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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 24, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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tonight at 11:00, horrifying moments after a fan jumps off the upper deck at a raider game. and an early start to black friday. shoppers are already on-line and how you can get deals without the wait.
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>> a woman jumps 45 feet off the upper deck after tonight's raiders game in front of hundreds of fans. i'm ama dates. >> the witness said it was a terrifying scene. the woman is in critical condition and the man who tried to save her, a marine veteran from stockton is being called a hero. lilian kim has the details. >> investigators combed section 301 to the coliseum. witness say she was up there alone and they say she fell after people urged her not to jump. one of them tried to catch her. >> her knees hit this gentleman in the chest.
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she hit her head on the concrete. >> the woman and the man who tried to rescue her were taken to highland hospital. he was said to be conscious before these arrival, having been able to tell the account of what happened. >> it is far more serious and even critical. authorities say she would have died if not for the man who broke her fall. >> you saved her life quite honestly, and at his own expense he got seriously hurt himself but he saved his life. >> last week a buffalo bills fan fell to the stands below. in the bay area, a teenager was seriously injured when he fell from the third deck of the coliseum. then a man died after falling from a walkway at a candlestick park. they don't know what motivated the woman to jump. lilian kim, abc7 news. a mystery in santa rosa.
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a 15-year-old boy is found uncos shoes -- unconscious. he is trying to figure out what happened. the boy was found outside the gym at montgomery high school with head trauma and cuts and scratches on his arms and hands. they want to know if he was assaulted or if he fell from the roof of the gym 30 feet above. he and some of his friends have been known to do urban acrobatics on the campus. >> detectives discovered several months ago this young man and several friends were here on the same campus and were engaged in jumping from roof to roof and against walls. one of the young men fell and broke his leg. >> the intoi in a medically enduced coma. >> menlo park police are looking for someone who shot at a mother and her two children as they sat in their parked car this afternoon. it happened on madera avenue. the family was not hit. the car is described as a black or dark green saw pan, possibly a honda. a police chase through west oakland ended when three
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robbery suspects crashed into a fire hydrant. they sent water shooting into the air near 18th and wood streets near the strain station. the suspects were arrested. and a home in pittsburgh was destroyed by fire and caused by an unattended deep fryer. it spread to bedrooms and the fire department says month one was home at the time. they are warning homeowners to be cautious when using them. president obama is on the west coast tonight kicking off a three-day fundraising swing that will include a stop in the bay area. the president arrived at seattle tacoma airport this afternoon. he attended two national committee fundraisers and he will fly to san francisco tomorrow morning. that's where he will hold a rally at the rec -- recreation center. then he will attend two more
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fundraisers, one at the san francisco jazz club and another at a private home in the city before he flies to los angeles. protestors are mobilizing for his visit. code pink was held tonight calling attention to the u.s. government's use of drones. the president's visit to the west coast comes amid record low approval ratings nationwide. 56% of americans surveyed disapprove of his performance. that's an all-time high. the numbers reflect several embarrass ments for his administration this year. the irs' treatment of conservative groups, theth sa surveillance scandal and the botched rollout of the health care website. developing news as a large storm system makes its wi across the -- its way across the southwest. this incredible video was shot showing an suv spinning off the road and rolling into the ditch. look at that. driving is extremely treacherous throughout the southwest.
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at least eight people have died in weather-related accidents. more than 300 flights were canceled at dallas ft. worth airport. leigh glaser is here for a first check on weather and live doppler 7hd. >> and numerous more flights will be canceled tomorrow as well as tuesday as this cold front, this wet weather system marches its way across the eastern half of the united states. we are clear as you can see from live doppler 7hd. but you can see the wintry mix moving up toward the dallas area. icing conditions there. connecting flights and get ready for numerous cancellations there by early tomorrow morning. here is how the storm system will go. by 5:00 a.m. most of it is in the dallas area. then the heavy rain will push to middle tennessee. severe thunderstorms expected in the atlanta area. then by tuesday afternoon in through tuesday night the snow willbank up no, sir new york city and heading over toward
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the great lakes. a lot of headaches travel wise to look forward to this week. we will look at our forecast coming up. >> thank you, leigh. we will take more than a little cold and rain to keep some people from their holiday deals. shoppers are already lining up outside stores way ahead of black friday. sergio is with some of those shoppers in front of the best buy. sergio? >> there are .50 set up with nine eager shoppers waiting to get to the big deals. some of them got there four days ago. best buy is all locked up, but on thanksgiving day they will open up at 6:00 at this store so they can get there a little earlier. for the first few people already in loin, this has become a yearly tradition. >> i saw you here last year. >> i know you did. this will be my fourth year. >> this is a tradition for you. >> yes, it is.
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>> over the years kristina hanson and her fellow die hard fellow campers have become used to beinger hue instead of -- being here instead of at home. this best buy will open thanks dwifg day and open again with other specials at midnight. >> are you going to go in thursday at 6:00 and then are you going to stay in line for the midnight thing or just the 6:00 thick? >> i will get my tv's at 6:00 and i'm gone. >> at target a set of chairs are chained close to the front door in anticipation of special deals when the store opens at 8:00 pl on thanksgiving day. they are place holders for early shoppers who arrived on friday. target does not allow tents to be set up outside their store, so the eager shoppers are sleeping in their cars. this is odd for other shoppers we talk to. >> i can understand big deals, but not big enough to take me away from my family on thanksgiving. >> some have been here for four days already. >> four days already?
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that's crazy. >> on thursday, these tents will have to be dismantled by 3:00 in the afternoon to get ready for the thanksgiving day opening at 6:00. those hours cooing soggy. abc7 news. some retailers are sparing you the trouble of the black friday. wal-mart, am amazon and macy's is of onerring deals on-line right now. offering deals on-line right now. and the best day to shop could be december 4th when you can find the good deals minus the crazy crowd. bat kid is joining heavy hollywood hitters. he is the center of the bull's eye. the weekly article takes a look at the pop culture news that is on target for the past week. next to the pick too you are -- picture is quote, finally a super hero everyone can love. tomorrow will be a special day for bat kid because he is not quite finished with his super
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hero duties. he will swoop into time square for a new adventure on good morning america. you can walks the action unfold on abc7 from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00 -- >> ♪ you like to buy a pink toy ♪ >> the tables turned on a viral video. tonight why the creator is taking a stand against some boys. and later, a mystery unveiled at the vatican. the unprecedented artifact put on display for the first time in centuries. and thinking about getting plastic surgery, but overwhelmed by all of the choices? the
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so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. frozen, natural, fresh. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a fresh safeway select turkey is just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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the beastie boys are facing their fans after a copyright infringement. >> ♪ you like to buy us pink toys ♪ >> the company used a redone version of "girls." the founder is a stanford embraid who started the company to encourage young girls to pursue engineering careers. the ceo says it is considered a parody and is suing the group preemptively and asking a judge to declare it fair use. even the beastie boy fans are on her side and say many called out the beastie boys saying the musicians used to be about rebellion. if you ever considered fillers, botox or plastic
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surgery, but overwhelmed by the choices, a nip, tuck coach may be for you. as carolyn johnson explains, a medical match maker can help with everything from understanding the options to finding the right doctor for you. >> the field of facial fillers and minimally invasive surgical techniques have exploded in the past decade. so many options. so many choices. it was all too much. >> i-had gone to a couple of appointments prior and came out sort of confused because it felt like the dermatologist or the plastic surgeons wanted to do the procedures they did. >> so carol decided to consult with the nip, tuck coach. >> i can see what she did around here. >> after meeting with michelle and talking about the options carol met with several doctors recommended by michelle and decided on the facial filler. >> were you familiar with it? >> not at all.
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>> i am not a medical doctor so it is about education and safety. >> after more than 25 years in the beauty industry, michelle launched her independent coaching business. >> it is like a little bit of medical match making. >> do you have a financial relationship with these doctors? >> no. and that is what sets me apart from other cosmetic surgery coaches. i have no deals with manufacturers or doctors or anyone. >> what michelle does is provides a filter for the public coming in. otherwise it is wide open. >> reporter: james newman recognizes the need. it avoids complications in the cosmetic facial practice citing what can go wrong. even if it is not surgery doesn't mean it is not risky with potentially permanent consequences. >> i would probably reverse five fillers under the eyes for every one filler that is
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okay. this is where somebody just got overzealous and didn't maybe know what they were doing and over filled the nose and now we have a problem. >> we can fix that. >> reporter: they both say watch out when it comes to the on-line deals. >> there is a reason those folks are doing the groupon. they are trying to establish a practice. >> there is a lot of smoke and mirrors going on on-line. and the doctors are stealing other photos. >> so does dr. newman. >> i even found some of my photos stolen and used on other types of promotional sites. >> bottom line patients need to do their research. sites like this one are really a great resource. you can see there are dozens of procedures and surming -- surgeries here. click on the one you are interested in and a lot more information comes up including a section that explains just how it works. next comes researching the doctors being considered.
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>> what are the qualifications of the physician that they are going to see and how many of those types of procedures they per formed. board certification is one of the checklists you can look at. and looking at previous patients of the practice. >> reporter: carol decided to do much of the background work for her. she believes the $400 she paid for the consultation saved her money in the long run. here is a look at her before pictures. she is thrilled with her results. >> i can't tell you how pleased i am. there is someone neutral who can guide you to the different treatment options. >> reporter: she has written "safety first" 10 rules for safe cosmetic surgery. go to our website, and look under see it on tv. i'm carolyn johnson, abc7 news. >> it is time to check on our weather. >> and it looks like much.
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much of the state of california no travel problems there. at the top of the show you will find numerous problems. live doppler 7hd is showing a little fog developing near the coast. otherwise we have clear skies and boy is it going to get cold tonight. san francisco is already 52. we are already in the 40s for redwood city, san jose and los gatos 46. here is a look at temperatures in the north bay 37 in napa. novato, you sliped to 39. you have 43 in concord and live more. clear sky tonight and calm wind and that will mean more inland frost by early tomorrow morning. sunny and mild for the next few days. then we will bring in a slight chance of a few showers for thanksgiving thursday. i want to mention that tomorrow is the first spare the air -- winter spare the air alert for the bay area. the highest or the poorest air quality will be found in the
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north bay. we ask people not to use their fireplace tomorrow evening. here is a look at what you can expect. high pressure will be with us for the next couple days as the dry, mild weather pattern will continue through tuesday before it starts to weaken and allows the cloud mess to head toward the bay area. remember we have been telling you we could get some rain on thanksgiving some the chances of rain starting to diminish a little bit. let's show you why. wednesday 10:00 a.m. the low sets up off the coast and you can see it starts to slide to the south. we thought it would move right on in toward san francisco. does president look like that -- doesn't look like that will happen. it will push into southern california. thursday thanksgiving day at 3:00 in the afternoon we may see a few lingering showers. but it looks like the bulk of the storm system and the bulk of the rain will head to the south of us. of course, that's what the forecast models are looking at. we will update you tomorrow. cold night, frost in the
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interior north bay. the east bay locations 35 santa rosa and 40s elsewhere. 38 for antioch and the highs tomorrow, get out and enjoy. delightful day tomorrow, sunny, mild, 64 santa rosa and 62 for san francisco, 65 for livermore. mild temperatures on tuesday as well although the clouds will start to drift in here and we will put in a chance of rain on wednesday night and a chance of a few showers for us on thursday, thanksgiving day and then we will start to dry things up for friday, saturday and sunday. >> perfect, thank you, leigh. colin rush is here with sports. a look at our football today. >> niners, shumann is in dc, but let's start with the raiders. when the raiders thought they played themselves into the playoff race the titans
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trailing tennessee late the rookie showed coach dennis alan and the rest of us that he has some moxy. too bad it wasn't enough. why are we showing oracle arena? that is bo jackson giving a talk to some youngsters. they were the ones who needed it. looking for reid and picked by zach brown at their own 13. it lead to a titans field goal. this was a brutal hit on michael rivera. helmet comes off and they delivered a blow. rivera wasn't moving for a couple minutes. good news, he left the field unassisted and has a concussion. 20 seconds left and punting and blocked by stewart. raiders recover. janikowski and this is a chip shot for him. wide left and two misses on the day. the difference in the game, really.
11:26 pm
battle of under sized quarterbacks. ryan fitzpatrick and 320 yards and two touchdowns and justin hunter, 54 yards here. 13-9 titans. the fourth quarter and after trading field goals they scored a touchdown. 19-16 and 260 yards passing. the titans respond at six minutes and 14 plays. fitzpatrick to wright with 10 seconds to go. 23-19 and with a win the raiders could have moved into the 6th seed for the playoffs and they are now 4-7. >> they did a good job. i said all along they had good receivers and they were talented and they could get open. they made plays. we weren't able to quite make the plays we needed to make. >> give them credit and i don't think i had any passes -- i don't think i had anything.
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>> i hope we cay -- we can go out there and have a better showing than we had today. >> still to come, r tab 3 in a -- rg iii in a complimentary mood. and a tale of two ha
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year ago when the pundits were celebrating. now? not so much. with arizona's win today, the 9ers are in third place in the nfc west and washington is 3-7 and in last place in the nfc east. both teams and both quarterbacks are trying to capture an explosive play they did last year. griffin is more concerned with the guys on the other side of the ball. >> san francisco, you can look at them on paper and they have a great defense. they play physical. it is going to be a challenge
11:31 pm
and you have to accept that challenge. i think our guys will. >> friends, but long-time rivals payton manning and tom brady meeting for a 14th time. first quarter and miller scoops it up and a caravan in front. 60 yards for the game's first touchdown. denver takes a 24-0 half time lead. brady and the patriots come back. 31 straight points and fourth quarter after a manning interception. he is quick. 28-24 new england. game goes to over time. three minutes left. he calls anyone off. the patriots recover and three plays later and 31 yarder is good. 34-31 final in foxborough. in our second half hour the rest of the day with some local college hoops. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thank you, colin. just ahead, history in the
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making and the air artifacts shown to the public. and as the holiday travel season heats up, so does the controversy of ♪ kiss that boring bird goodbye ♪ ♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. i'm ama dates. two people were badly hurt after a woman jumped from the top deck after the raiders game. she landed on a 61-year-old marine veteran from stockton who tried to catch her. he suffered serious injuries, but will survive. the woman is in critical condition in the hospital. a man was found with severe head injuries on the campus of montgomery high school overnight. they believe he was doing a form of urban acrobatics when he was injured.
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president obama arrived in seattle after 4:00 this afternoon kicking off a three-day west coast fundraising tour. they will fly to san francisco tomorrow morning where they have three events scheduled. in iran tonight, negotiators of a nuclear deal with the u.s. are being treated like heros. iran has agreed to freeze its nuclear program in exchange of a lessening of comek sanctions. economic sanctions. president obama phoned prime minister prime minister benjamin netanyahu. critics are saying economic sanctions brought iran to the bargaining table so why give that chip away? in egypt officials have banned public gatherings of more than 10 people without prior police notification. the law was signed after several several -- after the takeover of several cities. and now to a mystery at the vatican. for the firs time the catholic
11:37 pm
church opened up a jewel box showing the sacred relics inside to the public. here is abc news reporter. >> today pope francis offered the world the first glimpse of what could be the remains of the world's first pope. the bronze case held nine pieces of ancient bone, allegedly of st. peter. until now they were kept in a papal chapel. they why never declared the fragments of saint peter bus a 1,000-year-old curse threatened those who disturbed his tomb. today's display is the strongest sign that the vatican believes these are the row mains of the apostle peter. some archaeologists are thought convinced saying there is no scientific proof. pope francis' emotional display today marked the end of the vatican's year long celebration of christian faith. it is that faith that will be required to beacon vinceed that these -- to be convinced these are the remainses of st.
11:38 pm
peter. >> tomorrow pope francis will meet with russian president vladimir putin. it is their first meeting since the pontif was elected. people were opening their harts -- hearts to the needy. it was the curbside donation drive at st. anthony's. the goal 11,000 turkeys and the birds will be turned into 4,000 meals at thanksgiving. >> if you have a turkey or if you have socks, socks are important. we accept monetary donations and any of those things will be helpful for us. >> st. anthony's anticipate it being one of thes busiest in years. others include sky rocketing represent in the city and a higher cost of living. oakland may tiffs and pro football players lynch and johnson gave back to the community. lynch and johnson who are cousins helped pass out turkeys and snacks where they both went to high school. this was the 7th annual
11:39 pm
family turkey drive by lynch who plays for the seattle seahawks and johnson a former 49er who now plays for cinncinati. fewer californians are planing to travel for this year's thanksgiving holiday. more than five million californians will go 50 miles or more. that's down from last year. a majority of them, four and a half million will get to their destinations by driving. the drivers will be paying a bit more for gas. after nine weeks of falling prices, the gas pleases are going back up. gas is $3.27 a gallon and in california it is $3.56 and in the bay area it is $3.66 a gallon. new at 11:00, a virgin america flight from san francisco to new york landed safely after a bird strike. flight 22 was cleared to land at john f. kennedy airport when a bird flew into the left engine. it lanted slavely -- it landed safely and no one was injured. they are inspecting the plane
11:40 pm
for damage. a new backlash over the f.a.a.'s consideration of easing the rules 0* cell phone use during flights. here is abc news reporter david curly. >> on a plane phone calls can be annoying. just the fact that the fcc is looking at the possibility of allowing cell calls in flight is leading to chaos in the cabin. >> there are some things that are too personal and you don't want to know. >> can you hear me now? >> the fcc acknowledges that most passengers oppose phone calls and even the chairman says "i feel that way myself. on the website, 25 people have signed a petition to stop the fcc. delta airlines polled its passengers passengers passengers and found two-thirds said no to phone calls. >> people said it may be disruptive. >> and flight attendants are add meantly -- adamantly opposed. >> can you hear me now 1234 can you hear me now? >> none of us want to
11:41 pm
experience that on an airplane. >> researchers found when you are stuck on a plane and listening to a one sided conversation it steals your attention making it impossible to get anything done. >> tonight this is just a proposal. even if approved it will be up to the airlines to decide if you can make a cell call at 30,000 feet. abc news, washington. >> make the ringing stop. you can start noticing something different on the next package of meat you purchase. there are labels that tell you the country where the animal was born, raised and slaughters. slaughtered. it applies to most meats as well as nuts and other food products. still to come, the list no one wants to be on. and how bat kid is giving back a week after saving san francisco. and "catching fire" heats up at the box office. the record breaking weekend when we return. >> and if you are traveling this holiday week we will look at live doppler 7hd and where
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you can find some slow downs and extended forecast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave.
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award goes to taylor swift. >> tonight right here on abc7
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taylor swift was named artist of the year at the american music awards. other winners were justin timberlake and one direction. mclemore and lewis got talk martin. the "hunger game"'s qch --" catching fire" was the second best. the best was set by "new moon." and a list no one wants to be on, dennis rodman is on the top of least influential saw breb bra tees. celebrities. they say she a celebrity willing to commit border line treason to hang out with a dictator. anthony wiener, justin bieber came in fourth. go to the abc7 news facebook page to make a comment.
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san francisco came through in a a big way for a boy who just wanted to be batman to are a day. miles scott battled leukemia and is now in remission. as he tran -- transfers back to regular life he is taking the goodwill he received and paying it forward. >> bat kid saved gothom city and captured the hearts of millions across the globe. he is now back to being a 5-year-old. tonight make a wesh greater bay area is thanking all who helped make his wish come true including our viewers. >> it was awesome to have abc7 as a partner on this list. >> for the first time in my recent memory, social media was social good. >> some of the numbers are in. more than 16,000 people rsvped to be there. crowd estimates were at 20,000. a city spokesperson says they spent $105,000 to make miles'
11:47 pm
wish come true. when make a wish realized how big it would become they were concerned for the city and stepped in to help. >> they offered to offset some of the expenses up front. i didn't even have to ask. >> on average a wish costs $7500. the local chapter hopes to grant 357 this year. miles' wish was not a fundraiser, but make a wish has received $10,000 from the t-shirt sales. that money will help fund your wishes. the goodwill goes on. ask miles and he will tell you. >> i don't have any super powers. >> but he just might. he has inspired a fundraiser for make a wish where all of the kids will dress as super heros. >> they want to help others. they are setting up a bat kid fund to help the three charities most helpful to miles during his recovery. now that he is in remission they want to give back. >> it is part of the 49er foundation.
11:48 pm
lirn more by going to and clicking on see it under -- see it on tv. watch it here on abc7 tomorrow from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. for a check on what your weather will be like tomorrow morning, leigh glaser has that. >> well, stepping out the door locally, brr. it will be cold with localized frost in the north and east bay locations. you can see on live doppler 7hd and a little low cloudiness developing near the coast. the big story will be this mess. a lot of fly delays around the dallas forth worth area due to freezing rain and even some snow. that will continue tomorrow. in fact, here is a look at the forecast map. a lot of the moisture will head up toward the tennessee valley area. memphis, tennessee getting hit with a moderate rain. look at tuesday morning, atlanta severe thunderstorms and behind this that's where you will see the snow settling
11:49 pm
in through the tennessee valley and up toward boston and new york on tuesday and then by wednesday folks get ready for the snow to pick up on wednesday afternoon near new york city. really all week long just the east coast is going to be somewhat erred -- smattered with problems. here is a look at our -- well, there it is. sorry the button was stuck. there is a look. los angeles 71. 64 for sacramento. listen, enjoy the mild, dry conditions on monday and tuesday. it is a winter spare the air evening. keep that in mind. then we will look for a chance of a few light showers wednesday night and thursday for thanksgiving. >> thank you, leigh. colin rush is here with sports as shu is off with the 49ers. >> he is on the ground and ready to go for monday night to the ball. how the 49ers dropped in the division standings despite not
11:50 pm
even play expght raiders could have moved up in the afc west and and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the importan and i got you this visor.
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when you give a guy a 4-year contract extension for 19 million you expect him to make kicks. janikowski missed twice today and going by the scoreboard
11:53 pm
that was the difference against the titans. the last play of the first half and a 32-yard chip shot and wide left. he made four field goals, but it is the misses he will be kicking himself about, pardon the pun. fourth quarter and trailing 16-12. to reeve and oak lands leads it 19-16. titans respond and an 80-yard drive. fitzpatrick and 10 yards to kendal wright. 23-19 the final. the raiders fall to them. >> i still have all of the confidence that when i send him out there it will go through. it is something we have to work throw and we have to get better in that area. >> just couldn't get things going early on. you will have days like that and unfortunately that was one of those days. >> did i say 7-4? they are 4-7. 7-4 would be really good. >> chiefs chiefs and chargers and smith 294 yards passing
11:54 pm
and three touchdowns. the chargers would win it late. philip rivers, 26 yards to ajiratoutou. bolts win it 41-38. friends, tom brady and peyton manning. seven turnovers in this imam total. i'll take that. 60 yards. denver up 24-0 at half. this one is over, right? no. braye tee and the patriots -- brady and the patriots come back. this after a manning interception. 28-24 new england and the game goes to over time. patriots punting. wes welker called everyone off, but tony carter never saw the ball. 31 yarder is good and the biggest come back in tom brady's career. >> it is disappointing. you have a chance to beat a
11:55 pm
good team at their place. still felt like we had a chance there getting the ball there at the very end. i thought we would have the ball last and either we would score to run the game or i guess it could have ended in a tie. >> we need to keep being consistent on offense. we need to keep leading the charge. it was a good one. >> mike shumann is in maryland. the 9ers are playing the washington redskins on monday night football. they will enter third place in the nfc west because the cardinals have gone a half game up. a nice moment there pre game. carson palmer and this guy has been good. 26 yards to fitzgerald. 14-3 arizona. andrew luck and a rough day for luck. going down. the pick six and 40-11 is the final. cardinals are now 7-4 and they won four straight games. clemens and the rams are playing good football.
11:56 pm
they do the same to chicago today. 605 -- 60 -- 65 the yards. saint louis is now 5-6. safford threw three touchdowns. having a flipping good time right there. less than a minute to go and lions driving and stafford to johnson. i'll take that. tampa bay has can three straight 24-21. carolina rallied and scored the game's final 17 points. 46 seconds left. twenty-16 -- 20-16 and panthers have won eight straight. walters wanted his team to attack the basket. they celt telled for three's. first half and a baseline. reverse it and he had 14. and then team high of 20
11:57 pm
points and 11 boards. the ducks take control. two of 18 off the bench. 182 the final. the 17th ranked bears opening it up and they were in control throughout. gray, where are you? you dominated today. 23 points and 10 rebounds. quick step. cal is now 3-2 with a 65-51 win. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. talking about the bcs standings and stanford was 9th and they jump to eighth. it does president mean mig because they are already going to the pac-12 championship game. they win that and they go to the rose bowl. rankings out the window for them. they just have to win in two weeks. >> just gotta. >> right? and then they are holding up the roses again. it would be nice. >> thank you, colin. and thank you for joining us.
11:58 pm
thank you for joining us. the abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a good night, everyone.
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