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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 20, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning. breaking news on the situation in egypt. it appears the obama administration is taking steps to stop aid to the country in chaos for now. we're live in washington with details. and close call. hollywood legend dick van dyke, this morning, he's talking about his escape from that burning car. picture-perfect. our first look at prince george. and prince william is opening up about fatherhood. another obama. a new member of the first family is introduced to the country. and good tuesday morning. we begin with breaking news from
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egypt. and reports that the white house is now temporarily cutting off military aid to the country. >> meantime, the military continues its crackdown with the arrest of a top muslim brotherhood leader. preeti arla has more. >> reporter: the obama administration has been watching the situation closely. and whether or not to cut aid has been part of an ongoing process. the administration moved to temporary cut some aid. as the violence continues on the streets of egypt, there's word, now, the obama administration quietly suspended some aid to the country. according to "the daily beast," the u.s. made the move, despite the military takeover in the country hasn't officially been called a coup. >> there certainly are consequences for the actions that are taken by the interim government. >> reporter: lawmakers are debating whether cutting aid is
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the right move. >> that aid is essential to the ability of the egyptian government to honor its peace agreement with israel. >> reporter: the chaos continues in the country. and the bodies of 25 police officers killed in an ambush by suspected islamic militants, were taken back to a military base in cairo. there's growing fear of more tensions, with word that hosni mubarak could be set free as he awaits a retrial. there's no ground to hold him as he waits for a final verdict. >> there is a very complicated problem. our ability to influence the outcome in egypt is limited. it's up to the egyptian people. >> reporter: the top united nations political adviser, former diplomat to the middle east, will head to cairo to help deal with the crisis. the goal is to figure out how the united nations can help resolve the conflict.
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john? >> preeti arla in washington. thank you. former pakistani president pervez musharraf has been charged with murder. he was indicted and six others in the death of pakistani prime minister, benazir bhutto. bhutto died in the 2007 gun and bomb attack at a political rally. musharraf denied the charges. and the hearing is set for august 27th. vice president biden's son is facing a health scare this morning. after being hospitalized last week for weakness and disorientation. the vice president traveled with his son to texas and has been at his side. this isn't the first health scare for beau biden, who is delaware's attorney general. he suffered a mild stroke in 2010. new this morning, ted cruz says he's going to renounce his canadian citizenship. the controversy came to light, when his birth certificate showed he was born in canada but had dual citizenship.
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his concerns should derail a possible presidential run. mayor bob filner of san diego has been spotted for the first time since starting his behavior therapy. the mayor was seen entering a high-rise office building. 45 minutes later, attorney gloria allred followed. allred represents some of those who accuse filner of sexual harassment. new jersey the second state to bonn conversion therapy when counselors try to turn gay kids straight. governor chris christie reiterated his belief that people are born gay and homosexuality is not a sin. several young people told lawmakers what they were subjected to during conversion therapy. >> a child was shocked repeatedly by people who had my parents' permission to torture me. >> i always believed that people are born with the predecision to be homosexual. >> the decision marked the third
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time this month that christie has staked out a moderate position on a hot-button issue, with an eye toward the white house in 2016. olympic strinter and double-leg amputee oscar pist to pistorius will be tried for murder. he admits to killing riva steenkamp. a judge is going to decide his fate, since there is no trial by jury in south africa. pistorius faces a life sentence if convicted. alex rodriguez will be back on the field today. attorneys battle major league baseball over team doping evidence. a-rod refused to make public evidence that led to his 211-game suspension. if rodriguez waved his confidentiality, it would disclose tests against him. but the lawyers called it a publicity stunt. crews appeared to have turned a corner in their battle against a fire burning in
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central idaho. residents are slowly being allowed to return back to their home near the resort areas of sun valley. thunderstorms are expected in the fire zone today, which will bring moisture but also the threat of lightning. that's scary for fire zones. and turning back overseas to britain, where prince william will have given his first interview since becoming a father. >> yes. some of it was a little -- along with the first photos taken by kate's weather. in the interview, william talks about fatherhood, saying it's had a profound affect on him. >> it's been a different emotional experience. something i never thought i would feel myself. and i find, again, it's only been a short period, but a lot of things affect me differently now. >> he's a little bit of a rascal. we'll put it that way. it reminds me of my brother or me when i was younger. >> william says the only legacy he wants to pass on to george is
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for him to sleep more. and he's hoping not to change so many diapers. lastly, william says he's ready to go back to work. >> those are high hopes for a tiny baby. >> the diapers will never change. >> sleeping, you have to give him a little time. let's turn to the weather here at home. there will be heavy rains across the southeast and into the mid-atlantic states. it will be clearing in the northeast and across the midwest and the plains. showers for the southwest and into the rockies. >> temperatures rising well into the 90s in colorado. warming up in new york. we haven't seen 86 degrees in weeks. 76 in seattle. 90 in miami. and 109 degrees in phoenix. black light and now something else. we're learning what's new with the next generation iphone. and real-luck drama for a hollywood star. dick van dyke's car burst into flames. what he's saying this morning about what happened. a deli worker uses some quick thinking to defend himself against a robber. and all of it is caught on camera.
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take the pledge. go to and welcome back. it's a rocky start to the week on wall street. the markets closed lower for the fourth day in a row yesterday. the first time that's happened this year. the dow fell 70 points. overseas markets are also plunging today in early trading. apple is looking to strike gold with its new iphone. several tech websites are reporting the new iphone, which is set to be announced september 10th, will come in white, black and gold. samsung, coming out with something big. and we mean big. the samsung galaxy mega
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will soon be released in the u.s. it's a smartphone that doubles as a tablet. here's a first for a fashion world. j. crew used social media to release its fall catalog. the clothing company's september issue rolled out on its instagram page before the catalog was mailed out. a chance to relive your childhood here. a company called high roller usa is now selling a big wheel for grown-ups. about time. it's made for riders from 5'2", to 6'6". and about 275 pounds. and it's got a grown-up price tag, too. $599. >> i remember the day i got a big wheel like it was yesterday. i never got a new bike. i always got hand-me-downs. but i got a new big wheel. and it was awesome. >> you know what we need for grown-ups next? hot wheels. >> why not? >> i want to drive some of those cars. have you seen those things? >> yeah. they're awesome. i had a pink cadillac. it was all pimped out before anybody said pimp my ride. it was awesome. >> that's what i want. when we come back, growing toll. a disease that affects hundreds of thousands of people. it's more common than previously
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take a look at the scene in gulfport, mississippi. a storm hit during a church service. and so much rain fell so fast, that worshipers became stranded inside of their church. about six inches of rain fell in about two hours. the only time the flooding there was worse was during hurricane katrina. >> and wearing the sunday best. all right. let's take a look at the road conditions. it will be wet along the gulf coast and in the southeast again today. flooding is possible there once again. and rain also could make things difficult for parts of the southwest and the rockies. >> staying in the southwest. if you're flying, it won't be any surprise there will be some delays there. also in the southeast, in atlanta, charlotte and new orleans. new details this morning of
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a fiery incident on a los angeles freeway that involved actor dick van dyke. >> home video shows the 87-year-old actor's late model jaguar charred after it somehow caught fire and then exploded. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> "the dick van dyke show." >> reporter: he's the iconic star. known for his famous roles in tv shows and movies. like "mary poppins." ♪ dick van dyke's drama on california's highway 101, looks more like a scene out of an action movie. his car catching fire. the engine exploding. leaving behind this charred mess. but van dyke, alive and well. joking about the off-duty firefighter who pulled him out of the car, just in time before the fire started. >> he yanked me out of the car. i was trying to call the dmv. the fire was -- and i made it. very exciting. >> reporter: van dyke was on the way to the dentist in
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calabasas, california. he knew something was wrong. >> it just started making a noise. and i thought i had a flat at first. then, it started smoking. then, it burned to a crisp. >> reporter: van dyke's wife, arlene, posting video of the scene on the social network, vine. along with this tweet, he's fine, thank god. van dyke is thanking the three heroes who he says just happened to be on that highway before the fire. >> there was a fireman and a nurse and a cop just happened to be passing by. >> wow. >> somebody's looking after me. >> reporter: adoring fans will remember that famous scene in "chitty chitty bang bang," where van dyke's car took flight. ♪ but van dyke cracks a joke about his real-life car. with a playful message. >> tell them i have a nice, used car for sale. >> reporter: a funny man walks away with that same smile we all love. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> he's still got it. investigators say a mechanical problem is to blame for a deadly fire in a limousine
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last may. five nurses were killed when the limousine they were riding in suddenly became engulfed in flames. they were celebrating a recent wedding. the blaze was caused by a rear suspension system that failed. when ignited, the car's carpeting. that started burning. the limo's operator has been fined $1,500 for having more passengers than were allowed. 14 a small college community in oklahoma and a family in australia are still trying to make sense this morning out of a senseless act of violence. police say 22-year-old chris lane, a native of australia, was killed last friday when he was simply out for a jog. three teenagers are now in jail and facing murder charges. lane's father talked about it all yesterday from australia. >> the fact that something that shouldn't have happened has happened. it's the fact that somebody we love so much is not going to come home. >> possibly the most disturbing fact of this case is police claim the young suspects targeted lane because they, quote, wanted to see someone die. the names of those boys in custody have not been released.
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some quick thinking by a new jersey deli owner managed to stop a robber in his tracks. police say the thief, with a windbreaker, pulled around his face entered the deli and showed him he had a gun. that's when the owner grabbed a pot of hot oil and threw it squarely at the bad guy. now, police are asking area emergency rooms to be on alert for anyone showing up with burns. >> that will get your attention fast. >> quick thinking. >> no kidding. >> here's a lesson. always have a pot of boiling oil in the back of your counter. >> all right. let's talk about the center for disease control. they're reporting that lyme disease rates are ten-times higher than previously reported. the illness, which is spread by deer ticks about the size of poppy seeds, affects 300,000 people per year. the symptoms include fever, headache and a rash that resembles a bull's eye around the bite. another loss for the dodgers. and the first time in a long time that they lost two in a
4:19 am
row. >> here's stan and neil with more highlights. >> good morning, america. he's stan verrett. i'm neil everett. we're in los angeles. it's the real "sportscenter" set. i handle the baseball highlights. this is a great story here. yasiel puig. jose hernandez. cuban defectors, never met. two of the top n.l. rookie of the year candidates. fernandez got the best of puig. one, two, three and out. fernandez, six innings, eight ks. john carlos stanton, hit that one to dodger stadium. that's like disneyland out there. >> what do they have going on out there? >> his 15th. the marlins win, 6-2. first time in two months, the dodgers have lost back-to-back games. orioles and rays chasing the red sox. and one of them hoping -- if we don't catch them, we don't hope to be in the wild card. matt joyce off chris tillman, his 16th. gives the rays a 4-2 lead. 4-3. runner on second, one out. adam jones has been hot. but not there. matt wieters, swinger.
4:20 am
orioles left a total of 15 on base. nine in scoring position. the rays win, 4-3. albert pujols done for the season with a foot injury. in the second year of that $240 million contract with the angels. >> ooh. angels kind of done, too. >> guys, thank you. coming up next, it's "the pulse." and proof you should never disturb a nest of angry wasps. and a symbol of american freedom is becoming the backdrop of an amazing leap of faith.
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4:23 am
her name is sunny. she is a portuguese water dog. >> that's the same breed as bo, the obamas' first dog, who finds himself with a brand-new playmate. the family says that breed works well for the obamas because of the family allergies. sunny is all black. bo has some white spots. we hardly talk about afghanistan here in "the pulse." but this is special circumstances, given what happened. with the camera reporting, a military explosives team blows up a rock, that was blocking a road. >> that's when things get a little more dangerous. check that out. you can see they got more than they expected. >> yikes. those are some angry wasps. their nest was among the collateral damage. no word on whether anyone was stung. hopefully no one was near that camera. >> that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, for
4:24 am
real. >> do you hear them hitting it? >> i'd be running for the hills. daredevil jumping in the hudson river is our "play of the day." take a look. lady liberty the backdrop for a world champion dive from a helicopter, hovering 75 feet above the hudson, to welcome the red bull cliff diving series to the u.s. this weekend. >> world champion cliff diver, orlando duque had one opportunity. he had three seconds to do it. he had to land a flying back dive while traveling 50 miles per hour. and he makes it. >> he sticks the landing. check it out. >> sure does. >> barely a splash. >> and he's not wearing a wetsuit. >> what is he wearing? >> shorts and a shirt. and his ponytail. that's the hudson river. >> he can wear whatever he wants. he's a cool dude. freeze that, like he's going in for the torch. >> i don't know i could -- >> you do that, don't you? >> yeah. actually, i'm going to change into my white outfit. i got to go. go do that. >> i'll come with you. this is claira.
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thank you so much for joining us. i'm eric thomas. look who made a return engagement. i guess we didn't scare her off. >> no, you didn't. >> let's talk weather right now. once again, the return of high fire danger. here's mike. >> thank you very much. nice to see both of you. good morning, everybody. nice to see you. here's a look at our radar. notice how quiet it is compared to yesterday. our closest thunderstorms well offshore by at least 135 miles. and guess what? they're moving away from us. but they do have a lot of lightning. 174 strikes over just the last hour. all right. back here at home, we'll go back six hours. you can see some of the thunder that rumbled through the east bay, the south bay, lower sections of the peninsula. all that has moved on. so we still do have a high fire
4:29 am
danger, it's going to be mainly around the diablo range, the santa cruz mountains and into the north bay. it could possibly be around until tomorrow afternoon we'll talk more about our thunderstorm chances. we're out the door pretty quiet here. how about traffic? >> not too quiet. unfortunately, we have a sig alert. north bound 880 south of stevens creek boulevard due to an accident injury. you might start to see traffic build up. we also have this accident in san jose. it's northbound along 280 as you come up on stephens creek. and this is involving a couple vehicles. also blocking a lane. can you see we are experiencing a little southbound slowing as well. as we take you into the east bay, eastbound side. that's where you'll find some construction crews and already we are looking at volume there, bottleneck as you make that drive. eastbound, quick look outside. walnut creek southbound along 680 over to highway 24 looking
4:30 am
clear. with thousands of lightning strikes overnight, the concern is heightened that strikes could spark quickly moving fires. we are still under a red flag warning. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with more. >> reporter: we're here in the north bay keeping our eye out for more strikes. we want you to look at what we've already seen. mother nature put on quite a light show last night. it was an impressive and rare lightning in august. we have shots of it from the peninsula and the east bay. the national weather service says there were more than 11,000 strikes reported last night. there were no reports of fire. a relief for firefighters. they were worried about that with all the dry conditions out there. socal fire even brought in extra crews just to be here on standby just in case. and they are still on alert. that red flag warning is in effect until tomorrow. so keep your eyes up. you could see some more strikes between now and then.


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