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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 17, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, new photos emerge of man suspected of carrying out rampage at washington, dc, navy yard and we hear from his family. >> breaking news: a large fire ripped through two oakland buildings and firefighters are still on the scene. we have a report on what is going on now. >> new this morning, incoming uc president has new digs: the bay area city she is about to call home and how much her rent will add up to for the system. >> thanks for joining us. >> did you notice, no wiper action needed this morning? >> but it is breezy and cooler. leyla gulen is here for mike. >> it is quite windy. live doppler 7 hd shows no runs. no moisture in the air. we will see moisture later on
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this weekend into the weekend. in san jose this is 101 away from 880 with clear conditions and the sky shows coastal clouds overnight but it will clear this afternoon and we are seeing the clouds dissipating over san francisco. cooler today and warmer tomorrow through thursday with fall on sunday. from mount tamalpais, because of winds it is bobbing up-and-down. our first forecast inland we will top out at 80 degrees around the bay and 78 is the high around the coast. traffic right now shows the altamont pass is not too good with red poking out there and it is jammed, bumper-to-bumper traffic into livermore and at highway 84 it things out.
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highway 4, though, in the westbound direction is where we have heavy conditions and now we have a crash that is blocking the on-ramp to westbound four so you could see c.h.p. action and hopefully it will be cleared out in good time. over the altamont pass, 20 miles per hour speed is the top speed and the look outside is a picture of the san mateo bridge with traffic building but still moving in the westbound direction toward foster city. >> we have the latest on the shooting spree at the washington navy yard and police and federal agents are right now searching for the motive that drove the gunman to open fire at the naval base killing 12 and wounding eight more. katie? >> we have new information speaks to the shoot's mental state but first to washington, dc, for the entrance to the navy yard. it remains closed to everyone but essential personnel.
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the 34-year-old aaron alexis was a navy contractor. he had legitimate access to the base. law enforcement are telling the associated press that aaron alexis was suffering a host of serious mental issues including paranoia and a sleep disorder and he was hear voices. the veteran's administration was treating him since august. he had a criminal history after being arrested in 2010 for firing a gun through his apartment cerealing and arrested in 2004 for shooting out the tires of a car at the time he said high was in an anger-fueled black wrought and discharmed from the navy serve for misconduct. that was actually an honorable discharge. his friends are saying he was a buddhist. >> he was a good guy, what i know. when he was with me, nothing to show he would be aggressive or he would shoot someone. >> he was killed in a shootout
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with police. police were searching for possibly two other shooters but now they believe aaron alexis acted alone. >> this morning we know the names of eight of the 12 people killed yesterday. one was 59-year-old mike arnold, a graduate of the stanford university graduate school of business. >> we do have eight names that have been released this only of the victims. michael arnold. graduate from stanford business school. also, sylvia phrase december. kathy guard, john roger johnson, frank kohler, and arthur dan yield and vishu pindut. all were civilians. the other victims' name are withhold until the family is notified. >> the washington navy yard has a history of weak security and a
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host of past problems including poor entrance controls and surveillance dead spots and inadequate lighting and ma'am functioning alarms. in two dozen probes previously, a security firm hired by the navy found major security problems throughout the facility. >> the senate is expected to resume work this morning after canceling yesterday's session because of shooting. security is tighter than usual. the white house is rescheduling an event to honor latin music stars scheduled last night and the washington nationals will play a double header today to make up for canceling last night's game. the stadium is a too -- few blocks away from the navy yard. we have continue coverage of the navy yard shootings in our 6:30 half hour going to washington, dc for an update on the shooting investigation. we will hear from the suspect's family. at 7:00, "good morning america" will have the latest from washington, dc. >> now breaking news from oakland, right now firefighters are on the scene of a
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three-alarm fire involving two buildings. and eric, i have the new information, we new have been told that three buildings were touched by fire impacting 12 people. they got the fire out. they are watching for hotspots and they think they have figured out what starts this fire. it started around 3:30 this morning on 24th street at market in oakland. it started in the back of a home in the laundry room. it spread to both next door neighbor's homes. it started because of an electrical problem. because it spread to both homes firefighters called if a -- for a third alarm. we had three buildings close to each other. the first company got on scene they had two fires in two buildings so that will escalate our task, now, will split our
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resources between the two building. >> the 50 firefighters were here. this started at 3:30 and got them an hour until it was put out at 24th and market. everyone made it out okay. they got out without the help of firefighters and out before the teams got here. everyone is okay. the red cross is now working with the victims. >> new this morning from san jose, all lanes have re-opened on interstate 880 following an overnight collision. it happened around 2:00 a.m. with five cars involved. four people went to the hospital. the highway patrol cleared the scene at 4:00 this morning. >> bart and the two unions resume negotiations in oakland with a threat of another strike on the horizon. union negotiators wrapped up talks with the new proposal for bart managers to consider.
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the unions say they willing to take a 13 percent raise and pay more into their mention and medical plans rather than the 21 percent raise over three years they have pushed for. union leaders say that is a $10 million cost reduction for bart. officials say it is not nearly enough because they were $100 million apart. >> incoming university of california president janet napolitano 8 move to oakland. "los angeles times" reports the residence has been leased for map nap for under $10,000 a month more than $2,hundred less than they were paying for the current president the. >> napolitano will begin the presidency on accept -- september 30. mike brought cool us for us, is that right, leyla gulen? >> yes but mike is the coolest. live doppler 7 hd shows it is
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quiet with coastal clouds hugging the coast and that is going to burn off this afternoon. we are going to see mostly sunshine across the bay area but it will be cooler. we are going to be four to eight degrees cooler than we were yesterday and the good news is it will warm up tomorrow. from emeryville to the bay bridge and treasure island we can see it is all clear. temperatures are in the upper 50's in san francisco and oakland is 60 degrees and redwood city is 61. the highs today are warming into the lower 70's and upper 60's around the bay and lower 80's inland area. on the roads, we have heavy traffic and early crashes and you heard about the sig-alert in san jose and that is long gone. it is clear on 880 where it is willing in traffic on 101 away
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from 2806-- 280 and 680 gate bridge, nine minutes from sausalito to san francisco and 13 minutes across the bay bridge westbound and 92, a very nice clip out there. >> we are two games into the nfl season but you know the super costs for the super bowl will be, and how much the tickets are going for, months before kickoff. >> first, a new normal for gas prices? >> the restaurant known for the burritos goes viral
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>> this is the federal courthouse in san francisco, with the flag flying at half staff on orders of president obama. it follows the shooting rampage at the washington navy yard with 13 people including shooter and eight others wounds. the latest coming soon. >> it took 500 workers
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struggling 19 hours but the "costa concordia" is upright this morning. it capsized off the coast of italy in january of 2012. 32 dies. it was considered "dangerous" to the marine life in the area. it will be searched if signs of two bodies never recovered and salvaged for parts. the captain is on trial for manslaughter and abandoning ship. >> today, the federal reserve will start the two-day meeting with investors awaiting whether the fed will cut back on the bond buying program aspectlation continues to center around janet yellen now the frontrunner to lead the back now that lawrence summers has withdrawn from consideration. a white house official says president obama still hasn't made up his mine. no announcement is expected this week. yemen taught at berkeley and
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headed the federal reserve bask in san francisco. >> the stores could be less crowded to holiday shopping season. a research firm expects sales growth in november and december to lack behind last year's by half of a percent and shoppers are expected to buy more online and less in brick and more tar stores. improvements not enough to get americans to spend more this year. >> speaking of spending more american drivers have the 1,000 day for the narc average to be $3 or more a gallon. aaa says this is a longest streak ever and do not expect gases to come down any time soon. aaa says there would have to be a major economic recession to get them below $3. >> if you are going to the upcoming super bowl next year, get ready to pay up, the "wall street journal" reports that the
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nfl is likely to approve a plan to double the prices for some of the coveted tickets. club level seats at one stadium would cost $2,600. last year's seats in new orleans went for $1,200. a. into says the league is considering raiding prices because many fans and brokers resale the tickets at a america -- markup. >> a new ad by chipolte has four million views since being uploaded. >> clip post's new commercial has gone viral showing a scarecrow entering a food factory and getting upset by what he sees. the mexican fast food chain teamed up with academy award winning studio to come up with this commercial promoting sustainable farming. it is the second animated commercial for chipolte in two
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years. the last was in movie theaters in 2012. >> the baddest band in black returns to introduce their latest work, metallica walked the red carpet for the premiere of "influence -- "through the never." a concert shot next year and hits imax september 27. that will be good for imax. >> now weather and traffic. leyla gulen? >> you need a light sweater and a kite. >> kite? >> it is very breezy. from our roof camera you can see the flag is blow over the exploritorium and it is gusting with winds at 20 miles per hour and up to 30 or 32 miles per hour at sfo. it will be breezy and win difficult this afternoon.
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we have sunrise at 6:54 with the light coming up with the east bay clouds and we are waking up to some clouds this morning. it will be cooler today, four to eight degrees cooler. good news is that it will warm up, up to 14 degrees by tomorrow and into thursday and fall arrives on sunday with the halloween costumes in order the highs today across the bay area is 78 degrees in morgan hill and 73 degrees in san jose, and 71 in milpitas and along the peninsula, 70 in san mateo and 75 in menlo park and 64 at half moon bay and cooler in pacifica. in san francisco, 66 degrees and mostly sunny and 68 in south san francisco. we are looking at temperatures topping out in the mid-70's for upper 70's and in calistoga 80
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degrees is the high and the east bay is looking at temperatures in the 60's and lower 70's and as we head into the east bay we will see temperatures reaching 80 degrees in antioch. the lows tonight are cooler at 57 degrees for the low for oakland and 60 degrees in antioch. we have a game that will be the a's versus the angels in anaheim at first pitch at 52 degrees. warming up tomorrow, thursday, cool down with possible chance of rain on friday and saturday and it stars to uptick a little bit for next week. our traffic shows heavy conditions and bumper to bumper action over the altamont pass in the westbound distribution. we do not have too many accidents but we have a stalled big rig the on-ramp of the yerba
6:20 am
buena island ramp. it is causing a little bit of slowing as you make it to the toll, certainly, it is bumper-to-bumper traffic because the metering lights is been turned on. as we head into san jose, northbound 101 at 880 is where we have another fender bender and speeds are down to 36 miles per hour so slow-and-go headed to the nimitz and clear closer to san jose airport. outside, at the toll plaza, 87, first, though, the san jose commute beyond the julian off-ramp to the tank, the traffic is building. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> oakland a's are changing the experience at the coliseum for fans and what fans have to do starting thursday they have never had to do before. wo
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6:24 am
>> absolutely. the majority, of course, are men but they want to have more women on the force, as well. i recently attended c.h.p. boot catch in sacramento. here is one of lattes, and it is her choice to join the c.h.p. >> i always wanted to go into law enforcement. >> 25-year-old of petaluma came to the academy in april. she is clearly in the minority here. today, fewer than 7 percent of all c.h.p. officers are women. last week, the c.h.p. took applications and held a special open house inviting anyone but especially women to check out academy to learn more about becoming a c.h.p. officer. >> we are looking for diversity in the department and looking for the best candidates. >> she learned when you are a cadet, everyone male or female, is treated equally. >> it can be difficult but we are treated the same by all
6:25 am
instructors and classmates. we are all one unit. no one looks at gender. >> c.h.p. accepts an average of 20,000 applications each year and after rigorous checks and exams, only 1% to 2 percent make it. she is already a standout. the academy made her a company commander which gives her the responsibility of calling names during drills. law enforcement for her is familiar. her father, michael, is a now retired chop veteran who serves in marin county for 27 years the. >> he brought me to the academy several years. i found their training and professionalism was top notch. >> i asked her where she would like to go after graduating and she would love to be with her family in the bay area or possibly be assigned to los angeles where a large number of
6:26 am
new officers get their first assignments. there is a lot of ground to cover in los angeles and lots of freeways and we wish her all the luck and safe trails. >> and a few helicopter chases in los angeles. >> a few. >> now 6:26 and our coverage of the navy yard shooting in washington, dc, continues at 6:30. we will go to washington, for an update on the investigation including what abc7 news is learning of the security clearance the suspect aaron alexis had at the navy
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 6:29. thank you for joining us. >> we have the washington, dc, navy yard shooting. more than 24 hours have passed since the suspect, aaron alexis, opened fire. we are learning more about a mostive and how he carried out the rampage which left 12 people dead. >> we are joined from washington, dc, at the navy yard, with more. >> good morning, kristen. at the navy yard the building behind me is reoning as police
6:30 am
continue to develop clues of the suspect. we learned this man might have had a grudge against the navy. >> the f.b.i. says 34-year-old aaron alexis, a former navy reservist, is behind the terror at washington's navy yard. >> we have an active shooter on the 4th floor. >> 12 people were killed. eight were injured. he died in a gun battle with police. >> we now feel comfortable we have the single and only person responsible for the loss of life. >> this morning, authorities urgently seeking the public's help to find out more. >> we are looking to learn everything we can about the recent movements and contacts and associates. >> in brooklyn, authorities questioned the suspect's family as they searched for a motive. sources tell abc7 news that he had a valid security clearance that allowed access to building 197 where 3,000 military and civilian personnel work. the horror started as the work
6:31 am
day began. >> he came around the corner and aimed at us the. >> he hit high. >>the navy yard was on lockdown for sex hours. the horrifying attack was felt across washington. the f.a.a. halted all flight ms. and out of reagan national airport and the suspect had a history of disturbing behavior we have learned. three was arrested in 2010 for discharging a firearm interest a neighbor's apartment. in 2004, aaron alexis confessed to shooting the tires of another man's car. >> some of the families remain still awaiting word of their loved ones. the victims range from age 46 to 73. they were all civilians. control debate. what can we expect? >> we will expect to see people on both sides of the issue very
6:32 am
much fired up. president obama raising the stakes yesterday saying this is another one of the incidents of violence he is right there have been 19 mass shootings since he has been in office. to give a sense of how difficult this will be, people on both sides in colorado, the senate race, were advertising the n.r.a. coming out against putting money into the race, against two democratic candidates who favor tougher background checks before gun purchases and those candidates lost. expect to see more fights like that in the future. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the washington navy yard shooting. more on how the nation is paying tribute to the victims and reaction from the suspect's family and at 7:00, "good morning america" will be in washington, with complete coverage. >> at look at our weather forecast with leyla gulen here for mike. clear and cool.
6:33 am
>> clear and cool and we are looking at early clouds, however, as you can see live doppler 7 hd radar sat height is not showing any returns as far as moisture or rain but we have clouds hugging the coast. in the east bay, as well, the good news is it will burn off this afternoon. this is how it will look today starting off with the clouds starting to recede and as we head into the later morning hours and around noon, that is where you will see the burn off. by this afternoon, it is going to be sunshine. warmer today and in the afternoon, but it is cooler than yesterday. push the clouds out of way, the heavy wind gusts at 38-miles-per-hour gusts at fog up to 20 miles per hour in san francisco. the three day forecasts is coming up, but, first, we will look at traffic. lots of red on 580 with bumper
6:34 am
to bumper conditions. we have an accident westbound side of 37 at least one lane is blocked and it is looking slow as you make it up along westbound 37. back over to 580 into live more to the dublin interchange, ten miles per hour is the top speed and highway 84 in the southbound direction is building closer to cannon, and outside, this is a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on and car pool lanes are open and the clouds are hanging around that will go away this afternoon >> break news from oakland, a three-alarm fire forces people from their homes this morning and abc7 news reporter joins us with what is happening right now. amy? >> kristen, they are in the mop-up phase. inside they pulled out items to hand over to police. three homes burned in this fire.
6:35 am
it started in the back of one home, in the laundry room. it is possibly an electrical problem. it spread to both the homes next door on either side and it backed 12 people, five people in the original home and the others lived next door. >> a closeness of the houses to each other when the fire started in the washroom it moved out of the window and exposed both buildings on either side. >> look what the firefighters pulled out, a loaded shotgun. it was happened over to police with other items they asked us not to broadcast. they do not word to get out of what was inside of the everyone got out okay. one person twisted an ankle on the way out but everyone is fine. firefighters are okay, too, with 50 of them here. it took an our to get this out. it started at 3:30 in oakland.
6:36 am
they battled it for an hour. the red cross how is helping the victims. >> 6:36. from hayward, police have two auto theft suspects in custody after a chase that left several essentials damaged. a stolen pickup was spotted shortly after 1:00 o'clock near industrial parkway and mission boulevard. it rammed the police cars and took off and hit two parked cars before crashing interest another police car forcing the truck to stop. the driver and a passenger get out and ran but they were caught a short time later. one officer suffered minor injuries but is expected to be fine. >> livermore police are investigating a major injury accident involving a pedestrian. it happened overnight at the intersection at east airway boulevard of the a teen was crossing at 10:30 and he was hit by a station wagon. the 18-year-old was seriously
6:37 am
hurt and taken to the hospital. police say the drives stayed at the scene, was interviewed, andry leased. >> apple is keeping key it on how many people are pre-ordering the new iphones. but, first, making fans saferrer at the coliseum. a new measure of security starting this week at the ballpark. >> a look outside at the fell building -- the federal building if san francisco to honor victims of the washington navy yard s
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>> welcome back at 6:40. it is chilly. we have some clouds that are along the coast. they will burn off later on. looking at live doppler 7 hd we do not see any moisture. for the day planner for the next 12 hours you will see the clouds burning off cooler temperatures at 58 degrees. 72 by noon. inland. 72 around the bay. by 4:00, in the evening, temperatures will dip down but for the next three days we will see a warm-up. that is what we want to see looking toward san pablo bay there are high clouds with the
6:41 am
sunrise coming up at 6:54 which will give way to sunny skies later on this afternoon. now the track, we do have one accident in the clearing stages in san jose as we take you over to 101 at the nimitz we had an early accident that cleared and left us with some delays and you heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic away from the 280 and 680 split but it then eases up from there as we head over to highway 4, a slow drive from antioch to pittsburg at 17 miles per hour and it stays slow toward concord. 580, tracy to castro valley new more than one hour at 101, under 20 minutes and 280 is in good shape. >> the news from this morning in the south bay, police are looking for a driver involved in a hit-and-run crash that sent four to a hospital triggering a
6:42 am
sig-alert at 2:00 a.m. with five cars involved. one was empty. authorities say the driver they hooked no got a on foot. the lanes were shut down for 90 minutes. oakland a's fans have to walk through metal detectors starting on thursday. they will have to empty keys, cell phones and other items from their pockets. major league bail doesn't require this type of screening but the a's are making this call. raiders and warrior civilians have been undergoing the security checks. >> ahead, apple faces worries on wall street and trading is underway. here is a look at the big board with the dow up 36 points. we will go to the new york stock exchange and jane king. >> the family of navy yard gunman aaron alexis speaks out and what they reveal about the mental health issues he faces and why this is a
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6:45 am
>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a picture now from washington, dc, the flag flying at half staff at the navy memorial plaza where at 7:00 this morning our time the defense secretary hagel will lay a wreath there to commemorate everyone who served in the navy. the wreath will honor the victims of yesterday's navy yard
6:46 am
shooting and other top military brass will also be there. >> more now in the shooting in washington, dc. president obama ordered flags at all federal facilities be flown at half staff through friday to honor the victims of the navy yard shooting. that would includes -- that includes the white house. >> the gunman was aaron alexis who was a brooklyn native and worked as hewlet-packard as a subcontractor for the navy. he bought a shotgun legally in virginia recently but may have picked up an assault rifle yesterday. the police say he was arrested in 2004 after shooting out tires in an anger-fueled blackout. his father said aaron alexis suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after helping with rescue attempts after the 9/11 attacks. he lived behind a buddhist temple in texas where he
6:47 am
meditated. we spoke with his brother-in-law who said there were no warning lines -- signs. [ inaudible ] >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the washington navy yard shooting. "good morning america" will be in washington at 7:00 a.m. and you can get updates on twitter by following us at abc7 news bay area. >> wall street is washington washington, dc today and investors are watching cupertino's apple. jane king is at the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, it looks like pre-orders for the new help phone may not be so strong. the "wall street journal" says demand in china could be weak and investors ask, why didn't they disclose first weekend pre-order numbers on the iphone c yesterday? now, apple shares this order are
6:48 am
trading up but they closed lower yesterday. the federal reserve kicking off a policy meeting on economic stimulus and interest rates a particularly significant meeting from a market perspective because of the speculation of who president obama will choose to replace bernanke. >> economists say the fed will scale back on purchases with some saying they will wait until december to cut stimulus measures because the housing market is showing signs of weakening. >> now the markets this or, starting the day off with some modest gains across the board and the silicon valley index following suit at half a percent higher. california auto dealers are asking for state investigation over tesla for deceptive advertising and customers are up likely to save as much in gas and tax as tesla claims when they advertise.
6:49 am
some dealers feel threatened by tesla which sells directly to consumers. that is the news from the new york stock exchange. >> thank you,in'. >> i don't think any amount of hair spray will take care of the we breezes this morning. >> earth we have the humidity or the wind. we cannot win. >> that is funny, we have fall-like weather ahead of us. i wonder why? it is going to be fall on sunday. already. can you believe it? as we look right now on live doppler 7 hd radar satellite returns and we do not see much in the return of rainfall but that will come over the weekend. we are starting to wake up with some cloud cover and as we look ahead toward the end of the week we have this very weak ridge of high pressure that is coming in and it will warm things up over the next couple of days but as soon as friday comes, that is
6:50 am
where the rain is going to be brging in mostly to the pacific northwest. however, napa and sonoma could experience a good amount of rainfall and we could experience a trickle down into the bay area and friend and along the peninsula. overnight lows are going to be in the lower 60's to the upper 50's. we will be chilly but mostly it will be clear. as we look right now at my seven-day forecast, we are going to be seeing a warm-up tomorrow and into thursday and on friday that is where the clouds will come in bring us rain for saturday which will clear up by saturday evening and temperatures warming up for sunday and steady into monday. now, we look at traffic and see how it is moving along. the nimitz is look busy away from castro valley and away from
6:51 am
238, you are going to be on the brakes but it eases up into fremont. as we take you back over to the bay bridge, westbound side of the fremont exit we have a stalled bus and that is blocking a lane but certainly as you approach yerba buena island island it is jammed bumper-to-bumper traffic. mass transit shows everything running on time the >> seven things to know before you go. >> the morning news returns after
6:52 am
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and a personal passion to help you protect your business. we'll even give you the power to manage it all... right from the palm of your hand. call us for a free security review. >> a picture of the bay bridge eastern span, the new one, it is moving slow over there. you can see we also have some clouds over the san francisco area. we will check with leyla gulen one more time. >> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go. one, the associated press is reporting the navy contractor
6:54 am
accused of going on a killing spree at the navy yard was experiencing paranoia and sleep disorder and laterring voices and was treat the by the v., the former navy reservive was honorably discharged in 2011. >> the washington navy yard remains closed to everyone but for essential personnel today. teams are on site collecting evidence. investigators say it appears that aaron alexis acted alone in the shooting that killed 12 people and injured eight others. he was killed in a confrontation with police. >> breaking news from oakland: firefighters remain at the scene of a fire involving three buildings. it was started by an electrical problem in the laundry room of a home and spread to the neighbor's home. >> a police pursuit left an officer and suspect injured in hayward. police tried to pull over a truck reported stolen this morning but the driver took off, hitting several police cars and
6:55 am
two other cars before jumping out and running off. he was later arrested. >> bart and the two biggest unions resume negotiations in oakland this morning with a new offer. the union negotiatorsare willing to take a 13 percent raise rather than the 21 percent raise over three years they originally asked for. a look from the camera toward mt. diablo which you cannot see. we have breezy conditions today with winds gutting up to 35 miles per hour at sfo and we will see cooler conditions today but a warm-up comes tomorrow. >> seven, the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is stacked up from the maze and that is due to a sig-alert in san francisco as you get across the bridge and that is due to a stalled tour bus blocking one lane. headed over to the maps, you can
6:56 am
see the amount pass is jammed and will take you more than one hour to ahead away from tracy to castro valley to 238. there is a look at the sig-alert at the fremont exit. >> we continue online and afternoon twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> in 25 minutes we will have news, weather and traffic during "good morning america".
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for $199 a month. ♪ good morning, america. breaking overnight on the navy yard shooting, we learn the mass shooting was carried out by one of the military's own, acting alone. >> we do now feel comfortable that we have the single and sole person responsible. >> his family's new york apartment searched overnight, as authorities scramble to find a motive. >> we have an active shooter. >> the thousands still sheltering in place, freed to go this morning. the victims revealed now. all civilians on their way to work. breaking new details on the search and rescue operation in the colorado flood zone. 500 still missing. these victims, literally walking along devastated roads, ripped apart by the raging waters. raising the "costa concordia." the time-lapse video showing the


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