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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 23, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. thanks for joining us. i am matt keller here for kristen sze. >> first the weather forecast. mike, when is the last time we didn't have "spare the air" day? >> well, over the weekend we got a break on saturday and sunday. here we go again. another consecutive streak starting today. talking about temperatures headed into san francisco, it is 50 if san francisco and now if you headed to downtown it is 48. same if you are headed through the ferry building in 48 in upper market. across the golden gate bridge you will run into 48 at the field. mid-to-upper 30's inland and pittsburg is 41, and upper 30's
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in palo alto. upper 40's in san francisco. low-to-mid 60's today and total sunshine and near record highs again. leyla gulen? >> we do have c.h.p. clearing the tire tread from highway 4 westbound at franklin canyon. eastbound we have a string of tail lights, and heavy traffic making the curve. if you are headed in the westbound direction at i-80 it is clear. drive time traffic shows the altamont pass 580 westbound from tracy to dublin is 25 minutes. highway 4 from antioch to concord is 14 minutes. from san rafael to san francisco is 14 minutes. the drive coming away from the maze and into the tolls is wide open.
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matt? >> thank you, leyla gulen. a poodle survived a strange trip to a recycling laboratory if san francisco. we have the story of survival from animal rescue. >> the captain who would here has never seen anything like this in his career. they have named her "gem" because they is like a precious gem who came from the trash traveling in a veto -- recycling truck and was found on the conveyor belt. can you trace which part of the city she came from and how she ended up injured and in the trash. a but -- we are trying to see if we can track what neighborhood she came from.
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>> they say she had bite marks and her back legs lame, but they are saying he is lucky to be alive. she is little, only ten weeks old and recovering and if you have any information, please come forward call officials and they would like to solve this mystery. thank you, amy. there is a court hearing to appoint an independent doctor for an independent opinion on a girl left dead after surgery at children's hospital in oakland. a judge ordered jahi mcmath could remain on a haven't late through today when a court-approved unusualologist will examine her for signs of brain activity. her mother just wants more time. >> we believe she will wake up. i ray to god each day and tell him, have your way with my
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daughter. please. i think he is using her for something. when she will wake up she will shake up a lot of people around here that didn't believe. >> family member planning to hold a rally at 9:30 in support of jahi mcmath at children's hospital. >> a funeral service will be held for the man shot to death this month during the robbery of a place station in san francisco's bayview district. services are at 11:00 at jones memorial united methodist church for 22-year-old. it believe add 21-year-old shot him after responding to an ad on instagram to sell a place station. come listens pleaded not guilty to murder. the state public utilities commission is riverring $370,000 fine collected to issue a much bigger fine, up to $2.5 billion for violations stepping from the san bruno pipeline explosion. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the small are fine was should early this month
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until lawyers realized that unless it was retracted they could not issue a larger fine. eight were killed. >> after the massive target breach, they are limiting use of debit cards whose customers financial information was compromised limited to $100 a day and prepares are himmed to $300 a day. user cannot withdraw cash outside the united states. chase is issuing new cars to customer whose shopped at target approximately 40 million accounts were stolen in a hacking attack against target between november 27 and december 15th. >> apple has given itself an early christmas present saying they reached a deal with china mobile to offer iphone to the customers. china mobile has 760 million users and sold 23 million phone
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in china this year. analysts believe they will sell another 15- to 30-million more next year. it will be available in china in january. >> a technical investigator will show new details of the tonight split california into six states. venture capitalist is proposing the bay area is part of state of silicon valley and the other five states are jefferson, northern california, central california, west california, and south california. he believes that the state is underrepresented in washington. he wants to get an initiative on the california ballot and submitting the proposal to the state attorney general. what do you think? should california be split into six states? we will go do and let us know what you think. >> shoppers are ready to hit the store today, two days left only in the shopping season so stores
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are offering deeper discounts than black friday with many retailers like macy's and toys 'r us and kohl's open 24 hours. holidays make up 40 percent of many retailers' annual sales. >> the need for donations is great. st. anne ten's curb side donation is off to a slow start with 500 hams for a goal and 2,autopsy pairs of socks but fewer than 200 hams have been donated. charities see more need because of cuts in food stamps. >> how is it looking mike nicco? >> dry. thank you, matt. no need to worry about the wet weather again today, so we will break down the day, with temperatures running in the 30's and 40's under a clear sky which is close to average. where we get into the afternoon hours, we hit the upper 50's and low 60's and we are above a.
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yesterday, mountain view and san jose tied record high temperatures as did lake tahoe with 55 degrees. we will be close today but most of our records are in the 70's so we have to warm up more than what i forecast. as you head through the 7:00 hour, this evening, as you doing the last minute shopping and maybe going out and relaxing and watching other people be friend tick, it will be in the 50'ss low 50's. this is how it looks from sutro tower the next three days are as warm as today and we will be in the low-to-mid 60 at the coast and mid-to-upper set elsewhere and today is "spare the air" day with tuesday, wednesday and thursday so no burning of road christmas eve and christmas day. how is the track, leyla gulen? >> so sad, that is what people like to do, gather around the fire. everyone, it is looking nice and clear so if you are headed out of town, that matter which airport you are going, all roads are wide open, and 101 headed up
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to sfo is looking clear and 880, right by the oakland airport, it is clear, but, by the san jose airport we have one issue and this is in the northbound direction with a big rig that went over the debris at old bayshore highway. we will have c.h.p. coming out there and they will do a traffic break that will shut down lanes for a time and they will clear the debris out and he will be on their way. closer look at 280, northbound at saratoga avenue, we have a car that went off the roadway and it is on the righthand side and not causing any delays and northbound or southbound and a look outside, here is a picture of the drive through walnut creek southbound 680 from pleasant hill. >> our time is 5:09. watch good exciting apple products in 2014. >> very special christmas wish from a woman who lost a battle with cancer and show she made a
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dream come true. >> cannot express how i feel. >> a touching tribute to a little girl, ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrap it up, pop, lock and shop, ♪ ♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday.
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area. >> airport officials in south
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africa say four airport staff were slightly injured when the wing of a jet clipped the building at the international airport in johannesburg last night as the plane was preparing for take off to london. can you see in the picture of the damage to the building and no passenger on board was injured. >> airlines are calling for better laws it deal with unruly passengers. to may a woman on a flight from new york to los angeles belted out "i will always love you," and this was blade open diabetes. the number of similar disruptions has gone from a few each year to 500 each year. the airlines say they dealing with outdated international laws that define jurisdiction in flight. >> apple is hinting at new products for 2014. >> there is news that could be tough for meat lovers to swallow. now to the new york stock
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exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> afternoon, eric and matt. bad news for meat eaters, beef could take a bigger part out of your budget. an expert at iowa state university says that the beef prices are expected to rise 3 percent to 6 percent and an analyst says the beef prices could climb more can forecast administration 10 percent increase in 2014. so it could be time to switch to chicken. poultry prices are forecasted to drop as producers increase production. >> trading stock futures are indicating a higher open in the holiday shortened trading week the. >> buying gift cards for christmas? most of the 33 billion gift card contain plightants harmful to the environment but the "los angeles times" says retailers such as whole foods and starbucks are offering more alternatives. >> >> are you giving or hoping to get a tablet or smartphone for christmas? christmas day is expected to be
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the biggest day ever for app downloads after people unwrap all their new gadgets on christmas morning. a record 328 million downloads are occurred christmas day last year. >> watch for some exciting apple products in 2014, the message from apple c.e.o. in a memo to employees. he says apple has big plans that customers will love. sources say apple is working on a fitness sensor oriented smart watch with new apple t products that will revolve around voice and motion integration. that is business live at the new york stock exchange for bloomberg business report. a fundraising campaign is underway to keep a cultural icon open. books on african-american history are featured with home of a building that is up for
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sale. supporters need to raise $1 million by the end of february to keep the store open. >> thousands of people in pennsylvania have come together to fulfill the wish of an 8-year-old girl battling leukemia. 10,000 people gathered to sing carols for the girl this weekend, doctors have given her only days to live and one of the last wishes was to have a street full of singers. >> this is god's way of saying i need you to go to see my little angel and give her the singing she deserves. >> i cannot express how i feel. >> she was too weak to watch but she her the songs and the family says it made her very happy. she was with them in spirit by posting this photo to her facebook page. >> a christmas wish letter unhike any other. this woman died from cancer two
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years ago but before she wrote a letter to her husband and left it with a friend who was not to deliver the message until now. with the help of a radio station, the letter was reveald to her husband who recentry got engageed. she signed off on the new love. >> she must be quite a lady. i wish i could have met to take on the task of raising a larger extended family and being a step mother to all those boys and especially giving little max a mother's love that only she can give. >> it was her wish to send gifts through the station's christmas wish program, among them a spa day for the kid' new mom. >> the abc7 "give where you live" keep on giving. last week we announced a winner of $7,000 "give where you live" campaign winner whose son was hoping for a new bed. anonymous viewer was so touched they donated a bed.
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this is jander yat's son in the new bed. go to our website to give where you live with information on >> lost people are thinking of christmas fires but that will not happen. >> no, no, there is a grinch taking away the fire for christmas. mike nicco? >> no, i am just the messenger. >> the last thing he take as he goes up the chick any with a crumb from a miscellaneous. good morning, everyone, unfortunately, our air quality will be poor and a lot of you celebrate christmas would like to sit around the fireplace can do it but that will be a no go so keep the air healthy. three miles visibility is what we have if santa rosa and five at half moon bay and six in concord and seven in novato and everyone else is unlimited so
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nothing too thick. we will keep a track on it. from mount tamalpais this morning, we will use this to talk about sunshine and a passing high cloud and warm, again, today, with poor air quality. clear and chilly and our nights are the most normal with extraordinarily warm afternoon temperatures. it will be dry with poor air quality all week. we will look at today what we are dealing with as far as the air quality, it should be poor in the north bay and east bay and even if you live in the central and coastal bay community and south central bay you cannot burn wood. as far as our temperatures today, check out how much warmer-than-average we will be, anywhere from six degrees in san francisco with the 63 and eight degrees warmer-than-average to san jose at 66 and redwood city at 66 and oakland at 65 and napa and live more at 65 degrees for a high and six degrees warmer-than-average and five seconds of sunshine and the days longer with sunrise at 7:23.
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here are other neighborhoods and we are all in the low-to-mid 60's from 61 at half moon bay to san rafael, and cloverdale is the warmest at 69, and fremont is 64 today, also, now, a look at the temperatures, mid-to-upper 30's, and a few low 40's inland and upper 40's to mid-40's at the bay shore and the coast. two areas of high pressure one over the ocean and one overland and both keeping the storm track to the north and weakness here dipping into oregon and washington and bringing them so much of the rain but when that passes that jet stream will push the track back to the north and temperatures are well above average and all the way physical we get to the weekend with 50's develop along the coast. have a great day. >> as we look at our drive time traffic we have a great commute. you can see how green everything is. that means top speeds and no crashes, 101 san francisco to sfo and you are looking at ten
5:21 am
minutes, and 880 northbound from 238 to the maze that is 13 minutes 101 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport that is now 11 minutes and c.h.p. had to come out and do traffic break and that was to clear debris a big rig hit near old bayshore highway. as we look at this, there are no chains required if you are headed to lake tahoe along 80 and 88. a good drive there with a little bit offing fog. fog closer to home, 101, moving from santa rosa, that is cleared up and green and we are at top speed at 65 miles per hour and this is the drive through central san rafael wide open as you make the push from the southbound direction it is not a problem. eric and mike? >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> seven things to know use start your day. >> waitress tries to be a good
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>> here are 15 things to know. an independent doctor will examine a 13-year-old girl declared brain dead after tonsil surgery. jahi mcmath remains on live support at children's hospital in oakland. on friday a judge ruled she could remain on the haven't late through -- on the ventilator through today. >> animal control is trying to figure how this little bog was mixed with recycling supplies. they will traffic down the track. >> today is the last day to sign up for a plan under the affordable care act if you want coverage by january 1. the state's insurance exchange is keeping the call centers open until 8:00 tonight to help people enroll and opens at 8:00 this morning. >> the city of san francisco plans to submit a letter today to team or cac relative offer -- oracle to host the sailing
5:26 am
operation. they report that the officials will not be offering any big subsidies or real estate as part of deal after coming up short millions from the summer events. >> tonight could be the 49ers last game ever at candlestick park after 43 seasons and will head to a new stadium. they could play their again in the playoffs. >> a couple of bay area record high temperatures today and today is about the same as far as the warmth and we will have poor air quality which could be the beginning of several days of poor air quality with it all wrapped up in the seven-day outlook. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is funneling in nicely. with have no accidents. it is holiday lite but this is some congestion builting. >> 5:26. spain held their annual famed christmas lottery, the largest
5:27 am
giving away a total of $3.4 billion. unlike lotteries that offer one large jackpot, this has thousands of winners. for the first time they have to pay 20 percent in taxes on the winnings to ease spain's deficit. >> a man has right add wrong he says was an innocent mistake. a waitress in florida found $1,000 on a seat in the restaurant and she gave the cash to the man she thought lost it. it was the wrong person. that man saw his picture on newscasts and went back to the restaurant to return the money. he says he is often carrying large amounts of cash and didn't check to see if he lost any. the man who lost the money gave it to the waitress for christmas. >> the only news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> including breaking news in san francisco, shots fired out of the a busy night club, the through details we are learning about the victim. >> bart and the unions reach a
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on this christmas weekend. if you thought we left the "spare the air" days in the rear view, here is mike. >> they are back. they will be around for a while. probably not a record 11 but well have five or six. in cleaner air, palo alto and menlo park at 37. foster city is 39. everyone else in the 40's and redwood city at 40. san carlos is 41. 42 in san jose. 43 in hayward. santa rosa has frost forming at
5:31 am
32 degrees. 62 to 66 under sun inland and around bay and low 60's at the coast. now the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> look at that map: green, green, green. there is congestion on the altamont pass with a bit red. slowing traffic but, still, at 30 minutes to get you to the westbound direction. a couple of problems in the clearing stages but it was a big rig that hit the debris and it is northbound 101 old bayshore highway causing a little bit of slowing approaching so if you have a flight to catch give yourself a few extra minutes. top speeds on the dumbarton bridge but eastbound traffic at highway 4 at marsh road and university avenue. from the emeryville camera to the bay bridge you can see traffic is whining its way around treasure island and it really is going to take you only
5:32 am
10 minutes away from the maze and into san francisco. eric and matt? >> developing news in the east bay, a rally is planned this morning for a 13-year-old on life support after having a tonsillectomy at oakland children's hospital while an independent doctor could be appointed today to help decide her fate. nick? >> good morning, the family made the announcement about the rally over the weekend saying it was necessary to draw attention to jahi mcmath's case who has been declared brain dead by medical officials. she has remained on a ventilator since then. her family is expected to appear in court this morning with representatives in children's hospital to announce the name of the independent doctor they have chosen to provide a medical condition. a superior court judge ruled on friday that jahi mcmath could remain on the ventilator and receive i.v. fluid until today when a court-appoint the
5:33 am
neurologist will examine her for brain activity. the mother asking for more time. >> you don't need a judge to tell you are wrong. you need to do the right thing and give in family an opportunity to explore every possibility of remedy. >> faith leaders are rallying behind the family. a group of pastors is demanding the district attorney investigate the case. jahi mcmath went into cardiac arrest before being declared brain dead december 12 after she went to the hospital on december nine to what they called a routine tonsillectomy. they are asking those to come out where purple which was jahi mcmath's favorite color. >> >> thank you, more breaking news from san francisco. police are investigating a shooting outside a nightclub this morning that left a man in critical condition.
5:34 am
on howard street near 1st before 2:00. according to witnesses, the temple night club was packed when shots rang out. a search is underway for the gunman. the victim was hit in the stomach and is not cooperating. >> police are investigating the death of a man at a wal-mart in oakland. he was found shot to death in the park lot at edgewater driver. they are not sure if he was killed there or if the body was dropped off. >> police are looking for clues after a man was shot to delegate outside an apartment building last night at 8:40 near interstate 80. the victim is 34-year-old vallejo resident wayne germane with no word on arrests. >> today is the last day to sign up for a plan under the affordable care act if you want coverage by january 1. the state insurance exchange is keeping the call centers open until 8:00 tonight to help people enroll and opens at 8:00 this morning and they is receive
5:35 am
add high number of calls and you may have to keep trying 800 open enroll 349 continues through march 31 with more information on our website at abc7 . >> the bart general manager will recommend the board approve a new deal reached between bart and the unions. over the weekend they reach an agreement over a disputed clause that granted employees up to six wees of paid leave. under the deem employees can decide how to use banked paid time off to main than their paychecks if they need time off to care for a family member and the union is expected to take the deal to their members for a vote soon. >> unionized transit workers will vote on a new contract this friday after a tentative deal last friday. members voted down two previous
5:36 am
offers. the union leaders are not revealing new details of the proposal but were able to make changes the rang and file asked for. >> a christmas week storm left is nine people dead and hundreds of thousands without power from maine to michigan, the worse ice storm since 1998 took down trees and power lines and it could be days before all power is restored so families could spend christmas in the dark. there is flash flooding in indiana and shopping was treacherous in oakland. an s.u.v. was swept away bid this waters in kentucky and three died. thousands of flights of canceled. >> back east, this is little impact on bay area airports which report a few delay over the weekend and this was the scene at san jose international airport with officials at sfo and oakland and san jose international airport remind you to check with the airline before headed to the airport. >> we will see if the weather will affect flights out of sfo. mike?
5:37 am
>> if they headed to philadelphia, that is the only place we are seeing this wall of water from boston all the way down to the panhandle, the red next riviera of florida and she how mild the temperatures are in the 50's. at home we are watching santa rosa and half my visibility and temperature of 32. she does not have reports of black ice. yet. it is a possibility. from the exploritorium camera, dancing lights are on the bay bridge and the port of oakland before that. we will have 30 to 46 spread of temperatures and we will be up to 6259 -- noon. in the evening, maybe some late last minute shopping, 48 to 52 so you will not need a coat you will have to carry it around the mall or stores. moving forward look at this run of warm weather, mid-to-upper 60's tomorrow and low-to-mid 60's wednesday and thursday and
5:38 am
the only drawback is today is "spare the air" and those three days, also. >> we have part of a brand new accident in berkeley if you are traveling along westbound 80 that is where we have this accident blocking one lane at university so you it are traveling in the westbound direction you will find that it will slow things down. the further you go to the south near the maze that is where we are seeing a buildup of traffic and in the bay bridge everything is move over to the toll plaza. drive time traffic is at 32 minutes along 580 from tracy to dublin westbound and highway 4 is in the clear at 15 minutes from antioch to concord and 101 through san rafael to san francisco is 16-minute delay and careful if you are driving through santa rosa where we do have the possibility of black ice. >> final preparations are underway for the last game the 49ers ever gay a stick stick
5:39 am
-- ever game at candlestick park. the last ditch challenge expected this morning as utah becomes the latest step to
5:40 am
[ ding ] cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven?
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boom. [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. ♪ he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop!
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>> breaking us in los angeles california, east los angeles, a park has a bus in a drainage canal with several passengers on board the bus and the los angeles county fire department is saying ten parents need medical aid but the extent of the injuries are not known. you can see a huge response with fire trucks, ambulances, all trying to give aid to the passengers. it live the road, went 8' east road and into a drainage canal. the only exit of the bus was blocked but they are getting passengers east bus and putting them into ambulances and taking them to the hospital. so far ten patients need medical aid. we will follow the story this morning right here on abc7 news. >> new this morning, a new release date is set for "fast and furious" after the death of
5:43 am
paul walker. it was announced last night that the latest film will be released in april of 2015 officially slated for july of next year. sources tell the hollywood reporter that the writer and director are reworing the script to allow his character to retire. he died november 30 in a car crash. it is reported that there are plans to rename the streetwalker died on after him with a petition online racking up 2,000 signatures so far. >> los angeles fire department is changing the way it responds to the victims of mass shootings after the november shooting rampage at l.a.x. with paramedics and firefighters protected by armed police go to where the wounds are and treat them even if the gunfire is still going on. first responders say they have been considering the changes for months but it speeded up after the death of t.s.a. for hernandez november 1. it took paramedics 15 minutes to get to him while police searched for the shooter.
5:44 am
>> after a month climbing gas prices this morning, they are trickling down two cents a gallon. the latest fay -- survey puts the average at $3.54. the national average is $3.26. lossance has highest in the state at $3.61 and the cheapest is in, 10 men to at $3.40 a gallon. >> the state of utah is trying to salt same-sex marriage as they try to institute a ban. hundreds of couples will arrive at the county clerk offices in hopes of getting married. a judge declared 2004 same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional on friday and weddings began listen immediately. yesterday, an appeals court declined to intervene. >> today is the final regular season game for the 49ers at candlestick park after 43 seasons. the 49ers will head to a new son in santa clara, 60,000 fans
5:45 am
will pack candlestick park for the game gearing up for the bittersweet moment. when they leave tonight they will take home part of the stick with them. >> i will get the physical seat when it is done. the exact seats. we brought a sharpie so the season ticket holders around us can sign. say it is a dutch -- dump but to me it is paradise. >> if the 49ers win, they could get a wild card spot in the playoffs. >> san francisco have advise for those wanting to take part of the stick home: don't do it. anyone caught stealing signs, seats or other momentoes will be arrested. there will be 50 percent more officers on duty, with fans who are drunk or excessively rowdy will be watched. >> our viewers are sharing their memories and check out the
5:46 am
kaepernicking fans and the fans saying good by >> the weather will be nice. they need to win. they are in a tight race. this we have a chance for the division. >> seattle next week, we will find out. >> i am counting a "win." i don't want to jinx them, i take it back. >> the weather will be nice, no doubt. good morning, everyone, can you believe, the run is almost over at candlestick park today, 58 degrees, 55 by the end of the game and it will be mild under the stars, and if you are out there when the sun is up we will hit the low 60's to do some tailgating. 9 falcons are out of the playoffs, maybe they will roll for us.
5:47 am
radar and satellite, live doppler 7 hd showing a few clouds off the peninsula coast but otherwise it is clear. from shut to tower, market treat, and union square it is gorgeous this time of the year. you will have a lot of sunshine today and warmer than average temperatures and close to records but not sure we will tie any like yesterday but we will be close with poor air quality returned to the neighborhood and clear and chilly at my and dry with poor air quality all week. north bay and east bay in santa clara counties, the 15th "spare the air" alert of the season. the calendar year of 2013, we have had 25 winter "spare the air" alerts and well have more before the end of the year and calendar year, this has had the most, ever of course since they started back in 1991. temperatures today are sunshine, low-to-mid 60's, from 61 at half
5:48 am
moon bay to 63 in san francisco, and san mateo, and concord, vallejo, 66 in santa rosa, oakland is 65, 66 in palo alto and san jose, and tonight the temperatures are in the upper 30's to mid-40's and mid-30's to low 40's inland valley isolated areas of fog. weekend. we are in the low-to-mid 60's today but mid-to-upper 60's tomorrow and low-to-upper 60's when, thursday, and a pull back on friday and through the weekend with a few more clouds. leyla gulen? >> we still have the big rig that is over turned on the on-ramp at old bayshore highway along northbound 101 so it is carrying 15,000 pounds of metal and it will take some time to
5:49 am
off load that metal and get it on its way. you want to use brokaw to exit the freeway or to get on so that will be blocked until further notice. if you are headed along southbound 101 beyond the san jose airport we are starting to see volume this. so, maybe some folks will leave town this morning. as we take a look through berkeley westbound 80 at university avenue this crash is cleared to the shoulder and it was a solo vehicle that stopped in the fast lane and the tire blew out and it was move out of the way but the rest of the drive is slow-and-go to the maze and another look at san jose 280 away from 17 a few extra cars making the drive in the northbound direction and the southbound side no delays. >> 5:49. a community comes to the rescue after christmas is all but stowen -- stolen from an army man over the holidays. >> what is on the line an the
5:50 am
a holiday display goes around
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> a group of shoppers were not in the holiday spirit with a brawl over new air jordan. the spokesman of the store says
5:53 am
$185 shoes sold out quickly, causing tension among the shoppers who could not get a pair. another fight broke out, outside a footlocker in the bronx between a group of women. >> if you get a smartphone for christmas, don't forget to install the new abc7 news smartphone app that keeps you on top of the latest breaking news and traffic and what you will want to share on facebook and twitter. goes to for the details. >> a bay area family who is taking christmas decorating to a new level is competing for the top prize on national tv here on abc7 news. it is a family of san rafael. here is their house. they will compete on the great christmas light fight. they were chosen based on what they have done in the past. you can see they come up with
5:54 am
elaborate designs. the winner each week takes home $50,000. can you watch the great christmas light flight tonight at 9:00 right here. >> cannot imagine what the electric bill like the. >> fine if they have so bar -- if they have solar panels. >> we were in record territory with temperatures yesterday including san jose. today we will be one or two degrees of yesterday with five extra seconds of sunshine. >> the week ahead our average temperature is 58. we will be in mid-to-upper 60's and most of the state is going to follow suit, mid-to-upper 60's central valley and 5 to in tahoe, and low-to-mid 70's to the south. safe travels. >> over to the altamont pass, we are seeing stop-and-go traffic
5:55 am
as you make it closer to vasco road and before that, at 45 miles per hour, the freeway is loading up but, still, holiday light. here is how long it will take you to head from tracy to dublin at 33 minutes along highway 4 westbound from antioch to concord at continue minutes and 101 san rafael to san francisco is 16 minutes. now, the metering lights are not on but cash paying lanes are loaded up and emeryville camera to the bay bridge, traffic is filling up but, still, only 11 minutes average from the maze to san francisco. >> an incredible story from seattle, a pair of glasses may have saved the life of a 16-year-old on a coach -- couch in her home when she was hit by a bullet. >> this morning, the p.r. executive fired for sending out a tweet about rate, able, in calf what tells abc she is sorry
5:56 am
and ashameed. she tweeted going to africa "hope i don't get aids," just kidding. i am white. she was off line for telephone hour delight but the whole time millions were sounding roof on social media. she has been fired from her job as a publicist who worked for internet giants like and the former bosses are calling the tweet outrageous and offensive and she apologizeed to those she offended with needless and careless tweet. >> cracker barrel is putting "duck dynasty" on the shelves after pulling "duck dynasty" items in the wake of the antigay comments by phil robertson but reversed after receiving negative responses from customers and fans. the source says they were trying to avoid offending anyone. they have had their own issues with the community, after being
5:57 am
named the thirst worst workplace in the country if gays. >> neighbors are opening hearts and wallets for a veteran whose family was robbed of christmas gifts. the corporal has been home for less than two weeks after serving 17 months in afghanistan. last monday he and his family were out and thieves broke into the home. >> they stole $5,000 worth of family gifts and weapon the -- when the store get out good samaritans donated gifts and ornaments and money and 75 percent of what they lost has been replaced. >> next at 6:00, target is targeted and the big box retailer is feeling the impact. >> rescued with moments to spare, a young puppy with an incredible story of survival. >> later, "7 on your side" michael finney teams up with consumer reports to find the perfect
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. decision day, the family of the oakland girl left brain dead after tonsillectomy heads to court to keep her on life support. >> tour bus loses control on the california interstate in the last 90 minutes. the reason that the scare for passengers did not end after the crash. >> new this morning, target traffic: the damaging impact the store's data breach is having on the big box retailer during the final days of the critical holiday shipping and shopping period. >> we cannot buy our way out of a "spare the air" day for weekday and christmas shopping. mike? >> now we are right back in the


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