it comes. >> here it goes. >> she pours, very steady hand. >> oh. >> and drinks. >> trying to outdo that masterful trick is noodles, a 5-year-old mixed brie. he likes to jump over things like mailboxes and fire hydrants. there it was. and there it is. you have the drinking sweet sundance. and you have -- >> around the neck.
8:33 am
very talented. guys, we need to know what you think. go to on yahoo! cast your vote. we'll reveal the second finalist tomorrow. and then, it gets -- >> really serious. it's hard to pick between these dogs. >> they're all so cute. and they're real dogs, real owners. thank you for your submissions. >> we live it in your good hands. now, to "gma" at the world cup. the excitement building this morning for the big game, u.s. versus belgium. a lot is on the line. the winner goes on. the loser goes home. let's go to abc's paula faris in salvador, brazil, with some of the superfans, rooting them on. good morning, paula. >> reporter: at this point, the players have stepped up their game. and so have these fans. one that drove his winnebago from new york, all the way to brazil. and look who else showed up, teddy goalsevelt. the u.s. men's team has taken
8:34 am
the world cup by storm. >> dempsey, usa. >> reporter: but they're not the only ones who are a huge hit in brazil. legions of die-hard american fans have traveled far and wide. from a real-life will ferrell. >> usa. >> reporter: to a fictional president teddy goalsevelt. >> if there's anybody you want leading the team, the fans, the country, into battle, in the jungle, it's teddy goalsevelt. and the internet kind of took it and ran with it. >> reporter: but none have been more enthusiastic than these six friends. we call them the usa superfans. >> go, usa. >> reporter: we first met these guys when the u.s. played portugal. you think cristiano ronaldo is beautiful? >> he's hot. >> reporter: and then, for the u.s. showdown with germany, where their costumes made them kind of hard to miss. show how dedicated you are, you walked about a mile in the rain, just to get here. >> well, about like 3.5
8:35 am
kilometers. >> reporter: packing all of your collective costumes. >> it's tough. >> reporter: in your suitcase, had to be a challenge? >> i think we doubled what we normally bring. i personally checked another bag for my george washington costume. it was theatrical quality. i couldn't let it wrinkle. there's just as many people out there passionate about usa soccer. we had everybody expressing their passion. >> reporter: you're superfans. but i would imagine you're superbroke, too? costing you a lot of money? >> i have zero money. i blew it all. >> reporter: totally worth it, right? >> totally worth it. >> unbelievable experience. >> usa. >> reporter: and american fans bought more tickets to this world cup than any other country than the host, brazil. and you can sense this energy. these fans have asked me, where
8:36 am
is my fandom? amy, right here. >> you wear it well, paula. and coverage of the big game starts at 3:00 p.m. on our sister network, espn. tweet us a picture of yourself in full-on superfan mode, with the #socialsquare. maybe you'll see yourself coming up soon. do you smell this? this is fried chicken. july 4th three days away now. bringing you the best all-american food. we have lee brian this is incredible. more than 50 recipes in the book, right? and what started this journey to find the best fried chicken in america? >> kfc no longer stands for kentucky fried chicken. it stands for korean fried chicken, in my mind. and we want to show the ways to make america's iconic food.
8:37 am
and michael has the greatest fried chicken. >> korean fried chicken is the way to go. we take chicken. we salt it overnight. and we make a batter with all-purpose flour, cornstarch, salt and fry it twice. we double-fry it. >> is that a secret? >> not anymore. it was a secret. you dip it. and you drop it in. and we fry it at a low temperature first. and then a high temperature. that ensures a supercrispy fried chicken. you can probably cut glass with our chicken. >> anything to do the night before? >> we like to salt it. that cures it. and it gets the salt in there. >> and you call this federal -- >> federal doughnuts fried chicken. we serve doughnuts, fried chicken, coffee. the three major food groups. >> can i ask you? the doughnut that you're serving with the fried chicken, has a chicken -- is it a chicken
8:38 am
stock? there's something to it that's amazing. >> your probably eating it too close. it's a honey doughnut with fried chicken next to it. >> it's amazing. >> how about the rest of the doughnuts? why are you talking? you should be eating our doughnuts. >> i want to ask lee, too. so many fried chickens in the land. how did you know there would be so many varieties? and what inspired you to do this? >> we took the ultimate fried chicken road trip last summer. we had our hit list. and we went on the road. and through social media, every time we went through a city, we had a hit list. and talking to one chef, like michael, he would tell us about another great restaurant. and we tweeted. and our list, where we started and ended, was so different, thanks to social media and thanks to the chefs and their influence. >> we're salivating. >> how do you stay in shape? >> don't look at me. >> our doughnuts cause you to lose weight. >> i don't believe that. >> doughnuts for strength.
8:39 am
>> ginger, he's trying the chicken. how is it? >> it's great. >> this is a custom glaze that we make for lee. this isn't just found in our stores. this is just in the book. all right? yeah. we just glaze it. like a sweet chili soy. that's it. let's eat it. >> everyone at home, you can get the recipe for this dish, our website, on yahoo! ginger, if you're done with your chicken, how about the weather? >> yes. that was some good stuff. making you feel like summer, like the fourth of july. you know who else feels like summer? seattle, this morning. it is that time of year we get to check in. you see the space needle there. they're going to have one of the hottest days they've had in over a month, close to 90. they'll end up in the 80s. a record will be 89. we don't think it will be quite there. but warmer weather. out in front of that front would be severe storms. hail, damaging winds. a brief tornado possible, from parts of west virginia through pittsburgh, pennsylvania. anywhere in orange has to be on the lookout later this afternoon and evening.
8:40 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by bare minerals. and here with me now, i have some guests. the firefighters from hoboken, new jersey's, fire department. we're calling on fire departments to take part in our 5-alarm firefighters challenge. send us a video of your department lip-syncing or singing, if they're brave enough to "safe and sound." the one you're hearing right now by capital city. viewers will choose the best one. the winning department will receive $10,000. the deadline to enter, this friday, july 4th. go to on
8:41 am
yahoo! to submit your videos. special thanks for all of you being here from the hoboken fire department. and chief bloom, i assume, right here, for all of their help. david? >> i love it, ginger. you have to get it on now. kelly osbourne coming up next. we love her. we're going to hand out these doughnuts here. come on back on "gma."
8:42 am
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the unpredictable and frankly amazing, kelly osbourne is taking on a new take of the seven dwarves. and kelly's character, she does whatever she can to create chaos. we have a clip of held di and her husband, right now. >> the only time the queen rings the bell, is when there's trouble. but we're right here. we're not making any trouble. wait a minute. what if someone else is making trouble? >> that sounds like trouble. >> come on. >> where are we going? >> to find out who is making trouble instead of us. >> they're going to be in trouble. >> how much fun is it to be a cartoon character? and a naughty one at that? >> not just the whole experience of learning voiceover acting, but to be an original disney villain is one of the biggest dreams come true for me. i don't have the words to
8:45 am
express it. >> your fans right might be surprised. but you grew up watching these cartoons. >> i did. >> and this is a real goal for you. >> it was one of those things. everyone dreams of being a princess and they never think it's going to happen. but i actually ended up a disney villain. think about it ten years ago. disney would have been like, go away. and now, i'm a disney girl. and it's awesome. and i get to work with the most incredible people and have created this character, using this inspiration from all different people. like there's a little lucille ball, maleficent, veruca salt and my mother. >> there's a little of your mom in there, for sure. your character has pink hair. >> you know, i never saw what the character looked like or any of the animation until almost 18 months into recording. and it had already been drawn two years prior to that. >> that's funny. are you inspired by her? or is she inspired by you? >> i think she became part of my
8:46 am
alter ego. and i kind of morphed into her in a strange way. >> tell me about your cut. and also about stories, a tattoo that you have on the side of your head. is there a story behind that? >> there is a story behind that. but i can't tell it yet. it's got a lot of meaning to me. and my mom is not very happy. >> your mom, though, is -- >> the hair will grow and you won't see it. >> that's right. and you've been adventurous with your hair. you probably heard me before. i'm a whimp. you just go for it. it's sort of your pallet. >> it is. you can have so much fun with hair because if you're lucky enough, it will grow back. you can start it again. i don't want to wake up and look the same. >> i know. i need to be inspired by you. >> i'm the kind of person that will go out of their way to purposely make themselves look different. i like the way i look different. i try so hard to be someone else for so long.
8:47 am
and i surrendered. but i'm me. i'm just going to be me. >> that personal style has translated into a fashion line. >> yes, it has. >> tell us about k.o. >> i can't tell you the name of it yet. but it is launching in september. and i've going from size 0 to 24. there's a huge gap in the market for, you know, nice clothes for all size of women. and there's supportive holding in it. if the design doesn't look good in all three patterns, you have to cut three patterns, then it doesn't go through. it's been a real big challenge. but i joined with the amazing company. and it's all -- i have my first fitting on my hands, pinning things, changing the way things look. it's so much fun. >> what a ride. always so great to see you. looking great. >> thank you for having me. >> congrats on the fashion career, on the clothing and on "the 7d." july 7th, at 10:00 a.m. eastern
8:48 am
on disney xd. and will debut and disney channel. and coming up, andy
8:49 am
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good morning. i'm tom thomas. it was a scorcher yesterday, ley leyla. >> it will be warm in some places today as well. we still will have cooler temperatures along the coast and in san francisco, you can see 89 degrees, though, in fairfield, 90s in antioch. overnight lows going to be in the mid to upper 50s. a couple of 60s there as well. accuweather seven-day forecast, stays dry through the end of the week. traffic, do have this accident involving a couple of vehicles on the richmond san rafael bridge. if you are traveling there in the westbound direction right at the midspan you'll see a couple lanes blocked there, causing a pinch out of richmond. plan ahead.
9:00 am
give yourself extra time. eric? >> thank you very much. join us for the midday news at 11:00. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, singer, actress and talk show host, kelly osbourne. and "live" summer fun week continues with hot dog eating champions sonya thomas and joey chestnut. "kelly & n up michael's inbox." ll next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi. .


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