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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 27, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight from miami, inside the launch of america's newest cable network. who are they and who are they after? all the news here tonight, the extreme weather, the hail, the flooding, the forecast, the giant storm system heading from one coast right to the other this week ahead. remembering a music legend tonight, the life of lou reed as we take a walk on the wild side. ♪ take a walk on the wild side ♪ >> tonight here we look back. and the fairground horror, the operator under arrest after a ride spins out of control. who tampered with it? police say more arrests coming. and safe, the controversial call and what we've learned here about the umpire behind it.
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>> good evening from miami and from this sweeping new high tech news room, studios all around us here, 150,000 square feet. it's our brand new cable partner, fusion. abc and spanish language giant univision teaming up. take a look at this tonight. a time lapse of a state-of-the-art newsroom coming together. inside look at a cable channel coming to life just a few hours from now. who are we looking to reach? you'll know who we are talking about, your grown children on the run with their own families, the 20-something. whose teantion -- attention you can't get at the dinner table because they're on their smart phone. this just might be the place for them. we'll take you behind the scenes coming up here. first here tonight as we broadcast from a warm miami, we are well aware much of this country is bracing for a storm, brewing in the northwest tonight and set to move across the country this week. texas and oklahoma got a taste of extreme weather, hail like this falling in carbon, texas and in rising star texas, covering the roads and turning them white. this new storm set to bring
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severe weather and tornados across the plains, mississippi valley, right down to the south. abc meteorologist ginger zee on the system in the west soon on the move eastward. >> look at this, it's hailing. it's hailing, oh, my gosh! >> reporter: hail, flooding rain and damaging winds ripping through north texas this weekend. check out this time lapse as severe storms rocket across galveston skyline. the 40 to 60 mile an hour wind gusts forcing cranes to swing wildly, sending trees into pools and onto cars. a dangerous lightning show putting the tcu and texas game on pause. hail piling up at door steps, peppering roads. the two to three inches of rain in 30 minutes leaving streets overwhelmed. >> ginger, right there in front of the map everyone wants to know how big is this storm and where it is headed?
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>> it's big for a lot of folks, especially in the west. let's start in montana where we've got winter storm warnings in hot pink here tonight and then the winter storm watches that extend all the way into the dakotas through the next couple of days. let me show you how much we're expecting. a lot of places going to get blasted with four to eight inches. that's the pink area and then you look for some spots to get a foot or more. that's just the northern side of the storm. through the mid week we've got a southern side that brings the severe weather, damaging winds, hail and of course isolated it weres -- tornadoes. monday into tuesday it's that panhandle of oklahoma, texas, up into kansas, and wednesday into thursday oklahoma city all the way through memphis, tennessee, david? >> so much of this country, ginger zee leading us off. thanks. i feel badly i'm in miami tonight. we move on here for the rest of the news. late today we did learn of an american music pioneer lost. he founded the velvet underground, and there were too many songs to count. jon donvan on his legend and a long walk on the wild side. ♪
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>> reporter: he only topped the charts once in his career, "walk on the wild side," 1973. record sales were never the point of lou reed. he was more important than that. a member of that small circle of rock musicians that other musicians recognize as changing the genre. in the '60s it was as song writer and singer for the velvet underground where he took rock to darker places than it had been before. "sunday morning," one of those songs that in its time unlike anything ever heard. reed was the son of an accountant in brooklyn, new york. he started out thinking he wanted to be a journalist or film maker. he did a college stint as a radio deejay, playing other people's music. with the '70s reed went solo. that's when walk on the wild side came and travels that saw him in 2000 playing before the
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late pope john paul ii. his health was a challenge in recent years, "rolling stone" reported a liver transplant. reed didn't talk about that, not even on twitter where he posted up until the last day, a link to his facebook page which tonight is filling up with tributes from those who get it, why lou reed mattered. ♪ it was the music, nothing else. john donovan, abc. >> remembering a giant tonight. our thanks to john. we turn to that controversial call with millions of americans watching the world series tonight. red sox fans red mad as we head into game four. what we learned about the ump who made that call last night. he's been at the center of controversy before. here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: one out, bottom of the 9th inning. cardinal runners on second and third. jon jay hits a sharp ground ball. the red sox fielder fires home to get the lead runner.
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the catcher throws wildly to third base. here comes the throw and the runner is out. but wait. he's safe. the umpire says the third baseman interfered with the runner and overturned the out call. take another look. the cardinal runner trips over third baseman, will middlebrooks. the cardinals win 5-4. the red sox cry foul. >> i had to dive to get the ball and there is nowhere for me to go. >> reporter: the umpire said later the rule is clear. a fielder cannot block a runner. >> the base runner has every right to go unobstructed to home plate. unfortunately for middlebrooks, he was right there. >> reporter: joyce is the same umpire who famously botched this play in 2010, calling a runner safe when replays show he was out depriving armando galaragga of a perfect game. joyce admitted afterward that he blew that call. >> i had to man up and do the right thing.
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>> reporter: this time joyce says he got it right. his fellow umpires, the league, and seemingly the video back him up. the cardinals have a 2-1 lead in the best of 7 series. if the red sox can bounce back, that one crazy play would be nothing more than a footnote. if they lose, it will become part of baseball lore and in boston baseball infamy. >> that was something last night. our thanks to you. now to north carolina where the investigation is under way after an operator of a carnival ride is under arrest. passengers were thrown as they were getting off the ride and now comes questions over whether there was tampering with the ride and whether there will be more arrests. here's abc's gio benitez tonight. >> reporter: watch the chaos. new video obtained exclusively by abc news shows the ride out of control. tonight a startling accusation that one of the workers at the north carolina state fair tampered with the ride. >> it makes me mad to think that
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anybody would put people's safety in danger like they have. i'm not mad. i'm furious. >> reporter: 49-year-old tim tutterrow seen here was charged with three felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, inflicting serious bodily injury. the ride called the vortex twists, turns and flips, and thursday it suddenly restarted as riders were getting off, their harnesses not in place. five people were sent to the hospital. three are still there including a 14-year-old. >> i heard the people hit that metal floor. it was real loud multiple hits. some people were laying there. people were running away because at that point the ride was still kind of moving some. >> reporter: the company which hired tutterrow and brought the ride to the fair tells abc news the owners are, quote, devastated by this accident. police say more arrests are expected. gio benitez, abc news, new york. and from massachusetts tonight, the mother of the 14-year-old accused of killing his teacher is now breaking her silence.
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philip chism's mother says her heart is broken over the murder, her son charged as an adult and held without bail. teacher colleen ritzer will be laid to rest after a funeral mass tomorrow. new claims about america spying on its allies' foreign leaders and phone calls. a german newspaper now reporting that chancellor angela merkel's cell phone has been monitored for more than a decade. charges of spying leading brazil's president to cancel her state visit to washington. jeffrey kauffman is in london tonight about the allies around the world, not happy. >> reporter: it's not the way friends expect to be treated. the headlines in germany this weekend, the u.s. has been listening to chancellor angela merkel's cell phone calls since 2002, even longer than earlier reported, and president obama was told about this three years ago. this afternoon, the white house said the president was never told. on the streets of germany, outrage directed at the u.s., the chancellor herself feeling
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violated by these daily revelations that the u.s. has been snooping on one of its closest allies. completely unacceptable she said. germany is now the 5th u.s. ally to summon its ambassador to launch a formal protest. in france outrage over the u.s. intercept of 70 million e-mails and the bugging of their washington embassy. in brazil, their washington embassy bugged, state oil company hacked by u.s. spies. mexico the hacking of the president's e-mails. spain, too, calling in the u.s. ambassador. >> are they doing it for industrial reasons? that's the suspicion in europe that this is not really about counterterrorism. it's about industrial espionage. >> reporter: since the end of world war ii the u.s. had a no-spying agreement with the u.k., canada, australia, and new zealand. the germans are planning to send a delegation to washington to demand that they too be added to
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that list. david? >> jeffrey, thank you. another big headline out of england tonight. they are bracing for what could be the worst storm to hit there in decades. strong winds off the atlantic ocean are already whipping up fierce waves, and hurricane force gusts are expected through tomorrow. back at home and to the american economy and to a welcome boost. perhaps one case when fear factor actually helps. halloween spending on the rise this year and here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: to some it's the sound of terror. to others the sound of cash registers. chris stafford is what you might call a haunt-trepreneur. he co-owns five haunted houses in three states, including this one in denver. the wait to get in, four hours. >> haunted houses are coming into their own as another form of live entertainment. >> reporter: stafford hires 500 part-time angtors in --
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actors in hollywood-style makeup like me. >> make sure you're getting my good side. >> reporter: nationwide there are 1,200 professional haunts, ticket sales a billion dollars. halloween spending is second only to christmas. candy, costumes and decorations will scare $7 billion out of american wallets this year. up from $3.2 billion in 2005. >> this guy is called air corpse. at distortions unlimited in colorado, this creepy creation goes for 300 bucks. >> therapy for the children for the next 20 years is going to be pricey. >> welcome to the asylum. >> reporter: for some, halloween is like therapy. >> people want to escape. they want to get into another environment, maybe stop thinking about things and thinking about the world and how scary that is and come out and actually get scared. >> reporter: as profits rise faster than the living dead. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> our thanks to clayton tonight. here in miami this evening we are hours away from the
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launch of america's newest cable network, abc teaming up with univision. the channel is called fusion, delivered in english and reaching out to the young people, the so called millennials on the move and fusion is chasing them. as the sun sets in miami tonight, there will be more than the night life taking form. america's newest cable network is about to be born. it's called fusion. abc and spanish language giant univision teaming up. >> this is it. >> reporter: the most famous anchor, many of you have never heard of. when diane is on "world news," jorge ramos is on at the same time with millions watching him, too, in spanish. the change now, when he says good night he'll walk 30 steps to his new show in english. who does he have in mind? the children and grandchildren of the viewers he's had for years, younger viewers, born and raised in america, the so called millennials, viewers 18 to 34 and his own kids who until now haven't had much interest in watching their dad in spanish. >> they don't watch me in
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spanish because they're more comfortable in english. they're going to be able to see what i do, reaching their friends and their generation. >> reporter: fusion hopes to do for news what "modern family" has done in primetime, helping to entertain and now inform the evolving american family. he's known for his tough questions, pressing president obama on immigration reform. >> i don't want it to get lost in translation. you promised us and a promise is a promise. with all due respect, you didn't keep that promise. >> well, here's what i would say, jorge -- >> reporter: questions often unnoticed because they were in spanish, no longer lost in translation. first up, senator ted cruz after leading the government shutdown, jorge asks him if there is another plan, a run for president. >> you were born in calgary so can you run for president? the constitution says you can't. >> i was born in calgary. my father is cuban. my mother is american and is a
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u.s. citizen by birth. under u.s. law i was an american citizen by birth. those are the facts. >> so you think you're a natural born u.s. citizen? >> i was a u.s. citizen by birth. >> alicia mendez was on "the view" and diving into hot topics. one of them melissa mccarthy who was covered up by that trench coat in "elle" magazine. >> it's an unreasonable expectation and pressure that we place on young girls and women to look perfect. >> reporter: she'll be doing that every night on fusion after those american millennials on the move and multi-culture. -- multicultural. one in five millenials, hispanic and by the year 2050 in this country, one in three will be latino. keep in mind nothing like a little pressure inside this newsroom. they have countdown clocks everywhere you look reminding everyone here that the launch is tomorrow. the network is fusion. they hope to have 20 million viewers in the first year, 60 million in five years and check your local listing to see if it's airing in your city, your hometown. let us know what you would like to see on fusion. tweet us at "world news."
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much more ahead on sunday night. including this. caught on tape tonight. a hero, a dash cam and a car barrelling down the road, how the officer driving the car saved the day. later tonight the view of miami you've never seen before, hold your breath tonight. our correspondent sky high over the city and taking on one of the most dangerous jobs in america. we're back in a moment. [ male announcer ] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it feels wonderful. i don't smoke. i don't smoke. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. now to that extraordinary dash cam video caught on tape and one trooper who is a hero tonight. abc news chief justice correspondent pierre thomas now. >> reporter: this is dash cam video of state trooper tim strolmeyer, racing in his patrol car responding to a report of an armed gunman who has just killed several people. >> proceed into call, several victims, several victims.
5:49 pm
>> we're responding. >> reporter: it's december 21st of last year, four days before christmas, in smalltown, pennsylvania. up ahead coming into frame, the suspect has intentionally hit another police car head on. corporal kevin campbell is trapped in the other police car. >> i fully expected him to approach the passenger side of my vehicle in an attempt to execute me. >> reporter: strolmeyer decides to try to save officer campbell by ramming the suspect's vehicle to distract the shooter. the suspect get out of the truck, firing. you can see the windshield cracking as the bullets fly through it. in this photograph you see 8 bullet holes. it happened so fast. rewind, slow it down and you can see clearly right there the suspect, gun in hand, a 357 magnum coming towards strolmeyer. he's hit in the chest and wrist but wearing a bulletproof vest. staggering, he and another officer return fire, killing the suspect. split second decisions that save lives. pierre thomas, abc news, washington.
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>> our thanks to pierre tonight. when we come back an american singer in trouble with the law again and the famous voice from the simpson's being remembered tonight. voice from the simpson's being remembered tonight. d of bumps that came around to the front of my body. and the pain from it was- it was excruciating. i did not want anyone to brush into me to cause me more pain than i was already enduring. i wanted to just crawl up in a ball and just, just wait till it passed. i'm bethand i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people.
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only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. our "instant index" starting with chris brown drama, the singer in custody tonight. he was arrested in washington d.c. after an altercation outside the w hotel. a source telling abc news the star allegedly punched someone in the face. so many fans of the simpson's tonight and a sad good-bye to bart's chain-smoking teacher. >> you haven't been paying attention to a word i said, have you? >> yes, ma'am. >> well then what did i say? >> he wasn't quite listening but we are remembering tonight actress marcia wallace. from the simpson's. next time you're bragging about that prize catch, the fisherman foiled by a sneaky sea lion. check this out. here they are showing off their catch when suddenly to the right of your screen there the fish snatched away by one hungry sea lion.
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finally tonight here visit miami and you can't miss it, the incredible skyline now but who washes those windows. tonight abc news matt gutman does. >> reporter: this is where jesse and eddie punch in for the day. dress code very office casual and a safety harness that fits a little snug. >> you want it to be snug but not so tight that it's cutting off the circulation. you got to be able to feel your extremities. >> one man fell from more than 30 stories up. >> reporter: the dangers of window washing have made news. over the past ten years, 39 people have died servicing our city's windows. so it's not surprising serve you window cleaning's crew gave me a mandatory safety briefing and it's only then they let me step off into their office. looking out is beautiful. >> we're on the top of the buildings going shark! shark! they can't hear us. >> reporter: they confess
5:58 pm
looking in at you is even better. >> we were on the sides of a building and this lady was on the balcony pretty much naked. it made our day, our week. >> reporter: they're not above a a little tom foolery themselves. >> i'll stretch out all the way to that piece of glass there and come back at you with a flying kick. >> are you serious? >> reporter: the universal fear among most sky scraper squeegee men is the fear of falling but eddie and jesse are still jazzed by the heights and dazzled by the occasional sights. >> do you guy ever wonder if you're going to meet your sugar mama or the love of your life some day. >> that's what i'm hoping for. >> do you have a line that you practice? >> not really. i'll make slur that your glass is clean all day long. >> our thanks to matt. our network is fusion. we'll kick it off in the morning and enriquey iglesias.
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good night. what led to a police shooting on a busy day in san francisco's marina district. how your life could be affected after a dry year in northern california. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening, thank you for joining us. we are following developing news out of san francisco tonight. an armed man was shot by police in the marina district. we're live in san francisco with what happened. cornell? reporter: just a very chaotic day here in the marina. the man shot by police is hospitalized. expected to survive. police are wrapping up the scene here at pierce and chestnut street. a confrontation between two men
6:00 pm
which quickly escalated. >> heard five round goes off. and then as soon as i heard that i shut the door. >> she heard the gunfire from inside the chestnut street clothes store she manages. >> customers in the store so as soon as i heard the gunshots i closed the door, got my customers upstairs and looked out the window. i didn't want to be down here with the glass. >> the gunfire happened near this atm during a struggle between one two men, one holding a gun, the other holding a backpack. >> he was telling the guy to drop the bag, and he had a silver gun, attachment can to get the bagway. and pistol whipped him the head and the gun went off. >> it's not known if the man with the backpack was hit by gunfire. the suspect ran off and was cornered by police hiding behind a bush. >> at some point in time the suspect fled the b


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