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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 8, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. severe storms wreak havoc up and down the east coast. cars and homes crushed by trees. funnel clouds spotted. dangerous power lines crackling. this worker just barely escaping the falling limbs. the high-stakes showdown over america paying its bills. now the last-ditch effort to raise our borrowing power. and the real danger that social security checks stop being delivered. catch him if you can. new details on the 9-year-old who defied airport security and neeked on to a plane with no ticket. how he did it. and his track record of causing trouble. it has been absolutely wonderful. completely unique. like nothing else in the world. >> valerie harper out of the
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ballroom on an emotional "dancing with the stars." why she doesn't regret a moment. and her message this morning, she will never quit. we're with her on the dance floor. and good morning, america. some news just coming in this tuesday morning. more fallout from the terror raids in africa. the libyan government is very angry. they're calling in the u.s. ambassador for a grilling about that special forces operation, to capture one of the most wanted men in the world, right there, anas al libi. >> so much tension right now. and more than 1,000 students up bright and early, to celebrate. they are our second finalist high school in our huge katy perry live event. high schools all across the country submitting their "roar" videos for a chance to have katy
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perry perform live at their school on october 25th. we'll reveal all of them this week. and they're up. they're -- they're going to be great in class today. >> pretty good high school. >> look at this. >> we're going to get to that in a little bit. right now, let's start with the wicked weather that slammed the east coast. it was a hairy rush hour for several cities. >> from the top of the east coast to the bottom of the east coast. ground stops at baltimore, washington, reagan, newark, la guardia. let me show you this picture. we started getting tweets from all over the place. can we put -- melissa can we, put the picture up? is that possible? i can't -- wait -- one more time. when we start getting tweets like this up and down the eastern seaboard, you take a front that's powerful enough to shift seasons, throw in tropical moisture, and it's not going to end well. the entire east coast, from florida to maine, under a curtain of pounding rain, and tree-toppling winds. >> it rained so hard here, you couldn't see nothing.
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>> reporter: many in places like bergen county, new jersey, describing a quick but energy-packed storm. howling winds, snapping power lines. this one becomes a glowing fireball. >> it was as bad as i've ever seen. >> reporter: in minutes, trees ripped from the soaking ground and slammed into homes. the cleanup, also dangerous. watch as this worker gets out of the way, just in time. in washington, d.c. -- >> all i saw was a cloud of green leaves. and that was -- then the tree came down. >> reporter: part of this massive elm tree crashing down in the middle of traffic. the driver and his passenger made it out alive. and a long island woman walked away from this. the roof of her car smashed by falling branches. in winchester, virginia, shearing winds ripping off tree tops. ripping apart fences. the debris, blowing out this car window. >> it was stuck right in there. you can see where that piece of wood is. >> reporter: and in atlanta, a
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toppled tree trapped this man inside his bedroom. miraculously, he also survived, narrowly escaping the wrath of this massive storm system. topic of conversation and traffic stopping all over the eastern seaboard. that's how many storm reports, more than 140, most of them wind damage. we have a different forecast coming because that kind of front, as we said, shifts the season. we'll tell you all that coming up in the next few minutes. >> okay there. thanks so much, sam. brand-new developments this morning on the government shutdown, as new warnings are being sounded about the looming deadline when the u.s. will default and not be able to pay the bills. senate democrats putting together a last-ditch effort right now. jonathan karl is there for us at the white house. good morning, jon. >> reporter: as the shutdown enters its second week with no end in sight, senate democrats are moving forward with their plan to prevent a national default. that sets up a showdown with even higher stakes for our economy. this morning, the social security administration is warning that in just nine days, it will no longer be able to guarantee checks will go out to
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millions of seniors. unless congress acts to raise the amount of money the government can borrow. it's called the debt ceiling. with nearly $17 trillion of national debt, if it isn't raised by october 17th, the federal government will go into default. the administration warns, default could trigger an economic meltdown. president obama is adamant that congress must raise the debt ceiling without any conditions or negotiations. >> we're not going to negotiate under the threat of economic catastrophe, that economists and ceos increasingly warn would result if congress chose to default on america's obligations. >> reporter: but speaker of the house john boehner says there must be negotiations. the republicans will only raise the debt ceiling if the president agrees to spending cuts. asked about the impasse, press secretary jay carney attempted a joke. if the speaker of the house sticks to that position, are we going to default? >> if you're saying if the speaker attaches to the debt
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ceiling increase, a recognition of the importance of motherhood, we might accept that. i'm trying to be funny. but nobody laughed. i apologize. we're not going to negotiate over congress' responsibility to raise the debt ceiling. >> reporter: the public, of course, is increasingly disgusted with what they see going on or not going on in washington. in the latest abc news/"washington post" poll, showed majorities disapproving of the president and both parties in congress. but george, most of the blame goes to republicans who now have a 70% disapproval rating. >> climbing in the last week. jon, thanks very much. that's the view from washington. let's get more on wall street's reaction, from betty liu of bloomberg news. the markets have been drifting down in the last couple of days, but nothing like a crash. in part because people think that the consequences of a default would be just so bad that it just won't happen. >> it would be so unthinkable, george. catastrophic if it were to default. and bankers say they don't
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believe washington is that crazy, that reckless, to let this happen. if we were to default, george, we would see markets around the world tanking. economists would be warning we're going to slip into another recession. >> the closer we get to the deadline of october 17th, markets may start to freeze up a little bit. you're seeing it happen in the bond markets. but the real problem comes when the social security checks have to be paid at the end of the month. >> exactly right. november 1st is a deadline. that's when we have to make our first payment. we have an awful choice to pay our lenders like china, or the retirees. and the social security administration said, you might not see your check. that's going to hit 57 million americans who get on average about $280 a week in benefits. and remember, they're seeing their retirement accounts get hit, as well, with the stock market slide. >> cannot imagine what the reaction will be like if those social security checks are not paid. >> that's right. >> thanks very much. get the rest of the top headlines from josh. >> new details this morning about the murder of a u.s. soldier in washington state. allegedly at the hands of his fellow soldiers.
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police say that 20-year-old tevin geike from joint base lewis-mcchord was stabbed after a confrontation with a group of african-american soldiers. three suspects are in custody. but investigators are no longer calling the case a possible hate crime. they're analyzing surveillance video from a nearby business as they try to establish a motive. and terror groups in libya are vowing to get revenge on america after the capture of a top al qaeda operative. anas al libi is being questioned on a navy ship, as jihad groups are calling for attacks on gas pipelines, ships and planes. meantime today, libya's government summoned the u.s. ambassador, demanding answers about saturday's raid. and in california, a $35 million experimental airship being developed by the military has been badly damaged after the roof of the hangar you see here collapsed. evacuations were ordered after helium began leaking from the
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ship, which is a type of blimp being tested to haul cargo. and police in new york have made a fourth arrest in the road rage incident between bikers and the driver of an suv on new york city's west side highway. the suspect faces numerous charges, including gang assault, for what happened right after you saw this, punching and kicking the driver in front of his family. authorities looking into whether an off-duty police officer was involved, as well. a health alert about chicken that may have sickened hundreds of people in 18 states. federal health officials have linked a salmonella outbreak to foster farms chicken. packaged in california. 278 illnesses have been reported so far. thoroughly cooking the chicken will kill the bacteria. after a two-year delay, look what's coming. the new $100 bill goes into
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circulation today. it features raised printing and a blue ribbon and a bell that changes colors. all to thwart counterfeiters. this guy trying to rob a convenience store on long island, new york. just know which convenience store you're trying to rob. that's a machete. advantage machete, always. the clerk chased the would-be robber away empty-handed. but it's fair to say, at least he got away with both hands. so again, know what store you're robbing. avoid the ones with machetes. >> strong i land. strong island. >> you're smiling a proud smile over there. >> you have to defend yourself. >> that's a knife. all right, everybody. now, for the latest on the 9-year-old boy who exposed a huge lapse in airport security. he snuck into a flight from minneapolis to las vegas. new details this morning on how he did it and why. abc's reena ninan is here and
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has the latest for us. good morning, reena. >> reporter: good morning, robin. overnight, we learned so much more about that crafty 9-year-old boy, defying tsa and delta officials. taking that headlinemaking free, solo flight. "the star tribune" reporting that the boy may not have worked alone. his mother works at the airport. and there's now an investigation into if she helped him get on that plane to las vegas. >> i think he's a little con artist. >> reporter: he arrived at the airport thursday, by train. alone. and then, went through security at 10:30 a.m. without even showing a ticket. he went to the gate. talked to an agent briefly before waiting until the agent was distracted. he then quickly made his move and slipped onto the airplane undetected. >> as tight as security in the airports today, for that to happen is complete negligence. >> reporter: the boy mentioned having a video game buddy who lives in las vegas that he wanted to visit. delta flight attendants were the
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ones to discover he was alone. alerted authorities to meet them at the gate. he was immediately taken into custody by child protective services. today, abc news has learned, he is still in their custody. and there's a hearing on whether to authorize his return to minneapolis. abc affiliate ktmv reports that authorities have put a tracking bracelet on the child. to be sure he doesn't slip away again. the parents never filed a missing persons report. this also isn't the first time he's caused trouble. minneapolis police say he stole a vehicle last week. and has also snuck into water parks without paying. the tsa continues to investigate. >> this time, the prank, much too much. >> much, much -- ramped it up a bit here. >> all right, reena. thank you. we're going to turn to a dramatic survival story from texas. an award-winning reporter survived for several days on her own in the wilderness, after she and her husband got lost and
7:13 am
separated on their annual anniversary hike. ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: cathy and her husband, rick, got lost hiking near the new mexico border. >> to know that your child thinks you're not coming home. and there's nothing that you can say or do. >> reporter: they planned to make their annual trip to big bend national park, where they got married. but this year, it's closed because of the government shutdown. so, together, they spent three days wandering the unfamiliar desert, until cathy knew she was too weak to take another step. >> i didn't want to die by myself. but i knew we had to do something. >> reporter: they decided to separate. he would look for help. >> how do you die knowing that your two kids are going to think your parents went off on some joy hike. >> reporter: the next day, rick
7:14 am
found their truck. he couldn't find his way back to his wife. >> it hit me really hard when i went to my truck to get stuff to put on and all her stuff is laid out. >> reporter: she was barely hanging on. even when she saw that rescue helicopter. >> she asked how her husband was doing. i told her he was doing fine. her reaction was, thank god you found me. >> reporter: cathy got to thank one of her rescuers from her hospital bed. and to speak to those two children she feared she would never see again. >> i wouldn't get my head around the fact that i wouldn't see them or hold them. one more time. >> reporter: a reporter with a remarkable story she somehow lived to tell. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, houston. >> so thankful, she and her husband are doing so well. now, to a health scare in california. teachers at malibu high school blaming an outbreak of cancers and other illnesses among the faculty on toxins. allegedly unleashed during recent construction.
7:15 am
parents there are now afraid for their children's health. and abc's nick watt has the details. >> reporter: here at malibu high school, perched on the picturesque bluffs above the pacific, teachers say they're getting sick. three say they were diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the last six months. >> i think it's horrifying. >> reporter: in a letter to the school district signed by 20 teachers, they claim 7 are suffering migraines. one has suffered skin rashes, which subsided during the summer break. another has to use an asthma inhaler but only during the school year. another reports unexplained hair loss. the teachers fear it's something in the buildings. >> fear. honestly fear. you know, i'm afraid. my children spend all day here. >> i'm definitely a mom who wants answers. >> reporter: district officials say not one student has complained of sickness. but just to be safe, environmental testers just scoured the school, searching for mold and other pollutants. the results are expected any day now. >> there's nothing to hide.
7:16 am
and parents will know as soon as we have information to share. >> reporter: the teachers' complaints began back in 2010, when this quad was dug up and pcbs, lead, and pesticides were found and removed. >> when you hear about a cancer cluster, possible cancer cluster, you should be concerned. it's hard to know whether it's real, related to the environment or just a coincidence. >> reporter: malibu high school remains open. administrators say they are confident this spate of sickness really is just a coincidence. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> you can understand why they want some answers. >> no question about that. a very different kind of story right now. new twist in the ad wars. one of the big three automakers are trusting their pitch to a fake newsman. would you buy a car from anchorman ron burgundy? dodge is betting that you will. chris connelly takes a look at it. >> i'm very important.
7:17 am
i have many leather-bound books. >> reporter: straight from the 1970s doofus of a desk, created by will ferrell. in the 2004 film comedy "anchorman." but ron burgundy has returned, with ferrell now appearing as san diego's three-piece unsuitable newsman. in hilarious commercials for the dodge durango. >> mpg. >> reporter: an unexpected comparison. >> on my left is one horse. with one horsepower. >> reporter: it's cross promotion and a lower-cost, high-profile way to attract people for chrysler. >> you're going to get an audience that was into "anchorman" when it came out nine years ago. which is going to be a younger, cooler consumer. >> reporter: in a world of icon placement, as this "30 rock" episode captured in 2006. >> this is diet snapple? >> i know. it tastes just like regular
7:18 am
snapple, doesn't it? >> reporter: fictional characters selling real stuff is not as surreal as you think. there's 007, popping his cap for a neither shaken nor stirred heineken. even ferrell's done it in character before, for bud light. promoting his film, "semipro." >> bud light, suck one. >> cut! >> reporter: now, it's a car company hoping he'll stay classy. >> you stay classy, san diego. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> so good. i saw those commercials during the "dancing with the stars" last night. and they had the dancers. he kept chasing them off. it was pretty funny. >> makes you want to see the movie. >> there you go. let's get the weather from sam. more on the storms. >> we'll talk a little about now after the storms. what happens on the eastern seaboard. the carolinas, we've got a whole different issue. we're going to talk about that in the next half hour. let's work from the carolinas north. when you get the front all the way through and it's hanging off the coastline for awhile. you're getting the better air. 66 in the boston area. lexington, kentucky, beautiful right in that area of high
7:19 am
pressure, around 70 degrees. on the west coast, now, we get a stormy pattern moving in. we've been dry in the l.a. area since really july. this is a good opportunity to get measurable rainfall in a lot of places here. phoenix drops down to 73 by thursday. this is a big, powerful system that works in and drops down that jet stream in that direction. so becomes stormy in the west. getting better and better on the eastern seaboard. we'll talk more about the carolinas.
7:20 am
>> america's weather and that tuesday trivia, all brought to you by jimmy dean sausage. >> i love how eddie says, here he comes. here he comes, walking on over here. watch out. coming up on "good morning america," a twist in the trial of a husband on trial for allegedly killing his wife seven years ago. will a polygraph test, how will that play into the case? and the doctor who was called the love of princess diana's life. he's slamming the new film about their relationship. and a mom fighting back on
7:21 am
the bmi index alert letters from schools. why she says her 11-year-old daughter is not overweight. and valerie harper voted off. she'll be joining us live to discuss.
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[ male announcer ] experience new febreze sleep serenity and let the soothing scent of moonlit lavender lull you to sleep. ♪ new febreze sleep serenity in moonlit lavender, warm milk & honey, and quiet jasmine. an official product of the national sleep foundation. breathe happy. sleep happy. ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. good morning. i'm eric thomas. developing news in sfr. police are ngting the mysterious death of a baby. investigators say some time overnight the baby's mother
7:25 am
walked into san francisco general hospital with her infant. the child was pronounced dead at the hospital. investigators think the baby died atd the home in the glenn park neighborhood. the medical examiner declared the death suspicious and called police. let's get a check on the commute. here's leyla gulen. >> a couple serious accidents. one of which has cleared, but as we take you along 880 up to maury avenue we have a two-car crash. it's bumper-to-bumper traffic as you approach it. and live look outside along 87, this crash has cleared. this is at taylor. take a look at 87 northbound at julienne street, heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic, but the accident up ahead all lanes have reopened. eric. leyla, thank you very much.
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looking south you can see coastal fog starting to dissipate but creating a bit of a haze over the area. our highs for the day not going to top above 80 degrees. upper 70s for inland valleys. closer to 70s along the coast. lo
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good morning, america. roar. >> a fierce good morning from over 1,000 students out there this morning. up very early. the second finalists in our huge katy perry live event. they are coming up. >> they did. >> they're going to try to top it today. and they are up and atom for it. katy perry -- the winner gets a huge, huge prize on october 25th. katy perry will be out there at the winning school. >> this is the video that they submitted, a little bit of the video. our second finalists. and you're right, the bar set very high. but i think these schools are ready. >> they are coming to play.
7:31 am
>> is that team the tigers? they know how to roar. >> i never had that much energy. never. not one day in my life. >> would you have gotten out of bed for that? no. >> it's a big deal. >> they're bringing it, big-time. also, we're going to turn to the doctor who was the love of princess diana's life. and the new film, depicting their relationship, saying it's a betrayal, his words. and coming up, the mom taking on the body mass index letters sent home from school. why she says her 11-year-old daughter is not overweight. not happy about it. >> tough to be sure. an emotional night in the ballroom last night. valerie harper, and her partner, tristan macmanus voted off. they look lovely there. >> the appropriate song, "carry on." she is inspiring us all to do that, too. the latest on the seattle husband on trial for murdering
7:32 am
his wife, seven years after she was killed. she flunked a polygraph test right after her death. and emotions, as you can imagine, are running high in court. abc's neal karlinsky has the latest on this dramatic case. >> the cause of death was asphyxia, due to strangulation. >> reporter: for a dozen of friends and family of nicole pietz in court, monday was difficult. she wasn't just strangled by a stranger on the street. but by someone lying on top of her, as they believe her husband, david, was. >> that scenario could be consistent with the pattern of bruising we're seeing. >> reporter: david pietz had been telling co-workers he thought something happened to nicole, while she was on the prowl for drugs. >> she was supposed to be going to an aa meeting.
7:33 am
and she didn't return home. so, he believes that it was basically a drug deal gone bad. >> reporter: according to testimony, toxicology reports show she had small amounts of prescription drugs in her body. and no signs of recent abuse. prosecutors also raising the issue monday of a lie detector test david pietz failed at the time of the murder. pointing out he evoked his rights and refused to take another one six years later, when he was finally arrested for murder. >> we all know that, in fact, he did -- you know it. their assumption is going to be that he didn't talk because he's guilty. >> reporter: the fact that he said no to a second lie detector test won't be heard by the jury. defense attorneys argue, to block testimonies from a co-worker of pietz. he called detectives every year to check in on the hunt for his wife's killer. police say, they did not hear from him yearly. >> yes, the events happened seven years ago.
7:34 am
he happens to be on trial today. and what your client says is still of note. >> reporter: david pietz claims he is innocent. his attorneys will begin arguing their side of the case later this week. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. we're going to bring in abc chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams now. so much out of the jury, talking about the lie detector tests. and he refused to take a second. but the jury will never hear this anyway. >> the prosecutors know they will not be able to introduce the results of a polygraph. what they were saying is, surrounding this offer of taking a second polygraph, there was a lot of back and forth, in effect, between the police and the defendant. they want to introduce some of the conversations. in the end, the judge is basically saying, polygraph is taboo.
7:35 am
polygraph tests have been inadmissible. we're not going to allow even questions that suggest he could have taken a polygraph or might have taken a polygraph. >> we all know this. why did authorities have the tests taken? >> it's a good question. it helps the police in an investigation, right? it's a tool for them to determine do they believe someone? they can also use it as a threat, et cetera. but it's not admissible. so, they can use it as an investigative tool. but they know when it comes to the actual trial, they're not going to be able to introduce the results. >> something the jury has been able to hear, the witness who was said, that the husband claims that the wife may have been involved in some shadiness. >> i think this is one of the most important things that's come up in this case. this is this idea that the husband had said to someone, i think this might have been a drug deal gone bad because she had some substance abuse problems, et cetera. the reason i think that's so important is because the jurors are going to dislike him for
7:36 am
that. this is a woman who is dead. and her husband is saying, this might be a drug deal gone bad. a lot of people are going to look at that and say, why would he say that? why would he think that about her? and that could be a problem. >> it's been a very bizarre case. a much lighter controversy right now. only tuesday. but we're going to look at the humpday ad getting so much attention. it is infectious. some would say it's annoying. but it makes every day hump day. and paula faris has more. >> reporter: i have a smile on my face. whether this commercial makes you laugh or change the channel, this is geico's most widely-shared ad of all time. everyone seems to be getting in on it. making it a humpday campbell. >> i know you can hear me. mike, mike, mike, mike. >> reporter: asking a simple question. >> uh-oh. guess what day it is. guess what day it is.
7:37 am
huh? anybody? >> reporter: until finally, they give the answer you want. >> leslie, guess what today is. >> it's humpday. >> woo woo. >> reporter: call it humpday hysteria. geico's quirky camel commercial has been viewed 16 million times on youtube. and the parodies and reposts -- are nearing 50,000. >> come on. you can hear me. >> reporter: here, a family re-enacts the entire commercial. >> mike, mike, mike. >> reporter: the humpday hype became such a distraction, they had to ask the kids to tone it down. >> everyone's walking around in the hallways saying it's humpday. >> reporter: the school superintendent, telling abc news, this is something that happens in every middle school in the country, every day. as for geico, they're focusing
7:38 am
on what would make anyone happy. as soon as the camel idea was born, they knew they were on to something. but for a company that's keen on the animal animal known as camel, might beat them all. now, kids seem to gravitate towards the camel. according to geico, he's an eight-foot-tall harry child. this isn't the last time you've seen of the camel. he will be back. >> i'm sure. >> no doubt about that. that makes sam happy. >> yeah. i love that commercial. i love it. don't -- just -- i love it. yeah. >> mike, mike, mike, mike. >> i will stop. do weather? >> is it weather time? i'm sorry. oh. let's get to the boards. we have a little to talk about on the eastern seaboard. remember in the last half hour we talked about how it was
7:39 am
clearing in the northeast, from the mid-atlantic north, as the front bends offshore. one exception is the carolinas. there's a remnant low along that front. it moves up to the carolinas. and it stays there. what that's going to do is spin in clouds and rain, in some cases, heavy rain. we're talking about in the red zone, from roanoke, to wilmington. and almost to charleston. it's two to three inches of rain. and everyone else is clear from that thing. you're still under it. look how much of the country is beautiful today, though. another day where the highs are in the 80s in oklahoma city. albuquerque is very cl >> just checking out the board. minneapolis is 74 degrees. but it's tuesday. it's not wednesday. so -- no humpday.
7:40 am
>> thank you, sam. and coming up, the doctor who has been called the love of princess diana's life. and tom hanks, revealing the lifelong condition he's been battling. what his doctor is telling him now. come on back. hd 3 [ male announcer ] there's a story behind the fresh taste of philadelphia cream cheese. we make it daily using fresh, local milk, real cream, and absolutely no preservatives. when it comes to fresh taste, philadelphia sets the standard.
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man who was the love of princess diana's life. making his strongest comments yet about the film depicting their relationship. calling it a betrayal. lama hasan has the story. >> reporter: it's the movie that portrays the secret love affair, between the queen of hearts and the man she called mr. wonderful. >> i'm trying to find a way for us to be together. >> reporter: dr. khan says, i was trying to be discreet. but this film is opening things up again. and that his family members who met her, quote, liked her very much. and never objected to our relationship. >> they were very much in love. nothing to do with just two people who fell in love. >> reporter: the pakistani heart surgeon said that, quote, it's been difficult for me to get my head around diana's death or talk about it. admitting that after she died in
7:45 am
a car crash 16 years ago, things were difficult. very difficult. the 54-year-old says, losing a loved one, who was so iconic, makes the loss even harder. we all have our own traumas and get on with it, he says. but when it's there in your face, year in, year out, it's hard. the two shared a love of helping others, something they both devoted their lives to. khan is currently in ethiopia, treating orphans who need heart surgery. >> you see young kids, and that gives you a lot of encouragement. >> reporter: he says his work often reminds him of his lost love. sometimes when i do a job like this, i do have these very strong feelings that diana is still with me somehow. the past few weeks have been tough. and i know diana would be saying stay focused. keep getting on with your life. help these children. be happy. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> that movie coming out in november.
7:46 am
and coming up, a dramatic night in the ballroom. valerie harper and tristan macmanus, voted off "dancing with the stars" and handling it beautifully. and a very modern "play of the day." go nowhere. the pain started up the back of my head and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency room recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight. when i had shingles the music stopped.
7:47 am
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> and it's not what you think it is. maybe until after the 8:00 news. but play of the night, actually. in-laws versus the pritchetts. a modern "family feud" on jimmy kimmel. take a look at how it went. >> what did you say? >> did i say it? or i just think it? >> say it. >> i just think it. >> say it. >> okay. girls take pictures of boots.
7:51 am
>> no. >> their pets. >> i'm going to move my mouth. you say it. ready? >> food. >> do we see food? yes. >> what do people post to facebook and twitter? katy perry. go nowhere.
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. b.a.r.t. negotiations continue this morning with an encouraging sign that suggests some progress. union leaders announced last evening they would not issue a 72-hour strike notice for friday morning. but b.a.r.t. says commuters should make alternate plans just in case. all right. making plans for what you're going to do today, let's find out about the forecast with leyla gulen. >> it's mostly sunshine today as we look towards the golden gate bridge. you can see some of the haze starting to burn off. we are going to expect cooler temperatures today. a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, we do see a chance of drizzle in the morning
7:57 am
hours of thursday, but overnight wednesday and warmup on the weekend. as we talk about traffic as we head into san jose, checking out this accident involving three vehicles along northbound 101 at tolley road. ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪
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8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. look at the clock. it's 8:00 a.m. just hours after a show-stopping night on "dancing with the stars." last night's booted couple is gone. valerie harper will be here in an exclusive interview. plus -- >> i need somebody else in a bathing suit. >> which one of us is jumping in with swimming champ diana nyad this morning? our extreme event. a 48-hour swim against the odds. are you ready to roar? >> i can't wait to pick a winner. >> we reveal the second finalists in our coast-to-coast high school contest. three, huge events, only on -- >> "good morning america." keep on dancing. ♪ and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ >> look at all of those students
8:01 am
at lakewood high school out in colorado. thousands strong. they're the next finalists in our katy perry "roar" contest. >> oh. >> wow. >> right across. there we go again. this is one excited school. one great video. we now have two finalists in the katy perry "roar" contest. >> fair to say we shouldn't keep these young people waiting. >> let's look at their submission tape, which wowed katy herself. she has selected the five finalists. she will select the winner and perform live at their school, october 25th, her birthday. >> aw. >> coming up. >> oh, no. >> such creative videos submitted. and so many of them. >> and yen then yesterday, yeah, they raised the bar. we'll see. coming up, a mother defending her 11-year-old daughter. she came home from school with a body mass index letter, saying
8:02 am
she is overweight. these are the so-called fat letters that we have been discussing in the last few weeks. you see the girl right there. fair to say, there might be another chapter. >> she's active and healthy. she's not fat. and dr. besser is going to get into it. >> hmm. >> and we can't stop talking about it. really and truly, we were ta talking about it again at the desk. it's fair to say that every childbirth is an incredible miracle. and each one of them, you just feel like it could go either way. and both parents are excited. and a little fearful. but there's one miracle baby this morning, we want to tell the story. i'm not going to give details away. it's clear this little soul had the will to survive. and we're going to share that story. >> okay, sam. first, a lot coming up. let's get news from josh. >> we're going to begin with a warning. it could affect 60 million americans. and it comes from the social security administration, which says that it cannot guarantee checks will go out if congress fails to raise the nation's debt
8:03 am
ceiling before the october 17th deadline. also, china warning of a worldwide financial crisis if the u.s. defaults saying the clock is ticking, unquote. and an abc news estimate shows just enough support in the house to pass a bill to reopen the government right now. but this morning, house speaker john boehner says there will not be a vote until the president discusses spending countries. overseas, libya is demanding answers this morning from the u.s. about the capture of an al qaeda top operative. abu anas al libi is on a u.s. navy ship after being seized by u.s. commandos in tripoli on saturday. and the libyan government called on the ambassador there to answer questions about the terror raid. terror groups are planning to avenge the raid, by targeting gas pipelines, ships. tom hanks reveals he's been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
8:04 am
he told david letterman he's been dealing with high blood pressure for decades. his doctor told him he would be perfectly healthy if he could drop down to his high school weight. hanks joked that would mean getting down to about 98 pounds. an unusual law being proposed in michigan. it would force bars to make sure they pour 16 ounces in every pint of beer. apparently some bars have been skimping, using glasses with thick bottoms to get away with pouring as few as 12 ounces. i think it's garnered some support in the studio, to be sure. more than a pint lost in this mishap. a store clerk very proud of his stacking. oh, look at this. stands back. yeah. that has absolutely horrified the same studio. it's all right. lots of spilled liquor. but nobody was hurt. oh, boy. that's tough to watch. that's tough to watch. not so tough to watch.
8:05 am
albeit it happened at midnight my time. look at that! >> oh. >> doc, get in here, doc. come on, doc. you love the agony and ecstasy of sports. you want to know what october is all about. rich besser, as good as i felt, as bad as you feel. how are you feeling? >> jack, my son, we'll get them next year. >> and you invoke jack. >> it's my boy. yeah. >> how are you feeling now? >> wow. hey, sarina, i know you're watching. our dodgers got it done, baby. our dodgers got it done. next year. next year. you are paying off the bet. we had a little wager. we'll have to figure that out. he's wearing head-to-toe dodger paraphernalia. >> it's going to be a challenge. >> it was glorious. and i'm exhausted, by the way. it was like, midnight, when the thing ended.
8:06 am
>> but worth it. thanks, rich. >> thank you. let's do some "pop news." good morning to you. congratulations, josh. this is exciting, though, for "90210" fans. jennie garth and tori spelling reuniting for a pilot. the show is called "mystery girls." in it, they play former co-stars of a popular '90s crime solving series that get together to run a real detective agency. it's like a mashup of "90210" and "charlie's angels." scarlett johansson has been voted the sexiest woman alive by "esquire" magazine. that makes her the first woman to wear the crown twice. she was chosen back in 2006. i dare say, seven years later, she's looking even better. on the cover, and inside. and time may be on her side when it comes to her career. scarlet says, i have to hustle. i quote. i'm 28 years old. women in the movie business, pretty soon, the roels you're offered all become mothers and then they just sort of stop.
8:07 am
scarlet doesn't have to worry about that for quite some time. and finally, strange medical news. and it gives new meaning to the term beer gut. >> what? >> beer gut, sam. not you. >> oh, this. >> this. a 61-year-old texas man arrives at the emergency room with a blood-alcohol level close to five times the legal limit. he didn't have a drop to drink. his wife kept thinking he was sneaking. they diagnosed him with a rare condition where his own body chemistry would turn the food he ate into booze. getting him drunk from the inside-out. >> no way. >> the man, now being treated with medication, and is now no longer having to convince his friends and his wife that he's in the closet drinking. >> never. >> try using that excuse. >> not going to work for the rest of us. sam, what have you got? >> wow. i hope he's okay. >> he's going to be just fine. >> that's a crazy story. >> can you imagine? drunk from the inside-out. >> and there's no way to use
8:08 am
this to your advantage. let me be clear. >> my mind is working so fast. let's get to the boards. talk about chicagoland, by the way. we start with a beautiful, warm live shot, if you will. the warmest october start in five years. running seven degrees above average. yeah. your normal 66 degrees today. and we think chicagoland, you're getting well above that, in the 70s. maybe 74 today. 71 on wednesday. 75 on thursday. this is kind of a nice run. and particularly for a good part of the south. it's just some beautiful, unusually warm temperatures. into the northwest, we begin to see the patterns shifting. we start to see the cold air making a stronger push. it makes its play there. in the 60s from medford to seattle.
8:09 am
>> wonderful day here on "gma." we've learned a little. we laughed a little. lara spencer, what's up now? >> i'm going to teach you more right now with our "gma morning menu." here's what's coming up. the mom taking on the body mass index letters. why she says her daughter, her 11-year-old, is not overweight. valerie harper and her partner, tristan macmanus, are sadly out. their pictures now up on our dancing wall of fame. and miracle baby born more than a month after mom's water broke. unbelievable. that story and more, coming up on "gma," live from times square. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
twice a day as my daily toothpaste. pronamel will help protect the enamel from future erosion. it's just so great because all of those foods that i enjoyed so much, i didn't want to give up, and now i can continue to have them. lakewood high in colorado. so full of spirit this morning. they're one of the finalists in our huge contest with katy perry. we cannot wait to meet them just ahead. we will do that. they're up early in colorado. we apologize to the teachers right now, if they don't pay attention in class. first, our "gma heat index." and we begin with one mother fighting back after her 11-year-old daughter came home from school with a body mass index letter labeling her overweight. abc's bianna golodryga has that story for us.
8:14 am
>> reporter: 11-year-old lily is on the school volleyball team and eats healthy foods. >> you want to get the peppers out of the refrigerator? >> sure. >> reporter: so she was stunned when florida health officials sent a letter suggesting she's fat. >> this whole thing is stupid. it can hurt people. it can break their courage. >> first, i was hurt. then, i was angry. then, i just was concerned. >> reporter: the so-called fat letter is a result of a body mass index screening, or bmi screening, administered to lily by officials at school. >> to give a kid a letter that the rest of their life they may be overweight or obese the rest of their life because of a measurement you took one day, it's just not fair. >> reporter: in a bid to fight childhood obesity, similar
8:15 am
screening programs have been embraced by schools. >> they're a great idea. i hope that all parents can become aware. >> reporter: but eating disorder experts worry the screenings do more harm than good. >> i would like to see bmi testing in schools banned. these tests can trigger an eating disorder. >> reporter: a panel of girls i spoke with, told me they dread the screening. i know all of your schools have a bmi reading now. how do you feel about them? >> i hate them. >> it really doesn't do much for people except for make them more insecure about themselves. >> reporter: florida officials refused to speak on camera about lily's report. in a statement, they said the screenings, quote, provide valuable information to parents and help ensure that students are healthy and ready to learn. as for lily, she says she hasn't let the letter affect her and has learned an important lesson. >> i'm confident in everything that i do. and never give up. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> and for more, joining us, abc
8:16 am
news chief health and medical editor and practicing pediatrician, rich besser. we see lily in this piece. active. doesn't appear to be overweight at all. how accurate are the tests? >> the bmi, is the best measure we have for being overweight or obese. but it's a screening test. and so you have -- there's certain people where you're going to run a little high. if you're a little muscley -- professional athletes on every scale will show up as obese. you look at them in the mirror and say, you're fit. here, if they talk to the doctor, the doctor would have said, your child is in great shape. >> muscle weighs more than fat. it's going to come up heavier than that. but there was something in the letter, that she was trending overweight. what does that mean? >> that's the whole point here. you want to pick up kids before they become obese. and the letters go to every child in the school, to say their height, their weight, their bmi. is their weight normal? is it trending heavy? or are they frankly overweight. once a child is obese, it's so
8:17 am
hard to undo that. every time i see a child, i measure all this. i show the parents their curve. if they're starting to cross percentages, they're in the 50th percent, now 70 and then 80, you want to intervene and talk about nutrition. talk about exercise. because you can make a difference. >> emotionally, physically, these kind of screenings -- good? bad? >> i think it's good. it has to go to every parent. we screen hearing, vision, teeth, immunization. this is more important than any of those. and many children after they start school at five, they don't come back to their doctor. >> everyone gets this. >> everyone gets it. everyone needs to get it. not just children who are overweight. >> and it's a screening. >> it's a screening. >> the letter says go back to your doctor and talk about this. >> as they do if you failure hearing test or eye test. >> if you fail an eye test in school, you don't say, go get glasses. you say go to your doctor. >> eyes and the ears. those are things you need to learn.
8:18 am
there is -- even if everybody gets its, there's a degree of shame attached to these. and it's hard enough being a schoolkid. >> well-intended. but i'm not sure that a school system had ever changed a social trend. >> the first state to implement this, arkansas, they saw a rise in afterschool activity programs. so we have to see over time. if it's really doing that, it's a good thing. >> and arkansas is the first one. they know about childhood obesity, in the southern states. they wanted to do something about it. 19, 21 states now doing it. it's great that it causes this kind of discussion. >> yeah. >> getting people talking about it. >> thanks, rich. next up, the "gma heat index" -- emotional farewell on "dancing with the stars," for valerie harper. just stepping on that ballroom floor inspired so many. and she was dancing her heart out. we talk to valerie and her partner, tristan macmanus. they said good-bye to dancing last night. >> our fourth week of competition, the couple leaving right now is -- valerie and tristan. >> reporter: valerie harper left with an attitude of gratitude.
8:19 am
>> it has been absolutely wonderful. completely unique, like nothing else in the world. >> reporter: when did you start to feel that maybe your time on "dancing with the stars" was coming to an end? >> oh, the first dance. ♪ i only know when i'm in your embrace ♪ >> i was so happy i didn't fall opening night and break something, you know? ♪ >> reporter: last night, the top score of 27 was a three-way tie. corbin bleu's paso doble. elizabeth berkley lauren's argentine tango. and amber riley's tango. her partner derek tried to jokingly score high with a bribe to his sister. >> ten bucks? ♪ or you're sinking like a stone, carry on ♪ >> how do you keep carrying on?
8:20 am
>> you just carry on. i am not in pain. ♪ >> when we first started working together, my darling tristan said, do you have a headache? are you in pain? is it memory problems? well, yes. but -- >> over time. >> no memory problems. cool. >> then -- truth was revealed. when you have cancer, and they say you have three months, in january, and it's suddenly october, you've got to feel good about that. and you know, the drugs i'm taking, which i just took, before our interview, and i'm speaking perfectly well. are working right now. we'll see what goes. everyone should live like that, one day at a time. >> reporter: she leaves the show with warm memories. and backstage -- a memory from when valerie was 20 years old. we have a clip of you in the 1959 "li'l abner."
8:21 am
as a dancer. >> oh, no! do you have it in my orange dress? >> reporter: i would love to know, what advice would valerie today give valerie then? >> just keep dancing. ♪ carry on >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> keep dancing. keep smiling. find out who is going to leave next on monday night, 8:00, 7:00 central. >> great job, valerie. very fun to watch. we've been roaring all week, revealing the final five in our huge katy perry contest. katy challenged high schools across the country, to make a video to her megahit, "roar." we got so many submissions it was fantastic. it was not easy. we whittled it down to five with katy. today it's time to meet our second finalists. lakewood, high school, in lakewood, colorado. roll 'em! welcome to lakewood high, home of the tigers, who naturally, know a thing or two about how to roar.
8:22 am
when floodwaters roared into their colorado community just last month -- >> this is some of the roughest water i've seen. >> reporter: the tigers leapt into action. taking katy perry's contest, as an opportunity to help the victims. ♪ roar >> reporter: hoping a performance at their school might bring back some spirit to colorado. >> we talk a lot at lakewood high school about engaging your heart before your brain. go out and do a video. but how do we make it bigger? >> reporter: student body president courtney spearheaded the project and got the entire school involved. >> in two days, we had 80 clubs sign up. we walked through the school. and we taped off where each club would go. and we timed it off for each verse. >> reporter: after two weeks of intricate planning, it was time to hit "record." >> we shot one practice take. and we felt really good about it. we went ahead and did it. and it turned out perfectly. ♪ you're going to hear me roar >> reporter: now, the 2,000 tigers hope their voices are loud enough to send katy to their school.
8:23 am
and their community, roaring into recovery. >> we really wanted to, not only have this really affect our school. but we would like to have it affect the whole community. >> reporter: and now, here it is. ♪ i got the eye of the tiger ♪ a fighter dancing through the fire ♪ ♪ 'cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh you're gonna hear me roar ♪ ♪ now, i'm floating like a butterfly ♪ ♪ stinging like a bee i earned my stripes ♪ ♪ i went from zero to my own hero ♪ ♪ you held me down but i got up ♪ ♪ already brushing off the dust ♪ ♪ you hear my voice you hear that sound ♪
8:24 am
♪ i got the eye of the tiger a fighter dancing through the fire ♪ ♪ because i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ you're gonna hear me roar ♪ roar ♪ i got the eye of the tiger a fighter dancing through the fire ♪ ♪ 'cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ >> that's terrific. let's meet the director. and the choreographer. congratulations on a job well done. i want to ask you first, gavin, videographer, did you do that walk all in one take?
8:25 am
>> yeah. it was all one take. and it was really lucky that it all came together and worked perfectly. >> courtney, the whole school's involved. you have every reason to be proud. people picked this video because your spirit is so incredibly high. you guys, where did you get the idea for putting the music to this kind of image? getting everybody involved and walking through it. where did you find that idea? courtney? >> we got the idea before because we did a lip dub to "firework." we did it to "roar." it was the perfect song for our school. >> i was reading that. you have that experience with it. i love this about this high school. every morning, they have their daily morning tv announcements, which it's a great day to be a lakewood tiger. and you guys all, the entire cool roars? i mean, what a great coincidence. >> yeah. >> you believe that's karmic. feeling really good for you
8:26 am
guys. you have time to make your case. katy perry is watching. she chose you as a finalist. what do you want her to know? >> we want her to sing "firework" and "roar" if she comes. >> i want to know if it was hard to get those guys twerking in speedos? >> it wouldn't be here. >> no comment. that is a no comment. thank you. >> once again. to see the entire school involved in this, and so many smiling faces, everybody. give us a big wide shot. give us a final big cheer. you guys are absolutely great. >> congratulations. >> amazing. amazing. tomorrow, finalist number three. we will let you know. and coming up next, your friend, diana nyad, again. ana nyad, again.
8:27 am
i'm kristen sze with breaking news from san jose where crews are at the scene of a large fire at a lumberyard. this broke out in the last hour on monterey road near coyote ranch road. one or two buildings may be burning at the lumberyard. crews from san jose, morgan hill and cal fire are all at the scene. no word how the fire started or if there are any injuries. we're going to bring you updates as they become available. and get the latest any time on twitter #abc7newsbayarea. right now the latest on the morning commute with leyla gulen. >> we're taking you right back to san jose at the scene of the fire where we're noticing lots of traffic at monterey highway near the lumberyard fire. you can use alternate 101 but that's looking busy approaching
8:28 am
the split. we have cal train number 225 taken out of service. expect delays there. b.a.r.t. and muni, one year-since i received the itbest gift i will ever get... a life saving marrow transplant from my big sister, sallie-anne. and right now my first and only wish is simple. that you support the be the match marrow registry. if more people are on the registry, there will more people who can find a marrow match. you have the power to save a life
8:29 am
prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. hazy look from the east bay hills as we look toward the bay bridge and treasure island in san francisco. some of that morning fog is starting to dissipate just a bit. but we are looking at cooler temperatures topping out above 80 degrees, 79 in antioch along
8:30 am
the peninsula in the lower 70s. and also in the north bay a look at [ cheers and applause ] i'm going to do my best brent musburger. you're looking live at a picture of a swimming pool. yes, it is in the middle of manhattan. that's harrod's square, just a few blocks from here. and the singular diana nyad is getting ready to dive in that pool. you became the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage last month. why not get into a pool and swim for 48 hours in a row. and all for a great cause. robin and lara, already heading down there to join her. in fact, one may, in fact, be really joining her, george, in
8:31 am
that pool. >> looking forward to all that coming up. also, jessica seinfeld. she has a brand-new cookbook out. all of these simple recipes for anybody intimidated by cooking. jessica will have that. and what's that, times square? i couldn't hear you because the dishwasher is so loud. that vook qume cleaner, i can't hear anything over it. even the coffeemaker. are your appliances at home driving you crazy because they're too loud? they're too loud, josh. >> when was the last time you used an appliance? >> i know how to hit that button. >> last time we saw a vacuum cleaner, sam was like -- >> i know how to hit the button and make the coffee. >> he likes his peace and quiet. >> our becky worley will tell you how to get peace and quiet at home. all those gadgets around the house. also, he's one of the great,
8:32 am
great, great -- wwe superstar, raising awareness for cancer right now. adorned in pink. man makes it look good. >> all coming up. and amy is joining us. you have an incredible story about a couple that struggled for years to get pregnant. having a lot of trouble. and then, this baby was born 39 days after his mom's water broke? >> that's right. it is an incredible story. doctors told mom, rachel, every day, she could keep her baby inside her. he would not have to spend in the nicu. and rachel held on longer than anyone thought possible. this morning, this healthy baby boy is being called a miracle. >> yeah. >> reporter: rachel and jeff, now counting their blessings after five years of heartbreak. >> after three miscarriages, to finally have a baby that was
8:33 am
doing well and have it past 20 weeks, we were thrilled. >> reporter: when she got pregnant last year, the couple was cautiously optimistic. >> i was trying to walk that fine line between being excited that she was pregnant, and not too emotionally attached. >> reporter: at 28 weeks into her pregnancy, whitchurch's water broke. >> i called up the doctor. he said come in right away. and i was thinking, this can't be happening. >> reporter: her water had broken at 35 weeks when pregnant with older son, t.j. but at 28 weeks, could mean serious complications. >> when a woman breaks her water so far from her due date, the number one concern is infection. it is literally a race against time. >> reporter: doctors hope they could prevent labor for two days. instead, she held on for a jaw-dropping 39 days. >> i woke up every morning and thought, another day i just gave my baby. >> reporter: a preterm premature
8:34 am
rupp sure of membranes occurs in 3% of pregnancies. >> eventually, the baby started to have little signs of distress. that's what led us to delivery. >> reporter: after five harrowing weeks in the hospital, doctors delivered little gideon whitchurch at 33 weeks, via c-section. he spent five more weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit. he is now six week s old, with mom who said the fight was worth it. >> there's no -- we can hold our baby. there's no cords on him. we can finally be together as a family. >> reporter: and just -- doctors told rachel, the longer she could hope to keep gideon inside her was seven days. only 5% of women have actually done that. and ten days would be a miracle. so, 39 days, i don't know what
8:35 am
we call that. a triple miracle. it really is incredible. >> that is incredible. >> doing great, too, right? >> fantastic. all right. up next, sam, you mentioned -- >> that is an inspirational story. but this guy, i have to tell you, has inspired millions around the world. get in here, john. >> hey, guys. how are you? >> nice to see you. by the way. >> great to be back. >> we've been talking about breast cancer. but you guys, wwe, being a stoo superstar, you have raised so much money. >> last year was were first year. raised over $1 million. this year, we're extending our partnership. not just to me. but every wwe superstar has gone pink, as you like to say. we're raidsing money and awareness for susan b. komen. and we're hoping our fans get the gear. >> and it's not just a bunch of men watching. it is families. a lot of women. >> what's the response been? >> our audience is over 40% female. enormous response.
8:36 am
the fact it is a successful partnership with susan b. komen. who would have thought that wrestlers would be putting the smackdown on breast cancer. my myself have rejoined the fight. october 27th, on pay-per-view. i'm ready to go. i'm good. i'm pretty. i'm giddy. >> let me see the scar. >> here's the scar. >> how are you doing? >> had elbow surgery a month and a half ago. i got cleared. return to wwe action october 27th. see it live on pay-per-view. i'm back. and i'm joining the fight. so, rise above cancer. >> it's scary to be that close to you. you are -- you're huge. you're mammoth. i'm going to get over here and do weather. ladies, isn't that amazing? >> you guys are the best. let's get to the boards. thank you so much, big man. and huge, huge, huge, muscular guy. here's one or two things going
8:37 am
on that we want to share with you. we'll start with our picture from santa barbara, on the west coast. josh, a little santa barbara. >> i love you, santa barbara. >> all the way to easton, pennsylvania. ladies and gentlemen, another gorgeous sunrise shot. when the storms blew through, you had such beautiful skies that you were alive on twitter getting us those pictures. we wanted to get a few on. an area of high pressure. nice and comfortable in times square this morning. look at that sky. you're having no problems out there today. that's a good thing. just standing right here. >> big human being. >> comes here. >> doing good.
8:38 am
>> john cena is taking the pledge. you can, too. wow. okay. >> here we go. here we go. >> oh, my god. oh, boy. wow. i was going to ask you, what's worse than having a vacuum roaring? it might be john cena coming down on you. >> that's one of them. >> however, a new generation of cutting-edge appliances, cutting down the noise. sam's happy. i'm terrified. becky worley has more. >> reporter: your home should be a peaceful haven. actually, it's loud. the manufacturers are taking note and marketing, new, quieter products. for example, your morning should be tranquil. but kettles are surprisingly loud. busting out my disable meter to check mine.
8:39 am
mine is as loud as 79 decibels. kitchen aide is 69. on to the vacuum cleaner. mine, 92 decibels. that's as loud as a jackhammer. this dyson is a little quieter. but the quality of the sound is lower, rumbling. this electrolux cuts the noise of my vacuum in half. easy farrah fawcett. 101 decibels. that's really loud. that's as loud as being inside the cockpit of a helicopter. but the new q-zone quiet hair drier comes in at 81 decibels. all right. this thing works. finally, i head to sears to look at driers, washingtoning machines and dishwashers. there's more quiet models on the market these days. but it's a feature that will
8:40 am
cost you. in some cases, twice as much. is it worth it? this g.e. is 42 decibels. that's twice as quiet as standard models on the market today. peace, quiet and clean dishes. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> wow. >> i can't hear you. >> that's because it's deafening here. coming up, the one, the only diana nyad. ready to rise to a new challenge. wait until you see who is jumping in with her. go nowhere.
8:41 am
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8:43 am
[ cheers and applause ] new york city, harold square. the one and only diana nyad is here with lara. and it's incredible what you're
8:44 am
going to do here. you're just off with this little swim about a month ago. cuba to key west, 110 miles. now, what you're doing here, 48 hours consecutively in the pool, all to raise money for those who were affected by superstorm sandy. we were talking about this even before. how are you feeling right now? and why did you decide to do this? >> it's been five weeks since cuba. >> five weeks. >> i feel great. i'm at that point. that was a training swim for this. it's almost gotten to be like that. but the point is, i don't need to tell you all. you cover it all the time. and you kept up with the story. congratulations to you for that. but most people around the world, hurricane sandy, wasn't that like years ago? who cares about that anymore? well, those people care. thousands of them are still homeless. we have a number of them swimming with us over the next 48 hours. not to mention, roscoe, the dog, who survived the hurricane. and is going to swim with us, as
8:45 am
well. the point is, this 48 hours, i don't know that we're going to raise millions of dollars. come on. that's a challenge. but we are going to put the awareness back on the map. these people are still there. they need us. >> yep. >> and you're going to have people in the pool. >> i'm with you, sister. but i'm not alone. a lot of other big celebrities -- of course, would do anything for you. and for the victims of sandy. and i'm not alone. who else? >> we have a number of -- richard simmons will be here. lighting up the house. justin tuck from the giants. a number of celebrities. but for us, honestly, new york firefighters. new york police workers. as i said, sandy victims, nurses around the city. ryan lochte will be here. >> what stroke will ryan lochte have to do to go my speed? i want to see that. talk about a dog paddle. >> you'll have to tune in or come down here. >> i'm not sure i want to see that. explain to people.
8:46 am
you're going to be in here for 48 hours. and people like lara, and other people, are going to be swimming along with you during various times. >> this is my lane. i'm on the west side. >> i don't come to your lane. >> don't bother me. i'm going to swim for 48 hours. it's not a big athletic event. i'm going to be in solidarity with the people who did go through sandy and tread water when i take my stops. bonnie and my crew will be right here, to help me with liquids and all that. but if i want to reach across the lane line and hug you and thank you for being here, i will. we don't have any big rules. >> 15 minutes. >> they told me you were going 24 hours until "gma" tomorrow. >> and those not able to get in the pool for health reasons or other things, you can participate. you can go to our website and donate. it's wonderful to be in here. but if you want to donate, you can do that. any last words before you get in the pool? >> is there a warm towel
8:47 am
available. >> you know you normally start everything, a sports foundation dinner or an event, with a bugle. if you would do the honors, ms. nyad. >> we're about to begin the official -- this is not tape. [ cheers and applause ] >> onward. >> get your mic. get in your positions. we're going to count you down. wait until you're all set. she's all -- she's all set to go. >> where is your bathing cap, honey? >> i don't have one. >> let's count it down. count them down. in five. four. three. two. one.
8:48 am
really ready. only 47 hours and -- we'll be back, everybody.
8:49 am
butalk to the leader., tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand.
8:50 am
we're back in the kitchen with jessica seinfeld. her latest cookbook, "the can't cook" book. you dedicated this to your husband, jerry. he doesn't want to go in the kitchen. >> he used to be like that.
8:51 am
last night, for the first time -- the strangest thing. he took chicken out of the oven for me. it was a miracle. yeah. for everyone in new york city heard angels singing, it was amazing. >> this is for everybody that can get intimidated. the idea of recipes or tackling everything in the kitchen. you've broken it down. want to play a game here. >> yeah. >> the first one, is people who are afraid of too many ingredients. >> too much shopping. what do i buy when i go to the store? i get messed up when i use too many ingredients. this pasta dish in the book, so simple. three ingredients. cheese, salt, pepper and pasta. if you can boil water, you can make this. the hardest thing is remembering to take the butter out of the refrigerator, which trips me up every time. >> so simple, but so great. >> so good. your wife loves this. >> and my kids, too. mm. >> i'm wearing this dress in honor of your family.
8:52 am
dachshunds. i have two dachshunds because of you. yes. next one is everyone who is afraid of using a knife. >> no knives on this one. a loft this book has the use of no knives. this is just roasting, lemon zest, salt and pepper. >> getting a whole lunch here. >> yeah. and it's healthy and good because there's only a few ingredients. >> this one is mine. i love to cook. but the idea of having pots and pans to clean up. hate cleanup. >> this is simple. all you have to do here is slice potatoes and onions, and salt, pepper, one pot. all the same. do your laundry, answer e-mails. and come back and it's done. if you don't mind, can we finish what we're doing here? trying to sell "the can't cook" book. >> how delicious that pasta is.
8:53 am
>> if you're afraid of using the oven, you can impress people. this iss almonds, blue cheese ad dates. olive oil, salt and pepper. i don't use salad dressing a lot. >> the dates are really good. >> they're fancy. >> a hint. "can't cook" book is all over the country. we're going to be right back. >> thank you.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
we're all eating here. but down in harold square, they're working off the calories. lara in the pool. and robin cheering them on.
8:57 am
prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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right now we're continuing with breaking news from san jose where crews are at the scene of a large fire at a lumberyard. look at that. this is live from sky 7 hd. it's burning for more than an hour now at the padula yard on monterey road near coyote ranch road. we're told this may involve one or two buildings at the site. you can certainly see some ruins there and power lines may also be down. crews from san jose, morgan hill and cal fire are all at the scene. let's check out your traffic update right now with leyla gulen. >> well, we're in the thick of the morning rush. we also hear train is not operating in that area. but we do have a couple alternates if you want to avoid taking monterey highway. what you can do is use center road or mclaughlin instead.
9:00 am
northbound 101 packed up to the 280 split. take the other surface stre announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new series, "the crazy ones," sarah michelle gellar. and a cooking lesson for non-cooks, courtesy of jessica seinfeld. plus, the co-hosts respond to your questions and comments on another edition of the "inbox." all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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