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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 2, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a picture of capitol hill, the government shut down now in the second day. we will take you to washington, dc, for a report on where congress and the obama administration stand this morning. >> firefighters climb to the top of the south bay home overnight. the overnight flames sending crews rushing to this san jose neighborhood keeping firefighters on the scene because of hotspots. >> and bart was one week before the cooling-off period expires. >> mike nicco joins us with a look at the weather. >> happy hump day, everyone. live doppler 7 hd shows thick are clouds, high clouds over the north bay and the temperatures are slightly warmer this morning. the rest of us are a couple of degrees cooler. we will break down the next 12 hours, the day planner is temperatures in the low-to-mid
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fists and a colorful sunrise. high clouds and sunshine and 67 at noon, and breezy by 4:00, and more so than yesterday with temperatures hanging out in the low 70's. inland we have 40's out there in the deepest valley to 51 with high clouds here, too, and the next 12 hours we have mild weather at noon at 72. get close to average at 4:00 with 78 and we will drop down to 68 so ten degrees cooler by 6:00. at the cost it is cooler at 48 degrees. high clouds and sunshine and breezy with low-to-mid 60's through 4:00 and clearing and dropping into the 50's this evening. >> a brand new crash in san jose northbound along 101 coming up to alum rock avenue where we have a three car crash. one to two lanes are blocked right now. you can see how it is causing the delays at the 280 and 680 split. traffic is easing approaching the nimitz and it stays clear
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headed beyond the san jose airport. this is our lifetime traffic 580 highway 4, 101, looking clear. this is the golden gate bridge from sauce let headed through the waldo tunnel it is at top speed at san francisco and we are at 10 minutes. >> now the latest on the government shut down, this is a picture of capitol hill with the white house announcing that president obama is postponing the trip to asia so he can stay there in washington. house g.o.p. leaders tried to fund some government programs while the shutdown continues. >> there is absolutely no sign of compromise on capitol hill and republicans and democrats are digging in county anding the
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shutdown to last in the weeks to come. as for the public, people are burning mad. >> the government shut down enters the second day with no end in sight. across the country, anger is growing. >> it is crazy. it is holding the government hostage. >> a bunch of jerks running the show. >> 800,000 federal work aristas home without pay, 6,700 are civilian workers at this military base in central new jersey. >> they told us until further notice you are furloughs and when we call, come back n. >> local officials are worried about the economic impact. >> the people start losing their paycheck they will not spend the money. >> according to an estimate the government shut down will cost taxpayers $300 million a day or $12.1 million an hour and $1.6 billion a year but that has not
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brought congress closer to a deal. house of representatives republicans tried to fund some parts of government like national parks and veterans benefits but that was defeated by democrats who want a full government spending bill without changes to the health care law. >> they took hostages by shutting down the government and now they are releasing one hostage at a time. >> as washington, dc, braces for a prolonged shut down it is time to get legislation to the floor. >> i want a clean continuing resolution. >> bigger crisis is october 17, the government will run out of money to pay their bills unless congress raises the debt ceil ceiling. >> more details now on the government shut down that has forced the national transportation safety board to close and that has delayed the investigation into the asiana flight 214 at sfo back in july.
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and a locked gate is greeting visitors at a military site of leftal significance. we will have the latest on the government shut down including a list on the averages that are closed. you can get breaking umm dates following us on twitter@abc7news abay area. >> we go to san jose where fire crews are mopping up after a house fire. it broke out in the attic of a house near brown street. they believe a religious shrine may have sparked it and the fire starts after 3:30 this morning. four people get out safely and matt keller will have an update next half hour. >> now the bart strike threat. negotiations will resume between the transit agency and the unions today a week before the
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expiration of a 60-day cooling-off period. there is a glimmer of home. >> we are getting close. we are a week and a half away in the cooling-off period comes to an end. they are due back at the table and we learned the union has made a counteroffer and sent it to bart officials. the unions did not say what the offer is and we have not heard a comment from bart on the issues so no public response to the offer. the pacifics are still being kept quiet. we foe that bart is preparing for a strike just in case and they have a plan that costs up to $21 million which has 200 free charter buss do run people between the east bay and san francisco. bart also is thinking of running trains and having managers who used to train operators drive a
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few of the trains during the peak hours if there is a strike. we are looking at dealing with a strategic next friday morning, the 11th, if in deal is reached. former san francisco supervisor george shirakawa will face charges including a phony campaign mailer. he is asking for a public defender. he was charged with creating a fake campaign mailer in 2010. he resigned in march after a deal involving misspending public funds. he has yet to be sentenced. shirakawa says he is no longer able to pay the legal fees. >> on the peninsula, redwood city police are adding extra security after an attempted an deduction of a young girl yesterday at john f. kennedy middle school. a man approached a girl in a black two car pickup.
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he did not get her in the truck and she reported what happened at the office. the student did the right thing and they remind parents to review stranger safety tips with kids. >> a man displayed a debtnating device to problem a bank yesterday around noon downtown. police are not sure if the device was real but they got this photo of the man's face when he threw away the mack. >> you could hear tsunami sirens this morning at 10:00 the first monthly test since the upgrade of the warning sirens in august and september that allows for voice announcement. itself monitors an alert of any malfunction. the warning sirens covering 30 mile stretch of coast from
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pacifica. ought cupertino planning commission will consider apple's plan to build a massive new headquarters discussing the complex yesterday. the saucer shaped building is four stories tall and covered almost three million square feet. it is expected to house 14,000 employees. according to the "new york times" the documents show that apple hopes to limit public access to make sure new inventions are kept secure. the city council is expected to formally approve the plan october 15th. >> the warming trend is coming ever so slowly, mike. >> absolutely. temperatures today and tomorrow are about the same and we will wrap it up headed to friday. we are looking at temperatures in the south bay at alum rock and saratoga and cupertino, you are the cool of the at 50ed for by santa theresa at 51 and we have 53 in sunnyville and mountain at 53 and san jose is at 53 and 40's in san ramon and
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48 in calistoga and the coolest is at half moon bay at 45. this is how it looks from the rooftop with a few high clouds and we will look at what is going do happen the 24 hour temperature change, oakland is the same as santa rosa and everyone else is one to three degrees warmer. today is the same and significantly warmer on friday and saturday and well have critical fire conditions then, also. >> it looks like traffic is starting to get cooking and the congestion but into san jose this accident is causing congestion and you are backed up almost from this area at alum rock involving three vehicles, two possible lanes are blocked so you have the red coming away from the 280 and 680 split. it dissipates the closer you get to the nimitz. at pass you can see 25 miles per hour, very slow, and it is still about 40 minutes from tracy to
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dublin and we have a fender bender westbound 580 at north flynn road in the center dividing but the rest of the drive is stacked over to livermore avenue and outside a picture from the remainryville camera in the westbound direction to treasure island a few extra tail lights and 15 minutes from the maze to san francisco. >> destructive devices taken away from a united states airport and the investigation is underway right now and the other disturbance raising fears this morning. >> biker road rage, the new details we are learning of the attack on an s.u.v. driver. it is new going viral on the intent. >> it is called revenge porn, a step taken to storm -- step people who p
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>> covering cupertino and wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic heavy. there is a day especially in the cash-paying lanes of the developing news in florida where an unruly passenger has been taken into custody at
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jacksonville international airport. this comes 24 hours after the airport was shut down over a bomb scare. the airport was closed for five hours yesterday off shorts found two suspicious packages, one described as destructive. police have a 39-year-old man in custody this morning and he will make the first appearance in court in a few hours. the airport is back to normal this morning but for the unruly passenger. >> in new york city a second biker is arraigned after a motorcycle road rage incident that has gone viral on sunday off when the driver of a range rover got in an accident with a member of a motorcycle group. dozens of bikers surrounded the s.u.v. and slashed the tires. the 33-year-old driver rammed through the crowd do get away and crushed the election of a bike are and hit two others. the bikers caught up with the driver and pulled him out of the range rover and beat him while his wife and young child watched. one of the bikers is in a coma
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and the family is demanding the driver of the range rover be prosecuted. >> the social media phenomenon called "revenge porn" is again the law in california. the governor has signed a law that makes it illegal to post naked pictures of ex-es after a bit are breakup. it is a growing problem in the age of social media as private photos and videos are finding their way on to hundreds of webs. you could face up to six months in jail and $1,000 fine. >> a study says exercise is as ever nottive as prescription drugs for preventing diabetes and repeat heart attacks. the study looked at 15,000 patients and found exercise was as ever factive or more effective than drug treatments in pretrenting type ii diabetes and repeat heart attacks and strokes. the study is called "exciting" and there could be enough evidence to make exercise part
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of the program for treatment. if you are thinking of exercising today, we will check with mike nicco. >> a lot like yesterday. we have changes coming your way but you have to wait until friday, saturday, and sunday. you can see the thick are clouds across the north bay this morning. they are high clouds with no adverse effect on visibility. we are five miles around half moon bay with the temperatures 45 degrees for a cool spot. you can see the colors are starting to develop and the sun doesn't come up until about 7:36 you can see angel island to the port of oakland and a different view than normal. high clouds and mild sunshine and temperatures are short average and cool and calm, the last time we will talk about calm conditions kicking up tomorrow afternoon and above
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1,000' thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. 80 degrees in morgan hill and gilroy and los gatos and mid-70's for most of the santa clara valley down to santa cruz, santa clara and santa cruz at 74. menlo park is 73 today. 64 today in pacifica, daly city, upper 60's in downtown and south san francisco and mid-to-upper 70's through the not bay valleys and mid-60's at the beaches and 71 today in berkeley and hayward and 72 in oakland and san leandro and up to 75 in castro valley and 76 in pleasanton and 80 in walnut creek and fairfield and antioch. temperatures tonight are a lot like this morning but we will not have so manny -- many high clouds. low pressure is reinforcing the cooler air mass with a jet stream to the north.
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we are between systems and the next low will bring us in a breeze today and tomorrow and that breeze will town offshore as high pressure builds and the jump in temperatures. four to eight degrees warmer on friday, mid-70's is the warmest day at the beaches and near 90 inland tapering sunday and back to average by monday and tuesday. >> new our bridges, we have clear conditions with no accidents to report starting with the richmond and san rafael. you will be traveling in the westbound direction coming from richmond to san rafael that drive is at 62 miles per hour and it will take you only ten minutes. at the bay bridge, so far, the bay bridge metering lights is been turned on causing slowing away from the maze and traffic is heavy to treasure island and it thins out. to the south, the san mateo
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bridge has top speed headed from hayward to fosterty it will be 14 minutes. alum rock avenue we have two lanes blocked and bumper-to-bumper traffic. >> and a second look at a 25 year old missing pens case. >> race then for unique costumes and unique lack of costumes has a new owner. >> here is the prime timelineup on abc7 news: 8:00 is "the middle" and "back in the game." and "modern family," at 9:00 and then "nashville." hi. i'm henry wi
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too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >> good morning, everyone, a look from the east bay camera to the new east were span of the bay bridge and the traffic looks heavy as you get to the western part but there was a backup at the toll plaza. >> one of the most colorful
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races has a new owner pledging a new vision for the bay to breakers. the race features costumes or non-costumes, and the san francisco chronicle reports the c.e.o. of a media group has purchased the bay to breakers for an undisclosed amount of money. >> if you are looking for the country with the best work environment head to northern europe. a report from the world economic forum finds switzerland has the best working environment. finland is number two. singapore is number three. the netherlands in four and sweden is at five. education and access to health care and work training are factors. the united states is in 16th. american workplaces are strong in attracting and maintaining outstanding employees but stress and depression bring the ranking
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down. >> speaking of stress and work, the hits keep on coming, a woman who quit her job in style. ♪ i ain't talking about this. >> she dances do the "gone" in the "i quit" video that attracted six million hits since saturday. she credits her old company with being "awesome," but it produces news videos and she complained they only cared about how many hits but their quality and now she is getting the hits. her bosses firing back with their own video that you will see on america per at 7:00 right here on abc7 news. >> you can judge who wins the ruth minimum battle. >> the army hopes the clothe clothes of the future do not have to be watched.
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scientists are working on clothes that do future get dirty. the key is a coating that repels dust and dirt. why? you would worry too if you had a million soldiers with five uniforms each. that is a lot time in the laundry room. >> we continue at 6:30 with the top stories and the impact the shut down is having. >> from san jose, four people escaped their burning home this morning and we will tell you what was taking place that likely started the blame. >> we have high clouds and sunshine and normal temperatures and an update on the watching
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trend in the seven-day outlook. >> in the traffic center, it is getting busy with a few accidents senatorring traffic. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is 6:30. it is when. a look from our mount tamalpais camera looking at the twinkling lights, just half an hour before sunrise. >> there is a lit piece of moon out there. >> mike? >> a colorful transition from dust to dawn. or from morning to day. or night to day. as far as our cloud cover you can see it is thickest across the north bay and it is moving ever so slowly to the southeast and we see more sunshine headed to the afternoon but we will have high clouds. here is the bay planner, 67 at
6:31 am
noon. 72 and breezy at 4:00. and 64 for the evening. inland we will have 40's and low 50's with the high clouds and mild conditions, and low 70's at noon to upper 70's at 4:00 and getting close to normal and cooler by ten degrees at 7:00 and at the coast this is where we will fine the fastest winds this afternoon and the coolest weather at 48 at 7:00 and low-to-mid 60's throughout the afternoon. leyla gulen? >> we have a rot of a new accident but across the peninsula we have clear conditions but we have wood in the lanes southbound 101 with slowing northbound away from sfo. the rest of the drive, though, headed beyond candlestick to the city is locking clear and top speeds. westbound highway 4 at willow pass road an accident blocking a lane is causing bumper to bumper traffic.
6:32 am
680 is very busy coming away the curb toward high 24 junction it is 14 minutes from highway 4. in the south bay the firefighters and red cross responded after flames broke out. matt? >> location, location, location, it matters with real estate and it marries with response time. they were able to arrive quickly at this home because a fire station is right down the street. the homeowner said he just happened to be awake at 3:35 and heard a topping sound and called 9-1-1 and got the other family members out of the house. firefighters saw smoke and flames coming from the attic and it took only 15 minutes to put out the fire the. >> it was a "prayer area," sort of a shrine area and there was
6:33 am
no candles. he described it as a "light." we are working on the cause. >> firefighters say there were smoke detectors that were not working. the homeowner is going to stay here until he can get an electrician. others are going to a nearby family member's home. >> the mother of a bay area girl who disappeared defy years ago says he is grateful police are re-opening her daughter's case. the police will take another look at evidence in the 1988 abduction of the 7-year-old amber. the case was closed in 2009 after serial killer curtis dean anderson confessed he kidnapped and murder amber saying he left her body in arizona. he died a month after making the confession. the family is skeptical of the involvement because this is no trillion evidence linking him to
6:34 am
amber. >> i am excited and maybe my days of running into the prick -- brick walls are over. >> they are using techniques to get new evidence. >> day two of 9 federal government shut down shows no signs of easing. the president is postponing an economic trip to asia. we learned president obama will meet with some of the top c.e.o.'s about the shutdown, and house of representatives republicans tried to fund some of the popular items affected by the shutdown including national parks and provisions for veterans but democrats rejected the idea. katie marzullo has details on the impact of the shutdown. >> the south bay is reeling, federal government are not going to work and business hers are worried about the long-term impact in the silicon valley. in menlo park at the the
6:35 am
geological survey, the parking lot is empty but earthquake equipment is operating. specialists will be called in, in an emergency. they are not tweeting. at san jose the federal building furloughed workers left at noon and people worked in nonessential departments were told to go home. the courts are open but not business as usual. >> i am an administration law judge so i am holding hearings with no staff to support me. >> 50 members of the silicon valley leadership group are in washington meeting with members of congress. a long hut down could provide government instability which is not for for silicon valley investors. one of the big of the federal employers in the bay area is nasa and they is opinion forced to furlough workers at the
6:36 am
research center in mountain view. callers can record -- get a recording that they are closed because of a shutdown. the latest develop the months are on air and online including a list of the agencies that are closed down the you can get protecting news updates by following us on twitter. >> the case of a young asiana flight 214 victim hit and killed by the san francisco fryer truck is in the hands of the prosecution. the miss report will be used to determine if any criminal charges should be filed. the fire department has called the death a tragic accident. the 16 year old was one of three teens who died as a result of crash july 6. the autopsy findings presented to the family say she suffered fatal injuries to her head and pelvis. she was hit by a fire truck after being covered with fire-fighting foam. >> bart bargaining coming up the
6:37 am
possibility breakthrough negotiations could be taking a week before cooling off per expire -- cooling-off period expires. >> how about a look outside at forth bay, san rafael, highway 101 with headlights coming southbound moving along.
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everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. >> as the day tries to break free from the night it is a color will transition. from sutro tower this morning, it is gorgeous with the different colors. they will get red as the sun crests the horizon. santa rosa will be slightly cooler. but nice. one to three degrees warmer than the 72 in oakland. the clouds will disapayment in the afternoon and we could have a few high clouds but not so thick as this morning. 65 at tahoe and mid-60's for fresno. monterey is 66. cooler in san diego and los angeles and not so were sunshine and 68 and 74.
6:41 am
>> four minutes ago we had an accident in san jose blocking two lanes that was pushed to the shoulder. it took a while but now it is clear. northbound 101 at alum rock avenue, the damage is done and heavy backups. the top speed is 39 miles per hour approaching the 280/680 split. when you get beyond the scene of the accident it is wide open headed to the san jose airport. in the east bay westbound along highway 4 at willow pass enough to catch people's attention at center divider causing delays in the bay point area. a heavy traffic jam approaching that accident. in the westbound direction the headlights coming westbound are busy. >> happening now the coverage california website is up and moneying after being shut down to fix glitches. five million people visited the
6:42 am
website yesterday, the first day to sign up for health care under the affordable health care act. new call centers throughout the state fielded 17,000 calls from people with questions or would wanted to sign up. some people ran interest busy signals or long waits. we posted a link on our website at >> coming up, the help now coming to furloughed government workers who have mortgaged. >> here is a look at the big board, the dow is off 100 points and ahead well check with bloomberg business report and jane king at the new york. >> first, though, a light at the end of the transbay tube. a possible breakthrough a week before a cooling-off period expires. 8t ñes0p0p
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>> covering novato, oakland and all the bay area. >> negotiations between bart and the unions resume this morning with a glimmer of hope for passengers. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins to explain from california. amy? >> they are going back to the tail the we been talking to bart riders this morning in san francisco and some of them are expecting a strike. we have heard that the bart yawns -- unions have made a
6:46 am
counteroffer. they will be back at the tail today. bart has not spoken publicly about it. riders are thinking about what they will do if there is a strike the we asked if they thought this would happen. >> the bart, i don't believe, if they go on strike will be able to avert it from the negotiates with the strongest negotiation tactic they have is to do the walkout. it gets everyone's attention. >> i hope it is resolved. i ride birth a lot. i immediate to use bart. i hope they get it resolved. i am tired of the bart strike. >> bart officials are working on a plan to put in place if there is a strike that includes 200 free buses that shuttle people between the east bay and san francisco and if they can't
6:47 am
roach a deal they could go on strike by next friday. >> new this morning a fedex plane at oakland airport had steering problems during the usually morning landing that happened after 4:30 this morning. airport officials say the fed, airbus had a nose wheel steering problem. it laboratoried -- landed safely. there were no injuries or delays. >> how much does twitter make? >> help for homeowners who feel the pain of the government shut down. jane king is at the new york stock exchange. gin? >> hello, everyone, fannie mae and offering four birdance -- four -- help if those who
6:48 am
are on furlough and are asking people to waive late fees. the wall street c.e.o.'s includingup job and wells fargo are headed to the white house to meet with president obama. funding the president and raising the debt ceiling is on the agenda. stocks were higher on the day one of the shutdown but day two, we are seeing volatility in this market as the shutdown continues lower. and you may notice that there yaps you do not use and facebook has a tool where the ads encourage you to use the neglected apps you have installed. as the excitement builds over the planned initial stop offering of twitter, investors want did necessity how much
6:49 am
money does how much twitter makes from everything? >> they will disclose it this week and the metric is $2.17 peruser which is what facebook pulled in a user. >> okay, you have heard? the a's host the tigers in the division series on friday. look at that. look at the cute fan photos. a little girl is ready for the playoffs. cutest photo of the day. mail your photos to us, as well, or share them with us at abc7news. we will show did you know toes on the air as the a's make their way through the post-season. >> a little tutu there and she can "plie" at game.
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>> leyla gulen is a ballet dancer and i am learning the terms. >> you must have a deeper --. >> you do, do the dancing together the peau >> we have small craft advisory and this is what is going on with the winds. they are light, all less 19 seven miles per hour. you can see it is calm. half moon bay is calm. that is why. you are one of the coolest spots with upper 40's in dublin and san ramon and low 50's elsewhere until the other side of the
6:51 am
ridge at pittsburg and antioch and brentwood. half moon bay is 45 degrees and napa is 46 and novato is 48 and los gatos is 4th and 55 in san francisco and 52 in hayward and fremont and san jose is 53 and oakland is 56. the colors are still coming alive from mount tamalpais with beautiful backdrop and high clouds and mild sunshine and cool and calm tomorrow and the winds kick in. tire danger above average temperatures thursday through saturday and the fire danger is above a thousandfeet. mid-70's for santa clara valley and 74 with sunshine in santa cruz and the low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and near 70 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley and ten degrees cooler at the coast and mid-70's to 80 degrees inland.
6:52 am
tonight we are in the 40's inland and low-to-mid 50's for the rest of us and the high clouds not there like this morning if you like that colorful sunrise you can capture it. two areas of low pressure keeping us cooler-than-average and we will have breezes faster tomorrow with high pressure taking over and friday saturday, and sunday, temperatures are well above average and mid-70's at the coast and mid-80's around the bay and 90 inland. how are you going to enter the picture? >> i was going to say that the and maybe we should audition for the san francisco ballet. i will do clara or sugar plum. >> we have an accident in the east bay traveling along southbound 680 involving a couple of vehicles and we are slow generally coming away from 580 to pleasanton at 26 american
6:53 am
is the -- 28 miles per hour is the top speed. one of our wazers is reporting an accident at the bay bridge toll plaza for top speed at 6 miles per hour. it is a minor crash. the golden gate bridge shows traffic running smoothly into san francisco. >> ahead, 15 things to know before you go. >> the morning news returns in 60
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here seven things to know. the developing news in san jose where investigators think a religious shrine may have sparked a house fire. crews say smoke and flames could be seen shooting from the attic.
6:55 am
four got out safely. >> possible progress this morning in the bart negotiations. bart unions sent a proposal to management yesterday with over a week to go until the cooling-off period ends. the two sides returned to the table for contract talks this morning in oakland. >> lawmakers are warning that the federal government shut down could last into november and possibly beyond. house republicans tried to pass a bill last night to partly fund programs such as national parks and veteran services but democrats shot it down saying all services shut be restored. >> cover california website is up and running after being shut down to fix glitches. five million people visited covered california, that is the first day to sign up for insurance under the affordable health care action. >> classes resume at uc berkeley after an explosion and power
6:56 am
outage forced a campus-wide evacuation. backup generators have been brought in to power the off line buildings because of copper thieves. >> and high clouds and pollution but not a "spare the air" day with the afternoon mostly sunny conditions and 75 to 80 inland and 75 to to to 80 around the bay. >> busy day at the bay bridge toll plaza with heavy conditions away from the maze. on the map we have an accident that is blobbing -- blocking a lane and southbound 680. highway 4 is 42 minutes from antioch to concord and 580 is under 50 minutes. >> we will see you in 25 minutes .
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight. this florida airport, plunged into chaos. two suspicious packages discovered. stranded passengers running for cover. >> everybody started running, a lot of people that worked at the counters started running behind where the packages go. >> authorities revealing one of the items was a destructive device. new details coming in. deadlock in the political staredown. no sign of either side giving up in on the vicious stalemate over the government shutdown. the president cancels his trip to asia. and big questions on how the u.s. can pay its bills. new developments on the motorcycle road rage caught on tape. two in custody, as the police search for the men seen smashing the driver's window and pulling him out. this driver left in critical condition. his family speaking out. and the boss


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