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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 28, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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emeryville camera. >> fast moving flames in fairfield and several homes are damaged and destroyed and we are learning the impact is wider than first thought. celebrating 50 years of civil rights history honoring the the on washington, dc. there is a high profile guest list for the event. >> good morning at 6:00 on wednesday. mike nicco is here with a look at the forecast. still tracking fog, minor improvement in napa and half mile in santa rosa and the rest of us have a low ceiling this morning, and flight arrival delays are likely. we will watch it. the next 12 hours around the bay are foggy and misty and a cooler
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72 at 4:00 and the clouds return at 7:00 and 68. the day planner is foggy up north and 58 and mild and sunny and 77 by noon and 85, a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday and a pleasant evening in the low-to-mid 70's and fog at the coast and mid-50's and partly sunny, low-to-mid 60's at the beaches this afternoon. we have a stalled vehicle on the span of the golden gate bridge but everyone is moving fine from marin county to san francisco. not a bad drive out there as we take you to san jose we have a report of a crash involving a car versus a bicyclist southbound 101 at the actually road off-ramp and it is looking stop-and-go north of 280 and 680, and the golden gate bridge the metering lights are turned on and it is busy.
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>> we will talk more now about the the bay bridge. the eastern span is on the left side-by-side spans on right, and later tonight, caltran will close the entire bay bridge if five days in preparing for the day but of the new eastern span two decades in the making. tomorrow, commuters have to find alternatives to get across the bay. abc7 news reporter matt keller joins us from the toll plaza. the chop will have traffic breaks at 7:00 and then the whole bay bridge is closed down at 8:00 p.m. >> officials say everyone and everything is on track to get it all completed during the five days and the new section will be safer with a shoulder for
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drivers to pull on to in case of emergency. many feel nostalgic for the old bridge. >> it is the ugly where of the golden gate bridge but it is so much larger and utilitarian. >> my first job, i crossed that job and even my first car accident the. >> it will take three years to demolish and the bay bridge will re-open tuesday morning by 5:00 with the official ceremony on labor day at 3:00 p.m. >> thank you, matt, you can see how close the new bay bridge is to opening by checking out the construction camera with a link at abc7 . we have information on downloading the traffic app to avoid the worst traffic spots during closure and all the
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information you need on the extra service, bart, and the ferry are offering during the closing. we will notify you when the bridge opens. >> if you details on the fire that sent a forward neighborhood into chaos year. massive flames in the community along interstate 80 and this morning, we are lending the damage is nearly triple what was originally thought. we go to abc7 news reporter katie marzullo. how many families were impacted? >>reporter: 15 homes were damaged and five are uninhas beenable and two or three are destroyed. this home though longer has a roof. the garage and the house in the back, all red tagged. nothing but charred timber.
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just such a mess and it is still smelling like fire out here this morning. a horrible site for the families that lost everything. from sky 15 you can see just how massive the fire was that started as a gas fire along i-80 and spread by wind on to the neighborhood around the road with 50 people flying and grabbing whatever they could garage and no one man he grab his dog and moment owes from the air force. >> i just got home as the fire was pressing into the backyard. i watched everything go. >> 200 firefighters were called to battle the fire from multiple answers as far away as napa and there are crews on the scene this or, putting out hotspots and overnight, a few hours ago
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the chief said they found smoke in an attic and they moved quickly. they are looking over the damage and they will know more when the sun comes up. they are investigating the cause of the original grass fire. >> we have received pictures from you of the fairfield fire through our site and here is a photo from a viewer with a good ground view. another photo shows the first fire crews on the scene and we would like you to share your photos with us. >> this morning, the sierra fire continues to spread near yosemite national park burning 1 11 structures up from 23 yesterday morning. the fire has burned 184,000 acres and is only 20 percent contained and more than 4,000 firefighters are battling the flames which are threatening 4,500 homes and two groves of
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giant sequoias. the fire now is the 7th largest in california history. >> a construction worker has been hit and killed by a truck at a well-known north berkeley middle school. he was laying asphalt for a running track at martin luther king middle school when the accident happened at 12:30 yesterday afternoon. the school was holding a welcome fair for students but that went on. the school is none as the home of the chef alice water's edible school yard. the worker was contracted by the berkeley school district. >> had could be a ban on the sale of sugary drinks on city property ban all cities and sports drinks and juice with added sweetner and milk with more than 2 percent fat. the councilman says it is time to help fight childhood obesity. in san jose, leaders have passed a ban to help the environment,
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they hope. the city council voted to ban styrofoam food containers from restaurants, the largest city in the state to do so. it take hundreds years to doe compose and environmentalists say it would improve the water quality in the streams and the bay. small mom and pop restaurants will get a break and those that make under $300,000 will be exempt from the ordinance. >> on the peninsula the palo alto parks and recreation commission voted to support an ordinance to make it illegal to feed wildlife in packs and open spaces. the san jose mercury news reports that places like the duck pond and the palo alto bay lands nature presbyterian are off limits and officials say feeding wildlife is doing more harm than good and causing health problems and evercrowding and impacting water quality and the proposal must be approved by the city council. >> we have mist and drizzle and
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the visibility could be tough. >> absolutely, tracking the fog all around. we have a low ceiling here and if you are driving around the higher elevations you will drive into the mit. 54 in los altos hills the cool spot and alum rock is 55. saratoga is 58. los gatos 59. everyone else is around 60 to 62 degrees. san jose and sunnyvale at 52 and newark and lafayette at 59 and san car hose and novato 66 and san francisco, 58. ought temperatures are the same if not five to six degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. hello to students in fremont headed back did school, clouds and 57 and sunny by the end of the day and 75 degrees, a nice afternoon. three day forecast tomorrow, more of the same and brief pump up with temperatures two to three degrees warmer on rid and we lose that and then cooler on sunday and monday.
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leyla gulen? >> we have a few ups and downs with a fender bender here and there and a couple of stalled vehicles but mostly congestion and over the altamont pass and highway 4, we are seeing the delays. we have a stalled vehicle reported by c.h.p. if you are traveling westbound 580 it is resting if a lane. we have eastbound traffic along 580 crossing over 980. 580 from tracy to dublin is 44 minutes and from antioch to concord, very busy and 101 san rafael to san francisco under 20 minutes, and this is the friend the next several days when the bay bridge closes san mateo is loaded up in the westbound direction from hayward to foster city. stunning new developments against a former nfl we tight end accused of murder and the
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accusations rolling stone is making against hernandez in latest issue ready to hit the news lands. >> who's who list of politicians and civil rights leaders and celebrities gather to mark the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and we will go to washington, dc, for a preview. >> "new york times" website is off line with a hacking group
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news at 6:14. "new york times" main website is down this morning, with a hacker group claiming responsibility from syria which supports embattled syrian president bashar al-assad. we are learning new details on how they hacked the site. the "los angeles times" says they gain access to user name and password of a sales partner of "new york times" and here is what you find on "new york times" website when trying to access the site you get a emergency saying it cannot be found. "new york times" sent out a tweet saying it is able to senator out digital reports and the yap -- app is not affected. >> the 50,000 anniversary of a watershed moment in our in addition positive history from washington, dc, president obama civil rights activists and celebrities including oprah will gather at the the
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by dr. martin luther king with a preview of what to expect. >> good morning, eric from the lincoln memorial where there is a police helicopter flying over head and they are doing a sound check ready for the day. this is about the past, but, also, about the future. thousands are expected to honor the freedom marchers who came here 50 years ago hearing a message of hope from the first black president, president obama. ♪ we will not be overcome, overcome ♪ >> they poured into washington, dc by bus loads a march of tens of thousands, black and white, to the monument of the president would freed the slaves. their signs and voices demanding racial equality.
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today, a celebration of progress as the lincoln memorial and a call to action on new challenges, three american presidents, jimmy carter, and bill clinton and president obama will speak where dr. martin luther king jr. delivered the historic speech. organizers expect throughs to town out to show that dr. king's dream still lives on. a day that will begin with prayer at the historic shiloh baptist church to another march at the mall. >> we were over behind where dr. king's shoulder was and we could hear all the speeches. >> lynn was 16 years old when she attended the 1963 march on washington and she hopes today's speeches inspire younger generations to keep fighting for justice of the. >> what is disturbing is to see with a black president we still have a long way to go. >> congressman lewis was there a young student organizers.
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a line from the speech still resonates today. "let freedom ring." people all across america if their hearts believe that freedom should ring. sell bright -- celebrate today. >> president obama speaks from the steps of the lincoln memorial abc7 news will carry a special report and that is expected some time after our 11:00 average news and you can get updates throughout the day on twitter. >> great educational lesson with lots of kids going back-to-school today. >> ever wonder what the united states would be like if he was still here or if he lived
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longer? what would be different? >> interesting. >> now a look outside, back to school for some kids and hopefully they will learn about that today. good morning to you. here is live doppler 7 hd and we have mist out this, a little drizzle near the coast, but mostly mist as we compress the main layer and it is almost a thousand' and below. we are trying to cram the moisture into a smaller space so we are dealing with more humidity this morning. wins in fairfield are 23 miles per hour and not as fast as yesterday but it sounds like if they were, there is no embers to be blown around from the fire. all the wins are pointing to the east or some time of eastern direction and that is the sea breeze that brings us cooler weather and a plouffe a beautiful blanket of clouds and way off up here you can see the
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tower sticking above it so we will have nice sunrise shots and from mount tamalpais. sunny by noon and cooler today and mild weather through friday and the weekend is still looking like it will be without summer warmth. today san jose is close to average and cupertino is 80, too, and mid-to-upper 80's around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and mid-to-upper 70's on the fence that to 80 in los altos and low-to-mid 60 along the coast into downtown and upper 60's for south san francisco and 70 in sausalito and 10 or 15 degrees warm are through the valleys and low-to-mid 60's at the beaches and from 70 in richmond to 77 in america lows today and oakland at 74, perfect for this time of the year and mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley and tone the temperatures are in the mid-50's and upper 50's to low 60's with more cloud cover but not so moist as this morning. a weak, weak push of cool air is
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coming in today and that is the changing of the air mass and this trough has more of an of an effect on the weekend forecast, friday a quick bump up and 5- to 10-degrees cooler by sunday and monday. have a great day. >> the question is, are you ready? >> for the hour long commute? no, no, no, i am not. >> best to plan ahead. we get a couple of days and it is over the labor day holiday and it will re-open on tuesday at 5:00 awe but this is the last morning commute over the bay bridge and closing tonight at 8:00. this morning we have heavy backups from emeryville to the toll indicated by the red. into marin county and traveling along 101 we are seeing lots of fog and that is the area shaded in orange and a shutdown of highway 116 because of a downed
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power pole and in estimated time of re-opening so try to avoid it and give yourself extra time this morning. eric and kristen? >>guest: now 6:21. >> a california school districts take a big where attitude to its students and it will monitor the social media. >> new allegations again the former new england patriot accused of murder and the reason hernandez was at risk of being [ molly ] honey. whoa! sweet mother of softness. paws off, pal. just one squeeze? just enjoy it with your eyes. [ female announcer ] new charmin ultra soft is so soft, you don't even have to squeeze it to believe it. for the first time, you can actually see the softness with our new comfort cushions. new charmin ultra soft is still so much softer and more absorbent, you can use up to four times less. i believe it, but i still gotta squeeze it. we all go. why not enjoy the go with new charmin ultra soft?
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>> new details emerging about the life of former new england patriot tight end aaron hernandez with a report in the "rolling stone" saying aaron hernandez accused of murder was a heavy user of angel dust and paranoid he carried a gun wherever he went. the article also says aaron hernandez was a misstep from being cut by patriots head coach belichick because of missed practices and "thug lifestyle." >> the school will be different this year in a southern california district. green detail unified school district will spend $40,000 to monitor student activity on twitter and facebook and other social media sites. officials say the idea is to prevent bullying and suicide. >> more americans are living
6:25 am
alone, 27 percent of americans now live alone. that is a huge jump from 1970 when only 17 percent lived alone. several reasons include americans waiting until later in life to marry. and elderly adults living longer. >> if you look if the most livable city ... you have to go outside the united states. melbourne, australia, is taking top honors according to the safety, the third year in a row they took the title based on stability, health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. here is a look at some of the other cities: two is vienna, via, vancouver, canada, toronto, and five is calgary. what? all canadian cities? the united states are not in the top temperature and syria is at the bottom.
6:26 am
>> interesting, cot of living is not a factor in the rankings. >> a new twist this morning in the paterno dispute involving the san diego teen kidnapped and held against her will. what the family of the suspect is revealing to the public about the hannaher and senator -- anderson case. >> a last trip on the bay bridge must take place today. >> look how low the clouds are with 61-minute flight arrival delays at sfo. >> from the traffic center, a look at the left-hand side which is the new span of the bay bridge and the right-hand side that is what going away and traffic is moving smoothly into san francisco but the bay bridge
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rethink possible.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 6:29 on wednesday, august 28. a picture of the oakland maze and thanks for joining us. >> the maze will look different this time tomorrow morning because it will not lead to the bay bridge the. >> all, this is when the bridge will close, tonight the new eastern span will transition and it will take five difficulties. >> but it will not take that long to get the weather forecast. mike if. >> we will european interest it, we have been tracking fog all morning at half mile and that is what we down to in napa and santa rosa holding steady and a mile at half moon bay and 8 miles visibility in novato. a low ceiling is out there and it will hang and through the 7:00 hour in the bay the next 12 hours we will start at 7:00 with fog and mist and a cooler
6:31 am
low-to-mid 70 afternoon and the clouds will rock back in at 7:00 we go inland from 58 to sunny and 77 at noon and 85 at 4:00 and back to the mid-70's by 7:00. at the coast we have fog and mist and 56 and partly sunny this afternoon and low-to-mid 60's from noon to 4:00. enjoy. leyla gulen? >> we have reports of a car fire on the right hand side of the bayshore freeway headed along the northbound direction before you get to highway 84 at willow road and it doesn't sound to be blocking lanes but crews are headed out there and they could block off the far right lanes so watch out the southbound side is moving loan fine and dumbarton is clear in both directions. i-80 westbound to the maze is six minutes along 880.
6:32 am
it will minutes 101 from cupertino and the drive to walnut creek is building but in crashes. >> thank you, 13 hours and counting until the bay bridge completely shuts down and everything is on track if the closure so the new east were span can be affected and matt keller is at the toll plaza with a review. >> it could be hard to believe by looking at it but the toll plaza will be empty. at 8:00 the entire bay bridge will shut down until tuesday. how do you get to the east bay or san francisco? bart will run hourly service from 14 stations across the system and it is adding longer trains. a.c. transit will deliver passengers to four bart stakes in the east bay and san
6:33 am
francisco bay ferries saw ridership tripleduring the bart strike. >> we do not know how quickly the construction will move along and we do not want people planning the routes around the bay area based on a "what if" situation. tonight at 7:00, c.h.p. will roll traffic breaks on i-80 approaching the bay bridge in san francisco and oakland and self ramps will be closed. caltran said it is a possibility they could open sooner than the 5:00 a.m. scheduled time on tuesday morning but they are advising drivers not to count on it. >> mat, we shall see. thank you. after the new bridge opens caltran will tear down the old span that will be dismantled piece by piece to avoid a collapse. the first section to go is the dreaded s curve. people will notice the old bay bridge largely gone in nine
6:34 am
months but it will take two years to take the old bridge and foundation down to the mudline. if you need help getting around we have a resource on including how the major transit agencies are helping, bart will have 24 hour service and a.c. transit and the bay ferry are adding extra runs. check out traffic app to get around the worst bottlenecks and the san mateo and richmond-san rafael and golden gate bridge will be busier than usual and we will notify you on twitter@abcnews bay area. >> the sierra fire continues to grow near yosemite national park and now the 7th largest in california history. the fire has claimed 111 structures up from 23 yesterday morning and burned 184,000 acres and it is 20 percent contained. more than 4,000 firefighters are battling the fire and the flames are headed deeper into the park
6:35 am
threatening two groves of giant sequoias and 4,500 homes. >> the sister of a man suspected of kidnapping hannah anderson and killing her mother and brother say she in longer wants paternity tests to determine if the suspect fathered the children. the dimaggio spokesman said last week the sister of james dimaggio wanted d.n.a. samples in the children which was prompted by rumors her brother fathered the children but she now says she doesn't think the test is needed. dimaggio was killed by f.b.i. agents in the idaho wilderness on august ten after allegedly killed her mother and brother in his san diego area home. >> we have new video and you may find it disturbing. it is cell phone video capturing the moment that antioch police opened fire on a man and shot him to death. >> something is going on, cop cars and a lot of smoke. a lot of guns.
6:36 am
gunfire. >> this happened yesterday afternoon near hillcrest and wild flower drive starting with a chase and ended when the man lost control of the vehicle and crashed and brandished a weapon and that touched off the chase. >> democratic state senators opposed to the plan to reduce prison overcrowding will propose their own solution. the governor's plan helps the state comply with a federal court order leasing private sentence and jail cells in california and other states rather than releasing inmates in instead. the supreme court ordered the reduction after it found health care at california prison was so poor it vie hated prisoner rights. the state has until the end of the year to comply. >> oakland city council man has decided not to run again the mayor. he changes his mind about the candidacy last week saying his daughter talked him out of it
6:37 am
while cropping him off at college in hawaii. she was concerned about his history heart problems and wants him around to play with his grandchild. >> a fast-moving forward speaks through a fairfield neighborhood and many families were impacted. >> the event bringing hillary clinton back to the bay area and how you may actually have a chance to see her. >> a look outside at mount tamalpais camera showing the low clouds in the bay area and sitting over us with mist and drizzle.
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>> you need to see this, this sunrise, isn't that cool? looking over the clouds toward mount diabolo. i captured it and tweeted it for are you. you can share it with a friend. temperatures are the same in fremont at 76 and san jose is 80 and everyone else is two to six degrees cooler than year. a little bit of a changing of the air mass. in tuolumne we still have poor air quality through the county through noon and long the sierra with a dense smoke advisory until 5:00 tomorrow morning including all of the greater tahoe area. as far as what is going with
6:41 am
live doppler 7 hd, you can see it is quiet with thunderstorms from yesterday moving into novato and it will be tough and 78 in tahoe and 93 in yosemite national park and 100 in fresno and 105 in palm springs and sunny in los angeles. leyla gulen? >> a car fire in east palo alto, it is now blocking one lane and the fire department is on the scene putting it out. we are looking at light delays make the approach to highway 84 and the yellow can be seen past university avenue and it clears up. continuing in the northbound direction from san bruno to the city you can see we have a spot of slowing before you reach the central freeway and you get closer to the bay bridge that is where you will see more volume but ten minutes only to head fromto third street and as we look at the toll plaza, enjoy it while it lasts and this is busy and the metering lights are own
6:42 am
and it is a heavy backup away from emeryville and it will close down tonight at 8:00 p.m. eric and kristen? >> hillary clinton will return to the bay area in november and the former first lady and secretary of state will be here if a benefit for the clinton foundation with tickets for the event starting at $150 and will speak to the national realtors association and young voters under 30. many view her as a possible presidential candidate in 2016. >> trading is underway on wall street and we will go to the new york stock exchange for the bloomberg business report. >> but, any, crews are still on the scene this morning after a fast-moving fire sweeps through a fairfield neighborhood.
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6:45 am
>> you can see the scene in fairfield as massive flames tore through the neighborhood. we brought you news on this fire yesterday afternoon and we now are lend how extensive the damage is to homes in the area. >> abc7 news reporter katie marzullo joins us with what investigators are now revealing.
6:46 am
>> the damage is so much worse than anyone thought and now in the light of day we can see it for ourselves: you can see a garden hose a homeowner tried to put out the fire but to no avail. we are in between two burned homes, two neighbors that lost everything. when you look to the back, the grass fire started hear and the flames jumped out and ended up doing damage to 15 homes. of the homes, maybe two or three are destroyed and five are uninhabitable breaking out at 3:30 yesterday afternoon along the highway. no one was hurt, no one who lives here but a firefighter may have suffered a shoulder injury going home with shoulder pain. there were 200 firefighters not only from fairfield but from several different fire companies including in napa and some are it will on the scene putting out hotspots and found smoke in an
6:47 am
attic overnight. there is still work to be done and more work coming in the future. 15 homeowners have a lot of rebuilding to do. >> here is a look at how quickly the fire consumed a home and you can see it started the destructive path every ten minutes a little bit worse with the roof disappearing until an hour later the house was just a shell and a ruin. >> tablet makers hope to tell sell more to the under five crowd. >> new signs of softening in the housing market. we are joined from the new york stock exchange with bloomberg business report. >> good morning, mortgage applications decline as mortgage rates. higher than the record lows and
6:48 am
the north bankers say refinancing fell for the 11th week in a row butblies -- but applications for purchases are gaining. we will get more on housing in a few minutes when we get a report open pending home sales so we will see if that reports shows what real estate broker has been talking about that the real estate market is softening up. >> things are calmer on wall street today and quieter opening with grown arrows so the market is up a little bit after the dow fell 170 points yesterday on concern of possible military strikes against syria. the nasdaq is higher. the silicon valley index, though, is moving higher, too, in early trading. interesting developments at twitter hiring the former president of ticketmaster, part of a push to enable people to be
6:49 am
able to shop through tweets. toddler safe texting is here. leapfrog is among the companies that have given devices for kids makeovers that let toddlers send short text to grandma and watch online videos without stumbling across a miley cyrus performance. the toy makers thing to -- seeking to protect their dominance in the market. the new kid tablets at samsung unveiled yesterday. that is the bloomberg business report over to you, eric and kristen. >> my daughter is three and can tear up an ipad knows exactly what to do. >> those are the gategatedevices. >> the wallet drainers. >> that, too, they are all using the ipad to find out about mike's weather forecast. >> you can see it is not working
6:50 am
by look outside. speaking of kids, we are going back-to-school and look how back the school district is from pittsburg andally ton and concord and walnut creek and lafayette and martinez, so the temperatures are around 60 but this afternoon you go from 80 in martinez to 88 in the other neighborhoods so it is going to warm significantly. congratulations on the first day of school. good luck, students, teachers, everyone. pretty cloudy, with the low clouds and the wins are ming to the east and that is the sea breeze bringing us the cooler weather and muck and you cannot see above the deck of the western span of the bay bridge as we look from the exploritorium you can see why we are having issues with flights getting into sfo an hour and a
6:51 am
minute late. sunny by noon and a weekend without summer warmth, we will unofficially put the summer to bed and it will feel like it on sunday and monday. the cloud cover shows by 11 clock we are clear but for right on the bay water and that will start to fade between 11:00 and 12:30 with a few holes in the cloud cover and partly sunny. sunny in the south bay and upper 70's to 80 degrees until you get to los gatos and gilroy mid-to-upper 80's and mid-to-upper 70's for most of the peninsula and 70 in millbrae to 80 in los altos, and colma and daly city are 62 and mid-to-upper downtown and south san francisco and 70 in sausalito and low-to-mid 80's in the north bay valley and low-to-mid 60's at your beaches and mainly mid-70's throughout the east bay sure and mid-to-upper 80's inland and more cloud cover tonight and temperatures in the 50's and 60's again.
6:52 am
a briefly warmer friday but 5 to 10 degree cooler on sunday and monday. >> we have a problem in albany with glass in the lanes so that is not too good for the tires and it is blocking a couple lanes so out of albany to berkeley we will find 24 miles per hour speeds and it starts to ease up from there, and as we take you back to the peninsula the car fire is blocking one lane northbound 101 and behind it we have an accident a carver us a transit bus with heavy backup making the approach and 580 is busy as is highway four. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. the abc7 morning news runs afte
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you
6:55 am
go. a major development this morning in a 7-alarm fire in fairfield. officials say at least 15 homes are damaged or destroyed from the fire along interstate 80. firefighters still there this morning locking for hotspots. the cause is under investigation. >> today is the last day to drive the old bay bridge and it will close at 8:00 tonight so crews can do the final work on the new span. at 7:00, c.h.p. will have rolling frank -- traffic breaks. >> new members in on the fire burning near yosemite national park and has green to 187,000 acres and 23 percent contained. two more access roads will close today so crews can cut new fire lines. >> today is the 50th and was of dr. martin luther king's i have a dream speech with celebrations in the capitol today and president obama will address the crowd from the lincoln memorial. >> postal folks rejected an
6:56 am
appeal to keep berkeley post office from closing. city lowers will sue the postal service to stop the sale. >> tracking fog language the coast, san francisco and the north bay but not everyone hassing for, san jose has sunshine and we will be around 70 to 80 if the bay and 80 to 89 inlistened and local 60's at the coast in san francisco. >> the bay bridge toll plaza, enjoy it this is the last day to head into san francisco before it closes at 8:00 p.m. tonight. on the maps, in the east bay, a car hit a pedestrian. >> abc7 news continues online and twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices. see new 25 minutes. clear
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good morning, america. and at this hour, momentum building for an american strike on the syrian armed forces. responsible for the chemical attack. the crucial phone call intercepted between those responsible, as the u.n. asked for more time to get weapon inspectors out. i have a dream. >> 50 years after the march on washington. and one of the most famous speeches ever made, the president returns to the lincoln memorial today, with a renewed call on race equality in america right now. >> free at last. breaking overnight. michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones separate after almost 13 years. insiders reveal the a-listers are taking a break. what's driven


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