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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 25, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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than talking about health care reform he will talk about immigration reform. the president is in seattle right now. he is on a west coast fundraising trip he had protesters in seattle and he will have them here, too, they are already getting warmed up. members of code pink protested the jazz center last night and the president isn't even here. the popularity has gone down significantly sin the last visit here to the bay area in june when the approval rating was at 62 percent. now it is at 39 percent. here is the plan today: he will be here at at 11:30 and then head to the jazz center at 1:00 o'clock with a luncheon. prices for the lunch have had to lowered because they had trouble selling the tickets and then he heads to a private home for a fundraiser in pack -- pacific
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heights. as you know, the streets are shut down surrounding the motorcade. >> we the have complete coverage with updates on twitter following us at abc7 news. >> an amtrak train from new orleans to new york has derailed in south carolina. they are trying to figure the cause of the train leashing the -- leaving the northern part of the state of south carolina. some passengers were taken to local hospitals but there were no major injuries reports. 200 passengers have to make the trip by bus. >> a 61-year-old marine vet is hospitalized after saving a woman plunging from the third deck of the coliseum. both were rushed to the hospital where our reporter got accounts of the drama.
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>> investigators combed sections 301 of the coliseum the closed off area where a woman jumped 15 minutes after the game ended. she was up there alone and intentionally fell despite pleas from a couple dozen people below urging her not to jump. one tried to catch her. >> she dropped so fast i could not harley believe it. it knocked the gentleman to the concrete and she bounced off andly the side of her head on the concrete. >> the woman and the man who tried to rescue her were brought here, he was conscious before the approval and told investigators his account of what happened. >> the woman's injuries are far more serious. even critical. she who died contractually if it were not for the man who broke the fall. >> he saved her life. he is very seriously hurt himself. >> falls at stadiums have made headlines recently.
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last week a bills fan fell 30' into the stand below and in the bay area, the teen was seriously injured when he fell from the third deck of the coliseum in december. in september a man died from a fall at a pedestrian walkway outside candlestick park. investigators do not know what motivated the woman to jump. >> happening today, civil rights activists, country leaders and san jose state university officials will join together to call for tougher charge against three students accused of a hate crime. police say they found evidence of hate messages and racial abuse in the 7th floor dorm room the three white students shared with a black freshman charged with misdemeanor hate and misdemeanor battery. the nc aaaap wants them increases to felonies. the group will call for an investigation into when campus housing officials learned of the
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abuse and what they did. >> police are reviewing surveillance video to figure how a 15-year-old boy was unconscious at a local high school. a man walking his dog found the boy outside the jim on saturday. the teen had a head injury and cuts and scratches. they are trying to determine if he was attacked or if he fell from the of radio of the gym 30' above. he had some fronts who have been known to play urban acrobatics on the campus. >> several months ago this young man and several friends were on the same campus and were engaged in jumping from roof to roof. one of the young men fell and broke a leg. >> the boy is in a medically induced coma. >> the police chase of robbery suspects through west oak ended in a watery mess. the three suspects crashed their car to a fire hydrant shearing off the hydrant that sent the
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water shooting into the air at the intersection of 18th and wood. the officers arrested the suspects. police say they just robbed several people before leading the officers on a chase. >> a drive fryer is blamed for a fire in pittsburg that spread from the kitchen to living room and bedrooms. no one was home. they are warning all homeowners to be cautious around deep fryers to cook the turkeys. >> officials with almeda authority will vote on contract extensions for the a's and radars. this would keep the a's in oakland for the next two seasons and will receive more 8:00 offer the coliseum food, services, and revenues. the raiders' lease extension keeps them in oakland through the 2014 year.
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>> batkid is still making headlines. he also has a busy day ahead. five-year-old miles scott is featured on the bull's eye in entertainment weekly. the survivor was granted his wish of becoming batkid for the day over a week ago. next to his if picture is a quote "batkid saves san francisco finally a some hero everyone can love." he is not quite finished with the super hero duties. this morning he comes into timeses square for a brand new adventure on "good morning america" which you can watch starting at 7:00 right at the abc morning news. >> we can't get enough of him because we are inspires when he does something. >> and puts evil in the hearts of evil doers. >> like mike's temperatures. >> 39 in cupertino. 41 in sunnyvale. santa clara and campbell and
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saratoga and san jose at 42. los gatos at 46. i can show you how it is 50 at bodega for the warm spot and 30's in novato and lafayette at 39 and fairfield at 37. everyone else is in the 40's. san francisco is warmer at 48. off to a chilly start, no doubt. by anyone we will have total sunshine temperatures flirting with 60's and then upper 50's along the coast and low 60's for the rest of us at 6:00 and more high clouds and low-to-mid 50's in the evening. grab that cope. tuesday has an increase in mid-to-upper level clouds with a southern flow and we will be mostly cloudy wednesday but trending dry as the low looks like it will park off 9 coast and our best chance of wet weather on thursday,
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thanksgiving, is near the coast and we will have mid-50's to mid-60. >> i am happy to report that 23 bart trains are running on time so no problems with bart to start our week. we ended our week on a bit a tough note but certainly we are starting off on a great foot. we have clear conditions across our bayer roads with areas of construction, however, and i noticed there was a couple of lanes along the west toll plaza that were loading up, and what we do know is there is construction in the westbound direction along the bay bridge. we will see what is happening in other parts of the bay area using our waze app, san jose is moving at top speed 680 northbound and southbound. there are no accidents and no delays whatever along the nimitz. 280 headed into cupertino, that
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drive is looking nice and clear. 85 is moving along swiftly headed between cupertino and 101 so it is not a bad drive. >> there is controversy at this year's macy's thanksgiving parade with floats that activists want pulled. >> early birds and there are early early birds. the shoppers already if line if black friday deals. >> a winter blast sent cross the east and south and the impact for millions of travelers headed home for
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> controversy brewing before the start of the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city on thursday. the parade and the colorful floats are enjoyed by huge
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crowds in the big apple and millions more on tv. members of p.e.t.a. is collected thousands of signatures asking organizers to pull the seaworld float of a killer whale after a documentary look at the safety of killer whales in captivity. and joan je to. t will not perform after could you ranchers complained. >> how far would you go to get a bargain on a large screen tv? for some, 7 nights in the cooled parked outside the best buy. >> for the first few people in line this is a yearly tradition. >> i saw you here last year? >> this is my fourth year. >> a tradition? >> it is. >> over the years christina and her fellow diehard early shopping catchers have become used to being here rather than
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at home for thanksgiving the goal is to get the best deals. this year, this best buy will open thanksgiving day and again with other specials at midnight. >> you can go in thursday at five o'clock and you will stay in line for the midnight thing or just going to do the 6:00 thing? >> i get my tv's and i'm gone. >> at target chairs are chained in anticipation of special deals available when the store opens at 8:00 people thanksgiving day. the shares are place holders for early shopper whose arrived on friday. target doesn't allow tents to be set up so the manages say the eager shoppers have been sleeping in their cars. this is a little odd no other shoppers. >> i understand good deals but not enough to take me away from my family. >> some have been here for four days. >> that is crazy. >> the tents will have to be dismantled by 3:00 in the
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afternoon to get ready for the thanksgiving opening at opening with rain in the forecast. the final hours could be soggy. >> retailers are sparing you the trouble of black friday with wal-mart, amazon and macy's offering prices online, right now, and many experts say if you wait a little bit you can get great prices. the single best day to shop could be december 4th when you can find good deals minus the crowds. >> today a giant boring machine marks a milestone tumbleing between mark the street in the central subway project with the drill bit that began churning 85 ' under this year. you can see this work provided by the san francisco municipal transportation agency. the tunnel will move north below union square to end at north beach.
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stockton was shut down for the work but opened again on friday for union square holiday shoppers. it will close after the new year. >> the new figures show thanksgiving holiday travel is 4 percent lower than a year ago with 43 million americans traveling 50 miles or are month. the reason? slow economic recovery and wicked travel weather. here is an example of that: a driver in oklahoma city lost control and rolled into a ditch. air travelers at dallas-ft. worth are getting stranded by ice with 300 flights can setted. there is flooding in phoenix from a monsoon. the storms could bring rain, sleet, snow or ice in mid-atlantic states. >> fear californiaans planning on traveling, more than five million from california will go 50 miles or more from the holiday down 4 percent from last year, a majority, 4.5 million, will get to the destination by driving. the drivers will pay more for
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gas after nine weeks of falling prices the gas prices are back up with the average price of a gallon of regular now $3.27 a gallon. in california, it is $3.56. in the bay area, it is $3.66 a gallon. >> it has been so warm in the afternoon you feel like you could drive a convertible. >> almost. >> almost. >> almost. >> now a look at the forecast. >> that sounds like a good president. >> ice box? >> that will work. i wanted to show you what it look leak from emeryville. we have an issue, our first winter "spare the air" in the poorest air quality showing up in the north bay. we need to watch out for fine particulate matter there with light win it will stay up there and the rest of us should be okay whether it is the coast and the central bay, inland, or the
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santa clara valley. it could be difficult if you have allergies because of the fine particulate matter. it is very quiet and it is trending quiet in the forecast. from sutro tower, we will use this backdrop to talk about our highlights, private -- bright of the day is today when we have moore air quality. it is trending more dry until you are at the coast where the best chance of wet weather is. it will be mild and dry friday, saturday, sunday, with no weather worries whether you are traveling or shopping. now, the temperatures show it is close to average. low-to-mid 60's and at the coast well have 60 at half moon bay and 62 in san francisco, oakland is at 64 and fremont and palo alto and 65 in san jose and concord is 53 and livermore is
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65 and 64 in napa and santa rosa. the temperatures tonight are as cold as this morning reasonable not so cold because of the high clouds that will roll in during the evening and overnight showers with 30's inland, and most of us in the low-to-mid upper 40's. as far as what will happen we will have the system come on down, it will spread the high clouds over us and temperatures are about the same tomorrow maybe a degree or to cooler and then it looks like it will stay far enough offshore that wednesday and thursday barely a chance of rain with temperatures in the 50's to mid-60's and best chance of rain is headed to southern california on thursday and friday. that is where the low is wanting to come inland. saturday and sunday the temperatures could be near 70 inland. >> don't leave the stuffing out in the rain. >> good morning, everyone, we have construction happening in the east bay at the nimitz.
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the on-ramp to southbound 880 is going to be closed until 6:00 this morning. otherwise, everything else is looking clear and wide open. when you get up to about 16th avenue, that is where you will see another area where cones are blocking lanes but they are getting picked up. the drive time traffic 580, address to dublin, 25 minutes gets you there and highway four at top speed, antioch to concord is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 17-minute commute. not too many tail lights moving into the southbound direction. you saw me use the app and if you love waze, your favorite celebrity could soon be the voice gidding you to your destination. >> are you ready to take a ride
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along with me on waze? you will reach your destination, man. >> get out, please! >> the hilarious kevin heart is kicking off a new feature on waze as the voice of your virtual co-pilot part of a new partnership define waze and universal pictures to help you navigate around any traffic problems. you can download or exclusive abc7 news traffic app for free from apple app and google play. >> lawmakers making plans for what happens if the new six month accord with iran falls apart. if geneva, iran agreed to a six month freeze and international monitoring of the nuclear program in exchange for an estimated $7 billion in eased sanctions from six world powers. congress is in recess, lawmakers from both parties say they will wait with harsher punishment in iran proves to untrustworthy.
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hammering out the agreement will be tough and will continue to pursue that diplomatic path. >> a report is being released on the connecticut school shooting massacre coming up, why it will not contain a lot of the evidence gathered by investigators. >> you will he a change the next time you boy a package of meat
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mountain view based google is funding a project to see if temperatures can develop common sense. a massive computer system is browsing millions of pictures to decide for itself what they all mean and what links there are between related photos. so far, the results of encouraging. the computers have picked out tigers are found in grassy fields and tigers look some what like zebras. >> okay...4,000 families living in santa clara county will receive thanksgiving food in san jose starting this morning.
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they waited this long lines to register for the thanksgiving food boxes early this month. sacred heart community service is providing residents with frozen turkey, canned goods and other groceries to prepare thanksgiving dinner. the food distribution will take place today through wednesday. >> now the weather forecast. what did you have, mr. make? >> travel forecast. dallas is a major area and winter area is moving through headed to little rock and it will stay south of st. louis but if you are traveling through this, memphis, it will be wet. look at the snow that is moving down on milwaukee and chicago and that could have delays today. back at home if you are traveling around the state, it is going to be gorgeous, sun shine, a few high clouds, low-to-mid 60's to east tahoe at 50, headed down south the nicer days are today and tomorrow and near 70 in san diego and los angeles and 74 in palm springs all with sunshine. safe travels.
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>> san jose is wide open right new and we do not have construction this and certainly no accidents as we take you over to 101, 85 and 280. it is clear. ing in but green. that means you are at top speeds and the nimitz, northbound and southbound direction, you are at top speed. as we look at drive time traffic, antioch to hercules the entire stretch to i-80 westbound is 28 minutes and still in the clear. when you get to 280, traveling to the maze that is 15-minute delay and 87, away from highway 85 to the san jose airport is under ten minutes. clear drive to get you going. >> an investigative report on the connecticut school massacre will be released today at noon. the report by the lead investigator of the state police could provide the first official answers to questions of the young gunman who is accused of killing 20 children and six woke inside the sandy hook
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elementary. the investigation has drawn criticism for being shrouded in secrecy. today's report will not include much of the thousands of pages collected in an evidence file held by connecticut police. >> a new federal rule is in effect requiring labels to list the country in which the animal was born, raised and slaughtered for most meats and certain nuts and other food products. meatpackers say the united states already has ruled to enforce food safety. they fear the law will hurt demand for either economied meat. >> boeing is wanting airlines of weather-related engine problems in time for an icy storm threatening the eastern united states saying the problem is with a specific engine made by general electric that powers the new 787 streamlines and the newest 747 which have experienced icing problems when flying near thunderstorms that kin ice crystals.
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planes are urged to stay about 55 miles away from such storms and airlines that fly the planes which you united, japan, and air india. >> next at 5:00, a flight from san francisco makes an emergency landing in new york. we will show you the exact damage that forced it to come down. >> north korea confirms they are detaining a bay area man for the first time we hear from his wife about the ordeal. >> a way to fix muni but wait until you hear what the taxp
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> hope you had a great weekend. thanks for starting your week with us. >> thanksgiving is just a few days away... >> turkey. pie. mike? >> i can smell the gym so i can eat the turkey. >> do you say jim with >> low 60's to mid-60's across the board today from 60 at half moon bay to livermore, a warm spot at 65 and 64 in napa and santa rosa, oakland, fremont, palo alto, san jose, at 65. the commute? >> so glad of that portion of the conversation


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