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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 31, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, u.n. weapons inspectors leave syria. opening the window for a strike. u.s. warships armed with hundreds of tomahawk cruise missiles, now in place. >> we are looking at the possibility of a limited, narrow act. >> all this, while we're hearing about a new threat to america on the home front. shot at school. a high school thrown into chaos, after a student is shot during a fire drill. >> a student has been hit. >> it's the second terrifying shooting in a school in two weeks. and you'll hear another hero's story that may have kept hundreds of students safe. busted. lamar odom, star of the nba and reality tv, arrested for drunk
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driving. amid rumors of drug and marital problems, is this a cry for help from khloe kardashian's husband? and honest answer. an ex-con allegedly takes a taxi to try to rob three banks in a row before he's nabbed. and this morning, he has a very funny exit line. >> are you sorry that you did it? >> no. i'm sorry i got caught. >> got to love an honest criminal. sorry i got caught. good morning. and happy labor day weekend. also coming up this morning as we kick off this holiday weekend, a warning on the beaches. a spike in stingray injuries, making even the toughest of tough guys writhe in pain. we have some picture of guys really struggling. there he is, after a stingray attack. he looks tough. but it hurts. >> some beaches have activated stingray treatment centers.
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>> yeah. >> it's so prevalent now. can you believe it was 16 years ago today that princess diana died in a car crash in paris? so many years later, she is still one of the most talked about women in the world. and this morning, we'll look how her image has evolved through the years, as details come out about her life and her untimely death. >> all that coming up. let's get straight to the breaking news this morning. america on the verge of a possible attack against syria. overnight, u.n. weapons inspectors left that country, meaning the u.s. could launch a missile strike at any moment. we have team coverage of this crisis. terry moran in beirut. pierre thomas in washington. we're going to start with abc's jim avila at the white house. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the president has not decided which option to take. but the u.n. weapons inspectors have left the country. and the window is now open for an american military strike on syria. a war-weary president meets with his national security council. delivering the commander in chief strike options that are targeted, limited, no boots on the ground.
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>> we are looking at the possibility of a limited, narrow act. >> reporter: the white house, opening the window for a military response. delivering an intelligence report, based on medical personnel, satellites, social media videos and intercepts from syrian officials, that found 1,429 people killed in the chemical weapons attack. 426 of those, children. >> instead of being tucked safely in their beds at home, we saw rows of children, dead from assad's gas. >> reporter: the secretary of state calling syria's president a thug and murderer. >> this crime against humanity, this matters to us. >> reporter: the intelligence report revealing new evidence. syrian troops ordered to wear chemical weapons gear before the rockets landed. satellite tracking showing launches from assad-controlled front lines into opposition
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territory. and after the chemical weapons were dropped, and a barrage of conventional shells to hide the evidence. >> when over 1,000 people are killed, including hundreds of innocent children, and there is no action, then, we're sending a signal that that international norm doesn't mean much. >> reporter: there is still opposition to any kind of military attack in congress. in fact, republicans have asked for another briefing today. the white house says, it will oblige. bianna? >> jim, our thanks to you. meantime, syria is believed to be making preparations for a strike. some reports say inmates have been moved to military targets to be used as human shields. abc news chief foreign correspondent, terry moran, is in beirut, lebanon. terry, can you tell us what is expected to happen next, now that the u.n. weapons inspectors are out of the country? >> reporter: good morning,
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bianna. that is, in fact, a watershed in this crisis. the u.n. inspectors back here in lebanon. that's widely seen as the opening of the window for the suspected u.s.-led attack. and the whole region is in a fever of rumor mongering. reports going one way or the other. out of kuwait, reports the attack could come as early as tonight. take that for what its worth. meanwhile, in syria, the country's on a war footing. television stations, radio stations, broadcasting patriotic music and patriotic images all day long. the exodus continues, including, we hear, reports of top military officials fleeing the country here in lebanon, getting out of the way of that expected u.s. attack. and continuing reports that the highways around damascus, crowded with heavy trucks laden with scud missiles, rocket launchers, tanks, taking them off of the military bases. people wonder what will be left when the attack, if it comes, comes. dan? >> more fear in an already dangerous region. terry, thank you. here at home, the fbi and department of homeland security
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are focusing on the possibility of retaliation. they sent out a classified intelligence bulletin to law enforcement agencies all over this country. our chief justice correspondent, pierre thomas, is covering that angle from washington. pierre, what are the specific concerns here? >> reporter: good morning, dan. no specific threat has been identified. but the people we pay to protect the united states are already focusing on potential threats. here's what they're concerned about. syrian nationals who come to the u.s. who may be operatives of the assad government or sympathizers. they'll also look at hezbollah and what their capabilities might be inside the u.s. and there's real concern about cyber attacks. the syrian electronic army, a group of hackers that supports the assad regime, is a real threat, sources say. as one official told me, they are, quote, more than a nuisance. they're thought to be behind an attack that knocked out "the new york times" website earlier this week. >> pierre, if this missile strike is launched against the
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syrians, and it could come as early as today, if we hear, if that happens, will we see stepped up signs of security here at home? >> reporter: absolutely. my sources say, you will see stepped up security at airports and other transportation hubs. and one official said, there will be seen and unseen additional security throughout the u.s. again, no specific threat. but no one's going to take any chances, dan. >> nobody taking any chances. pierre thomas, our chief justice correspondent. pierre, thank you. and of course, abc's "this week" follows the latest on the crisis in syria tomorrow morning with george stephanopoulos. bianna, over to you. >> heightened security this holiday weekend. dan, thanks. we're going to turn to another potential deadly shooting at a school. the second in less than two weeks. and this time, the alleged shooter was a student there. and once again, a hero who works at the school brought him down. abc's linzie janis is here with more. this could have been really ugly. >> reporter: indeed. good morning, bianna. police tell us that shooter is behind bars this morning. his victim is recovering from injuries. >> we're hot. we're hearing that one's hit. >> reporter: these recordings of police radios capture the chaos,
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as shots rang out in a crowd of hundreds of students at carver high school in north carolina. >> i took off. he shot twice. >> reporter: they were taking part in a planned fire drill on friday. >> i'm going inside the school. i need officers to go inside the school. >> reporter: within minutes, the school's resource officer, tim wilson, sprang into action. >> he did an excellent job reacting to this situation. >> reporter: police tell abc news, the alleged shooter is a student at the school. identified at 18-year-old christopher lamont richardson. according to the arrest report, he surrendered to the officer without incident. authorities aren't identifying the 15-year-old victim, also a student. but say his injuries are not life-threatening. >> we sent a message as soon as we were alerted to this to let them know that there was an incident at the school. >> reporter: many parents racing to the school, as soon as that text came. >> my son texted me from class and said they're shooting on the inside of the school.
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the thing i did was jumped in my car and came up here. >> reporter: the living nightmare comes just 11 days after a gunman terrorized an atlanta area elementary school, firing an ak-47 in the front office. >> i can help you. let me talk to them and let's see if we can work it out so you don't have to go away with them for a long time. >> reporter: school bookkeeper, antoinette tuffs becoming a national hero for persuading him to put down his weapon. officials want to know how he was able to get that gun inside the school. >> huge question. thank you. a lot of other news overnight. for that, as always, we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> he's back. >> who has been on vacation. >> i stayed home watching tv for two weeks. >> did you? i don't believe you. >> no. i went on a trip to canada and to the pacific northwest. and it was great. >> welcome back. >> i'll show you the photos. maybe. if you're nice. good morning, everyone. in the news, gas prices on the rise this holiday weekend, with more than 34 million americans expected to fill up and hit the
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road. the average price of a gallon of gasoline nationwide is up to $3.58. that's down from the previous two labor day weekends. experts are concerned that turmoil in syria could send prices even higher in coming days. and a milestone for the u.s. supreme court. justice ruth bader ginsburg, set to officiate at a same-sex wedding this afternoon in washington, d.c. it will be a first time that a member of the nation's highest court has done so. one of the two men getting married is a long-time friend of justice ginsburg's. and veteran boston red sox broadcaster jerry remy is sitting out the remainder of the baseball season. his son, jerry, is charged with murdering his girlfriend earlier this month. jerry remy says he is filled with grief for what happened. now is not the time for him to be in the broadcast booth. he is expected to return next spring. and a 12-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero this morning. david collins sprang into action at a long island, new york, pool party, when he noticed that another child was at the bottom of the swimming pool.
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>> i guess everyone thought that he was trying to hold his breath because no one did anything. but i noticed that he wasn't moving at all. so, i dove down to the bottom of the deep end, grabbed his arms and pulled him up. >> well done. and new york state politicians will present david with the liberty medal, the state's highest honor. a dramatic car crash caught on tape. surveillance video at a new hampshire dunkin' donuts, showing a toyota smashing through the glass window at the front of the store. nobody was hurt. police say the woman at the wheel, mistakenly hit the accelerator instead of the brake. and finally, it's being called the first papal selfie. pope francis, breaking protocol to pose for a cell phone snapshot with a bunch of young italian tourists. isn't that cool? the pope is no stranger to social media, with over 3 million twitter followers. he is quite a character. just an amazing, down-to-earth guy. >> waiting for you to post a
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selfie from canada. >> i'm going to try. >> moving on to cat videos. that's coming soon. >> dan harris will be there, folks. >> thank you, ron. high school football season is kicking off under a bit of a cloud this year. with the nfl preparing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to former players who believe their health was damaged by on-field concussions. there's new questions about how to protect tens of thousands of children who play this sport. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: at notre dame high school in southern california, every hard hit puts cynthia kramer on-edge. >> i'm always nervous. >> reporter: that's because, her son, grant, is one of the biggest targets, as senior quarterback. he has suffered a concussion on the field in the past. >> my head was ringing. and i couldn't focus on anything. >> reporter: this first game of the season comes after the nfl agreed to pay $765 million to 4,500 former professional players who claim the concussions they suffered have
7:13 am
led to serious injuries. and the nfl's landmark settlement is having a ripple effect here at the high school level. >> i got a couple calls from two players that could not play. and i think parents are very worrisome about playing football. >> reporter: dan has coached football near boston for 36 years. and says the sport is safer than ever before, thanks to new tackling rules nationwide. >> you can't lead with your head offensively or defensively. and the helmets are safer than they were years ago. >> reporter: and grant is wearing this brand-new kevlar lining in his helmet for the first time. >> i feel more safe and protected. >> reporter: a recent study showed more than 140,000 high school athletes suffered a concussion, with the highest rate among football players. >> the consequences of a blow to the head or a concussion seem to be worse in children and especially teens because their brain is still developing. >> reporter: leading many to have second thoughts about teens taking the field. abc news' dr. richard besser
7:14 am
told george stephanopoulos, as a parent, he considers football off limits. >> when a parent comes into you, you say -- >> i say pick another sport. >> reporter: for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> i got to say, i agree with dr. b. i told peter, for jake, that's off-limits. not playing football. too dangerous. love to watch it, though. turning -- switching gears, it's going to be a very quiet season at towson university football games. that's because the entire championship winning cheerleading team was suspended after an alleged hazing incident. it's been called an unprecedented move and more evidence of the zero tolerance policies many students are taking against hazing. abc's susan saulny has more. >> reporter: this morning, towson university in maryland is without a cheerleading team, suspended after allegations of hazing surfaced in early august. a far cry from the spirit of victory after the team of 35 girls brought home the national cheerleading championship in april. an anonymous tip alerted officials to investigate the incident, which, reportedly
7:15 am
happened off campus. school officials would not confirm to abc news, the specific details of the incident. >> the university is not going to tolerate hazing of any form on this campus. we hold our students to very high standards. and their behavior, both on and off campus. >> reporter: while officials say this incident left no one hurt, it does serve as a grim reminder of the 2011 death of florida a&m drum major robert champion, who was brutally beating during a hazing ritual onboard a charter bus. >> he's in my hands. he's cold. he's in my hands. >> reporter: across the country, many schools instituted zero tolerance policies. >> those things that used to be okay, they're not okay any longer. >> reporter: now, serving a full year suspension, towson's team will not have a chance to defend their championship. >> i have never heard of an entire team, especially in cheerleading, being suspended for a year over hazing.
7:16 am
>> reporter: according to the campus paper, the team plans an appeal this week. if they lose that appeal, school officials say they'll do everything they can to maintain spirit at events. now, bianna, dan, the school's dance team are also national champions. they could possibly step in, if necessary. >> the school's really cracking down. susan, thanks. >> thank you. the labor day weekend is shaping up to be a stormy one for many parts of the country. and our ginger zee has more on that. hey, ginger. >> hey, guys. more than 160 severe weather reports just yesterday, including that huge hail you see. baseball size in south dakota. jeremy nelson from wisn, showing us the quarter-sized hail in the milwaukee area. and chicago has stormy skies. look who is going to see that severe weather. damaging wind, large hail, heavy downpours, from minneapolis to sioux falls. omaha, also included in today's threat. the big headline has been the heat. it sticks around for some. look at today.
7:17 am
101, oklahoma city. 105, dallas. at least eight states have some heat advisory. but the record heat, getting broken down. chicago had a record high of 96. today, so much cooler. 74 degrees. des moines with a record yesterday at 104. getting down to 79 by the time we reach our monday. now, we have to go to the southwest. with so many weather headlines, i have to show you a picture that comes from inland empire, california. this is within 30 minutes. almost an inch of rain. thank you for sending that in. it helps tell that story. and the story that's going to happen right here around las vegas, phoenix. all of this moisture just pooling up. and it's going to add up. we're talking just north and east of las vegas. you can see two-plus inches very quickly. the flash flooding really nice for the first part of the day on saturday. but getting wetter as we go in the northeast toward that la
7:18 am
>> the mic is back. it is time to play -- >> name that cloud. >> welcome back to the 1970s. >> yes. today's photo comes to you from ava, missouri. and one of my favorite twitter followers, debbie. some of the clouds have little things coming out of them. you see on the left. the bottom left there. >> i believe meteorologists refer to them as big, white fluffy clouds. >> no. bianna? >> shelf clouds. >> alto cumulus. is what it looks like to me. with fall streaks, sometimes known as verga.
7:19 am
that's rain not hitting the ground. it looks like fall streaks there. it looks like no rain today. >> a loser saturday for me. >> steve from wisconsin gets it right. >> he did? >> sure did. >> right down to the verga? >> yeah. >> wow. >> i feel bad. >> next time. keep that in mind. verga. now, to the danger on the beach this holiday weekend. and it's not from verga. it's from stingrays. why more people are finding themselves on the wrong side of the animal's razor-sharp tail. and how you can protect yourself using something called the stingray shuffle. abc's aditi roy is in orange county, california, this morning. >> reporter: there are plenty of dangers lurking underneath the rolling waves at this summer's crowded beaches. at this southern california, it's not the sharks or even the jellyfish that has the most macho of main writhing in pain. this looks incredibly painful. >> it's unbearable pain. i would never have thought how painful a stingray sting is. >> reporter: he knows now. jimmy was teaching his two kids how to surf, when he accidentally stepped on a
7:20 am
stingray. >> stuck right in. and came right out. i'm having a hard time trying to talk because of the throbbing pain. >> reporter: here at the beach, more than 450 beachgoers have been stung by rays this month alone. five-times as many stings as august of last year. lifeguards are fighting back, even opening a stingray treatment center here. in just one hour -- >> might be going to overflow shortly. >> reporter: we met five new stingray victims who came limping in. >> i jumped off my board. as soon as my feet hit the ground -- >> reporter: southern california isn't the only invasion site. stingray injuries are increasing on the sandy shores of the gulf coast, too. ask most surfers out here how to prevent from being stung, they'll tell you about the stingray shuffle. as you're walking into the water, make sure you're digging up the sand and that will help scare potential stingrays away. experts say if you do get stung, skip the unconventional remedies
7:21 am
of urban legend and just soak the injury in hot water. one victim nursed his sting for nearly an hour. but his nerves seemed to heal faster. you'll be back in the water, you think? >> tomorrow. tomorrow. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, huntington beach, california. >> up close and personal with those victims. all right. well, he could be one of the most brazen criminals we cover. a suspected bank robber accused of a wild spree, attempting to hit three banks in a row. and then, using the same taxi cab to make his getaway. while he hasn't had a day in court yet, the suspected bank robber apologized as he was led to jail. abc's tai hernandez has the story. >> are you sorry you did it? >> no. i'm sorry i got caught. >> reporter: that's 26-year-old luke radick, not sorry for attempting to rob 3 banks in 90 minutes. >> walk in and demanded, through a note, some money. he panicked and fled the bank. >> reporter: his getaway driver, an unwitting cabbie. the cab driver suspected he had
7:22 am
a fe len felonious fare reported him while he was allegedly inside the third bank. >> he finally woke up and realized this guy was out robbing banks. >> reporter: this morning, radick is behind bars, held on $3 million bail because, sorry or not, he did get caught. and police say he didn't make it that hard. according to court papers, the note radick left with one of the tellers, was scrawled on the back of paperwork radick was given when he was bonded out of jail earlier that week. he was facing charges of, you guessed it, bank robbery. radick has not entered a plea. but at least we do know how he feels. >> are you sorry that you did it? >> no. i'm sorry i got caught. >> reporter: for "good morning america," tai hernandez, abc news, new york. >> can't imagine that sitting well with the judge. >> no. he gets points for honesty? probably not. coming up on "gma" -- new trouble for nba and reality star lamar odom after a dui arrest. and this morning, remembering princess diana. today marks 16 years since the
7:23 am
woman who captivated the world died in a car crash. and she's still in the spotlight. how our image of her may be changing. plus, david beckham revealing new body art. and apparently a message behind this latest addition, coming up in "pop news." keep it here on "gma." if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me,
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today marks the 16th anniversary of the death of princess diana, killed in that tragic limousine accident in paris. now, more than a decade and a half later, we're learning new details about her private life. i have to say, covering the baby's birth a couple of months ago, her presence is still so felt in london. >> hard to believe, 16 years today. it feels like just yesterday. good morning, everybody. i'm dan harris. alongside bianna golodryga on this saturday, august 31st. also coming up, oscar winner geena davis, showing off her archery skills. she is so good, she almost made the olympic team. but can she hit an apple on somebody's head? we're going to show you. she tried it. we'll show you, coming up. >> the daring. and take a look. this chimp is an artist. the surprising way he made his prize-winning painting and how he really licked the competition.
7:31 am
that was right there. that's the exact chimp. that is him. >> all right. we have a lot coming up. we're going to start here, though, with lamar odom. after a week of headlines about possible drug and marital problems, odom has been arrested. >> it's been a tough week for him. first came stories about his alleged drug issues and the stress it was putting on his marriage to reality star, khloe kardashian. now comes word that the nba star are facing charges after cops pulled him over on an l.a. freeway. rachel smith is here with details. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: good morning, dan and bianna. today, we're learning lamar odom was said to be involved in a three-car collision, that was not reported to authorities six days before the nba veteran's arrest. both incidents on the very same freeway. these days, it seems like nba star lamar odom's full life is fair game for the tabloids. for whispers of impending divorce. >> i don't know what you want.
7:32 am
>> funny. i don't know what you want. >> reporter: and scuffles with the paparazzi. to allegations of drug abuse. even unconfirmed reports the nba star was missing. but odom's latest troubles are no rumor. the former laker was arrested early friday morning in los angeles for allegedly driving under the influence. >> he was traveling in all lanes. he was swerving in a side-to-side motion in traffic lanes there. and that drew attention of our officers. >> this seems to me that it's a cry for help. when somebody's driving under the influence, at 3:50 in the morning, you're asking for it. >> reporter: prior to the two-time nba champ's arrest, reports of odom's alleged drug problem, prompting fellow lakers alumni to tweet messages of concern. magic johnson wrote, i hope my man and former laker, lamar odom, is doing okay. >> i think before he deals with his image, he has to deal with the underlying problems. >> reporter: it's not the first time odom has been involved in a drug controversy. in 2001, he was suspended twice for violating the nba's drug policy.
7:33 am
the latest substance questions. >> lamar, are the rumors true that you're addicted to crack-cocaine? >> reporter: in addition to ongoing infidelity rumors, reportedly creating a rift in his four-year marriage, to reality star, khloe kardashian. in a tweet posted sunday by his wife, the usually public couple in the kardashian clan are keeping mum. >> i think lamar is a bit of a loose canon and they can't control him. and they understand that this has real potential damage to the kardashian family. >> reporter: fueling speculation of addiction and, perhaps, prompting even more clashes with the paparazzi, like this one back in july. odom refused a breath or blood test on two occasion, which california drivers are required to submit if arrested on suspicion of dui. his license was automatically revoked and suspended for one year after friday's arrest. >> perhaps the least of his problems. >> yeah. >> wish them well. >> unfortunately.
7:34 am
>> we'll see you later today, rachel. >> for "pop news." you're back. and for now, we go to ron claiborne, back with the other top stories this morning. >> hi, again. hi, rachel. good morning to everyone. in the news this morning, new developments in syria. the united nations weapons inspectors, leaving damascus, after collecting samples from victims of suspected chemical attacks on victims in that country. and the blazing rim fire along the border of yosemite national park is now 35% contained. but park officials are now concerned that tourists will stay away, even from the safe areas this park, this labor day weekend. they're expecting about 2,000 fewer cars to pass through their gates this holiday weekend. and a pilot of a small plane safe this morning after a crash landing at a beach near los angeles. the plane flipped over, landing upside-down. the faa and the ntsb are investigating. the pilot was the only person onboard that aircraft. and finally, an army sergeant plans a surprise family reunion, after two months in afghanistan. he disguised himself in a hotdog
7:35 am
costume at a brooklyn cyclones baseball game. and took part in a mid game race. shocking his wife and children at the finish line. they were totally unaware who was inside that bun until he finally took the costume and came off. bianna, you were asking for a selfie photo. i have a selfie, i took during my vacation. >> look at that. >> i like that. >> i look like a hostage. i was not. took some time off from shaving, among other things. that's the ferry from vancouver to victoria. had a good time. time, now, for the weather. >> so many comments. >> got to keep it moving. got to keep it moving. we have a show to do. >> you want to use the rest of my time with weather, i'm fine with that. i love you looking scruffy, ron. a lot of folks are going to do that this weekend. let it all down and go to the beaches. we want to start in atlantic city. a live look along the beach. nice to start today. but then, the chances of rain
7:36 am
going through the weekend only increase. i want to check in on some of the weekend beach forecasts. cape cod stays in the 70s. more rain showers closer to sunday. jersey shore, showers, thunderstorms, especially as you head into that labor day. then, we go to the gulf, on the atlantic side, miami there. around 90 today. but showers increase for the weekend. sunny and beach worthy. 99 at south padre island. really good. the water temperatures, of course, they're cool. seaside 62. half moon bay at 60. but 88-degree water in parts of texas. and right there at miami beach, 87. i would jump in in a heartbeat. much cooler as you go up the coast. this is labor day on monday. wet along the east coast. dry right here in the middle. and the problematic flash flooding in the desert southwest.
7:37 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by famous footwear. and in the weather world and elsewhere, the el reno tornado from back in may, that second, big, killer tornado, was an f-3. got upgraded to ef-5. just yesterday, down to an ef-3. so, some interesting news out of tornado land. >> thanks, ginger. coming up on "good morning america," 16 years after her death, our obsession with princess diana is as strong as ever. a new movie. a new book. revised conspiracy theories, as well. what we're still learning about who she was, even now. and what do you do when 32 tattoos are not enough? david beckham showing off the latest addition to his very private collection.
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she was known as the people's princess. now, 16 years to the day after her fatal car crash, people are still fascinated by princess diana. >> that fascination is only growing, as the royal family finds itself back in the spotlight, with a new generation. abc's jeffrey kofman is in london with more. hey, jeffrey. >> reporter: hey, there. has it really been 16 years?
7:42 am
those too young to remember and those who don't want to forget, the diana myth marches on. now, in the movies. in death, diana has become an industry. the new film called simply "diana" is about the last two years of her life. >> it's still possible you might be queen one day. >> i want to help people. >> reporter: and her last love, including a pakistani heart surgeon. >> will you pop around the corner with me. i'm trying to find a way for us to be together. >> diana. >> reporter: that surgeon, dr. hasnat khan, has denounced the film, saying it's just gossip. he had nothing to do with its making and says he will not be seeing it. >> if you choose not to get involved and criticize after the film has been made, inevitably, people ask why you've chosen to break your dignified silence now, since the effect is to sell more tickets and give the film
7:43 am
free publicity. >> reporter: it was 16 years ago today that diana was killed in a car crash in paris, while trying to escape the paparazzi. another lover, egyptian military, dodi fayed, was at her side. the larger-than-life princess has lived on in myth. >> princess diana's death under scrutiny again. >> reporter: never really leaving the headlines. now, her daughter-in-law, kate, has taken up the mantle. giving birth to a future king just weeks ago. >> he's sleeping at the moment. we'll be out for a bit longer. >> reporter: diana never lived to see her grandson born. >> diana made her great contribution to royal upbringing of babies, as a mother. so, it's intriguing to wonder whether she'd have been a great granny, as well. i think she would have been right on the cutting edge, trying to introduce new ideas. she saw that as her role in the royal family. >> reporter: now, what also endears around diana are the
7:44 am
conspiracy theories. the latest one this month says she didn't die in a car accident. it was british special forces that killed her. the evidence nothing more than hearsay. but believe it or not, the weary detectives of scotland yard have been asked to review their files one more time. bianna? dan? >> it's so true. i remember where i was when i found out she died. our jfk moment. jeffrey, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," chandler on "friends" knew all about it. he loved to cuddle. but wind up with a major case of dead arm. you know what dead arm is? >> oh, yeah. >> up next, the mattress designed to keep you close and comfortable. the abcs of getting zs with someone you love. innovation, tempur choice. it features an adjustable support system that can be personalized with a touch of a button. so both of you can get the best sleep possible...together.
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time, now, for the one and only "pop news." rachel smith, take it away. >> i will. >> ron claiborne is going to be drumming the whole time. >> we have a lot to get to. drumroll for this one. david beckham is adding new art to his already sculpted bod. drumroll. where is it? since this picture came out, he's updated his image. the retired star soccer player and father of 4 now has 33 tattoos, spanning his arms and torso. the latest across the right side of his chest. his new addition, it looks like a woman in a forest. and opposite of it on the left side, the ink of three angels lifting a body. >> he looks out of shape to me. >> very graphic. now, on to a different kind of art. 37-year-old brent is officially the best chimpanzee artist in
7:50 am
america. oh, yes. do not laugh. take a look at this painting from brent. there's beautiful brent. and there's his painting. and creating this masterpiece with an unusual technique. he painted with his tongue. no brush needed. what's so funny? >> nothing. >> that's chita. that's some of the competition. he opted for the conventional way. and brent opted for the unconventional way, using his tongue. we don't have video. and you thought that was some talent, check out this one. coming from an oscar-winning actress, famous for her fiery girl power roles. geena davis is proving she is someone you don't want to mess with. especially when she has a bow in her hands. that's from the original. but she's rocking a modern version of her rockford peach outfit. and this girl is anything but with a bow and arrow. she easily gets that bow through
7:51 am
balloons. she has an apple on top of the mannequin's head. she pierces it. she is in a league of her own. and finally, guys, i have to show you these pictures. perhaps you remember that classic scene from "friends," where chandler gets his arm stuck while cuddling. if not, take a look. >> and one. two. three. >> fear no more. that dreaded fear of the dead arm, it's gone. thanks to this genius creation. it's called the cuddle mattress. it promises to let couples cuddling without the consequences. there are slits at the top and bottom of the mattress. you can just put your arms or your toes in there and cuddle with ease. >> no issues. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
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happening today. activists will hold a rally protesting the sell of a historic post office. it comes off tom bates lost his debate to save the building. the appeal was rejected, and that means the sale can proceed. protesters have been camping out for week in an effort to convince them not to sell the property. let get a check of the weather. >> the fog has been increasing over the past few hours. here's a look at the bay bridge. it's shrouded in fog. fog right over the east bay, san francisco and into hayward and fremont this morning.
7:58 am
so the fog coming in up in an around an area of high pressure. a little bit today. more so tomorrow with slight chance of showers coming your way by sunday afternoon. so we are looking at a pleasant day today with numbers in the mid 70s in oakland. >> next at 8:00 a.m., we've reached the half way point of the bay bridge closure. in just a few minutes, we'll have an update on the progress made overnight and we'll bring it to you live. and the latest on the crisis in syria as the u.s. considers a possible militar
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, everyone. let's start you off with a quick look at the weather. >> good morning to you. the marine layer looks compressed. we have fog in san francisco, oakland. it's clear in the north bay. temperatures have been pretty mild this morning, and we're looking at about 60 in lo los gatos. later this afternoon, a warm day inland. very mild around the bay, and it should be pleasant in oakland with highs in the mid 70s there. we're looking at coastal temperatures. a little sun more so. the beaches of the north bay. san mateo coast, half-moon bay, clouds hang tough in


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