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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  October 6, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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for the bold hearted -- progresso heart healthy soup. >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, october 6th. let's start things out with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> carolyn, good morning to you. still a very dry air mass. situated over the bay area. a look from emeryville right now. nice and sunny out there. a few high clouds will visit us today. temperatures warming up. we have been in the mid-40s in the north bay but with a good dose of sunshine we are in the mid-and upper 50s there. we have a little bit of a cloud cover off the coast. some of that will be visiting us. but still numbers are going to climb well above average today. in fact, yesterday we saw 80s. today still more 80s. but the switch comes with an
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onshore flow late in the day. and that will allow for temperatures to be in the 70s at the coast. big-time cooling tomorrow. come back and we will tell you about it. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. we begin with breaking news out of san jose where one person is dead this morning and two critically injured after a car slammed into a streetlight and caught fire. it happened just before 2:00 this morning in the area of blossom hill road and winfield boulevard. rescue crews arrived to find the car in the middle of the street split in half and engulfed in flames. the two people injured were thrown from the car. the accident remains under investigation. but authorities believe speed may have been a factor. >> an early morning house fire has displaced five people in pete petaluma. two of the five were home when the fair broke out around 2:00 in an upstairs bedroom. both were able to make out. one was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. fire crews had to call in extra
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help to put out the flames there. is major damage to the house. cause of the fire is under investigation. a stanford mba student faces manslaughter and felony dui charges after driving the wrong way on southbound highway 101 this weekend and then slamming head-on into a taxi cab. the predawn collision south of candlestick park caused a pileup that shut down highway 101 for three hours. the taxi was carrying two passengers to sfo. the chp said the impact threw one of them into traffic lanes. >> the two passengers in the taxi cab were not seatbelted in. one was completely ejected from the vehicle. he died at the scene. >> that victim is identified and he was heading to the airport for a flight to his home in puerto rico. a second passenger and the cabdriver are hospital with major injuries. that is the stanford grad
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student. he is hospitalized and he will face criminal charges that carry a sentence of at least four years if he is convicted. oakland police have made an arrest not nearly two-year-old murder case of charles butler, jr. he was killed just before christmas back in 2011. his organs were donated to several recipients. abc7 news reporter talked to his family and has more. >> the arrest of mr. douglas this week was welcome news for the family of charles butler >> reporter: the arrest was welcome news to the family of charles butler jr. >> it was joy. it was -- yes. justice does get served. >> according to investigators, butler accidentally bumped a car while he was parallel parking at a store. as he left he was chased down by two men in the car and shot to death.
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police say douglas is the suspected driver. the suspected shooter is still on the lose. butler's family is hoping more tips will come in to help track him down. >> we are hoping that someone sees him, someone that knows him can give us the information needed for his capture. >> according to butler's family, douglas and hunter have long been suspects in this case and at least one of them was arrested and released last year. the district attorney's office cited a lack of evidence then. but after a recent public plea by butler's ailing father, hiawatha, police say the public responded with new tips in this case. it's butler's father final wish to see the accused brought to justice. >> he wants to be there. he wants to be there in court. he wants to see their information. >> with new information the d.a.'s office has formally charged hunter and douglas in this case. abc7 news. in an update to a story we first brought you yesterday morning, oakland police are looking for suspects in a triple shooting that has left one woman dead. it happened around 1:30
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yesterday morning on broadway near 14th street. a 21-year-old pittsburgh woman died, a 20-year-old woman and her 20-year-old boyfriend are in the hospital and they are expected to recover. developing news in redwood city. a dark colored minivan struck and killed a pedestrian near marshall street and maple. victims name has not been released. witnesses say the man driving the minivan left the scene. police are now hoping more witnesses will come forward to help them with the investigation. new details in the pg&e pipeline that may be shut down. pipeline in question, line 147 is, quote, completely safe. e-mails from a utility employee to san carlos officials questioned the integrity of that pipeline, which was installed
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back in 1929. pg&e is following a judge's order to shut down the line. san carlos residents say it's about time. >> that's serious that it took an official to shut down a line. come on, they should have shut down a long time ago. so they knew better. so is san carlos going to be san bruno next? come on, guys, get it together. >> city officials also activated an emergency center in response to the pipeline safety. >> knew this morning, a u.n. official said international inspectors have started destroying syria's stockpiles of chemical weapons. they doesn't did closed what exact i than destroyed but by then of the day some chemicals and production equipment will be put out of order. u.n. wants it done by mid-2014. that push follows an august
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attack near damascus that killed hundreds of civilians. >> in developing news, an anti-terror blitz as u.s. special forces have captured and killed terrorists in two raise in africa. the daring commando operations are another blow to al-qaeda and it's affiliated terror organizations. here's abc news reporter. >> reporter: he's known as one of the top al-qaeda leaders in the terrorist mastermind behind the twin bombings of embassies in tanzania and kenyan. over 200 people died, thousands were injured. he was under indictment for the attack. on the most-wanted list there was a bounty of $5 million on his head. the 49-year-old was grabbed outside his out in tripoli, italy saturday morning after three cars surround his car. special commandos smashed his window and grabbed his gun. he's on his way to the u.s. if stand trial. at the same time there was a
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attack on a terrorist stronghold in so mall law captured. the target this time, members of the al-shabaab, a terror group affiliated with al-qaeda, the same group who took credit for attack on a kenyan mall last month where more than 60 people died. russ sources say the attack on the al-shabaab group was planned well before the mall attack by the famous seal team 6. no one died in the assaults. abc news, new york. no u.s. soldiers died. >> and this is interesting. a the sheriff's office will learn the latest in anti-terrorism techniques in the middle east. it will be taught by israeli defense force demanders. the officers leave today for the program, finished the anti-defamation league. >> bart and union negotiators have only five days now to reach an agreement before a possible strike.
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both sides met briefly yesterday and displayed no sense of urgency. they are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. >> we will continue it negotiate for as long as we can and we are committed to coming tomorrow, if that be the case, and all week next week. >> we have said all along we want to come to a negotiated settlement, but we are preparing for the worst if the unions do decide to strike. we've been working on a contingency plan for weeks now. >> besides wages, the biggest issue appears to be the length of the contract. bart officials want a four-year deal and unions want three. both sides will be back at the bargaining table tomorrow. meteorologist lisa argen here now with a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> depending on where you are in the east bay, temperatures are varying widely. downtown oakland, 54 degrees and at the museum it's 62 degrees. here's a look from vollmer peak
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looking out toward the city. we will see another very warm day today but no red flag warnings. in fact, we will be feeling the chill of autumn in the week ahead. your forecast is next. >> thank you, lisa. up next your tax dollars going to help pay rent for ex-cons. what's the reasoning behind this new plan in one bay area community? plus the new laws that could change the status for thousands of undocumented immigrants here in california.
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>> no apparent progress in ending the partial government shutdown, despite a meeting in congress yesterday. but there is some good news for the hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal workers. abc7 news reporter has the details. >> all those in favor, say aye. >> it was a rare unanimous agreement in the house of representatives on a federal budget issue. by a vote of 407 to 0, the house approved giving furloughed federal government workers retroactive pay once the government reopens. but when talking about the shutdown as a whole, the sides were still apart. >> our position on obamacare is very simple. it is no special treatment under the law. it is to delay the individual mandate. for everything else we are
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funding this government. >> the idea that they were going to defund, overturn or delay the affordable care act is not going to happen. as i said to my colleagues yesterday, that's like saying give me your first-born child and then we will talk about the rest of the family. >> the secretary of defense said he's bringing back as many as civilian employees as possible whether the shutdown is over or not. he said he will use the "pay our military act" to return workers who contribute to the morale, the well-being and readiness of the military. and house democrats say 200 of their members have signed a petition for a vote calling for a clean budget bill. they have heard from several republicans who want the same. >> the letter the leader referred to with 200 democrats on it indicates that clearly in my view right now there are enough people to pass a government-opening funding bill. >> but republicans still blame senate democrats saying they are not taking up the house funding bill.
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meanwhile the proposal to provide back-pay for furloughed workers is expected to pass the senate, but no time table on when the senators will take it up. abc news, new york. >> house speaker john boehner said the deposit shut down will continue until government obama grease to sit down and talk about the underlying problems of spending. in his first and only interview since the shutdown began six days ago, the ohio republican declared on abcs this week that he will not allow the house to vote on a bill to end the shutdown without serious discussions on spending. >> it is time to deal with america's problems. how can you raise the debt limit and do nothing about the underlying problem? george, we've spent more than what we've brought in for 55 of the last 60 years. this year the federal government will have more revenue than any year in the history of our country and yet we are still going to have a nearly $700 billion budget deficit.
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>> treasury secretary jacob leu called boehner's position reckless. the government will lose their ability to borrow if congress doesn't authorize a higher limit by october 17th. how is the government shutdownpayment be packeting your life? post your statement on instagram. a new decision out of the south bay means santa clara county will help pay the rent for freed third strikers. it's the only county in the state to offer assistance to former lifers after at least a decade in prison. they will be able to get $1,000 a month to help pay their rent starting january 11th. the county board of supervisors approved that subsidy. they say it will help more than half of of the 70 inmates released in santa clara county, many with just the clothes on their backs and $200. with a few strokes of his
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pen, governor jerry brown has for ever changed how our state deals with immigration issues. the governor said while government waffles on immigration, california forges ahead. i'm not waiting. new laws went into effect yesterday on a day of immigration reform rallies across the nation, including in san francisco. one law allows attorneys to get licenses to practice law and another from law enforcement can't detain people just because of their immigration status. new this morning a strong earthquake has been felt in mexico city. no magnitude has immediately been issued by the seismic institute for the country, but it follows another quake that hit earlier this morning in the southern part of the country. magnitude of that quake, 5.2. no reports yet of damage or injuries. the newly redesigned $100 bill is about to debut. the bill, which will be released tuesday, has several new
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security features, including 3-d security ribbon that will make it easier to authenticate and harder for forges to replicate. it's the fourth time the bill has been redesigned to keep up with improved counter fitting technology. >> saving up the frequent flyer miles can save you thousands on travels. one couple planned their retirement on using nearly a million saved miles. but when it came time to take a trip, the miles were gone. michael finney has the story. >> this is a picture in congress go. >> steven of monterey county is giving us a glimpse of his worldwide travels. >> this is a picture of me with two of the younger orphan chimps. >> his job took him to exotic regions in the congress go and new guinea, exploring for oil with the chevron organization. >> it's given me the opportunity to travel quite extensively. >> he and his wife toured italy,
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south america and the orient, flying for years on air france. when he retired steven racked up about 1 million frequent flyer miles. >> he looked forward to using the miles. >> the couple planned to explore more of the world using their free time and all those miles. that is, until beverly tried to book a trip. >> and i was like, oh, my gosh, there's nothing in here. >> she was looking at their flying blue account with air france. it showed a zero balance. all 947,000 miles were gone. >> we have a problem. it was quite a shock. >> all those miles had expired, all because flying blue requires members to fly on a qualified flight at least once every 20 months. the couple was sure they had flown more than enough times, but flying blue said no. the flights they took did not meet requirements. >> i basically said what can i do here? i've been a loyal customer for all these years. >> flying blue made a deal. if he flew on a qualified flight within six months, it would restore his miles.
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steven got on the phone right away. the airline confirmed that a flight to salt lake city did qualify, so he took it and waited. >> and waited and waited, and waited, it didn't come. >> flying blue still didn't restore his mile. why? the company said the fare he paid didn't satisfy requirements. >> it was maddening. and the fine print in their program was maddening. the couple contacted 7 on your side and we contacted air france and its partner klm airlines. >> it turns out the eligibility rules changed after he booked the salt lake city flight. the krm spokesperson said as flying blue updated the eligible booking classes after he booked, we retroactively considered his booking as an eligible book -- booking and reinstated his miles. now all 947,000 miles are back in their account, and the couple
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is back to trotting the globe. >> and we are very, very grateful to 7 on your side. >> michael said frequent flyer programs often have the complicated rules you have to follow or lose your miles so it's important to that up-to-date so you can save miles and save a lot of money on travels. a japanese retailer is collecting clothing today to help the saint vincent's society helpless fortunate people in the area. you can bring a gently used bag of clothing to the union scare and receive a coupon for 10%. goal is to collect 1,000 a clothing item for the charity to distribute. >> this afternoon the rupp theater plans to host an event to cheer up a camp and staff. the camp was destroyed back on august 25th by the rim fire. it had mosted generations of berkeley families and friends since it first opened in 1922.
9:23 am
today at 4:30 the camp staff will put on a musical comedy called captain amazing and the superhero of camp tualamy. they will perform before a sold out audience. >> i was just there in yosemite, and it's carred. it's really too bad. >> it is too bad. speaking of the weather, if you loved yesterday you will like today, and then, what? >> well we still have a red flag warning for parts of the state. not the bay area. if you look at live doppler 7hd you notice we have a few clouds around. those clouds are making for a pretty sky this morning but calm winds have dramatically cooled down oakland and the coast this morning. lots of folks already experiencing the chill of autumn yesterday morning, but the winds kept some locations very mild. and down around monterey it's in the 70s already. but here from mt. tam, a beautiful shot with the high clouds.
9:24 am
boy, after that big chill this morning into the low 40s, many areas are recovering. 62 san francisco. oakland 58. it's in the 60s with a few clouds in san jose. los gatos up to 68 degrees. it if i was you an idea how warm to mild it will be. san jose a few clouds around. santa rosa you were down to the lower 40s this morning. and low 60s in antioch and mid-50s out toward concord and livermore. so, yes, most areas were chillier with the calm winds and the clear sky the radiational cooling and numbers have bottomed out since 24 hours ago. but we will recover nicely with numbers once again well above average. but it is the last day of 80ths for most from the exploratorium camera another nice landscape with mostly clear skies except for the few high clouds. warmed to. the high clouds will stay with us, but much cooler. tomorrow the sun will cool down
9:25 am
and the more dramatic cool down heads our way on tuesday. with high pressure still in control we are well above average with the offshore flow but the high retreats to the east of us and the area of low pressure comes into play as soon as later on today when the flow moves from a light to offshore flow to more of an on shore flow at the beaches. that will bring temperatures down today into the 70s. by tuesday and wednesday, a piece of energy from the system drops to the south. notice some green on the map here could give some showers and maybe light snow to the highest elevations. the mountains of the northern and southern sierra. doesn't look like we will see rain, but after tomorrow look like more cooler fall days ahead. in terms of the warmth today, it's back. 87 in los gatos, 83 sunnyvale, mid-80s morgan hill. on the peninsula a beautiful day. redwood city warming to 48. mid-and upper 70s from pacifica, half moon bay. san francisco coming into play in the upper 70s about 3:00.
9:26 am
once the sun sets it gets cool quickly. but by the afternoon we are well into the 80s again in santa rosa. and low 8 to 0s for berkeley. fremont 84 and out over the hills low to mid-80s for the san ramon valley. the accuweather seven-day forecast today, mid-and upper 80s around the bay. some 70s at the coast for the afternoon. as much as five to eight degrees cooler tomorrow. we will get into partly cloudy skies tuesday. slight chance of showers on wednesday, ba being to clearing conditions but still cool and autumn like friday and saturday, looking a little bit warmer. so, yeah, after today it's going to feel different. >> yeah. i was just going to say what you said, feeling fall-like. >> thank, lisa. coming up, new details this morning in that dramatic case of road rage in new york. the charges one man is facing in the boating of a driver.
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>> a solumn tribute in sacramento saw 22 names added to the firefighters memorial. ♪ >> governor jerry brown joined the uniform firefighters, family members and dignitaries in attendance yesterday. this memorial contains the names of firefighters who have fall in the line of duty. more than 1250 names stretching as far back as 1850 are currently inscribed. red flag alerts are in effect in southern california through today after several small fires broke out yesterday with the hot, windy conditions. three fire agencies using bulldozers, air support and ground crews battled the 15-acre blaze that started on the hillside north of the junction of interstate 5 and state route 14 in the pass. in an update to a story we brought you yesterday, a
9:30 am
35-year-old motorcyclist has been arraigned in connection with the beating of a new york man by a gang of angry bikers. robert sims was charged with first degree assault, first degree gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon yesterday. last sunday the driver of an s.u.v. saying he feared for his hillside north of the junction of interstate 5 and state route hillside north of the junction is. >> still to come. why residents are taking no chances ahead of the storm near louisiana. and a young boy told he could not get on a ride at a county fair in fresno, it was not because of his age or size. why he was told to stay away. so what can i get you? we'll take something tasty and healthy.
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and school nights turn into grands mini pizza nights. to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at >> welcome back. let's start this half-hour with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> it has been quite interesting, carolyn. temperatures well above normal. today we are starting out with another sunny morning. a few high clouds are visiting us. temperatures are warming up with the sunshine. we've been in the 40s, now 50s and 60s with 65 los gatos, the higher clouds aren't going to do too much to inhibit all the warmth we will have again this afternoon. despite an onshore flow pecking up in the afternoon.
9:34 am
yeah, for october that feels pretty good. kind of pretty typical, although we will becology off in the days ahead. still nor 80s to enjoyed to inland. maybe a couple 80s tomorrow. subtle cool down to start the week and more dramatic weather changes for the rest of the week. i'll have them for you coming up. carolyn. >> good deal. tropical storm karen has turned into a depression. but it will still bring heavy rain and winds to low-lying areas especially in louisiana. it should pass lou the area sometime today. we have a look at the preparations. >> this is not what people here expected to wake up to, a clear, calm morning as crop at that time depression karen slowly, unimpressionably makes its way to the gulf coast. >> you never would think the storm would be like this.
9:35 am
we expected a lot worse. >> karen was downgrade the last night from a tropical storm. they expect it to continue weakening, but past storms have prompted people to take precautions. >> we will have our guard up. we have had storms that have been like this of that hung around for days. >> a state of emergency is already declared for parts of the panhandle, alabama, mississippi and louisiana. some emergency situations are up and running, homes sand-bagged and boats tied up. the gulf coast ready to ride out the storm. >> we've only seen spotty showers this morning. more rain on the way but it's expected to be minimal. the wind likely won't get above 30 miles an hour. abc news, empire, louisiana. >> the national weather service is still assessing damage from a tornado that ripped through parts of iowa and nebraska friday night.
9:36 am
at least four homes were destroyed and more than a dozen others damaged. 15 people were injured in the small town of wayne, blizzards are moving across the dakotas. this video shows heavy snowfall near rapid city, south dakota. forecasters say the amount of snow dumped by a cold front, 3 1/2 feet, is a record for this time of the year. >> well, the family of a two-year-old boy said he was not allowed on a ride at a fair in press no because he isacystic. the fair said that's not what happened. things went when the young boy want to get on the chopper hopper. his dad normally rides with him to make sure he's okay. >> at first i thought he was too small and he had to go with him and my husband said i will go with him. we won't allow him to go on the ride because issa tis stick. and that's when the carney said, no, no, disabled kids, no, he
9:37 am
needs to go. but the fair said the dad didn't want to pay to ride with him. family complained and the fair investigated the incident. a representative then offered the family a preday at the fair, which they have accepted. the fresno fair said the worker will be retrained on the company's policies. the government shutdown is all about obamacare, which requires almost everyone to have health insurance next year and if you don't sign up by march, you will be fined. in california more than 5 million people currently do not have health insurance. abc7 news health and science reporter carolyn johnson shows us how volunteers are trying to educate people. [speaking spanish] >> sylvia gomez is going door to door as part of the state's effort to educate people about the affordable care act. she's with the health clinic. >> i'm also involved with a lot of our community events such as
9:38 am
our job fares, our health fares. >> gomez is one of the many people literally walking the state to get the word out about the affordable care act. the law requires all u.s. citizens and documented residents to have health insurance by march. peter lee is head of cover california, the place to go for coverage in the state. >> we have hundreds of organizations across the state that want to be part of making history. which is anchored in educating consumers to give them information they want to act on, getting affordable health insurance. >> alex is uninsured. >> i definitely need to know more. i just saw some of the basic information about what the requirements are. >> he's not alone. according to covered california, 48% of uninsured californians are latino. sylvia said most of their latino patients speak limited english and haven't heard of covered
9:39 am
california. undocumented immigrants like christina are scared it voice their opinions. they aren't eligible for the coverage. but even if they can't get coverage for themselves, undocumented immigrants are still subject to fines for not getting coverage for children who are u.s. citizens. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. now, if you need insurance, go to you will find a link under "see it on tv" to the state's official insurance exchange wishes is called" covered california." coming up, competition heats up in the tablet market. the new product looking to give apple's ipad a run for its money. and here's a live look from our emeryville cam. the weekend will finish up on the hot side weather-wise, but don't expect that for the week ahead. lisa argen will have your
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in a couple weeks apple may reveal a new ipad, but microsoft is trying to beat them to the punch. in a small gathering of the creators of the microsoft surface showed up the new version of their tablet. experts say this one is worth a serious look. jonathan bloom takes a look. >> it's faster, and wider. all the things are true. but the truth is its unbelievably productive. >> he sounded like a salesman, but he's just a really smooth-talking geek. he heads up the design team behind microsoft's surface. to devoted fans, he's a bit of a
9:43 am
celebrity. >> what is your name? >> mike. >> what do you do, mike? >> at a small gathering, he signed autographs directly on to the rubber keyboard covers they sell. surface may have its fans, but surface hasn't been a great seller, but in a group of loyalists they claim that won't be the case for surface 2 because microsoft is listening. >> battery life was the big one. so we have improved that by 75%. >> he went on to show the new kickstand in two positions so you can use it in your lap, and new keyboard covers that make it avoid typos. a full copy of microsoft office and a much better version of windows, one viewer said this one is a different story. >> for somebody who wants a nice tablet around the price range of the ipad and they want to do a little more with that, the surface 2 will be a really good option. >> will the new surface tablet be a hit?
9:44 am
they were among people at this event. but then some of them might not need much convincing. >> i have a pro at home and may get a pro-2 later on. >> it's that passion they are going for. >> we want to sell it, but more importantly, we want people who love it to use it. >> and he's passionate. when asked about his favorite thing. >> when somebody asks me that, now i answer it because it's real. it's everything. i have four. when somebody tells me which part i like best, there's no answer. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> we are officially into fall and after today it's going to start feeling that way, so says lisa argen. >> yeah, that's right. in fact, today with our dry, warm air mass overhead, we still are enjoying a last gas of summer. from sutro right now looking back toward the richmond district and the presidio, we have temperatures in the 60s. 70s today with an onshore flow. that begins the change. i will tell you about the rest of it when we return.
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>> thank you, lisa. crunch time for the a's in game two of the american league division series, and it all comes down to the ninth inning. [ mom ] in my family, so we just look for this g. 'cause general mills makes over 40 yummy flavors that are 130 calories or less per serving. and they're packed with vitamins and minerals. from lucky charms to cheerios. over 40 cereals. 130 calories or less. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it.
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9:48 am
flirtatious of both of that in the week ahead but feeling more like fall. here are the clouds visiting us the last couple of hours. they are just high clouds, but they will be providing partly cloudy skies at times. but overall sunshine will rule out and we will see a mostly sunny sky. few from mt. tam make for a nice picture. in the south bay with san jose, the look at half moon bay. they have really warmed up. it's going to be a great day for the sr. furs out there with the slight offshore flow. then it turns onshore. upper 50s in oakland and from san jose looking pretty sunny and quiet. mid-50s santa rosa. that's 10 degrees warmer than you were just a couple hours ago. concord at 56. good morning, livermore. 57 for you. so here's a look where we were 24 hours ago. we were warmer. right now we are 12 degrees
9:49 am
cooler in concord, as well as novato. all that has to do with the wind, the clear skies, the radiational cooling and some of the drainage of the air going into the valleys. but we are rebounding in mountain view and san jose. a look from our exploratorium camera showing the sunny skies, a few high clouds. still a warm day with temperatures well above average. much cooler for the week ahead. starting out with a cool-down tomorrow, but more dramatic come tuesday. still in place is the upper and mid-level high pressure system. that allows for the flow around the high to bring the light offshore flow. but the high is already shifting to the east of us. still going to bring us the warm weather today. but by tomorrow how about later on today? we get the onshore flow, the return flow, and that brings the temperatures down a little bit along the coast. instead of the 90 in santa cruz, more like 86. and out of the 80s in half moon bay. and the upper 70s. still pretty nice." we talked about the cool-down. here's san jose today in the middle 80s. upper 70s monday.
9:50 am
that's a dratmatic cool down and getting a little chillier through the middle part of the week, wednesday and thursday. some forecast models want to bring in a slight chance of showers, bringing the chance by the middle of the the week. but it looks like we will stay mostly dry, more likely partly cloudy skies from tuesday into thursday. 78. a little cooler in monterey but still a nice, fall day. 90 in fresno. red flag warnings from the southern sierra through southern california with a high of 90 in los angeles. temperatures around the bay today, upper 70s. san francisco, as well as half moon bay. 83 in san rafael with more low to mid-80s out toward our east bay hills. east of the called cut tunnel. morgan hill, 86 with 80 san mateo. a couple late games tonight over at candlestick. we are looking at a 5:30 start with temperatures in the 70s. mostly clear and over into
9:51 am
oakland numbers in the 60s. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows we will have the farmest day of the week today. then the slight cool down. tuesday, and mostly cloudy wednesday and coolest day thursday and it will feel like october. >> do we already need to start worrying about the rain? >> i won't worry about it. some people are hoping for it. not unlikely to see about an inch in san francisco throughout the entire month of october. >> all right. thank you are, lisa. let's check out sports. in sports, the a's in a must-win situation in game two of the alds and rookie sonny gray pitched the game of his career, setting up the walk-off winner the ninth. here's schu. >> good morning. what of the chances that two rookies in game two of the alds have the game of their lives and prove to be the difference with the win over detroit. in front of 48,000 fans, the
9:52 am
pitcher sonny gray and catcher vogt were the difference. the forecast was sunny with strikeouts. justin verlander was impressive. struck out 11 and including brandon moss looking to end the fourth. runners at the corners and one out. sonny gray strikes out jackson. steven vogt with the strikeout, double play, getting jose at second. still scoreless, bottom half of the ninth. no outs. bases loaded. he comes up big. walk-off single. yoenis cespedes scores. a's win and even the series at one a piece. no way to end the game without a little pie. >> it was very exciting. i was glad to get the opportunity. like i said, i knew -- i knew there was going to be, you know, a lot of adrenaline and however i was able to harness that adrenaline was going to be a big factor in the game. >> all right. college football, stanford hosting washington. a team that always gives the cardinals trouble. in fact, they beat them last season in seattle.
9:53 am
looking for payback. both teams undefeated. ty montgomery with the opening kickoff. 99 yards and the touchdown. 15 seconds left in the half. hogan to montgomery. second td of the game. 290 all-purpose yards for ty. 17-7 stanford at the half. third quarter, washington one of best running games this season. 139 last night. and bishop stainky 125 of them. stanford up three. but stanford responds. and gaffney, 11 yards. stanford goes up ten. huskies cut the lead it three. minute and a half to play. fourth and three. -- fourth and ten. the amazing throw to smith for what looks like a first down. they ruled it a catch but overturned the call after review saying it hit the ground. how could you overturn that in it was close. stanford comes away with the win, 21-28, improve to 5-0. -- 31-28, and improving to 5-0. >> cal hosting washington state. both teams proponents of the air-raid offense. 13 catches, 216 yards. second quarter wasu up 14-5. cougars cut the lead down to two. cougars pull away.
9:54 am
holloway. he's gone. holiday, 41 of 67. 52 is yards, and three td passes. washington state wins. 44-22. cal falls to 1-4. 0-2 in pac-12 play. >> sharks and coyotes. sharks coming off an impressive opening night against the canucks. 46 seconds into the game, 19-year-old rookie thomas hurdle, his first nhl goal through the wickets. got his first one, how about his second? on the power play. deflects the matt owen shot. youngest shark to score two goals in a game since patrick marleau in 1999. sharks now 2-1 with the 4-1 victory. 49ers host texans and raiders host san diego at 8:30. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> coming up, a popular event bound to tie up traffic. the 13.1-mile block party happening now in san jose.
9:55 am
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>> a record 16,000 runners expected in downtown san jose this morning for the rock n' roll half-marathon. the race amounts to a 13-mile block party with live bands performing every mile. this is video from a previous event. finish line is near plaza chavez. there is a post race concert. this year's runners from 14 states and 9 countries are taking part in the run and the fun. a san francisco tradition started by the late supervisor harvey milk happens today. the castro street fair. this is the 40th, or will be, anniversary of the event at market and castro street.
9:58 am
it runs from 11 this morning to 6 tonight. i did not 40 met rube. >> home is looking good? >> it is looking good. san francisco today with an offshore flow early in the day. you warm up quickly. then the winds and a slight sea breeze will keep you in the upper 70s for much of the afternoon. 80 san mateo. rest very warm and 80s return for fremont and san jose. accuweather seven-day forecast, cooler tomorrow and partly cloudy tuesday. a slight chance of a shower with the cooling trend continuing through wednesday and thursday. and then that weak system moves on out and we will warm up. >> all right. sounds good. that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with my sidekick meteorologist lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great sunday, everyone and a great week ahead.
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