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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 15, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is stressful. >> another dave uncertainty and frustration for bart riders even though workers did not strike there is no deal and no guarantee the trains will rome tomorrow. good morning, i am eric thomas. we will have more on bart negotiations in a few minutes. >> the f.b.i. says they have broken up an east bay drug ring making several arrests this morning. >> abc7 news reporter is amy hollyfield is outside one of the
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homes. a 47-year-old was arrested inside this home of the look at it. would you suspect what was going on in there? agents say there was drug activity going on inside this well kept clean home. neighbors on the block sure didn't suspect a thing. >> f.b.i. agents say the drug activity happening inside this pittsburg home was part of a dangerous drug cartel. they found cocaine inside the house during a raid this morning. it is located next to a home full of children and on the same block as a junior high school and a daycare center. >> i feel totalliry -- totally relieved but totally upset. unacceptable that people would use our neighborhood to do things like that. >> the owner of the day care said some customers decided to not drop off the customers today. >> we take our kids for walks. you never know.
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my grandchilds walk to school. it is not nice. >> agents started at 6:00 this morning and served warrants at six locations in four cities: oakley, concord, pittsburg, and antioch. though made four arrests. they confiscated methamphetamine and cocaine. the agents are furloughed employees and are not getting paid but decided the raids couldn't wait. >> we thought the threat was there. the threat was, in this case, the distribution of drugs. we needed to stop this individual and the organized crime ring immediately. that is why we decided to do it today. >> residents nerve saw suspicious activity and did not know the man arrested here. some say they will now try to be more observeant. >> to the threatened bart strike. negotiations will resume in two hours. the two sides are taking a break
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after a marathon session gave bart riders some hope. abc7 news reporter matt keller begins coverage on that near downtown berkeley at the bart station. matt? >> we are waiting for negotiations to get started again this afternoon. this morning at 5:45 talks ended and both sides came out and knowing was talking or saying how close to a deal they were. this is video leaving the negotiations at the caltran building in oakland. we asked how it was going and both the union negotiators and bart negotiators said "no comment." the union said the federal mediator told both sides they could not leave until a deal was done because they were close. obviously, no deal has been announced. cohen talked to us this morning. here is what he said. >> at the request of the mediator we will take a recess until this afternoon. that is all i will have to say.
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negotiations are continuing. we will be back at it early this afternoon. >> i asked him if he recommended in strike for tomorrow and he said trains are running normally today. he was asked how talks were going. he said "no comment." bart put forward the last, best and final offer on sunday. the unions countered yesterday. i got a tip that the lead negotiator for bart was not at the negotiations today or the last two days. we talked to birth about that. they e-mailed us saying thomas is not here today nor does he need to be here. grace is at the table and leading negotiations along with other lead negotiator and others. his presence is not needed and i would assume the other side would embrace this, given this is what they have been asking for, for grace to be at the table during the negotiations. the new yorks are scheduled to start today at 1:00 o'clock.
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both sides will be back at the table. we will give you the latest online and at a later abc7 news. federal mediator george cohen is known for finding common ground in several high profile cases, a lawyer by training and used to teach at judicial town. he was appointed by president obama in 2009 as doctor of the federal mediation and conciliation service to end major disputes that hurt the economy. cohen has mediated disputes in the national basketball association between the association and the nba players, the national football league and its players, as well as label dispute involving the f.a.a. >> the abc7 news digital team introduced "dear bart" hashtag so you can sound off. we have been getting a lot of responses. michael tweeted this photo of a cot in an office "my bedroom at work, thanks, bart."
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you can post videos, too, using hashtags "dear bart." you can post videos do facebook. >> a.c. transit is asking the governor to impose a 60-day cooling-off period to avoid a possible strike by union workers at midnight tomorrow. in a two page letter officials say a strike would leave nearly 200,000 daily bus riders stranded and "significantly endanger the public's health, safety, and we and is -- welfar. a strike would mean no service going thursday. they have been unhappy with the work safety and health care costs. >> join us early tomorrow morning for the latest on the bart strike threat. kristen z. and traffic reporter and leyla gulen will bring you the latest on negotiations and how the strike threat is affecting the morning commute.
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join us for early start tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. on the abc7 morning news. >> new this morning in discovery bay crews are mopping up a house fire, the fire broke out before 9:00 this morning at a house on greenfield court, officials were worried for a period hooking for the seniors who live in the house and they found them outside the house. it is not immediately known what caused the fire. >> happening now in santa clara construction work has resumed at levi stadium following a fail accident yesterday. the project managers met this morning with crews to discuss the accident and safety measures. grief counselors are on the site. a 60-year-old edward lake jr. died when a rebar fell on him. he was from napa. >> a sense of urgency is kicking in on capitol hill with two solutions to end the government shut down and raise the debt ceiling are emeveryone inning. the senate is working to a deal
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to re-open the government but only until january 15. the plan would also avoid a default by extending the nation's credit limit but only until february 7. here is the key: no major changes to the health care law. conservatives in the house of representatives are not happy with the last point so republicans are trying to develop their own plan. >> officials at the lawrence livermore laboratory tell abc they are going the process of an orderly shut down today. some 6,000 laboratory workers are furloughed unless congress ends the government shut down before then. east by congressman held the townhall meeting with employees of the laboratory offer the weekend and he says he is working with the secretary of energy to ensure laboratory workers get back pay when the federal government re-opens. >> new this morning a triple shooting in san francisco's western edition neighborhood is now a homicide. three people were shot at 7:30 last night. one victim died at the hospital. police spent the evening talking to witnesses and gathering
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evidence. no arrests have been made. >> happening now in the philippines, rescue and recovery efforts are underway after a 7.2 earthquake struck. officials believe that more than 90 people were killed and the earthquake was centered 20 miles below carmen city when many small build education collapsed. people are will reported death and damage in nearby islands. dolls are missing. it is feared that some could be trapped beneath buildings. >> palo alto is taking heat for using an automatic warning system to tell people about a pancake breakfast. the local paper said police and fire feed to use better judgment about what is urgent but the chief said this was to inform people that a life flight helicopter would be landing during the breakfast and do not flood the 9-1-1 system when
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calls to ask what is happening. the state attorney general charges former san diego mayor with physical any false imprisonment and two misdemeanor counts of battery. he immediately pled guilty to the charges that come just months after alleges of sexual harassment drove him to resign. the criminal case names three jane does as victims. >> the top salaries for three female titans at the top of the game. >> apple urges a famous designer to san francisco. >> and another beautiful october day in the bay area, with mike
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>> a bay area biotech giant is expanding its manufacturing facility and hiring 200 more people and investing $100 million on the expansion. they say it will make it the biggest biotech facility in the world in addition to manufacturing jobs, they will hire more scientists and engineers and other professionals for the site. >> investigators are unsure how a cooked chicken sold at a bay area costco store was linked to a raw chicken salmonella outbreak. costco is recalling 40,000 pounds of chicken made with foster farms poultry sold at
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costco in south san francisco between september 11 and september 23rd under the company signature brand. the agriculture department is trying to figure out if the products were contaminated with the same strain of salmonella that has sickened 300 people nationwide. >> from high-tech to high fashion, apple is bringing the head of burrberry on board and will join apple in the spring. the 53 year old woman will be senior vice president of retail sales, a newly created position at apple. she will report to apple c.e.o. and was the highest paid c.e.o. in the united kingdom last year. >> fortune magazine is out with the annual list of the 25 highest paid business women in america and the top three are from right here in the bay area. the chief financial officer at oracle topped the list making $43 million.
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marissa mayer is second, and third is the chief operating officer at facebook making $26 million, and number ten, is h.p. meg whitman who took over $15 million last year. >> different set of numbers ahead. mike nicco is coming up with the forecast. >> they are above average but nothing in that spectrum. good morning, everyone, from the rooftop of the abc7 broadcast center, we will talk about warmer than average afternoon temperatures in the seven-day forecast and we will go in search of rain. you may not find any until november. that is ahead. >> another state trying to crackdown on the home away from home vacation rentals that help
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> fairfield police hope these photos will lead them to the teen who caused several explosions inside a wal-mart forcing an evacuation. they happened early yesterday morning the store on north texas street of the investigators say the teen walked into the store and set a wicker basket on fire that spread to several containers causing them to blow up. no one was hurt. >> another website glitch allowed unite 9 customers to purchase overseas tickets for $50 but this time they did not get to use them. customers were able to set you will a mileage plus account and use frequent flying miles they did not really have. united said it will not honor the tickets because the system
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was manipulated. last month united sold tickets for nothing but the company honored those tickets because they were caused but human error. >> tourists visiting the big apple are looking to resident space in stranger's homes and apartments to avoid paying steep new york city hotel rates and are using websites like san francisco based b and b to find rooms for as low as $35 a night but the top prosecutor says this is illegal avoiding taxes and threatening building safety and undercutting the hotel industry and wants them to turn over data to determine if residents are breaking state lawsuits. there is a petition drive to try to change what they are calling a poorly written law. >> a minor earthquake shook the east bay early this morning and triggered two smaller after shocks. the 3.2 earthquake hit at 1:07 a.m. and centered in the berkeley hills on the hayward
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fault. people from piedmont called the newsroom to report light shaking but the earthquake did not do any damage. this was another minor earthquake in the same area last monday. >> mike nicco, let's check things out. >> come on out and feel this. there is plenty of room for you. good morning, everyone, we are from the top of the abc news broadcast center with another glorious morning full of sunshine and warm temperatures and they are running about two to seven degrees warmer than this time yesterday. we will check out the lows: you lived through this but did you know it was in the upper 30's in novato and santa rosa. san ramon was not far behind and most of the valley in the low 40's. 48 in concord and fremont. 49 in san jose. we had 50 in mountain view and san mateo and oakland at 55 in san francisco. we will look at what is going
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on. it is dry as a bone. live doppler 7 hd shows nothing as far as moisture, or clouds. we will talk about the big weather feature. the big shape in the center of the country is a mature system bringing snow again to parts of wyoming, north dakota, south dakota, colorado and the panhandle of nebraska. look at the know around the high. that is bringing in the usually cool autumn air mass into the midwest and that is going to slide to the east. on the other side, the high pressure with the clock listen wise flow when there is a big cold outbreak east of the rockies expect warm weather in the fall and that is what we are dealing with and if you are headed out, grab the sunglasses and if you are at the beach, grabble the sunscreen it is bright and 72 at half moon bay and 68 in san francisco, santa rosa and 73 in mountain view and san ramon and live more. moving forward, you can see the east bay is a little bit of a
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breeze left over from this morning and that will taper as i hike in the higher elevation, no need to worry about a fire threat. more sunshine, and seeing stars and temperatures dropping 30 30r 40 or 45 degrees overnight. the weekend will be dry but nice for this time of the year. good morning in san jose with all that sunshine downtown as we look from our san jose camera you will be 81 degrees, which is six degrees warmer-than-average and oakland is 82 and in san francisco, 78. maybe the vendors can sell t-shirts. low-to-mid 80's in the south bay and down to the santa cruz, look at that, the boardwalk is 82 degrees and 79 is possible high today at half moon bay and normal temperature is in the mid-60's and we will have mid-to-upper 70's around san
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francisco from the cost and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and upper 70's on the shore. a storm system will slide over the sierra tomorrow and thursday and that will drop the temperatures a little bit and they will butch up friday and saturday and another system will be closer, bringing us cooler weather sunday and monday and i looked at the medium-range forecast model they go to halloween and we do not have a chance of rain. we could go through the entire month without seeing any rain. that is the or side to this story. it is nice out here. hopefully you can get out here and enjoy. >> thank you, mike. we have a huge scare this morning for employees at a mall when a car smashed into a hair salon. look at the crushed glass. the car want through the front of the 10 lop before 10:00 this
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morning and officials have removed the car and now there is just a mess to clean and they are making pretty quick work. no one was hurt and it is still unknown what sent the car into the
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>> the warriors face off against the lakers. in china. >> play basketball. the teams play a pre-season game in beijing and lee scored 31 points and grabbed six rebounds to lead the warriors to 100-95 win. >> the warriors and lakers will play again in shanghai on friday and oakland mayor is expected to be at game and the mayor was supposed to attend a game but delayed the trip because of the potential bart strike. >> negotiations resume, of course, at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon and we will bring you the latest at
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