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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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and a wildfire threatening part of
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short that day. that day my life changed. >> seven years after a gruesome murder a mother renewed her plea for help finding her son's killer, and tonight a quarter million dollars in reward money is powerful incentive. good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson is off tonight. his name was aubrey abricasa and his mother marked the anniversary by trying to generate new leads to his killer. cornell bernard is live with the story. cornell, you can still see the grief on her face and hear it in her voice. >> you really can, dan. it has been seven years since teenager aubrey was gunned down in this very intersection of grove and baker. his mother is still vowing to find witnesses who can help bring a killer to justice.
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aubrey was just 17 years old when he was gunned down at the corner of grove and baker streets exactly seven years ago. >> his life was just cut short that day. that day my life changed. it has never been the same. >> paul let is marking the anniversary by returning to the place her son was shot 30 times. she is posting signs and passing out fliers about the unsolved crime. >> who is to say they won't do it again? >> aubrey played scrawl in high school and was about to start his senior year. many believe witnesses are out there but too frightened to come forward. >> in my experience and i work in the criminal justice system. oocially when -- usually when something like this happens it is on facebook. everybody knows who done it. >> for years paulette fought for a reward in her son's case
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and gavin newsom established $250,000, and no takers. suspects were arrested in aubrey's murder, but released due to lack of evidence. they need witnesses to come forward. >> the building right there, you can clearly see. you can clearly see. >> you think somebody saw something from that window? >> oh yes. >> paulette was joined by other mothers whose sons killings are also not solved. she calls it the healing circle. >> this is my therapy. i would rather do this and then maybe, maybe one day i will get justice. >> she won't stop until she does. cornell bernard, abc news. developing news tonight. a big question in the bay area will be answered tomorrow. that's when officials say they will decide whether the new bay bridge will open on labor day. a public hearing is set for 10:00 a.m. that's when the toll bridge oversight committee will vote on and announce the opening day for the eastern span.
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earlier this week federal officials signed off on a fix for cracked safety bolts. the scheduled labor day opening has been in jeopardy since the problem was discovered. we'll find out tomorrow morning. the search is on tonight for a man accused of robbing and attacking two students at a san jose high school. it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon at silver creek high school on campus between classroom buildings. a gerl says a man pulled out a gun and tried to rob her when another teen tried to help her the gunman hit him with the weapon. the man ran off after robbing the girl. the boy was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay, thank goodness. and a scare for elementary school students in antioch on their first day pack back to -- back to class. very evacuated carmen dragon elementary school when a grass fire broke out near meadow creek park. you can see the smoke billowing toward the school in this video by the bay area news group. the fire never threatened the
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school. union city police are warning drivers about a woman who carjacked a man with a stun gun. it happened at 13th and f streets on saturday evening. the victim says the robber first threw liquid on him and then shocked him with a stun gun. he ran away and she drove off with his are cay. the vic -- with his are cay. the victim escaped with minor injuries and was shaken um. police have recovered the car. police in campbell hope surveillance footage helps nab two bank robbers. they took this photo. the robbery happened around 12:45 this afternoon. police say the two men drove away in a stolen red pick up. you can see them armed with a ski mask on. then they ditched the truck and got away in two separate get away cars. new at 11:00, a wrong way chase kept police and deputies on the move tonight in the east bay. that pursuit ended when the suspects crashed a stolen car at montana street and laguna avenue in oakland. oakland police first tried to
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stop the car before the driver went the wrong way on the i-580. a police helicopter spotted the car in san leandro and the sheriff deputies chased it back to oakland. deputies say they found this semiautomatic tech 9 handgun in the car. three people were arrested. neighbors held a vigil for an oakland woman whose body was found after she mysteriously disappeared earlier this month. as a positive spirit and a hard working mother. her body was found by search crews in vacaville. investigators will not reveal how she died. a man sandra dated several years ago is a person of interest in the case. overseas for a moment. nearly 300 people are dead and about 2,000 are injured in violent clashes across egypt. this is some dramatic new video of the assault against supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi.
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karen travers has the latest. >> reporter: darkness fell in cairo and the streets were chaotic. there is a dusk to dawn curfew in place. it is the first action in the state of emergency instituted today. earlier violence erupted when the military used force to clear out two areas occupied by supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. they used bulldozers and armored vehicles and teargas to disperse the morsi crowd. they fought back with rocks. a reporter was at the scene of one violent clash. >> there is a lot on fire there and there is very thick black smoke that is likely meant to try to confuse the helicopters and the multiple helicopters circling above. >> morsi demonstrators staged demonstrations since being removed from power. this man said "over our dead bodies we will not leave." the violence prompted the
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interim vice president to resign. the nobel peace prize inwither says the standoff could have been resolved peacefully and he will not bury responsibility for bloodshed. john carey condemned the violence and said it would not solve the conflict. >> today's events are deplorable and they run counter to egyptian as -- aspirations for peace and general democracy. >> secretary carey said it is a pivotal moment for egypt and it dealt a serious blow to reach some sort of compromise between the interim government and morsi supporters. karen travers, abc news, washington. same-sex marriages will continue in california. that's after the supreme court denied a last ditch appeal of supporters of proposition 8. in june as you know the u.s. supreme court cleared the way for same-sex marriage to resume in california. opponents said the ruling should apply only to the two couples who actually took the case to the high court.
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san francisco's board of appeals handed a small victory to a men's clothing store trying to open in the mission district. neighbors and merchants say jack spade is a national chain with 11 or more stores across the u.s. san francisco law requires special hearings before chains can open in certain neighborhoods and that includes part of the intermission where a permit has been approved for a jack spade store. >> this area is like a wildlife preserve. it is designated a safe zone for small business. >> looking forward to it. i think it will improve the block. i can't wait. >> jack spade claims it is a small independent retailer even though it is owned by liz claiborne. they will take another look at the plan next week. and we will keep you updated on that. and good news. a 21-year-old woman who disappeared after her sister dropped her off at a gas station in mountain view has been found safe. ma 11 doal -- melinda alexzander was found a short
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time ago in san mateo county. a wildfire burning in the tahoe national forest is threatening part of california's history. the boom and bust gold rush towns both historically significant areas in placer county are in the line of fire. the old mining town of last chance is in the most imminent danger. no populated areas are in danger and they are historic sites and it would be a shame to lose them. the fire at this point is 10% contained. still to come, science fiction becomes science reality. the south bay company using star trek as inspiration. and what would you do if you found nearly $7,000 in an envelope? what one california man did and why he says he would do it again? and just for vip's, facebook's new focus and how they are facing off against twitter. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel and fog is back in the picture. we will look at your wake up
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weather plus the changes that are coming
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us a step closer to the kind of computing you see in science fiction. abc7 news reporter jonathon bloom explains the new feature that lets you ask your
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computer a direct question and get a simple answer. >> hello computer. >> to the characters in star trek talking to a computer is commonplace. but down here on earth we still usually type in searches with a keyboard. >> keyboard, how quaint. >> dl are a few trekies working. they have come up with this. >> what am i doing this weekend? >> here is your agenda. first up, the next hotel reservation is at omni chicago hotel for tomorrow. >> the data comes mostly from your g mail account and your calendar. the instant response comes from years of research. >> we have had great advances with something called neural network technology that uses thousands of the computers altogether to process your utter wrens and understand what it means. >> if checking a flight time or tracking a package instantaneous and it works on any device as long as you are logged into google. >> when is my dinner reservation? >> you have a reservation at
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9:00 p.m. today. >> the features will roll out to most users over the span of a few days. some folks have gotten their first taste and they say they are pretty impressed. >> if you can use my data in a way that makes my experience better, then i am all for that. >> and josh says it is futuristic, but functional. >> you can ask it all sorts of questions and feel like you are in sci-fi. after awhile we fill feel it is natural. >> it is different from siri. siri is a little more sac see. sassy. >> google is trying to be your assistant and get things done as soon as possible as opposed to trying to be your buddy or friend. >> we know what happens when the computer becomes too human. >> open the pod doors. >> i'm sorry, dave. i'm afraid i can't do that. >> jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> a glimpse at the future. big cutbacks at sisco. the internet hardware company is splashing about 4,000 jobs. sisco is battling a perception
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the servers allow the nsa to spy overseas because of the edward snowden whistle-blower scandal. they say that will impact sales. it is unknown how many layoffs will affect the san jose headquarters. facebook is making new changes. it is now trying to be a bit more celebrity friendly. the menlo park social networking site will unveil new vip features that lets stars in ter act with their fans easily. they are trying to match twitter. one man turned in money he found and did the right thing. they found the envelope outside vie sale yaw's dmv office and he didn't theng about keeping it. >> it wasn't mean and i felt like it was somebody's life saving and somebody in desperate need of it. it is back in the hands of who had it and i didn't want it to go to anybody else's hands. >> good guy.
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the rightful owners claimed the cash the next day. his decision is more admirable considering he and his wife could have used the money. the couple live off a single disability check each month. good man. did the right thing. let's talk about the weather forecast. it is warming up still as you know. meteorologist sandhya patel is watching the forecast and we have our big spread again inland and on the coast. >> we do. dan, i i am not talking about food either. i am talking about the temperatures. temperatures got into the mid90s around antioch today. but half moon bay, pacifica, in the low 60s. it is the summertime spread and our summer microclimates are here and they will stick around two more days. looking at live doppler hd we have fog along the coast and i do want to show you a closer view. you can see that the fog has made it out toward the east bay. oakland, hey ready what, fremont , tomorrow morning give yourself some extra time. you can see it here from our emeryville camera.
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your temperatures are still mild and in the low 60s. san jose in the mid60s and it is 61 currently in half moon bay. check out this view and you can see the shaky camera. a dramatic view of the fog as we look toward the west. it is breezy over the higher terrain. santa rosa 63 and it is 61 in novato. still pretty mild and close to 70 degrees in fairfield. 65 in livermore and a gorgeous shot from our explore for yum camera. you can see a little patch of fog out toward the bay there. fog near the coast and around the bay. a wide range of temperatures are continuing for the next few days. it will be cooler as we head into the weekend. here is what we are really dealing with, a hot air mass has been sticking around for the desert southwest. we have had a little of this come our way the last few days and then we have a cool air mass to our northwest. we are going to start to see this trough here affect our weather as we approach the weekend. that will mean change.
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approach, the marine layer deepens and it takes longer for the low fog and clouds to clear out. friday and saturday you will notice the temperatures falling and sunday we will hold the numbers about the same. tomorrow morning watch out for the fog and give yourself plenty of time. the temperatures in the low 50s to the low 60s. this is where you will likely find some reduced visibility out there and for the afternoon in the south bay 90 degrees for morgan hill and san jose 84 degrees, 88 in los gatos and a beautiful day on the peninsula. 78 in san mateo and mountain view, 63 on the coast and half moon bay and you will see the fog hanging around well into the afternoon. daly city 62 degrees and keeping it cool with the fog. 68 in downtown san francisco. for the north bay, the 60s coast side, but up to the 90s around clear lake and calistoga. san rafael, vallejo, you are in the mid80s. sunny skies by the afternoon and 77 in oakland and 76
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hercules. inland spots are in the low 90s around fairfield, antioch and livermore. a check of the seven-day forecast, cooler on friday and the temperatures drop into the upper 80s inland for the weekend. low 60s coast. only to recover monday through wednesday back up to average. follow live doppler 7hd for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine. get spare the air alerts and power outage info. weather tweets from all of us here on abc7 news. >> thank you very much. sports director larry beil is here with all things sports. the a's, brother. >> this is shocking. i can't even believe the sequence of events we will show you. utter disbelief from the a's tonight for the second night in a row. chris young seemingly was a hero and had the game won. a walkoff homer, except he didn't. look at his face. extra inning shock next in sports.
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this is unbelievable. for the second night in a row chris young of the a's was robbed of the game winning homer against the astros. last night it was the umps. this is just -- you have to see it. the a's lose ground in the west. we start off with the a's taking their team photo before tonight. smile and say playoffs we hope. the a's starter jarod parker and eight strong innings and allowed one run and gets wallace there. go to the 10th and here is young looking for redemption from last night's controversial call. deep to left. are you kidding me? grossman robs him of a walkoff homer. young is stunned. look one more time. look how high grossman is here. he is a foot over the wall to make the grab. otherwise the a's win this game. houston capitalizes in the 11th. an r.b.i double off good --
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doolittle. the astros up 2-1 and josh reddic gets struck out by josh field to end it. a's lose it 2-1 and texas won tonight so the a's trail the rangers by two games in the al west. brutal. giants in washington, d.c. the sunsetting over the washington monument, beautiful. tim lincecum on the mound and this is not beautiful. when timmy leaves pitches up this is what happens. desmond, gone. 17th of the year and tied at 1. in the fourth, timmy wild pitch and run scores. giants trail it 5-1. lincecum allowed 6 runs in six innings. giants came back to within a run. hunter pense. a drive to left center and the diving catch to save the game as the giants lose their third in a row, 6-5 the final. if you want to laugh, go to our facebook page and read the comments about colin kaepernick's photo on the cover of the new "gq."
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in general, females commented about his abs. oh my goodness. and the guys are all writing, he has to get his head in the game and stop posing for photos. get your head in the game, colin. alex smith is coming for it on friday night. well, the chiefs are anyway. they are in pre-season. it is like a two-hand touch. anyway, here is kaep on the man he replaced for the red and gold. >> he did a lot for me. alex helped me pick up the playbook and what we wanted to get done and how we wanted to do it. i wouldn't be as far along as i am without him. he is a great guy. he is a class act. i have nothing bad to say about him. he has always helped me. he has always put the team first and he is a great all-around guy. >> speaking of great all-around guys steph curry is back in the u.s. after a mission to africa where he helped deliver malaria nets to refugees. he spoke about the trip on "good morning america" and described how important these
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nets are. >> they are insecticide treated. we encourage the families to get it. if you want to get underneath it -- how about it? imagine we are in a bed right now. we are protected, right? the mosquitoes can't get through. if they touch the net they will die off and we will kill the population of mosquitoes and protects families. >> abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> what an education that must have been. thanks, larry. coming up, big changes to a san francisco icon. why the wax museum
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wake up weather. watch out for the fog and give yourself plenty of time. foggy areas near the coast and bay. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. mike niko will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> it is the place in san francisco to see the likes of
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ma done gnaw and elvis and -- madonna and elvis and even princess diana. tomorrow is the last day to check out the wax museum at fisherman's wharf. they will be closing down and remodeled and open next summer next summer at madam toussou's wax museum. it helped transform fisherman's wharf as a hotspot. crowds loved it. jimmy kimmle is left with music from "the wanted." i would like to see larry in a wax museum. that's our report from carolyn, larry, sandhya, all of us here. i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. connect on twitter on abc7 news bay area. see you tomorrow.
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- oprah winfrey, from "kick-ass 2," christopher mintz-plasse, and music from the wanted, with cleto and the cletones. and now, right here, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. welcome to the show. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you


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