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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 28, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning and thanks for joining us on thanksgiving day. >> we are glad you are here with us. we did have a terrible accident on 92 at skyline boulevard in san mateo county. the situation has taken a turn for the better. we will check with leyla gulen to see how the traffic is looking. >> certainly we do have minor
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injuries only reported for the accident. at highway 92 at skyline boulevard the car went over an embankment and it is still there. the person was taken out of the vehicle into a hospital. we have recovering traffic so it is slow making the commute along 92 up to 35. we will keep you updated. as far as mass transit, everything and running on sunday school but ace train, this is no service for the thanksgiving holiday and bart will roll at 8:00 this morning. this is a decent picture of the bay bridge toll plaza as we go outside. i show you how clear it is because it is wide open. it is virtually empty right now. the roads are dry and i will have the full forecast coming up to a moment. we will talk about it now, shall
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we? >> as we look at our live doppler 7 hd it is clear but for high clouds. you can see the twinkling lights and it is lovely. from exploritorium camera, it is beautiful. the forecast shows sneaker waves are a possible so be careful for the rip current with strong tides today. cloudy overnight and cooler next week. i have the seven-day forecast ahead but the next 12 hours starting off in the 40's across the bay and it will warm up to the mid-60's for the afternoon and that is dinner time. when you relax it will cool off ever-so-slightly. >> the tradition feeds thousands of people in san francisco m abc7 news is at glide memorial
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church with what is happening now. amy? >> good morning. look at the vegetables. they not going to chop themselves, they need volunteers. they will show up this an hour they expect 500 volunteers to come through and help republic the traditional thanksgiving meal. we have video from last year to show you so you can see how crowded it is and what a big deal it is. a lot of families have made it part of the thanksgiving tradition to come here and help prepare and serve the meal before they have their own meal. church officials say the 500 volunteer spots they have for today fill up instantly and they post it on november 1 does -- and it feels up right away. they are already thinking of christmas and asking for new up wrapped toys or money but they are asking for donations. if you bring dolls they are
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asking you keep diversity in mind and, please, no toy guns. back to thanksgiving, the highlight today and the meal will start serving at 9:00 this morning! >> here are other meals being served in richmond at 10:00, a restaurant host as thanksgiving dinner where the richmond mayor and police chief are scheduled to volunteer. in oakland at 10:30, baptist church sevens a free thanksgiving dinner at 85th avenue and international boulevard and in san francisco at golden gate park lunch will be serves by volunteers from the notre dame university to hundreds of homeless. >> an oakland bartender was struck by a hit-and-run driver while leaving work at the lounge in oakland at 2:30 on sunday
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morning and you can see the car on the screen hitting him and pausing for a few seconds and taking off. the car is a dark colored porsche and police are trying for track down the driver the. >> treasure island residents will meet dinner while packing because two dozen households have received notices to vacate because of the toxic clean up by the navy can requires digging to get the colds that -- chemicals that leaked into the soil. the navy owns the island but will turn it over to san francisco next year. >> today as we give thanks, an east bay man would last his wife now faces raising four adopted children from ethiopia open his own. we attended an emotional event to help this respected teacher and coach. >> it has been hard on all of
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us. >> the couple spent every thing they had to bring home four orphaned kids froth the but shortly after the adoption she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died early in month but not before they discussed life after she was gone. >> we could hear the kids laugh ing and playing...she heard that and said "i want it to sound like that." >> now he is trying to keep that laughter alive with a little help from his walnut creek community. >> as you can see it is one of the more selfless figures in our community. the game between a varsity and alumni is benefiting his family, the five-year-olds and four-year-old and three-year-old, he plaid on the team as a student and coached
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the varsity players for 12 years. >> we all have a lot to be thankful for and we want to show our thanks to him. >> he is humbled and wants to return the favor. >> it will be my goal to raise the kids and love them to the best of my ability. >> the community says it will be behind him all the way. in walnut creek for abc7 news. >> the san francisco political leaders are being honored who changed the city the hundreds gathers to mark the 35th anniversary of the assassination s mayor mascone and supervisor harvey milk. in 1978 dan white resigned from the board of supervisors when he shot and killed two men after the marry fused to reappoint him. harvey milk's nephew spoke. >> we have to do more than change laws we have to change minds and we do that by
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remembering our history, by teaching our history, and by doing inclusive work. >> a candlelight march followed the event at city hall. >> happening today, oakland international airport is taking a generous step to boost travel during the holidays with free parking. holiday travelers can park if free for up to three days in one of 7,000 parking spaces. this runs through citizen -- >> wouldn't it be nice to stay here? this is where the beautiful weather is. >> that is correct. our sfo camera shows how clear it is with no flight delays. san francisco is 52 degrees and oakland is 50 degrees and we are in the 40's for redwood city and san jose is at 47 and los gatos is at 45 degrees and chilly in
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the north bay about 38 in napa. pretty much our weather is going to be dry and over the welcome, as well. we have high clouds that will be with us through the morning hours and you will see them start to dissipate and mostly sunny this afternoon. that is good news if you are trotting with the other turkeys out there. today at at&t park, you will be under some partly cloudy skies and 52 degrees to get you going and you can see the temperatures do not get too high, 57 degrees by 10:00 this morning and that race ends at city hall. pretty fund out there. if you want to go to the beach be careful because we do have large western swells of possible sneaker waves and strong rip currents down to monterey from sonoma. we have clear conditions with no
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accidents do report. in san jose, we have top speeds and too fast, at 72 miles per hour along 101. be careful with the empty roads because we tend to put the pedal to the metal. the car went over the embankment but all lanes have re-opened but traffic is slow to recover from tracy to castro valley is 32 minutes and if you are traveling 280 to san francisco it is under ten minutes. >> twitter users may is the inside track for shopping black friday but the bloomberg business report is next. >> big change that could come to apple's ipad. >> if electronics are on your gift list we will run
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covering benicia, san ramon and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> the price of turkey could have been easy on your wallet especially if it was frozen. >> here is the bloomberg business report. >> are you hungry yet? the national turkey federation says 85 percent of the 46
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million turkeys that americans will eat this thanksgiving are frozen. because of overproduction, warehouses around the country were packed to the rim with 325 million pounds of frozen birds back in september because of the farmers selling turkeys 5 percent less this year compared to last year. you may not thing a tweet would be a good shopping tool but in a survey they found seven out of ten say they will use twitter to find out about everything from deals to whether lines at a store are too long. even more interesting among the users surveyed not all them shop black friday to send money, but, 59 percent say they shop because it is a lost fun. >> with the hustle and bustle, service with a smile goes a long way. data identified stores where the happiest retail workers and toys
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'r us leading the pay followed by jc penney and best buy all having in common that they praised their managers. plus, some employees say they like working with the general public. that is business. >> san francisco mayor lee will not have were time to enjoy thanksgiving holiday at home, we have scheduled him for a trip to india. the mayor will go with 54 senior business leaders including industries of construction, engineers and technology. he will speak about topics such as recycling and waste management and world ecology. >> the sharks franchise is worth 82 percent more this year than last. "forbes" magazine has upped their value to $405 million.
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in 2012 it was $223 million. but the top business executives says the sharks are not for sale. >> we have a smaller ipad but a bigger one could be next with orders for that tablet with 12.9" screen. the current screen is 9" and it could appear to the education market and easier to read. watch for it next year. >> if you are looking if a technical gift and are not sure where to start, our technology editor shares the topics. >> stores like this are going to be packed with people looking to buy the best electronics for the holiday season so get in and get out. here are my topics: first, tablets. look at this, there are a ton of choices the my top choice? the ipad. apple has the best app selection
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and very hardware design. the ipad air or something smaller is the ipad mini. looking for a tablet for kids? go with the ipad. get a kid friendly case like this. the war is on between the xbox one and the play station 4. my winner? the xbox one with a lot family friendly games and a lot of internet streaming services and it works with the tv. mobile phone accessories make a great stocking stuffer. i like this case if you have an iphone or galaxy you can get an extra charge because of the built in battery. this could look like a small speaker but it packs serious sound. those are my top gadget picks. get in. get out. you will survive. >> thousands are warming up this morning to participate in a turkey trot.
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there are 16 races scheduled in the bay area. the largest is in san jose where 28,000 people are expected to line up for the 5-k and 10-k events reflecting the astounding growth of running a race. in 25 years the number have tripled to 15.5 million. the san jose turkey contract is at 7:45. what better way not to feel guilty when you big out later in the day after a run in the morning. >> better before than after, right? >> that is right. kudos to the runners. >> it will be dry. we are going to have a lovely mild weekend and that will be the calm before the storm. we have rain expected in our forecast next week and much, much cooler temperatures. our radar satellites shows we are extraing high clouds across the bay area and that is all we will have with a dark picture here from our mount tamalpais
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picture you can see the twinkling lights. we have fog along the coast. mostly that will burn off this morning. as the upper-level low is pushing its way in the eastern direction and making its way south so toward southern california is where we thought the precipitation would visit us but it will not happen at all and it is going to move right over to southern california leaving us with a nice dry holiday. we have nice calm temperatures for the most part across california and 62 degrees in stress me and los angeles is 68 we and 72 this palm springs with clouds out there, as well. our highs today are showing partly cloudy skies and 64 degrees in santa cruz and 67 in morgan hill, and as we make our way up the peninsula, 65 in san mateo and 64 in half moon bay. dress for 65 in san rafael.
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really cool start to the day in napa and sonoma in the upper 30's and it will cool a little bit more before the sunrises but as we make it to the east bay we will see the temperatures topping out in the mid-50's. 48 degrees in oakland and 44 in antioch and 40 in fairfield and 38 in santa rosa. dry today and it will be lovely with cloud cover and as we head into the welcome it will be mild and mostly sunny but were, much cooler on monday and tuesday with a chance of rain between tuesday and thursday. now talking traffic, there is not too much the we had an early sig-alert that canceled on highway 92. something we do not see often is highway four looking like this at this hour: 66 miles per hour westbound direction toward concord and to his -- i-80 and we have nine minute commute for
5:21 am
the one car that is making its way across the bridge. along the bay bridge you are under ten miles per hours and spay i don't bridge is clear at 13 minutes between hayward and's -- and foster city. southbound 680 a few cars only making their way to the junction at 24. it is clear and accident free. hope it stays that way. >> ahead, seven things to know as you start the day. >> closely watched meeting with the sun today. >> lady gaga can be unpredictable but she
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blue are just joining us or headed out the door, he are seven things to know, breaking news, highway 92 is open at skyline boulevard after the recuse of victims from a car that flew over the cliff. the crash occurred at 12:30, a black sedan landed 600' below and a rescue team was called in and several victims were air lifted with serious injuries. >> a car chase that reached speeds of 100 miles per hour ended with a crash sending two people to the hospital. the car hit a light pole and
5:25 am
came to rest against a house before bursting into flames. officers managed to pull both occupants out. the suspect suffered major injuries. >> surveillance video show as man being struck by a hit-and-run driver. on sunday brian left his bar tending job and he was hit by a porsche. the car stopped previously but took off. he suffered a broken leg. >> today is the annual thanksgiving dinner in san francisco at glide memorial church. hundreds serve thousands turkey and trimmings and the celebrity chef is donating 1,750 bagged lunches. >> the giant balloons are allowed to fly in new york city in half an hour. officials are still dividing how high. it is very cold and still breezy
5:26 am
in new york. >> we have mild and dry conditions for thanksgiving holiday here in the bay area. we will see temperatures close to 70 degrees but not quite for much of the bay area later this afternoon. it will certainly turn colder next week. >> it is a holiday light drive the bay bridge toll plaza with a knew cars out of oakland to san francisco which is the store across the bay area. astronomers are waiting do see what happens to a newly discovered comet. there is a palo alto laboratory that is studying a four billion-year-old comet. it could become one big head of a comet. a tail. or break into little pieces. it could even disintegrate.
5:27 am
we will know more when it reappears early next month. >> the latest on a dramatic rescue in san mateo county on 92 after a car plunged hundreds of feet down an embankment. >> what is below a bay area neighborhood that is forcing residents to leave? >> when pg&e says they will restore service to the
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> good morning at 5:29 on thanksgiving day, thanks for joining us. a shooting in san jose left two people wounded. the incident happened at a house on state and oak street. police say the victims were on the pomp at 4:00 a.m. and they were shot. a suspect ran away and the other
5:30 am
drove away. our news reporter is on her way to the scene. highway 92 is open after the rescue of victims from a car that flew over a cliff and wouldn't down 600', a black sedan flew off the dark narrow freeway and landed 600' below. a rescue team was called in and several victims were airlifted by a coast guard helicopter with serious injuries. thankfully that is what they are: injuries. the highway patrol decided to leave the car there and reopen highway 92 at 4:30 this morning. had santa rosa a car slammed into a light pole and caught fire. before 10:30, officers tried to pull a car over for running a stop sign and a chase followed with speeds topping 100 miles per hour. it ended weapon the car hit a light pole and stopped against
5:31 am
this house. the driver and passenger were pulled out by police before the car caught fire. alcohol is suspected to be a factor. >> hair police have arrested a driver on suspicion of d.u.i. after the car crashed into martin luther king middle scoff at 10:00 last night. you can see this car punched a hole and a wall of the zoom and partly wrecked a bathroom on the other side. >> a lot happen on the roads but lou does it look this morning, leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone. very happy thanksgiving day. we started off on a heavy note in materials of traffic congestion with a now canceled sig-alert a car went over the embankment and the person who was drive went to the hospital with minor injuries and all lanes now opened at 42 miles per hour the as far as mass transit, we have most mass transit running on a sunday schedule but
5:32 am
for ace train and the bay ferry they are not having any service today on the holiday. bart will run at 8:00 this morning. outside, it will be the san mateo bridge headed out of hayward to foster city at 12 minutes to get you there. it looks dry now and it certainly is because we thought we would have rain and the rain has moved to the south. be in the same territory at 50 degrees and mid-60 for most of the bay area and our camera shows mice and clear from our exploritorium camera to the bay bridge with beautiful lights. the skies are dry and there is a chance of light rain with the full seven-day forecast coming up in a little bit. kristen and mat? >> an army of volunteers is
5:33 am
ready and working this morning to prepare a thanksgiving feast for thousands in need. this year, there are new twists. amy hollyfield is at glide with that story. the turkeys are out ready to be carved and vegetables are ready to be chopped and now we just need volunteers. there will be hundreds. the first shift started at 6:00 this morning so this is the calm before the storm the we have video from last year, you can see how busy it is in here. a lot of families have made this part of the tradition to come here and republic and serve the meal before though go home and have their own meal. they are expecting 500 volunteers this year. they posted a spot online on november 1st and officials say they book up immediately. they do want to point out that glide needs volunteers all year long, not just today serving 8
5:34 am
850,000 meals a year. it will be fun with the cast members here from "porgy and bess," serving meals and participating in thanksgiving. they will think about tomorrow, the chef scott will be here this afternoon to making sandwiches and prepare sack lunches, 1,,750 to be distributed tomorrow. that is glide, always looking ahead and they are thinking about christmas and asking for toy donations. >> the league of volunteers is also making final representations to seven a traditional holiday dinner today at the newark pavilion, a pile of pies, a mountain of mashed potatoes are stockpiled with trays of turkey at the tri-city thanksgiving dinner. thousands would not have a meal
5:35 am
now can be served by volunteers. >> we have people that not only are in need and cannot afford to do their own dinner but we have the homeless, we have people who are alone that would have no family. >> they are carving up 300 turkeys, 82 hams and storing 35 gallons of gravy and the league expects to senator more than 4,500 meals today. >> san jose police investigators are trying to fine the identity of a man found dead in a highway overpass wedged under the freeway in a confined space. a man walked interest a san jose firehouse and alerted firefighters of the person. the overpass is near a homeless camp and it is believed he may have been a homeless individual. >> treasure island residents not forget this thanksgiving after being told to vacate the premises. the navy is ticketing their
5:36 am
toxic clean up so they will be digging under build education -- buildings for chemicals that soaked into the soil. this is plenty of room to relocate and they are not that worried. >> on tuesday they have a meeting with a small group of people and they will tell us what is really going on and they have the resources but they will not cause real trouble and they are ahead of a problem that would be worse to they did not deal went. >> residents are moved to another location on the island during the clean up. the navy owns the island but is scheduled to turn it over to the city of san francisco starting in october. >> a teen set on fire on a transit because is home for thanksgiving. doctors say sasha fleischman has recovered enough from the second- and third-degree burns he suffered in the attack to leave the hospital. the 18-year-old returned home to oakland yesterday tired and bandaged. his parents hope something good comes from this. >> this kind of intolerance: you
5:37 am
does not mean you have a right to identify them. >> sasha fleischman hopes to return to classes at high school next week. the suspect, 16-year-old richard thomas faces felony assault with hate crime enhancement. >> pg&e is planning to restore service to the gas pipeline in san carlos under scrutiny but at a lower pressure. the san jose mercury news reports the line will rate at 125 pounds per square inch well below what they consider "safe," pressure. the line was taken out of service october 6th after fours raised questions involving the state of the pipeline. reports reveal it could have the same flaw as the san brown d san bruno pipeline that exploded. >> officials are preparing for the macy's thanksgiving day parade with crews filling up the balloons which are a favorite
5:38 am
for those who are lining the receipt. officials are still not sure if the balloons will be allowed to float overhead. if winds top 23 miles per hour and gusts exceed 34 miles per hour they have to be grounded. the parade begins at 6:00 and so far the forecast is looking good but it is cold. last time foul weather grounded the balloons was in 1971. >> a riptide warning is in effect with strong riptides and sneaker waves up to 10' because of strong winds over the pacific ocean. keep off all beaches on thanksgiving day. last year at new year's a richmond man was killed when he tried to save hissing do. >> should people head to the beach to enjoy the weatherst. >> the weather will be lovely but stay away from the water. we do have the turkey trot, the
5:39 am
5-k that starts at at&t park can goes to city hall by way of the shoreline. we do have a couple of events but as we look behind me, that is sfo and you can see how clear it is so if today is the travel day, we can expect to see decent conditions for traveling. we don't have flight arrival delays anywhere in the country. our current temperature this san francisco is topping out at 52 degrees and oakland is 50 degrees and you are in the 40's along the peninsula and the coast at 48 degrees and you have fog which should burn off later this afternoon. we do have the large western swells that will make their way long our coast and this is starting in sonoma county down to monterey. the strong rip currents can carry you out to sea. you can see it is clear and calm
5:40 am
freezes. for the next three days we will see nice mild weekend ahead of us and dry be as well, but it will certainly change by next week. we are looking at nice conditions across our roadways, as well, and we do not have accidents to report and wide open roadways but what we did have was an early problem along highway 92 at skyline boulevard a car went over an embankment. all lanes have reopened. at sfo if you need to catch the flight, you can see it is accident free at top speeds. this is i-80 albany to the maze at four minutes and 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is looking good. outside we go and that is the golden gate bridge which is wide open and just a couple of cars making their way into san francisco. >> thank you, leyla gulen were. >> forget the turkey, it is thanksgiving and people are
5:41 am
lined up outside the stores for holiday shopping madness. >> throughs are hitting the slopes in the sierra and we will show you how to get the best deals. >> do you have last minute questions on p
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covering dalai lama, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> you could be $7,000 richer at abc7 news facebook and take the pledge to give where you live with each pledge we will donate a dollar in your honor to the feeding america food bank up to $75,000. en who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 in cash with the winner announced december 19th. >> you have a choice of six resorts to ski from but it is not what they used to be because the ski business especially in tahoe is changing, more people are buying lift tickets in advance online to search for the best deals and with almost all tickets they are more expensive this year. the cofounder of the bargain website says skiers have a cheaper option. >> the prices are falling or the value is expanding so you get
5:45 am
access to more resorts or fewer blackout days. >> you can leasage gear to save money and they have told a thousand season leases compared to a few hundred last year. >> at the mascone convention center the opening of the san francisco auto show with 38 manufactureers displaying 600 car, s.u.v.'s trucks and concept vehicles. g.m. is offering a next generation corvette and the first plug in electric car and sedan is presented by acura. >> if you have last minute questions about preparing your turkey, advise is a phone call away, butter ball turkey hotline answer 100,000 questions between now and christmas and crisco has their own baking challenge questions. and on "good morning america" you can have your answer
5:46 am
questioned by a celebrity chef. >> stuffing the turkey and ourselves is a thanksgiving tradition but it take as lot of effort to burn east california rays. time magazine says we wolf down 4,500 calories on thanksgiving more than twice the recommended amount. you have to run or lay basketball for 7.7 hours. you have to bicycle for 15 hours. probably not possible. hike other row for 10.3 hours. pretty tough. 4,500 calories is the same as eating seven big macs. i would rather have a thanksgiving meal. >> they are not taking into account leftovers. >> if talking buns up calories we are doing pretty well. >> if only...we could talk until the sun comes you. and beyond. speaking of the sun coming up, we will wake up to cloudy skies for the most part but dry
5:47 am
conditions. live doppler 7 hd shows who are tracking high clouds across the bay area and the moisture we expected to come visit us is pushing its way south and east so it will hit southern california the next several hours. the upper low coming in from the pacific is what is coming down toward southern california and that is going to be replaced by another low coming in from british columbia and that is going to hit us around monday or tuesday bringing in a mass of cool air and moister conditions. we are going to experience light showers and rain between tuesday and thursday but we will have cooler than normal temperatures for next week. today, if you want to take to the streets we have a turkey trot 5-k written starting at at&t park under clouds. mild temperatures but good if you are working up a sweat
5:48 am
moving from at&t park to city hall and 57 degrees is our temperature at 10:00 this morning. our highs for today across the bay area are 64 degrees along the coast and partly sunny-to-partly cloudy skies and 67 in morgan hill, and along the peninsula, 65 in redwood city and 63 in downtown san francisco. dress for the mild conditions in the in the bay and 65 in petaluma, 65 in calistoga and the east bay and 66 in castro valley and it will hold steady inland and 64 degrees in brentwood, livermore and pleasanton. lows are chilly across the bay area but especially for the north bay where we will have temperatures at 37 degrees in napa. dry today. no rain in the forecast. great shopping weather indeed and it will cool off starting on monday with a chance of light
5:49 am
rain tuesday into thursday. as far as traffic is concerned, we are looking at great conditions if you are going to take it to the roads and traveling on thanksgiving so as we hold over to the altamont pass you can see all friend so you are at top speed with volume over the altamont pass but wide open as you head to the dublin entrepreneur. for mass transit, egg is running on sunday school but for bay ferries which is not run and muni and bart and everything is on a sun schedule with a look outside this is a picture of berkeley i-80 is virtually empty from the love map split to to te maze. >> rebound says americans have much to be thankful for in the weekless address he gave thanks to the founders, the generations who followed and members of the military and their families no the sacrifices they make. >> we give thanks for the
5:50 am
freedoms they defend. the freedom to think what we want and say what we think and to worship according to our beliefs, to choose our leaders and, yes, criticize them without punishment. petroleum around the world are fighting and dying for their chance at the freedoms. we stand with them if that struggle. >> the president had kind words for those would work to make america a more compassionate place saying members are greater together than they are alone and togetherness is what every day, including thanksgiving, should be about. >> lady gaga could be unpredictable and she has topped herself again sharing a prime time thanksgiving special with the most lovable characters around the world. lady gaga is putting on a wig and turning traditional for thanksgiving special with the muppets and will perform a duet of "gypsy" wither mit and sir
5:51 am
elton john will be a guest. >> peninsula youth football team has found its way to its version of the super bowl but it is in jeopardy for a trip to their super bowl unless someone steps up with help in the next few days.
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>> the international trade group that represents the wireless industry has finished a database of blacklisted cell phones that allows carriers do block stolen phones from being activated anywhere in the world. smartphone theft is a problem in the bay area with half of all robberies cell phone-related. >> peninsula youth football team is hoping supportsers feeling the spirit will realize the opportunity of a lifetime. the bay city bulldogs have earned a spot in the national championship in orlando florida. this is the first time in the local league history of 23 years to make it that far. lack of money could force the 12 to 14-year-old boys to stay home they are william short of the $40,000 goal to make the trip. they have a fund at wells fargo and if you would like to help check out our when. >> we told you about celebrity shifts helping you out with turkey questions on "good morning america" and we want to
5:55 am
give you the correct hashtag to get your question answered which is hashtag gma thanksgiving. >> your family will get along...everything will happen. >> you are making me hungry. good morning, everyone. from our camera to san francisco, twinkling lights and beautiful conditions and waking up to pleasant conditions, indeed. it will be a mild day today and quite dry with the highs across the state and we will see a little bit more cloud cover in southern california but for us the high clouds are making if a nice afternoon and a beautiful weekend. the temperatures are popping out in the mid-30's and i have the "7 on your side" in a little bit. if you are taking it to the road and traveling today, well, you
5:56 am
are if good shape if you are headed out right enjoy. we do not have too much traffic. we have no traffic. we have one incident, an accident at eastbound four but it is not causing were of a delay. from 580 from the san mateo bridge looking clear and 84 to the dumbarton bridge is ten minutes. no problems to speak up. >> a sausalito crash fisherman pulled in a rare cash: an eight-pound maine lobster, which was the only anyone in the trap. a biologist says it is not sure how it got 3,000 miles from its natural habitat but probably someone bought it and set it free. he set the lobster free after taking photos. >> crew of the international space station is celebrating thanksgiving and the two nasa
5:57 am
astronauts sent holiday growthing to -- greetings to the nation. they will have a few adjustments for their meal. >> we have turkey and stuffed dressing, green bean casserole is my favorite but we have to fix it together as we eat it, and it is dehydrated, and we even have baked beans. >> the crew will dine on yams and home-styled potatoes and cranberries and cobbler all dehydrated of course. >> he said his the favorite was green bean casserole. i have never heard anyone say that. >> there is the first for everything. >> next at 6:00, breaking news in san jose where police are investigating an early morning shooting with a report. >> car plunges off a peninsula
5:58 am
highway overnight and at 6:00 the dramatic efforts to rescue the people inside the vehicle. >> a community comes together to help a beloved teacher who is facing racing four adopted
5:59 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. thanks for joining us on this thanksgiving morning. >> we do have a lot to be thankful for because compared to the rest of the nation our both is beautiful for thanksgiving. >> we will check with leyla gulen. it is nice, right, leyla gulen? >> it is. we expected to see a possibility of rain but we are not going to see any rain whatever until next week. as we look at our live doppler 7 hd satellite we have high clouds we are waking up to but mild and calm conditions for much of the


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