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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 8, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you so much. time now to check in with leyla for the weather. >> hope you had a nice evening. >> boy, a little bit of patchy fog to start us off this morning. we're looking at mostly clear conditions for most of the bay area. live doppler radar satellite. not seeing any returns yet in terms of moisture. that's expected to come later tomorrow evening as you take a look at our emeryville camera. you can see the twinkling lights. nice and clear conditions. it's going to turn cooler tomorrow, even cooler still today and yesterday as you may have noticed. but much cooler by next weekend. also some snow in the sierra. that is our forecast. the explore ra tore yum camera. a dark camera. as we take a look at our first forecast, we'll be in the mid 0 7 70s. i'll have your accuweather forecast. we have some construction projects out there in the east
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bay. this is along 580 between the toll plaza and canal boulevard. we have lanes blocked out there for another hour. san jose, northbound at 280. 17 connector. we have another construction project. that will be blocked off. detours are in place. outside we go, this is your drive across the golden gate bridge. a short 8-minute commute if you need to make it out of sauce is a let tow. >> leyla, thank you. 4:31. developing news from san francisco. a woman brings her lifeless 7 mond old baky to san francisco general hospital. they're investigating the child's mysterious death. the glen park neighborhood is where the baby lived. amy. >> reporter: eric, this investigation is going on right now. police are here at the home where the baby lived. this is on montery in acadia here in san francisco. these officers tell me they are here to secure the home until
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homicide investigators can get here. they're wondering if this is where it all started. they want to know what happened here. they got involved at san francisco general. they say a mother arrived there at about 12:30 this morning with her baby and that baby then died there at the hospital. the medical examiner was brought in and the medical examiner determined that the death looked suspicious. so they called in san francisco homicide investigators. at this point they tell us they don't know what they have. they are just getting started on this trying to put all the pieces together. so we are here and we'll be listening closely to any updates that police are able to release. we'll bring you updates as soon as we have them. live in san francisco, amy holyfield, abc news. amy, thank you. the deadly asiana airlines crash at sfo. the pilots are blaming a system malfunction on the boeing jet.
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katie marzulo is live. >> reporter: the problem is it conflicts with what investigators have found. "the wall street journal" citing people is reporting ntsb investigators have not found any mechanical nor electrical problems with the twin engine jet prior to impact. the same sources say the pilots have told investigators they believe the automated speed control system called the auto throttle, disconnected on its own allegedly without any warning to the crew. now supporting that pilot account asiana 777 maintenance lost show a number of uncommanded auto throttle disconnects. still in this case it appears there's a discrepancy between physical evidence and pilot account, at least at this point. now the ntsb officials there have previously suggested the pilots may have failed to activate the auto throttle correctly. as my colleague and aviation expert eric thomas has said it would be if you turned on the cruise control but didn't set
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the cruise control. one analogy for you. as you know, three young girls were killed in the crash on july 6th. a 15-year-old and two 16-year-olds. they were students from the same middle school in china. the ntsb has planned a public hearing on the crash that is scheduled for early next year. the crash investigation is actually on hold right now curing the government shutdown. at this point we don't know if that will delay the hearing. katie marzulo, abc news. >> thank you. b.a.r.t. negotiations continue. there are encouraging signs though that progress is being made. b.a.r.t. union leaders announced during a break last evening they would not issue a 72 hour strike notice for friday morning. union leaders said in the past a strike notice was a courtesy to riders. b.a.r.t. says commuters should make alternate plans just in case. abc 7 news reporter -- we will have more on the situation coming up later. stay with abc 7 news for the
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latest on the b.a.r.t. talks. we have a range of resources at abc 7 including the latest delays on how they're planning to accommodate extra passengers. you'll find a lot of park and right lods and real-time traffic maps on our site. follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area for breaking news updates. >> 4:35. if you buy chicken, watch out. a salmonella outbreak has made its way to the bay area. the usda says chicken and chicken products at facilities are being inspected. they have not issued an official recall but the usda has issued a public health alert saying that products may have sickened 30 people in 18 states. packages with the following serial numbers may be the cause so look at these, p-6137
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6. a security breech after laptop containing personal and medical information from 3,000 patients was stolen from an employee's car. the san francisco examiner reports the theft happened last month. it's the latest in the security i.t. breaches. it could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. the patients impacted by the theft were notified last week. it includes names, dates of birth, health information and in some cases social security numbers. new this morning, the second nobel prize of the year has been announced in sweden. francois engler and peter higgs
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won the nobel prize for their discovery of the higgs bosen. it gives mass to the universe. it's been called the god particle. bay area professors randy shekt man and thomas sudhoff from yale picked up the nobel prize in medicine yesterday. the government shutdown is in the second week. senate democrats are proposing to pass the bill in nine days. it could be unveiled as early as today and challenges republicans to a filibuster showdown. should that happen it could trigger a meltdown on the financial markets with the first ever possible default on u.s. obligations. meanwhile, president obama has increased the pressure on house speaker john boehner to hold a vote on a clean spending bill to expand 23u7bding and end the shutdown. the speaker claims the funding bill cannot pass unless republicans get changes to obama care. and a new abc news washington post poll shows republicans are losing the most
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ground in the shutdown blame game. 70% of those surveyed in an abc news washington post poll disapprove of how the gop is handling the shutdown. 61% disapprove of the job democrats are doing. those numbers up 7 and 5 points in the past week real spekttivelily. president obama virtually unchanged with 51% unhappy with his approach up just one point as the shutdown began. it's 4:39 now. former president jimmy carter will be in san jose working up a sweat for one of his favorite causes. he and his wife rows issalyn wi working up a sweat with garth brooks and trisha yearwood pitching in. the carters have worked with habitat for almost 30 years. after they leave the south bay today they'll head to projects in denver, new york and new jersey. the oakland a's can wrap up their divisional playoff series against the tigers with one more win in detroit this afternoon. the a's now have a two games to
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one in the best of five series. they beat the tigers 6-3 yesterday on home runs by josh reddick, brandon moss and designated hitter seth smith. if the a's win today they will advance to the american league championship series for the first time since 2006. it will begin saturday and if they lose today the tigers will return to oakland to play the deciding fifth game thursday night. and we just love seeing your a's pride, right? whether you're human or the animal canine variety. this is rolly fingers named after the former a's hall of famed relief pitcher. e-mail your photos at we've seen a great variety. it's at that rifk. >> excu-- terrific. >> excuse me, what was the
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moustache. >> maybe if you bribe the pooch with a treat he will stick around. >> 4:40. time for a look at the weather forecast. >> you know they're a fan when they name their dog rolly fingers. good morning, everyone. taking a look at our day planner for the next 12 hours. we'll notice a few degrees cooler today. it was cooler yesterday. we'll experience low 50s in the inland areas. 54 around the bay and 52 degrees along the coast as we head into noon for lunchtime, temperatures will increase just a bit. then once nighttime falls we'll see some patchy clouds coming right back in and we're also waking up to some patchy fog along the coast as well. it will be a bit cooler as we head into the evening hours as we experience tomorrow, that's when we're going to get some more rain, actually, in the evening hours. as we take a look from our exploreatorium camera. clear for much of the bay yar
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for the next three days. we are looking at a slight downturn of temperatures. it all starts to come back up into the end of the week and into the weekend. the real story is the storm watch. for the higher elevations above 6,000 feet we will be experiencing some snow. about 2 to 5 inches of snow is expected and wind gusts about 50 miles per hour. definitely a winter storm warning there. if you are in those areas, do plan on traveling, be very careful. let's talk about traffic and speaking of being careful, watch out for construction crews. we have projects all around the bay. looking at pretty clear conditions around the bay on our freeways. as we take you over to northbound 880 between 16th to broadway, we will have a couple of lanes shut down. that will last until 5:00 this morning. the rest of the commute along 580 not giving us any problems. as we take you over to the west bay bridge, we have another project. so watch out for that. and as we approach the tolls it is looking wide open. not a problem.
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outside we go and let's take a live look at this. southbound along 680. you can see some cars making it in the sbouchbd direction. >> leyla, it is now 4:43. >> next, an encounter with the ocean's creditor. how a northern california manmade it back to the shore after being attacked by a great white. >> and a fight between police and a rowdy fan at saturday's a's game. caught on camera. have you seen this? everybody is talking about it. what officers had to do to take the man down.
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welcome back. 4:45. center county officials are considering a proposal to have kids making less expensive phone calls. the county is looking at eliminating their phone service contract and running their own system instead.
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officials say current phone costs are 23 times higher than normal. it would cut the average price from 70 cents a minute to 3 cents. it's important for inmates to maintain contact with family and friends since studies show such contacts cut down on repeat offenders. >> a fan got out of hand during saturday's oakland a's game. witnesses captured the violent confrontation with police on video. take a look. >> oh. >> well, you could hear people encouraging officers to taz the man. as you saw, they did just that after he resisted and began fighting with security officers at the coliseum. elliott rosette posted this video on youtube. it's not clear what started the confrontation or if the fan is facing any charges. a man who was attacked by a great white shark while surfing in humble county said it came
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out of nowhere. it attacked him on sunday morning. jay scribner was paddling waiting for a wave when a 9 foot great white suddenly took a bite from his upper thigh and his board. look at the bite marks. scribner's friends began paddling in. >> i remember swinging at the shark and i missed. the shark turned and swam away. my mind was doing strange things. my mind was thinking, wow, that shark is so healthy and beautiful. >> once on shore scribner's friends wrapped his leg and kept him warm until emergency crews arrived. the bite required 30 stitches. >> fortunate man. it could have been a lot worse out there. >> yeah, that's for sure. >> all right. >> sounds like a horrible accident. >> yeah, it does. time for a check on the weather. >> yes, absolutely. we're going to be experiencing some cooler weather. i think you might need a jacket this morning as you head out. taking a live look at doppler 7
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hd. not seeing any returns just yet. waking up to some patchy fog along the coast. you know what, that is going to dissipate by the afternoon. we'll see mostly sunshine but until tomorrow we are going to have some rain visit us in the bay area. taking a look from the east bay hills area, you can see across from burerkeley and the bay bridge. you can see the twinkling lights. current temperature, 54 degrees. mid 50s in oakland, san carlos. the upper 40s along the coast and in los gados. as we take a look at the winds, nice and calm. it doesn't feel quite as chilly. the winds are blowing things around, but so far nice conditions as we talk about why we're getting some of this rain. it's all due to a tropical low pressure coming in. you have this large mass of cool air that's coming in and it's going to be bringing us not just cooler temperatures but that chance of rain on wednesday. talking about our highs for today. we are going to be pretty much
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in the mid to upper 70s as we take a look at the south bay as we continue along the peninsula. that's where the temperatures start to drop just a bit. 74 degrees in redwood city. 63 degrees in pacific a. 68 degrees will be your high in san francisco. mostly sunshine in the north bay. as we head into calistoga, napa, all of those temperatures having dropped from yesterday. that's going to be the upper 70s. east bay, 72 degrees in san leandro. pushing towards the inland valleys, areas with a little bit of cloud cover. mostly high clouds. temperatures topping out in the upper 70s. our lows for tonight, it's going to be pretty chilly out there. especially if you are going to be along the coast in the upper 40s. for the most part, we'll be resting in the mid to lower 50s. here's a look at my accuweather seven day forecast. the chance of rain on wednesday evening into thursday, then it all starts to warm up as we get
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closer to the weekend. we do have a winter advisory for the higher elevations. i'll talk about that later. for now, why don't we talk about some traffic. we do have construction and grass fire as we head right over towards the altimont pass. that's where we've got some of that activity there, but really most of the story here is about slowing as you approach the altimont pass. construction crews out there. that will lass until 6:00 this morning. if you're heading along in the northbound direction, you will notice construction crews. that's slowing things down significantly. outside we go looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. clear and wide open as you head out to emeryville. >> leyla, thanks a lot. drivers going through the calicott tunnel will see green. there will be new traffic lights at 10:30 this morning. they'll stay green for ten days.
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crews are testing a new warning system that will go into service later this year. caltrans says when they're fully activated the lights will turn yellow or red to warn drivers about accidents, stalls or other traffic delays. there will be a similar system in the caldicot tunnels which will open later this year. 4:51. you could have a bundle of money sitting in your driveway. coming up, what you need to know about a bay area program to turn that old klunker into cash. and the sound of a roaring jet can be irritating, right? now a new study reveals how it's hurting more than just your ears. >> she made history swimming from cuba to
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good morning. 4:53. big heads up. if you're looking for a job here are the companies being represented at the hire event held today.
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there will be 500 jobs available. tell your friends the hire event will take place at the hilton garden inn on powell street between noon and 4:00. diana nyad made history swimming from cuba to florida without a shark cage. what's she doing today? getting back in the water. the 65-year-old's going to swim for 48 straight hours to raise funds for victims of hurricane sandy. she'll swim in a specially designed pool in the heart of new york city next to the famed macy's department store. she'll be joined by olympic swimmer ryan lochte, richard simmons and other celebrities. it's shorter than her record setting swim from cuba to florida. >> she can't stay away from the water. >> no, she cannot. here in the bay area, it's becoming less and less like pool weather. >> let's find out. >> yeah, in fact, we might find a little bit of a pool on the roadway. >> yes, i know. we have some expected rain in our forecast. right now as we take a look from
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our roof camera towards the embarcadero and the bay bridge, it's pretty clear right now. little bit of patchy fog along the coast to get us going, but very chilly temperatures. you'll notice that, that downtick in temperatures. in the north bay, you'll notice it. santa rosa, 44 degrees right now. as we head a little bit farther to the south, norbado. in concord, 66 degrees inland. i'll get to your accuweather seven day forecast but for now let's talk about traffic and see what's happening out there on the roads. we do have a grass fire reported. we have plenty of construction. as we take a look right now along eastbound 4 between chicago highway and willow pass road we have road work. you can see it's not causing any delays. that is good news. southbound side of 101 to embarcadero, we have another project there. that is causing a little bit of slowing as you head through palo alto. outside we go. san mateo bridge as you come away from hayward into foster city. wide open.
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only going to take you 14 minutes. eric, kristin, over to you. >> leyla, thanks. it's 4:55 now. if you have an old klunker, now is a good time to get some money for it. the bay area air quality district has $7 million to get older, higher polluting cars off the road. here are the rules. your car must be a 1994 model or older. it must be registered in the bay a area and in good condition. if your vehicle qualifies you can get $7,000 for your klunker. go to and look under see it on tv. apple can be planning a much larger screen for the next iphone. jeffries analyst peter misick says the apple 6 has a screen that will be 4.8 inches instead of the current 4. that will include a number of upgrades to the processor and graphics. the iphone 6 should be huge
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because 5c sales have been sluggish. apple released a 5s and 5c last month. lg electronics will start selling the first smartphone with a bendable screen. they will unveil the phone next month. lg says they expect it will grow quickly like smart phones, automotive displays, tablets and wearable devices. >> if you live near an airport, the roar of jets flying overhead may be more than an annoyance, it could be bad for your hearts. people went to the hospital more often complaining of cardiovascular problems. the increase in hospital admissions was about 3.5%. a similar study from brittain produced similar results. it's 4:57. next at
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>> announcer: live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good morning, it's 5:00 on this tuesday. thanks a lot for joining us. i'm christ continue. >> and i'm eric thomas. leyla, did i hear you say rain? >> i did say rain, in fact. that's going to be coming around about tomorrow evening. so really you can stay pretty cool today, but we don't expect to see any moisture come until wednesday evening. well, for today, by this morning you are going to be experiencing some cooler temperatures. some coastal fog. as we ramp up into the afternoon hours, that's where we're going to have warmer temperatures but still cooler than this weekend. also some patchy clouds expected later this evening. i'll have your accuweather seven day forecast coming up in a bit.


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