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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 15, 2013 12:35am-1:06am PDT

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with an open heart windows down in a beat up car ♪ ♪ when i was dumb and the world was young the world was young ♪ ♪ she was beautiful she was beautiful ♪ ♪ it was you it was you and you are beautiful yeah ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ when i was dumb and the world was young and she was beautiful oh ♪ [ applause ]
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captions by vitac >> tonight on night line, a three-year-old girl taken from her bed at night. no person of interest. until tonight. could this new information change everything? >> party foul. hundreds of college students take to the streets and fight with police because they like to party and they like to brag about it. one website is cashing in saying it's good to be bad. but how does it end? >> go outside, go outside. >> wedding wish. some brides make crazy demands. this one wanted john bon jovi to walk her down the aisle. it wasn't so crazy after all.
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only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> from new york city, this is "nightline" with dan abrams. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. there could be a major breakthrough in the case of little madeleine mccan. authorities have taken a new look and tonight announced a new time line along with computer generated pictures of a person of interest they have some questions for. we are at the crime scene with the latest details. >> that is your show. >> by the time the world first met this 3-year-old she was already missing, taken from her bed in this resort. >> we beg you to let madeleine come home.
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please give our little girl back. >> for six years it has remained a terrifying mystery. but today for the first time there were new images that seemed to offer a glimmer of hope. scottland yard announced a new person of interest. >> if they know who this person is, please come forward. >> new optimism. >> i still genuinely believe there is a poblssibility that s is alive. >> tonight on britain's version of america's most wanted a 25 minute reenactment of what police believe happened the night that maddie finished. >> we are trying to bring everything back to zero. take everything back to the beginning. >> it all began on may 3, 2007. her parents had come to portugal with maddie and her twin siblings for a week holiday with friends. they put the kids to bed here
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and went to eat almost within eyesight of the apartment just 150 feet away frchl time to time the parents would come check on the kids. kate came only to find the window wide open and madeleine gone. >> i was looking at madeleine's bed and i couldn't make it out. and then i realized that she's not in that bed. i thought i wonder if she had waken up and gone to our bed. she wasn't in our bed. and that was the first time where i had panic hit. >> maddie's princess blanket and her pink cuddle cat toy were all that were left behind. >> she was wearing baa ja mas almost identical to these. >> what happened in dinner became crewial. >> we know at 8:30, that was the time that mr. and mrs. mccan went down for dinner.
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we know around 10 p.m. is when mrs. mccan found maddie missing. >> i couldn't ask for more. i just want to say thank you. >> for years, police believed that she had been taken by this unknown man. now police believe they finally found that man who was simply carrying his own daughter. >> we are almost certain now that this is not the abductor. very importantly, what it says is that from 9:15, we are able to allow the clock to continue to move forward. >> forward to 10:00 p.m. when witnesses saw another man coming from the ocean club carrying a
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child. >> could this have been madeleine and her abductor. >> the child that he had in his arms was describe as being three to four years of age with blond hair and possibly wearing pajamas. >> of course at the time, no one knew all of this and public outcry was swift against the parents. oprah seemed appalled that they have left their kids alone. >> i am sure you have beaten yourself up many times? >> i question myself every day about that. i feel awful that we went there. >> with english tabloids beating the drum. >> it was as good a holiday adds we have ever with the children. >> quickly came under suspici s suspicious. >> kate mccan is expected to be d claired a suspect over her
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daughter's disappearance. >> particularly after lab results were misinterpreted to show that maddie's dna had been found in their car. >> they have suggested that blood had been found in a car that they hired 25 days after. >> they were eventually completely exonerated. >> a person has gone into an apartment and take an little girl. >> beneath her parents are persons of interest or suspects. they are parents of somebody who has lost their daughter. >> almost lost in all the hoopla were witnesses who had seen a man carrying the child and other witnesses who reported a suspicious man or men.
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some experts now agree that opportunities were lost in the early hours. no roadblocks were set up. >> the scene of the kidnapping was not preserves so that experts could get pristine samples. >> we need to know what had happened. >> that didn't stop the family who gave this sfwer view put out the effort to keep her name alive. >> everything we have done is focused on the belief that madeleine was alived. >> we're not going to be bullied. >> whatever anyone thinks of actions ultimately, our only focus is trying to find madeleine. there is an innocent child
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missing. that's the key thing. madeleine is missing. >> now scottland yard is hoping their new lead on a television program being broadcast will prompt someone to call in. >> i would ask if public to look carefully at them. we in consultation are absolutely committed to finding out what happened so madeleine and we have been in a unique position in drawing together three strands. we have identified 38 persons of interest. they say they don't plan to stop.
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some of them have got hundreds of pages. from that you will recall that we had 19 investigative opportunities. >> imagine what their daughter might look like tort. take hope from this projection. >> i don't think it looks like me. that is jaycee dugard. and this one, elizabeth smart was finally found alive. >> today is a wonderful day and i am so thrilled to be here. >> two real life reminders that sometimes a little girl does get to comb home again to the room her parents have kept for her all of these years. >> no doubt everyone is hoping. the question will be whether this new information can help them crack the case after all of
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join us at and thrive. >> partying hard used to be something that kids just bragged about to their friends even when it included bad behavior. but now with a helpful website
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that documents them, everything from boozy brawls to criminal conduct being celebrated. is anything off limits? >> the american way of college. it's never been just about the books. it's always also been about kmu rens, all called par eed partyi. it sometimes gets out of control. a swarm of young people locked in a battle with police. >> oh my god. >> an armored vehicle brought in to disperse the out of control crowd. and have you noticed watching this amateur video that it seems like there is an endless stream of videos showcasing college kids behaving badly. increasingly young people themselves want to show and tell the world online just how hard they can party. the american way of college has
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been around for years. as hollywood shows us with its particular fascination with frat culture. from "old school" to "super bad" so the original rage fest, "animal house." >> sorry. >> college party antics are a sure fire way for viral success. so much so that this guy created a whole business around documenting the party lifestyle. it's called i'm schmackeed. he films students getting wasted and high and everything in between. the videos have garnered over 14 million views on youtube. >> what would your videos be without alcohol? >> not very. that's our market. >> it makes you feel like you're
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there. >> they rank the colleges based on which schools to party hard. >> adults looking in on the surface, it looks like a bunch of riffraff. it's people that go hard at high school and get good grades. >> how do you know that? >> they told me. >> when you see it you want to go to this school. >> i looked at it when i was choosing. >> some partiers foo s featureds videos had a few post partdy regrets. i thought it would be a thing almost like a thing to look back on. >> it is such a thing as being too out there online. digital candor can backfire. even as young people are putting more of their lives online. they live it, they post it. more recently, i'm smacked announced it would be filming at the university of delaware.
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things started getting out of control. >> do college students need to think about how they appear on a youtube video or facebook page if they are partying? >> absolutely. >> do they get how exposed they are? >> i don't think so. they have not seen the missed jobs position or a missed entry into college. >> some partygoers just crave the attention often bragging about their ragers. last month, 400 teens broke into exnfl star for a wild labor day bash and then they were smart enough to post the evidence online. >> i'm sitting there going this is not really happening and he says no, dad. this is really happening. i can't believe it. we just broke in the house. this is amazing. we are trashing this place. >> that window was kicked out. >> some have tried to recreate
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move scenes from movies like project x. >> it's big enough to be cool. >> it was supposed to make them popular but it turns into a disaster. the movie inspired teens to host their own project x parties. at one home in houston, here is how that looked. >> we came back the next night hoping and figuring that they would come back and they did. you know, i asked them why, you know what was this all about and they said project x. >> another? well a teenager in florida gives youtubers a tour of the house. he said he had just vandalized the place and invited thousands to a project x party there. cops arrested him before the event but no one told the nearly 2,000 people who showed up later that night. so you look at the scene where at least the mob while behaving badly did not post the video of
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this themselves. no, they are too smart for that. they're in college. abc news, washington. >> does social media simply capture the party or add fuel to the fire. >> next, anthony hopkins writes a letter to an actor telling him he was the best performance he had ever seen. hopkins ever? we will explain tonight. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. set your soul free.
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>> tonight on feed frenzy for the super fans. this week it's jon bon jovi made
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a special day more memorable. the bride to be created a facebook page requesting his participation. he was in town. right. he's going to show up at your wedding? well, he did. >> oh my god. >> it was the same chapel where he married his high school sweetheart back in 1989, and they are still happily married today. how about an oscar winner as a super fan. brine received a glowing letter of praise. >> i am not in danger, skyler. i am the danger. >> for his work from non-other than sir anthony hopkins. he said it was the best acting i have seen. ever. ever? from anthony hopkins? not bad. and last night in boston, a uniformed police officer defined fandom during the play off
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series. sporting a shaggy beard, the officer assigned to guard the bull pen made it clear he kind of liked his excitement. >> i'm a huge sox fan. i can't help myself. >> he probably couldn't help himself from celebrating again when the sox won an inning later. >> tomorrow, tune in to see my new nightline co-anchor's investigation into brazil's criminal underworld. huge parts of rio are controlled by violent drug gangs. the police declaring war and we went deep into gang territory to find out what they're really up against in this iconic sister. >> this is is a crack dpoun.


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