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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 29, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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now, a celebration of pride. the big name behind this year's parade. >> new details revealed about the moment that led up to a chp officer shooting a man in east bay. >> how the u.s. and russia are assisting iraq in that nation's in its struggle against militants. [cheering] >> san francisco streets awash in the colors of the rainbow during this tradition celebrating gay pride. this year's event has something seeing green. good evening, i'm ama daetz. right now the celebration continues after the 44th 44th annual pride parade in san francisco. let's get to nick smith live in the center of all the action. this year's parade has some big bucks behind it.
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reporter: big bucks indeed. in fact there's so many people down here. we're talking names like google, world cup, kaiser, facebook, apple, tim cook, cheered on apple employees at the start of the parade. big business sending a message to the lgbt community they want those pink dollars. >> the lesbian group dykes on bikes took their spot at the head of the parade. the 44th annual san francisco gay pride parade gave attendees all they could ask for and more. music, splash, flair, and attitude. thousands were present for the start of the parade. a transgender team was one of this year's grandmarshals. >> the lgbt community and thank everyone who supported me. >> gays, lesbians, and the
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people who loved them, weren't the only ones to come out. >> the amount of corporate support in san francisco is much greater. >> big business marched in corporate stilettos, recognizing the power of the gay dollar. >> the fact they want to be here shows we're at a tipping point. it's a market place and a statement. >> some feel the infusion of corporate cash has given the parade mainstream acceptance. >> really good companies that do this. they're heart's in it. they're supporting and that wouldn't have happened years ago. >> smart to invest in the gay dollar? >> i think we're loaded. >> state and local leaders, many of whom no stranger contract -- to pride. >> never gets old. >> yesterday was the pink saturday event, and sfpd opened up two command centers and had six offend arrests and 65 arrests for public intoxication, but today with the thousands
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that have descended on city hall, i can tell you that everything so far has been incident-free. at city hall. abc7 news. >> that is greet hear. thank you, nick. several politicians attended the parade. david campos tweeted this picture showing him at the festivals with assembly peeker tony at atkins, and then on the right is john perez, here's a look at the pink triangle that went up yesterday morning on the twin peaks. since 1995 it has made an annual appearance during pride eekend as a symbol of pride and remembrance for the gay community. >> chicago held its first pride parade since same-sex marriage was made legal in illinois. authorities say parade attendance has jumped bay third in 2011, 750,000 people attended. now it's close to a million. the search is on for a gunman after a shooting in a
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home in antioch injured sever people just before midnight. police found five victims at the scene. two others showed up at the hospital. all seven victims are expected to survive. on friday, man was shot to death in antioch. new details in a shooting by chp officers following a pursuit in contra costa county. the chp says during last night's pursuit the suspect let a seven-year-old child out of the car, rammed a chp patrol car and tried to hit a martinez police patrol car. the suspect got out of his vehicle with hit hands in his hands in his waistbands and the officers shot him. the suspect is expected to recover. drugs were found on the suspect and a gun discovered in his car. two people died early this morning in a car accident in santa rosa. the chp says around 4:00 a.m. they received a call bat car into a tree on highway 1 near sea ranch two people inside the
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car died. a third person was taken by hadn't to santa rosa memorial hospital. >> just preliminary looking at the scene, appears that an unsafe turning movement was made and the vehicle left the roadway and collided with the tree. >> the santa rosa press democrat reports rescue crews needed special equipment to cut through the met alfree the victim from the cash. >> a man died after being hit bay car around 2:00 this morning on westbound highway 4 near a street in antioch. a pedestrian was hit. the investigation shut town down beat westbound lanes of the highway. to developing news out of iraq where the iraqi army with u.s. guidance is struggling to win back land taken by the militants. the conflict is spreading fears that terrorist wells take advantage and plot a strike on the u.s. here's an update. >> iraqi military video showed a russian cargo jet with the first delivery of 12 war planes the
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iraqi government bought second hand from moscow. the ground attack fighter jets are the latest effort by the iraqi government to turn the tide of battle from invade years from syria. the planes will be used to support grounds troupes. iraqi stayed tv showed the counter attacking in an evident to retake the town of tikrit. this soldier fires an automatic weapon at a fuel tanker, igniting its contents. there are conflicting reports about which side has the upper hasp. iraqi security officials say they're coordinating the campaign with the united states, and the u.s. is now flying armed drone aircraft over baghdad. meanwhile there is a spark in fears that the conflict to spill into american soil. >> radicals could get on commercial flights carrying a new generation of nonmetallic
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explosion ifs, toothpaste, cosmetics, designed to be smuggled past airport security. >> also at least 100 plus americans who are over there in syria right now. so, any of these people can be back to the united states and carry out the type of attack they're trained in. >> giving homeland security officials plentiy to lose sleep over as the fourth of july holiday approaches. >> a balmy day over the bay. >> summer lived up to its name with the inland areas feeling thesisle and it's only going to get hotter. >> leap of faith. the final service for a congregation at an east bay church that is preparing for a new chapter tsunami then, wedding day gift that a bride is sure to always remember. that is ahead when abc7 news at
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a church congregation celebrated the end of one era and the beginning of another in daly city. trinity baptist church opened 56 years ago. today was the last service at transcript and for its pastor who is retiring. >> the old guard is now stepping aside to some degree, as encouragers still do us because we are still in ministry, but we want the new generation to become the main portion of the church. >> it will be a whole brand new church. we have brand new plans for everything on the inside. we have a new outreach.
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the new church will remain affiliated with the southern baptist convention. muni drivers are set to vote tomorrow on a new contract. the operators union announced friday negotiators and the san francisco metro transit authority reached an agreement. a dispute over part of the contract that would force operators to pay part of the pension led to a sickout. get ready to pay more to ride golden gate ferries and buses, increasing by five percent starting tuesday, paying 25 to 50-cents more for the one-way raid. it's part of the transit fare program. more hidden cash has appeared in the bay area. jason tweeted a series of pictures today. the first shows some of the 15 envelopes filled with cash he stashed around oakland. he retweeted this picture showing one of the envelopes after it was found in oakland
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this afternoon. >> weddings are truly events to remember, and a california man made sure the reception was one his new wife would never forget. [cheering] >> a groom with all the right moves, how he stole the show during his wedding reception. >> how long will this warmer weather last? meteorologist sandhya patel has the forecast after the break. >> a reminding of the singing competition, "rising star". the show makes you the judge with the "rising star" app. download for free at apple or google. you can vote for your favorite performer tonight at
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you won't see the russians playing during the rest of the world cups' some of the players don't want to be seen since getting eliminated in brazil. "the mirror" in inning lined tweeted these pictures of russian players hiding their faces, anything to conceal themselves. and many blame a mistake by russian's goalkeeper that allowed algeria to score a game-tying goal to ruin their championship aspirations. >> world cup action continues tomorrow and you can watch the games on espn. at 9:00 a.m., france and nigeria, at 1:00, germany against algeria. >> we want to see a world cup fan photo, you can e-mail us at or upload your pictures to report. >> a new groom in santa barbara has raised the bar when it comes to wedding reception dances. check him out.
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♪ >> sean and his groomsmen performed a five-minute dance routine during his wedding reception. this video posted on youtube shows the men's choreographed moves. he used his bride's favorite songs in a routine. not bad. let's get to sandhya patel who is checking our weather and how hot it's going to get. >> we'll start to see the temperatures topping 100 degrees inland tomorrow so get ready for serious heat. looking at live doppler 7hd right now, skies are clear across the entire bay area, down towards monterey bay, and the highs so far today have come up compared to yesterday. hot spots, 97, antioch. 98, livermore, fairfield. 99, cloverdale. check out santa rosa, mid-90s. 87 in san jose, 83, oakland. 90, redwood city, and san francisco, 73, and sea breeze to keep you mild, and half moon
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bay, 64 the high. compared to 24 hours ago we're up 13 degrees in livermore, up 13 in novato. here's where you want to go to cool off. look at the people just enjoying the beach in santa cruz, and the pool, the beach, good place to be. check out your temperatures. 68 right now in san francisco, 73, oakland. 84, san jose, still really hot in morgan hill, 92. here's the east bay hills camera, visibility is terrific. there's no fog there. 93 in santa rosa. part of the rope why it's so hot. 97 fairfield, a beautiful sunny view from our golden gate bridge camera. if you have visitors in town, probably enjoying the weather. the cooling starts on tuesday. of course not everyone feeling the heat today, like i said, thanks to the sea breeze. but high pressure in control, coast is clear. will remain that way through the night. heat peaks tomorrow as high pressure gets a little bit
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closer to us, and the week ahead looks like this. our temperature trend for livermore, 101 tomorrow. well above the average of mid-80s, but slowly the numbers slide heading into the work week and beyond. so tomorrow, is your hottest day. tomorrow morning, starting out pretty mild, low 50s to mid-60s, looking pretty clear, and on the warm to hot side in the south bay. 98, gilroy average 93, san jose, 90, cupertino. peninsula, low 90s. here near the cost, upper 60s. nice and comfortable if you don't like the heat. 78, downtown san francisco, north bay, triple digits around clear lake, 94 in santa rosa. 96, sonoma. east bay on the warmer side, 86, oakland. 87, castro valley. inland communities, toasty weather.
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pittsburg, 101, 104 in antioch, 97 in walnut creek. a look at accuweather forecast featuring heat. fog returns to the coastline on tuesday. knock you down to the low 90s for the warmest spot. low 60s coast, and thursday, friday, upper 80s inland, low 60s coast, which friday is the fourth of july. right now, computer models are bringing in fog, but beyond the fourth of july we start to go with the warming trend and the fog disappears. >> we want a good look at the fireworks. shu is here with sports: quite a story for the a's. >> you never know when your name will be called. you won't believe what he had to do to get to the game in miami. details next in sports.
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the a's with quite a story in miami. josh reddick on the 15-day dl with a right knee strain. so nate freemanman was called up. took the red eye to miami, arrived at 6:30 arm, sleeping a half hour. he went straight to the stadium. didn't take long for him to get his first one, top six, tied at one. two on, sea. first home run for the a's.
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tommy malone wins his sixth consecutive decision. gave up a homer in the sixth. 4-2, and every marlin home run sets off whatever that is. scary moment in the seventh. punto fouls to right. two fans hit in the face by the same ball. this woman taken to the hospital. a's come from behind in all three games for a sweep with the 4-3 victory. >> the giants tail spin continues, losing three straight to the reds at home, 14 of the last 18. a lack of offense and a shaky bull pen has been the main part of the spiral. today, sergio romo lost his job as a closer after blowing a save last night again. homer bailey had a no-hitter through six, struck out seven. bust buster ended that with a hit. hamilton with the rbi single. giant bull pen continues to
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struggle. hard shot off the glove. 3-0 reds, bailey sixth career complete game victory. last one was a no-hitter against the giants, giants have now lost 12-14 at home, 4 or the final. >> world cup soccer knockout rounds continue. mexico and the netherlandses and it was bad news from our neighbors to the south. hot conditions in brazil. 88, felt like 97. 48th minute, desanta toes, 1-nil mexico. then mexico thought they would hang on but wesly snyder drills it home. then stoppage time, taken down in the box by marquez. referee called for a penalty kick. really in that's a serious flop. great opportunity for the dutch. and the gift of victory on this
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penalty kick, and that would be the game winner as the netherlands advance to the quarterfinals with a controversial 2-1 victories. costa rica and greece, this stop by nava. nava would come up big once more. the penalty kick. the only miss as michael will end it, and costa rica continues their incredible run. they win 5-3 on penalty kicks and will face the netherlands in the quarterfinals. teeing it up. pg tour in d.c. at congressional. justin rose this shot to force a playoff. got it. stefani found the water so justin needed only a baghdad -- bogey to win. winning his first event since last year, bernhard langer won the players championship on the
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senior tour. guess who is tied with the giants in the lead in the west? the dodgers. >> oh! >> nine and a half game lead, just two weeks ago, we're tied in the west. >> that just pains me. thank you, hsu. still ahead, prince harry apparently has some skills. not only can he dance. he is also pretty good at repairing tvs. that story is next. (birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. oh, that's pretty cool! big day at school? i know just the thing to help you get going. power up with new cheerios protein.
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block. coming up at 6:00, the heat caused serious problems for residents of some bay area communities today. caught on video, why a wildlife crew had to go into a bay area winery to do a rescue this week. britain's prince harry brought smiles to children in chile. sang and danced during a visit to a center for children with special needs. during the trip, he was visiting a family on wednesday when he noticed their tv wasn't working. he messed with the wiring and got a signal just in time to catch chile play brazil. the all-important soccer games. that's it for us at 5:00. i'm ama daetz. for sandhya patel, mike shumann, thank you for joining us. we'll see you at 6:00.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, on alert. the severe weather on the move. heavy rains. flash flooding. possible tornados. the damaging lightning strikes and the tropical threat brewing off the coast. what this rainmaker means for the holiday ahead. crisis. at the border. the president's emergency move. trying to handle the tidal wave of immigrants. tens of thousands of children arriving alone. america's dilemma. down to the wire. team usa gearing up for its biggest game yet at the world cup. will their star player be back? and what their travel plans might be saying about their hopes of staying alive. and mission to mars. nasa's newest, most cutting-edge test flight. >> you've got to feel crazy sometimes. you want to do the crazy things. >> did they get their inspiration from their favorite old sci-fi movies?


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