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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 10, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good evening, i'm dan ashley. larry beil is on assignment. >> we're just eight hours from a possible bart strike but bart's chief negotiator is presenting a new contract offer for unions to review. union leaders and bart under talks right now. >> a 60-day cooling off ends at midnight. after that, unions are free to strike at any time but fdiu indicated if they strike they will give warning. so at this point a strike tomorrow is unlikely. >> union leaders spoke to the bart board today urging the general manager to show up at
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the bargaining table. >> while commuters are bracing themselves for a massive ride in and out of san francisco if the union calls a strike. >> we're live from the casual carpool area with what you can expect. leanne? >> the carpool looks like a walk in the park right now. tomorrow may be a different strism we don't know that october you get to see more people coming into the city. unlike last july. by now, most commuters know no amount of carpooling will take the place of bart trains. >> the capacity bart has simply can't be made up by other transit agencies. >> the transportation commission suggests telecommuting. it's a friday. >> i'm working from home. >> so those of you who have to come into the city, bart will have double the number of charter buses during last strike, the agency had only
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70. now, number between 150 and 200 buses located at nine stations in the east bay. caltrans will extend carpool lanes. then, san francisco bay ferry. they transport about 6,000 passengers during the last bart strike in july, nearly 20,000 people used their services. >> we believe we can do that again. we have 12 vessels in service if there is a strike. two of those vessels on loan from our friends at the golden gate ferry. so we think we're well positioned to serve the number of people we did last time. >> i'm going to take the ferry. all you can do. or call in sick. >> mtc says casual carpooling may be a better option for many commuters. >> we're just getting started here on abc 7 news at 4:00 we're going to bring you any
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developments as soon as they happen. >> we have a full range of resources for you including transit options as well as realtime traffic maps. and down load our abc 7 news app to give you updates on the strike talks. >> if there is a strike we'll be on early with coverage on the strike and your commute. we're going start at 4:00 a.m. a half hour early to help you get where you're going tomorrow. >> it's do or die for a's as they host tigers for game five in the division series. larry beil, it's time. >> it is time. it's over, too. if you look at history. i think in
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optimistic about the outcome of game five. and about 65 are petrified thinking please don't let us lose ghen a winner take all game, don't let it be tigers or the dreaded justin verlander. i just got back frupt field. a's looked you know loose. here is something to consider when you talk about history and a's. most of the current a's had nothing to do with any of those losses. now, today, manager bob melvin emphasized this is a different year and different team. >> little bit more experience than we did last year but this team is really good about just playing for a particular day. not letting a particular loss like a couple days ago affect
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them. this team is resilient and we look at things individually on a day-to-day basis. i don't think it affect our attitude at all. >> rookie sunny gray will get the start with the a's. i talked with pr people asking how gray looked only minutes ago. they said do you know what is in the kid was smiling and laughing and importantly did not have this look on his face. the dreaded death stare. fans are a little bit tense. noor part of the story we throw to it abc 7 news laura anthony. >> i did see
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were quieter. we'll show you here they say. expect another sellout crowd. they say they're not nervous, they're optimistic and confident. >> fan arrived to cook up a win. >> what do you have? >> sausage and peppers gort game. green and gold to win. >> many remember last year at this game showdown and hoping this year it ends differently. >> we're going to get it tonight. we have to.
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>> this gal doesn't have a's gear on but says she's an a's fan. all be a new one from outside new york city. >> a's are going to go on to win. >> they hate boston so much. >> it's on. it's on, right? >> of course first things first. these are the a's fans coming in they're two big events here tonight in addition to this game, there is a pink concert next door. so upwards of 60,000 people expected. parking lot is limited. in cases parked off with pink ribbon for fans. larry? >> all right. i'm going to reveal personal
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information now about laura anthony. you know what as professional as she is, she didn't leave red and gold. last year she wore green and a's lost game five. she is doing her part to kill the curse. laura will be back at 5:00 with more on fans for now that is a wrap at coliseum. i'm larry beil abc 7 news. >> good job, though, larry. thank you to laura. nice move, thank you very much. >> classroom building in san jose state university locked down this morning after a student told police he saw a man with a gun wandering hallways. police were unable to find that man but it turned out to be a good safety drill. the warning restricted to sweeney hall where education classes are held. >> thank goodness police found no gunman though they
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considered the threat credible. the reported sighting happened in this four-story building and this is a classroom building of the college of education. the police station is right next door. >> this morning we received a report of a gunman. >> the student says he saw a man carrying a gun. police cordoned off sweeney hall. officers began sweeping the building room by room. >> more policemen came in through the hallway with guns out. and yeld "get in a room and lock it". >> and i got an e mail turned on. >> really scared. everybody shaking and on the
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floor. >> the university announced it was over. >> i'm happen yes to announce it's an all clear. >> tonight you'll meet students who told us there were safety gaps in today's shelter in place. >> authorities today identified an infant who died in what police are calling a sus spishus death tuesday morning. the 7-month-old was brought to sf general by his mother and another family member. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. investigators have not determined the cause of death but have confiscated the car used to take him to the hospital. >> a candle light vigil for missing toddler daphne webb is get energiway right now. they're marking her second birthday as well as the three-month anniversary of the day her father reported her missing. tonight's vigil runs until 6:00 at international boulevard and 79th avenue.
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her dad says she was last seen. >> turning your attention to weather, it's been butte oofl yes. sandhya pat jell here now with an accuweather update. >> yes. it's been nice outside. pretty clear across bait skpin inland. near the coast, we have patchy low clouds. looking towards golden gate bridge marin headlands you'll see low clouds there. low 60s in oakland. los gatos, mild at 73 degrees and higher clouds along with low clouds down bee low. mid-70s now livermore, 76. golden gate bridge the patchy clouds this evening near the coast. and could with breezy out
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there. make sure you bundle up. upper 50s to mid-70s, cool along the coast. i'll be back with the forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. >> still ahead, stay's top cop goes after bay area college autos caught on video. a train collide was a truck. you'll see more of this when we come back. >> and consumer advocate erin brokovich launches a reform against a type of birth control. >> traffic moving nicely in both directions, perhaps just a bit heavier but a good ride. abc 7
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a close call for a driver of an 18 wheeler. watch this, the rig was smashed to pieces by a freight train yesterday. that is incredible. no one was hurt. the truck bottomed out and the truck was stuck in the railroad crossing in midland county, texas. the train stayed on the tracks. it took crews well into the evening to clean up, but wow. >> amazing everyone is okay. >> yes. >> big rally on wall street as washington moves closer to avoiding a default on government debt. >> hi, emily. >> good afternoon. starting with stocks today, big rally on wall street
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sending all three major indexes higher by more than 2% today, the biggest rise sense began. optimism grew a debt deal might be met in washington. what is a move to mobile mean for advertisers? a lot of money akoshding -- accord together advertising bureau. internet ads sending $20 billion. the tech start up nc 10 named andrew luck to its advisory board. luck is getting an undisclosed stake in the company providing realtime feed back on injuries to doctors. microsoft reportedly wants to have it's successor in place by the end of the year. people with knowledge of the
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discussions tell bloomberg microsoft is narrowing down candidates includingford ceo and microsoft business development head tony baits. dan, carolyn, back to you. >> california's attorney general is suing two colleges for lying in their ads and praying on potential students arks kusing corinthian colleges of luring students by advertising medical technician programs that it doesn't offer and says the school had a hard time finding jobs for students. and shows a memo target people they consider vulnerable. >> composed of ice lated impatient individual was low self esteem with few people that care about them and stuck, unable to see and plan well for the future this, is their language about what they're
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targeting. >> the attorney general is seeking to pull commercials off tv and possibly close the schools down. abc 7 news contacted the colleges about this suit but have not yet received a response. >> let's talk about the bart strike. we're asking you to share your feelings with us about the pose yifblt a strike. >> here is win one video. >> hi. i commute from oakland every day. i will lose the opportunity to ged get an i had ed x but risk of getting harassed will increase because i'll be walking or riding a bike late at night. >> you can post your video with a hashtag deer bart and share videos on our facebook page. >> spencer christian is off today but jand patel is tracking everything. >> yes. >> good day to be off.
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>> beautiful, too. we're going to keep it going with some minor changes for the second half of the weekend. we'll talk about our lovely weather here, lots of sunshine and low clouds around the bay. patches right along our coastline here, clouds going to stick around going into tomorrow. kgo roof camera, trees aren't blowing much. flags barely and coastal clouds, chilly mornings and milder weather for weekend and plenty of sunshine expected for the second half of the weekend. satellite and radar, you're looking at at system that brought sierra snow. now, cool air mass is just going to work it's way out of the picture but will prevent high pressure from building in. so we'll keep this pattern
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going before seeing temperatures inching up, coastal clouds tomorrow morning when heading out of the door will be with us some areas into the afternoon. sun will be shining and going to be a beautiful friday. morning will start out on cool to chilly side. taking your doidz school they'll need a jack writ or sweat shirt. mid-40s into coldest valleys we're expecting mid to upper 40s along the coastline, some inland east bay dropping down to upper 40s, mid-50s around the coast and bay. affects of the water keeping from you getting too cold. 73 morgan hill. 72 degrees, 72 in mountain view. 71 redwood city. near the coast, clouds keeping you cool. stay warm.
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and this is the kind of pattern we expect to see. clouds hang around into afternoon. in the north bay we're expecting temperatures upper 50s to low 60s coast side. 72 novato, 72 santa rosa. temperatures running behind were you should be for this time of the year but pleasant in the east bay. accu-weather forecast, a little bit into afternoon, temperatures holding steady and then, we see nothing but sunshine. sunday warm up begins, low 60s to upper 70s, back up to average low 80s inland. with upper 60s to low 70s monday through wednesday along the coast. nice mild to warm weather coming up. >> great time of the year. >> it is. >> thank you. >> coming up new after 4
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thirty-one mom's confessions sparking outrage over how seldom she wages her baby boy. experts weigh in. >> a lot of people think you're a jerk. >> kimmel and kanye's faceoff. is there an end to their feud? >> taking a look at traffic right now, this is walnut creek heading south. unusually heavy. we see traffic northbound. stay with us.
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california.
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new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at a jimmy kimmel skit that turned into a feud with kanye west turned into has lost its steam. >> the rapper lashed out on twitter, last night kanye appeared on jimmy kimmel live. the two denied the feud was a publicity stunt but say they're putting it behind them. >> it went ask elevated from a call we just had as men you know? that he will vaits sometimes, you take a guy, you know,
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jimmy does his thing and everything. i do my thing. at a certain point egos can flare up, you know? we just took it back to high school for a little bit that. is what happened. >> yeah. yeah. >> i got beat up a lot in high school. i didn't want to go back to high school. >> yes. >> you can watch jimmy kimmel live on abc 7 after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> a federal government shut down having an affect on everyone, even children. take a look at this little boy wearing a bell hat in washington, d.c.. >> the photo posted last night on riddit. employees are still working. >> what a great picture. >> still head, with each passing day, peopling hurting
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out there. how the shut down could affect children across the nation. >> and details in the death of aerial castro. why it may not have been suicide. >> safety change s san francisco parks and rec department is making after the death of a young mo
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the government shut down now in its 10th day. the white house says there has been no decision on a debt limit. >> the g.o.p. unveiled a plan that could avoid a possible default. >> there is a glimmer of hope there may be a compromise with a week left before the united states hits a debt keeling. >> we want tofrt president today the ability to move. a temporary increase in the debt keeling in agreement to go to conference on the budget. his willingness to sit down, discuss with us a way to reopen the government. into start to deal with america's pressing problems. >> there is very little time left. we cannot waste anymore time. >> the president has yet to see proposals but white house
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spokesman says he's encouraged. >> the president is happy that cooler heads seem to be prevailing in the house. >> president obama meeting with members today but first, he hosted senate democrats. >> let's wait to see what the house does. when sending something we'll look at something sources expect the proposal to come up for a vote tomorrow, jack lu told a senate hearing of the dire circumstances of a default. >> we won't have money to pay our troop or veterans benefits in full. >> white house spokesman jay carney vig sig naled the president would be open to a short term extension, he says the white house prefers a long term solution that also
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reopens the government. >> government shut down led to a spike in unemployment. number of people applying for benefits jumped by 66,000 last week. labor department says companies cut jobs because of a shut down. numbers don't include federal workers temporarily laid off bit shut down >> federal workers held a ticket in richmond this morning. they're being ordered to come into work but not drawing a paycheck. >> we have to come to work and we're not getting paid. we have no money. we need money, now. stop holding federal employees hostage. >> some tell abc 7 news impact means some of that will be looking for second jobs soon to pay bills.
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>> toys for tots warns the shut down could spell trouble. the shut down means marines cannot participate in campaigns. since the shut down happened they've only had two civilian volunteers to keep efforts going and put them out this year. >> it is thought that aerial castro was partially clothed when found and says castro does z d.not leave a suicide note and did not find tendency towards suicide and says two prison guards falsified logs documenting observation in hours before he died. video indicates no checks were
4:34 pm
done on castro at least eight times before his death. >> eric brokovich is leading the charge against a permanent type of birth control. scar issue forms around coils permanently closing off the fallopian tubes designed by mountain view based conseptis. some women complained of pain and bloating. is others have developed a nickel allergy after implantation. she has launched a campaign to have essure off the parkt market. bayer says it's approved by fda and well documented to be safe ask effective. >> endurance swimmer diana niad completed a swim for charity.
4:35 pm
she emerged live on good morning america after raising a little more than $103,000. she spoke with robin the roberts. >> this is a longest two days of your live? >> i thought no, no salt water. >> last month the 64-year-old new york native swam from what vannana to key west, florida without a shark cage. a 16-year-old pakistani year has a r.won a top human rights award could be on track to win a bigger prize tomorrow she survived a gunshot to the head last year and assassination attempt drew world wide attention and the teenager is considered a top
4:36 pm
contender for the nobel peace prize. a canadian author is the winner of a nobel prize for literature. she's 82 and retiring and says she felt short stories were warm ups for novels but discovered they were her strength. >> can you imagine that? >> yes. there is a message you won the nobel by the way. coming up, giant panda cubs sun bathe. a desperate family and why insurance won't pay for specialized heart surgery. >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. patchy clouds will be with us mostly clear with an a's forecast coming up plus weekend in just a moment.
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>> and take a look outside. gorgeous day to be outside. pretty slow going chlgt cars heading towards you are trying
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old. zoo keepers placed her in the sun to help her bones grow. it was her first time seeing nature. she was born in july to a pair of giant pandas given to taiwan by the chinese government. >> little fatty? >> i think her real name comes in five days she'll get rid of little fatty. >> let's update the forecast. >> yes. sandhya patel is here. >> a's take on tigers tonight in just a short time, 5:00 p.m. mid 06s going to be sunny. temperatures bottoming out around 8:00 p.m. looking at national picture rain around fargo. rain showers around washington, d.c.. quiet weather around the country. state wide high clouds to the
4:41 pm
north. 62 in tahoe. los angeles, sunshine 72 degrees. 83 degrees, temperatures will be almost identical to today. mid-70s inland. around the bay and around the coast upper 50s to mid-60s with lingering low clouds. 69 in oakland. 74 in livermore, and if you're making plans for weekend, you see highs there for friday? we'll duplicate them on sunday. warmer and we're going to go with low 60s to upper 70s. and so weather looking fantastic tonight. >> terrific. >> still ahead here mcdonalds about to try something new with happy meals. >> the mother admits she goes more than a week without
4:42 pm
bathing her baby. is it a good idea? wait until you hear from experts. >> cell phone co
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a vacaville company awaiting word their 14-month-old daughter will get the specialized heart operation she needs. she was set to undergo surgery but the family's hmo cancelled just days before it was scheduled saying childrens hospital is not in its network. the schillings don't know why the hmo wait sod long to cancel. they're hoping a deal might be worked out. >> our doctor says he's willing to negotiate with childrens hospital to come up with an agreement they'd work on an in network price. >> western health would have to agree to allow an out of network surgery. the hmo is citing privacy reasons though the family is talking about it. >> mcdonalds turning a new
4:46 pm
page with happy meals. next month, the fast food giant will put books into happy meals instead of toys focusing on nutrition and active play. to promote literacy and healthy life style. the chain distributed books before. the period runs from november 1 until 14th. >> bath time for babies is a cherished ritual but one mother's confession set off a fire storm of debate. the mom says she only has time to bathe a baby once per week. >> nightly bath, it's a time many look forward to but this 32-year-old is coming clean. sort of. could that be her 3-month-old rarely sees the tub. >> i have gone longer than a
4:47 pm
week. >> i met charlie and give him the sniff. >> you smell like a baby. >> the mother of three says nightly baths were once a routine, five years and three kids later, she doesn't have the time. >> my first baby got a daily bath. sometimes two baths per way day. i realized now after five years of parenting children is she's not a dirty kid. she's a baby. >> and now, her blog post do you really need to bathe baby started a splish splash backlash. lazy people says one reader and ewww, gross. but others agree. their skin would be dust. >> some people would say how would you feel if you didn't take a shower? i am an adult with hormones mothers know their babies. they have gut feelings about their babies. i would never preassume how-to-tell you how often to
4:48 pm
tell you to bathe your baby. >> my pediatrician told me i was bathing too frequently. >> according to american academy of pediatrics too many trips to the tub can decrease natural bacteria count and make your baby more susceptible to infections and rash. however, they do still advise it's best to wash your baby three times per week. >> you want to watch your baby more than watching a calendar when deciding when to give a bath. >> she says she's okay with the routine but just in case she changed her mind i had a gift. >> i have something to give you. >> in the blog she cites mayo clinic says there is no need to bathe every day, just wash diaper area, neck and face. she says her pediatrician knows the plan ask supports it. >> interesting f you're going
4:49 pm
to wash those areas might as well wash the whole baby. >> let your nose be your guide. >> with babies and z.adults. >> exactly. >> he first, well, let's do this one, first. doi have more on this. many bring cell phone was them are sometimes shocked when getting the by. fees for text and data with rack up, well, t smoblz no more. the cell phone carrier says it's ditching the fees in 115 countries. have you to be what is called simple choice plan. now company admits it doesn't have a lot of customers to travel overseas they're hoping l plan will bring new
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customers. nation's most unaffordable homes are here in the bay area. trulia finds homes are getting less affordable nationwide. and last dwleerks was true if just nine areas. san francisco ranks first on trulia's list, just 14% of the homes here are within reach of middle class highers. san jose, 31% of the homes. research shows 42% of the houses in oakland affordable for middle class. this has to be the most brazen robbery you have ever seen. it's for me this, woman was selling a three-carat diamond ring on craig's list for $19,000. a man says he wanted to see the ring first, she was in wisconsin. he, in missouri. the man bought her a plane ticket. the driver took her to a deserted area.
4:51 pm
second man opened a door and pointed a gun. >> i was like i just have id. he hit me and said shut up. you stupid [ bleep ]. >> so that could find them. who doesn't love bacon? coming up at 5:00, bake yn taste test. a team up with consumer reports to tell you which brand is the best. >> you can almost smell that in the video. >> thank you. >> sure. >> next, san francisco leader as nouns a change to parks. >> a woman is run over and killed while just laying in a city park. >> i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00 new developments tonight in baffling death of a missing hospital patient. what the mayor is admitted after seeing the scene plus, wiped out a
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here is a look at tonight's prime time line up. at 8:00 once upon a time in wonderland followed by scandal at 10:00 then join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. well, san francisco recreation and parks department on the hot seat tochl plain policies and procedures after the death of a young woman in a neighborhood park. the 35-year-old was sitting on the grass with her baby and dog when a city truck hit, and killed her. >> the city has a fleet of some 700 vehicles for 220 neighborhood parks. now, new rules for the driver. we found fresh flowers today at holly park. the neighbors ongoing tribute, and the 35-year-old was run
4:56 pm
over by a park maintenance vehicle last month. her death is leading to a chaempk in safety rules. >> we want people driving no faster than people can walk of we want lights on. and we're going to be outfitting our vehicles with signals. >> the director says another zbol to use smaller vehicles and says the department has now been retraining. the according to the gardener, there were 25 training sessions yet violated policy driving off a service road and on to grass without having another employee guide him. the supervisor believes public trust has been shaken.
4:57 pm
>> if you have right policies in place, if you change rules that under place how do we make sure they're followed?. >> that was a key question at the vigil held by friends, family, and neighbors. organizers say no one attended this city hall hearing. the attorney did and says what happened was an accident. the city is now trying to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. a new offer but no deal yet. bart treep preeps for what could be it's second strike. >> i will say this. she's responsible for what happened here.
4:58 pm
>> the mayor accepts the blame for a tragic death of a patient that went missing. >> i'm sandhya patel. changes coming as we hilt -- hit the weekend. negotiations are going down to the wire. good evening. we're now seven hours from a potential bart strike and there is still no deal. >> here is what he know now. a short time ago bart negotiators submitted an offer, so far, no deal has been reached. >> the 60 day cooling off period expires tonight at 11:59. let's get more now live at headquarters for negotiations in oakland. >> they're inside talking and have been since 2:00 this afternoon. out here, vigil continues like waiting for white smoke at the vatican and now, only god
4:59 pm
knows when this will end and how. the chief negotiator walks in with what he hopes will be the deal maker authorized today by the board we're prepared to put something out there to hopefully give them something to look at to vote. >> every offer requires number crunching this, one was a cooling off deadline just hours away, no different. >> if they're bringing a deal to the table, a new offer to the table let's give us an opportunity to look at that deal to see if it's something we can work with. >> union leaders starting the day pleading to give them what they want. fdiu political director suggested by his calculations money bart authorized for bus charters would close the gap for the first year of the deal unions asking for. >> if you take this money make
5:00 pm
it available and avert a possible work stoppage. >> a deal at hand two days ago, then evaporated. unions accuse bart of taking it back. bart says it's the result of a miscommunication by mediator. can a deal be done? how much notice might commuters get? >> i don't want to give anyone a false impression we're in the going on strike. >> got that? okay. so bart authorized $400,000 a day to cover costs with a separate $900,000 coming to cover bus cancellation fees. >> being orks thank you very much. now we invite to you down load our abc 7 news smart phone app to help you get latest


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