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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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underway. >> the
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is threatening at least 2500 homes near yosemite. it spread to 10,000 acres west of the park and destroyed seven buildings. >> despite having 700 firefighters trying to contain it, they cannot get uh hold of the fire. it is burning on steep terrain and firecrews are having trouble getting at it. residents and campers have been forced to get what they can and get out fast. >> i don't even know what to think. >> that is the veer ross tee of the flames -- that is the verocity of the flames. yosemite national park remains open. three camps run by bay
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area cities have been affected. san francisco has been rerelocated and canceled a weekend event for teenagers. the family camp sent 80 students and staff home yesterday and another camp was evacuated this evening. campers and staff are expected to arrive back in berkeley any minute now. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. firefighters throughout the state are dealing with dry conditions and in the bay area we are experiencing it as well. >> sandhya patel is here with the details of a red flag warning in affect. >> dan, the fire danger remains high in the north bay mountains and interior valleys. as you look here, all is quiet on live doppler 7hd. but as i take you back four hours, watch the lightning strikes in the sierra nevada. they are moving from the east and working their way toward the west over the last four hours. never quite made it to the bay area. and of course we are watching the lightning strikes just off the coast here.
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but those obviously have diminished as well. there is still a slight chance of seeing some thunderstorms. red flag warning in affect for the north bay mountains and interior valleys until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. i will be back to let you know when that thunderstorm possibility will diminish completely in the bay area. when will we return to normal? all of the details coming up. carolyn? >> see you shortly. happening now, one eastbound lane of highway 4 near hercules is still closed after a car fire spread to the hillside. the closure caused a huge back up. the fire burned about three acres before crews managed to knock it down. it is now contained, but firefighters are still on the scene moping up hotspots. in fact, wildfires are burning across the state tonight. that means resources are stretched thin. a grassfire start i had in dub lib and mutual aid had to be called in since so many crews are in yosemite fighting the massive fire there. lisa amin gulezian is is live in dub lib with the story.
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-- dublin with the story. >> firefighters are on the hillside behind me making sure they do not start up again. the county rushed in to help and even though firefighters from those two agencies have already been deployed to fight fires elsewhere in the state. the flames whipped across the dry, grassy hillside inside the army reserve training area in dublin. it sparked the fire that burned 170 acres. >> i ran outside and i could smell it. the next thing i knew the whole street you couldn't see there was so much smoke. >> the parks fire department needed help. cal fire and alameda county heard the call. >> it is an active juggling resource. >> just today alameda fire september two engines and eight firefighters to help cal fire fight the rim fire. right now there are 10 major fires burning in the state.
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just about every fire department has been asked to deploy crews to the fire lines. >> with the predicted red flag rn whattings we held -- red flag warnings we held people over in the unit for incidents like this. >> alameda county fire is still fully staffed, but the request for the out of area aid keeps coming in. >> it could get to the point where at least in this area we are unable to send assets and resources. >> agencies hope that won't happen, but they insist that safety at home comes first. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> in marin county there is concern that eucalyptus trees could go up. san rafael may have to return a quarter million dollars for a project chopping down flammable trees. john alston asks why. >> these hillsides are all really, really dry. >> they are dotted with flammable euptus t
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that marin county wants to get rid of. >> they explode and it is pretty scary. >> the nonprofit group won a state grant to remove the eucalyptus trees along highway 101 next to the marin civic center. >> the nature of the tree has a shallow root system. couple to that you have fall entries and showers that are a result of the burning of those trees. >> and now the money to remove the trees is in jeopardy. the marin group has to come up with the 2 his,000 first -- $200,000 first and they don't have the up front cash yet. >> hopefully they can find another source to do it. it is really important. >> other people who live nearby believe it is beautiful and want them to stay. >> we have had such a low rate of fires in marin. there are other things i would
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like to see the money used for. we have a lot poor people and poor health care. >> if marin gets the money the plan is to replace the eucalyptus trees with month are than 200 oak sap ligs. the -- saplings. abc7 news. >> the showdown tonight at san francisco city hall where a group supporting city college is staging a sit in outside mayor ed lee's office. right now about 60 people are still refusing to leave. they have been here for about six hours. the sheriff deputy would issue three disperse sal orders before making arrests. so far they have nottish you -- not issued any. they will take a public stand and it is scheduled to lose next summer. two supporters of city college went to where the mayor was at an event honoring the civil rights movement. they held up signs as the mayor was speaking at the university of san francisco, encouraging him to support overturning the accreditation decision.
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they had a request to stand off to the side of the room jie. the highlight of the event was for a man many consider a living legend in the struggle for equality. the human rights commission honored clarence b jones for his work with dr. martin luther martin luther king junior. he is an advisor and is currently the first ever diversity schollar at the you have the of san francisco. the event coincides with the anniversary on august 28th where dr. king gave his famous i have a dream speech. the theft of a pick up truck lead to a standoff and a man hiding with his young daughter. vallejo police say they tracked down the stolen pick up to the home of douglas hammer. you can see the huge police response as officers surrounded the house. they could not make contact. so 40 minutes later they used flashbang devices and stormed the home. police say they found hammer hiding in a crawlspace with his five-year-old daughter. he is also under investigation
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for attempted murder. happening now, something that may affect you. some users of facebook are having trouble accessing the social networking site. sites that report whether it is up and working is reporting a widespread service disruption. this is the latest outage that plagued facebook. facebook has faced problems on and off over the last 24 hours with a major outage occurring earlier this afternoon. it is unclear what is cause -- causing the problem, but it is not affecting mobile devices. you may have noticed the bike racks popping up in the bay area. starting next week people will have 24-hour a day access to share bicycles at spots in san francisco, palo alto, san jose and other bay area cities. this is video of a rack in san francisco. it is part of the bay area quality management effort to reduce car emissions. membership rates to share the bike share programs are $88 for an annual pass and $22 for a three-day pass and $9 for a
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daily pass. shopping for school supplies can get pricey. coming up, a new trend that can save big time. >> what if there was a way you can swap your old stuff for something new. with the help of a new website you can get clothes and back to school supplies without spending a dime. >> and a shark citing shuts down a north bay beach. was it following the whale that washed up there yesterday. >> if there is a gold iphone i will have one. if there is a copper one i will have it. >> with rumors of a new iphone swirling what does steve s who knee yak have to say about
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you it was possible to put together your children's back to school wardrobe and maybe even their school supplies absolutely free? >> it is hard to believe, but 7 on your side's michael finney is here to tell us it can be done. >> absolutely, it can be done. with a little luck you can probably do this in a matter of days. about the same amount of time it would take you to shop, this is a bargain hunter's delight. >> she armed with his box and ready. the loss altos hills boy is clearing out any unwanted items from his bookshelf and
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closet. he is hoping to swap his unused items for something new. >> i would like some new books and maybe some games and some board games. >> his sister ella is on looking to trade her stuff for a gum ball machine. mom suggests she look for some school supplies. >> pencils, clothing. >> no, not clothing. >> let's see if they have any backpacks. >> swapping is not onlyien vogue, it is practice tau cal. they estimate that the average family will spend $428 on school shopping. andrea is a school expert. >> swapping is a great way to provide financial relief for yourself and other friends and family. >> these women are part of an international organization known as swap a ramarama. they take the materials and up cycle them for something better.
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erin shaw is with the bay area chapter. >> here is a nice skirt i made out of a t-shirt. here is one i made out of a sweater. >> not only is it environmentally friendly, it is free. who doesn't like free? instructors are on hand to the events to teachers and you how to up -- up cycle. the same that apply to children apply to clothes as well. >> sebastian and ella's mom like the idea that swapping helps get rid of clutter. >> i like. it it helps us get organized and make room for new things. >> she packs up the items and sends them to and uses any credit she earns to swap for new items. or if she prefers she can pocket the money. if up cycling or going on-line is too much trouble for you, you can organize your own swap. >> if it is a small swap with family or friends it would
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make sense to keep it to a certain age-group. >> or with the weapon of a pta you can make it a community wide event. that's something she hopes to do this school year. >> able to swap and then all of the stuff that is left over and nobody wants to take we will switch to and the school will get the funds. >> we have links on our website along with tips on organizing your own swapout. that's on i didn't say it was free so much as it didn't cost anything. >> swap arama-rama. stinson beach is closed to swimming or surfing after a 10 to 15-foot great white shark was spotted. it lead to the park service declaring the water off limits, but the beach itself remains open. >> officials think the sharks may have been attracted by this.
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is -- a young and slightly beached whale was discovered and had trauma to the sternum and bleeding around the heart. there was broken bones. they cannot say with certainty what caused the whale's death. new at 11:00, apple co-founder steve wozniak can't what it for the new apple phone. the woz says he has to have it. the iphone 5s is likely to have a fingerprint scaner and a faster processor and better battery life. the features don't intrek the woz as the possibility of a new color. >> if there is a gold iphone i will have one and a copper one i will have it. if there is a magnesium i will have it, but only if it is good quality. if it does president look like an -- if it doesn't look like a real apple product, i won't have it. >> for more including his
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opinion on the recent movie about steve jobs check out good morning america here at 7:00. >> the woz is always good fun. let's talk about the weather forecast. we have been watching lightning strikes offshore. it is not quite what we had last night. >> we are not expecting a rerun of last night tonight, but we are not out of the woods yet. there is really not a lot going on. we have the low clouds and the fog beginning to deepen. already pushing into santa rosa. the last four hours you can see the lightning strikes in the sierra nevada and they had some off the coastline here. more than 1200 lightning strikes when all was said and done for today. at least they were not over the bay area. still continuing to get pictures. this was posted -- it was sent via twitter by deep 6. you can see how it looked from the midsan jose area. here is another picture posted
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by antonio m. great picture. thank you very much. tonight we will fast-forward and we have a blue moon and it is the third full moon of the season. that's why you get the name, blue moon. you have an opportunity to see it as we head into the early morning hours. the low clouds and fog might interfere. as we look from the camera to the bay bridge this is what you will face for the morning commute. redwood city, san jose, los gatos, half moon bay, 69 degrees. a few clouds out there, but not real solid. 60 degrees in santa rosa. it is comfortable right now. 60 in concord and 65 in livermore. the financial district is socked in. a sight klans of funder for wednesday and the fire danger is high in the north bay and
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the usual pattern with cooler weather coming for your weekend. we will be back up to normal as we head into the weekend. area of low pressure is starting to lift northward and as it continues to lift northward, the chances of thunderstorms will diminish. there is still a slight chance tomorrow morning and then the chance lingers in the north bay tomorrow afternoon as the low pulls out of here. it will be back to normal by your thursday afternoon and going into the weekend we will be into our usual marine pattern. mid50s to mid60s. the kids will be just fine if they dress in one layer. the fog will be around so give yourself plenty of time to get the kids off to school. the fog will continue to affect many parts of the bay area bayside and coast side. a little cooler tomorrow, 88 in antioch and 77 in santa rosa. 72 in oakland and 80 degrees in san jose. still a small chance of thunderstorms tomorrow, but it is dryer and a little warmer.
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midto upper 80s inland. >> sandhya, thank you.
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the game mirrors his name. a sunny forecast early and gray and ominous later. in that order it did not bowed well for sunny and gray in the a's against seattle. the warriors guard was at last night's walkoff win. afterwards josh donaldson tweeted to exchange the jerseys. he said yes and it is very cute. feeling good about that and a two-run homer and his 18th of the year. the same result. a solo bomb to left. it is a quick 4-0 lead.
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sunny and gray. he hasn't allowed more than two earned runs in a game. tonight seven innings and two runs on two hits and struck out seven. then a bull pen implosion. this was not ruled an error. i have no idea why. the mariners would tie it and then cook with a wild pitch. franklin will score and 7-4 the final. a texas win means oakland is one back in the west. game two of a three-game set. he pitched well. he would like that pitch back. a solo homer to left. boston is a 2-0 lead. took the giants a game and a half and they finally scored a run against boston. it is 2-1. a buster posey sack would tie it in the eighth and then two outs in the 9th.
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that looked like a strike to me. the bases loaded and walked him on four straight pitches. brandon belt a homerun shy of a cycle in this game. reinforcements on the way in time for friday's game at home against the bears. andre carter played in the first two pre-season games, but they have been lonely. lamar houston and vance walker and pat simms have sat out with various injuries. and it has been noticible. mainly a nonexistent pass rush. >> we have had a lot of new parts to this defense. the more we can do it between now and the opening game of the season the better we will learn to play with each other. it is a start to have the majority of those guys back out here. i thought it was good work. the guys have continued to work throughout training camp. >> look at this, the former line backer chase thomas hoping to play in front of the raider nation on friday.
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he was claimed off waivers. thomas on drafted free agent was a two-time first team selection during four years on the farm. he was really good. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. nice to see chase thomas with a shot with the raiders. >> and hopefully the raiders will have a good season as well. >> let's hope so. >> a popular new website is asking the age old question. >> are they legs or hot dogs? we'll explain
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wake up weather. still high fire danger. red flag warnings for the north bay mountains and the interior valleys. slight chance of thunderstorms tomorrow especially in the morning. mild temperatures, 50s, 60s. mike niko will be here at 4:30 to 7:00. >> thanks. are they hot dogs or hot
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legs? >> a new bg it is asking just that question. >> you have probably seen pictures like this on facebook or instagram. people lounging on the beach or some other exotic locale, but are those legs hot dogs this. >> the tumbler blog hot dog legs are used for poking fun at reenacting using hot dog. many have trouble telling the difference between the two. that one looks like it, or maybe i am just hungry. joy i'm -- >> i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. you can watch on all of your mobile devices with our new abc news app. >> appreciate your time.
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- liam hemsworth. from "kick ass 2," chloë grace moretz. and music from the national. with cleto and the cletones. and now, when all else fails, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome to the show. my name is jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. thanks for being a part of this amazing -- that's very nice.


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