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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 22, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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live, from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. >> and i'm kristen. the b.a.r.t. strike is over as they reached a tentative deal late last night. the service lk limited in this afternoon. live at the park with the latest. cornell? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. the strike is over. and this b.a.r.t. station here will be open to commuters in just a few minutes. trains will be running with limited service this morning. it should be up and running by this afternoon's commute. the four-day strike ended last night with a tentative agreement between b.a.r.t. and its unions. they would not release details
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of the new contract. the union -- until union members can ratify it, but the union say they like it and it is a fair deal. >> we are proud to bring a tentative agreement that prioritizes rider and worker safety to our members for a vote. this will preserve important workplace protections that enable workers to continue working with management to improve a rapidly growing system. >> reporter: this morning trains will be running about every 20 minutes. local and state politicians were on hand last night for the announcement. gavin newsom happy a deal was reached, but said such a strike can never happen again. commuters are happy b.a.r.t. is officially back in business this morning. >> thanks, cornell. commuters trying to get out of san francisco last night were too tired to rejoice for the end
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of the b.a.r.t. strike. >> so far, so good. i think everyone's going to be breathing a sigh of relief this morning. that's great news to us indeed. what that means, what cornell was saying is we are going to be seeing b.a.r.t. running on limited service until afternoon hours. it will take about 16 hours to get all the trains up and running properly. they're still offering their shuttle bus service and hov rules, those will remain in effect. so three or more on 880 and 680. into the east bay, 680 in mon you momentum to willow pass road, a construction project out there. now a look at the forecast, here's mike. >> good morning. great news. >> indeed. >> yeah. everybody's going to be able to sleep in hopefully tomorrow. here's a look at the visibility out there. look at hayward, a quarter mile there. 2 1/2 at half moon bay. let's go up to the north bay.
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we have a dense fog advisory up there until 9:00. we could have visibilities as low as a quarter to 8th of a mile. you can barely see the bay bridge from the roof cam, to give you an idea how low the marine layer clouds are this morning. i think that works to our advantage. i think we'll see warmer temperatures today, 74 to 83 inland. 66 to 77 around the bay. 58 to 64 coast to san francisco. >> all right. thank you, mike. b.a.r.t. is trying to get all trains rolling but will only have limited service for this morning. amy is live at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station to tell us how it's going there. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the station agent is here. so that's a great sign. he's preparing to open up this station. and commuters are starting to arrive. they certainly have confidence they'll have their trains this morning. i'm joined by one of their
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customers. i love what you said. what was your reaction when you heard the news and when did you get it? >> i got it about 3:30, walking out the door to meet my car pool. and i said, thank you, god. >> reporter: were you surprised? what was your life like without b.a.r.t.? >> i was very surprised. i expected it to be much longer. and my life without b.a.r.t. was very early. >> reporter: and there's the sign we've all been waiting for. what does that do -- >> music to my ears. >> reporter: carrie, thank you so much. have a great day at work and on the train. >> thank you. >> reporter: we are hearing limited service. we're trying to nail down what that means. we asked the station agent, he, too, didn't know. we're clearly in uncharted territory right now. this is all new to everyone. we're going to start chasing down that information, try to figure out exactly what that means for you. but it appears these riders are feeling very hopeful that that
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first train arriving at 4:17 will be running. the station agent thought that would be the case, once it leaves the yard, it would come here and do its route. we're here. and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. here's the good news, watching people go through the gates again for the first time since thursday. reporting live in walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> thanks, amy. limited is better than nothing at all, right? san francisco bay ferry will still offer extra service today, all planned for. additional vessels and workers will be on duty all day. yesterday riders had tripled from 2,600 to 7,500 passengers. because b.a.r.t. service will still be limited, we have many resources for you at to help you get around this morning. find alternate transit options, realtime traffic maps and an app to help you navigate the roads. be sure to follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area for the updates. the ntsb investigation into
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the b.a.r.t. accident that killed two workers. federal investigators will interview b.a.r.t. managers. they confirmed a trainee was operating a train that struck and killed 58-year-old shepherd and daniels on saturday. they won't say whether the b.a.r.t. employee was a manager trained to operate the trains. the train was on automatic mode, going about 60 to 70 miles per hour. and that a horn did go off, and emergency brakes applied. the ntsb plans to conduct a reenactment of the accident sometime today. a panel appointed by governor brown to look into a possible ac transit strike will weigh in tomorrow. riders testified at a hearing yesterday how a strike would impact them. ac transit requested the 60-day cooling off period last week. the union representing 1,600 workers has rejected contract workers. the big sticking point is new
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health insurance payments. new this morning, a man is dead following a police shooting in union city. it happened around 8:30 last night at an apartment on saturn way. police say they received a call about a domestic dispute. officers found a man who they determined had outstanding warrants. police say the man was confrontational and threatened officers with a pipe. one officer opened fire and killed the man. that officer has been placed on standard administrative leave during the investigation. a judge is allowing pg&e to reconnect a controversial gas pipeline in san carlos. the nearly four-mile pipeline was ordered shut down earlier this month. a memo expressed concern the pipeline could explode just like the one in san bruno. when the line is reconnected, the gas will be flowing at much lower pressure, three times less than the maximum allowed. 4:07, the b.a.r.t. strike over. the first trains are rolling out. >> the first train hasn't rolled just yet on b.a.r.t.
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but we also know they're going to be offering the shuttle bus services because they're going to be running on a limited basis today until the afternoon. we'll give you more information as it becomes available. as we take you back into the east bay, we have a stalled vehicle along southbound 680 at highway 4 on the transition. it is blocking. so we are looking at a little slowdown there as you approach 680. it looks like highway 4 does pick up pace as you continue in the westbound direction. the drive time traffic, 580 to dublin, wide open. 24 minutes. if you're heading along highway 4 into concord, 15-minute commute. clear out of the san rafael and into san francisco. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. beautiful sight indeed. wide open. stay home, have the extra cup of coffee. it's not going to be quite as bad this morning. how is the weather, mike? >> fog right there. more widespread this morning. if you're taking those b.a.r.t. buses, thought i would throw some temperatures at you for the
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areas where the buses were leaving yesterday. lafayette and oakland 51. hayward 47. fremont 49. that's the temperature as you arrive in san francisco. 49 degrees. day planner for the next 12 hours. mostly cloudy conditions and a lot of fog this morning. but that will evaporate quickly, and the temperatures will be warmer at noon. from the mid-60s along the coast to the low 60s to the bay and low 70s inland. we'll fall back into the 50s and 60s along the coast and bay. low 70s at the 7:00 hour. less cloud cover tonight through tomorrow. but still very mild to warm air mass for wednesday. a few high clouds from time to time. clouds will get thicker. the temperatures will drop thursday and friday. a couple of degrees each day. we'll take a look at that weekend forecast coming up. >> thanks, mike. the time is now 4:09.
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new details in the deadly nevada school shooting, and the person being called a hero this morning. also, a change to a disputed court ruling forcing california to release thousands of prisoners. facebook changes its policies again. the controversial videos you may soon see posted on your page. we're following your morning commute as b.a.r.t. service slowly resumes now that the strike is over. here's traffic on the san mateo bridge. we hope your commute is a lot better this morn
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while i was on a combat patrol my c in baqubah, iraq,nned out. a rocket-propelled grenade took my arm off at the shoulder. when i came home, i felt alone. my family was around me, but i couldn't talk to them about what i'd seen and what i'd done. i remember just thinking, man, the way i am right now, i don't want to live. i was discharged from the army, and i've been working with the wounded warrior project since 2007. warriors don't have to be severely wounded to be with the wounded warrior project. we do have a lot of guys that have post-traumatic stress disorder. being able to share your story, i guess it kind of helps you wrap your mind around what did happen over there. just because you've left the military doesn't mean your life is over, because when these guys are coming home, i'm kind of leading and training them, instead of for combat,
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i'm leading and training them to heal. and if i come away with anything from the wounded warrior project, it's them giving my life back. my name is norbie, and yes, i do suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, but i'm okay. welcome back. it's 4:12. federal judges are giving california an additional month to reduce its prison population. the judges gave them more time to seek agreement on how they should handle their inmate overcrowding problem. california must reduce its
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prison population by more than 4,000 inmates by the end of february to improve health care in the prison system. two students are recovering this morning following a deadly school shooting in nevada. we are learning more about the heroic math teacher who died trying to protect others. kristen fisher has the latest. >> reporter: classes are canceled for the rest of the week as police begin interviewing the roughly 30 students who witnessed monday's shooting. >> i thought that was going to be my last day. >> reporter: investigators are now trying to determine why the shooter, a middle school boy, would open fire on his classmates just minutes before the opening bell. >> we heard a gunshot. people started running and screaming. so i started running. we heard another gunshot. the teacher started yelling to run inside the building. >> reporter: the other looming question, how did a middle schooler get his hands on a semiautomatic handgun. >> he was threatening to kill the teacher. and at that point my heart was
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racing. >> reporter: that teacher was 45-year-old michael lansbury, a math teacher and former marine who served in afghanistan with the nevada national guard. witnesses say after the first shot was fired, lansbury rushed the shooter and tried to grab the gun. >> he pulled the trigger and the teacher was jet. >> reporter: two 12-year-old boys were shot, one in the arm, one in the stomach. both are still in the hospital bus expected to survive. >> right now, our work is going to focus on the families. and focus on our staff. >> reporter: this comes just ten months after the shooting at sandy hook elementary. this year alone, there's been 13 shootings at schools across the country. kristen fisher, abc news, washington. this morning, hurricane raymond continues to churn off the western coast of mexico. as much as eight inches of rain could fall by tomorrow. raymond is a category 3 hurricane with 120-mile-per-hour
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winds. the worst of the storm is expected to stay offshore, but authorities have moved out hundreds of people from isolated mountain communities, and low-lying shore areas in case of dangerous rain. something to think about as we enjoy another day of great weather here in the bay area. check out what folks in minnesota are dealing with as snow hit them hard. enough to make snow balls and drivers to scrape off their cars. the snow has moved out of the region, the temperatures there will have a tough time getting into the 40s the next couple of days. >> here in the bay area, people visiting the beach are being warned to watch out for potentially deadly waves. the national weather service said rip currents and swells capable of sweeping people out to sea are expected until this afternoon from sonoma to monterey county. waves like these were blamed for several deaths in northern california last winter. the beachgoers warned not to turn their back on the surf and
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fishermen warned not to fish near the rocks. the strike is over, but what's going on with the trains? >> we've been waiting, anticipating for the first train to roll out. with ejust got word from b.a.r.t. that they're trying to staff positions right now and there is no service until they do that. we do not know at this point how long it's going to take. typically trains should have started running now. they haven't started running because they're still trying to staff those positions. we'll let you know as soon as they do. they are still providing shuttle bus service so you'll still be able to board those buses, if you get to the stations early enough. it might actually be a good idea to get going as soon as you can. as we take a look at the roads, though, right now we are pretty much in the clear. we have areas of construction. eastbound 580 we have a drainage project there. that is causing a bit of a bottle neck. that's why you see yellow there, slowing there. as we look at the drive away from sfo on 101 northbound right
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past the 280 extension and into san francisco, that's a quick eight-minute commute right up to 3rd street. a live look outside, a picture of the golden gate bridge. right now it's shrouded in fog. let's check out the low clouds and fog. while we have good news that your commute may be easier because of the b.a.r.t. strike being over, it's not going to be quite as easy because of the weather. here's a look at the bay bridge where we can see it better than a few minutes ago. the fog is not lingering in one area, it's moving around. i expect it to spread to many areas during the next couple of hours. it will lead to quicker sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon. less fog, cooler conditions tonight and look for more clouds and cooler weather thursday, friday and saturday. it still looks like most of the rain is going to stay out over the ocean. for today, temperatures could
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jump dramatically in some areas. san francisco, 64. san jose 77. seven degrees warmer. concord, 80, six degrees warmer. santa rosa 77, three degrees warmer than yesterday. here's the reason why. look how thick the cloud cover is all the way through 9:00. but look how much quicker it pulls out and erases by noon. all of us are seeing sunshine. we will see more sunshine along the coast today than we did yesterday. as far as our temperatures, we're going to run from the low 60s to mid-60s. we may have a few upper 50s where the clouds linger longer along the coast. san francisco 64. low 70s throughout the bay shore. mid to upper 70s in the south bay and north bay. we have low to mid-80s in the east bay valleys. without the cloud cover tonight, our inland valleys will drop into the low to mid-50s. the rest of us in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow, a lot like today. we'll see a lot of sunshine,
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because we won't have the clouds in the morning. and then you can see the cooler weather for thursday, friday, saturday. then a slight warming trend for sunday and monday. looking dry all seven days once again. matt, kristen? >> we want to again let you know that b.a.r.t. has announced they're waiting to get people in position to staff those trains and get those trains running. there was just an announcement at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station that the first train would arrive at 4:30 a.m., and then, no, they're closed until further notice. a lot of confusion out there, as they're trying to get the trains running. we'll let you know as soon as they start running at all the b.a.r.t. stations in the east bay. >> of course, all that means if you're heading out right now to get to work, you might still have to drive as an option or check out other transit. dick has been driving around using cell phone technology to bring us conditions on the roadways. dick, how is it looking on the bay bridge right now? >> reporter: good morning, kristen.
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there's no traffic on the bay bridge right now. but there is quite a bit of fog. there are patches that are quite heavy. it's not completely obliterating your visibility. but definitely impacting it. be cautious for that fog here on the bay bridge. i looked at your drive into san francisco from the north peninsula, highway 101 both northbound and southbound, are moving at the speed limit. virtually no traffic. things are very light so far at this early hour. kristen, matt, back to you. >> thanks, dick. it's 4:20. heads-up, you could soon see something on your facebook page that could make some people upset. they're posting videos of people beheaded. the company banned the videos in may. but now says it believes users should be free to watch and condemn such videos. naturally the move is taking a lot of heat this morning. especially since it's still
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banned photos of women's exposed breasts. something to think about. time is 4:20. halloween is just a week and a half away. the app that can make sure your children are safe as they head out trick-or-treating. a 14-year-old girl makes a sparkling best friend. the discovery she made that has her dreaming of carrots. we're following your morning commute as b.a.r.t. service is still closed. we're expecting it to open sometime this morning but we're still waiting word on that. as we do, we'll look at the toll plaza. b.a.r.t. warning people to find alternate ways to work this morning. if you're headed to work this morning, you might want to try to find a different w
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welcome back. it's 4:23, just in time for halloween, helping parents map out which houses are giving out
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candy. next released a map that highlights the best streets for trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. watch for people to stay connected. sign up to your group based on where you live. we were hoping for a treat this morning but it seems like we've been tricked here. b.a.r.t. said it's going to be running this morning, then they are, and then they're not. >> unfortunately, because of the b.a.r.t. strike being over, we were anticipating b.a.r.t. would be running on limited service. however it sounds like they're still trying to staff positions. as soon as they get trains rolling, we'll let you know. b.a.r.t. is still offering their shuttle bus service. so do take advantage of that. let's take a look at our drive time traffic. as we make it over to the east bay, if you're traveling along right up to the pass, we have this construction project. we're looking at pretty clear conditions across our roadways.
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if you're heading out of tracy into castro valley, that's a 32-minute commute. 280 from highway 1 into san francisco, just under ten minutes. let's look outside and see if anyone's going to be taking to the roads and how that's moving on. walnut creek, right up to highway 24, looks like we have pretty early risers this morning. we might anticipate just a bit heavier traffic as well. mike? thank you very much. good morning, everybody. let's look around in case you're traveling the state. average high in tahoe, 61 degrees. much warmer that. a lot of mid to upper 80s through the central valley. a warm air mass sitting just to the west. 66 with increasing sunshine today in monterey. clouds and 54 in eureka. about 92 in palm springs. here's a look at our major hurricane once again. still holding on to 115-mile-per-hour winds. that makes it a category 3.
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notice the stationary. just pounding the coast of mexico near acapulco, with rain, flooding rains. we're going to see a lot of mudslides out of this system. in the next 24 to 48 hours, it slowly pulls to the west, away, and start to weaken just a little bit. i'm not sure the winds are going to be a big deal with this. but the rains definitely will. the winds won't help either when they're around 115 miles per hour. well, a new survey shows shoppers plan to spend more this coming holiday season. the auditing and financialing firm say shoppers plan to spend on average $141 on holiday gifts, up about 8% from last year. box stors are no longer the top destination. for the first time the internet is the top shopping choice. consumers now expect free shipping as a standard convenience and online retailers who don't offer it will lose out. check this out. when an oklahoma team found a
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boy who found a diamond at a park earlier this year, she decided maybe lightning would strike twice. she's going to try her luck. a 14-year-old went with her parents to arkansas's crater of diamond state park. after two hours of digging, boom, found a gem in the dirt. park experts say it's a canary diamond, just under 4 carats. since the park has a finder's keepers policy, the diamond is taina's to keep. >> lucky girl. >> we need to do a field trip. >> yeah. well, it seems like we were hoping for a diamond in the rough this morning for our commute. but after four tough days, the b.a.r.t. strike is over, but the trains haven't started rolling yet. next at 5:00 a.m., we're live with what it took to get both sides together. a berkeley family settles a lawsuit against the city in a fatal beating. how the settlement will protect other residents. do you recognize this man? why police want to take him off the streets right away. of course, we're following your morning commute as b.a.r.t.
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was supposed to be rolling its trains again, but right now, as of now, nothing yet as they try to staff the stations. so commuters frustrated. some could be taking to the roads. here's a look at one of the many routes on the freeway to get to the bay bridge this morning, which people could use, if b.a.r.t. trains don't start running soon. we'll let you know the minute the trains start running. tweet us if you're at a station where you se these are just some0 million people in this country who live with hearing loss. of that 50 million, one in five are teenagers. hearing health foundation is working to restore hearing. to learn more about their research for a cure visit hearing health foundation dot org. help us make hearing loss a thing of the past. a public service from hearing health foundation. [laughing]
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>> we start right no with breaking news. >> thanks for joining us. >> the breaking news is the bart strategic could be over but trains are not rolling as expected this morning. right now there is mass confusion at the stations for passengers about what will happen. abc7 news, amy hollyfield, is seeing this at walnut creek bart station. what is going


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