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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 22, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> a frustrating morning for bart commuters of the trains were supposed to get rolling two hours ago but service is just now getting underway. >> good morning. >> trains are rolling. the past few hours have been a scramble. riders thought trains would be running turned up at the station to learn not enough workers returned to work to run the trains. our news reporter is at the walnut creek bart station. >> there are no trains in walnut creek yet.
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there are passengers waiting to arrive on platform. they are relieved the strike is over. they are still showing signs of frustration. this is the second time this station has opened today. it opened at 4:00 this morning. riders were on the platform, ready to go. then they are kicked out and doled bart would be closed until "further notice" because not enough people showed up for work the people should find another way to work they were told. that was upsetting. >> we were told service would start at 4:00 a.m. but they had nobody here to drift -- drive the cars. >> plan "b" showed up around 4:30: shuttle buses. they are running.
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there are 90. at walnut creek not many are choose the buses. a lot people are hoping for a train ride. we have seen lots of empty buses. there is not much of a line. the trains are running on a limited basis. you can expect 30 or 45-minute delays and it will be spotty. the trains are running. the bad news is not with great consistency. you have the buses as an option and plenty of choices unlike the last few days. we hoped to show you the first train. we can see what we have been waiting to see. we have not seen one of these since thursday. the first train coming into walnut creek and the passengers are the first lucky people to climb on the train. there it is.
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finally. bart trains are running for the first time since the strike. people are become to work to run the trains and take people to work. happy folk here in walnut creek. >> why does it fool like we are watching the shuttle land anticipating this for so long? people are very excited. especially the commuters. >> this looks like a sight for sore eyes, the first bart trains stopping at the walnut creek. not all the agents got word to return to work until very late this morning so it took a while but the trains are now running. it is frustrating for many of the passengers. >> they are so ecstatic to get to work, hopefully on time. we have the limited training running. we have witnessed it.
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we will go to abc7 news reporter, cornell, live at lake merritt. what is happening, cornell? >> we have not seen trains rolling through lake merritt. we sauer them at walnut creek, obviously. 25 trains are running according to a bart spokesman. normally there are 45 on the system. limited service. expect delays. it will be 30 to 45 minutes. make no mistake, bart is up and running. but bar hast has been slow to o. the new bart contract agreed upon last night, with the four-day strike ending, with a tentative agreement between bart and the unions. the general manager would not release the details of the contract until the union members can ratify it. it is called "fair."
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>> the people that do the morning commute get to work at 3:00 in the morning so a good number of them probably were not staying up last night watching television because they have a limited amount of time to get things going and they have to be well rested to do their job. >> the bottom line is a lot of workers did not get the e-mail "return to, would." this is the sight 30 minutes ago: all the lights were on but no station agent. the station agent now is on duty and is waiting for the first trains to roll through the lake merritt bart station. >> the trains are starting to roll. we have seen them rolling. there could still be delays.
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>> at the bay bridge toll plaza everyone is funneling to make it in and we have a hit-and-run involving a big rig and that moved to the shoulder with another trash involving multiple vehicles and the damage is done and we are down to single digits and 80 in the westbound direction at berkeley which is sold out. >> we have fog out there and we will have flight arrival delays. we have sunshine quicker, and up to 62 at noon. we will be 70 at 4:00, and 63 this evening. the fog is in the north bay valley and mid-to-upper 40's for the east bay, and sunshine and 71 and around 81 at 4:00 and back to 71 and mosten in the east bay. at the coast we are foggy and with a low ceiling and
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temperatures are hang out in the low-to-mid 60's. kristen and matt? >> we have a bright spot this morning and that is that the ferries running on the bart strike schedule. good news for commuters who are going that route. katie marzullo is in oakland with the latest on how the ferries are going. >> if people are upset with bart they are happy with the ferries. we saw the 6:00 a.m. ferry leave and it is clear but the new line is just forming. ferries are being generous and letting stragglers on three and four minutes after the hour saying run, you can make it, we will hold the boat. i talked with a couple of people would made it. a woman says she planned to take the ferry yesterday but she heard the strike was off so she planned to take bart and she woke up and found the trains were late so she was back on a ferry. a man out of breath and his tie was not even tied and three was
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headed to bart but he heard them were late so he found himself on the gerri. the ferry is running extra boats today and extra runs so they can help out. it is the strike schedule and they always plan to keep it running. that is coming in handy. >> if you are trying to get around the delay we have the information at abc7 news come with alternate transit options in real time traffic -- traffic apps to help you navigate for breaking news updates. >> now the ntsb investigation into the bart train accident. federal investigators will we interview bart managers. a trainee was operating the train that killed two bart workers on saturday. the ntsb will not say if the
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emily see a manager who was being trained to operate the train. the investigators say the train was on automatic and going 60 to 70 miles per hour and a horn went off and emergency brakes allied. the ntsb will conduct a reenactment of the accident today. >> a man is dead following a police shooting in union city. it happened at 8:30 at an apartment on saturn way. police say they got a call of a domestic dispute and officers found a man who was determined to have outstanding warrants and was confrontational and threatened officers with a pipe of the one officer opened fire and killed a man and that officer was placed on standard leave during the investigation. >> now it is time to check in with leyla gulen who has been on top of the traffic all morning and moste in many places. >> indeed. with the bart trains now moving it is too little too late.
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this is the maze. it is backed up. i-80 through berkeley is a mess as we take you over to the dumbarton where it looks like the traffic is moving smoothly and we have a stall at the high-rise in the westbound direction. if you need to make it from newark you will be in decent shape. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metorying lights turned on at 5:30 but give yourself plenty of extra time. mike? >> thank you, leyla gulen. the visibility shows fog is thicker and more widespread and 2 1/2 miles at sfo. the visibility is greater in hayward 59 action and -- hayward and oakland. in the north bay the national weather service issued the dense fog advisory until 9:00. tomorrow, it will be sun earlier
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today the temperatures the be three to nine degrees warmer. a few 60's in san francisco. tomorrow, the temperatures are like today. we will see increasing clouds and cooler air mass thursday and friday. the weekend forecast is coming up in a second. back to kristen and matt. >> we are following 9 commute that now is a challenge because of delays on bart. >> the strike is over but trains are just starting to roll with delays. the reason is that bart is on "limited" service. this is one of the trains pulling up to the walnut creek platform. limited means 25 trains are running rather than the normal 45 according to cornell. 25 trains and here is one. good news for those folks who have been waiting
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the bart strike is over. trains are delayed. staffing problems have led to late starts. this is limited service. abc7 news reporter is looking at another delay. is this the toll plaza, dick? >> it is. this is the toll plaza. the traffic is so heavy that i am not going to be able to get out there and get into it as i have been able to do. i will have to exit just before the toll plaza or i will be forced to go through the car pool lanes. if you are a computer and fortunate enough to have some of your car pool buddies, that is what it looks like going through the bay bridge toll plaza in the car pool lanes. can you see some of this as i drive around, there is heavy fog
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on the bridge deck. as a result, the traffic starts to slow as you get into san francisco and come out of the tunnel on the island and on the san francisco side of the bridge. the traffic starts to slow as a result of that limited visibility. heads up on the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic, though, is pretty bad this morning. kristen? matt? >> thanks, dick. a new washington post/abc news poll shows approval of congress is at a new 40 greer -- 40 year low. 80 percent of the americans are dissatisfied with how congress works and 53 percent aim the g.o.p. and 29 percent blame president obama and 15 percent say both are at fault. >> we will check with leyla gulen again with the latest on the bart delays and the driving
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delays. leyla gulen? >> it is bad all the way around. as we take you back over to the bay bridge, this is the traffic we are looking at. it is single digits in someplaces and heavy traffic from richmond. you will notice the orange which is indicating fog. rather than taking the bay bridge today could be a good day to use the richmond-san rafael to get into san francisco. as we go back to the dumbarton this is in the clearing stages westbound highway 84. it is a stalled vehicle being pushed to the shoulder. across the san mateo bridge, it is loading up but still, 15 minutes into foster city. >> the radar shows the storm to the north moving south of alaska
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into canada and dumping into the midwest. we have shown you the snow from minnesota this morning. there is a cool snap headed into that area. because the storm track is away from us, we will have nice weather this afternoon. if you are headed out right now, mid-to-upper 40's in the north bay valley and 50 in antioch and fremont and san carlos and 52 in san francisco and 53 in san jose and 54 in hayward and oakland is at 51. this is how it looks in walnut creek, the east bay valley is an area without fog and cloud cover this morning. i do believe we see quicker sunshine in som warmer weather and less nog but cooler conditions tomorrow and we will see clouds increasing and it is a modest indication of air mass to the cooler side, tuesday, friday and saturday. we are above average, mid-to-upper 70's for the south bay and los gatos and morgan
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hill and gilroy 81 to 82. most of us are in the low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula and milbrae is cooler at 66 with upper 50's to low 60's along the coast and more sunshine. mid-to-upper 60's downtown san francisco and sausalito. upper 50's to near 60 at your beaches and low-to-mid 70's at the east bay shore. low-to-mid 80's in the east bay valleys for the warm spot. at the poops, extra sunshine but, still, dangerous rip currents and large swells all the way from sonoma county coast to monterey. temperatures in the low-to-mid 40's inland valleys and the prosecute of us in the upper 50's to low 50's. after a little bit of fog up north along the coast tomorrow we will be mostly sunny and high clouds roll in on wednesday and the temperatures are the same. thursday, friday, saturday, you will see a warming trend.
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you do not see rain for the next seven days. matt and kristen? >> the latest tech toys with "7 on your side" and consumer reports looking at 3-d printers. we are following the morning commute which is a challenge because of delays on bart and the strike is over and trains are running limited service. it is looking bad at the toll plaza with an early accident making it a mess back to the maze. ♪ [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted... so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand? neutrogena®. recommended by dermatologists 2 times more
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good morning, a look at the san mateo bridge and traffic is looking decent considering that some folks hit the road with limited service for bart. there is confusion out there as to what the h.o.v. hours are on the friends with the strike. it was extended to all day but today some signs are saying it is back do remain noal but c.h.p. has confirmed to us that the hours for car pool lanes are all day from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. so, still, the strike hours for the car pool lanes.
6:24 am
>> the tool that literally prints out 3-d objects before your eyes and consumer reports is partnered with "7 on your side" for a look at the latest in 3-d printers. which are best? michael funny has the details. >> we will get with michael finney later to see which are best. bart service is finally rolling this morning by not before unexpected and major delays. >> the bart strike is over and trains are running so why are some commuters still frustrated. i am in walnut creek and i will tell you coming up next. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center as we take a look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza which is a packed house. that is because of a few problems we had earlier, a brand
6:25 am
new one at the bay bridge toll plaza with heavy traffic across the bay area. >> look at thing the weather will be quit a bit warmer this afternoon in
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>> we talked about 3-d printers and how they can print before your eyes. michael finney tells us which is best. >> good morning. when you hear printer you think of the machine that spits out paper and photos but 3-d printers different that create three dimensional objects. we tested three costing from $800 to $3,000 to so what they can do. on youtube you can see people using 3-d printers to ro 3-d systems and more. it turns out they are pretty cool. >> you can use a blueprint you designed and out come as 3-d object. >> what if you do not know how to design a blueprint on a computer? >> that is okay, there are a lot of free designs on the web.
6:29 am
you can look for thousands of designs on the web. >> you will find ready to download designs. once you download you are good to go. >> you need patience if you are printing with 3-d printer because you are feeding it with plastic or another material and it builds the object layer by layer. >> so it can take hours even if it is small. >> the machines you can prepare are for hobbyists, those who are captivated by the idea. they are not super practical yet. they will be. probably quickly. but right now they are too much money to be a household item. >> when prices drop you can build anything right in your own
6:30 am
home. consumer reports say it could be a while before they are mainstream but many industries are using they will. general electric created a model jet engine from metal using advanced 3-d printing techniques. car companies are making prototypes of engines and dentists are making mouth guards and retainers with the printers. >> abc7 news starts now with breaking news. >> now at 6:30, breaking news comes from the results of the aftermath of a bart strike. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a mess. that is partly because the bart trains were slow to roll out because of lots of confusion and lots of gridlock. >> thanks if you are just joining us.
6:31 am
>> bart just started limited service in the past 45 minutes. >> abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is at the bart station. amy? >> we have all been waiting to see this, a bart trainloading up passengers ready to take them to san francisco. this is the fourth we have seen come through headed through walnut creek in the last 30 minutes. they are rolling this morning. it took them a while. they started late. there is a lot of reheave here that the strike is over. getting back to normal is taking time. there has been frustration. the first train did not run until before 6:00. we saw the first one come through walnut creek at 6:00. it was a happy sight. the first train we have all seen since thursday. some people showed up at 4:00 because they heard bart announced trains would run then.
6:32 am
there were not enough bart employees showing up for work so they had to close the station. people made a dash for their cars. those people were quite frustrated. now the trains are running on a limited basis. rather than 45 trains which is normal at this hour, there are 25. it is still an off day and people are feeling that off feeling. they are happy the strike is over but wish the transition went more smoothly. >> all the confusion from bart has sent some drivers scrambling to hit the roads. >> our engineer is showing us how the drive is shaping up. it looks okay on 24, dick. >> it really does, kristen. this will be an interesting comparison because i was on this very stretch of road at the
6:33 am
senior same -- at the very same time yesterday westbound at telegraph avenue and this was a parking lot. this was all stopped. it took me an hour to get from the town tell to the bay bridge toll plaza. today, it is no heaver than at 4:30 this morning so the traffic is moving very well on 24 westbound coming up to the maze. kristen? >> thanks, dick. >> leyla gulen, caltran and c.h.p. say the h.o.v. lanes are car pool lanes all day today, right? >> that is right. it would be federal they tried to switch it up in the middle of the game. there be supplemental shuttle and there will be additional trains at millbrae so we have other agencies that are helping out trying to make up for bart's fewer trains. we have problems already on the
6:34 am
roadways as we take you to oakland with an accident involving a big rig. six miles per hour is the backup and backed up from high street. the drive just to get to the bay bridge is a pain. we had a few problems at the bay bridge toll plaza which was cleared to the shoulder. we are left with quite the damage with backups remaining. i-80 is stacked up from richmond. 580, that would be your better bet. pack your sweater. it will be chilly. >> we were in the 40's and 50's this morning. you find thick are clouds in many areas around the bay but not in the east bay valley. they are clear again. 2 1/2 miles at sfo and an hour and 30 minutes flight arrival delay, half a mile in santa rosa with dense fog advisory this morning. visibility in the area you see shayed in gray and that will stay around quarter-mile visibility if now less through
6:35 am
the 9:00 hour. >> right now we will check with abc7 news reporter, cornell bernard, at lake merritt. what is happening, cornell? >> make no mistake, the bart strike is over. getting the system up and running has been tough. 25 trains running system-wide compared to 45 that are normal in the cork. -- in the morning. commuters, you have to be patient. lake merritt bart station is open with the first train rolling through five minutes ago. the four-day strike ended last night with a tentative agreement reached between bart and the unions. the bart general manager would not release details of the new contract until the union ratifies it but the leaders say it is "fair."
6:36 am
>> we are proud to bring an agreement that prioritizes rider and worker safe to our members, and we are proud to bring it to a vote. it preserves work-place presentations that enable workers to work with management to improve a rapidly-growing system. >> getting everyone back to work has been slow. this was the lake merritt bart station the last 40 minutes. there was no activity. people are slowly coming in and the agent is now on duty. what happened this morning? bart spokesman said not everyone who works the morning shift other the commute got the e-mail "return to work." slowly, people are coming back to work. the system is slowing ramping back up and bart is running. >> the mass confusion with bart has frustrated a lost commuters and drivers would now are facing more cars on the road.
6:37 am
we want to hear your thoughts on the bart situation. post your video online or instagram. we have a range of resources for you at abc7 news come to get around where you need to go. you can fine the alternate transit options and download the abc7 news traffic app. >> breaking news in the north bay, firefighters are investigating the cause of a two-alarm house fire in san rafael that broke ought at a large two-story house. there is no word on the cause of the fire that caused the roof to collapse. the house is being rented and no one was home at the time of the fire. >> we are following the morning commute as bart is off to a slow start. >> you have to remember the trains are with limited service
6:38 am
so there are 25 trains running this morning compared to 45 on a norm am day. there is nothing normal after the bart strike ended last night. another bart train
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>> welcome back at 6:41. a look at the roads. bart trains are running but only half of the trains are rolling this morning. >> our abc7 news engineer is approach the maze and is now sitting in the maze. dick? >> the traffic here has slowed with brake lights ahead. the story, compared to yesterday, the feeder roads -- 580 coming into the maze, 24 from the tunnel -- are all moving at the speed limit until you get to the actual maze where they join together and it slows down. the big difference between today and yesterday. yesterday was a parking lot. today the traffic is moving. obviously, it is the toll plaza that is a different story.
6:42 am
>> dick, thanks. to clarify for drivers, the c.h.p. is telling us that the h.o.v. lanes will rate on the strike hours meaning from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. today on 80, 880, and all bridges. >> leyla gulen, dick is reporting it is better than yesterday. >> in and places, it is. we do have several problems that we did not have yesterday. speaking of the car pooling, a lot of folks will have to car pool because bart trains took so long to get started. in oakland, we have this accident involving several vehicles and the big rig northbound 880 at broadway causing delays in the northbound and southbound direction with heave backups -- heavy backups. the golden gate bridge is underring for. coming from the waldo tunnel, it is moving well. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it
6:43 am
is a sea of headlights moving into san francisco. it will take 20 to 25 minutes. the spay yes bridge is looking normal from hayward to foster city and that drive will take you approximately 15 minutes. >> good morning, everyone, a picture from the camera of the bay bridge, sunshine is faster today so it will be three to five degrees warmer. we have mid-to-upper 80's through the valley and 66 in monterey and low-to-mid 70's in los angeles and san diego. hurricane raymond is pounding acapulco with 115-mile-per-hour wind and flooding rains. it will pull away for the weekend but the damage will take months to clean up. >> it is 6:44.
6:44 am
>> trading is underway on wall street and the dow is up 37 minutes. >> apple shares are in the spot light today with the 10:00 a.m. event when we will hear more about an ipad and the ipad secu, butalk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand.
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>> the bart strike is over but
6:47 am
staffing is low so a lot of petroleum are still cashing -- catching ferries. >> katie marzullo is at the ferry landing in oakland. it looks okay now. >> things are running smoothly. we saw a new line forming now with only a handful of people. when i say it is smoothly, i mean the ferry system, not the commutes. plenty of stories of people would not they were taking bart and were turned away. >> i planned on taking the ferry and then i heard last night the strike is over but i get up this morning and, no, the trains are not running. >> i went to concord bart station and then antioch and i got right back on the freeway for plan "b". >> san francisco baseed
6:48 am
ending. there were fewer riders than yesterday on the ferryies but they were used. >> apple is on-the-spot light for an announcement. >> we are joins by jane king from the new york stock exchange and reaction from wall street on the jobs report. >> good morning, we were supposed to get the jobs report october 4 but it was delayed because of the government shut down and job creation was weaker the jobless rate showed fewer were looking for work and unemployment fell. maybe there was weaker-than-expected job report will inspire the fed to keep the
6:49 am
stimulus tap open. the silicon valley index is higher at the moment. we are watching apple shares and the company is gearing up for the event. starbucks is planning on doubling the number of coffee brewing machines that connect to the cloud and track customer preferences and help the staffer monitor performance. starbucks is looking at refrigerators to let you know when a carton of milk has spoiled. this is growing interest a huge business and could triple to $27 billion by 2016. >> clothing sizes have been shrinking, a size a decade. women's clothing have shrunk giving women the impression they are fitting into a small are size and more likely to buy the item. >> you are down to a negative 2 in sizing, jane. >> in san francisco, this is
6:50 am
grand, at at&t park kanye west asked his girlfriend kim kardashian to marry him. look at her. she was smiling and flashing the 15 c arat diamond ring. he hired an orchestra and it was her 33rd birthday. they are in town for the show tonight in san jose. >> amazing they get this publicity, they are usually so quiet. >> nothing about the commute or the bay bridge. >> we have another accident involving a motorcycle at incline. we have had multiple accidents and multiple stalls at the bay bridge toll plaza and all up to treasure island. that is creating a terrible mess if you come away from the maze and it will affect highway 24
6:51 am
and affect i-80. we have gotten bumper-to-bumper traffic so that is quite the stretch in the westbound direction to make it into oakland. we have this accident that is causing delays in the southbound direction but it happened in northbound lanes and we still have three blocked at broadway along the nimitz causing backups causing you to want to use 580. i recommend it. quote have some injuries because the airbags were deployed. >> the visibility is change by the second. quarter-mile visibility in santa rosa. 2.235 miles visibility at sfo. san jose international airport is running on time. looking above the fray of
6:52 am
clouds, the marine lay is 1,000' thick. less than yesterday. warmer temperatures today. cooler tonight. less fog. more clouds and cooler air mass on thursday, friday and saturday. you can see the cloud cover spreading through the morning. it never makes it into the east bay valley. it will be hazy around the bay for the afternoon and we will see more sunshine along the coast. temperatures are running from the upper 50's to low 60's and mid-60's in downtown san francisco and low-to-mid 70's around the bay shore and upper 70's in the south bay and low-to-mid 80's in the east bay valley. at the coast, there is more sunshine and the dangerous sneaker waves with strong rip currents through action -- 5:00 this afternoon. we will be in 9 low-to-mid 40's
6:53 am
tonight and here is the seven-day forecast, tomorrow temperatures are like today. we will have high clouds in the afternoon. thursday you can see the modification of the air mass, it is minimal. two to four degrees cooler. holding steady on saturday. high pressure comes back. warmer on sunday and monday. all seven days are dry. >> ahead, seven things to know before you
6:54 am
as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know: bart is running. but only half the normal number of trains with the strike over. there are big delays after workers did not get word to return to work, bart and the unions reached a tentative deal.
6:55 am
>> the bay bridge toll plaza shows it will take you 30 minutes to get away from the maze to san francisco. that is not including the drive through berkeley on i-80 westbound. there are packed conditions. 880 has been plagued with be brothers. this accident is involving a big rig and several vehicles. into hayward, southbound 880, very heavy backup, as well. >> three, extra ferries and buses are running. san francisco bay ferry is operating on the bart strike schedule for another day. >> four, federal investigators will interview bart managers today about the deadly train accident that killed two workers. the ntsb confirmed the trainee was operating the train that struck two men on saturday. the ntsb is staging a reenactment of the accident today. >> a man is dead following a police shooting in union city.
6:56 am
a domestic dispute suspect threatened officers with a pipe. one officer opened fire. the officer is on leave. >> apple is expected to roll out a new ipad this morning at a 10:00 a.m. announcement in san francisco and the new version is reported to be thinner with a faster processor. >> seven, the most dangerous fog is in the north bay through 9:00 this morning with temperatures warmer this afternoon and you can see the fog this morning from mount tamalpais. check out temperatures from the upper 50's at the coast to mid-70's and 80's inland. >> bart strike is over but we will continue on-line. see you in 25
6:57 am
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new details, now, on the hero teacher gunned down in america's latest school shooting. >> shots fired at sparks middle school. >> the teacher and former marine trying to stop the middle school student firing in a school uniform. this morning, new stories of heroism about the students who rushed in and tried to save him. brand-new developments in the international mystery of little maria. found living with those gypsies. now, the american family and the high-profile case of their missing baby comes forward to say maria could be their baby lisa. cee lo under fire. the hit singer song-writer in court facing a felony drug charge and possible prison time. accused of slipping a woman drugs on a date. why his lawyer says all the claims are false. ♪ suddenly i see finders keepers.


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