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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 13, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on when at 5:00. thank you very much for joining us. >> so, two days until friday. >> that is right. let's look at the forecast. >> well start with visibility. concern in the north bay and novato is less than quarter mile visibility and napa is 1.25 visibility and santa rosa is less by the moment at half a mile. everyone else is doing okay. so far the fog is staying in the north bay valley. temperatures today unmostly sunny sky with a lot of
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low-to-mid 70's but not so humid. a few high clouds this afternoon in the mid-to-upper 60's in half moon bay and san francisco and san mateo. now the morning commute. are there issues waiting outside? >> there are. we do have 34 bart trains running on time and now we have 37 we have a brand new accident at bay point westbound at highway 4 at bailey road, a solo vehicle spinout facing sideways and blocking the slow lane but not causing delays. we had slowing through antioch and it dissipates but we under half an hour if you need to make it out of antioch to concord. this is our drive in the not bay southbound 101 into central san rafael with fog reports out here and it looks clear now. >> lights are back on at the graton resort and casino with an investigates under way after a
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car accident left the gambling casino in the dark along with the neighborhoods. amy hollyfield is in the area. lots of security concerns. >> everything is back to normal, kristen. the lights are on. it took a little while to get the machines back up and running. they had trouble with that. now everything is fine. here is video of the cause: a car crashed into a utility pole. the driver ran away. they are still looking for the driver. this happened before 11:00 last night and knocked out power to 3,600 pg&e customers including the new graton resort and casino. witnesses say a few lights came on in the casino but it was very dim. >> what a way to start the casino. pretty crazy.
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who thought it would happen in a brand new casino? >> no one knew what was going on which was the upset. no one was give us any information. probably the worst part. customs at the casino say it was confusing. they were not being allowed to cash out their chips and there was a decision change and they were. they had to form a line to crash in. it was confusing and a test no the new casino the first week of opening california's largest casino but the lates back on. today, mass burying begins intact ban -- in tacloban in the now at 2,275 with relief workers
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scrambling to get more food and water and medical supplies in the hardest hit areas but they are hampered by damaged roads, wet weather and poor communications. there has been looting but order is restored. eight were killed yesterday when the wall of a warehouse clapped while being looted by thousands. >> petroleum here with loved ones in the philippines are desperate to help out. a round trip ticket to manila costs $1,500 each and many are packing a bag and flying to the philippines including the we family from fremont taking a tent, sleeping bags and a duffle bag with medicine and bandages. matt will introduce us to other families headed there. >> palo alto is donating $10,000 to help the sister city of the philippine province. the city council approved to
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help the city and the mayor is asking residents to donate. they provided aid to palo alto after the loma prieta earthquake. if you where want to doughnut we have information under "see it on tv." >> a stranger? oakland into an elementary school claiming he was there to meet a parent to pick up the daughter. the mother was at would when the man toll the administration he was waiting for the mother and given a visitor's pass and wandered all over campus before disappearing. the school is overhailing the security procedures. >> everything has to be tight at all times because anything can happen at any time and there should be no cracks for an intruder to slip through. >> the school held a safety meeting for parents on monday
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night and added more surveillance video and require people to show i.d. to verify the approved pick up lists they should be on. >> san francisco sheriff deputy accused of bank robbery could learn if he will stand trial for the crime. he is accused of robbing a bank of america in the outer richmond neighborhood in november and faces self felony charges. police say he walked into the bank and handed the teller a note saying he had a gun and took off with $1,700 in cash. he was recognized by investigators and the presents were on the note. he filed for bankruptcy last year and has been suspended from the sheriff's department. >> tesla motors c.e.o. says the palo alto company will not recall the model s although three cars have caught fire the last six weeks. he says the headlines are mislead diagnose claims the cars are safe.
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tesla shares were down 5 percent, saying he would recall immediately if he thought there was a safety problem. a car caught fire in tennessee after a drive hit a trailer hitch in the road and the natural highway administration is in contact with tesla and will decide whether they need further action. >> the public will have a chance to have the voices heard at the first regent meeting for the university of california new president janet napolitano, the former homeland security secretary has been the subject of protests since being named as head of the university system in california. protesters want her removed because she deported two million immigrants when in charge of homeland security. >> city college of san francisco says they are confident it will be able to keep accreditation.
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leaders of the community college say though are on track to making the nexts demanded by the state commission that will decide whether to reverse their decision to revoke city college's accreditation based on financial mismanagement claims. losing accrued dangerous will lead to closure and 85,000 students scrambles to find other cools. >> police are planning to clear out three small downtown homeless encampments tomorrow at the catches located along a creek near south california boulevard and south main street. the health services and local homeless organizations are working to help a dozen people would live there to find a new place to stay. >> it feels chilly this morning. we. >> everyone is cooler with the square that is seeing the least amount of drop in temperature is san francisco and most of us in the mid-50's with 56 through the
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ferry building and 53 across the golden gate bridge and 54 headed for downtown. we have a lot of 40's in palo alto and saratoga and walnut creek at 44 degrees. pittsburg is 52. american can beyond is 41. we richmond is at 50 as is union city. from mount tamalpais it is calm, it is clean, and it is cool. bit afternoon hours, check out our temperatures: this is showing everyone at 65 or 6 and most of us in the low-to-mid 70's with san francisco at 67 and two degrees above average. this is the day planner breaking down 39 to 52 with fog in the north bay and 62 to 70 at noon and a few high clouds 63 to 72 at 4:00 and grab a coat pause it will be cooler this morning,
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mid-to-upper 50's now the commute. leyla gulen? >> construction in milpitas at 680 northbound and southbound we have lanes taken away until approximately 6:00 this morning and 880 is clear and when you get closer to 280 you will run into another project and that will last until 6:00 this morning. detours are in place. as we take you to bay point we have the accident blocking one lane and it is always nice to hear when a big rig pulls up and they stop to protect the car until c.h.p. arrives so we thank our big rig drives and those who put themselves in harm's way. westbound highway 4, watch out for these folks. kristen and eric? >> next, one thing people say will make them work harder. it is not money. bloomberg business report is next. >> a bay area hospital declares a fiscal emergency and how soon
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it could run out of money. >> temperatures plunge in the east as the first major storm of the fall hits the region
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covering santa clara, east bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happening today in hawaii, the governor is expected to sign a bill legalizing same-sex
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marriage. state senators passed the bill yesterday leading the way for couples living in hawaii and tourists to marry starting in december the 15 the state to recognize same-sex marriage. >> change is ahead for netflix. >> most members could be stuffing shopping bags rather than their turkey. now to the new york stock exchange with jane king. jane? >> shopping could become the measure normal on thanksgiving. a marketing professors says most major chains are open all day on turkey day in five years. with thanksgiving becoming just another shopping day what is the best way to avoid the crowd? there are 10 days to consider to go out for breathing room: when december 4, least crowded of. mondays tuesday, and friday of that week are good and december 11. some changes as los gatos
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netflix getting a facelift for a richer experience to watch. this highlights a list of movies based on past viewing. and a new seasonal drink with prices varying for coffee drinks. trading futures are quiet and have been all night but lower is the trend we are seeing. are you more motivated by appreciation or fear? a survey says that 81 percent work harder when the we bass shows they are grateful and only 37 percent harder because they fear losing their job. >> officials are declaring a fiscal emergency after a
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hospital ran a deficit of $18 million and losing $1 million each me right now. without new funds the hospital will run out of cash and be unable to operate beyond may 2014. initials look at reducing label. costs. the hospital district filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and was bailed out by contra costa county last year. >> the house is holding another hague on the technical issues behind the rollout to president obama's health care website. 257,000 tried to get on the site but the majority of the problems are fixed and people are signing up. republicans want did know how much blame should be shouldered by the white house and whether the website is secure. >> we have an exclusive interview with the mysterious woman who was the face of the obamacare website, her image disappearing and the white house would not reveal her name is
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speaking out this morning on "good morning america" right here at 7:00. >> the early blast of winter is keeping many members bundled up from the northeast to the gulf coast. raleigh, north carolina has snow with lows in the 20's from the gulf coast to western texas and michigan are dealing with 1' of snow. police in new york blame black ice for a 20-car pileup that shut down a highway. seasonable temperatures are expected to return for the eastern united states by friday. >> contrasted with the 70's we have been getting in the afternoon. >> quite a seesaw. >> they have winter and we have late fall. it is still pretty warm in san francisco compared to the summertime. visibility at 101 corridor and
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the commute i am worried at less than a quarter-mile visibility but three miles' visibility in napa. we it is not as heavy as it was it is still in the valleys. as far as what is going on, from sutro tower we are look at downtown with the bay bridge over to emeryville look how calm the water is with high pressure back bringing us mostly sunny and mild day with high clouds this afternoon but it will be a day where you need the sunglasses with embryos thursday and friday but not up to fire danger criteria. we are still watching that. unsettled this weekend and it is still dry but trending cooler than year. south bay is not so much, the same as yesterday low-to-mid 70's with san jose and cupertino at 7 degrees and 67 in millbrae up to 72 in los altos on the
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peninsula and 62 is the cool spot and half moon bay is 65 a warm spot and upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and temperatures ten degrees cooler at the coast and berkeley is 68, and everyone else is around 70 to 72. inland we are at 72 to 74. tonight, almost as cool as this original with high clouds bringing us insulation so low-to-mid 40's inland and upper 40's to 54 at the bay shore and the coast. you can see the high pressure domenating the weather moving to us with the cold air flying from canada again. this will push through and pick up the wees on thursday and friday with offshore wind event and fire event and another low on the slippery slope behind it looking like an inside slider with the moisture headed inside the coastline toward nevada. it means cooler weather for us
5:20 am
with breezy conditions. today, well above average and low-to-mid 70's and slow. withing trend next >> away from 205, it is 27 miles per hour and in livermore and pleasanton, 65 miles per hour for the top speed but a little slowing on highway 84. if you move through castro valley you will be at top speeds in. to berkeley, try, to make it to the bay bridge, 74 miles per hour coming up to emeryville. here is how long it will take you when you cross the bridge, eight minutes if you are headed along the golden gate bridge from sauce least to san francisco and eight minutes from the san mateo bridge at top speed and a look at the toll
5:21 am
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you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve. whether you are just joining us or headed owe the door, developing news: power is restore the to the new graton resort and casino and 3,600 other pg&e customs after power was knocked out after a driver crashed into a pole near highway 101. the casino told customers to evacuate. the power was back on 90 minutes later. authorities are looking for a stranger caught on camera sneaking into an east bay elementary school campus claiming three was there to meet a parent to pick up her daughter. he was given a visitor's pass. there will be reaction from the school in a knew minutes. >> the filipino government has raised the toll to 2,275
5:25 am
victims. workers from around the world are rubbing to get more food, water and medical supplies to people hit bit typhoon haiyan but efforts are ham bird by wet both, poor communications and damaged roads. >> a man served a decade for a murder he did not commit. he walked out of prison greeted by by family and friend after the conviction was overturned. the first order of business? a steak dinner and a beer with his family. >> starbucks says it will restate their 4th quarter numbers to show a loss after loose a fight with fast foods. they were ordered to pay $2.8 billion for pulling out of a grocery deal that allows kraft to sell the bagged starbucks. >> it is dry this morning but we have fog. we have a cooling trend coming to the weekend forecast.
5:26 am
>> quiet commute on hump day. the bay bridge toll plaza is empty indicative of a lot of the roads. >> there is a new record for the highest price of paid no an art work at auction paying $142 million for bacon's 1969 "three studies of freud," with seven bidders after the highest was paid for "the scream." >> now the dream of a rock climbing entrepreneur wanted to express love at the top of a mountain in yosemite for an extreme wedding company. the company unfortunately never
5:27 am
got east ground after dying in a climbing incident after taken but the pictures have gone viral. his friend and fellow photographer remembers talking about the photos. >> it was an idea and a wedding dress and he was literally walking around the camp, the climber village in i don't cement -- in yosemite looking for girls that fit the wedding dress. >> the photos was dormant after the death and is just now surfacing. >> the only news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> including the heated debate as the city council takes up a youth curfew. >> messy problem for a bay area police department runs with new damage at oakland police headquarters after a [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor,
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a lot petroleum will like the forecast compared to yesterday morning if you want a clear commute. live doppler 7 hd showing that around bay into the east bay and the south bay and the coast but in the north bay we having for at 1.5 mile visibility in santa roar and three miles visibility in napa and quarter-mile visibility in novato. this is 101 in san rafael, it is clear, with thing for isolated from novato. the first forecast is high clouds, a few this afternoon, a lot of sunshine and temperatures are mild. low-to-mid 70's inland and upper 60's to mid-70's around the bay and low pressure 60's from the coast to downtown san francisco. enjoy. >> we have a crab so far that
5:31 am
has cleared along westbound highway 4 at bailey road a solo spinout. this is in traffic in the area. coming from antioch to pittsburg 31 miles per hour and downtown to 14 miles per hour approaching leverage road. bumper-to-bumper traffic and it eases into pittsburg. from san francisco to sfo if you have a night to catch it is not a problem and 880 northbound from castro valley to the maze is 13 minutes and 10185 to san jose airport is 11 minutes. here is walnut creek loading up a little bit southbound 680. >> thank you, developing news, power has been restored to nearly 3,600 pg&e customers this morning in row neither -- rohnert park including the graton resort and casino. a vehicle hit a utility pole
5:32 am
near highway 101 and caught fire. power was restored to the area after 90 minutes but the casino and all cuss tops were left in the dark and told to evacuate which didn't make in customers very happy. amy hollyfield will have more in the next half hour. >> the administration at an east bay almostty school are beaching up security after a stranger was allowed to wander the halls saying he was there to pick up a specific student and police are looking for the man. katie marzullo is in our newsroom. >> scary. the mother of the girlfriend at the center of it causes it frightening and the man is still loose. the sheriff deputies have only a first name and surveillance video to go on. last week the man with the long hair went in the office and said he was this to meet a mom and pick up her daughter. he gave the little girl's first
5:33 am
name and only gave his first name and showed no i.d. and three was given a visit or's pass. he was able to walk around the entire school. my daughter told me that she saw him in the back of the school and something told her to run. that was extremely frightening for me. >> the man never made contact with the girl and left campus on his own. she has no idea who he is. parents can school administration had a meeting and agreed on new safety procedures including the fact that the visitors have to sign in show i.d., and be on an approved list. >> she and the other parents still want a higher fence around the school we and a buddy system so kids go to the restroom or wherever on campus in pairs.
5:34 am
>> this morning, relief workers from around the world are scrambling to get more food, water, and medical supplies to survives of typhoon haiyan. a humanitarian official says there are no available trucks and roads are closed. local police say there has been looting the past four days but they have restored order. the president of the philippines believes the debt toll will be lower than the original estimate of 10,000. the toll now is raised to 2,275 surpassing the low end of what the president predicted yesterday. two americans are among the dead. people with loved ones in the philippine are desperate to help. >> matt? >> it costs $1,hundred -- 1,500 for a round trip ticket from sfo to manila but that is not stopping people tray to get to their families in the
5:35 am
philippines. chaos senators in the philippines. one family from san jose will land in manila. friends have given money to take back with them. they do not know how they get to tacloban 350 miles arm where the family home has crumbled. the business is standing, but, barely. >> it is torn apart. it is unsafe. my brother wants to look for employees but i am saying don't go. array monday and his family from fremont rush to get on the plight to manila after getting confirmation that his parents were still alive in the town of tacloban. they are bringing we medical supplies of the local organizations will give an update on fundraising efforts as people continue to support the petroleum impacted in the philippines by this devastating typhoon.
5:36 am
we have the information you need to donate on, click on "see it on tv." >> there is another plumbing police causing severe flooding for the second time in five months similar to what happened in june when a building was closed for a week. on saturday, a valve broke in a purpose room. it was thought to be plugged but it started on monday morning and remains open. rugs and decks and computers were damaged. >> the latest proposal for a nighttime curfew is shot down. a public safety committee rejected the city council's plan to impose the curfew banning minors from being in public alone from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. saying it would keep
5:37 am
children from, withing crime victims but critics say young people could be unfairly profiled by police. >> the man and former lover accused of murdering a federal investigator from oakland will stand trial. the alameda superior court ruling came after a preliminary hearing lasted a week. 56-year-old randy alana is charged with caltranering sandra coke, taking her car and using her debit card. the body was found in a park in august. he insists he did not skill her but does not deny being at the low mel where he think she was killed. he has 17 criminal convictions. >> the first of a series is launched into why the new bay bridge costs so much 789 the state senator is chairing the informational hearing at the state capital with the committee hoping the hearings will help lawmakers draft reform legislation we to manage future projects such as the $68 billion
5:38 am
high-speed rail plan. in 1998, engineers estimated that construction of the new bay bridge would take four years and cost $1.4 billion. instead it took lohan years and $6.4 billion. >> golden gate bridge commuters will have to pay higher tolls by spring with the bridge directors meeting on friday to explore options on row seeding. the toll could go up to $8 the next five years. officials say the hikes are needed to make up the budget deficit. officials say the revenue will be used to maintenance and run buses and ferries reducing rush hour con discretion on the bridge. we. >> is this going to be different than tuesday? >> we are starting cooler with no rain. temperatures will be close to where we were yesterday which is above average. 12 togethers cooler this morning
5:39 am
in livermore and forward and 11 in napa and novato, mountain view and san jose nine degrees cooler. hayward at seven. oakland at six. san francisco is four degrees cooler. 44 in redwood city and foster city at 47, and menlo park at 45 and palo alto is 43. there is more cool air drainage in the mountains here than in belmont at 54 and san mateo at 50 and 54 in san bruno. we have low 50's around oakland and 49 in fremont and concord and 42 in san ramon and novato and santa rosa at 45. as we head through the next 12 hours, total sunshine and low-to-mid 60's but near 70 inland with quick warming and high clouds mix with sun and we will build in the 60's to low 70's and everyone is back to the mid-to-upper 50's and it will be cooler this evening. enjoy the day. >> so far it is great. we do not have any crashes
5:40 am
reported. we have the congestion we seen at usual roadways. over the altamont pass it is bumper to bumper and then it things out. we are looking at more traffic moving into livermore. we have construction which will last until 6:00 if you are coming up to the tolls eastbound direction to canal boulevard we will have lanes blocked off until and headed in the westbound direction it is not a problem. we do have fog reports moving down 101 and headed into central san rafael but it is looking clear. to the north the fog could affect the commute. in san jose, 280 shows extra clouds to 17 so headed into cupertino it will be on time. >> california fast food industry is on the hot speed with questions stated lawmakers have
5:41 am
of the wages workers earn. >> a bizarre crime in stockton, a woman was kidnapped and forced to be part of an exercise so. >> chihuahuas are getting the red carpet treatm
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5:44 am
covering los altos, petaluma and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. new york city firefighters are check the stability of an apartment fire after a giant fire. three residents were hurt trying to escape. one heard an explosion before smoke and flames started pouring from a third floor window. parts of two floors collapsed. >> two men are in jail accused of kidnapping a woman and. ifing an exorcism. the 41-year-old woman was taken by her estranged husband and her son. they have been separated since january and she started seeing someone else. blanca says she was held down while a pastor drove to a church
5:45 am
in bay point. >> they were bathing me in oil and made me swallow it and i was throwing out. the pastor said you have the devil, and then i fainted. >> blanca sent a text to her boyfriend alerting him she was in trouble. after the exorcism she was driven back to her home where police were waiting. the pass tore was not charged. >> lawmakers will hold a hague were at fast food straw low wages and the cost to taxpayer after a nationwide movement called to raising minimum wages for fast food workers to $15 an hour. a report showed low wage fast food jobs cost taxpayers $117 million a year in california for public programs needed to survive. lawmakers will take up the matter this afternoon. >> local community advocates are
5:46 am
still opposed to a new water front arena in san francisco. year, the warriors unveil add new design for the proposed arena scaled back, though, from the old version with 18,000 seats, and the size of the building is smaller and the top edge is lower but critics say there are conditions about traffic. supporters say this balances park space and waterfront access with no final decisions expected . they hope the arena is if place for the season. >> it will cause more than $36 million to fix the damage to san francisco's water and power systems caused by last summer's rim fire near yosemite. the wildfire burned through the water system that brings water and power to the city. city hall is a flying foe state and federal aid.
5:47 am
san francisco has $1 billion insurance policy that could cover part of the cost. >> virgin airlines in san francisco will go to the dogs this morning when they air lit chihuahuas to new york city. virgin america and san francisco animal control and aspca have been teaming up to send the dogs to new york. there is a overpopulation of chihuahuas and there is a demand in new york. the latest group of chihuahuas is given the red carpet treatment when they leave sfo. virgin america tweeted they will take $25 percent 50 of future flights you book and donate $5 to the cause for the chihuahua operation. >> we will have cooler temperatures and we could recline in an hammock but it
5:48 am
will not hang around. we cannot have the days with temperatures 5- to 10-degrees above average in a changeable time of year. can you see the arctic high pressure over the midwest and the mid-atlantic so there are no clouds. temperatures are in the 20's as far south at hot 'lanta where it is cold. we have been tracking visibility that could be dangerous for the commute. they have improved and napa is three and santa rosa is 1.5 mime -- mime in novato. sausalito to san francisco and down to the san mateo bridge southbound from mount tamalpais, it is very clean but cooler this morning. we will start off with total sunshine with a few high clouds and it will be mild again. it will be breezy and cooler tomorrow and friday and especially this weekend.
5:49 am
two systems could slide inside and miss up with rain but they are going to drop the temperatures and still the possibility a higher fire danger on thursday and friday. not to the critical point where we have to issue a watch or wanting but getting close. low-to-mid 70's in the south bay and 70 in mill peed and 75 in gilroy and slow and cupertino and 72 and upper 60's to low 70's on the peninsula. low-to-mid 60's along the coast with daly city and colma at 63. low-to-mid 60's at the beaches including bodega bay and low-to-mid 70's in the valleys to the north. 68 at berkeley and 69 in alameda and low 70's for everyone else and low-to-mid 70's inland neighborhoods. here is what is happening tonight, high clouds at three to four degrees warmer and low 40's to 50's. no rain tomorrow but the wind
5:50 am
shift makes it cooler. on its heels we have cooler weather and breezy conditions for the week end. tomorrow is two to four degrees cooler and same on friday and saturday. then we are ten degrees coolers when it will feel like fall but it will remain dry. >> mike, we will go to san jose where a construction project wrapping up in the next ten minutes, northbound and southbound 680, 280, you will find construction crews so slow for the cone zone northbound 101 between 280/680 split to bumper to bumper. the north bay shows the orange is possible fog that key picket your commute so 101 headed through santa rosa and petaluma to novato you will see possible
5:51 am
fog. that is headed into napa. we know that mass transit is running on time with ferries that are firing up the engines. >> coming up, the cancer causing vapors seeping into a south bay neighborhood. we have welcome news if you live or work there. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl.
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>> the first united states postage stamp with images from harry potter movies go on sale with five million books of 20 first-class forever harry potter stamps that have 20 unique images from eight movies of the boy wizard. you can order the stamps from the post office website on buy them in person starting thursday. >> here is mike with the forecast. >> maybe he will fine us, we have the dancing lights of the bay bridge this morning as we look from our camera beyond the ferry building with a beautiful back drop at six to nine degrees warmer-than-average with san
5:55 am
francisco two degrees warmer-than-average. the average is 65 to 66 the most homogenized we get in the bay area. we will be nearly 90 in los angeles and 81 in san diego and 80 in sacramento and record 61 in tahoe. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> a brand new accident in walnut creek traveling along southbound 680 up to main street and airbags have been deployed. so far it is not causing delays at nine minutes away from highway four to 24 but want out for that, it could cause delays. our tolls show traffic backing up away from the maze as we look at the cash-paying lanes, the fast track lanes are moving slowly we toward the tolls but they getting through and you make it beyond it you have clear continues through the tunnels into san francisco.
5:56 am
>> we have learned the results of federal tests own cancer causing vapors seeping into a neighborhood. people living near the intel building and factory knew a plume contaminated the ground water with a vapor that caused cancer and birth defects. in november the epa notified residents random testing found high concentration of the solvent below ground. we have learned tests done in the past few months found no trace above ground. >> state lawmakers is feeling the heat over a planned trip to hawaii and 16 california lawmakers fly to maui to a conference with sponsors spaying, did 7,000 each to attend panel discussions about health care and public health and economic development held at an ocean front resort.
5:57 am
a separate group of state lawmakers is meeting in hawaii this week in another sponsored trip. >> help from the bay area with a peninsula city making a generous donations to the philippines after the typhoon haiyan. >> a power outage hits the bay area casino that stopped the gaming action. >> imagine being 30,000' in the sky when there is a crack in the
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> developing new, a scar slams into a poll and bursts into flame and knocks out power if thousands of customers including the largest casino. it impacted late night gamblers.
6:00 am
>> relief blocked with help hard to come by in the philippines. >> stranger warning: a man walks on a school campus and wanders without any problem. reaction from parents and what the school is doing now. >> thanks for joining us on this wednesday at 6:00. >> a check on the wet forecast. mike nicco is here. >> we have live doppler 7 hd to track the fog this morning. it is at the coast and the north bay valley with less than quarter-mile visibility at novato. the real heart of the forth is around novato and santa is up to 9 and santa rosa up to ten. it is cooler stepping outside by ten degrees. 52 at 7:00 this morning for the temperature. 4 and mild at noon and a few high clouds and sunny and 68 at 4:00. cooler this evening. grab a heavy


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