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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 18, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- >> oh, my god. >> an unprecedented tornado outbreak leaves a massive trail of destruction across the midwest. cameras rolling up close as the twisters touched down in at least five states. now, astonishing images of the devastation. our extreme weather team is across the storm zone. breaking now. major milestone. the dow just surging past 16,000. what pushed it over the top this morning. caught on tape. a scary moment at a buffalo bills game when this man went sliding down a railing, plunging over the side to the section below, landing on top of another fan. both now in the hospital. thank goodness no serious injuries. today is the big car giveaway, whoo! >> it's the moment one month in the making. thousands of you from across america entered our huge car
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giveaway. we're moments away from a delivery to one very deserving mom. live. could it be you? only on "gma." >> shh, we're almost there. and good morning, america. let's get right to those tornadoes. video pouring in over the last 24 hours. you see some of it there. here's what we know right now. 81 tornadoes reported. at least six dead in the midwest. the stormfront still on the move right now across the northeast and new england. no tornadoes reported yet. we have a lot of lightning, heavy wind gusts, and tornado watches in some places. >> it was scary this morning. nothing compared to the rest of the country. watch and listen to this incredible moment. a giant tornado barreled right into one home with the camera
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rolling. they took cover at the last minute. their home destroyed. we'll speak to that family. >> it was their dream home. our extreme weather coverage on this all morning. beginning with abc's ginger zee in kokomo, indiana. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: charge the state of imagine in kokomo was lifted this morning. but what a mess. look behind me. this building used to be an art gallery. a lot of debris that we're used to finding and a lot more colorful. inside, nine children, six adults having a birthday party. they sheltered inside in the bathroom.
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and survived. unfortunately we can't say that for everyone else in the path of this storm. >> there it is. there it is. >> there it is. >> oh, my goodness! >> wow! >> reporter: a relentless barrage of twisters. >> wow. >> reporter: more than 140 tornado warnings paralyzing the midwest. >> oh, my gosh. you can feel the temperature change. >> reporter: one with winds estimated up to 200 miles per hour. >> we got debris. we got transformers blowing. chilling sunday prayers of survival. >> our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. [ screams ] >> reporter: cameras capturing every second -- >> go, go, go, go. >> reporter: as the deadly storm blasted through five states. >> we're seeking shelter right now. it's on the back porch. >> reporter: and after the nightmare, the eerie sound of nothing. entire neighborhoods in illinois flattened. >> we just stood in the hallway where there were no windows and just held each other. >> reporter: the heart-pounding winds destroying everything in their path. >> we ran to the basement. it was gone within three or four minutes. you can see what it's done here.
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just everything. >> it sounded like a train coming at us. we jumped in the closet and covered ourselves with pillows, and we survived. >> reporter: a lot of folks have been asking me. is this normal? it's november. should we be having tornado outbreaks like this? they certainly happen and are also very powerful especially late in november. look at five states not just illinois, kentucky, ohio, and you can see the reports there. overall, it wasn't just tornadoes. more than 600 severe weather reports. this is a large event that went for 12 hours or more, across the entire region here. you can see all of the reports. of course behind it, colder and windy weather for all of the cleanup happening today. more on your nation's weather. back to robin. >> one of the hardest-hit areas, washington illinois. that's where alex perez is on the ground for us right now. good morning, alex.
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>> reporter: good morning. this morning so many of us are waking up to scenes of destruction. believe it or not this was a neighborhood up until yesterday. now completely destroyed. and if you look closely, you see the things people worked so hard to have, scattered everywhere. this is what a 200-mile-per-hour tornado sounds like, ripping through washington, illinois, and right into kris lancaster's house. >> oh! >> reporter: his home, no match for the monster storm. within minutes, reduced to rubble. >> this is what my house looks like after a tornado came through. >> reporter: the storm leveled parts of this central illinois town of some 15,000. >> this is not right. i said it's not thunder. it's not -- and it just kept coming. >> reporter: it was also a frightening first for 6-year-old brevin.
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he heard the new year's day gth and convinced his mom and brother to go to the basement and hide under a mattress. >> we covered up with a mattress. she was holding me tight. i was holding her tight. >> reporter: when they finally came up, their home was completely destroyed. how difficult is it to think about everything you lost? >> very difficult. we were able to walk back over and look at stuff. just to see your things in the yard, and -- their toys and broken beds. you never think it's going to happen to you. >> reporter: and this morning, there are already signs of hope. signs that people are not going to give up. little brevin said he learned what he had to do to stay safe at school. it's going to be a long day for many people here as they return to assess the damage for the first time. george. >> thanks, alex, for that. we're joined by one of the families picking up the pieces this morning. kris and mandy lancaster joining us live. thank you so much for joining us. kris, i see you have that big
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bandage over your eye, how are you feeling this morning? >> i'm a little sore. a little beat up. still in shock of all that's happened. i really don't know where to go from here. >> we saw that incredible video you were shooting as the tornado was coming in. tell us what you were feeling. >> i was feeling devastated watching it tear up the neighborhood as it came to me. i thought it was going to curve and at the last second, it didn't curve. and i took off running trying to get in, and watched my whole house just vanish around me, as it was flying by me as i was trying to get to the steps. i got degree hitting me. the refrigerator knocked me into the other room. i jumped to the stairs. i don't know how i did it. i got to the stairs and fell down them. my 19-year-old son, cherokee, pulled me into the basement and into the back room of the basement. >> this was your dream home, wasn't it? >> it was the home that we worked so hard through our lives
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to get, and to get our kids into a better neighborhood, a better town, a better school district and everything. we have only lived here two years. and our dream home is gone. >> mandy, what was it like in the basement with your babies as well? >> scary. i didn't know what was going on. i couldn't hear or see anything. we lost all power and things. it was just -- it was scary. >> are you going to rebuild? >> we're going to try to rebuild. i'll try to get the same spot, our same property. try to rebuild and carry on with our lives. >> i know it's cold out there. we'll let you get back inside. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. thank you to everybody out there giving us support in the area, supporting the neighborhood and the town. we need it. we need anything that anybody can send this way. we need all the help we can get in this town. >> they have poured everything into that house. they wanted to move to the school district for their kids to have a good education. >> like they said, they're going
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to rebuild. it's like ground zero right now. our heart goes out to them. >> sure does. we begin here with a search for answers after the crash of a boeing 737. all 50 on board were killed when the airliner slammed into the ground and exploded in central russia. the pilot had aborted a first attempt at landing. it's unclear why he was having trouble. we'll have updates as news becomes available. at home, federal authorities are trying to determine what caused a deadly mine accident in colorado. two miners died from carbon monoxide poisoning. while 20 others were injured. the source of the gas remains under investigation. a frightening scene at the bills/jets game yesterday outside of buffalo. a fan falling. you can see him there in the upper third of your screen spot-shadowed now. fell from the upper deck, landed on another fan below. the fan falling apparently trying to slide down the railing of the upper deck when he went over the side. he suffered a shoulder injury. the man he landed on did suffer
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a head injury. we're told it's not serious. again, we'll update this story as well. and wall street opening at another record high this morning. and hitting a major milestone. 16,000 for the first time. abc's rebecca jarvis is there. good morning to you, rebecca. >> hi, josh, good morning. that's right. we're looking at dow 16,000. right now. and that puts us 10,000 points, 10,000 points higher than we were during the worst of the financial crisis. the last six weeks, stocks have gained every single week. and a big part of this is the federal reserve continuing to pump billions of dollars in stimulus into the markets. what happens going forward? it really depends on you and me, on us consumers, and how we spend over the hole day shopping season. right now, the forecasts say we'll spend a little bit less this year. the average shopper will spend about $737. versus last year, we spent a little more than $750.
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that's going to drive things going forward, josh. >> so it's all on us. rebecca jarvis, thank you. and there was high drama during a sailing race off of brazil. heavy winds toppling a boat, actually, pushing it nose first, as you can see there, into the water and throwing crew members around like dolls. one man fell the entire height of the boat. thankfully, every member was okay. same could not be said of the wayward tacklers that get in the way of this guy. finally, move over, refrigerator perry,ette et /* et. al. look at this guy. 400-pound, 6'4" running back. tony picard, barreling through all manner of tackler. he's rushed for more than 700 yards on the year. he's a senior from yakima, washington. often needs five guys to stop him, i'm going to guess, or six, or seven. by comparison, william "refrigerator" perry was 335
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pounds. at the height of his playing career, maybe 350, 355. this guy has him by 50 pounds and he's in high school. good luck with that. >> just thinking about that. remember the super bowl shuffle. >> the super bowl shuffle and how remarkable it was. >> but this -- this kid -- >> barely a kid. >> thank you, josh. thanks for bringing that to us. now, a serious scare sweeping the campus of one of the nation's top schools. princeton university dealing with a meningitis outbreak. now officials are considering taking an unusual step to stop the rare and potentially deadly disease. abc's dr. richard besser has that story for us. >> reporter: idyllic, ivy lead, and this morning, battling a serious outbreak. since march, seven undergraduates at princeton university have been diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis, meningitis type "b". are you worried about the meningitis that's going around? >> yeah. getting calls from your parents and relatives asking, what is going on?
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>> reporter: those infected may feel like they have flu, fever, headache, body aches. then the unusual symptoms, a stiff neck. the tell talesign of danger, of meningitis. many who survive are damaged. 10% may die. the situation here is so dangerous that the cdc received an approval to use a vaccination not yet available in the u.s. students may have the option to take it. >> not knowing the effects of the vaccine or anything like that, since it's not approved in the u.s., i don't think i would take it. >> reporter: it's shared through close contact, like in dorms. smokers are at greater risk. >> so students at princeton are not kissing name? >> no, no kissing at princeton. >> reporter: usually this type of outbreak ends on its own, but the time frame varies. after eight months, the outbreak here hasn't ended. the university board of trustees met over the weekend. they're trying to determine whether to recommend the vaccine. the cdc says if they do, they hope all the students get it so
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they can go back to worrying about finals instead of meningitis. george? >> i'll bet, rich. thanks very much. we turn to a man who is making a mission to repair america's 911 emergency call system. his wife was kidnapped and killed. tried to call for help. he's leading the blitz to fix the system. abc's pierre thomas has the story. >> reporter: this morning, nathan lee is heading to washington on a mission. demanding changes to the nation's 911 system. one he says failed to help save his wife's life. >> her purse is here. i don't -- her cell phone is here. >> reporter: it was 2008. lee arrived home to discover his wife, denise amber, missing. >> she's never done this before. >> no, no, no, no. >> reporter: she had been kidnapped from her florida home. she tried saving herself by making this frantic 911 call from a moving car, using her abductor's cell phone, without him knowing. >> help me. help me!
7:15 am
>> reporter: that was the problem. the police could not lock in on the phone's gps location in time to save here. lee's body was later found in a shallow grave. >> it's unbelievable how many lives could be saved every year if the fcc would improve the cell location requirements from the cell providers. >> reporter: an estimated 70% of 911 calls come from cell phones, but when the calls are made from inside a building or a car, it can disrupt the phone's gps tracking. that's why nathan lee is in washington today. he wants the federal communications commission to push cell phone manufacturers to develop technology to close this gap. >> we need the fcc to move forward to make sure those technologies are used, are employed throughout the united states. >> reporter: nathan lee's mission is based on pain and loss. >> it breaks my heart that they're growing up without a mom. >> reporter: lee's mission is guided by the love for his wife and compassion for others. he doesn't want anyone else to go through the hell he's been
7:16 am
through. george? >> we wish him luck with that. okay, pierre, thanks very much. >> we certainly do. now, the latest bizarre twist for toronto's mayor, rob ford. he has been zrip strip /* of some of his powers, but his saga just keeps growing and his new tv show is set to launch tonight. abc's linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: despite all the action on the field, this was the play that caused quite a stir in the stadium. even though the league's commissioner asked him to stay away, embattled toronto mayor, rob ford, showed up at sunday's canadian football league playoff game, jersey and all, greeted by cheers and jeers. this woman hoisting a sign mocking the mayor. on saturday, that mockery had a much larger audience. ♪ i'm the best mayor in the world ♪ nbc's "saturday night live" created a few laughs at ford's expense.
7:17 am
there recent weeks the mayor of canada's largest city admitted to smoking crack. >> i apologize. >> reporter: then there were his lewd comments in a live press conference while denying he propositioned a former employee for a sexual act. >> i used unforgivable language. and again, i apologize. >> reporter: but ford is making no apologies for his insistence on staying in office, even after toronto city council voted overwell minutingly friday to strip ford of his mayoral powers. >> the motion carries, 49-3. >> reporter: he vowed not to go down without a fight. >> i can't support this. i have no other options but to challenge it in court. >> reporter: in an interview with fox news, he said he's getting professional help. >> i've admitted to using illegal drugs in the last year. okay. i've admitted to drinking too much. okay. so, i'm dealing with it. >> reporter: in between apologies and public appearances, he's been taping his new television show, "ford nation," set to debut in canada tonight. >> i want to thank my supporters
7:18 am
for sticking with me. i guarantee you're going to see a change in the next few months. >> reporter: according to ctv, there are also new reports that right before losing some of his mayoral powers, ford gave everyone in his office a $5,000 raise. later today, the city council is expected to pass another motion that would slash his budget and grant the deputy mayor most of the power. robin? >> all right, thank you. and you knew "saturday night live" was going to go there. and they went there in a big way. time now for the weather again. back out to ginger zee in kokomo, indiana. again, we just -- look around you there, ginger. it's just -- it just takes your breath away. >> yeah. it does. a sea of debris. it's not just this one. it's thousands across the midwest, the ohio valley, the great lakes this morning. it's cold behind. i have snow pants on. i'm telling you. when they're cleaning up, look how cool it is going to be for these folks getting out and assessing damage. also very windy.
7:19 am
it makes it feel colder than it is. here are some of the numbers. chicago at 42 today. louisville in the mid-50s. but it will feel even cooler than it is. cool for new york city. washington, d.c., too. i'll leave you a look at a new storm coming our way.
7:20 am
>> i'll have more coming up on those killer storms in the next half hour. back to the studio. okay, ginger, thanks. coming up on "gma." explosive dash cam drama. why did police open fire on a mom stopped for speeding in a minivan filled with kids? also ahead, growing murder mystery. what really happened to the prominent doctor that delivered thousands of babies? is the suspect one of his patients? plus tom cruise, john travolta, big names in the crowd on one of the biggest days in scientology history. at long last. thousands of you entered. one very lucky viewer about to win the first of three brand-new
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. this is the first weekday commute since the new fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel opening. there are two open between oakland and orrin da on highway
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24. that helps drivers going eastbound in the reverse commute direction they used to have to merge into one tunnel. the westbound commute into san francisco is expected to be the same or slower. drivers slow down to check out the new features inside the fourth bore. let's check on traffic elsewhere. here's leyla. looks like they did a very nice job on that. we take you into san jose, if you're traveling along in the southbound direction along 280 you'll run into this accident, third avenue is where it's located. slowing mind it but sundays like everything is being pushed into the center divider. northbound traffic is packed as you come up to 880. back into solano county, this accident is cleared.
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welcome back. we're tracking some fog with live doppler 7 hd, about less than eighth of a mile, santa rosa, napa doing much better. as far as temperatures much cooler santa rosa, novato, low to mid-40s east bay valleys. about 50 in oakland. rain on the way tonight in the north bay. the rest of us
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with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine
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in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner. look at these latest shots from the tornado zone right there. we have seen so many pictures streaming in over the last 24 hours. so much devastation across the midwest. dash cam footage from a police cruiser right there. boy, you know, these people are going to -- it will take time to dig out of this one right there. really tough. we'll have updates all morning long right here on "good morning america." >> seeing that video, every time, it just gets you. caught on camera. the shocking confrontation between a mother of five and police. why they opened fire on her minivan full of children. >> this one is unbelievable. >> you have to see the whole thing to be able to weigh in. hollywood a-listers turning out for the dedication of
7:31 am
scientology's brand-new headquarters, and the mysterious new rooms inside. and what we're finally getting a look at. a car we're giving away today, people. if the joyous sara haines pulls up in your driveway today, she's leaving a car for you. the first of the three big winners. it's been a month in the making. again in our great "gma" car giveaway, it's fair to say this is a moment we have looked forward to for quite some time. >> everybody is looking at clues for where she's driving. right now, we are going to begin with that wild scene that was caught on the police dash cam. it started as a routine traffic stop. you see it right there. ended after a high-speed chase with bullets flying. the driver under arrest. police under investigation. aditi roy has the details. >> reporter: what starts out as a routine traffic stop on this new mexico highway -- >> you were doing 71 in a 55. >> reporter: -- is about to get explosive.
7:32 am
>> turn the vehicle off for me. >> reporter: in this video, the driver, 39-year-old oriana ferrell disobeyed, speeding away. after a half-mile chase, he pulls her over again. >> get out of the vehicle. get out of the vehicle right now! >> reporter: this time, he reaches into the mini van and tries to pull her out. >> you're already facing evading charges. you ran away from me. >> reporter: finally, she gets out. >> turn around and face your vehicle. ma'am, listen to me. >> reporter: then changes her mind. her 14-year-old son gets out and scuffles with the officer before rushing back into the car. as backup arrives -- >> open the door! >> open the door! rtd -- thin rtd. >> reporter: things escalate. the officer smashing the side rear window with his baton. ferrell's five kids inside, screaming. she drives away again -- another officer fires at the minivan.
7:33 am
after a high-speed chase, ferrell gives up and she and her son are arrested. this morning, she's facing charges including child abuse, fleeing from authorities, and possession of drug paraphernalia. her son, charged with battery of an officer. according to her website, she's a mother, an empowerment coach. and recording artist. >> schedule one-on-one time. it's simple. >> reporter: her lawyer tells abc news they have no comment. new mexico police say all three officers in the video are under investigation. but won't comment further. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> we're joined by dan abrams to try to make sense out of this one. it spun out of control so quickly. >> absolutely. let's separate out the wrongdoing of both parties. right? you've got the mother, and then you've got the police. let's start with the mother. the mother is in legal trouble now because twice she runs away from the authorities. remember, the fact that she has five kids in the back, both applies to the police and
7:34 am
applies to her. which is, what are you doing consistently running away from the police with five kids in the back of your minivan? she's now charged with five counts of abuse of a child, she's charged with resisting arrest, fleeing the scene, et cetera. you see on the tape, you see the policeman barking through the window and then the shots fired. >> that's point two. what the police did cannot be justified by what the mother did. there's got to be proportionality. there is no reason that this police officer needed to, "a," start barking in the window, or certainly, "b," start shooting at the car. the police may say, we were trying to shoot out the tires. >> the police bashing out the window, he knows there are kids in the car. >> that's correct. that's correct. i feel there will be some level of administrative action against the police officers. but look. in the end, this is the case where everyone will want this to
7:35 am
go away. it will end up in a plea. the mother's attorney has to say to her, technically, you violated the law. you're going to be in trouble unless we come to an agreement here. from the police perspective. they're putting pressure on the authorities, on the prosecutors to say, look. we want to end this thing. we don't want this to go to trial with this tape played in a courtroom. >> thank you, dan. wild footage. >> as always, we welcome our viewers to weigh in. and let us know what you think about this as well. now to the growing murder mystery in minnesota. a prominent twin cities physician gunned down in his home. the apparent shooter also dead, killed by the police on the scene. john muller has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a twisted crime that may have been borne 30 years ago. >> shots fired. >> reporter: dramatic moments friday night as police responded to a call of an armed man outside the home of the minneapolis prominent doctor, steven larsen.
7:36 am
things escalated quickly and turned deadly. >> shots fired. >> start ambulance. >> reporter: the unidentified man shot dead. inside the home, the body of the 74-year-old doctor, also shot dead. his wife out of town. >> we've got one more down in the house. >> reporter: this morning, the medical examiner's office releasing details about both deaths. one of the men, ted hoffstrom. cause of death for hoffstrom and larson, gunshot wounds. a source with knowledge of the case telling our affiliate that dr. larson actually assisted in hoffstrom's delivery 30 years ago. >> there is no way anyone could have had any ill-will towards him. >> reporter: he delivered thousands of babies over his 33 years of practice, winning awards and international acclaim. colleagues say the father and grandfather was nearing retirement. >> it was devastating because, you know, his job, his work, it was his passion.
7:37 am
now that choice is taken out of his hands. >> reporter: sunday, hoffstrom's family posted a note on their door. quote, our heart felt prayers and sympathy to the family of dr. steven larsen. we're shocked and saddened by this news. neighbors and former classmates describe hoffstrom as a likable guy, someone they would never think would do something like that. we could get a motive later today. >> we'll see what happens. time for the weather. ginger zee covering the violent weather in the midwest. good morning, again, ginger. >> hey there, guys. the national weather service offices all over this area are going to be so busy in getting reports together today. but what i can show you, in front of this art gallery that we're standing in, there are multiple vehicles that were destroyed or damages. in this vehicle, the keys are in the ignition. speaks to the urgency of what was happening here.
7:38 am
mud splattered through the broken window. most of that vehicle in tact. not the case for everybody. i do want to tell you behind the front, we have much different weather. and we want to check in this morning on the southeast. we get numbers in places like orlando and miami, still in the mid 80s. new orleans, fog possible. 73 for a high. they've been foggy along the gulf for a couple of days. that's going to happen again. and in the southwest, very comfortable. >> this weather report is brought to you by royal caribbean international. robin and george? >> thank you, ginger. coming up from tom cruise to john travolta, thousands of
7:39 am
scientologists turn out for a big day for scientology, inside the rooms of this new spiritual headquarters. >> there she is. coming up, our first winner in our "gma" car give away, she has no idea she's about to get a special car delivery. working away cutting her daughter's hair. everyone else in the room is in on it. it will be such a great surprise. >> it's exciting. daisy is made from only 100% natural, 100% pure ingredients with nothing else added.
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we're back now at 7:43 with the star-studded opening of the church of scientology's massive new head quarters. some of the new rooms inside are being revealed for the first time. linz linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: thousands of scientologists including tom cruise, john travolta, and kelly preston, gathered in florida this weekend for the opening of the church's 377,000-square foot flag building. private event was policed by church volunteers. pictures showed the elusive
7:44 am
leader, david miscavage on sunday. it was built at a cost of $145 million. >> a scientology church like no other. >> reporter: this graphic shows what is inside. a bookstore. a chapel. according to scientology, what this building has that none of its other facilities have are special rooms for practicing l. ron hubbard's superpower program. he described 57 senses. according to the village voice, these leaked renderings show you what is in the room. like this fyroscope. or this one, that checks your magnetic sense. >> on the fifth floor are machines that scientology says can help develop a sense of smell, taste, awareness.
7:45 am
understand balance. >> reporter: hubbard developing the program in the 1970s. the church kept it under wraps because there wasn't a facility. >> hubbard said the superpower program will develop in scientologists new skills. new abilities to perceive and new levels of awareness. >> reporter: so far, the center has not been open to the public. according to church publications, a new emphasis will be placed on recruits new followers. >> thank you, linzie. coming up, maks is back. "dancing's" most popular pro is back in the ballroom. he's in a new role. judgmental all right. a "play of the day." truly a "play of the day." the sport of football wearing its saturday best. >> oh, i like that.
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right then, here's "the play of the day." >> play of the year. i got play of the year. >> wow. >> if you were on twitter saturday night, it broke twitter. sorry to all goinging fans watching right now. but here we go. georgia-auburn. georgia down 20 in this game in fourth quarter. and on this play, aaron murray scores a touchdown. georgia comes all the way back. and you're thinking, in auburn, this is going to crush the faithful there. auburn will have one more shot at it. but they are -- fourth and forever away. until this. one last final heave. two georgia defensive backs chip it into ricardo lewis's hands. >> can you imagine being there for that? >> when you see this again, ricardo lewis didn't even see the ball. >> he could haven't seen it. >> in the air. >> oh, my goodness gracious. >> those two georgia players
7:51 am
collide. look what happens. take another look. >> i love when you do sports. >> it was -- >> didn't even know it was there. >> amazing hands. unbelievable. >> that's why every person you followed on twitter just tweeted, oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> did you see that. >> that's why. wait until you see this. vince vaughn and a car giving away. (clock ticking) (alarm bell) this thanksgiving, your butterball turkey's so juicy, people will swear you just stepped off the mayflower. yeah, you plymouth rocked this dinner from here to jamestown and it hardly cost you a shilling, because you went to walmart. that's right mom, you own this season. everything to make the perfect thanksgiving meal for less.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. b.a.r.t.'s union leaders are set to meet today with b.a.r.t.'s board of directors. b.a.r.t. officials say an error in their new tentative contract gives union members more paid family leave than was negotiated. union leaders say b.a.r.t. should honor the contract signed by both sides and already approved by their members. meteorologist mike nicco hassed forecast, which includes rain in the not too distant future. >> absolutely. this time tomorrow it will be raining in a lot of areas, but right now looking at fog lifting. we have low clouds along the coast starting to move into the bay. we'll have upper 50s to mid-60s
7:57 am
with increasing clouds today. rain tomorrow, chances through thursday in your accuweather seven-day forecast. leyla. mike, in san jose we have a six-car crash. it is in the center divide. northbound side of 280 at stevens creek boulevard, but it's causing plenty of slowing as you head away from 101. bumper-to-bumper traffic there. now could be the first crash in the new bore at the caldecott
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
and we're just moments from giving away our first car. >> i'm closing in on the winner. >> thousands entered. this morning, our first of three deserving winners. and bieber mania. a brand-new song released. the trailer for his new film blowing up twitter. over 2 million messages and more blockbuster footage just ahead. and, maks attack. dancing's most popular pro back in the ballroom. and here live. only on -- >> good morning, america! >> and sara had to quiet the crowd down there because right,
8:01 am
just a few minutes away. right there, inside. is the next winner. >> which one is it, george? i can't quite tell. >> that is corinne. she'll be the first one to win one of our cars. he's a hairdresser outside of boston. everyone inside the la lon right now except her knows she's about to get a car. >> it's on a hidden camera. >> she knows people are around. she thinks it's because she's a finalist. she has no idea that the car is about to be hers. a new car owner in just a few minutes. >> no idea. >> and deserving. as we made clear. very, very deserving. you'll learn more about her in just a bit. also, she's been driving the car for more than -- with more than 200,000 miles on it. her friends call her the town taxi. you make the call, she's there
8:02 am
to pick you up. hey, also coming up on the show today, everyone's favorite dancing pro maks, he's back in the ballroom on "dancing with the stars." this time, no, no, no. not on the floor. he's the judger. he'll be judging. maks is joining us live from l.a. to dish on the remaining dancers. he'll take your questions. you'll want to stay tuned. he's never shy. >> never, never shy. look who is here live this morning? vince vaughn. >> hello, vince. >> good morning. >> welcome. >> thank you very much. >> before you couple out, all trading our favorite vince vaughn movies. >> wedding crashers. >> and on and on. >> a lot of twitter questions. candy girl wants to know who is your favorite comedian but she said what's? >> a funny one. a funny one would be preferable. >> you played football in high
8:03 am
school, right? >> i did. >> we'll test your football knowledge. >> oblg, good. >> delusional bills fan wants to know, help me with my football fix, who wins, atlanta or buffalo? >> that's off the one to pick because atlanta is struggling. buffalo beat the jets. the jets beat the saints and they beat new england. you don't know which jets are going to show up. buffalo feels like a hot hand right now. >> big frankie is very happy. >> don't put money on it, frankie. i can't be responsible. don't bet the milk money. you're better than that. we begin here. the killer tornadoes that raked the midwest yesterday. at least six people confirmed dead in illinois where most of the twisters hit, including one to be an ef-4 with winds up to 200 miles per hour. some 80 tornadoes were reported from missouri to ohio. just getting an aerial view from
8:04 am
indiana. everything is torn to shreds. we'll check in with ginger in the storm zone if just a moment. and the u.s. is pledging another $10 million in aid for the philippines where the death toll stands at nearly 4,000. some inland villages have yet to receive any help, 11 days after the storm struck. and the controversial founder of black water, the security company that took in some $2 billion in the wars in afghanistan and iraq is revealing the company's ties to the cia. in his new book, civilian warriors, erik prince defends the company's activities abroad and blames the u.s. government for blackwater's demise. >> you know you came under a lot of criticism about inflaming anti-american sentiment just because of the way you operated. >> that's partially true. because of the rules dictated by the state department. you will drive a -- washed and
8:05 am
waxed chevy suburban between point a and point b every day with lights and sirens on. it's pretty easy for the enemy to play whack-a-mole. >> you can watch the full interview tonight on "nightline." and american diving champion died trying to set a record. nicholas dove down to 200 feet and lost consciousness. they rely on holding their breath, free divers. a good day for one jack taylor. if you remember the name, there's good reason. for this past weekend, he scored 109 points for grinnell college on sunday in a single game. 109 points. his team won. perhaps not surprisingly. no. 173-123. because it wasn't his best day. a year ago, he scored 138 in one
8:06 am
game. that was a record. >> yes. >> 109. just a day. you know, jack. the shot wasn't falling. he threw up a buck 09. it repinded me of one robin roberts. >> pop news coming up. back to ginger zee first. she's in kokomo, indiana. good morning, ginger. >> haey, good morning to you, george. i was on "good morning america" yesterday warning of killer tornadoes to come. unfortunately, that warning came true. the storm prediction center did a great job. nine children, six adults in the building lived. we talked to one man whose wife was inside. they said it was scary but they did the right thing, got to an interior room. they're okay this morning. let's look at the forecast. i want to give you an idea of
8:07 am
what is happening. you're might for now but will cool off and be windy. boston to 65 today. it will keep turning cooler. tropical weather. what? you're hearing of a tropical storm? the last-minute decisions that were made inside here. they were having a party, making
8:08 am
art, and then they were saved. this story turned out well. >> thank you, ginger. here's a look at what is coming up own our "good morning america" morning menu. do you look like britney spears? calling all body doubles. and lady gaga raking in applause, get it, for her star turn on "snl." zblnlts and maks is back in the ballroom. he's not dancing. he's a judge. look at him, clean-shayven, as well. and sara haines is on her way to deliver a new car. wait until you see our unsusp t unsuspecting winner. she's cutting her son's hair right now. she's about to get the surprise of her life. coming up, live, on "gma," from times square. with an ultra-thig and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology,
8:09 am
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coming up, we're moments away there the special delivery. the lucky viewer about to win the first of three brand-new cars. her friends are in on it. she doesn't know. and vince vaughn is with us live right here on "gma." don't go anywhere. let's see if she notices. you bet she did. francois!! deux! ah, o!i he's french. she saved almost 950 dollars. that's enough to hire a french pastry chef for the pta bake sale! bon appetit , sue. the world needs more straight talk. same phones. same networks. half the cost. get a samsung galaxy s3. unlimited everything, just $45 a month. only at walmart.
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♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. i'my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism.
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great grains protein blend. for 4 days starting friday, save 20 percent with your coupon on select apparel, home, accessories and shoes when you use your jcpenney credit card. or get 15% off with any other form of payment. jcpenney. ♪ with my redcard, i bring them all to life. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. save big all season with price match plus 5% off and free shipping with your redcard. there's fresh pictures from the weekend. angelina jolie, brad pitt, their son, maddox, right there on the red carpet. >> oh, he's grown up. >> he has. she won a special oscar for humanitarian work. she got quite emotional remembering her mom.
8:14 am
she said her mom inspired her to think of others and give back. that is already popping. lara here with more to kick off the pop news. >> nice to see them together. good morning, everybody. we begin in "pop news" with this. they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. lady gaga gave "saturday night live" a bo-fer. hosting for the first time and performing as a musical guest. hard to tell what the crowd lived more. the music or the acting. she completely went for it. especially in a skit where she acknowledged the rift between she and madonna over a song that some say sounds like the material girl. if she's able to joke about it, maybe that means gaga is over it. that would be lovely. >> she went for it. she was all in. >> from the very first moment the show opened. she's a new yorker. she said it's something she's
8:15 am
always wanted to do. congratulations. also in "pop news," "thor, the dark world" brought the hammer down on the competition. globally, the sequel has beaten the lifetime grosses of captain america and the first thor right out of the gate. two weeks in and they're just crushing it. and speaking of huge numbers, "gravity" sword past the $500 million mark making it the biggest box office hit for sandra bullock and george clooney's careers. >> i have to give a shoutout to best man holiday. it's so good. you gotta go. >> done, done. and vince vaughn is here. another great movie. so excited to talk to him. britney spears never known to be shy about her figure. she's searching for a body double. a casting call has gone out for a lookalike for an upcoming video.
8:16 am
the requirements are specific. you need to be 21 to 33. you need to be 5'4" darn it. you need to have a size 7 shoe. singing skills not retiquired. >> i lost track of all the requirements. turn now to the exciting night ahead on "dancing with the stars." maks is back. this time at the judges' table. he got up early to be with us. are you ready? >> i'm ready. i'm ready. and thank you for having me. at 5:00 a.m. amazing. >> what's the key to being a good judge? >> um, i think you have to be true to yourself. you know, and i think with this particular situation is
8:17 am
different. i was on the other side, not awhile ago. and so, the key for me being a good judge tonight will be remembering what it's like to be on the other side. and things you wanted to hear and things you criticized the judges for before. i can't be a hypocrite and not do what i wanted them to do when i was a dancer, so -- that's my key. >> you know, maks, first of all, love the new look. lara and i were commenting. and george, too, actually. commenting on the clean shave. >> i've been shaved before. >> i know. these fellow pros, they're like family to you. how are you able to judge them fairly? >> well, yes. no, absolutely. and i'll judge them fairly because the pros we have on the show and the once that have made it so far, you know, out of five couples that are left, you know,
8:18 am
four pros have won trophies before and multiple times. they know what they're doing. a lot of respect for them. we were all in the same you know -- in the same bowl so to speak. i remember, like i said, what it's like to be in a semifinal, to be exhausted. to be pushing the celebrities. to want the best for them at this point and in this stage. and, you know, how protective we feel of the people we're dancing with and, you know, i want to credit that. i want to give credit where it's due. and at the same time, be just and say, it's hard. it's a big deal. you have to show me what -- why should you be there and not somebody else? >> i love it. the nice maks. the nice judge, i think. >> i never said i would be nice. i said i would be judge. i remember what it's like. >> i do wish -- maks, twitter
8:19 am
question for you. candice wants to know, are you nervous at all about tonight? in your new role on the show? >> am i nervous. why would by nervous? >> that's classic maks. >> i get to sit, and speak, and criticize. all those things i was always looking forward to. >> all right, so maks, size it up for us. five remaining couples who are you feeling for? >> you probably have to tune in and watch me tonight. >> oh, he's a pro already. >> to get the answer to that question. i have my opinions already. none of them matter at this point because the way i look at it is -- i'm going to give myself one day and one show and one chance to make my mark and make my opinion you know, heard. i'm not thinking about what happened until this point. or what will happen in the finale, because i have nothing
8:20 am
to do with either of those. my job is today. based on what i see this is what i'm going to go off and judge. >> we'll be watching. >> just to give you an example, real quick, one of the pros have already said in rehearsal, they were doing something and you know, the pros nal was asked, well, that move, do you think it will work for the judges? and that person sansed, well, maks would like it. so -- >> they're already playing up the maks. >> we're going to be watching tonight. all of you should watch, too. 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. >> good of him to join us this morning. get up early. it's the moment we have been waiting for. time for the great "gma" car give away. we asked you why you or someone you love deserves a new mazda. thousands of you entered. it was tough. we narrowed them down to three winners.
8:21 am
you're about to meet winner number one. she's from -- can i say it? bridgewater, massachusetts. here's her story. it all started with a letter from a childhood friend. >> my best friend since chile hood is incredibly deserving of one of the new cars. >> reporter: they've been friends since they were both 4 years old. >> it breaks my heart to hear that she's struggling. >> reporter: beloved in her hometown of bridgewater, massachusetts, she's known as the most generous lady in town. >> if she had five cents in her pocket and you asked for $5, she would give you $5. >> she made the game fun for a lot of kids in bridgewater. >> my mom is a great lady. she does everything for me. >> she works really hard. >> her friends call her the town
8:22 am
taxi, using her 11-year-old minivan to help any way she can. >> half the kids in the whole community have been in this car because she's making sure that she's getting everybody here, there, and everywhere. >> reporter: but that old minivan's days with over 200,000 miles are numbered. the steering is spotty. the windows don't roll down. it's unlikely the van will pass inspection again. >> the money is not there. even if she bought a used car, she couldn't do it. >> reporter: the struggle of now get another car is constantly on her mind. >> if she was to win this car, this would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to her. >> reporter: so this morning, "good morning america" is giving a brand-new car the a single mom who has kept her family together even as her car was falling apart. >> she's just a great person. like, i love her. everyone loves her. >> she's the right one. she deserves to win.
8:23 am
>> oh, we don't want to wait any longer. out to sara. because corinne is waiting for the surprise of her life. sara? >> hi, robin. we're pulling up right now. corinne has no idea we're here. [ horn honks ] now she does. [ horn honking ] corinne! >> oh, my god, oh, my god! >> yes! our car giveaway. come back here, come back here. wait, wait, wait. look at all these people. how are you feeling right now? >> oh, my god. oh, my god! >> you are the winner of a brand-new mazda 3, compliments of our partner, mazda. how are you feeling? >> i'm overwhelmed. i'm a winner. >> look at all these faces. they all came out for you. your little league team.
8:24 am
your colleagues, your family. everyone is here right now. >> oh, my god! >> you know who nominated you for this award? >> kat think did. >> where is she? >> florida. >> oh, that's a bummer. who is she? >> my oldest, dearest friend from forever. since kindergarten. since, oh, my god. >> oh, look at this. [ applause ] >> oh, my god. oh, my god. this is crazy. you did it from florida. >> and you haven't seen each other since when? >> 2008. >> 2008. why did you nominate corinne? >> because she's so deserving. the most unselfish person there is. she's my best friend. my bff. >> how excited? how are you both feeling to see each other? >> i don't know if i'm more
8:25 am
excited to see her or you. >> well, take a look at this brand-new car. >> oh, my god. >> i hope you're not in the backseat a bunch. are you excited? >> oh, gosh, yes! >> it's wicked. >> it's wicked awesome. it is. >> we'll let our celebration continue. back to you in the studio. >> sara, tell corinne we're jumping up and down for her as well. >> they're jumping up and down for you, too. >> does she remember the first car she ever had? sara, ask her. >> what was the first car you ever bought? >> it was a duster. >> a duster. it's a duster. >> i knew it was. i wanted to hear her say duster. >> tell her to get in the car. tell her to get in the car, sara. tell her to get in the car. >> get behind the wheel!
8:26 am
see how she looks. all right, road trip. corinne and her bff kathy. just one. we have two more winners. >> and we have vince vaughn coming up live. don't go anywhere. >> goal!
8:27 am
good morning. in oakland all lanes have reopened on southbound 880 near the fifth avenue accident following a deadly early-morning accident. investigators say a driver of a bmw was speeding on northbound 880 just before 1:00 when he hit a semitruck, the car then flipped over the center divide and on to the southbound side hitting a honda crv head-on. the driver of the bmw and honda were both killed. a chevrolet was also involved in the crash. the driver of that vehicle was taken to a hospital. we'll see how the morning commute is right now with leyla gulen. we have another problem in solano county as i take you into vacaville. five-car crash blocking lanes causing heavy delays. six miles per hour even heading past the scene of the accident.
8:28 am
as i take you right over the san mateo bridge, take a live look right now where we have heavy traffic in the westbound direction with another accident up ahead at foster city boulevard. kr
8:29 am
good morning. some good news on live doppler 7 hd. fog lifting and it's cloudy, going to remain cloudy the rest of the day. sunshine very limited. temperatures in the 40s and 50s except some still 30s up north
8:30 am
around santa rosa and novato. accuweather seven-day forecast it starts raining tonight, rain tomorrow everywhere and then ♪ i don't want to fall in love [ cheers and applause ] you bett eter be at school. because mom isn't. a whole lot of her friends joining us here. the worst of the weather rolling through the northeast already, we hope. we're listening to demi lovato. she's here to talk about her brand-new book. it's a good look at how she's overcome her past troubles and trying to inspire others. >> quite a look from her, too. >> she is incredibly open. and very, very helpful. >> she's lived a lot of life and has a lot to teach. >> she has. also ahead, our main man, vince vaughn. yeah, here live.
8:31 am
>> nice to see you. >> talking about his latest role, starring in the movie that delivers the laughs when his character realizes he's fathered over 500 children. >> nice work over there. >> very busy. >> okay at tlook at the smile o face. home for the holiday. trying to help veterans get back with their families and get back to work. one woman who is becoming a f m filmmaker and sharing her story. can't wait for that. as the holiday approaches, we want eed to help you cook up your best thanksgiving meal ever. sisters emily and melissa elsen are here. >> salted caramel apple pie. and emeril lagasse making tasty sides for us later this week. you get to vote.
8:32 am
you see the choices coming up right there. >> oh, please go with that one. >> oh, i love the -- >> oh, i love that, too. >> oh. go to on yahoo! to vote for our favorites. not yours, ours. we'll give you an exclusive look at justin bieber's new movie, it's called "believe." >> it's about positivity. really change, right. >> at the end of the day, it comes down to a young man in a room writing a song. that's where it all starts. ♪ if you live for me >> this stache is to make me fool a little bit older. my favorite part is the intimate moments with the fans. they're who i do this for. no matter how hard things get,
8:33 am
everything is going to be all right. believe in yourself. believe you can do anything if you set your mind to it. sometimes i walk the way i walk. i waddle because my papts are low. don't let the pants wear you. wear the pants. >> i'm still your mom. i still want you to pull your pants up. >> words to live by right there. >> amazing. >> it hits theaters on december 25th. preorder available right now on fandango. over to robin and vince. >> we're talking sports. my saint, ohio state. vince vaughn became a father for the second time this past summer. but in "delivery man" his new movie out on friday, he plays a man who learns through sperm donation that he is the proud, maybe perplexed father of 533 children. >> it's impossible to be the father of 533 children.
8:34 am
>> it's impossible the be the father of four children. >> right. exactly. it's impossible. but -- i can be their guardian angel. >> their guardian ainge snl. >> they need me. they need a guardian angel. someone to look out for them. i faurd them, so -- it's my responsibility. [ cheers and applause ] >> as always, great to have vince here. so good on the screen together. >> chris is fun to work with and very funny. >> can i tell you this. you sneak in heart on us. on the surface, you look at it, 533 children. but there's something about it. you were really drawn to it as well. >> the writer/director is a tremendous film maker. it's not common to have stuff that is moving, dramatic, and also funny. at the end of the day it's about kind of relatable emotional stuff.
8:35 am
i think for myself, being a new father, it plays in the hopes and fears you have for your kids. >> how does it? that's eddie. he's always looking for a -- how is it for you, being a new father again. the children in the movie are a little bit older than yours right now. can you still take something away? >> yeah, for sure. i thing as parents there's that thing where you sort of are excited for your kids to have good times and be happy. and when you watch them do their growing up and ge get caught up in the situations that that are not the best, you balance yourself to let them go on their journey. you find the balance when you get involved and don't. >> there are funny, funny moments with you and chris especially. we also see the softer, little emotional side of you. but isn't that where you are in your life now as well?
8:36 am
>> i guess on some extent. as an actor, it's nice to have the circumstances that are authentic and cause you to feel and crack you open because of what is going on in the scene. it's nice to have a sense of humor in life and laugh about yourself and things that are important as well. >> this is so nontraditional. it's not a romantic comedy. not family drama. a i sense we'll see some of that still in you. this is great. everyone is looking forward to it. but aren't you also looking back to going back to that type of movie, too? >> for sure. this film is unpredictable where it goes. it's really funny and moving. and so that's fun. it's nice to do just a straight-out comedy as well. that's always fun. >> well, we're going to put you on the spot. delivery man. we thought we would give you instances about delivery and you could tell us which one you like
8:37 am
over the other. are you ready to lay, sir? >> i am. i like the dramatic music. >> i don't have josh's skinny mike. same day or overnight? >> i think same-day would be preferable. overnight can turn into more than one. same-day delivery would be fantastic. >> u.p.s. or fedex? >> i have had both. i like them both. continue to be on time. i'm going to say both fantastic. >> forgive me, but what can brown do for you is my personal favorite. i don't know why. bubble wrap or peanuts? >> only one correct ans. i'm glad you asked and the music is playing. bubble wrap. you have to pop. the kids just love to pop. >> you got the ding ding ding ding with that one. such a right answer. pizza or chinese? >> it would be sad if there was a world with only one. they both have their place, don't they?
8:38 am
i probably do pizza more often. but a nice chinese is a nice time. >> we're going to end on that one. you cannot top that. you're always a great sport. and we just appreciate -- >> i'm glad we got to the bottom of some of these. this was important to take the wrapping off in this morning. for all you folks out there, hopefully, i have taken a machete and carved your way in the forest a little easier. a couple of bread crumbs to take them back home. >> great to see you. vince vaughn, ladies and gentlemen. "delivery man" this friday. >> here's to a better world. now to the big abc event. it's called home for the holidays. i recently had a chance to be in afghanistan where i met soldiers separated from their families and witnessed the understandably emotional reunions here at home.
8:39 am
we're turning to veterans looking to make new lives here at home. disney is sponsoring heroes work here. we're premiering short films made by five talented u.s. veterans. with dreams of careers in the entertainment industry. given some professional mentoring as well. all of the films are about vets returning home for the holidays. like this one. it's called the letter. it's the story of one little girl. upset with santa because she hasn't gotten what she's asked for over the years. >> dear santa, i know you are busy. i need to talk to you. >> reporter: now the one thing she really wants. to have her mom home from deployment in afghanistan. >> this year, the only thing i want is for my mommy to be home for christmas. >> reporter: behind her steadfast belief that santa will
8:40 am
make her dream come true is the story of an entirely different dream come true. that of army captain rebecca merga after several tours in afghanistan and iraq, the 35-year-old wanted to pursue her passion, filmmaking. she submitted a script to the home for the holidays initiative. an opportunity for five veterans to direct their own hollywood stories. she learned that her script had been chosen -- >> i started jumping up and down. it's awesome. who gets this opportunity. >> reporter: just like that, she was on an stul set. >> stop to look. >> reporter: with actors to direct and the full abc production team to lead. >> i sat in the chair. i'm like, it's really happening. >> reporter: she had the help of a mentor. jeanine renshaw. >> the story she chose to portray was not her story. it was empathy.
8:41 am
>> if i could give people a chance to reflect on what soldiers go through, then i've done my job as a film maker. >> reporter: her finished product is a beautiful ode to the spirit of the holiday. with an ending i won't spoil. it's simply remarkable. >> i just started tearing up. something about. it's really moving. >> this was something i always wanted. always wanted. and -- to actually be able to do it was -- awesome. >> was and is awesome. >> can't wait to see the end. >> you have to logon to you can see "the letter" and four other films online. and that song right now, "celebrate me home" by lady antebellum, written for this initiative. time for a final check of that severe weather that has rolled through so much of the country.
8:42 am
abc's ginger zee in kokomo, indiana, this morning. >> good morning. the threat is well over. it's now moving off to the east and into the atlantic, where we do not need it any longer. it's cold, it's breezy here. i stand on the stop of a pile of rubble. some good news. look at the rainbow from grand rapids, michigan. hey, i know that guy. my dad took that picture. the pacific northwest sees rain >> and we will be following up on the storms here in the middle of the country.
8:43 am
josh, back to you for now? >> thank you, ginger.
8:44 am
8:45 am
multiplatinum selling pop superstar demi lovato has been so honest, so fearless about her struggles, from addiction to depression. she's written it all down. a collection of her own words. sort of a diary. and words of others who have
8:46 am
help her let in the light in the dark days. it's called staying strong 365 days a year. her message is, you can get through anything. i love that. >> thank you. >> so good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> looking well. in the book, staying strong, 365 days a year, it seems to be a reflection of where you are right now. >> yeah. it hit me that i'm promoting my book right now. >> you're in thely brar of congress right now. forever you'll be there. >> wow, that's cool. awesome. a lot of times, fans ask me, you helped me get into recovery. because of you, i went into treatment. incredible, sweet things that i'm grateful for. but the question that a lot of people have for me is how do you continue to stay strong? over the past few years, i've done this thing, a morning meditation, basically, i read
8:47 am
out of a book, it's a quote, a passage, and then a goal for the day. basically, i wanted to do that for my fans. it's really cool. quotes in there from einstein and aristotle to nicki minaj and tupac. it's crazy. >> you cover different things. you're really vocal about bullying. you have said you've been a victim. you also come to the defense of bullies. hug a bully today, you say. why? >> there was a time where i really resented the people that bullied me in my life. and i lived with so much hate. but i only ended up making myself sick. and at one point, i even reached out to one of the girls that bullied me. i was able to talk to her and really kind of clear up any hatred or animosity towards've other. i realized she was going through things at that time that, you know, i had no idea about. >> it's incredibly
8:48 am
compassionate, as somebody who has been bullied to say, there must be something happening in this person's life that makes them lash out like that. you said getting away for your 21st birthday to kenya was life-changing and solidified your recovery. >> yes. >> you were in teen vogue. >> billy! that's my goat named billy. >> i love the pictures. your life has taken you on quite the journey. one of my favorite phrases in your book, you say, if all seems hopeless, this, too, shall pass. >> it always does. time and love heals everything. and, um -- you know, when i went to kenya, my life completely changed. because the high that i got from just helping people and -- the love that was in that city, was better than any other drug i have ever done. >> great message. demi lovat oro, staying stronge
8:49 am
8:50 am
secbutalk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand.
8:51 am
all right, only a pie could make ate best thanksgiving ever. thankfully, we have it. the apple pie to end all from the elsen sisters. emily and melissa. here to make a pie from the four and twenty blackbirds pie book. my pals have said, you have to eat this. you have to make it first. while we do, let's hear. this came from grandma back in south dakota? >> right. our mother owned a restaurant. our grandma made all the pies. we grew up with it from a young age. >> we've repurposed some of grandma's recipeses. >> this is a take on her pie. >> apple slices. peeled apple.
8:52 am
>> a little bit of sugar and lemon juice. a spice mixture. flour for thickening, salt, and bitters is our secret ingredient. a little extra. alspice, cinnamon. >> a lot of it. stir it up? >> it would be fun. >> toss it around. >> get the crust in there. >> you make sure. you distribute it evenly. to ahead and put it there. >> we're going to put a little caramel on. >> oh. how beautiful that is. always wear the caramel. always. and then a little bit more? >> i love caramel. >> get the rest of them. >> go for it. >> fill it up. >> so then, i see some strips of crust topping? >> yeah, exactly. >> lay those on there?
8:53 am
>> top it with more caramel. >> this is our all-butter pie crust. we like to use butter. our grandmother was a fan of lard. we like to make it by hand. >> how long into the oven? quickly? >> it will take about an hour overall. >> wow. >> we have others to get to. a chocolate pecan. a pumpkin that is phenomenal. it's four and twenty black birds cook book. it's in stores now. logon for the recipes. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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this is so good. >> thank you all. >> we are giving away another car. we can not wait for that. plus, jesse tyler ferguson from "modern family." have a great monday.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. get your umbrellas out, wet weather is on the way. meteorologist mike nicco, you have more. >> yeah. it's time to re-learn how to drive and get the wet weather gear out for tomorrow. the fog has lifted and it's cloudy outside. that's going to keep our temperatures in check. we'll be mainly upper 50s to low 60s this afternoon. rain rolls in this time tomorrow. and we'll have scattered rain on your accuweather seven-day forecast wednesday through thursday. quarter to half inch, maybe two inches in the north bay. leyla. mike, if yourels take you out of redwood city into men lo park, waf watch for this crash blocking one lane southbound at 101 at marsh road. looks like traffic starting to
9:00 am
break up. kristen. leyla, thank you. join us for midday news today at announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film "delivery man," vince vaughn. and nicole murphy is here to kick off "live's" family recipe thanksgiving week. plus, an unbelievable watery interview with magician david blaine. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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