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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 18, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, wildfires raging out west. and as far north as alaska. the out of control walls of flames and smoke forcing evacuations and threatening homes, including those of the rich and famous. this morning, we are in the dangers zone. diana's death. 16 years after the princess died tragically in a car accident, could there be new information about her death? what scotland yard is saying about new conspiracy claims. on the attack. going on the hunt and attacking people, but why now? the frightening bear aggression on the rising with forcing one mauling victim's dramatic rescue from the alaska wilderness. and toy story, the little
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boy who couldn't win the prize inside the claw machine crawls in instead. >> don't move. >> how did he get in there? and what his mom did to him when he finally got out. from abc news live from new york, this is "good morning america" with dan harris and bianna golodryga. >> that mom was not a happy camper in that shot. but the boy seemed to be having fun. good morning, america, dan harris is on assignment, dan abrams is back here. >> good morning. it's sunday, august 18th. busy morning. more protests in egypt as the government considers the drastic move of banning the muslim brotherhood. sure to heighten sensation as new concern arises this morning about the fate of priceless anticties, some stolen and
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destroyed. >> fears they are moving to civil war. also ahead, another of the baseball big stars slapped with a suspension. the former mvp busted for takinged a roll. why he was taking it, and at one point he was allowed to use it. of course it's banned. >> it's sad. we'll talk to you. about a global battle about michael jackson's famous white gloves. the u.s. government trying to keep it from the son of an african dictator and we'll tell you why. that's coming up. first out west, crews are battling major wildfires out of control in utah and idaho. two near posh communities that are holiday get away spots for some of hollywood's biggest stars. we have the story. >> reporter: more than 10,000 homeowners worried this morning in sun valley, da, that this wind swept fire could head their
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way. roads out are packed as people in more than 3,000 homes have been forced to evacuate. >> it's coming down the mountainside. wait and see what happens. can't control it. >> reporter: the fire in this ski resort where celebrities like tom hanks own homes is now the nation's top fire fighting priority. the resort is using snow-making machines to douse the mountain. insurance companies are sending private fire trucks to protect the properties. the smoke so thick even crews at a nearby air quality station had to get out. they describe the scene. >> today it's obscured by smoke and causing a lot of problems for the people in the area who are wearing masks or ban danas to keep the smoke and ash out of their lungs. >> the beaver creek fire has te
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voured acres and is not under control. the fire fighters are challenged by the same type of fire tornados or fire whorls that are whipping around and spreading flames in the other parts of the western u.s. 42 wildfires are raging in 11 states from alaska down to arizona, the heat and drought speeding the pace of this year's fire season, already one of the deadliest on record, 31 killed so far. and the burning expected to last for several more weeks. abc news, denver. ginger zee is tracking the conditions as fire fighters battle those places. >> hey, dan, not good. i want to show, idaho and utah, we're focused on those, hot and dry through today. red flag watches, and fire warnings for california and other states because of thunderstorms. it's good, but bittersweet, the
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storm, gusty winds and more lightning for more fires. we have to go to the other side of the country. we were talking about the flooding. panama city looked like this yesterday. 5 to 8 inches of rain, and parts of georgia, more than a foot. i want to check in on panama city this morning. an earth cam, nice shot of the beach, but you're going to see more scattered showers. not as bad as yesterday. that's good news. what's happening? the stationary front, all of the gulf moisture feeding up, but the dry air is not allowing it to get to the places that need it most, that would be texas. it's going to filter in in northern florida. an idea of how much falls, well, 2 to 3 inches in the pan handle and parts of the gulf. more in the nation's weather. >> i still can't get over the images of the fire tornado the. thank you. turn overseas to egypt. a key american alley. that interim prime minister is
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considering disbanding the must u muslim brotherhood, enraging protesters. hundreds believed to be killed in the last week alone. now there's concern over the fate of priceless anticties being destroyed. mohammed lila is keeping a close eye from cairo. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. the muslim brotherhood is continuing its defiance, announcing more protest marches, all set to begin within the next few hours. this morning, cairo woke up to this, the heaviest police presence we have seen in days. the army's armored vehicles on every major street, even guarding tahrir square, so central to the democratic revolution two years ago. it's as the ongoing violence continues to spiral out of
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control, with angry civilians taking up arms. watch this woman in black, a muslim brotherhood supporter who's been released from a mosque. in less than 30 seconds, she's surrounded by an angry mob and attacked. the military intervened to keep her safe. many christians are afraid, worried churches will be attacked. this man telling us earlier, of course i'm worried, but i'm ready to protect the church with my life. even the ancient treasures aren't safe. this is allotting and destruction at the museum. glass cases smashed, and priceless statues destroyed. now the government here is justifying the crackdown, saying that police have been showing restraint and this is a war on terror against islamic militants bent on overthrowing this country. bianna and dan. >> thank you.
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well, the unrest is proving to be a tough test for the obama administration. >> george stephanopoulos joins the discussion. good morning. why is the u.s. not doing more? the concern betting on the wrong horse? >> the real concern there may not be a good horse. when the muslim brotherhood was elected, the united states pressed them to open up the governing process. they ignored the united states. the military comes in, the united states presses for non-violent crackdowns. president obama has suspended military aid because he wants to maintain the influence, but if the military continues to ignore u.s. pleas to calm down the violence, they may have no choice but to suspend aid. >> the embassy in cairo is closed because of the escalating violence. back to domestic policy, we
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have images of the president playing golf yesterday with larry david. he's coming back to a lofty, lofty administration, and he's got immigration reform, gun control, a deficit deal. what, if any, can he accomplish? >> he's got a big fall coming up. he cut his vacation short. he went eight days instead of the normal two weeks. and the big problem for the president is they're facing three showdowns with the congress over shutting down the government, over the debt limit and the sequester which led to severe cuts in government funding. and the president has little leverage there, but he believes and the white house believes that the republican party is in an even weaker position. if they shut down the government to defund obamacare, they will regate themselves to minority status for a generation. >> they have a lot on their plate domestically and internationally. >> be sure to join george for all the latest in egypt coming
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up on "this week." and the other stories, rob powers is back with us this morning. >> we start with a story people have been following for days. good morning to you. in the news, a fund raiser for the family at the center of a nationwide amber alert. she was kidnapped by james dimaggio. before the abduction, he killed her mother and brother and set the house on fire. after a nationwide search the man and girl were found in rural idaho. dimaggio was killed. and they were having a car wash to help the andersons. the broadcasting father of a former red sox employee accused of killing his girlfriend is breaking his silence. jared remy was facing charges of murder and domestic assault. police say he to bed to death his girlfriend. his father is a broadcast
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announcer for the boston red sox. on twitter he said, quote, words cannot describe my wife's and my grief. we are articulating my disgust and remorse over this senseless and tragic act. two survivors of the aurora movie theater shooting are setting out and finishing a trip interrupted last year. they were on a cross-country trip from virginia to san francisco. they were on a stop in colorado when they were injured in the shooting rampage. now they pickup where they left off-. they left from the movie theater saturday, headed for san francisco. >> i'm excited to get on the road and just, i guess, leave the town behind and head west. can't wait to ride over the golden gate bridge and see the pacific ocean. >> and stephen burton is from connecticut, not far from
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newtown, connecticut where 26 children and adults were killed in a mass shooting. they are hoping a man-made earthquake will help better understand the real one. yeah, in just seconds crews took down a building on the cal state campus. 450,000 pounds of explosives, the building stood on top of one of the most active fault lines in the region. the implosion was the equivalent of a magnitude 2 quake. they hope to find out what risks other buildings face. despite the inherent danger, kind of looks like fun. a kid able to crawl into one of those big toy claw arcade games as his frantic mother worked to get him out. his mother had a ball. you kind of know what happens
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once they open the machine. he can fit inside that door, and, watch, he's going to get an earful from mom here. don't you move. you have no idea -- he has no idea of the danger that he may in right there. he knows he's in a small room with a lot of cool balls. >> he's having fun. >> my son's 13 months, he loves playing in big things of balls. >> ball, balloon. something you and i have to look forward to. >> we don't recommend that. he was in danger. >> thanks, rob. turn now to a story that has royal watchers buzzing. it's 16 years since princess diana died in a car crash. british police are taking a close look at new information that could she would new light on her death. nick has the details from london. >> reporter: good morning. take a look at this, in
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newspaper after newspaper this morning, new seemingly shocking details about how princess diana died. the police dismissed the conspiracy theories, but so many people believe they don't know what happened in paris. august 31st, 1997. they hoped to ditch the paparazzi. they talk with the driver who had drunk three times the legal limit. and the cameraman, the tunnel, the crash. french police, british police, in a three-year $7 million investigation concluded it was an accident. >> there was no conspiracy to murder any occupants of that car. >> reporter: but now the conspiracies are back. >> new information about the circumstances surrounding the paris car crash. >> reporter: this morning british media report a new allegation that diana, fayed and the driver were killed by
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special forces. the source is from the estranged people. >> immediately you have the prospect of a red hot story. and a little bit of a conspiracy theorist in all of us. >> reporter: the endless conspiracy theories. but this has been around, but says diana's former private secretary, it must be investigated. >> if somebody had now evidence about the kennedy assassination, forget it, it's not true. no, we'd investigate it. >> reporter: even in the movies, in the soon to be released diana, a mysterious reference to the paris weekend. >> doesn't seem right to be going on a trip. >> reporter: that trip, her death, her life, it all still captivates us. and that's why, 16 years later, despite the investigations, we want to know what really happened that night in paris.
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and this morning, buckingham palace declining comment, and scotland yard is scoping out the new information. look at the newspapers, this is a story we cannot turn away from. >> 16 years later. all right. thanks, nick, appreciate it. now another boy of summer busted. this time it's one-time mvp miguel tejada being hit with one of the longest suspensions ever for using aderol. gooe joe benitez has the story. >> reporter: suspended for 105 games. the stunning news after he tested positive for an thet mean. in the case of an athlete, it would allow them to focus on the game. >> reporter: he's telling espn, i admitted i made a mistake, but
4:17 am
i want people to understand one thing, i wasn't using a drug to take advantage on the field or be stronger or hit more home runs. he said he had been taking the drug for five years and had medical permission from the league. but that permit, he says, expired in april. >> it's a neuroactive agent, and patients feel they cannot stop taking the drug. >> reporter: his ban comes after yankee third baseman alex rodriguez was suspended for 211, investigators saying he's been on drugs since 2010. 12 other players got 50-game penalties. >> it makes the fan, or the person who enjoys sports wonder who's on what? >> reporter: tejada's name had been connected with doping allegations in the past. in 2009, he was convicted of
4:18 am
lying to congress about performance-enhancing drugs in baseball. this is after three separate positive tests. he says he does not plan to retire. but experts tell us this could be the end of his career. >> such a black eye for the entire sport as well. time now for a check of the weather and over to ginger zee. >> hey, can i tell you my cousin's been in town, and new york city has been near perfection. this is how it always is? i said not quite. but this is what it's going to do, it's going to change. all that perfection coming to an end. this is what you have to expect, philadelphia, 73, new york city, 73, a little cooler, more clouds than we have been seeing. this is what it's like in washington, d.c., they are also going to be very chilly compared to average. average 87, they're going end up only in the low 70s. a little cooler with the easterly flow off the ocean. as far as the severe weather in the nation, you have one small
4:19 am
pocket, aberdeen, grand forks and fargo, damaging winds and possibly hail. something you'll be watching your local abc stations later on for. phoenix now starting to cool down a little bit, and by cool down, i mean 109 today. that's the big picture, let's check closer to home. >> chicago is about to have their warmest weekend in a couple of weeks. we'll be looking at their picture and forecast in the next
4:20 am
half hour. i don't know if this is weather-related, but there's an alarming trend, a frightening amount of bear attacks. >> hikers, hunters and others are face to face with the hungry creatures preparing for hibernation. linzie janis has this story. >> reporter: this morning an alaska hunter was brutally mauled by a brown bear. it all happened nearly 300 miles from civilization. it was an elaborate in an area so remote they needed to refuel the helicopter in midair just to get to him, more than 36 hours after the attack. it's at least the fifth bear attack in the u.s. in just three days. in michigan, 12-year-old abigail was going for a jog wednesday night when she too came face-to-face with a bear. >> she saw the bear out of the corner of her eye, started running and he came up behind
4:21 am
and knocked her down. >> reporter: in mere moments -- >> two large gashes, she was bleeding. >> reporter: the hunt is on with officials scattering traps. >> they will aggressively take care of this problem so this bear does not do it again. >> reporter: and in yellowstone national park, four hikers charged by a mother bear protecting her cubs. even yosemite is seeing a sharp includes in bear encounters, up 64%. it's all happening because we're approaching hibernation season, and they are trying to bulk up, looking everywhere for a meal. researchers at the department of fish and game attached a camera around this brown bear. watch as he is just inches from backyards. and this new jersey home -- >> my neighbor started screaming the minute i opened my car door
4:22 am
to get back in the car. he was on the hill coming toward me. >> reporter: this morning, we got word the hunter in alaska is in stable condition, and the grandmother of the michigan girl gets out of the hospital today and plans to play soccer as soon as she can. the majority of attacks by normally passive black bears. >> she's lucky to be alive. >> they say not to run away, but make noise. >> i hope to never deal with that. thank you. coming up, food fight, a supermarket chain with a cult following is facing a customer selling their products across the border. and sharing hands, one white glove, and a court fight to keep one guy from owning it why the u.s. government is stepping in. and the bride and groom wore
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♪ it's one of the most famous accessories in the world, that beaded right glove worn by the king of pop. three years ago it was auctioned off to the son of an african dictator, now the u.s. government is demanding its return. this is a huge legal battle, and why authorities are going after michael jackson's iconic glove. good morning, i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan abrams. the son of an african dictator buying michael jackson's glove. dan harris is out, it's sunday, august 18th, and the wait is over, disney infinity, lets you mix and match your favorite disney characters. we have some of them here on our set coming up. >> we have been looking forward
4:31 am
to that all morning. lots of people swear by the products at trader joes. but they say one guy is going too far by selling the products. >> he's a self-proclaimed pirate joe, and they are trying to get him to walk the plank. good morning. >> good morning, mates. >> there you go, good morning. this pirate says he opened up the company in response to market conditions, filling the void for his fellow canadians. >> you can't get these in canada. >> he's a self-described pirate, but not in jewels or buried treasure, he's venturing across international borders to plunder cookie butter. >> we haven't got a straight answer what they do with it, maybe just a spoon in the jar. >> he owns pirate joes in vancouver, british columbia dedicated to offering
4:32 am
unauthorized artisan groceries from the popular chain, trader joes. >> we think we're entitled to the same access that you are. so we're providing it. >> no trader joes stores in canada, so he and his team drive nearly 80 miles across the canadian border to washington state so he can offer the treasures to deprived canadians. he insists he's obeying laws. >> we import legally. >> but when he sells the goods, they say he's in the wrong. they're suing to stop his operation is a result of trademark infringement, false endorsement and false advertising. >> i took down the p, it's irate joes now, that's how ridiculous the lawsuit is. they're trying not to sell to him. >> i have people shopping for me, my photo is at the manager's
4:33 am
desk. >> trader joe's is not commenting. as for the swash buckling be entrepreneur, he'd leave it behind if they'd open up a shop on his side of the border. >> they should open in vancouver, i have a great location. >> he has his eyes set on another business endeavor, a knockoff mcdonalds that serves grass-fed beef. rip donalds for canadians. i bought the cookie butter. who ate half the jar? >> dan, defend yourself. >> this guy's got to be one of the best customers. he's buying tons of stuff and bringing it over the border. >> doing the stuff nobody else wants to do. the and the canadians were upset. >> it's a coming to america moment, mcdowells and mcdonalds. that's what i'm thinking of. in the end just claim canada. >> it's conditioned's fault.
4:34 am
>> irate joe's. >> now for the other headlines, back over to rob powers. we start again unfortunately with a story followed for days, fire crews trying to get a handle on wildfires out west. one of the worst spots in sun valley, idaho. more than 2300 homes evacuated. and to remove bob filner from office. facing accusations of sexually harassing female employees. he spent five days in rehab for behavioral therapy. he's expected to return to work tomorrow. new information about the death of princess diana, she and her boyfriend were killed when the car they were riding in crashed in paris in 1997. in a statement saturday, scotland yard stressing they are not reopening the investigation. and finally bags of doritos
4:35 am
handed out at the hempfest. on them, information about the new marijuana law in washington state. don't drive while high, and do listen to the dark side of the moon at a reasonable volume. seattle police say they ran out of bags in ten minutes. but,man -- >> the bag as well. peanut butter, dorry toes. >> you don't care how many there were. it's time for the weather. it felt like september in chicago. i want to show you a nice view of chicago, and you get an idea of the sky cover there. today you are going to see temperatures starting to bump up. this is through the first part of the week. summer heat does return for places like minneapolis where they haven't seen 90s since mid-july. near 90 by tuesday, chicago, 80,
4:36 am
boston and new york city, building into the 80s and back to what feels like august versus the fall. then you look at the really stormy southeast. we have been talking about this for days and days because of the stationary front. you'll see flood watches today, the panhandle has some. but it's adding on to what you have in the last week or so, the whole summer. that's the pattern. temperatures cooler along the stationary front. some places like atlanta had record low high temperatures, really, really cool. that's the big picture, lets check closer to home. >> this weather report has been brought to you by nutella. i get that wrong, record cool high is how you should say it,
4:37 am
or record minimum/maximum? >> record minimum/maximum? say that three times. >> it's like the cloud quiz yesterday. i don't get it. >> it's cold in the southeast. >> thank you, ginger. coming up on "good morning america," the fight to keep an african dictator's son from keeping one of michael jackson's gloves. why the u.s. government is leading the fight. it's national ice cream day. our salute to america's favorite dessert is coming up. yum.
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. michael jackson was always on the cutting edge in the world of music and fashion. and when he first wore a white glove to perform billy jean,
4:42 am
well an fashion trend was born. >> now the u.s. government is stepping in to make sure one of his iconic gloves doesn't stay in the hands of the son of an african kidictator. accused of using dirty money to fund his lavish spending spree. >>. >> reporter: good morning, the u.s. government says the son of the dictator has a collection of extravagant things he got illegally, fancy cars, a private jet, and one iconic item that many of you would recognize immediately. michael jackson was as much the king of pop as a style icon. it is almost impossible to separate the legendary's career from that jacket, that hat, and, of course, that glove. a glove that has been in the private collection of this man
4:43 am
since the son of equatorial guinea's president bought it at auction in 2010. >> there's nothing more iconic than the white rhinestone-studded glove. that's michael jackson. >> but he allegedly bought the glove and other michael jackson memorabilia with stolen public funds. in april 2011, u.s. froze funds. he has a private jet and cars. and just last year, his $100 million plus mansion was seized, they found millions in goods and cars. the case was thrown out in april of 2012, but now the justice department filed a new complaint, putting the suspected illegally obtained items back in jeopardy. >> there's nobody who doesn't want a piece of michael
4:44 am
jackson's glove. whether michael's alive or whether he's not, it's just such an important symbol. >> his lawyers argue that the u.s. has no grounds to seize the pop souvenirs, but the u.s. government is ready to fight and beat it. ♪ beat it and this is the latest action in a new initiative by the department of justice to crack down on what it calls large-scale foreign official corruption. he is musician, that might explain the fascination with $2 million worth of jackson memorabilia. >> they say he had annual salary of just $100,000 a year. >> fancy lifestyle. >> you love saying southern african dictator. >> he's buying michael jackson's glove. >> you can't make it up. >> doesn't make -- i don't know. >> it was great to see the images of michael jackson. we loved that music growing up. thank you. and coming up on "gma,"
4:45 am
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it is time for pop news with our friend abc's linsey davis. >> time to get popping. pop news goes infinity and beyond. that's because we begin with a new video game just released today. it's "disney infinity" put out by our parent company, disney. all you have to do is put the special figures right on the base, see them there, talk about pop news, they pop up in the
4:50 am
game. the greatest thing is you can mix and match all your favorite characters. jack spar row can play with suly. you can do whatever you want. there may be a few people you recognize here. take a closer look. bianna. >> that's not me. >> there? that's dan harris. i'll just point them out. >> yes. >> that's me on the right. >> ginger zee. >> that's ginger. >> and my all time favorite, move over sponge bob squarepants, ron claiborne. these characters do in the actually come in the game. it was a little something we did for you on this sunday morning. >> the ginger zee one looked like ginger. the rest, i'm not so sure. >> all right, and so let's look at this traditional wedding march gone out the window. it was the dream of a bride in
4:51 am
pennsylvania to walk down the aisle to bird calls. they got married at a field and stream store, and got a surprise when duck dynasty star robertson was there for a book signing and happy to add his name to the guest list. and this is actually why i'm here today, all scream for ice cream, it's national soft serve ice cream day. nothing says summer like a sweet cone or cup. and ginger zee is out celebrating at mr. softy, ginger. >> i'm out here. this is the mr. softy truck. but soft serve ice cream has controversy. can i have a vanilla with sprinkles. also the company dairy queen claim they have it -- i'm going to eat this, we're going to be right back. >> she gets all the fun. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? and now today, i see this in the news. once again, centrum silver was chosen by researchers
4:52 am
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it took us a while to get these up here. mine has been dripping all over. >> we want to thank rob and dan for joining us. and everyone at home have a great weekend. thanks, ginger. offensive lineman,c, defensive tackles, quarterbacks and cornerbacks are all working with united way. for a million little reasons. the kids of our communities. to ensure their academic success,
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
5:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, i'm katie marzullo in for carolyn tyler on this sunday morning. we will start with a quick first look at the weather. good morning, lisa. >> good morning. we are starting out with a marine layer about 1400 feet deep. but we expect it to burn off earlier today so that will allow for a warmup. the fog gets hung up along parts of the coast. more high fogginess but sunshine. and a warmer day. a spare-the-air day today. temperatures around the bay warmer, 76 to 81. coastside look at this, mid-60s to mid-70s up by point reyes. and inland today downright hot with mid-to upr


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