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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 26, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a.m. and 58 p.m. firefighters did make progress overnight declaring it 15% contained. the flames are still seven to 10 miles way from groves of giant sequoias. you can see conditions are rugged and just under 150,000 acres the rim fire is now the biggest on record in the sierra. abc 7 news reporter john alston kicks off our coverage tonight. >> this is one of the neighborhoods officials are very, very concerned about. there are many houses here in this area this, area has been like an airport. helicopters come by picking up water then dropping it off in hot spots. fixed wing aircraft dropping fire retardant. the fire is about four miles
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from here from getting closer there has been a wind factor as well. you mentioned earlier today governor brown thanked a few of the more than 3,000 firefighters on the job here. he also got a briefing on the fire that has cost california now more than $20 million. he says california has the money in fact says the president called on sunday and offered federal support. >> let's go on winters come and floods move ash and debris that, is bad. so whatever firefighters can do, we're doing. >> so there is a large containmentent of bay area firefighters in the area. at least ones we saw. we saw this morning crews from palo alto, mountain view and san jose moving out this
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morning to protect the community of twain heart. >> our strike team was firing the fire front. we never engaged but if the fire made a run towards homes we're in position to make a stand. >> this is one of the -- heading towards top 10 largest fires coming back live now you can see helicopters heading back to a water supply to make a pick up before heading back again. they'll do that until sundown whit becomes unsafe then come back again tomorrow, and do it. so far among 36,000 firefighters here there have been two minor injuries. the u.s. forest service is investigating how it started more than a week ago. >> john, thank you. a community memorial planned to mourn the loss of a
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vacation spot use bid families for almost a century. the fire turned the 91-year-old camp no a pile of ashes and rubble. the video shows what the camp looked like just days ago and what it looks like now. most camp buildings have been leveled. the camp was evacuated on tuesday. the staff able to save documents. >> we weren't able to safe everything but were able to get a lot out. >> there is so many memories to share here, you can e mail them to us at you report at a candle light vigil plan forward 8:00 tonight at berkeley civic center park. also today officials close that had city family camp for the rest of the season because of the fire threat. >> a nearly 150,000 acres the rim fire now ranks 13th biggest in state history and doesn't have to go far to move up that list. so far, it's cost $20 million
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to fight and taking a bite out of the state firefighting budget. department of finance said in the past eight weeks california has spent $44 million fighting fires. the president promised to provide resources to nep a statement from white house today, the president expressed gratitude for brave men and women working tirelessly to combat the fire. >> 4500 homes listed threatened some people have been awill youed to return to their houses. that is the story story for the people west of the fire. >> level of smoke, coming back in was creepy. >> they've got to know what they did did saved our home autos so grateful for
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firefighters look at this live picture overlooking lake ta he. you can see the area thick with haze. we're told it's been raining ash and could spell trouble for thousands of cities and with ther districts that depend on hetch hetchy for batter supply. abc 7 news the gf put his finger on it. ashes falling into the hetch hetchy reservoir which supplies water not just to san francisco, but to a good portion of the bay area. falling ash is prompting managers to test the water quality.
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water drawn from the bottom of the reservoir and san francisco public utilities commission which manages the supply says there is no immediate impact. >> the more probable case is spring runnoff wh. ash comes down at once, the snow melt autos p.u.c. general manager says steps will be taken next spring necessary. the city of jant clara gets 12% of the water from hetch hetchy. >> we can run for an indefinite period on other sources. >> from palo alto 100% of the water comes from hetch hetchy water. >> i heard it from someone. i think last week but it comes from somewhere up north. >> a spokeswoman says sfpu skr. reassuring the city... >> we're being told that we do not have to worry about the supply of water. san francisco has several local reservoir that's have many, many months worth of
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water in them. and if the ash does degrade water quality san francisco p.u.c. telling hetch hetchy customers the water which is so pure now doesn't need to be filtered will be necessary. >> which will slow down process of delivering it to us. >> but they told you they'd do that? >> yes. >> sf p.u.c. says ash fall has been negligent labl. how bad it might get after the winter snows start melting depends on how far it spreads into the water shed. >> let's turn now to spencer christian here with live doppler 7 hd more on issues rim fire continues to kauchls how far has this smoke spread so far? >> you may recall friday was up to tahoe and reno area, it's still continuing to contribute to poor air
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quality. humidity at north levels about 29%. breezy west at'çt=u 12 miles per hour. here goes smoke. quite a heavy smoke north of lake tahoe. still quite a bit of snok but not so far north. still, contributing to very poor air quality there is a warning in effect for a wide area near the fire until wednesday at 12:00 noon w hours on the way there is flash flood watch so a lot of thing goesing on that could be hazardous to people in the area. >> an elderly child psychiatrist received a sentence for molest young boys
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in his care. they describe it changed their lives. he pled no contest to child molestation charges in may. the 81-year-old is still in custody. the d.a.tells us he will be soon moved to san quentin prison. >> police released photos in the hopes of catching a suspect in a burglar at tiffany jewelry store showing six suspects meeting in a parking lot that were removing license plates of a white chevy blazer used in the get away. police have identified two other vehicles used by the suspect. investigators say they used the stolen picture -- pick up to smash the doors at the tiffany and company. >> it's been five years since the golden gate bridge
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district began plans to convert it's old system to digital, costing tens of millions of dollars but project is still not done. it may have had of a set back. >> vick? >> converting old radio systems to digital is the golden gate bridge district radio systems for bridge operations bus and ferry(pxñ services. abc 7 news learned the first test did not go well. drivers on the golden gate bridge experienced something new. human toll collectors were gone. now the strict set to dump this radio for a new state of the art system.
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to enable golden gate buses and ferries to communicate. he said by foin we're in the very, very early stages. learning curve. in 2008, the bridge district awarded the contract to begin work on the new system cha says is still in you recallly stages then in, 2010 the site went on the air meaning they can use the system three=y7@ yes ago but still inoperable. david cruise was on the original team. >> they may be dealing with different integrations over there. >> cruise is now with the public safety department helping solve the radio problems last year a constant problem frustrating officers trying to communicate
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disapatcher autos it started with a patrol officers but twlaz a glitch. they're now back using the old analog repeaters. bus drivers tell abc 7 news they're not close to converting. their union says they haven't been trained to use digital equipment. the manager says the glitch turned out to be a faulty microphone. our sirsz there appear to be more serious problem was the system. costs are more than $20 million. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> still to come here tonight final plans foreclosing the bay bridge. we don't know whit will reopen but we do know when the opening ceremonies will take place. >> and new trouble for caltrans tonight. it pushes forward with a controversial four-lane fro
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project on california north coast. >> and two people joined martin luther king march on washington 50 years ago an
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here we go. count don to opening of the new bay bridge down to eight days opening a week from tomorrow. tonight caltrans and patrol put in the finishing touches on plans for the closure of the old bridge you know transition will require a five-day shut down starting just more than 48 hours from now. wednesday, at 8:00 p.m. through tuesday, 5:00 a.m. abc 7 news is live tonight. is everything set at this point? where do we stand? >> well... actually, the
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officials tell us that the work over the weekend is going put 2500 cement trucks on the road but... plans surrounding other elements are far less concrete. when the original bay bridge opened then governor frank mariam cut the chain with a blow torch who. will it be this time? >> back to the origin, folks members of the engineering panel. many of them are now elderly. >> the time is set, 3:00 p.m. monday. the governor's office says he won't be here. but the mtc says anything is possible. >> i'd yaft governor has been approached. as sit so often the case my guess is that there will be multiple hands on that per
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ooch if you want to try to be the last car across the old span you'll have to deal with chp strongly disare couraging that kind of vehicular loitering plus, many factors could affect timing. once on the new span don't think about using thogs shoulders for sight seeing and pictures. >> chp going to be on hand reminding people it's illegal to stop for anything other than emergency purposes. people who decide to stop may be cited. >> before getting to the opening whenever that moment turns out to be, there is closure period when neither bridge will be open. this resident plans to sit it out, working from home. >> i'm not coming near san francisco. on the 28th on, right? >> demolition will take a few
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years. >> now if you haven't made your plans yet, you're toast. just joking. we have a list for crossing the bay on abc 7 and here is a few things to be looking for. bart will be operating overnight trains at 14 of the 42 stations. san francisco bay ferry spanning it's schedule as well. if you have to drive during shut down down load our abc 7 news app. >> controversial california project is facing new charges caltrans is violating requirements. the freeway bypass being built around the touchb willis and impacts up to 80 acres of
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caltrans is packing filled dirt on top days ago the army core of engineers says thr are out of compliance. opponents yeasted a temporary retraining order to stop work on the project. a hearing is scheduled for wednesday. >> however you get around the bay, seems like weather is going to be nice. >> it's going to be nice throughout labor day weekend and cooling down over the weekend. not as warm as first day autos we're getting used to that. >> yes. >> you can see sunny skies now.
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low clouds near coastline. but sunny skies atju9ñ the mome. looking west, evidence of loaf clouds on the coast. we'll see coastal fog overnight. warmer tomorrow this, week will be mild to warm throughout friday before getting our saturday cool down. satellite shows high pressure nosing in now taking a look at southern california into sierra and through the area of the fires tomorrow you can see we've!,ykyt showers, thundershowers moving up that say so there concern about this we'll watch movement of the system. overnight tonight clear skies inland and around the bay.
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low temperatures mid up toer 50s so mild overnight period. much like what we've had last night. then, tomorrow sunny skies in the south bay. highs from upper 70s to uper 80s in morgan hill. 80 in redwood city. mid to upper 60s couldn't coast. 68 degrees downtown. 65 sunset district. north bay highs mainly foo low to mid-80s. 84 santa rosa. on the east bay highs 72 in berkeley. up to 79 in fremont ask castro valley. inland east bay
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brentwood. highs upper 80s to about 90. low to mid-60s on the coast. more clouds appearing in the sky. monday, labor day getting sunnier and warmer. appropriately enough. >> not laboring. >> yes. >> not some people. like... use right. we call it laboring. >> yes. >> that is right. >> coming up we'll show how to navigate streets of san francisco on foot. >> with high tech tool helping avoid those hills.
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>>. tonight routers news agency reports goldman sacks may have lost tens of millions when a computer glitch led to a floodwz÷ of he ronus options trades. jc penny biggest investor says he plans to sell his stake in the company, 39 million shares that is part of the deal with management over the store future, stock prices fell today for orders for durable goods took a drop the drug developer. >> classes at uc berkeley
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begin on thursday and officials unveiled a series of new initiatives to change how students are educated there including mentoring programs, social events for students and professors and advanced research projects for under graduate students. he's got to grapple with a state audit. >> we're going cooperate with the audit in order tone sure we can provide the best resources for students and hopefully reduce incidents of assault. >> uc berkeley getting 12% of funding from the state. down from 50% a decade ago. >> yes what. a change. >> there is more still to come here tonight. >> yes. jauft head soldier took the medal of honor home and doors he's opened to a new
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understanding of ptsb. >> john kerry with tougher thoughts on the use of chemical weapon autos and what is going to back up
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>> now updating you on the wildfire that continues spread near yosemite. burning nearly 150,000 acres moist, cool conditions have helped firefighters get it 15% contained fighting the fire has been expensive, in its 10th day response costing $20 million. the state aloe indicates just $172 million for the entire year to fight wildfires. the governor wet met with fire and emergency officials today. feem -- fema approved a request for aid. >> secretary of state cherry delivered sharpest
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condemnation to last week's parent chemical attack blaming the assad regime for the attack saying the administration would hold the syrian government accountable and accused syrians of destroying evidence and rejecting denials of responsibility.0m))u >> make no mistake. the president believe there's must be accountability for those who with would use the world's heinous weapons against the most's most-vulnerable people. nudging is more serious, nudging is receiving more serious scrutiny. >> kerry says the u.s. is confering with world leaders about an appropriate response. >> it's the united states stands by and doesn't take very serious action not just launching some cruz missiles then, again, our credibility in the world is
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more. >> the syrian president denied launching any sort after tack. >> today the president presented carter with medal of honor, america's highest military award n 2009 carter risked his life during intense fighting with the taliban saying carter displayed true heroism. >> said he was hoping to take his children around washington showing them the sites. and history if you want to know what makes our country truly great and what a true american hero looks like you don't have to look too far, just have to look at your dad. >> he suffers from post traumatic stress zpord had this message to the country.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please, take the time to learn about the invisible, know that a soldier or veteran suffering from post traumatic stress is one of the most passionate men or women you'll ever meet know they're in the damaged, they're hurting with living when other dz not. -- did not. know that they, we, are not defeated, never defeated we're resilient and will emerge stronger over time. >> sargeant carter's statement about his personal strug jell an inspiration to though who's come home only to battle ptsd. >> we come back with issue autos ryan mason serve aid tour with marines in afghanistan, three tours in iraq like many young veterans
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he told us he had symptom autos for me, it's thunder that sounds too much like artillery landing and will send me running. it will. >> base on -- mason is not alone estimating 20% of the veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan will have symptoms of ptsd. it's a group including antioch's ty carter. almost everyone left with a deep twound hearts and minds. >> carter's acknowledged he struggles with ptsd. >> it's important. >> dr. keith armstrong says carter being hailed as a hero might intensify symptoms. >> it might bring up why, you know, why did i survive? and some folks didn't make it.
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a man who detrade his country could be the first to be executed in more than 50 years. the trial got underway today in texas a jury found hasan guilty, the deadliest mass
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shooting ever on a u.s. military installation. hasan is still acting as his own attorney. >> a former private investigator serving time for corruption testified against an office year accused of assisting with phony drunk driving stingz. and prosecutors accused him of helping christopher butler set up drunk driving busts. clients were women qog through proceedings who wanted to gain an advantage over husbands. >> two people intrn arrested for what pleers calling a revenge robbery. the 24-year-old charged with stealing $20,000 last week. he worked at the store and knew the combination. police say he wore a mask but spoke to his exboss before the heist. also taken into custody a
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22-year-old who had half of the cash but used some to bail belling housen out of jail. >> coming up two bay area people joined a march on washington. >> how it's aff
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50th anniversary of the march on washington is on wednesday. >> as that day approaches people when were there are looking back and sharing an experience they say changed live autos abc 7 news has two of the stories. >> judy's table is full of information from class rooms but perhaps better than books about the march is her personal experience. >> it's amazing to see so many people and black people, white people altogether dressed as if they're doing to church. >> koler took these pictures there she is of a 22-year-old chick college student. now a retired teacher she gets
6:41 pm
emotional when reminiscing about that day and the speef. -- speech. >> he said that he did not want people to judge his children by the color of their skin but the content of their still makes me shiver. >> david was just 11 when joining that march. >> if i had been part of the synagogue where rabbi had been active, one of the freedom riders. >> he has the bin banner carry that had day. >> you're there, you're just experiencing the moment first. and trying to interpret it. but as time goes on, you look back and you were part of that. that means it's part of your fabric. >> that influenced his career choice. and it moat vaitd him to
6:42 pm
return to washington saturday fr the 50th anniversary celebration. >> the movement that we see is not finished. some hinges still need work are the sense of unequal treatment. >> we don't have decent housing for everybody. voting lights are -- rights are look like they're being eroded. >> if we come together anything is possible. >> both say having a black man in the white house is a sign prof gres. >> we have breaking news ahead. sky 7 is on the scene now of a double fatality. this is on interstate
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sky 7 over the skeechb a horrible crash in burlingame. we have confirmed two people have been killed in this crash on northbound 280.
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we can tell you this was a single car crash. one slain still closed now. two lanes shut down earlier. we'll bring you more information at 9:00 and 11:00. and you can follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. you can see the back ups, traffic in this area are stretching well past the burlingame area. well before, i should say. >> on the lighter side most maps of the city are in two dimensions. >> so today abc 7 news took a stroll with a man who is setting out to fix that. some stillhills in san francisco have you to climb them to believe them. i don't often work out in a suit fwhu is for a good cause thchl grad student made
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himself an expert as part of a project. >> i think it's two blocks north of here, there is a grade but there are things like google earth. >> i found existing maps fun to play with. but didn't use them around the city. i wanted something simple as possible. >> and what could with simpler than? darker the line, steeper the hill. and colors change when you move. >> best guess of which direction you'll be approaching it from. and that is used to color them
6:48 pm
appropriately. >> in theer year, you'd never get stuck unless you wanted to. >> are you about to walk up this hill here? >> i am. >> were awe ware interest tl is a less steep hill two blocks away? >> i wasn't. >> he's learned a few thing autos the city is hillyer than i thought. >> the web site isn't quite finished but he has requests to map other cities. the irony sthae isn't a programmer he's getting a phd in city planning and knows maps been a -- will be a big part that have. >> i think that is how we navigate cities. >> when you start it's all uphill. >> we're getting word from cal fire the rim fire has grown to 160,000 acres but they do have about 20% containment now. >> it's qpi step in the right direction it s and week head
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going to be warm throughout friday. highs around 90 degrees, sunday, and temperatures bounce back. >> thank you. >> mike shumann here, no thing one player wants to hear, come see the coach, bring your play book. >> nfl have to turn rochters from 90-75 tomorrow.
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49ers released five players today including a third year player. both playing well last night against the vikings. the 49ers need a more exkbreerns behind collin kaepe kaepernick. another week with a solid gain he returned to kickoff but was
6:53 pm
penalized twice on the play. i mean for taunting and removing his helmet and then, got another flag for unsportsman like conduct. >> second one is a old teammate of mine. you know. but i got the flag. you know? it won't happen again. >> better not a kos cross the bay ride raiders top draft pick got his first taste of the nfl. this man has been through the ringer. a potential career-ending chest injury then having more surgery to repair scar tissue. he had three tackles friday night. >> he had to get him out of
6:54 pm
the way. i'm just trying to get better to learn from it. you know? trying to not to make it in. >> josh redic on the dl. coco chris feeling very g third inning, fellow shot off sanchez for a 3-2 a's lead after a homer tied it at four he's safe and highlights coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. giants hitting the road for nine games a ball pops out looks like he had wind knocked out of him and he stayed in the game.
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it's 3-0, rockies in the 4th. final major of the year in tennessee two,-time opening champions venus williams wearing quite the multi colored outfit facing off against kirsten flipkins. 21 winners. she is beating the opponent in straight sets. her u.s. open title. just going to win this easily. 20-year-old sloan stevens
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leading 6-5 in a tie breaker. on the men's side no problem for the second seed. the slight overhand winner, are you kidding me? look at that. he wins in straight sets. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hard wear. >> that is why he's a champ. >> yes. >> nasa's new space mission next and what they hope to learn. >> then on abc 7 news at 11:00 happy couple why this simple image of a california marine and his wife just went viral. >> that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. i'm larry beil. >> from the entire abc 7 news
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team, thanks for joining us.
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