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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 7, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking now for the west. the government fires a major shot against transfats. fda announcing they aren't generally safe making the first move to take them out of all of our food. make irchange is coming for our kitchen table. football under fire. a special council now investigating the bullying firestorm. as we learn the miami dolphins player in the middle had to check into a hospital. and breaking overnight, hall of famer tony dorsett announces his battle with brain disease from too many hits on the field. the stock market skyrockets to a new high. now a big day ahead as one of the most famous companies in america is about to go public. it's all about #twitter this morning. what does it mean, for your money? ♪ ♪ i'm a country girl and i love animals yoet
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and a big night for the rookies, and george strait crowned entertainer of the year as we say -- >> good morning, america. hello, everyone. happy thursday. and how about the cmas last night. what a stellar night in nashville. how beautiful does robin roberts look right there. on stage to give the last award of the night, for entertainer of the year, to george strait. he has won it, now, three times. >> robin roberts. looking so great. and as george said, a standing "o" for robin, who looked spectacular. a lot of new country acts winning. from florida georgia line to kacey musgraves. what a night. >> it was fun when she took the stage.
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twitter lit up. >> exploded. yep. >> josh, you have something really special this morning. went to afghanistan to look at these reunions. >> yeah. there's moments i feel like they get us all, the moments when military members reunited with their family. we are calling this "operation homecoming." for us, an inside look at the emotional toll and the sacrifice, from the thousands of miles of separation, as we travel back with the troops. three of them there. you see these are some unbelievable moments, when they return from afghanistan, to see their loved ones again. can't wait to bring it to you. >> looking forward to that. let's get right to the story that broke before our west coast broadcast. the agency is in the first stages of removing all transfats from your food. a major change at the kitchen table and at the grocery store. what are they doing? >> this is a huge story.
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trans fats, are in pizza, popcorn, bakery items, margarine. the fda ruled these transfats are no longer considered safe to use in food. manufacturers have to reform the products and get them out. >> they affect cholesterol. >> they raise your ldl or bad cholesterol. lower hdl or good cholesterol. if you get them out of the food supply it will save 7,000 lives a year. >> i don't know about the labels. that's the big question whether they should be outlawed. in 2006 they added it to tables. after the labeling it went down to 1 gram per day. by law, congress requires fda evaluates all food additives if they say they're not safe they have to get them out. >> what happens next? >> it opens upa 60-day comment
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period. after that, they have to be out of everything we eat. >> lara. >> now we turn to the new developments of the nfl hazing case. this morning, a special counsel set to dig into the allegations of the accusations. and matt gutman is there with the very latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. investigators essentially being brought in to act as a referee, to make the call between two vastly different narratives. one, jonathan martin simply calling foul about something that is fair play in the nfl? or was he so brutally bullied that it drove him to a mental breakdown? miami dolphins lineman, jonathan martin, said he was so mercilessly bullied, he had to check himself into a south florida hospital last week. his coach rushing to his bedside around midnight. according to espn, even then, martin didn't mention hazing as a cause of his breakdown. >> the dolphins head coach has been adamant and consistent,
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that never once has jonathan martin come to him and said, i've got a problem. i'm being harassed. i'm being bullied. and in fact, when he visited martin in the hospital, it never came up. >> reporter: martin is now in california with his family. his father telling omg insider -- >> he's a strong man. he's doing fine. >> reporter: as for richie incognito, the suspended lineman accused not only of harassing and threatening martin, but also calling him the "n" word, dolphins seem to be closing ranks around him. >> all i know about richie, he's a great teammate to me. i saw him being a great teammate all of the time. >> i've seen pictures of them playing around. they're always playing around. >> reporter: and this instagram picture seems to show the pair of 300-pounders as fast friends. they not only flew side-by-side, but stood shoulder-to-shoulder on the offensive line. overnight, reports surfaced that martin talked to teammates about quitting football, even before checking himself into the hospital. some players assigning part of the blame on martin. saying, he should have been tougher. >> is incognito wrong? absolutely. he's 100% wrong.
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at the same time, jonathan martin is a 6'4", 320-pound man. at some point in time, you have to stand your ground as an individual. >> reporter: questioning his touchness, coaches allegedly spurning incognito to toughen martin up. >> a charge coach deny when asked about it. >> jonathan martin came in here and worked hard every day. >> reporter: one solution, a lot of folks around the league have been talking about, apparently even within the dolphins organization, that all this could have been averted, had martin decked incognito. this is the nfl, of course. george? >> that's one solution. matt, thanks very much. to wall street, now, where the stock market set another record yesterday. a big day ahead. investors will be able to buy stock in twitter for the first time. betty liu here with more on all that. the climb continues. i've seen some analysts call this a melt-up and that's good news for 401(k)s. >> right. it's like the holiday gift that keeps on coming.
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and coming earlier. we talked about lower gas prices earlier. now, you have fatter retirement accounts. the dow jumped about 129 points yesterday to its 33rd record high. we've seen a gain of about 20% in stocks this year. if you put $10,000 on january 1st, you'd be $2,000 richer. you can buy some pretty nice gifts for your husband and wife for christmas. >> you have the ipo for twitter today. we remember what happened when facebook launched. and twitter went to school on that. >> yes. they don't want to be facebook 2.0. they know how the movie ended there. so they've done a couple of things differently. they played itself. so far it's worked really well. they're going to start at $26 a share. and one analyst told me it could pop up maybe about 20% to 30% and come down a little bit from there. they have done a couple things differently. they told investors about all the risks they have listed on the new york stock exchange. and maybe the most important of all, there's no ceo in a hoodie running the place. >> what does it mean for the average investor?
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>> the average investor, it means there's a feel-good effect here. companies are coming to the market. you know, facebook helped the stock market later on. now twitter is likely -- investors are buying in and there's this feel-good effect in stocks. >> betty liu, thanks very much. let's go to josh with the other top stories. we're going to go with a bribery and prostitution scandal rocking the u.s. navy. a scandal that is growing this morning. a high-ranking officer has been charged. he and fellow commanders are accused of providing foreign defense contractor classified information about ship movements to inflate prices charged to the pentagon. this, in exchange for prostitutes, cash, even tickets to a lady gaga concert. the ceo of the defense contractor, leonard francis, is in custody in san diego this morning. now, to the fallout of the problems plaguing obama care. the chief information officer for health is stepping down, thus becoming the first
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key player to do so, but health secretary kathleen sebelius insisted wednesday that the website is improving by the day. although she admitted early enrollment figures would be very low. and scientists say that they have new evidence that palestinian leader arafat was poisoned. palestinian officials long claimed israel had a hand in his death. israel denied that. the new report found samples taken from arafat's body had high levels of radioactive polonium. and for the first time, we're hearing the frantic 911 calls from inside that mall in new jersey, as a gunman was on the loose monday night. hundreds of people ran for cover when richard shoop walked in and began firing into the air. the first person you're about to hear called 911, while hiding in a store. >> 911. >> someone is shooting up --
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>> all right. stay on the phone with me sweetheart. how many people in the bathroom with you? >> there's three. >> there's trying to let people out that are running towards the doors. >> i can see the officers lined up outside the store. but i don't want to walk out. i'm inside the store, in the office, with the door locked by myself. but i'm scared and i want to get out of the mall. >> everyone did in fact get out of that mall. you see the overwhelming responses by authorities there. everybody got out unharmed. shoop would later take his own life. and a burglar in florida, actually got stuck in the chimney. you see his foot. both he and his accomplice are under arrest. and something you never thought would happen. last spring, we actually brought you this story.
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college basketball star kevin ware of louisville suffered a gruesome injury in march madness. he broke his leg on the court. brute at injury. millions of people watching, horrified. last night, kevin ware, back, returning with the louisville cardinals. receiving a standing ovation as he took the court. a remarkable recovery. and then, watch what happened when he finally got back to the game. >> ware shooting. >> are you kidding me? who says there are no storybooks? >> a story book, indeed. something tells me this is but the first chapter of several he will write this year. it's amazing to see him back, after you consider what happened to him, and what he went through. you can see it all. >> it was bad on television. >> very, very bad. >> i have to give it to josh, though. you called it. you said, he will be back. >> i didn't even -- i didn't think he would make it to the opener. but, boy. he proved us all wrong. and welcome back. >> he looked great out there. >> thank you, josh. >> that's great. and moving, now, to a major website glitch for walmart. the snafu seriously rolling back prices. letting some shoppers think,
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operative word, think they were snagging expensive electronics for next to nothing. abc's rob nelson has more on that story. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, lara. it was an outright gold rush on walmart's website yesterday, with customers scrambling to grab deals that seemed too good to be true. just one small problem. they were. if it's too good to be true, then it probably is. a lesson being learned the hard way today, by walmart customers who thought they had found some truly unbelievable deals. a 20-inch computer monitor for $8.85. a normally $600 projector for just $8.99. a motorized car for kids at just 29 bucks. >> i was excited to see these crazy deals. >> reporter: word began to spread like wildfire on twitter. one guy boasting this $2,000 tv he picked up for 330 bucks. but this was no early christmas special. these dramatically slashed prices were all the result of a glitch in walmart's website.
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not only had the wacky pricing problems been corrected by late wednesday. but the retail giant is also saying it will not honor the mislabeled purchases that are due to be shipped. in a statement, a walmart spokesperson said given the wide discrepancy in pricing, we are notifying the customers that they're orders have been canceled. they'll be refunded in full. >> i think it's a little unfair to all of those families that are unable to get the deals and purchases they were hoping on. >> reporter: wednesday's technical glitch was certainly a two-way street. at one point, a can of lysol was going for more than 92 bucks. and this spider-man toy for the little ones, was marked at more than $330. meanwhile, customers who thought they were clicking their way to some monster deals will soon face a reality and price check. now, the news may not be all bad here. walmart did say the customers whose orders are being canceled will be treated to a $10 electronic gift card.
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the store refused to say how many erroneous sales may have taken place or how much money potentially would have been lost. but who don't love gift cards. >> thank you, rob. now, the latest bombshell on head injuries in the nfl. one of the greatest running backs of all time has revealed a new and shocking diagnosis. doctors told tony dorsett that his brain has tested positive for signs of the degenerative condition known as cte. abc's john muller with more on that. good morning, john. >> he went to the hall of fame by evading the best tacklers in the business. but these days, he gets lost driving his daughters to soccer games. tony dorsett, fresh off a brain scan with doctors at ucla, fears for his life. this morning, hall of fame football player, tony dorsett, speaking out on being diagnosed with chronic traumatic
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encephalopathy. >> glad to see tony dorsett get up and walk off the field. >> reporter: he told "outside the lines" he doesn't know how many concussions he suffered during his career in the nfl. but the worst was one this violent hit in a cowboys/eagles game. back in 1984. >> tony dorsett is still on the ground. >> it reminded me of a mack truck, hitting a volkswagen. i mean, he just blew me up. they call that a knockout. >> reporter: today, he faces the consequences of those hits, including depression, mood swings and memory loss. >> my memory -- it's getting worse and worse as the days go by. my short-temperedness, i'm very short-tempered, it gets worse. >> reporter: dorsett says he's prone to outbursts at his wife and daughters. >> it's painful, for my daughters to say they're scared of me. >> reporter: at his lowest moments, he said he even thought about suicide.
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>> i mean, i'm too smart of a person, i'd like to think, to take my life. but it's crossed my mind. >> reporter: dorsett is 1 of 4,500 plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit filed against the nfl. the nfl has declined to comment. but repeatedly asserted that there's not enough evidence to draw the conclusion that playing football causes cte or other brain damages. guys. it's cma time right now. all of country's biggest stars, including robin, out in nashville last night. rachel smith is with us with all of the highlights. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of night >> reporter: it was some kind of night, indeed in nashville, as country's biggest superstars rocked out. >> i thank all of you for the prayers and the love you sent my way this past year. >> reporter: our own robin
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roberts, bringing the crowd to its feet. >> george strait. >> reporter: presenting the award for entertainer of the year to the legendary george strait. and it was an ultimate date night, for husband and wife, blake shelton and miranda lambert, taking home male and female vocalists of the year. where are they going to go in the house? >> the good news is, our shelf is full. we have to get a bigger one. ♪ >> reporter: florida georgia line cruised their way to single and vocal duo of the year. >> they are heavy, aren't they? ♪ >> reporter: hosts brad paisley and carrie underwood bringing the music and the comedy, with a little help from "duck dynasty." one of country music's highest honors, the pinnacle award, was given to taylor swift for dominating the music scene around the globe.
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an interesting note, george strait last won entertainer of the year in 1990. a gap of 23 years. another big winner last night, in the fashion department, our very own robin roberts, looking stunning, as she presented mr. strait with his award. >> she sure did. rachel, thanks very much. let's get weather from sam. look at that chill across the middle of the country. >> even in nashville. nashville is a great town. but it's a super town the night of the cmas. just an amazing, electric place. let's watch the cold front move down to the south. there's interesting stuff going on. five states with frost or freeze warnings. you have 17 states near the freezing mark early in the morning. dallas, you're not in those freeze situations. but i think ft. worth is. it kind of splits across the area there. san angelo, you've got cold temperatures. midland, albuquerque, denver, at 33. here's the straight shot of cold air. the good news for southern sections is, those temperatures jump up in the afternoon.
7:19 am
they're kind of taken care of. northern numbers are not. in comes the front in the eastern seaboard. there's early morning rain. some of this will be gone by afternoon. philly, new york, you're out of it earlier. boston, it may linger until about drive time in new england. but just so you know, that's the way your day shapes up, a little showery along the coast. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. partly sunny and mild again today. the cooling trend is still slated for the weekend as is
7:20 am
light rain possible for veterans day. today's temperatures a lot like yesterday's, low to mid-70s because we're starting so warm this morning. mid-60s at the coast. less cloud cover tonight, a little cooler, mid to upper 40s inland, upper 40s to low 50s for the rest of us. that list of sunniest cities on this thursday, brought to you by macy's. we'll take a look and talk about the brand-new system that works into the northwest. >> terrific. thank you so much, sam. coming up on "gma," a dramatic day of testimony in the trial of the doctor accused of killing his wife. his fellow inmate revealing startling confessions. and the california couple accused of planting drugs in the car of a pta volunteer at their son's school. what's that all about? and the cruel and elaborate host that targeted top celebrities. how brad paisley and his wife were fooled. this may shock you a bit this morning. from the head of an exercise company. why the chairman says some women's bodies just don't work
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sunnyvale. henry's father, a 22-year-old, was stopped yesterday afternoon at a checkpoint near lukeville in pima county, arizona. he remains jailed there this morning. sunnyvale police are not sure when the baby will be rerunited with his mom. northbound side of 680 at sunol boulevard, a big rig and another vehicle, the other vehicle facing the wrong direction. mostly slow traffic in the southbound direction. as we take you to the richmond san rafael, this crash is cleared with five vehicles but quite the backup. >> when we come
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♪ jesus loves me this i know ♪ sounds like a child. but that's the voice of a woman who lured top celebrities like brad paisley and his wife, into an elaborate hoax. abc tracked down the woman behind it. it's part of a year-long, abc news investigation. this story is incredible. you will not believe it. >> unbelievable. also coming up, the couple accused of planting drugs in the car of a pta volunteer at their son's school. the husband on trial right now. why they allegedly did it. >> a lot to get through. also, provocative comments from the chairman of the popular clothing company, lululemon. he says the issues with the company's clothes, are the customers' fault. not sure if he wants to actually sell more clothes. >> that's going to be a tough
7:31 am
one today. also, we are, by the way, ladies and gentlemen, have you heard? day four of our great "gma" car giveaway. here it is. it's your chance to win one of three brand-new mazdas. all you have to do is hang out with us in the morning. it is that easy to get the keys of a brand-new car. we will drop it off, and i think i have to, drive it to your driveway. to the front door. i'll try to watch the lawn on my way in. all you have to do is listen for this sound -- and put your face on the tv screen because at that point, there's going to be a clue. >> not literally. >> you don't have to get up against it. >> it's very aggressive. just watch the show. >> we're giving a car away. >> logon to on yahoo! for the complete rules and regulations. >> i just want them to win it. >> go, sam. go. >> i want to give you a car. we're going to make a turn. we have a dramatic twist in the trial of the utah doctor charged with killing his wife. new claims he confessed to the murder. aditi roy has the latest.
7:32 am
good morning adeity. >> reporter: the judge says he expects the case to go to the jury by tomorrow. that means the prosecution is close to wrapping up before the defense makes its case. the state's latest witnesses were two fellow inmates of martin macneill. they told jurors the former utah physician made incriminating statements. his face hidden from cameras, the man known as inmate number one told jurors martin macneill made a startling confession to him about his wife. >> he said he had gave her some oxy and some sleeping pills. and then, got her to get in the bathtub. >> did he say what he did next. >> later on, he said he had to help her out. and i asked him what that was. and he said he held her head under the water for a little while. >> did he use the phrase, help her out? >> yes. >> reporter: prosecutors claim that he killed his wife, michele, by giving her a fatal dose of painkillers and luring her into a tub while she was
7:33 am
recovering from cosmetic surgery. his motive, says prosecutors, was to continue an affair. >> did you ask him to describe or why he wanted to kill his wife? >> he said she was in the way. that she wanted the house and the kids. >> reporter: macneill says he is innocent. inmate number one said he befriended macneill while the two were in a texas prison where macneill served time for an unrelated fraud case. another fellow inmate from the utah county jail, also told jurors, macneill made damning statements. >> he said i'm getting away with murdering my wife. >> did martin talk to you about the relationship he had with his wife before she died? >> a little bit, yes. it was going downhill. they were trying to get his money. and she was not going to let him keep cheating on her. >> did he say whether he actually was cheating on her? >> oh, yeah. he told me about his girlfriend. >> reporter: the defense tried to discredit the inmates. >> you agreed to the deal that you wanted? >> that i wanted, no. he agreed to help me out a little bit. >> what was the help you anticipated? >> i wanted to have my record
7:34 am
expunged. when they said they could help out a little bit, i said, i still want to do this. >> reporter: court is in session right now and more dramatic testimony could come together as testimony could come today, as macneill's purported mistress, gypsy willis, is expected to take the stand again. george? >> okay, ady aditi. dan abrams has more on this. we were talking yesterday. the previous inmates testified against macneill, went up to the line of saying he confessed. but didn't cross it. this new testimony does. >> that's right. if you believe this testimony, not only is he a horrible person, but he's a real idiot. you're talking about again and again and again, making incriminating statements to prisoners. often in these cases, you see the defense suggest my client never would have been so dumb as to blank. and in this case, it would be, my client, a very smart guy. a savvy guy. would never have been so dumb as to make incriminating statements to prisoner after prisoner after prisoner. and yet, we do see, in a lot of high-profile cases, that very smart people can do very dumb things.
7:35 am
>> and we're only seeing a very limited defense so far. >> well, the defense is going to start possibly today. and we're expecting that it could be three witnesses. and that's it. or even less. and the most important point that the defense is going to want to make here, is regard to whether martin macneill could have lifted his wife out of the bathtub himself. he calls 911, and he says, i need help. he sends his daughter next door to get a male's help to lift the body out of the bathtub. there's a question as to whether he could have lifted her out himself. because, your wife is dying in the bathtub. you have to be able to get her out of there. he said he couldn't do it. we expect an expert will testify that it would have been difficult for him. >> real quick, does he testify? >> no chance. no way. no how. i mean, particularly, the judge saying the case is going to the jury by friday. now, we turn to the case of the california couple who allegedly planted drugs on a school volunteer, in retaliation
7:36 am
for the way she treated their son. the wife has pled guilty. the husband is now on trial. and he's blaming her for everything. cecilia vega follows this tangled story of revenge gone wrong. >> irvine police. >> i'm concerned that one of the parent volunteers may be under the influence of drugs. >> reporter: it sounds like the voice of a worried parent on that call to police. but prosecutors say it was actually a father acting out a pta plot gone wrong. >> i saw her car driving very erratically. and looks like they had something in the seat of the truck. >> you saw her specifically place something behind her seat? >> reporter: those tapes played in court wednesday, during the opening statements of kent easter's trial. prosecutors say kent and his wife, jill, became upset with a pta volunteer at their son's southern california elementary school for the way she treated the boy. so, they allegedly framed her. >> the defendant planted drugs
7:37 am
in her car, called 911 and had her detained by police. >> reporter: kent now blames his wife for planting the drugs and says she coerced him to turn in the volunteer. he pleaded not guilty. if convicted of false imprisonment, he faces three years in prison. jill easter pleaded guilty to the same charge last month and will spend 120 days in jail. >> this is a case of a trusting husband. no more, no less. jill easter planted drugs in that car. the problem is, she never told her husband. >> reporter: and jurors saw this picture of kent entering a hotel lobby, where prosecutors say he called police, giving the operator the volunteer's real name. >> do you know this person's name? >> i think her name is kelli. >> reporter: that volunteer, kelli peters, was the first witness to take the stand. crying as she recalled watching
7:38 am
police search her car and finding a stash of drugs that did not belong to her. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, los angeles. >> let's get some weather now from sam. >> we're going to start in the northwest now. and to that, we say, we're starting in seattle. good morning, all those areas. brand-new storm system works into the northwest today. and with that, comes some heavy rain. it's not just rain in the area. we're talking about once you get some elevation, whether it's on the coast or just east of the cities there, you have more than three inches of mountain snow coming from that. and your bigger rainfall totals, as well. not as much rain in this round, when you get south towards medford and eugene. but this is a brand-new system that just kind of kicks into the northwest there. we were watching that low move through atlanta, so good morning atlanta as well. and that front goes down through central florida, south florida. it may get into dayton and broward county. it's not rain all day but it is scattered showers and going
7:39 am
anywhere from 66 in orlando. to on the other side of the front, above it 70-degree mark. a few showers is cooler tonight. atlanta, 39. birmingham. washington on the brain. 39 degrees. and tallahassee about 48. hi. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. partly sunny today with mid-60s at the coast, low to mid-70s for the rest of us. enjoy the mild weather. i think we have one more day of it in your accuweather seven-day fo >> all that weather was brought to you by cottonelle. everybody? more weather in the next half hour. >> thank you, sam. >> we have a little of this and a moonwalk. i love it. it's going to be a good day, everybody. inside the haunting hoax that targeted top celebrities. how brad paisley and his wife became victims. they're speaking out. and a husband raising provocative questions of marriage, online on a blog. his comments getting a lot of attention. we'll explain, coming up. f attention. we'll explain, coming up. with a fresher bum. can i talk to you about... bums?
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welcome back. it is 7:43. we continue with brad paisley and his wife opening up about the elaborate scam targeting them and many other celebrities. they were tricked by a woman, pretending to be a young girl dying from cancer. emotional blackmail, if you will. abc news tracked down the woman behind the hoax, as the result of a year-long investigation. abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: they're a nashville power couple. >> brad paisley. >> reporter: the man in the
7:44 am
white hat, hosting the country music awards. and his wife, one of the stars of abc's "nashville." brad and kimberly paisley recently got some unwanted attention. >> like emotional terrorism. >> reporter: from a woman who contacted them about a little girl's dying wish. >> she was supposed to be 8 years old and had a neurostoma. >> i remember thinking what if this is a hoax. it was trumped by an overwhelming feeling, what if it's not a hoax? >> reporter: for ten days, they opened themselves up to a total stranger in agony. and at one point, brad got on the phone and sang "amazing grace." >> then, it started to get weird. ♪ jesus loves me this i know ♪ >> reporter: eventually, they found out it was a hoax. >> i felt so violated. >> i vowed that i'm going to find her. >> reporter: turns out the paisleys were in good company. abc news has tracked down at
7:45 am
least a dozen other celebrities who fell for the same hoax. >> we confirmed at least a dozen people. and there's at least a dozen more that we're working to confirm still. >> reporter: the hoaxer even stole photos of real cancer victims to fool them. we found her in a trailer park in douglas, wyoming. hope jackson knew what she was doing was wrong. what did you get out of it? >> just that moment of being special. >> she hadn't technically committed a crime because she didn't ask for money. but that shows you what a pro she was. >> reporter: but jackson made one crucial mistake. "amazing grace." the performance itself has value. >> it does. >> reporter: even if you're singing it on the phone. >> right. >> reporter: she found herself behind bars for stealing a performance of a song. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, douglas, wyoming. >> that's shocking. >> that's a twist at the end. stealing a performance of a song. >> wow. well, coming up, everybody,
7:46 am
we have the royal ride. will and kate on a double-decker during the morning commute. that must have been easy. >> probably rushing to average, ordinary places. also, a "play of the day." unbelievable performance from two, young superstars. it's "play of the day" coming full circle. >> oh. i like that. oh. >> there's a "play of the day," oh. >> there's a "play of the day," right there. of our students and alumni. people like, maria salazar, an executive director at american red cross. or garlin smith, video account director at yahoo. and for every garlin, thousands more are hired by hundreds of top companies. each expanding the influence of our proud university of phoenix network. that's right, university of phoenix. enroll now. we've got a frame waiting for you.
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> all right. okay. i hope you saw that. >> "the play of the day" already happened. >> let's get right to it. you have to remember these two. we featured them here on "play of the day." huge stars on abc's "nashville." you know, at the cma awards, they song in tribute to taylor
7:51 am
swift, before she received the pinnacle award last night. take a listen. ♪ ♪ standing by, waiting >> just remarkable. also, the growth spirit. >> oh, yeah. >> big sister. >> equally remarkable. big stars, deservedly so. great moments. >> nice to watch them grow up. "deals & steals," oprah edition. these d living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. at first, i took warfarin, but i wondered, "could i up my game?" my doctor told me about eliquis. and three important reasons to take eliquis instead. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. twitter's initial stock offering just started trading on wall street a moment ago and opened at $45 a share. mike checks out the forecast. >> we're going to be warm again today. hi, everybody. high clouds and sunshine, low to mid-70s, above average in most neighborhoods, mid-60s, a little cooler at the coast. your accuweather seven-day forecast, yeah, a little cooler this weekend. still have a slight chance of
7:57 am
rain monday and tuesday. leyla? a four-car crash taking a drive into pittsburgh, westbound side of highway 4 at railroad avenue, leaving us this heavy backup. also, the overturned big rig northbound side of 680 at sunol boulevard involving another vehicle. sloi sloe many the southbound direction. kristen? >> the news continues with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. time to hit the horn. we're getting closer to giving away three brand-new mazdas. number four of "gma's" great car giveaway, moments away. plus, our ultimate "deals & steals" oprah style. her favorite things, just for you. and -- reunions between our soldiers and the ones they love most. we're with all of them, every step of the way. "operation homecoming" starts this morning. as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> that has to put a smile on your face. "operation homecoming." look at all those families out in times square this morning.
8:01 am
almost springlike out there. there's josh in afghanistan. meeting with three families, three soldiers, as they prepare for their return home, after dangerous conditions abroad. we honor their service. and we cannot wait to see them come home. >> can't wait to bring it to you. >> i remember my dad used to bring his pack home. and he would drop it in the front door. he would try so hard to make it fun. he would have surprises for us in his pack from wherever he was all over the world. it's something for a military family. >> and it's family, too. we wanted to honor their sacrifice. >> made a huge impact. looking forward to that. and take a look at this. robin roberts, on the red carpet there at the cma awards. she presented entertainer of the year. and wow, wow, wow. robin roberts, you look spectacular. >> indeed she did. chairman of the popular clothing company, lululemon, why
8:02 am
he says major issues with the company's clothes are, in fact, the fault of the customers. >> are people making too much out of this? or is this the real deal? >> we'll going to see it. >> we'll get into it. and by the way, is that old thing sitting in the driveway look like you need to get a new car? do people in your neighborhood shout as they're driving by, get a new car? do they? well, you can, right here. we're excited about our "gma" great car giveaway. it's your chance to win one of three great, new mazdas. get the keys to a whole, new car. we're paying the taxes and everything. all you have to do is watch. and when you hear the beep -- the sound -- we're coming up with a clue. >> even if your neighbors aren't screaming at you, you can still enter to win a new car. >> and you don't have to put your face on the tv. you just have to watch the show for the clues. and check out the website for
8:03 am
the rules. >> i just want people to win. we want people to get "deals & steals." first, news from josh. >> we're going to begin with the fireball that lit up the sky from new mexico last night. believed to be a meteor, sparked a frenzy on social media. came on the day that meteors, such as this one, slammed into russia this year seven more times likely to hit the planet than scientists have thought. also the nfl hired an independent investigatoinvestig. martin said he had to go to the hospital for stress, but espn reports he never mentioned it to his coach in a late-night visit and jeff ireland reportedly suggest that martin punch incognito to stop the bull leg. and a shocking bribery scandal this morning, raising
8:04 am
national security concerns. a u.s. embassy officer accused of allowing nearly 500 foreign nationals into the united states, providing them with visas, in exchange for some $3 million in bribes. michael sestak who worked for the consulate in vietnam, now faces up to 24 years in prison. and researchers have identified what may be the earliest clues of autism ever observed. and they say it's all in the eyes. the study used eye tracking software to see what babies as young as 2 months old, were focusing upon. they found kids who were later diagnosed with autism had limited eye contact as infants. and a wild thing to show you here in chicago. police say the driver of that suv got into a fender-bender with a taxi. then, you'll see, the driver tries to take off, as you can see there, as well. striking several cars, as the driver of the suv tries to get away. smashing into them before coming to a stop. he was later caught. the suv, it turns out, had been stolen.
8:05 am
and a common-ish move from the world's most popular royal couple. so we claim. will and kate taking a double-decker bus, from kensington palace. arriving at a train station, just like regular commuters. the duke and duchess were there to greet veterans selling poppies for remembrance day. which honors fallen war heroes. a lovely thing that the duke and duchess were doing. >> a common theme today. see if you keep it going in "pop news." first, let's get weather from sam. >> i had to come outside. i saw the folks standing outside in times square. i wanted to say hi. give me shouts and where your hometowns are. >> south bend, indiana. >> baltimore. >> houston. >> this is all virginia. you are holding the "o" magazine. right? tory, for you, it's a deal. for me, it's a steal. i usually walk off with half of it.
8:06 am
all right. get to the boards, one or two things going on this morning. i really don't. tory wouldn't let me do that. maybe one-third of it. here's a boston live shot. you can see there's clouds in the way. we have a front moving through. there will be showers in most of the northeast and the mid-atlantic, at some point during the day today. and behind that is a temp drop. get ready for new york city, washington, philly, all to come down a few degrees as we step into the weekend. here's one place where it gets better and better. and nicer and nicer. take a look at the southwest. nicest place on the board today. san diego at 76 degrees. absolutely gorgeous. take it to phoenix. take it to vegas. beautiful, beautiful, da good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. partly sunny and mild again today. the cooling trend is still slated for the weekend as is light rain possible for veterans day. today's temperatures a lot like yesterday's, low to mid-70s because we're starting so warm this morning.
8:07 am
mid-60s at the coast. less cloud cover tonight, a little cooler, mid to upper 40s inland, upper 40s to low 50s for the rest of >> we don't care. where are we going back to, everyone? >> lara. >> thank you. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first in "pop news," why lady gaga's announcement is out of this world. and then, new trouble for lululemon. the fitnesswear company's chairman provocative comments whether customers are actually to claim for their problem with their yoga pants. and "deals & steals." 50% off, on oprah's favorite things. going to be good. it's all live on "good morning america," from times square.
8:08 am
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let's do... pow. let's do this. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now on behr ultra interior get $5 off 1 gallon cans. happy thursday for the adorable panda cubs. you know them, right? this is brand-new video. it's trending overnight. >> they are hugging. >> hugging and spooning. looking good and very happy. >> you named them. that was so dreamy. i cannot top that in the cute department. i have pretty cool "pop
8:13 am
news." lady gaga will soon get a closer look for what goes on up there. she will be the first artist ever to perform live in zero gravity. goo g gaga has agreed to blast off on a virgin atlantic aircraft. it will take above new mexico. it will happen in 2016. this is real. sam, we might need you to go on the road for this one. >> there's so many questions here, lara. >> one, i can answer. she will reportedly have to undergo serious vocal training. singing in that atmosphere, quite different. >> so, she'll be on a flight? >> she's going to be taking a rocketship up to perform in space. >> does she get the pilot voice? >> the helicopter pilot voice? >> the astronauts. >> the chuck yeager voice. >> she's being very tease si
8:14 am
being it on twitter. i can't wait to see what she's going to wear in space. her helmet will have stickers on it and really cool stuff. >> it will be cooler than that. pringles, famous for their potato chips. they introduced a new one. it's a holiday flavor. it's pecan pie. the boys are tasting it, as we speak. they're getting into the holiday spirit. >> i'm going to observe that. >> last year, i made you try the pumpkin pie and the white peppermint flavor. you said it tasted like toothpaste. you seem kind of interested. >> i didn't want to like it. but it's pretty good. >> it's salty and sweet. so, check it out, everybody. this is the new pringles flavor. we're bringing it to you first. and finally, you may have
8:15 am
thought you've seen it all because josh and i both love -- you remember the cat riding the roomba, dressed like a shark chasing a duck. that's our favorite for a really long time. now, we bring you babies riding roombas. >> no. >> yes. there's a huge mashup that's gone viral. there's dozens and dozens of babies riding roombas online. and -- >> does the roomba do anything else? is it supposed to clean? >> yes. it's a vacuum. you know, they go slow. >> i'm not sure how i feel about this. >> consumer alerts, right now. >> in "pop news" to consumer alerts. i bring it all to you this morning. >> thank you, lara. now, we turn to new charges for lululemon. the company has had a tough year. now, customers have new complaints about their pants. check out who the company's chairman is blaming.
8:16 am
abc's paula faris has all of the details. >> reporter: this morning, lululemon chairman, chip wilson, is finding himself in a precarious position. and we're not talking downward dog. >> some women's bodies actually don't work for us. >> reporter: in this controversial interview with bloomberg tv, the mogul blames the issues with the yoga plants on the size of the women wearing them. >> it's really ant the rubbing through the thighs. how much pressure is there. >> reporter: the cringe-worthy comments comes months after the elite fitnesswear company recalled three styles of yoga pants because the fabric is see-through. now, they're giving what is supposed to be a new and improved product. some customers say the pants are still too sheer, and that they peel after a few months of wear. >> not everyone can wear a
8:17 am
lululemon pant. >> i think they can. it's how they use it. >> reporter: this isn't the first time that wilson has exercised the foot in mouth pose. in the past, he claimed his pants become see-through when women buy sizes that are too small on them. >> he's blaming the customer for what is likely a quality control problem within the company. so, i think that makes customers sort of resentment. >> reporter: that resentment, coming across loud and clear on the internet, with women across the country, calling wilson's comments insensitive and irresponsible. >> after a comment like that, no. i have no interest in buying anything from the company. >> reporter: and the women we spoke to agree. >> first of all, he doesn't know anything about yoga because yoga is very inclusive. >> your thighs touch and you feel good about it, right? >> yes. especially in the winter. >> reporter: lululemon doesn't seem to be bending over backwards to make amends.
8:18 am
for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> we got a lot of response on twitter. rebecca. get over yourself. maybe my wallet just doesn't fit you anymore, either. weighing in on the other side. brian, lululemon shouldn't have an obligation after market/make their products for everyone. cites abercrombie & fitch there. >> you might not want to blame the customers. i didn't go to business school. but i don't know. >> i don't want to tell everyone how to run their business. but if you make clothes for a certain group of people, you should be able to sell them. but you shouldn't insult everyone else. the point is, why don't we -- don't be mean. how about that? >> i like that. that's our new catchphrase. let's move on, everybody. this is an interesting story. we've been talking about it. one man's message about marriage. it's really floated on the
8:19 am
internet. 27-year-old seth adam smith has written a blog about his fear of commitment. in which he declared that marriage was not for him. the post has been seen 25 million times and counting. it's not exactly what it seems. >> thank you. >> reporter: seth and kim smith. the picture-perfect image of young love. >> kim and i met in high school when we were 15. definitely the most beautiful girl i've ever known. >> reporter: friends for nearly a decade, they fell in love and got married. after just a year and a half -- >> we were living in the same house. but we were growing apart. >> reporter: it's something that 27-year-old seth tackled in his highly viral and controversial blog, spitaled marriage isn't for you. i've recently come to the conclusion that marriage isn't for me. >> my reaction was probably the same as a lot of people who saw the title. >> reporter: steph admits, he always had doubts about marriage. but went on to write that it was a heart-to-heart conversation
8:20 am
with his dad before the wedding that changed everything. >> he said, this decision to marrying her is not about you. i mean, it's about the person you're marrying. and it just changed my entire way of thinking. >> reporter: and one night, when frustration with his new wife turned to anger, kim turned the tables. embracing him with kindness and love. >> i really felt like i had two choices. i could react in anger and our relationship could get worse. or i could choose to try to see past my own frustrations and my own hurt and try to understand what seth was feeling. >> reporter: and in that instant, seth had his aha moment. >> i think the biggest thing that i learned from kim's response was that this marriage wasn't about just me. it was also about the woman that i married. and somewhere in that, i had lost night of who kim was. and what she needed and her hopes and her dreams. >> all right. joining us now to talk more about marriage is relationship coach donna barnes. this has resonated in a big way with people. why do you think? >> i think because a lot of
8:21 am
people think it or feel it and are afraid to say it. commitment issues are rampant. and i think -- first of all, this guy got great advice from his father because i think anytime you can feel -- you feel anxiety and that stress, if you take the attention off of you, it will help aleve the anxiety. that was awesome advice from his dad. >> we get messages from our culture to think about yourself first. >> in a great way, if you're in a loving relationship, it's really right for you and has commonality. if you're constantly trying to make your partner happy and your partner's doing the same, you'll both be happy and it will be the best relationship you ever had. it's when one person starts becoming selfish. and usually, anxiety because of it. i love you, but. >> and it's so difficult. two people who have a lot of stress in their lives, it's difficult to come home and not act out that stress on each other. but instead, try to comfort each other through what's going on. it's a difficult, difficult
8:22 am
thing. it's not easy. >> and kudos to this wife because she saved her marriage. so many relationships, i get so many people that come to me and say, we had an amazing relationship. and then, it's just over. and then, they want it back. >> in a nutshell, what should they do? you said kudos to her. can you articulate to our viewers. >> if you know yourself enough and can recognize when you start feeling frustration. if your partner starts finding fault with you, if you don't defend yourself and you can recognize, okay, this is something that's going on bigger here. and you can take your emotions out of it and stay calm, you'll have a better result. george, it is that time of year again. time for oprah's favorite things. we saw her on the cover of her magazine. the one with jimmy kimmel. here, the popular "o" magazine. so popular, not just a "deal &
8:23 am
steals" celebration. adam glassman is here, the creative director of "o." tory, away we go. >> andre walker hair care. he has been a hairdresser for 28 years. and this line of product is ideal for women with kinky, curly and coarse hair. you will never have a bad hair day again. >> regularly $18 to $78, depending on if you choose a single bottle or an entire kit. slashed in half, just for "gma" viewers, starting at 9 bucks. merry christmas. >> all right. >> check it out. >> toffee and co. >> why would you move that over there? put it over here. >> it's so delicious. it comes wrapped like this. no gift wrapping needed. three types of chocolate and nuts. family-run business in florida. >> normally, depending on what you choose. starting at $27.
8:24 am
slashed in half. starting at $13.50 for "gma" viewers. there we go. >> oprah is crazy for teavana tea. especially this. she insists on having this every morning. this chai. make a latte with it. >> you can get the entire gift pack. or get one package so you can have a little oprah or a lot of oprah. starting at $13. these are all slashed in half, $6.50. find out how to get it online or in stores. >> i may sample this one already. >> the favorite snack is popcorn drizzled with truffle oil. and our friends created the oil and the popcorn. you can make your own. >> regularly starting some $20
8:25 am
to $100, if you buy the oil or the whole kit. these are slashed in half. it is the most decadent, delicious gift. and last, but not least -- >> i am crazy for this. this is the urban mumu. it is the most delicious, yummy thing. oprah put this on and didn't want to take it off. >> it's so soft. >> you can turn it into a robe. or the short one, you can wear with leggings or jeans. >> we love that it's made in america. starting at $110. these are slashed in half. $55. go to on yahoo! and find the amazing deals. an exclusive deal only an "gma live!" >> that's later today. and thanks to all of the companies for providing these great deals. you logon right now. these are going like hotcakes. coming up, a wonderful look at some military homecomings. i can't wait to share it with you. go nowhere.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. this morning a south bay mother the waiting to be reunited with her 2-week-old baby after authorities say his father who abducted him was caught in mexico. henry romero was found safe and sound being cared for by mexican authorities until he can be returned to his mother in sunnyvale. his father, a 22-year-old, was stopped yesterday afternoon at a checkpoint in mexico near lukeville in pima county, arizona. he remains in jail there this morning. sunnyvale authorities are not sure when the baby will be reunited with his mom. an update on your morning commute with leyla ghoulen. >> we have an accident involving a semi truck and three other vehicles one of which is on its side. southbound side out of dublin,
8:28 am
bumper to bumper as we make that drive past sunol boulevard. once you get closer to highway 84 you'll be looking at a decent commute but 580 also busy approaching the dublin interchange. kristen? >> we'll check out t
8:29 am
national title implications are in there today for stanford and oregon. 6:00, 66, dropping down to 55 while you're tailgating. good luck to the cardinal.
8:30 am
east bay hills, temperatures today about 3 to 7 degrees above average again today. you'll notice its warm this morning compared to [ cheers and applause ] look at all those people out there in times square. we're about to see something very special called "operation homecoming." josh, you traveled all the way to afghanistan to tell this story. >> and would do it again. a story i've wanted to tell for a long time. such a wonderful thing to be able to do. i'm honored to take all of you inside these emotional reunions, between service members and their loved ones, after months and months spent apart, after soldiers served a war. i did get a chance to go overseas in afghanistan and experience firsthand the sacrifices that the military families all make together, for their country and that incredible moment when they are all, once again, reunited.
8:31 am
they are, in time of war, intensely american. and as heartwarming as they are patriotic. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome home marine lance corporal justin. >> reporter: and whether they're planned. or a total surprise. >> are you freaking kidding me? >> mrs. johnson, reporting for duty. >> reporter: they get me every, single time. >> hi, baby. >> mommy. >> reporter: military homecomings, troops reunited with loved ones after months deployed at war. moments of pure love and beauty. today, in a matter of hours, three families are about to experience that singular joy.
8:32 am
>> i'm kind of getting nervous. like, i don't think think i would. but i don't know. i'm so excited to see him. >> reporter: and then -- to fully appreciate the sacrifice involved here, we wanted to trace back this moment, from both sides, in the weeks prior. we met with three families. and then, we went to afghanistan. to meet their partners. jennifer stewart's husband, major michael stewart, is stationed in ghazni afghanistan. at home, she runs the ship and a tight one, with two kids. 2-year-old patrick. and 6-year-old izzy. >> the moment i see him, there will be an invisible weight that is just gone. and i won't know that it's gone
8:33 am
or that it's even there, until i can't feel it. >> reporter: do you let yourself think about that moment? >> oh, gosh, yeah. i'm more excited about him coming home, than i was about the day we got married. >> reporter: jesse fuller and her husband, michael, a specialist in the army, had a baby boy, brantley, last december. michael deployed to afghanistan just two weeks later. >> i'm going to be -- >> reporter: you are? >> and that's army captain william lots number 69 from west point. he deployed knowing he would miss the birth of their first child. daughter, finley, was born in july. >> that will be one of the best moments, in my life. because he'll be home. and he'll be safe.
8:34 am
>> reporter: and while their soldiers are on the front lines of war, the void can be exhausting and painful. >> diapers and teething. you just want to -- i can't. >> no one is there to break up your day or your weekend. you know, going to church by yourself. just when you think about them a lot. >> reporter: how do you mark them off? >> when you sent a national news crew to my house, we did all of this in one day. >> reporter: i saw the list in there. that would take a lot of time. what are those moments like? and when do they happen? >> for me, going to bed alone, when i know that i've married someone, kind of make sure that doesn't happen, is the hardest. so, i tend to fall asleep on the couch a lot. >> reporter: what are you
8:35 am
looking forward to most to be able to say to him in person? >> i can't wait to tell him how absolutely certain and unquestionably thankful i am to have found the person i am supposed to be with. and sometimes you don't know that until that person isn't close enough to tell. >> reporter: you were saying, as far as comfort goes, this is sort of top of the line? >> yeah. >> reporter: specialist fuller and captain lots are in harm's way every day. clearing ieds from afghanistan's most dangerous roads. how often do you fear for his safety? >> i pray for him every day. >> i still assume that something happens every day. >> the gunners have to be scanning the centers. >> reporter: 6,600 miles and really what feels like light years away. their husbands, inviting me to enter their world for a few days. do you think about the danger you're in every day?
8:36 am
>> anywhere you go in afghanistan, there's people trying to kill you. >> it hits home. i saw the body of the captain. i was a captain at the time. and i looked down and said, that guy could have been me. >> reporter: what's it like for this to be a normal way of life? having me right out the door? >> it's your protection. >> reporter: knowing you weren't going to be there for the birth, what was that like? >> pretty hard. you can't -- you don't have -- only have one first child born. >> reporter: i figured it my duty, to bring a surprise message from home. >> we're so excited to get you home. counting down the hours. so, i love you. >> reporter: how's that? >> that's good. i can't wait to be home. >> reporter: today is major mike stewart's 37th birthday. and i have a gift from his daughter, izzy. >> hi, daddy.
8:37 am
i love you. >> see you soon, honey. >> she's an amazing woman. they're always there for me. and you know, the minute that stops, this job's gone. >> big, blue eyes. >> reporter: huge. >> don't eat it. >> see you soon. >> reporter: what's that moment going to be like, when you go home again? >> it's going to be blissful. >> i'll probably cry a little bit. i think seeing both the kids and jen together will be nice. that's what i'm living for right now. >> i'm pretty sure it will be tunnel vision. everything will be black around me. and i'm going to see her and my son. >> reporter: five days from this moment, as a part of the u.s. military drawdown, they shutter their base in ghazni. and then, wheels up from afghanistan. next stop, ft. drum, new york.
8:38 am
and a moment that's been nine months in the making. on their way. >> wow. >> left us hanging there, josh. >> i did. i did. it was just -- it was -- we really wanted you to understand what it was like for both sides. again, it's something we've always talked about on the show, with these military units. i wanted to trace it back from both sides. tomorrow, we are going to see that moment, when they -- the procession. they walked into the auditorium. and those families have a chance to stand as one and thank their military men and women for the service. and then, the scrum ensues. the family finds families. >> that's awesome. thank you so much. i cannot wait for tomorrow. >> it was good. i want to thank james wang, nick mchugh and montgomery price. i can't wait to bring it to you tomorrow. >> it's a hard story to tell. but i think you did a really nice job of putting both sides
8:39 am
out there because it's emotional, definitely, for both sides. we'll start with a little picture. how about one you sent to us this morning, from kingsville, texas. i'm going to get this right, salina, kansas. it's salina. salina, kansas. when things are happening around the world, we want you to know about it. and it's the supertyphoon haiyan. you're watching the incredible eye head toward the islands. meanwhile, back at home, we have a moderating trend in the southwest. some of the best weather on the board. not only today but for a couple of days running. that mild air will eventually even sweep into denver. so, denver, 59 degrees today. just getting better. phoenix, hello. 66 in new orleans. 85 in orlando. >> that's good. >> that was nice, jo hi.
8:40 am
i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. partly sunny today with mid-60s at the coast, low to mid-70s for the rest of us. enjoy the mild weather. i think we have one more day of it in your accuweather seven-day >> all of america's weather was brought to you by home depot. >> a chance for america to thank everybody, for their service and sacrifi sacrifice. it is day four of a car giveaway here. watch closely for our clue. it is coming. you could get the keys to a brand-new mazda. you will also be watching when the lovely and talented
8:41 am
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8:43 am
one more day for all you marvel fans. "thor: the dark world" opens tomorrow. with natalie portman back as jane foster. if you see here, jane wasn't all that happy with thor when they were reunited in london. take a look. >> jane. >> sorry. i just needed to make sure you were real. it's been a very strange day. >> i am. >> where were you? >> where were you? how did i not see you? >> i was right here where you left me. i was waiting. and then, i was crying. and then, i went out looking for you. you said you were coming back. >> a full arm's length away, glad to welcome natalie portman
8:44 am
here. you pack quite a punch. >> well, on screen. >> what were you channelling there? >> i was feeling the anger of all my sisters, all my girlfriends, and i, who's had the guys that don't call back or disappear. you know? break your heart. >> he was a pretty good sport about it. >> he was. he let me whack him a few times. >> and that's what's so great about it. you do seem to have fun. not only behind the scenes. but what's great about the series is the sense of humor. >> yeah. exactly. we have such a good time making the movies, i feel like you can feel it in the movie itself because it's really funny. >> and this time, you got a treat, as well. you got to work with anthony hopkins. >> exactly. i felt like i missed out last time because i got to say i'm in a movie with anthony hopkins in film one. and we didn't have any scenes together. this time, my character gets to go to asguard. and i got to be with anthony
8:45 am
hopkins, and renee russo. >> and i love what marvel's doing this. in the comic book, jane was a nurse. this one, she's an astrophysicist. >> both are equally important and necessary for our world. but with the lack of women going into scientific careers, i think marvel really -- they've been working with -- trying to get into science, technology, engineering and math, to get young women going into these fields, for no reason, are underrepresented. >> hard to believe you've been doing it for 20 years. it is throwback thursday. we're going to look back. this is your first movie. this is you on the red carpet of "the professional." do we have it, guys? they're trying to find it. >> trying. >> i can tell you a little bit about my outfit then. there we go. >> what is that?
8:46 am
>> so, my mom got me a fake fur cow print jacket, which i thought was the most beautiful thing. i was so excited my first premiere. and i slicked my hair back. what was that music video from the '80s? robert palmer. >> yeah. >> i wanted my hair like that. >> now, you're going to be a director again. this is a memoir. >> exactly. it's called the "love and darkness." >> fantastic. welcome back. it was fantastic. cannot wait to see "thor: the dark world." and coming up, the cake boss,
8:47 am
8:48 am
i've been sambling. >> you're good. >> buddy valastro is with us.
8:49 am
a new book. "family celebrations with the cake boss." food for the whole yearlong. we call you the cake boss because nobody does it better. but i've been sampling. and these are great meals, snacks, ideas for parties. >> tailgating. all holidays. >> at the end of the day, you know, when it comes to cooking, i wanted to put in the book, things i do with my family for special occasions. and easy things that you can do to make at home and kill it. we're going to start with an asian pork slider. we have ground sausage over here. a little soy sauce. ginger. and red onions. okay? >> all right. >> then, what we're going to do is we're just going to mix that up a little bit. >> we mix it up, just talk a little bit. you're going out on tour? >> i am. >> what's the tour all about? >> if you go to
8:50 am, i go to different cities and do a live theater show. help me out here, lara. >> take a bite. >> so, these are pork sliders. what's the deal with the law is? >> that's cabbage. you have cilantro. regular carrots. >> good? >> sam, you didn't know the cake boss could cook, right? over here, we have easy parmesan artichoke spinach dip. we're going to put in the spinach, parmesan, the mayo, okay. and mix that up. and we put it into a casserole dish, right? and you bake it in the oven at about 3:50 for about 20 minutes, it cooks nice and crispy. >> yours is chunkier. i love it. i'm in love. >> it's so easy to do. and then, when it comes to my favorite, okay, because you know
8:51 am
what? i am the cake boss. there's a lot of desserts -- >> the cupcakes. >> these are cocktail cupcakes. pina colada. margarita. daiquiri. they have a little booze in there. >> oh, wow. wow. >> well, at the end of the day, you know what? you just want your party to kind of -- if you have a cocktail party, what do you make? cocktail cupcakes. >> the pork sliders, all of the recipes on on yahoo! we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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for so much less. it's the best feeling ever. see the real deal. search hashtag maxxinista wait 'til you see the designers people are scoring. t.j.maxx. welcome back. james dahon is one of the ten actors to watch. up and comer. he's going to be a leading man. "kill your darlings," in theaters now. he steals every scene he's in. dane, welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me. >> in theaters now. tell us about it. >> "kill your darlings." it's about the beat poets in college.
8:55 am
and follows alan ginsberg as he goes through columbia university. and we have a very kind of romantic and inspirational relationship. and then, i kill somebody. >> sounds terrific. also going to be the new harry osbourne in "amazing spider-man 2." you're going to play james dean in a bio-pic. are you ready for all of this? >> i think so. i don't know what all is going to happen. but i'm excited for it. i'm ready. >> that's awesome. listen. congratulations. really nice to meet you. again, it is "kill your darlings" in theaters now. george, let's get a quick mention. >> just had twin little girls, mitch mchugh. >> there they are. rich mchugh was working on the afghanistan pieces. he had twin little girls. the thing is, he already had twin little girls. this is the second set.
8:56 am
fair to say. that's another thing. remember the 14-pound baby. she was carrying 12 pounds of baby in there. >> we love you. >> congratulations. >> best for you. >> thank you. we love seeing you come here. have a great thursday, everyone. see you all tomorrow. >> take care.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
. good morning. i'm kristen sze. a soldout crowd is expected at stanford's stadium tonight when they oast oregon. meteorologist mike nicco has your kickoff forecast. >> yeah. lit's zoom on down to the farm and show you, ill's going to be a great day, 70 until about 5:00 so, tailgating weather there. 66 at 6:00. by the time the game ends, 55 so, a 15-degree drop from the time you're tailgating to the end of the game. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. cool they are weekend, still a chance of rain veterans day. leyla? gates open at 4:00, so expect heavy congestion around those areas of 280 and 101. as we take you into the park, this multivehicle accident here,
9:00 am
southbound side of highway 85 and 17 blocking two lanes. heavy tra announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new movie "last vegas," kevin kline. and from the series "glee," actress jane lynch. plus, check out the "live" staff in action as we continue our behind the scenes week. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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