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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 11, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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about the art of the prank. a popular viral video shows a woman in the coffee shop becoming enraged. >> oh, my god! >> after the guy next to her appears to spill a hot beverage on her laptop. then does what any angry person with teleki netic powers would do. unleashes her wrath. >> ah! >> alas an elaborate prank in the name of "carrie" the guy on the wall, table, all special effects. then there is this one from last month. seemingly unsuspecting potential employee gone into an interview. and in the window, they witness what apares to be nothing short of armageddon. >> ah! >> the lights go out. the end of days upon them. but then it is revealed the window was a television after all. seems like a cruel way to make the case for hdtv. but the interviewees may have
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contract talk going right down to the wire and with just an hour left before the cooling off period ends, no deal yet. good news no strike announced either. ge. >> team coverage tonight. we begin with 7 news reporter nick smith live in oakland outside where the negotiations are still taking place. next. >> we have been watching the door behind me all night. that's because that's what we have watched both members of the union and the bart negotiating team go in and out all day but they have been tight lipped with the information that they have put forward. can tell you that the sides are not meeting face-to-face. there is a negotiator going from floor to floor to meet with the different sides. when there is something they agree on they come together and check that off the box. this is a long process. doors we are watching are behind me. i can also tell you that the lead negotiator for bart told me that his team
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would stay at the table as long as movement on both sides. 60 day cooling off period ordered by governor brown expired at 1 11:59 tonight. now we know this the bart board authorizedñr new offer to be presented but we have learned that at this time the offer has not made it past the negotiator. now bart gm did attend part of today negotiations according to spokesman for bart she wanted to to show her support for the effort to reach settlement agreement. now the union have not issued a strike notification which suggest to us that the union leadership will agree to keep negotiating. now the last strike lasted 4 and a half days and according to the bay area council, bay area lost 73 million dollars to lost productivity. i can tell you that the teams have told me off camera they plan to stick it out through the night. we'll continue to provide updates throughout this newscast. in fact, i even brought a tooth brush and pillow to stay here all night
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if we have to so that when the morning team comes in we can provide everyone with the latest information. this is 7 news. >> thanks. he's on it there. we are on it here. stay with up. if any development during the newscast we will bring it to you right away of course and we'll stay there for the duration. >> men time lisa is live at the fremont bart station where lisa you have been talking with riders who are a bit worried about all this. >> they are very worried indeed dan. as you mention the bart deadline is just under an hour away and that means they have to make some tough decisions. they have to figure out a plan b for tomorrow's commute. fremont bart station is very popular station. people from just about every part of the bay area comes through here. and the fact that we are now at day 59 of the 60 day cooling off period literally at the 11th hour and that there is no definitive plan, bart users are from us stated. many already wept through this during the last bart strike in july and
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they are not lacking forward to possibly doing it all over again. >> well a strike i have to ask my room night take me to work or ask relative down here that i cap stay women. less time around i was able to take ac transit that the city but now i'll go to san jose. i take it to fremont and go from there. i literally i have no idea. i don't think i can go to where i need good tomorrow morning. >> union are not required to give a strike notice but have given a 72 hour notice in the past. that doesn't mean the union can't decide to strike in less than an hour. bart is the fifth largest rail system in the entire country and it carries 200,000 passengers round trip daily. live in fremont, abc 7 news. >> thank you. contingent plans in place if bart workers strike. car
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pooling enforced all day from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. instead of just during rush hour on interstate 80, eight 80 and 6 80 also temporary car pool lanes added to highway 24 near the continual. bart manager training to operate limited train service also the district will charter 200 buses between 9 east bay bart station in downtown san francisco. you can catch a bus between 5 and 8:00 a.m. at el cerrito concord walnut creek, t oakland, hayward, dublin,, pleasanton and free mont station. from san francisco back to those stations in the evening is leto 7:00 p.m. but round trip ticket in the morning if you weren't to catch the evening bus. as for ac transit it has some additional seats on local and transbay line. bus stop located inside bart station will be moved outside bart property lines exploratorium service bay ferrye planning to add 4 ferry on regular day they transport
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about 6000 passengers. last july l they saw ridership jump to 19,000 passengers and more each day during the week of the strike. >> a lot of people worried youthis. we are asking you to share your feelings with us about the possible bart strike using the hash tag dear bart. video posted on instagram. >> hi i'm bethany morales and i commute from oakland to east bay every day. it's tomorrow opportunity to get an education but the risk of g me harassed because i'll be walking riding my bike late at night. >> post your video to twitter or instagram with hash tag dear bart and share video on our facebook page. now we will be on early tomorrow morning with complete coverage on bart and your commute. we start at 4 a.m. half hour earlier than usual to help you get where you are going. we also have range of resources for you on our web site including transit option and real time traffic map.
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also down load the exclusive abc 7 news way traffic app to help you navigate the freeway. and down load our abc 7 news app to get up to the minute updates on the strike. >> 3 foster farms poultry plant in the central valley will not be shut down by federal regulators. usda says the company made substantial changes to how they slaughter chickens. foster farm promises usda they will step up testing for salmonella for the next three months. out brick made almost 300 people sick in 17 states. half of them have had to be hop listed. >> despite high stake meeting between the president and job leaders in washington we still head into day 11 of the partial government shut down. president obama met with 20 republicans at the white house today. but no decision was made on extending the debt limit or ending the shut down. however both sides say they will continue talking. also today the president signed a bill to resume sending death
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benefit payment to family of fallen troop. natural park if they trump the tab during the shut down. utah, arizona, south dakota and colorado agreed to did so. >> 2 people were hurt from car suddenly slammed into a north bay restaurant. happened just before 6 tonight at joe cafe on redwood highway in san rafael. look. these pictures were sent to us by firefighters there you can see the accident of the damage both to the car and the building. driver and passenger both taken to the hospital. cause of the crash is still under investigation. nobody at the cafe injured. >> well it was a do or die night and unfortunately the a's couldn't do against the tigers. glimmer of hope in the 9th with two on but tigers closer got smith to pop out and that was the ball game. we are live at the coliseum. not the night we hoped for but the a's gave us a thrill this season. >> i know dab t they lost 3 to
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nothing but all the fans were talking about what a great season it was. how much fun they had watching the under dog team you but what hurt them sec year in a row they got to the fifth game of the alds and lost to the exact same team and exact same pitcher. there was no lack of enthusiasim for the a's even after the time out that ended the world series dream tonight. in a show of appreciation the fans gave the team a standing ovation for season of thrills and excitement. >> we are all upset they lost but we made it this far and we'll make it farther next year. >>reporter: dave took home this souvenir foul balance noticed more fans at the game this year. >> came so close. it's kind of the snow ball is starting to happen so we need to roll a kim .ore t. >> like last year. that's what
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you want in a team. >>reporter: team with fourth lowest payroll in the league and roster of unknown players many fans say they were thrilled to get this far. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> the fun while it lasted. great job. >> larry will have highlights a little later on in sports. >> yes. all right well moving open now. what do you do if trapped in your car after a crash. >> michael is here with a gang thaet may help get you out. >> right there small enough to fit on a key chain and the maker, strong enough to brick window. so i put it to the test. >> uc berkeley graduate wounded in kenya mall attack tells her story. what she did to stay alive as gunmen stormed the building. >> and changes coming to facebook. why it will soon be harder to hide on the social networking site. >> the this is sandhya from our sutro towercam. you can see
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>> immanuel being trapped in a car that catches fire. we saw that tragedy unfold on san mateo bridge when limo car. >> but could a tool offer awe way out. michael put it to the test and here with the results. >> we never want to think about these situation because they happen. if you get precaution now you might just be able to now you might just be able to save your own life car on fire. how do you get out? the car lands in water. it's filling up fast. how do you
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get out? with one of these. they are called rescue tool. fit on key chain the developer says they save lives. here. look between those 2 plastic pieces. razor blade to cut your way out of this. that also piece of metal can break a window just like a hammer. getting you an escape route. >> it spring load that has force to brick the window. >>reporter: does it really work? this is the ceo of rescue and we met at the salvage yard in oak land. the people there donate add car so we put about it to the test. he's in the car. shuts the door. and puts on the seat belt. he pul pulls the rescue me from the key chain. first off he uses the rescue me to cut himself
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free from the seat belt. well that worked like a charmment now he will brick the glass. it happened fast. look at all that broken glass. so let's see that again in slow motion the. okay. it worked with expert using it but how about you or me? i rae pete the same step. beginning with the seat belt. now the window. when that happens your heart skips a beat but you would be happy with it if you were under water. >>reporter: you would. now we captain brick a window on the set but cut this thing? i have material rate here. bring it out. this is a seat belt. >> wow! pretty good isn't it. >> you sdrpt to pull hard at all. >> very, very easy. by the way
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this is sold in stores and on line 10 or 15 dollars and on our web site check it out. >> amazing. >> interesting thank you. >>keley graduate injured in the deadly attack at kenya mall pre-10 ed to be dead in order to stay alive. 67 people died in the 4 day siege by al qaeda link terrorists in nairobi. 26-year-old elaine who work force restaurant guide was juneing cooking competition with when militant stormentd mall. she was about to surrender when the woman next to her was shot and killed. at that point about the woman hit by slp nell decided to play dead and she still gets emotional when she talks about the horrific scene. >> when i talk about it lick i'm very removed from the situation. tl other photo of victims or somebody i knew that's when i relevantize i was there. >> despite the attack she still considers kenya her second home and hopes to return. >> big changes for facebook
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users. one site privacy feature is going away. menlo park company announce dad the they get rid of setting to hide property fill from the web site search function. only small percentage of the 1.2 billion users actually use that settin setting. >> all right. turn your attention to the weather forecast. >> nice weaned ahead. sandhya is here now. >> yes. it is going to be a gorgeous weekend ahead and is in looking day tomorrow as wel well. live doppler 7hd showing you low clouds near the coast line. this is what you are going to have to contend with in the morning. are you feeling the chill? temperatures compared to 24 hours ago? most areas running about 2 to continue degrees lower so it is definitely getting cool out there. this is what you are going to see in the morning. time lapse from short time ago sutro tower cam are you see the low cloud. not advancing much but definitely staying right near the coast that's where you are going to see them tomorrow. from our emeryville camera visibility great right
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now. 52 in san francisco. cooling off quickly. mid 50's oakland san carlos san jose 48 degrees from half moon bay exploratorium sparkling tonight. 49 in santa rosa. it is getting cold. novato 46 degrees. 53 concord. 56 in livermore and as you look from our kg o roof cam are flag barely blowing you get a little bit of wind and definitely feels cooler on you so coastal low clouds overnight tonight. chilly mornings continue and expect warming trend sunday through tuesday second half of the weekend going into early next week. snow to the sierra now snow to the rocky mountain states and this cool air mass will continue to move through so we are not going to see any heat any time soon but once it passes through here by sunday we start to see the temperatures writ going rate on through the first part of the work week. coastal clouds tomorrow morning. this is really more of a summer lake pattern in terms of our low cloud cover hanging tough that the afternoon. temperatures
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will be more like late fall so continue below normal for few more day. pleasant sunny friday afternoonth. in the morning in the event of bart strike if you have to grab a bus or ferry it is definitely going to be on the chilly cool side so make sure you don't forget coat or jackets. temperature dropping down in the coldest part of the bay area low to mid 40's. and the low clouds will be around first thing tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon we are expecting low includes to hang around that the afternoon. cool one in half machine bay. 59 degrees. 64 san francisco. 69 in oakland. low 70's san jose morgan hill palo alto pretty mild concord 73, santa rosa same thing and sunshineing accu-weather 7 day forecast temperatures unchanged saturdayment well warm it up sunday become to average next week low 80's inland. doppler 60's to low 70's. >> outstanding thank you sand yaichlt a's had great run unfortunately didn't keep
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going. >> were you at the ballpark. >> yes a little sad actually. kind of funny but somebody wept on the wikipedia why page and owner from lieu wvl to justin verlander. especially in the play off. agonizing game 5 the a's against
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you. >> good evening once again the a's found themselves meeting verlander. justin virtually unhittable tonight in game 5 of the play off series. like he was last year in game 5. all winter. 47,000 at the coliseu
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coliseum. crazy early and justin the reason they pay him 25 million a year ears money retired the first 16 batters he faced. no hit until the end miguel first homer since september 17. 2 runs blast off gray to go 5 innings allow 3 runs. okay. but verlander was nearly perfect for most of the game. first hit in the sevent seventh. if that was it then next batter, smith, l verify lappeder 8 shut out innings. struck out 10. 30 consecutive for the my off against the a's. the in the 9th. smith with two men on tying run at the fifth. >> we had a chance to win and
1:32 am
fell short and very frustrated with the whole gym. >> we thought we had the team to win and we fella game short. >> verlander baseball is over in the bay area. game 4 for the shark unbeaten in vancouve vancouver. coming off. look out kid. bull's eye on now. shark in the first game and shepherd. first career nhl goal. second period meeting marlow but only one timer. shark win 4-1. they are now 4 and o. manning the giants and chicago first quarter. manning finds jennings but he plays for the bengals. 48 yard pick for jechblingts bears up 7 nothing. giants back with jurisdiction observe? guys who couldn't even get on
1:33 am
thefeld for the niners. look at this. hard running. 4 yard touch down. jacobs scored twice ran for 106 yard. down and eli another interception. jennings again gets hill. giants lose 27-21. they are o and 6 for the first time in 37 years. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. somebody won't survive that team. >> that is bad. >> head coach and others under pressure. >> come up. very latest on develop story. >> bart negotiations going on writ now i because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them
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coast. temperatures will be quite chilly even on the cold side. low 40's to low 50's 8:00 a.m. still not budging much. 4 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. in the morning. >> thanks very much. >> we want to recap now the very latest on tonight's bart negotiations. bart and the groups are still at the bargaining table right notch bart board today authorized new offer to be presented and at this moment negotiators going between both sides. >> bart spokesperson says there will be a statement made in jaws few minutes. we understand the union are planning to make a statement as well. so we are waiting for that. we are waiting for them to come out with whatever about word they have reached. >> we'll be on early tomorrow morning on the commute and live coverage we start at 4 a.m. half hour earlier than normal to get where you are going. you lack at live picture as negotiations continue tonight we are waiting for some word as to what has transpired in the last little bit of time this evening.
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>> we will cut in to coverage whenever that happens. again we are now left with 30 minutes away from the official 60 day kaling off period to end. 81 has said that they did this the expect to walk out without giving the public more notice. >> right. that would account for why there may not be a strike in the morning. stay with us tonight. with us tonight. >> have a great evening too small. too soft. too tasty.
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