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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 4, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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years ago. the company ceo did not use that word again. he's not saying what people are want to hear. >> speaking public hi for the first time, the ceo told abc7 news he wants to focus on the future. not a past that killed eight people in 2010. >> we understand it, we're committed to making sure our system is the safest. >> the indictment u.s. attorney claims pg&e failed to maintain p inspect pipeline 132. in a way that would have prevented san bruno. >> u.s. attorney decided to bring criminal charges. >> in his remarks in oakland,
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reverencing san bruno only briefly as a segway. >> i would like to believe him. >> earliest message about reforms was lost on attorney representing dozens of victims from the tragedy. >> i hope that is their intent. we've heard it for years. it's profits. not safety that counts. >> i love the group i work w >> pg&e released this campaign designed to humanize the company. >> it's never been for us about the men and women that do their job. >> the mayor appreciates the message but still wants more personal accountability from the people at the top of pg&e. i believe the corporate culture
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is let's rejuvenate going forward. but that does not excuse them. >> the despite does not name any individuals or officials with the company. that said, the company will be arraigned in court next wednesday in san francisco. >> laura, thank you. >> officers located a stolen vehicle with the suspect inside the driver rammed a number of cars trying to escape and struck an officer standing outside of his car. the officer suffered nonlife threatening injuries. traffic again on octavia after a
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man was hit by a car. this is riddo of the scene just after 4:00. police believe the man may is been drunk, stumbling into traffic. he's expected to survive. police tell us is he cooperating. a grand jury returned an document against state senator leland yee. senator yee and 26 others are named in this indictment. most were arrested last week on a criminal complaint. the document supersedes the complaint. charges, oufr, remain the same. it does add an additional charge against yee accused of fraud for trading his political influence for cash. p one case, trying to hook up an under cover fbi agent with an illegal arms dealer.
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shrimp boy chow is being held on bail. >> one of yee's protegees won a battle today to avoid more time behind >> vic lee is live. vic. >> the sheriff supporting a plea for a home detention. but the judge said no. >> the junl imposed a 60 day sail jent yens. his attorney said his client will spend time in chinatown.
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>> he will work with older people that need help. and things like that. >> jew was held in february. this security video captured him accepting a bribe. he was convicted for lying when he ran for office that he lived in san francisco. he resided in this home. he was enter yensed to a year as part of the plea deal. this through community service the district attorney disagrees. >> to take what should have been a ten year sentence. now to, say this individual is going to be home, home
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monitoring is very disturbing. >> jew sentenced on the day leland yee was indicted. in an interview his attorneys told us his client's mentor was senator yee, yee was doing the same things about it years ago. >> taught him how to raise money. which was putting pressure on people to give money. >> today, jew said he had no ties to wrchlt ee's current trouble with the law. >> he hopes for mr. yee's family he is found innocent. >> jew fitted with an ankle brace receipt prior to the court appearance today. in anticipation he'd receive home detention.
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a concord police officer charged on taking prescription drugs from senior citizens the crime occurred in a senior living complex. a 38-year-old is accused of using his authority >> there is a 15 minute delay for bart trains tonight. all because of an equipment problem in the tube because of what bart describes as an equipment problem forcing trains to go through the tube in manual mode. some may not be stopping in the station, either. this video taken earlier. trains headed to the games in
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oakland are expected to be on time. >> that is good. family members and friends saluted an afghanistan war vet who died in a traffic accident police say a drunk driver hit and killed the lance corporal andrew silva last mourners packed st. ann's to say goodbye to silva. the 23-year-old leaves behind his wife and their 2-year-old son. he'd just returned home from duty overseas. >> being back after four weeks, he was excited he just bought the motorcycle. and was blahhed to be back. >> someone like him, so young. >> police vehicles and veterans
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escorted the procession to his grave in hayward. >> a dramatic rescue at sea playing out to help a california family whose 1-year-old daughter was ticken ill hundreds of miles out at sea in mexico. the real drama playing off the west coast of mexico the mission being handled at moffett field. david? >> the team that reached says the child in stable condition the sick child is a 1-year-old. her parents and sister left on a around the world sailing trip, she broke out in a rash this week, began vomiting and developed diarrhea. antibiotics haven't helped. the international guard's rescue wing has been called in.
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they sent in pararescue men from moffett field and parachuted into the pacific. >> we have a doctor, a flight surgeon in cabo and they can call heir >> the 125th command center positioned two pave hawk helicopters in mexico to air lift the family to shore. a navy ship is in route from san francisco. the two had been blogging but posts stopped on tuesday. this is video of the sail boat posted on their web site. rescuers say the 36 footer is disabled, unable to make it back to land and drifting northwest and may have to be abandoned a relative is very concerned about the baby. >> it's scary. i'm concerned for the 3-year-old because that is her sister. she's aware of what is going on,
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i'm sure. >> the command is prepared to air lift the family to a u.s. hospital. >> we will get the family out with the medics. they will never leave and never pass them on to anyone other than a higher level than they are themselves. >> the operation has risks >> with swells out there, it's moving around. it's not a stable platform. >> the air lift expected to happen on sunday morning. the wing has a record of saving 1007 lives the number soon to increase by four. >> big change in the weather this weekend. >> big change, indeed. scattered showers enjoying showers now. because that boring sunshine going to dominate the weekend forecast. the forecast is coming up in just a moment. . >> i don't mean to care you. as irs called you and demanded
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money? returning the phony phone calls to hundreds of taxpayers >> how bad is the drought? video from a lake where one of the big events has been cancelled. >> and later a student has been overlooked and underestimated now recruited the prelat feet. . i have flat feet. i learned where the stress was at the dr.scholl's foot mapping center. then i got my number, which matched the custom fit orthotic inserts with the right support.
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watch out. a telephone scam is exploding in the bay area tonight. michael finney has been tracking
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it and michael, you say you haven't seen anything like this? >> yes. do you remember they're calling us about car warranties? well, this is growing into that kind of size we're receiving complaints every day in the seven on your side office. consumers saying fake irs agents are demanding money. >> there are otd calls being made michael is playing a recording of one for us. >> i think he's saying warning for this message. >> the caller is hard to understand. appears to be reading from a script, and the connection is bad. >> you subscribe to a magazine, you get a free phone? that is what, i think, he's using. >> that is why michael called me. so what this is sort of high on
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my mind. i got this phone call. that is suspicious. >> sounded like a sweat shop. like a boiler room. >> frank plays me a portion of the call. >> any call from irs telling you have to pay taxes a certain way or we need to hear from your attorney is not the irs calling. >> that is a poke spokesperson for irs. >> in evolution of phone scam it's nasty. you're getting a call allegedly from the irs. you're not. the scammer says he owe taxes and you need to pay them on a prepaid card. the most common is a prepaid debit card. then, the caller if you don't comply can be insulting and
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threatening. >> that is if you can get through we tried calling back. >> no connection, michael tried and found the number did not belong to the irs. >> it's a commercial. it's a -- owned by a business of some sort. >> irs almost never calls or e mails anyone. if you get one, don't fall for it. you may well get one. they're all over the place. >> we'll look out, thanks, michael. >> traffic tied up for hours around the financial district because of an immigration protest demonstrators marched then staged a ralo on sutter. they held up signs asking the president to stop deportations among those were families separated by deportations. >> it's about the right to be with their family.
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and with that border it's creating a chaos that sometimes, children are living with out their parents. >> several sat down in the intersection, refusing to leave. about 2 million have been deported by the obama administration. >> we have a new indicator tonight of just how deep california drought has become. this video is from huntington lake. huntington lake is known as one of the best lakes for sailing but today, one of the biggest events, high seera regatta was cancelled. and here is a picture of huntington lake before storms, look at that. right? >> that is shocking and
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>> the drought is severe. just days ago, about 32% of average. you know at this point we're not likely to get more several pockets of activities seem to be pushing throughout the mountains now and into parts of the peninsula. rainfall totals since midnight are modest. that is pretty good. and only 9/100ths in san jose. so that is pretty good. here is a live view hooking at
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the western sky. readings mainly into mid-50s. another live view of a dramatic dark western sky. resdrekss down as well. 56 in santa rosa. and a beautiful view from our camera, with a little pit of blue sky and dark low clouds as well. we'll see more showers this evening. sunny, warmer this evening. here is our satellite radar image. we have trailing showers behind it. it's going to bring us warmer days ahead. much warmer days are
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they'll give way to partly cloudy skies in the morning and mainly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. breezy near the coast but milder than today. overnight tonight looking for lows into mid to upper 40s around the bay. low 40s in our chillier inland valleys. tomorrow, highs upper 60s to near 70. north bay highs 68. inland east bay, highs up to about 70 in fremont. here is the accu-weather forecast. just gets warmer monday, tuesday. highs into low to mid-80s. on the coast that is warmer. >> thank you. >> tell me more.
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officers today. officials say it's the largest crowd ever to pack the center. they'll go on pat trool starting tomorrow, including graduates are 659 officers in the ranks of the department. experts say oakland needs 900 plus officers to serve the city. >> brace yourself for a more expensive drive into san francisco from now on. the golden gate bridge toll going up on monday but $one the price of closing will be $7 per trip, $6 if you have a fast track transponder. it's not the end of it. starting in july, the toll increases by $0.25 per year until getting to $8. it's all to erase a $142 million budget short fall. >> cruise making progress cutting apart the eastern span of the bay bridge.
6:26 pm
the 77-year-old being taken apart in a couple weeks, caltrans says you'll be able to see a gap. the chp reminding drivers to keep eyes on the road. and now, a cyclo cable that helps make map yufring hills more manageable. see, a cable runs under the road, the rider hits start, waiting for it to begin pushing up the road. first installed in norway in 1993. now, manufacturer wants to sell to other cities we're told san francisco city officials looking into a possibility of bringing one here. >> famous hills, good idea. >> yes. still ahead a fatal shooting in
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afghanistan. westsern journalists covering a milestone election. and it wasn't the taliban that did it >> the search for missing flight 370. a company with the know how newwith two unique ingredients. m, cu to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way.
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if you're waiting for someone to get home you may have to wait longer. they had to change trains because of a problem with the brakes. this through the tube by 15 minutes. vice president of programming, david salingere mailed thus photo. it's been a tough day for bart riders. another problem started affecting trains around 9:00 in the morning. trains had to slow down and crews worked on the tracks. bart stopped work for evening commute but it's expected to resume, soon the slow downs will likely get worse >> overseas taliban denying responsibility in the killing of an ap photographer in eastern
6:31 pm
afghanistan. she was killed when a policeman opened fire on a car when she and a reporter were sitting. a commander manueled "god is great" and opened fire on them. >> they were the two journalists in the world that could spend more time than offers covering afghanistan. for years, they've gone in and out of the country telling the story of the people and the heart break and combat of the country. >> needringhouse delivering with a convoy delivering ballots on the eve of the national election. >> the army releasing details on a soldier that went on a shooting rampage at fort hood texas this week.
6:32 pm
the was originally thought to have but the base commander says that does not appear to be the case. now thinking it's the result of a fight. we believe the immediate factor was likely an escalating argument in the unit area. >> the farmee identified three people killed in the attack. all nen their late 30s. among the dead, this man. a 38-year-old from puerto rico. he spent 20 years in the armed forces. >> recovery crews looking flight 370. today, equipment aboard ships searching the waters are being
6:33 pm
dragged through indian ocean, hoping to catch pinging the plane disappeared four ago today. one recalled like searching for a needle in a hay stack when you don't know where the hay stack is. wayne freedman found out in alameda it won't be impossible. >> reporter: it's a contraption appears unsuited for anything except toppling over but this is a operated vehicle that could find, and help recover, malaysia flight 370 beneath the surface. >> if there are different readings we use. liz taylor is familiar with difficulties of searching for an airliner with black boxes soon to go silent the process does not get easier
6:34 pm
with time. took two years to achieve success with air france flight 447. from 16,000 feet beneath the atlantic. >> now, you've got to consider ocean currents. >> a dark one in extreme conditions. >> the challenge will be tougher than a search that has come up with nothing but garbage now, vehicles will use multi beam sonar and will chase more false leads likely. >> what we're hooking at is art and technology, combined. 90% hand made right here. talk about made in america.
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this engineer >> he wants things to be built the way they're designed. >> they have no choice because there can be no margin for error. in alameda, abc7 news >> coming up next, overlooked, underestimated >> a student who has the
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>> he describes himself as an ordinary street dude, right? living in oakland but this 17-year-old is extraordinary. >> he has been accepted to just about every single ivy league school there is. he says he's a ro duct of oakland public schools. >> the guy is a winner. >> he has been a stellar student at oakland tech. today he's a rock star among friends he has been offered a spot at some of the top universities. >> yale.
6:39 pm
brown, columbia. >> the acceptance list is too long to include in this broadcast. it was inside of the classroom he began the path to success. >> my whole life people have been tell ming to stay on the path and everything will fall the way you want them to. >> he tells us he has been judged and overlooked by his appearance. few believe him he tells them his gpa. 5.0, and scored 2100 on the s.a.t. for those who doubt him, he keeps a picture of grades and s.a.t.scores stored on his smart phone. yup. now i'm a believer. as a teen he's witnessed several shootings and missed being a victim. one night his brother invited him to a party but he skipped it he had to write an essay. >> so i had to finish that. he asked me around 6:00. and at 9:00 i got a call.
6:40 pm
he had gotten shot. and four others. >> both his parents work in oakland his mother is a principal at piedmont avenue elementary his mother says one thing she wants everyone to know is how humble he is. >> son, what are you getting school? he's like i brought it back. how did you do? well, now i have a 2100. i'm like wow! when are you going to tell me? >> not only is he academically smart he plays three instruments and an outstanding baseball player. >> every school is already divisional one. he wasn't taking a step down as far as baseball. >> yale is talking to him about joining the baseball team. he will pick yale or brown. premed or prelaw. let's just say this very focused teen is for the first time in his life, undecided.
6:41 pm
>> what great options and a great future. >> i know. baseball, music, academics? >> coming up next, assignment 7 the science of snails >> how this is closing a local language barrier
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>> museum working with a school district on a program that combines language and science. and tonight hands on learning ventures into new territories >> are you ready today? >> yes. >> when you think about learning english you might not think of snails. but snails can be very effective teachers at least teachers aides. this is the school in sonoma the range of the skills varies but excitement is crossing the language barrier. >> i think it's cool.
6:45 pm
>> they're working to use science as a tool for improving english. students design their own experiments to find out about snail behaviors. the teacher has a huge role, but a different role than standing up, giving information to the students. it's engaging learner in taking their own responsibility. >> kids are messing around with stuff. just trying to figure out what is going on with it. then, once they're curiosity is activated they want to learn more. this is -- did it go in or close? >> closed. >> many have been getting this lesson since kindergarten.
6:46 pm
studies indicate most schools offer very little science. kids with limited english skills get less. >> each box is full of everything a teacher needs to make lessons come ahiv. the money is from private foundations and u.s. department of education. this year, expanding to preschool. >> just started out as a project but has grown. ate come dates all kinds of language. >> this is an antenna. >> abc 7 is the official television partner the museum about to celebrate a year at the new building in san
6:47 pm
francisco water front. coming up i hope you'll join me. abc 7 presents more to explore. what keeps visitors coming back for more. tube in if you can. >> that is fun. >> fabulous. >> get your hands into science. >> again, packed with people. yes. >> absolutely. especially after rain. >> true. >> just more to explore. >> scattered showers around, rain hasn't passed but it's winding down. after showers we'll have partly cloudy skies in the morning. breezy conditions on the coast high temperatures into upper 60s to near 70s around the bay, inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. sniesz after tonight. we'll have warm weather monday, tuesday. high temperatures into low to
6:48 pm
mid-80s inland. >> nice >> lovely weekend. >> yes. >> thank you. >> ever wanted a giants game to end? after second inning i wanted it to end. >> this is a long wait. pitcher doing his own damage at the plate. what about tweed? where was he today? sports is coming up next.
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good evening, giants spoil dodgers home opener. l.a. has a loaded payroll. first issue already, benched after arriving 20 minutes late. to the first home game this, is amazing. vin scully started his 65th season with the team. first inning, angel pa combchlt an all singling in runs. 6-0, giants they add two more in the second
6:52 pm
inning. matt kemp back to the wall. can't make the play. buster posy scores. all we can do is watch, wonder about traffic in l.a. dodgers chip away at the lead in the giants win this game and are now 4 and 1 this season. >> he thought it was later. that doesn't, you know keep you from being responsible. he was humbled by everything that happened today. thought he's, i thought he handled it well. i don't feel like it's a huge deal. >> de-shawn jack soop sat down to tell his side of the story. the suggestion he had gang ties
6:53 pm
he grew up in a rough part of long beach saying he witnessed a lot of gang activity as a kid emphasizing he does know gang members he has not been in a gang. >> as far as me having afillation of doing those types of things in my right state of mind it doesn't make sense for me to. i'm trying to play with little kids ask tell them to stay away from these things >> sea hawks have given pete carol a three-year contract extension. no word on the exact dollars. carol was making $7 million a year before winning super kentucky has nine freshman on the roster, they were not in the top 25 at the end of the year but here they are now. just weeks from a national
6:54 pm
championship. >> so fun to come back and they're all in this game room going crazy. playing riddo games. they're in there yelling. and i walk in. i'm like... i had 15 year olds i'm coaching but that is what i love seeing. it's just one back of the leader. and brewers pitcher peralta trips and does a face plant. i mean, what is this? he's safe. who says baseball players are
6:55 pm
not real athletes? abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. . >> i think he's just practicing. >> yes. >> that is not awkward. >> yes. >> thanks. >> join me tonight at 9:00. we're going to tell you about the set up federal agents found underneath a california warehouse >> one of the biggest security breeches in history bank account information and social security numbers, stolen. millions of victims. you may be one and not know it. >> here on abc7 last man standing and neighbors followed by shark tank and to 20. if you're a dish customer you can see all of the programs online. go to abc7 find out how to access it or down load from your app store. >> finally tonight thoughts about what really matters america's integrity and decency
6:56 pm
as a nation. u.s. senate intelligence committee voted to did he classify part of a report on the cia interrogation of terror suspects after september 11thth the president must decide how much we can see. what we should not see is information that has a direct impact on national security. however, the government cannot be allowed to use that as an excuse to hide conduct that is embarrassing and criminal. but not a bonafide risk we must hear the truth about how the government behaved in our name after the september 11thth attacks. those in power must be held to account. be made to answer to us very no sympathy for those that would harm this country, none. if we awill you our government to use torture as a means to an even justified end we lose the moral high ground. what matters protecting our nation from
6:57 pm
another horror like that day without abandoning who we are and what we believe in. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. that is our report. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristin zee. our coverage of breaking news continues on twitter. >> from all of us here, thanks for joining us. see you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> go, a's tonight. >> yes!
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this is the "jeopardy!" battle of the decades. let's meet today's former champions from our third decade. he is a research chemist who won seven games during season 29. from washington, d.c., please welcome... she was a high-school teacher when she became a five-game champion in season 22. she's still teaching and living in brooklyn, new york. please welcome... and he was a legislative aide living in boston when he won the tournament of champions in 2009. now he's a global health consultant living in brooklyn, new york. please welcome... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ]
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thank you, johnny gilbert. hello, ladies and gentleman. a runaway game for ken jennings yesterday. will we have a runaway game today? this is the last game in the preliminary round of our battle of the decades. one of these three -- keith, maria, or dan -- gets to come back in about a month from now to play for $1 million. you're eager to find out who it is? so am i. let's go to work in the jeopardy! round. categories for you three are as follows. "g-a-l" coming up in each correct response. dan, off you go. i'll take structures for $200. keith. what's a warehouse? that's it. computer abbreviations for $800. keith. what is text? no.


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