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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 22, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news this morning is coming from the peninsula. haz-mat is investigating a suspicious white powder in the county office building in redwood city. the second floor has been evacuated and an employee in the mailroom opened a package with white powder and getting a burning senatorrization on her fingertips. cruise are trying to figure out if it is anything dangerous. the f.b.i. is also responding. >> we will update this story through the newscast and on twit
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ter. >> good morning, breaking news in southern california. a tour bus over turned on 210 freeway injuring between 20 and 30 people east of los angeles. you can see from the pictures the chaos from overhead as the first responders triage the passengers so the most seriously hurt get immediate medical attention. >> this is not the correct video, this is hernandez, the negative thing patriots football player accused of murder. >> now, the freeway has been shut down and emergency vehicles need to get in and out of the scene and as far as we know, between 30 and 40 people have been injured. we saw one person being taken by helicopter away to a hospital on the 210 freeway which will be shut down for a long time. >> breaking news here, a big part of the stock market has come to a halt because of
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technical problems. nasdaq halted trading and asked other exchanges to stop trading securities shortly after 9:00 a.m. this morning our time. the problem is with a data feed that has updated price and other information for nasdaq stocks. no word on the cause or how long the exchange will be shut down. >> treasury secretary jack lew is in the bay area and meeting right now with tech executives in palo alto. the staffers say the secretary is monitoring the situation closely with the latest developments at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 p.m. and updating the situation on twitter. >> breaking news, a task force is conducting raids in oakland at this moment serving search warrants for high risk criminals amy hollyfield has more from oakland. amy? >> it has been a busy morning in the east bay. it is not over yet. look behind me at the operation that is going on right across the street from highland
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hospital in oakland. this is the alameda county sheriff deputy conducting this. this is what they are dealing with: happening right new. officers from the oakland police department and several other agencies started serving warrants this morning before the sun came up. all of that was part of "operation cease-fire," and they made five arrests this morning. [ inaudible ] >> we have served warrants primarily in east oakland. the group primarily is in east oakland but they commit crimes all over oakland and all over the bay area. while they do engage in a lot of violent crime they support themselves through robberies and burglaries. >> check out this video of when real-life interferes with police act it. a man on a bicycle zipped into
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the perimeter oblivious to the guns around him. at this scene they have made one arrest and this is an eviction and everyone is out of the house. this is starting to were what up. it was drop safely as all of them were this morning. no one has been hurt. oakland police do expect to release more details about all of the operations later today. >> thanks, amy. from the south bay officials are doing a sweep of homeless catches looking for sex offenders. santa clara county safe task force conducted a sweep, a task force that works with registered sex offenders looking for those violation of registration requirements, homeless sex offenders are required to register every 30 days and 20 do 30 local, state, and federal agents are taking part in the two-day operation.
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>> breaking news from sonoma county we involving an official with the san francisco police department. the retired deputy chief killed himself outside a sheriff substation last night. he was on the force for 32 years. >> the wildfire raging near yosemite national park has exploded in size jumping fire lines and wiping out some of the progress firefighters have made. thousands of homes and businesses are threatened. abc7 news katie marzullo is in the newsroom. katie? >> the rim fire has burned through 53,000 acres or 84 square miles, up from 16,000 acres and containment is down from 5 percent to 2 percent. the fire's new spread is airstopping and images are stunning, the rim fire is out of control and fueling fears. it looks like levee coming over the top of the hills.
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>> thousands of homeowners are packing up and getting out although yosemite national park remains open. >> we have everything loaded up and we packed all through the night. for two nights we have been out. >> flames are threatening 2,500 homes and two homes have been destroyed. highway 120 is still closed. in the next 24 hours the fire is expected to continue up the river canyon and continue growing to the northeast. because it is burning in the steep and inaccessible terrain of the national forest, plains and helicopters are critical in the fight. more than 1,300 fire personnel are on the job. their work is cut out. >> this fire has grown so large that the "head" is creating its own weather. that is what we are seeing. >> the fire broke out on saturday and the cause is under investigation. >> happening now, san francisco city attorney is set to make a
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major announcement regarding the future of city college of san francisco. students have been calling on the mayor lee to support them in their fight to keep the school accreditation. city college will lose the accrued dangerous a year from now unless major reforms are made. at the same time be the commission that made the recommendation is facing its own problems, a conflict of interest. the husband of the commission's president was part of a team that evacuated city college last year. >> happening now, dozens of 8th graders in east palo alto get a valuable back to school gift from a silicon valley tech giant. facebook executives are spending the morning in the ravenswood school district. matt keller explains why they are there. matt? >> facebook headquarters is a few miles away from the academy here in east palo alto. it is not the distance but the digital divide that they trying to close with the laptop give away. facebook got a few more
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"likes" at the academy in east palo alto. the social media giant gave 100, 8th graders brand new apple laptops. >> it is exciting because you get to, if you have trouble doing your headquarters you can get help on the intent. >> lost kids do not have one and they need one for school or work. >> education leaders say state standards require students to have technology skills. in the east palo alto, though, getting online can be tough and many in silicon valley have ipads, home computers and smartphones to go with the laptops, in east palo alto, students are lucky if their family has a cell phone. >> we are in the heart of the silicon valley, it is one of those cases of so near yet so far. most of our students face harsh economic realities. >> facebook leaders want to provide students with the equipment they need to learn more about technology and prepare them for high school, college, and beyond. that is what a laptop means for pedro, an opportunity for a
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future in mechanical engineering. >> i heard about the companies that i would like to work for. >> facebook is giving away more than 300 laptops to all the other 8th grade students here in east palo alto. >> next, bradley manning's new high school, what the convicted military leaker is planning beside spending a few decades in prison. >> the man who came back to life after doctors gave up
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>> in southern california you can see the chaos after a tour bus overturned at 10:00 this morning carrying 40 passengers. c.h.p. believes that between 35 and 40, most of the passengers, were injured in some way. we saw one helicopter taking someone away. >> what we do now is the care area was the zen bus company. >> the justice department says they will take the state of texas to court to strike down the new law requiring voters to have photo i.d.'s, the second time the federal government has sued texas over the law and the first lawsuit of its kind since the supreme court struck down part of the voting rights act. the justice department says that the measure would make it harder for minorities and poor to vote. >> we have new details in the case of embattled san diego mayor. the 70-year-old is planning to step down from office tomorrow. that is according to our sister
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station in san diego who says it is part of a deal reached to settle a sexual harassment suit. 18 women have come forward accusing filner of harassment. the council will vote on the deal tomorrow with the former congressman resigning after that. hannah anderson is speaking to set the record trait about her kidnapping and the relateship with the kidnapper. she was taken by family friend, james dimaggio, this month. police found the bodies of her mother and her brother in dimaggio's home in san diego. anderson, the girl, and dimaggio exchanged more than a dozen cames on the days before she was kidnapped. in the interview yesterday, she said those were texts, not phone calls and the 16-year-old also thanked everyone who supported her. >> in the beginning i was a victim but, now, knowing everyone out this is help me, i consider myself a survivor instead. my mom raised me to be strong.
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>> dimaggio was killed in an f.b.i. shootout in idaho and left a lifens policy to hannah's grandmother. >> new this morning, convicted army pvt. manning wants to live as a woman and begin hormone treatments as soon as possible according to a statement made by the 25-year-old this morning. the soldier plans to be called chelsea manning. he was sentenced yesterday to 35 years in military prison for leaking 700,000 classified documents to wikileaks. reuters released this photo of manning dressed as a woman in 2010 during the trial, he said the client struggled with gender identity as a gay soldier part of the reason why he leaked the information. >> now the weather and mike nicco. >> still gray with the marine layer deep. this is from emeryville to downtown oakland where you can see the clouds are covering the sky right now and that is leading to flight arrival delays at sfo. we have a warming trend that
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will not last very long and our coolest weather co
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> back to our breaking news story from southern california, this is the 210 freeway in the city of irvindale where a tour but has overturned carrying 40 people, and 35 injuries are recorded but no one is critical. the freeway is all but shut down. it happened at 10:00 this morning. we will bring you more updates on the story as they become
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available. >> mike nicco, this is summer, right? >> supposed to be but august has been cooler-than-average temperatures and today is a day where we continue that normal trend. now, everything is quiet, with live doppler 7 hd showing the air is relatively dry outside of the marine layer of clouds and most of the storms to the north and notice how they are rotating away from us to the north as the area of low pressure has finally moved away. we are on the underside or south side and you can sea the winds are up ten miles per hour at sfo and 12 at napa and 31 in fairfield, 12 at livermore. all the winds are faster than this morning which is why we have a hard time getting sunshine in some areas. east bay valley is clearing out and marin county is clearing out and santa cruz mountains and santa clara valley clearing out but it looks like it will take the better part of the next hour to get everyone mostly sunny. we will see the temperatures if
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you are headed out right now, we are 73 in antioch with sunshine. just about everyone else is in the low-to-mid 60's until san ramon at 67 and same in fairfield and 68 in livermore, and 69 in los gatos and right now 64 in san jose, oakland, and san francisco, at 60 degrees. at the golden gate bridge you can see clearing toward sausalito. today, we will have sunshine and it will be mild to cooler-than-average and a warming trend tomorrow but the sea breeze comes back and shuts that off with cooler temperatures for the weekend. from sutro tower looking to san francisco, you can see how much cooler we will be, two degrees in livermore at 86, san jose at 79, three degrees cooler. it will take every bit of the daytime to get to the temperatures with such slow sunshine. oakland, four degrees cooler at
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70. 78 in napa and 78 in redwood city. to the south, mid-to-upper 70's include los gatos. and mid-60's along the coast to san francisco and south san francisco is at 68 and same thing in sausalito and mid-to-upper 70's in the north bay valley and 10- to 15-degrees cooler at the beaches and 69 in berkeley the last place to see sunshine on the east bay shore and oakland, same at 70 and low-to-mid 70's for everyone else and in the east bay valley in need for air conditioning, mid-to-upper 80's. as far as temperatures tone, we will talk about the game, first, we will drop down from about 60 at 7:15, and at&t park pirates are coming. tonight at 51 in santa rosa and 60 in antioch with the thickest clouds in the north bay. you can see the low moving away,
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it is weakening and lifting and getting caught in the jet stream so it is accelerating away from us. as we head to the over night hours, look at tomorrow, a change in the air mass, if you want to go to the beach, tomorrow that is the best day. this week, it is going to be cloudy again. two to four degrees warmer tomorrow, and it could be warmer , but temperatures are going to rebound a understand for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. doctors stunned after a man who was declared dead came back to life. the 37-year-old man was suffering from irregular breathing in his sleep so his wife called for help and performed cpr and taken to a medical from and declared dead by a cardiologist. 45 minutes later as the nurses prepared to let the family view his body, he showed signs life. >> the doctors had given up, rightfully so, it had been so long but to wake up without any
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brain damage or anything like that, it is another part of a miracle. to be without oxygen for 45 minutes, that is huge. >> doctors say they have never seen anything like it and he was unconscious for five days but says he now feels fine. he says he had no after life experience and basically doesn't remember any of it. >> i am sure his family is happy to see him we have research showing when the favorite football team loses it could be a gain for you. the journal found fans who support the leasing teams eat more saturated fats and sugars. the winning team eat healthier food. after the game the losing fans east 16 percent more than normal. researchers thing when a team wins it boosts self criminal and when they lose people are more likely to eat because they feel their identity is threatened. >> okay...incredible video from louisiana where a sinkhole
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swallow as group of trees on camera. an official in the parish had his cameras rolling when trees began disaffairing. the sinkhole has been growing for a year and it really kicked into high gear yesterday and can you see 20 seconds from start to finish for the trees to completely disaffair and the sinkhole was caused by a salt dome that began collapsing in august and it is estimated to be 25 abeers in size. >> unbelievable video. >> coming up next, an update for you on the breaking news in southern california. >> a tour bus crashed and there are dozens of
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>> we follow breaking news from southern california, a tour burst overfunded on the 210 freeway in los angeles county originating in monterey park. it is laying on its side. no one was hurt critically but there are 35 injuries. c.h.p. is now letting some cars through after shutting down the freeway entirely. >> four people were flown to the hospital but we don't know about their injuries. >> we will show you the new pedestrian and bicycle path on
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the new eastern span of the bay bridge the. >> a famous painting is back at the original location at the palace hotel. the painting of maxwell parish was to be auctioned by christies but people petitioned the hotel to restore it and bring it back. >> see you later.
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