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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 21, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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we are here. >> we have had our differences everywhere, but we look forward to coming back together. >> they are mourning the loss of two of their own as they learn more about the men killed in yesterday's train accident. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates. here is the latest on the deadly accident that killed two bart workers. the ntsb has taken over the investigation. the two victims have been identified x but the name of the train operator has not been released. and right now the bart labor strike is still underway with no negotiations scheduled. a special bart board meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.
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the victims were members of the union. we have team coverage on the developing story and we begin with abc7 news reporter lilian kim with what we have learned about the victims. lilian? >> ama, both men are said to have had extensive experience. we are at the lake merritt bart station and these candles have been put here in their memory. >> very dedicated, well loved, honorable. >> the senior track engineer worked at bart for nearly three years. he and a contractor were inspecting the tracks when a bart train on a routine maintenance front hit and killed them. he lived in hayward and leaves a wife and two grown children. >> the family is grieving. they are in a state of shock to put it mildly. >> the contractor has been identified as larry daniels from oakland. his family declined to comment, but we know the railroad consulting engineer
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had 30 years of experience. >> a senseless tragedy. ridiculous. absolutely preventable. >> tonight bart employees at the lake merritt and bart station stood together in a moment of silence. many didn't know either, but they came to pay their p ares. alan holly was one of the first to show up to the accident site. >> i showed up and some of my co-workers were in tears. we didn't know the person involved, but you work in that environment and you know the ramifications every day. >> since the accident there has been a small and quiet presence on the picket line here at lake merritt and all out of respect for the two men who died. live in oakland, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. now to sergio who is live with the latest on the investigation into yesterday's accident. sergio? >> there is a collection of can can -- can dahls and cards
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and flowers marking the place where the employees were killed. it was the last time an employee killed on the same stretch of tracks no the far from here. today the investigators from the national transportation safety board arrived on scene and they have taken over this incident. investigators took over this scene and spent much of the day inspecting a train and conferring with their state and local counter parts. >> we will spread out and look at every single part of what went on out here. >> more than 24 hours after this train hit and killed two bart employees it was moved away from the accident scene. investigators have not shared many details about who was behind the controls. a train operator who was on strike says he has been through a similar investigation after someone jumped in front of his train and committed suicide last year.
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>> when you are involved in a fatality, you have to have a drug test. 24r is a camera in the cab. they want your phone records. >> ntsb investigators have recorded video from on board. following this weekend's accident union leaders are raising new questions about safety. >> when you have a high speed train going down where people are on the tracks on automatic pilot when the protocol says you should going 45 miles an hour on manual something is wrong there. >> the ntsb strike will not be a focus of their work. >> we are aware of the strike and we will list the information we get on that. >> the ntsb doesn't always take over fatal train accident investigations, but they have taken over this weekend's incident because two people were killed. in walnut creek, abc7 news.
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>> the bart strike will move into its fourth day and now no new talks are scheduled between the two sides. bart's two biggest unions delivered a counter proposal to the system managers. they say it includes changes to the rules. the policy was a sticking point. bart officials say they haven't received the latest offer. they will hold a special closed door meeting to discuss .he strike and labor if you have to drive you may see more traffic than friday. that's because tomorrow will be the first monday of the current strike. the highway patrol will have every available officer on the road to clear stalls and minor accidents as quickly as possible. three buses will roll from the east bay bart stations to san francisco during the morning rush hour. riders will get a ticket when they board in the morning and the ticket is good for their return trip to the east bay. the express buses will depart from 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. el cerrito, del norte,
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concord, lafayette, west oakland, dop lynn, pleasanton, san leandro and hayward and fremont. they will return between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. the san francisco-based ferry expects to see more rider thans it did on friday. -- than it did on friday. they will provide more service between oakland and san francisco than when bart is running. they will make extra trips until the bart strike ends. we have a range of resources at to help you get around during the strike including transit options and traffic maps. you can download the abc7 news ways traffic app to help navigate the freeways. follow us at abc7 news bay area for breaking news updates. and join us tomorrow morning for the latest on the bart strike. the abc7 morning news team will be here at 4:00 a.m. with a a look a the how the commute is shaping up. a hearing will take place tomorrow on the ac transit labor dispute. the state board of inquiry will decide whether a 60-day cooling off period is
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warranted. ac transit asked governor brown to start the process for a cooling off period as the workers threaten to strike last week. iewn wren members rejected two tentative contracts with ac transit. truck drivers plan to air their complaints through a work stoppage through the port of oakland. dozens voiced their complaints outside oakland city hall. they claim to have worked for 10 years without raises per load while costs increased four fold. new emission standards take effect on january 1st. drivers fear the cost of upgrading their rigs will drive them off the road. >> they will hurt and they will be out of work. can you imagine500 families, 600 families out of work in one day. it is ridiculous. >> the drivers believe the port should pay them a monthly stipen to meet the standards. >> all right. you can see some of the fog behind me as we can see the bay bridge there.
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let's get to meteorologist leigh glaser for a first check on weather and live doppler 7hd. >> are you definitely going to run into some pockets of very dense fog. as ama says we have the golden gate bridge socked in with mist and drizzle. live doper is heavy hd is picking up so some of the moisture. the fog sat and that's where the temperatures were the coolest. it was 56 in half moon bay compared to 82 in antioch and 83 in fairfield. it was 81 today in santa rosa. right now the temperatures have bottomed out with 45 right now in novato and 59 in livermore. we will look at the fog forecast and my accu-weather seven-day forecast. things are cooling down around here the next few days. >> they say they have not been able to get a license toed with. this as the same sex couples began tieing the knot in new jersey this morning. the city officials in jersey
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city opened the clerks office so the couples could get a head start on their pam work. paperwork. >> we are hearing more from the family of a woman found dead at san francisco general hospital 17 days after she vanished from her room. her body was discovered in a stirwell on october 8th. she disappeared on september 21st. the san francisco chronicle reports a hospital orderly stepped over spalding's body twice on the stairs on october 1st. the orderly notified a nurse. the nurse then called the sheriff's department. >> command -- what happened when the sheriff deputies go the the call? did they go to the right location? were they told a different location to go to or did they not respond at all? >> it is gnaws yaiting to hear from this and then call the family and tell them because the hospital at the san francisco sheriff's department didn't have the decency to.
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>> cecilia vega will have more on the death tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. on abc7. oakland police want to find the man who shot two men. it happened near bancroft avenue. both victims are expected to survive. a few miles away a man and woman crashed their car after being shot this afternoon. it happened at international boulevard. the woman is in critical condition. the shooting took place at 73rd and weld street a few blocks from the crash scene. >> still to come, a shocking sight and this was all done on purpose. why these people were set on fire. plus the optional feature on new cars that could soon become a requirement. and later the new battle ahead in washington. fi
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is commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the oakland hills firestorm. today survivors and the firefighters talked about the measures oakland is taking to make sure such a disaster doesn't happen again. 25 people died and more than 3800 homes were destroyed. since 1991 community members, firefighters and the city have worked together to prevent fires in the oakland hills. >> since the establishment of the district oakland has not had a significant devastating fire in the hills. other communities that don't have a dedicated wildfire prevention district have experienced large loss fires. >> the fire began 22 years ago yesterday. it took crews 72 hours to get it under control. several families were displaced overnight. you can see the flames rip through the roof of the boulder apartment complex. it does not appear suspicious. no one was injured. six units were destroyed on
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north civic drive. senator chuck shiewm -- schumer is pushing for cars to be built with new rear cameras. they could prevent deadly backover crashes. >> backover crashes occur when loved ones, friends, neighbors put their cars in reverse and accidentally strike the person behind the car because of a blind spot. >> the national highway traffic safety administration will add rear view video systems to the list of the recommended features. >> there was a rule on rear visibility. >> microsoft says he pulled up a system to crash. the company apologized and said they removed the update from the windows store and is resolving it quickly. it is for tablets and light,
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thin personal computers. speculation is mounting over a special event. apple is expected to unveil a new ipad and ipad mini and other new products at the invite only event. what is likely to happen is the tag line, we still have a lot to cover. >> some people would do anything to set a world record. and here is proof of that. they set a new guinness world record. it was done as safely as possible with lots of fire distinguishers nearby. the fire also raised money for charity. things are not hetting up -- heating up so much weather wise. leigh glaser is here. >> not heating up like that. we will see a shift in our winds to more of an on shore wind come pone inept. that means cooler temperature -- component. that means cooler
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temperatures. the fog bank is moving this and moving back out and it will move back toward the golden gate bridge as well as the bay bridge and it will definitely slow down the early morning commute. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. reduced visibilities. mist and drizzle. we will need the windshield wipers. san francisco is cool at 50. whoa have 55 in san jose. half moon bay 50 degrees as well. and this is the view from the exploratorium cam. it is from san francisco looking toward the bay bridge. you can barely see the top there as the deck is slowly starting to lower a bit. santa rosa up 47 already. 58 in fairfield and concord 55 and livermore at 59 degrees. emeryville cam is showing that at least over toward emeryville and oakland and also toward berkeley, the low clouds have not reached your area yet. get ready. areas of dense fog will be moving east overnight tonight. a cooler day for your monday and then more cooling will
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take place as we head into the latter part of the workweek. the overnight lows, 40s, upper 40s and then in the north bay. we will look at the 50s and mid50s toward the east bay. 11:00 tonight, now this forecast model is not really painting a great picture. it gives you a sense of the 5:00 a.m. chute time and the -- commute time tomorrow. the low clouds and fog moving in toward the bay and over toward oakland. it will take time to burn off and you can see near sfo. maybe some flight delays there by 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. that's when we should start to see a little bit of the thinking of the cloud base. i want to take tout workweek. i want to take tout workweek. the temperatures may lower a couple of degrees, but this is tuesday. the cutoff low to the west of us will slowly start to move in our direction. this is thursday. it is increasing the on shore
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winds and it is off the coast. we will have to wait and see what the low wants to do. it is hard to forecast. it will move inland and bring us showers and other times it will sit out here and spin for a couple of days and then fizzles out. the one thing it will do is increase on shore winds and a cooler air mass and also the clouds will be with us as well. by the way, we do have a beach hazard. it is up to tuesday afternoon. strong rip currents as the low is also generating some of the wind-whipped waves. 70s in the south bay. the peninsula, low 70s. upper 50s to near 60 degrees at the coast where the fog will sit. 66 for downtown san francisco. 74 petaluma and 75 for sonoma on the east bay. we will look for low 70s there. inland locations, upper 70s such as 79 pittsburgh to 80 degrees in livermore. a little change tomorrow. more fog, more coastal clouds as we get into wednesday,
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thursday and friday and that is when temperatures will really start to cool down. >> thank you, leigh. >> shu is with the 49ers in nashville. colin, vut wrap up for us. >> i think the niners are looking like the super bowl contenders. they are one road win down and another one to go across the pond. first thing's first. jim harbaugh with a hands a on approach to today's game in tennesse u headed? uh just gonna hang out. it's a school night. with gary and todd? yea. not sure about those two. i've been meaning to ask you - this is tougher than i thought - is there any drinking going on in this crowd? no. i hope not, because alcohol can lead you to say things and do things you that you
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really wish you hadn't. isn't this what you're supposed to say? i know. so if any of your buddies ever pressure you to take a drink, just tell them you promised your dad you wouldn't. i'd do anything to keep you safe. ok. i will. i hope this is working. i promise. i love you too dad. they really do hear you. brian? yea? so start the conversation even before they're teenagers. good idea. for tips on what to say visit a message from the substance abuse and mental health services administration.
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connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting.
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help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. but at this moment, she's fighting a brain tumor. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit the niners have reestablished themselves as one of the elite teams in the league. make it four straight wins and they manhandled tennessee today in nashville. when i say manhandled, i mean it literally. jim harbaugh getting into the mix. colin kaepernick with the read option and great blocking and untouched 20 yards for a 10-0 second quarter lead. 68 rushing for kaep. nobody had it better than those fans.
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jake locker going deep. the third pick in three games for him. the turnover leads to points. frank gore in his first touchdown of the game. 17-0 niners. vernon davis, a career high 180 yards receiving. last week, 60 -- 62 yards and four receptions. three plays later gore into the end zone with a second time. 70 yards rushing with 34 receiving. 24-0 game. it was 2 hour-3 when tennessee makes it interesting. -- 24-3 when tennessee makes it interesting. 66 yards and make it 24-10 of a minute later and niners' special teams comes through. he takes a shot from darrell morris and osgood all over the football. the niners are 5-2 as they head to london to face jacksonville. here is jim harbaugh.
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>> continues to get better every game since he has been playing. he has a game ball last week and i thought he was effective again today both running and throwing. can't say enough good things about him. >> he is super competitive. we step on the football field and it is all business. i just love the way he plays. >> goodwin for the niners. coming up later and vernon's view. what the 49ers' tight end said that allowed colin kaepernick to run wild. still to come, it used to be called payton's place and now it is the land of the luck. the colts put an end to denver's 17-game winning st
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and they beat the seahawks. can they beat denver tonight? he is heading to indianapolis to play his successor. manning gone, but not forgotten. how about that? a standing ovation. do you think the colts fans appreciate the 14 years he gave to them? the fans were the only one welcoming him back to town. former playmate blind siding him. it was a 14-12 game. an true luck, nothing phased this guy in college and same thing in the flfl. in the nfl. three touchdown passes and this one to kobe sweener. he takes it back and runs it in. broncos would rally, but not enough. peyton fall with a 39-33 loss. joy i think -- >> i think we kept our focus and didn't let the outside influence creep into the locker room.
2:30 am
we had a very good football team we were playing and we wouldn't let anybody distract us. >> it was emotional during the tribute. i think it came back pretty quickly. i was ready to play for kickoff. i felt a little tired coming into this week. it was somewhat of an emotional week. it can be a little draining. >> broncos are now 6-1. huge game in l.a. earthquake fans are showing up loud and proud. the 40th minute and the cross to chris and denied. it was turned away by diving john bush. the game would end in a scoreless tie. that spells the end for san jose. unless they can beat dallas. as i said, playoffs. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. coming up, vernon's view. abc7 teamed up with vernon
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davis for the entire season. get his take on the game in tennessee and what he sees as being a challenge for the niners' next game in london. his one on one conversation with mike shumann. that's coming up next. >> look forward to it. thank you, colin. ahead, new video as fugitives are taken down in florida. the latest on the case that gripped the nation. and notorious graffiti artist is at it again. where he
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did you know that people born from 1945 through 1965 have the highest rates of hepatitis c, but most don't know they're infected? people can live for decades without symptoms, but over time hepatitis c can cause serious health problems. if you were born during these years, the cdc now recommends
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that you get a blood test for hepatitis c. so talk to your doctor and find out if you have hepatitis c. it could save your life. know more. you're in a group most likely to develop skin cancer, including melanoma. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how. vernon's views. they have teamed up this nfl season and every week we have special access to the 49ers' star tightened after each game. today vernon with another solid game. four receptions for 62 yards. he was intra cal in keeping the tennessee defense off
2:35 am
balance. in the chat with mike shumann vernon discusses the unleashing of colin kaepernick in the team's four-game win streak. >> it feels great, man. it is amazing. anytime you can go out here and just put it all out and put it all out. i think we did it today. the defense stepped up and did a tremendous job. >> in offense we started to click and then we fell off. we just have to work on being consistent, that's all. just being consistent. try not to make any mistakes. >> colin, it looks like you came back to the offense. it is like they took the leash off of them. >> we did. we took the leash off. it is all about what you see on the film. we got together and we watched film. we saw it. the coaches, all of those guys they came together and they did a great job as far as putting the game plan together
2:36 am
it allowed them to do what he do. >> you and anquan boldin are moving the chains through the air. not that you aren't getting help anywhere else, two veteran players, but you guys have to take a lot of pride in that. otherwise you are not moving th not in the pass offense. >> we all know what he can do. he is known for making circuit catches. he is a great player and i am glad to have him on my team. i do what i can for the sake of the team. >> whether they throw plea the ball or not does -- whether they throw me the ball or not doesn't matter to me. what matters is how i can contribute toward helping this team win. >> everybody is banged up this time of year. some have more of a pain threshold. how tough is it to play hurt?
2:37 am
>> it is tough mentally. that's where the biggest challenge comes in. when ever you are injured. whenever you are injured, and i have been dealing with this for awhile, have i to block it out. when i am running a a route i am thinking about it. we all know how hard it is to keep your mind focused especially dealing with an injury. it is a struggle, man, but you have to keep on pushing and keep on pushing and don't give up. know are you safe. >> you have an 11-day road trip here and you are going to london. how tough is that? >> it is extremely tough. you are in a comfort zone when you are back home. even if it is a road game in the states, in the united states. you are still in the comfort zone. we are going all the way to
2:38 am
london. i think it was four years ago. still you are getting out of the zone and you have to just find something that can make you feel like you are at home. >> that is week 7 and the 49ers improve to 5-2. vernon's view only on abc7. >> an quan boldin had are -- anquan boldin had more yards, but davis was targeted the most by colin kaepernick. as mentioned the 49ers are in london to take on the jacksonville jaguars. it will be a try triumphant return for our next installment of vernon's view. ama? >> thank you. some 20,000 runners took part in the nike women's marathon and half marathon in san francisco. they made their way along the waterfront and through the pro side yow -- presidio before finishing at the great highway. it is the largest women's
2:39 am
marathon in the world. this is the 10th year the race has been held. selfie street art hits the area. >> and the new battle in washington. what's ahead tomorrow morning. and how a bay area start up is improving flights for people suffering from tremors. >> and we will take one last look at doppler 7hd. where is the fog going to be. plus if you are doing ♪
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by police of the two escaped convicts in florida. and even though they are back in prison authorities work on unraveling the slick scheme they contrived. larry jacobs has the latest. >> as this cell phone video shows at the coconut grove they were taking no chances. inside those two escaped murderers on the lamb for weeks, by early saturday evening 34-year-old charles walker and joseph jenkins had no way out. >> we made announcements over the pa system that they were surrounded. after a minute or two both of nday they out and >> by sunday they were back in court. their brief taste of freedom snappe short.
2:43 am
>> abc news has learned the men had help and they traveled to panama city separately and were waiting for a ride out of town. >> the piece we know was being dispatched from atlanta. itwhere the driver would take them we do not know. >> somehow two convicted murderers managed to produce forged documents, good enough to fake out corrections officials and releasing them without question from their life sentences without parole. they promise that there will be more arrests in the case. >> we will be backtracking to those who help carry out the fraud. we will be looking closely to anyone who may have helped harbor these fugitives. >> and whether this could possibly happen again,. >> everyone else here is making sure we come up with the process and the procedure that prohibits this from happening in the future. >> larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> president obama will address the glitches and the affordable health care act at
2:44 am
an event tomorrow. the health and human services department says it is working to improve its website. a congressional hearing has been scheduled to look into the rollout problem. for millions of people suffering from tremors a simple task like turning a key in a lock can be a struggle. now a start up is hoping to change that with a piece of engineering. here is carolyn johnson. >> deciding what to have for breakfast and lunch is routine. the hard part is when he starts eating it. >> very frustrating. this is why people with tremors do liept to eat in the restaurants. >> it is a condition that affects 10 million americans. >> it is embarrassing. when you can't keep food on a spoon, especially if you like soup or salads you can't keep salad on a fork. >> but a san francisco start up believes it has come up
2:45 am
with a solution in the form of the spoon. when assembled it can do what a patient's hands cannot. >> he says the device could help millions of patients suffering from a range of conditions including parkinsons disease. >> they can scoop up some of the jelly beans. you can see that even though my happened is shaking, it is working to keep the spoon steady. >> the spoon known as lift wear makes constant adjustments and realtime to come sen say the for the tremors. it distinguishes shaking from the normal movements of a person eating. >> if i am lifting the spoon up it is a forward motion so it would allow that to exist. >> to accomplice -- to accomplish that they measure the sensors and use the algorithms and they are miniature rised. the difference is traumatic.
2:46 am
>> the unit was field tested with the researchers as well as patient groups. the national institutes of health provided funding offering patients the hope of achieving what most of us take for granted. >> the lift wear spoon is a life saver for those of us who want get food into our mouth. >> they expect to start shipping by summer. several advocacy groups will have information for tremor sufferers. for more information go to under see it on tv. the british street artist is taking over new york. he is spreading his brand of graffiti across the city and posting the photographs on intau intau -- instagram. last week he sold the original works on the street for $60. a steel since his work can go for thousands. >> another stealth art has made its way to san mateo.
2:47 am
they spent 20 hours knitting and 14 hours installing the giant blue squid using four miles of yarn. the yarn bombing is growing in popularity. it is when the knitters cover anything from trees to bicycles with yarn to create a unique work of art. we will get one last check on our weather. >> the live doppler 7hd is picking up some of the dense fog near southern marin and near the highway. reduced visibility near the early morning commute and some mist and drizzle there as well. sunshine and 67 degrees and it will move through chicago and head toward new york as we head into tuesday afternoon. do be prepared for that. 37 degrees there. 88 for phoenix. southern california is a nice, mild, warm. palm springs 91 and l.a. 77.
2:48 am
we will see the fog bank up near monterey bay. tomorrow we are still looking pretty good. we will see a little low morning fog. it will be midweek. wednesday, thursday, friday when the clouds thicken. no rain in the accu-weather seven-day forecast. but the temperatures cool off into the 70s. mike will be here tomorrow morning at 4:00. another look at live doppler 7hd. we could have some flight delays tomorrow morning because of the fog. >> thank you, leigh. colin rush is here with the sports report. they have a long flight ahead. >> they do. why mott go halfway across the country and take a pitstop in tennessee and get it done there. the 49ers will take a four-game win streak and will take on jacksonville next sunday. the catch of the year
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there's so much in life we can't control. here's something we can: colorectal cancer. it's the second leading cancer killer in the u.s., but it is almost entirely preventable! most colon cancers start as polyps, and screening finds polyps, so they can be removed before they turn into cancer. if you're over 50, get screened. screening saves lives. it could really save your life. when frank gore talks people tend to listen, at least i do. gore saying after the game in tennessee this is a special team and it is gonna be crazy,
2:52 am
referring to the end of the year. bring the crazy, frank, let's go. as for colin kaepernick, the guy was captivating. read option was his bread and butter last year, but slowly being reintegrated. a 10-0 second quarter lead. who had it better than you today? there you are. after an interception gore with his first touchdown of the game. 24-10 and fourth quarter and special teams with the fumble. osgood recovers in the end zone and that's a touchdown. their 1-17. they are 5-2 ever a the fourth straight win. jim harbaugh afterwards and it does president get any better than game seven. >> this was a big game and we are treating it like the biggest game of the season. it was our next game. we are treating it like game seven of the world series. game seven of the stanley cup. the next game game eight and we will treat it the same. >> frank was huge coming back and getting that block. everybody had huge blocks on
2:53 am
that. that made my job easy. i am a football player and you will get hit regardless if you are a quarterback, line backer or running back you will get hit. >> this was not sam bradford's day. carolina's captain summer lynn 45 yards the other -- so merli. a torn acl in the left knee means he is done for the years. panthers 30 and rams 15. peyton manning returned to indy where he spent 14 years as the colts quarterback. he won them a super bowl. but luck in a zone. two touchdown passes and runs one in in the second half. 39-33 indy beating the niners, seahawks and the broncos already. the broncos lose which means the chiefs are alone in first place in the afc west. one touchdown rushing. the chief rtz nfl's -- are the nfl's only undefeated team after the win over houston.
2:54 am
patriots and jets and the new nfl rule this year you can't push a fellow lineman into the pile on a field goal attempt. chris jones found out the hard time in over time. a 15-yard penalty and second chance and good from 42 yards. 30-27 and rex ryan and the jets are a surprising 4-3. washington trailing chicago. late fourth when rg iii leads them on a 12-play 89-yard touchdown drive. the third td against the redskins. a 45-44 win in land over. raiders had a bye this week. their next opponent, the steelers. they take care of the ravens at home. 42-yard field goal as time expired 19-16 the final. the first bcs standings released tonight. stanford getting national respect. yesterday 24-10 win over ucla had to help. if you missed after the game with me and larry beil last night you missed us showing the catch of the year time and time again. any excuse to
2:55 am
show it. the cardinals are moving up five spots. it is from 13-8 in the ap rankings and 6th in the bcs. fans in oregon are not happy to knight. tonight. flay you flaw state is second and the ducks are third. stanford and cal on the pitch in berkeley. score less in the 86th minute. he was denied a penalty kick, but the rebound goes and cal is number one in the country. a 1-0 win over the cardinals. earthquake fans are bringing the noise in l.a. the quakes needing a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. the 40th minute we go. the header and denied by panato. a 3rd minute. he is turned away by a diving bush. it ends the quake playoff as stations. aspirations. >> homa finished styed for 30th at shriner's hospital open in las vegas.
2:56 am
let's go to las vegas where they welcome you with open arms. they start the day and a perfect read on the par putt. 24 for the tournament and a six-stroke win. speaking of the olympic club michael alan is a long-time member. he -- the charles schwab cub will be in 10 days. talladega super speedway and kurt busch going talladega nights with the same paint as ricky bobbie, aka, will farrell. if you ain't first you're last. spins going backwards and never a good thing in nascar. airborne. mcmurray takes the checkered flag. jimmie johnson leads the cup chase with four races to go. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thank you, colin. thank you for joining us.
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while i was on a combat patrol my c in baqubah, iraq,nned out. a rocket-propelled grenade took my arm off at the shoulder. when i came home, i felt alone. my family was around me, but i couldn't talk to them about what i'd seen and what i'd done. i remember just thinking, man, the way i am right now, i don't want to live. i was discharged from the army, and i've been working with the wounded warrior project since 2007. warriors don't have to be severely wounded to be with the wounded warrior project. we do have a lot of guys that have post-traumatic stress disorder. being able to share your story, i guess it kind of helps you wrap your mind around what did happen over there. just because you've left the military doesn't mean your life is over, because when these guys are coming home, i'm kind of leading and training them, instead of for combat, i'm leading and training them to heal. and if i come away with anything from the wounded warrior project, it's them giving my life back. my name is norbie, and yes, i do suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, but i'm okay.
3:00 am
this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now," constantly crashing. the obama care web site set up for americans to sign up for medical insurance. how the white house today is addressing the embarrassment. stunt disaster. the biplane wing walker putting on a high-flying thrill show falls to his death. >> i knew what happened and it made me sick to my stomach. i had to separate myself. it upset me. >> the frightening scene for onlookers and the tremendous risk for stunt men and women. and can't stop playing. the video game app called candy crush. millions play it, many have trouble putting it down. >> look at the colors. they are beautiful, soothing music. the voice that


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