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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 5, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking new details on the worldwide terror alert. alarming signs of a brand-new al qaeda plot. reports of a big strike and a chilling plan to use surgically implanted bombs. where the urgent concerns are greatest right now. also breaking this morning, alex rodriguez stares down that historic 200-game-plus suspension from baseball but still heading to the ballpark today as he gets set to appeal, setting up what could be a bizarre scene tonight in chicago. nightmare hit-and-run at one of america's most popular tourist spots. caught on tape, the driver plowing into the crowd. new details about the man under arrest. and sharktacular. look at that feeding frenzy. sam plunging in for a scary face-off with some of the most
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dangerous predators in the sea. well -- "gma's" super shark week kicks off this morning. >> it is absolutely spectacular. hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. i think sam is taking issue with your "well -- " >> we're glad you made it back from the bahamas in one piece, sam. glad to have you. we have a lot to get to. we'll get right to the terror threat that has americans around the globe on high alert today. those 19 embassies closed right now. you see them here. well, the u.s. has now announced it will extend the mass closures of these embassies for at least another week. >> security also raised here in the u.s. at airports and train stations all across the country. abc's martha raddatz is tracking the latest and joins us this
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morning from washington. good morning. >> reporter: intelligence officials are tracking this threat full time this morning. while the u.s. is closing even more embassies and some may stay closed even beyond this week. u.s. officials are focusing particularly on yemen this morning. believing al qaeda operatives are already in place there and possibly other countries as well, just waiting for the opportunity to strike. intelligence committee member dutch ruppersberger told me on "this week," this is dead serious. >> those operatives are in place because we received information that high-level people from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are talking about a major attack. >> reporter: communications from the al qaeda affiliate in yemen intercepted by the u.s. revealed chilling details of a terror plot al qaeda believes is going to be big and strategically significant. >> i had a briefing with the vice president. it is scary.
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>> it could be a series of combined attacks so we have to be ready for everything. >> reporter: especially troubling, according to one senior u.s. official, surgically implanted devices, bombs in terrorists' bodies, a technique developed in yemen. "these are guys who have developed the techniques to defeat our detection methods." which is why u.s. officials remain vigilant here at home as well, because of the potential threat to airplanes, trains wherever large groups could gather. is the threat to blow up an embassy, a consulate or something else? >> that part of it is unspecified but the intent seems clear. >> reporter: and the intent is to what? >> the intent is to attack western not just u.s. interests. >> reporter: that is the reason they are closing embassies. they just aren't sure what the target is. they have also learned lessons from the tragedy in benghazi, robin. >> they certainly have. martha, we heard when you just said there, of course, the concern overseas but you also said officials remaining
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vigilant here closer to home, concern here? >> reporter: well, they are concerned about the u.s. because this al qaeda group in yemen has focused on the homeland here in remember the so-called underwear bomber who tried to bring down a plane, and officials fear they want to try again. >> all right, martha, thank you. martha raddatz in washington. all right, robin. we turn to judgment day for some of baseball's biggest stars. the yankees' alex rodriguez headlines a list of players expected to be suspended today for using performance-enhancing drugs, and rodriguez is vowing to not go down without a fight. abc's paula faris has been following the story for us. paula, good morning. >> already, the headlines not kind to rodriguez. this is going to dominate the news cycle which is exactly what the league wants to happen. now, alex rodriguez along with a dozen others expected to be suspended under the league's drug policy in just a few hours, but most likely even that will not stop rodriguez from starting in tonight's game against the chicago white sox.
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even as he faces the very real possibility he'll be suspended, alex rodriguez says he still is on his way to the windy city this morning. >> yeah, i'm flying to chicago. >> reporter: he's tentatively slated to start at third base for the yankees tonight but not even his team is sure what will happen. >> my hope is i get him in the lineup tomorrow but i mean i wouldn't say 100%. >> reporter: the suspension expected to be handed down today will reportedly last through 2014. sources tell espn the league has evidence rodriguez doped then lied about it. a violation of baseball's drug policy. >> major league baseball has the goods on these guys and a-rod is in big trouble. >> reporter: even if he is punished, the star with a contract still valued at still more than $100 million could stay in the lineup indefinitely. under the league's agreement with the players union, if a-rod files an appeal, he can keep playing until that appeal is heard. tonight's game could be the first time the three-time mvp has taken the field with the yankees since october of last year.
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and after several hip surgeries, the 38-year-old slugger eager to prove he can still play. >> number 600. >> i feel like i can help us win. i can help us be a better team. >> reporter: because this is an ongoing investigation, rodriguez says he hasn't been able to share his latest chapter. >> i'll have that platform and when the time is right i'll tell my full story. >> reporter: but some think his ending has already been written. >> his legacy is shot. it doesn't matter what he comes back and does. essentially he's been tagged as someone who is a doper, not all of his career. >> now a yankees official tells me they expect him to appeal any suspension which means his case will be heard and determined by an arbitrator. it could take over a month to settle. he's still owed over $100 million on his contract which runs through 2017, but bottom line, josh, as long as he's playing he gets paid. >> again, we do expect him in that lineup. >> yes, we do.
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>> thank you for that. >> it is going to be a wild scene. >> indeed, it is. now to that terrifying scene at one of the nation's most famous tourist destinations. one man is in custody this morning after he plowed his car into the boardwalk at venice beach killing a young woman. abc's brandi hitt joins us there from venice beach with the latest. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, robin. witnesses say the driver intentionally pulled out onto this stretch of the boardwalk with speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, and this morning, a memorial continues to grow for the young bride whose life was cut short. captured by surveillance cameras this morning police are searching for the motive of 38-year-old nathan campbell who they say hit the accelerator of this dodge avenger. video captured by a venice beach restaurant shows the suspect parking his car and walking off only to return then taking off down the boardwalk, plowing into a crowd of people. >> everybody get out of the way!
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>> he was looking for blood. that guy intentionally wanted to kill people. >> i mean it was just like traumatizing to see. >> reporter: this man snatched a child out of danger just seconds before the car plowed into nearly a dozen bystanders. >> there was a girl latched on to the hood of the car just trying to stay alive. >> reporter: campbell ditched the car a few miles away then turned himself in, according to police, who are holding him on $1 million bail. they're not releasing his mug shot and are waiting to see whether alcohol or drugs were involved. >> he will be tested and the charge was murder. >> reporter: a newlywed from italy was killed. 32-year-old alice gruppioni was married two weeks ago according to an italian newspaper. the couple toured the southwest. her husband christian posted these facebook photos describing their last moments in venice beach, he told the newspaper "we were happy holding hands then everything changed." >> when i got there she was speaking a little, i mean, but then after that like the next
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thing you know she just stopped talking. >> reporter: there are flowers in the boardwalk in her memory. this morning police are calling the suspect a transient and local leaders say they want to install more barriers along the boardwalk to prevent another tragedy from happening again. robin. >> brandi, thank you very much. all of us have been watching those pictures and knowing about the young bride, it's hard. >> hard. let's turn to abc's amy robach with the other top stories. >> good morning. we begin with breaking news. a u.s. military helicopter has crashed on the island of okinawa, japan, inside a marine camp on the island there. smoke was seen rising from the wreckage. japanese media report three of the four members survived but the other is missing. the u.s. military has yet to confirm that. well, back in this country developing news from louisiana. a train carrying hazardous chemicals has derailed 60 miles west of baton rouge, forcing the evacuation of more than 100 homes. one railcar was leaking sodium hydroxide which can be fatal if inhaled.
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a major highway is closed as crews now assess that damage. and also overnight relief for 400,000 commuters who ride public transportation in san francisco. the governor intervened at the last minute to prevent the city's second transit strike of the summer. a special panel will now investigate the ongoing contract dispute. three hours and 15 minutes. that is how long each side will have for closing arguments today in the trial of whitey bulger. the alleged boston mob boss is charged in connection with 19 murders. despite the time allowance the judge is asking both sides to consider whether jurors can actually pay attention for that long. a wild scene caught on camera near cincinnati. an out-of-control car crashing into this gas station, flipping over on top of a bus stop. watch as the driver climbs out the passenger window. he tries to hail a taxi before fleeing the scene. he's still on the run. and a legend from the glory days of football has passed away.
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art donovan's tackling propelled the colts to two championships best remembered for his hilarious stories on late night tv, once quipping the only weight he ever lifted was a beer can. art donovan was 89. tiger woods snagged his 79th pga tour win this weekend but someone else stole the show. this little guy forced a halt in the action at the 13th hole. one of the announcers even describing the squirrel you see there as being possessed by the devil. i think he was probably just being a squirrel. >> you're in my territory. >> yeah, i mean, you know. >> on the day tiger was up 7. >> it was a lucky squirrel. i was going to say honestly they said he was possessed. he was just running across the field. does it take that little to create excitement? >> thanks, amy. we'll turn to the power plant implosion that sent shrapnel flying into a crowd of spectators. it left one man with a partially amputated leg. several others injured.
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abc's john muller has the story. >> reporter: the implosion begins routinely enough with crowds gathering and counting down. >> five, four, three, two -- >> reporter: but as the explosive charges begin firing, shrapnel begins flying. listen as it slams into this fence. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: from this angle you can see what appear to be large chunks of metal rocketing out from the power plant. hundreds of people are gathered to watch in a so-called safe zone 1,000 feet away from the buildings saturday morning in bakersfield, california, when things went wrong. >> unbelievable. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: one man was hit so badly his leg had to be amputated. four others, including fred garten, were also hurt. >> it felt like a piece of metal hit me like getting hit with a baseball bat right below the knee.
7:13 am
>> reporter: in recent years building demolitions, implosions and explosions have become something of a spectator sport. >> there it goes. >> oh. >> reporter: yet accidents like this one are relatively uncommon. this morning, pacific gas and electric company, which owns the plant, is investigating. it says it now believes the safety zone may not have been large enough. in a statement the company said it is working closely with, quote, all investigating agencies and third-party contractors to identify what caused this to end like this. now, the man who lost part of his leg continues a serious battle in the hospital. one thing investigators will focus on, how did experts come up with 1,000 feet as the distance considered safe? for now police have no plans to file any criminal charges. robin. >> all right, there, john, thank you. now to that high-stakes dispute for "dexter" fans and so many television viewers. millions of cable customers left
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in the dark unable to watch their favorite shows. the question many are asking this morning, is their cable company next? abc's rebecca jarvis has the story. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: there's none of this or this or this. >> this could get difficult. >> reporter: instead if you're one of the millions of time warner cable customers in cities like los angeles, new york and dallas, this morning you're waking without cbs, showtime and dozens of other channels owned by the cbs corporation. channels now replaced by a warning that "cbs has demanded an outrageous increase for programming requiring time warner to remove their stations from your lineup." >> i can't believe it. >> we're trapped. >> it's okay. do what you got to do. >> reporter: at issue a bitter battle over the fees time warner pays cbs to run its programming. >> cbs is paid from 75 cents to a dollar per subscriber in new york and wants $2.
7:15 am
>> reporter: but after four days without a resolution consumers are now sounding off on social media on sites like facebook. "time warner cable should be on dexter's kill table." and "get a life, cbs. it's you that wants to raise rates for poor hardworking people." it isn't the first time cable companies have blocked channels from their lineups. last year directv blacked out mtv and nickelodeon for nine days over a fee dispute. so why should you be tuning in to this multi-billion dollar battle even if you're not a time warner cable subscriber? >> consumers should be aware that this could happen to any channel in any market now. >> i don't know. nothing about this doesn't make any sense. >> you can say that again. >> reporter: analysts say both sides losing their cable subscribers might decide to
7:16 am
cut the cord and watch tv on the internet but fans of chapels blacked out might find other networks they like better. how long could it last? anywhere from ten days to six weeks because that is the start of football season, robin. i knew you were going to know this one. >> oh, yes, it's going to be settled before football. i couldn't watch tiger. i was here in new york and couldn't watch tiger. >> you missed the darned squirrel. you should have seen this squirrel. >> glad amy robach brought that to us. >> they'll have it worked out by week one. this "jeopardy!" mishap. it's stirring up an awful lot of protest. a middle schooler got a final "jeopardy!" question right but spelled it wrong. the judges ruled against him and abc's bianna golodryga our "gma weekend" anchor is here with this. the show i dvr'd, this was a tough one to swallow. >> this wasn't blacked out like the other shows on cbs. it aired last wednesday but social media is still buzzing with outrage. "jeopardy!" fans are calling foul with the judges' ruling while 12-year-old thomas hurley's father thinks alex trebek was "smug." >> the civil war. >> reporter: it was a tiny
7:17 am
spelling error that put thousands of dollars in "jeopardy!" >> let's go to thomas hurley. >> reporter: 12-year-old thomas hurley, from newtown, connecticut, was competing in a special kids edition when he was asked about a famous document signed by president lincoln. >> what is the emancipation -- well, because he misspelled it badly, emanciptation, you put a "p" in there, proclamation, that's unfortunate. the judges are ruling against you. >> reporter: but fans took issue with tough-talking trebek calling his ruling, quote, rude and inappropriate. and this morning, hurley tells the "newstimes" of danbury, "it's just upsetting to have lost that way." renee durette can relate. she lost at "wheel of fortune" after dropping the "g" from this puzzle. >> seven swans a swimmin'. >> being a kid, it's just that much more he's just like, oh, man, you just feel so bad for
7:18 am
him. >> reporter: and some wonder about a daily double standard. just last year contestant david guard spelled hannibal lecter incorrectly and producers let it slide because it was phonetically correct but in this kiddie case producers tell abc news, "if jeopardy! were to give credit for an incorrect response however minor the show would effectively penalize the other players." still just seems so wrong. we reached out to thomas hurley's family for comment and declined to make an official statement saying they've moved on. he is on vacation with grandma. we have clearly not moved on. >> josh hasn't moved on. >> it's not a spelling contest. the poor kid got it right. >> we should note he would have come in a distant second if he got this right. >> and they've made that correction before. >> sam, lots of weather to get to including hail, monstrous at times. >> if you've ever driven through a situation like this, let me show you what it looks like. inches of rain and inches of hail piled up like softball-size
7:19 am
hail creates rivers of hail running through the streets near ft. collins, windsor, colorado. seven reported tornadoes in some of those storms, as well. likely some will pop up in those areas today. where the heavy rain falls, back in the middle of the country. wichita getting pounded with almost a foot of rain in the last 24, 36 hours so sioux falls, chicago, a heavy hit of rain. springfield, 2 to 3 inches of rain. there will be definite flooding. have you noticed the cool air? we've got to talk about this from the great lakes into new england in the next half hour.
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good monday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. you can see the clouds are out there once again. that means slow sunshine and even cooler weather today. tonight, it's going to be overcast drizzle and mist for tomorrow morning's commute and above-average temperatures all the way through at least friday. today our warmest weather in our inland and east bay neighborhoods low to mid-80s. everybody else in the 60s to 70s and upper 50s to near 60 along the coast. for >> all that weather brought to you by big lots. when we come back we'll talk about a cool august for some people. >> it's beautiful out there. a little fall-like. we'll take it. coming up on "gma," the real-life "homeland" mystery. what really happened to the man who was able to reveal how pacemakers could be hacked. leah remini about to tell all inside the church of scientology. and ashton kutcher looks like steve jobs. apparently he does in a
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♪ when you're grilling up a burger. here we honor the proud accomplishments of our students and alums. people like, maria salazar, an executive director at american red cross. or garlin smith, video account director at yahoo. and for every garlin, thousands more are hired by hundreds of top companies. each expanding the influence of our proud university of phoenix network. that's right, university of phoenix. enroll now. we've got a frame waiting for you. good morning. i'm eric thomas. braking news at the foot of the bay bridge where there are major delays following a big rig fire. it burned on the west end of 5th street in san francisco. it shut down two westbound lanes. the fire is out, but the traffic
7:25 am
delays continue. you can take b.a.r.t. to avoid this mess. details on that in a moment. first let's check in with leyla gulen for the rest of the commute. >> a live look at that same picture, so the flames have been calm. they're out. right now two lanes blocked off. save is reporting the sigalert will be around for two hours. i estimate that to be much longer because we have this big rig that they need to tow out of the way and clean the mess up. two lanes get by and we're seeing big puddles of water because of the firefight and the maze is looking like a mess so avoid it at all costs. eric? >> over your shoulder looked like they were still spraying water on that truck. b.a.r.t. trains are running this morning. governor brown has ordered a seven-day inquiry into the dispute meaning trains will run for at least a week. b.a.r.t. and the unions remain at odds over new contract.
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we'll show you this twit picture from the millennium tower. that's how much smoke was coming out of that fire earlier. current conditions, all of us in the 50s except for mountain view and san jose. 60 right now pap little drizzle for the next hour
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just when you thought it was safe to go back to times square. sharkpocalypse with robin, george, josh, sam and lara. this time it's really personal. >> this time it's always personal. when is it not? >> oh, nice, lara. >> da, da, da. it is a sharkpocalypse as we enjoy discovery channel's shark week. >> shark week people wanted to dive in the bahamas so there we went and it was warm and beautiful and the sharks were feeding and i'm wearing like 20
7:31 am
pounds. you sink straight to the bottom. >> that field. you feel like a shark popsicle. amazing. one of the coolest things we've ever done. >> glad you made it back safe, jo sam. >> thanks, josh. inside a bizarre death of the man who was about to reveal how to hack pacemakers. >> and "king of queens" star leah remini about to spill all about leaving the church of scientology. why she says she's about to reveal everything that's taboo to talk about. >> all right. guess what, we have hollywood hunks heating up times square. ashton kutcher, liam hemsworth, jason sudeikis, they are all here live and it's coming up momentarily. >> as i just said on twitter we have sam and josh. we have hunks all the time. >> ah. >> i'm sorry. >> ah. >> you shouldn't have. >> put the money over there. right to the mysterious death of the computer hacker who
7:32 am
warned implanted medical devices like pacemakers are vulnerable to fatal hack attacks. linsey davis is here with more. >> reporter: something you'd see only in a suspense thriller. hackers able to tinker with people's pacemakers sending a fatal electric shock to the life-saving devices and just to be clear, there are no indications that barney jack, the man who discovered this had a pacemaker but some find his death mysterious. >> his pacemaker can be wirelessly accessed with that number. >> reporter: the shocking blot twist on the hit show "homeland." >> i'm killing you. >> reporter: that scene got many wondering is it actually possible to hack implantable medical devices, specifically pacemakers. according to this man, the answer is yes. professional hacker barnaby jack was set to reveal the secrets of just how it can be done this
7:33 am
past weekend until he mysteriously turned up dead. just days before the 35-year-old was to speak on hacking humans at a major las vegas hacking convention -- >> he was able to remotely exploit them and this talk was really dedicated to how the manufacturers could improve the security of the devices. >> reporter: his girlfriend discovered his body in his san francisco home on july 25th. now the coroner's office is trying to determine just how jack died. this morning, questions, even conspiracy theories are swirling all around the untimely death of the so-called ethical hacker who once wowed audiences with his demonstration of atm hacking. jack dedicated his career to using his skills to expose vulnerabilities hackers can attack helping manufacturers develop tighter safety measures. >> he wanted to know how could that stuff down there fail and especially how could it fail if there were some not nice people out there trying to make it
7:34 am
crash. >> reporter: as for jack's warning, the fda says there is no calls for alarm for the nearly 3 million americans who have pacemakers saying it is not aware of any patient injuries or deaths associated with these incidents. nor do we have any indication that any specific devices or systems in clinical use have been purposely targeted at this time. >> if you go to the dark side of this, it could unleash the ability, people to commit murder in effect to speed up pacemakers. shut them down. >> reporter: meanwhile, some are now left wondering whether he could have been purposely targeted over his life's work. advomed tells abc news no patient has ever been harmed as a result of either inadvertent or intentional cybersecurity measures. police say there is no evidence of foul play and his sister releasing a statement overnight saying there has been overwhelming support from around the world for her brother. >> we're thinking of him.
7:35 am
still could be conspiracy theorists. >> hope to get to the bottom of it. this bizarre murder-for-hire plot, a 22-year-old student back in court today accused of asking two of her former boyfriends to take out two of her other exes. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: this morning, barbara wu will be back in court as the district attorney lays out a sordid case against the 22-year-old college student who's majoring in political science but now stands accused of engaging in murder for hire. wu was an honor student in high school. a badminton player accepted to the university of california riverside. but prosecutors say after a boyfriend broke up with her by e-mail she engineered a revenge plot to kill him. his identity hidden, he testified against her last week. >> tried to attack me with a knife. >> reporter: they broke up and wu started dating dennis lin.
7:36 am
that's when she allegedly asked had him to help retall yalt against ex-boyfriend number one allegedly sending threatening message and worse. >> she asked me to kidnap him and then to somehow kill him and then dispose of the body. >> reporter: lin secretly went to police. they asked had him to wear a wire. thanks to that recording, wu was busted charged with solicitation to commit murder and stalking. she has pleaded not guilty. then in yet another twist, when news of wu's arrest broke a third man came forward. he told police when he dated wu several years ago, she allegedly asked him to kill another ex-boyfriend. she's been charged in that case too. pleading not guilty. >> it's a preposterous tale. >> reporter: wu's attorney says dennis fabricated it to remove his own academic trouble at the university. >> we're looking forward to the day we can have a jury listen to this evidence and have her vindicated. >> reporter: if wu's case goes to trial and she's convicted she
7:37 am
could spend 13 years in prison. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> all right. thank you for that, clayton. we'll turn now again to sam with a look at the weather. i see that pesky jet stream. >> yeah, which by the time a lot walk out from the great lakes to new england and even the mid-atlantic you're thinking, is this august 4th or the end of september? because these numbers are really cool and this is a shot from chicago. wls, by the way, the only people i trust with any information in chicago, period. if you're not watching them in chicago, unplug the tv. it's just not worth having a tv running. here you've got that area of high pressure and that pesky jet stream as josh was mentioning kind of going up and down finding cooler temperatures wherever that yet is so detroit, you're 75 today. you do come up a little, 86 by wednesday. boston, come up a touch as well. new york city below normal all week. only 81 by the time we get to wednesday. there are some signs and some were saying this would be several weeks below normal and
7:38 am
may not last that long. where the heat is, oklahoma city, a lot of heat warnings and advisories and texas, dallas good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. looks like we've lost summer once again, temperatures well below average from 50s along the coast to possibly 80s in our inland east bay neighborhoods >> atlanta, you're 90 today. some like this but i say to them, let me have my august and you can have your september. >> stay in a lane. thank you, sam. coming up leah remini about to tell all about why she left the church of scientology. why she says she's about to dish on everything there's taboo to talk about. our sharktacular shark week kicks off with a frenzy.
7:39 am
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for qualifying new students. visit 7:42 darn almost 7:43. we are back for the latest on leah remini reportedly ready to tell all about her dramatic break with the church of scientology. the sitcom star kept her silence on her exact reasons for leaving the church, but that may be about to change.
7:43 am
abc's dan harris has her story. >> reporter: leah remini made headlines when she quit the church of scientology. now a new tell-all memoir these reportedly writing could make even more news. "us weekly" says the actress told them "it will include my experiences everything that is taboo to talk about." joining the church at age 7, briefly served as a member of the elite religious order known at sea org and moved amongst scientology's famous members. >> this book is huge. i think every publisher will be interested in bidding for it. i think that this would be one of the most sought off celebrity memoirs of the last few years. >> reporter: not since the oscar winning screenwriter paul hag get had the church had to face such a prominent member quitting and becoming openly critical. haggis praised remini writing the stakes for her were so much higher than for me. her decision to leave was so
7:44 am
much braver. in a statement to abc news, the church called haggis a stat suss obsessed screenwriter who is exploiting his tenuous connection with scientology to grab headlines. her sister, a former scientologist says leah's relationship with the church began to sour in 2006 at the wedding of tom cruz and katie holmes where leah asked david miscavige where his wife wife. his wife hasn't been seen publicly in many years. in a radio interview her sister said she was rebuked for asking. >> she was totally shocked. she did not at all expect that type of response and then it just kind of escalated from there. >> reporter: the church has publicly denied the story about remini confronting miscavige. they say mrs. miscavige continues her work in the church
7:45 am
as she always as. as for leah remini's upcoming book, the chump has no comment, for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> it's a book many would be eager to read. we'll see what happens. coming up, a brand-new picture of jennifer aniston making big headlines this morning. that's not the picture but wait until you see it. >> yeah, great shot. also we got a "play of the day." fair to say it is all bottle. just freeze, freeze. obliterate. these are bum-wipes. do you think that would be quite an interesting addition to your dry routine? yes. so you like using them? i do. because you feel... ultimately clean, i guess. you're welcome to borrow my container. it's new, look at that. would you ever use these? i think i should. would you like to have a go? yeah, we could do that. it's awesome! [ cherry ] nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the cottonelle care routine. so let's talk about your bum on facebook. where to next?
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7:49 am
of the day." >> up or not. as the case pay be. this is not happening by the way because i'm a dodgers fan and because it's a chance to poke fun at a new york mets aficionado. take a look. i want to show you what happens at the ball game. top two. there's a big --
7:50 am
>> big dude. >> real big guy and he still can't -- very slippery. see, i go with the slippery. i should point out, a friend of mine -- >> i know what's going to happen. >> ron dare ling, keith hernandez. let's listen to what the announcer had to say. they kept going back to him. do we have the audio? no? >> did he give up? >> no, no. are you kidding my. >> did he give it to her? he's got to get it off. come on. oh. >> you can hear it a little bit. >> at one point keith hernandez said i think you're on the wrong workout program, my man. but i want to say, sam, there's a restaurant -- the owner of it who you met, this is one of his best friends who sent me a text late night that said one of my best friends couldn't open a water bottle.
7:51 am
it's blowing up online. >> did he get it open? >> we'll have to tune in to find out. i have to get on a plane today -- coming up, it's not steve jobs but you would swear it was. ashton kutcher live next. >> friday, what does kenny chesney need to throw a party in the park? ♪ island girl joet. >> well, that and a lot more concert you can't miss, "good morning america's" summer concert series presented by famous footwear. there are lots of "jamies" out there,... huh? but that doesn't mean we're all the same. just like greek yogurts. that's why i prefer activia greek. you got that right jamie, there's nothing like it! exactly, because activia greek is the only greek with exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis, and it helps regulate your digestive system. i love its thick creamy texture! mmm! the greek nonfat yogurt that helps tummies smile! activia greek... like no other greek yogurt. ♪ dannon ♪
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. on the upper deck of the bay bridge, a major delay continues after a fire. this is near the 5th street exit in san francisco. look at those flames. the fire shut down two westbound lanes and is now out, but that traffic backup continues. you can take b.a.r.t. to avoid the delays in this big mess. an order from governor brown has halted a strike for at least seven days. let's check in with leyla gulen for the commute. >> as we take a look, you can see the flames have been put out
7:57 am
but lanes are still blocked. two lanes to get you by. the traffic is solid right now out of the maze and into berkeley. looks like a nasty drive. avoid it at all costs. here's mike nicco. big story, temperatures below average from 62 in san francisco to possibly 84 the warm spot in livermore. here's your accuweather
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ you make me want to say oh oh oh ♪ "gma" is getting hot, hollywood hot. ♪ oh my god >> sizzling actors in the summer's biggest blockbusters. ashton kutcher, liam hemsworth, jason sudeikis, all burning up times square right now and only on "good morning america." ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh yes, amy robach, i said getting hot. >> i thought you said getting hot. >> lots of movie stars running around the studio. one of them with us right now, ashton kutcher. [ applause ] >> we're burning up times square right now. right now.
8:01 am
>> he plays steve jobs in the new biopic. i just was telling him i just finished it on vacation. stunning and bright. i look so forward to your turn in that film. >> thank you. >> it looks to be tremendous. >> it's very authentic. very real. >> we have ashton with us. we have jason sudeikis here with us. we have liam hemsworth here with us. >> oh, you're dropping names. stop it. there's liam over there. everywhere you look. >> and he's standing right next to some killers of the deep. the sharks, they are everywhere. >> look at that. >> josh, it's not -- we've made shark week even more dangerous by bringing it to times square. did you sign the release for the sharks? ashton? >> i didn't. i'm not good with fish. i don't do well with fish. i'm a little more of a beach guy myself. >> you watched "sharknado"? you saw it. >> i saw like 15 minutes. then i went, click. >> we're going to take you below the water diving with some sharks this morning in honor of
8:02 am
shark week and we're going to be doing cool stuff all week long. also ahead, we have some reaction now on the latest from father-to-be simon cowell. >> a sneak peek of the show-stopping finale also of "the bachelorette." >> and there's one more thing. i know we talked about this before the weekend started. a special fund-raiser on saturday night in napa valley and to pay tribute to our dear friend robin roberts, the 15th annual v wine celebration. i'm told do not miss an invite to this but this was a celebration and an auction to raise money for the v foundation, melissa etheridge, a friend of the program, performed. she, of course, a nine-year cancer survivor, and in honor of robin and her remarkable courage and beating back mds, they united to donate, wait for it, more than $1.2 million. >> wow.
8:03 am
amazing. >> the whole festival was great. melissa was there. the whole festival raised 9 million, but 1.2 was dedicated to mds research going to two great grants and just thank you all. thank you, thank you, thank you thank you for what they continue to do. and 100% of the money when you donate to the v foundation, 100% of what you donate goes to research, not to overhead, not to salaries. >> again, it was the -- it was the courage award you received there. we saw jimmy valvano there. it all sprung from that. >> next time we'll send you all to napa valley. i think people were all liquored up. >> that's what you need. >> robin will be pulling double duty. stick around after this program for a little more robin but now let's turn to amy robach for the day's top stories. >> good morning, everyone. we get right to that disturbing terrorist threat. nearly two dozen u.s. embassies and consulates are closed at this hour. most of them in the middle east and many will stay closed all week. it is in response to what
8:04 am
lawmakers call the most serious chatter by terrorists since 9/11, much of it traced to al qaeda in yemen. a warning about a major attack. officials are especially worried about surgically implanted explosives that may be undetectable. well, major league baseball is expected to suspend its highest paid star, alex rodriguez, today in connection with the league's latest drug scandal. that suspension will reportedly last through next season, but sources say a-rod will be able to play while he appeals. and the man accused of intentionally driving a car into this crowded boardwalk in venice beach, california, this weekend is now being held on $1 million bail. a tourist on her honeymoon was killed. 11 others injured. police have not released a motive at this point. well, an inspiring public appearance in cleveland. the youngest of three women who survived a decade in captivity inside ariel castro's house of horrors showed up at cleveland's annual puerto rican parade. gina dejesus smiled and waved to the crowd.
8:05 am
the event was dedicated to missing people and their families. we want to clarify something we said about a congressional hearing that aired last thursday about energy drinks and children. we said the american medical association had come out in support of a ban on selling the drinks to minors when, in fact, the ama supports a ban on the marketing of energy drinks to those under 18. and finally, loving your spouse is one thing, spending an entire weekend handcuffed to them is quite another, but, yep, i just said that. it's exactly how comedian mark malkoff and his wife christine spent their weekend. they did the dishes. they brushed their teeth. they vacuumed. they did the laundry together. i mean, and apparently they did other things together, which i don't even really want to know about. all right. it was all apparently to test the strength of their marriage or in my humble opinion to get a youtube video. anyway, they admit that they are eager for some alone time together.
8:06 am
48 hours handcuffed. marriage, some say is the virtual handcuff. i'm just saying the ball and chain. >> would you do it? >> would you do it? >> would you do it? >> never, never. >> not a chance. >> no way. >> not a chance. >> i think ruben would kill me. >> we do want to mention, robin has not suddenly morphed into sam champion. she's going to be hosting "live with kelly and michael" this morning, so you want to stick around after "good morning america" as she makes her way uptown and turn to bianna back with the news that tops -- >> yeah, and i wore a special dress for sam. diving material suit. all right. here we go. well, age is just a number when you're blessed with true beauty. jennifer aniston looks stunning without a drop of makeup at the age of 44. no one is saying that's old but she is 44 in a photo posted by her longtime hairstylist chris mcmillan. it's always about the hair. the pair has worked together for 20 years. mcmillan created the famous rachel cut on "friends" and recently teamed up for aniston's
8:07 am
hair care line, living proof. this week, aniston will show off her entire beautiful body. she stars as a stripper in "we're the millers" which debuts august 7th. aniston's co-star, jason sudeikis, is here live this morning and she will join us on "gma" on wednesday. >> terrific. >> hair and all. >> she looks fantastic, i know. okay, moving on, katy perry also looks fantastic. she's setting fire to her signature blue wig in a promo for the upcoming from her third album "prism." she released this teaser trending big all weekend announcing the first new single from her much anticipated album will be called "roar." and we don't have to wait too long to hear it. it will drop next monday. >> i can't wait for this to come out. i love -- >> she's amazing. >> she's terrific. >> fantastic. >> and energetic and whatever she does is going to be fun. >> my daughters will be singing it for the next two weeks. >> all will be. >> something else that's fun, "dancing with the stars." and for all you "dancing with
8:08 am
the stars" fans, your wait is almost over. the new cast for the upcoming season will be announced september 4th right here on "gma." >> is maks back? >> well, listen, wait. abc's president announced the show's format is being honed. now you'll get the judges and the audience's votes on the same night building to an incredible climax every show responding to rumors that fan favorite, maks chmerkovskiy may return this season. lee says maks is part of the family, so maybe he'll be back. >> wow. if anyone can say the name right, it's you. >> and it's not maks, it's maksim chmerkovskiy. >> i love when you do that. >> maks chmerkovskiy. >> the whole thing. >> that's just amazing. >> all right. >> how about a little weather. >> center stage. >> do we have a live shot of the shark tank, by the way, that's right here so we can show you --
8:09 am
all right, first of all, hang on. there you go. there you go. don't wake the sleeping killers of the deep, ladies and gentlemen, because they're right here in our studios. yeah, look at that. >> what is that? >> that's a bamboo shark. they're tiny but they still feed. let's get to our live shot. oh, pictures from earlier this morning of dallas. you've got a three-day heat wave going into the deep south. this is the place where the heat has been concentrated. it continues that way. look at oklahoma city there. heat watches and warnings and advisories out in oklahoma, also for parts of texas all the way to new orleans the heat is on this morning. san francisco, the cool, drizzly spot that is so unique to the west coast but even southern california has a little bit of coastal fog today. the heat is on. >> the heat is on. >> the heat is -- do you want to sing? >> no, we're not allowed to. >> all right. that's the weather around the nation. look at the killer. shhh, don't wake t good monday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. you can see the clouds are out there once again. that means slow sunshine and even cooler weather today. tonight, it's going to be overcast drizzle and mist for
8:10 am
tomorrow morning's commute and above-average temperatures all the way through at least friday. today our warmest weather in our inland and east bay neighborhoods low to mid-80s. everybody else in the 60s to 70s and upper 50s to near 60 along the coast. for tonight, you can see >> tweet us if it's kenny loggins. because we kind of think it is. >> yeah. >> by the way, the sharks that i was with were bigger than the ones we have in the studio. >> yeah, i bet. right. >> huge. >> you can borrow my dress when you go back. all right, well, coming up, a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." the latest reaction from father-to-be simon cowell. and high heels for little girls. how young is too young to wear sky high stilettos? and they're burning up the studio. ashton kutcher, liam hemsworth, jason sudeikis, need i say more, all coming up live here on "gma" in times square. keep it here. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the most recommended, the most preferred, the most studied multivitamin brand, centrum.
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where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh it's hot out there. they are waiting for ashton and jason and liam and the "heat index." a lot of stories coming right now. we have the latest on simon cowell and the latest on ellen hosting the oscars and raven-symone's revelation. it was over the weekend. here to discuss it all kate coyne, the assistant managing editor of "people" magazine. kate, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i want to start with simon cowell, a story now out that says he says he had broken up with lauren silverman, the woman with whom he has
8:16 am
purportedly fathered a child. where do we stand? there's a lot -- >> i'm not sure how you break up with somebody who is already married to someone else, but what he's trying to do here is make it clear he is not going to be having any sort of romantic relationship with lauren. >> her mother said she really hopes they get married. >> she should get used to disappointment. because they're not getting married. >> he's feeling very confused. >> i think he's very conflicted. on the one hand we've had sources tell us he is livid about feeling trapped and tricked into this situation. yet on other hand he's actually . this is something he had feared would maybe never happen for him and he is looking forward to it. >> you have to feel for her 7-year-old son too stuck in the middle of this. >> if nothing else. we also want to get ellen now, encore performance. she will be hosting the oscars next year, big gig back in 2007. was this a response -- there she is. she did it all literally.
8:17 am
is this a response to seth macfarlane's performance? >> i think a lot of people are going to see it that way. certainly the timing. this is very early to be announcing the host. it seems to be something of a response by the producers who produced last year with seth macfarlane saying, calm down, all your fears about misogyny and this sort of boarish behavior of seth macfarlane, you won't have to worry about it this year. all will be well. ellen is back. >> yes. >> she's going to keep -- >> by the way, natural host. she puts people at ease. she can come up with those funny lines very quickly. she can talk to anybody. >> and she's not controversial which is what they needed this year. >> i do want to get to actress raven-symone who played little olivia on "the cosby show" when she was younger and said for the first time she's gay. i can finally get married. yay, government. so proud of you. known for her privacy. but no longer. >> this is really part
8:18 am
of a greater trend of the way celebrities are coming out now. not so much the "time" message, yep, i'm gay. this is more of really an afterthought because this isn't all they want to talk about. it's, by the way, just thought i'd mention this is a fact of my life. it's not who i am in every facet, but it's just something you might -- >> i think it's exactly. you just penned it exactly the way a lot of us feel about it. this is something part of us. we have so many other things to talk about, by the way, we are also in love just like you, we're getting married just like you. >> sam, my favorite thing you did was announce that you were getting married and that was it. so, again, reminding me off the bat about the two of you. >> kate coyne. thank you so much. >> thank you. all right, well, it's a hot new trend. you know, a lot of girls, you have a daughter. you have two daughters and a lot of girls are wearing high heels and wedges, so we wanted to see is this too much? are they too young to be wearing heels? i went out to new york to check it out. >> yes. ♪
8:19 am
>> reporter: celebrities parade the red carpet in high heels. pop stars dance in pumps, and women even work out in stilettos but little girls? thanks to pint-size celebrities like suri cruise, high heels and wedges are being sported by girls as young as 3. >> girls, they love shoes. >> reporter: rusty katz manages children's shoes at lester's, a chain of department stores in new york. he says he can't keep shoes for little girls in stock. we caught up with him as he showed sara berman and her 8-year-old daughter talia with fall's hottest trend, steve madden wedges. >> she picked the highest heel. >> reporter: within minutes she declared her love for the shoes. >> they make me feel tall.
8:20 am
>> reporter: others aren't so thrilled. on mommy message, girls they lament the growing number of high heels out there. roughly half of steve madden kids' spring/summer collection has an elevated sole and making waves at gap and target stores nationwide. it concerns many that say it sexualizes little girls. >> the fact that word sexy should never apply to children. >> reporter: podiatrists think they pose health dangers. >> it could affect their balance, tendon development and mechanics. >> you make it look so easy. >> reporter: but talia shows me high heels for her at least don't seem to pose a problem in walking or jumping. mom sara says while she wishes she could stave off talia's high heel cravings for a few more years, she believes heels for girls today are just a sign of the times. >> as long as it's just a treat to be able to put on on a special occasion. it's not as if they're wearing them every day. >> oh, yes. we have lots of young daughters here, 5, 7, 10, 13, and they're all begging for these. they're marketed everywhere. >> nope, nope, nope. >> look, i think this is the sexualization of young girls and the problem is when an 8-year-old starts looking like a
8:21 am
13-year-old, they're going to get attention from 13-year-olds and in my house we have a simple agreement, my daughter and i. she promises not to dress like an adult, and i promise not to dress like a teenager. >> i love that. i love that. >> i love that! >> real medical concerns, as well. >> their balance is not mature. their muscular system is not mature. they're more prone to fractures and sprains. i mean, it's not easy to walk on these things. why would you want to start at 8. >> exactly. believe me, there's enough time for that as we're all looking at our heels right now. >> childhood goes too quickly anyway. >> just so we're clear, sarina, not for happening for years and years. >> or do what my daughter does and get a pair of hockey statesment >> dr. jennifer ashton, thank you so much. we want to head over to robin. >> next on the "gma heat index," ashton kutcher. he's starring in the new moved "jobs" out later this month channeling apple ceo and co-founder steve jobs in a
8:22 am
performance one critic called "killer shrewd." let's take a look. >> do you know why people buy an apple? why do you buy an apple not the competitor? because it's got bravado. it's social status. you know what, it's even more than that. it's social currency. we've raised the bar. if we want to stay there, we got to risk everything. great artists, dylan, picasso, newton, they risk failure, and if we want to be great, we got to risk it too. >> and we are delighted to have ashton here with us. i watched it over the weekend. wow, it's inspiring. it really is. >> well, steve jobs is inspiring. you know, he's a guy who came from humble beginnings and had a big dream and understood focus and hard work and made dreams come true. >> yeah, physically like even looking at you now as i watched the movie, even producers said they were struck how you look so
8:23 am
much like a younger steve jobs. but they said it goes beyond that. there was an emotional connection that you had to this and the script. why? >> you know, i -- it was funny. you know, a lot of people talk about they remember where they were when kennedy died, and i remember where i was when steve jobs passed away. you know, i think he was like the leonardo da vinci of our day, and i remember going home that night, and i was working on my apple computer and i had my iphone there. what i realized was that all of these relationships i have in my life are connected and pulled together by glue that he laid down with the products that he built, and he took something that was so complicated, you know, when he first entered into the computing game, it was something that was just for geeks and for people that were engineers and actually understood how these things worked, and he made something so complicated so simple that my 7-year-old nephew can facetime me on his ipad, and my 80-year-old grandma is addicted
8:24 am
to candy crunch, you know, playing video games, so -- >> how about that? >> and i think that that's kind of the magic of what this guy did. he took processes and things that other people built that were really complicated and made it so simple that we can all connect to it. >> you obviously have a lot of respect for steve jobs, and you said when you were approached about this, that the word i hear over and over again you were intimidated. why? >> yeah, i was just terrified. first of all, i had never played a role like this before, and i felt like playing somebody who actually lived and somebody who was like near and dear to the hearts of so many people, i wanted to honor him and who he was and how he was, and i really admire him, and i work a lot, invest in a lot of like early stage start-up technology companies, so i have a lot of friends that were either co-workers of his or worked for
8:25 am
him or were friends of his, and they loved him, and i didn't want to let them down. >> the first one to reach a million on twitter, ladies and gentlemen. we shouldn't forget that a few years ago, but you've always had your hand in those kind of things, being a entrepreneur and also being very philanthropic. you had a chance to meet steve jobs shortly before he passed, and you didn't see him. tell us about that. >> yeah, i -- i -- there was a feature on the iphone on the keyboard that i wanted, and it was like a shortcut feature so i could press like two letters and get a whole sentence to write out and a friend of mine was working at apple. and i mentioned this idea to them, and it ended up in the product, and there was a developer's conference that apple does every year, and i got invited to come to it and meet steve, and i had to work that day, and, you know, it's funny, like you have those experiences, and i don't think i appreciated who he was and what his
8:26 am
contribution was at that time, and i probably would have tried to take the day off and had a second chance. >> hindsight. >> my real hope is is that they'll see the movie and realize that steve jobs wasn't always steve jobs and he built the largest, you know, most successful company in the world and that they can look at life and instead of just having to live in the life that they see. they can build the life that other people could live in. >> that's how you feel when you watch the movie. ashton, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all the best to you going forward. ashton kutcher, ladies and gentlemen. we got a big audience right here. give it up. "jobs" opens nationwide on august 16th. coming up, liam hemsworth is here live and a sneak peek at tonight's finale of "the bachelorette."
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. on the upper deck of the bay bridge, there are major delays following a big-rig fire. this is how the fire looked shortly after 6:00 on the span with the flames bursting out. it shut down two westbound lanes and here's a picture for you from a viewer as we try to get that up. i should let you know the fire is out, but traffic is moving slowly. so how are things going right now? let's check in with leyla gulen. we've been seeing pretty dramatic pictures taken from folks that have been driving by. the entire cab and the back of the trailer just completely eaten through by these flames. right now, as we e look at the bay bridge, you can see two lanes get by but still an active scene making that commute to the 5th street turnoff.
8:28 am
we also had an earlier crash involving a motorcycle at treasure island. that has cleared. you can see where the traffic is still stacked up out of the maze, an hour to get to from berkeley into san francisco. kristen? >> leyla, thank you so much. gray skies. you can avoid the bay bridge mess by taking b.a.r.t. a strike has been averted for at least this week thanks to a last-minute move by governor brown. he's ordered a seven-day inquiry into the dispute. b.a.r.t. and its two biggest unions remain at odds over a new contract. let's
8:29 am
8:30 am
just when you thought it was safe to go back to times square, sharkpocalypse is here. with robin, george, josh, sam and lara. >> shark! >> this time it's really personal. [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning to you, america. the forecast calls for a sharkpocalypse today and apparently two very rare sharks, as the sharks are making their way out to us right now. >> whoa. >> look out, guys. look out. here they come. wow, this is incredible. this is highly produced.
8:31 am
wow. >> difficult to achieve, josh, by the way. >> very rare, sam. incredibly rare. look out. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoa! >> you may think times square is land locked but, oh, no, these are the dangerous inflatable sharks. you may have heard of great whites. you may have heard of reef sharks. >> amazing. >> these are the very, very dangerous incredible sharks. >> bring them out. bring them out. bring them out. we don't want to show you the string. >> through the magic of -- >> we want the terror to continue. >> robin is on her way uptown, by the way. she is going to be on this morning with kelly and michael live taking kelly's place, i'm assuming. >> yes. >> on the show today. >> yes. guess what, though, here in
8:32 am
the house we have jason sudeikis. he is apparently signing autographs. >> yes. >> and liam hemsworth is here, as well. they're obviously in the hottest movie of the summer, "paranoia" and "we're the millers." can't wait. >> can't wait to talk to liam jason sudeikis, i want you to google jason sudeikis and ted lasso, it's brilliant. >> a fun morning. this morning i am really, really excited to bring you this story because sometimes we get a chance to do cool things in this business and the folks with discovery channel shark week actually took us down into the wears in the bahamas. >> wait, where? >> huh. >> in the bahamas. >> right. could we done it in the cold waters of the cape? yes. but they chose the bahamas and we saw some of the most incredible creature, fascinating, feeding, sometimes a little ferocious. >> no. >> honestly a little frightening and wonderful. and wonderful. take a look. ♪
8:33 am
>> reporter: sharks are one of the most 2350ered predators on the planet. and for the past decade experts say sharking thats on humans have risen to an all-time high. so what would make anyone descend into the depths to swim with the ocean's most efficient killers. >> there is a shark. >> reporter: well, you get some courage with a team of experts from the discovery channel's -- >> shock pocalypse. aaagh. >> reporter: the crew of the show "sharkpocalypse" travels the world. >> shark to the right. >> reporter: -- in search of these giant eating machines like great whites in south africa. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> reporter: i met up with them in the bahamas to get an up close and personal look at these predators. >> don't act like food. don't look like food. don't smell like food. >> don't be food. >> reporter: with that good advice we head out to the atlantic off the coast of nassau
8:34 am
for my first experience eye to eye with a shark. >> that's a shark. >> yeah, definitely. >> reporter: our both was soon surrounded by caribbean reef sharks all hungry looking for a meal. >> i still can't even count how many there are. there's more than a dozen. >> okay. >> reporter: and that's what you want for a shark dive for our first dive, the crew recommended a chain metal shark suit. it's a diver's only protection against these pretty tofrs. got that feeling of safety and with this special mask i can talk freely. so you're on the dive. >> ready? >> shark on your right. look down. shark on your right. >> wow. >> to see them up close, it's unbelievable. i got to keep turning around and turning around because they're in all directions and you don't want to miss a minute. >> reporter: the experience was incredible and these sharks are not the ruthless killers i expected. so beautiful and that's a theory
8:35 am
this team is testing to see if another species could be to blame for the increased number of shark attacks. are humans to blame? >> could the decimation of sharks be creating a sharkpocalypse with sharks getting closer to land? >> reporter: there were 80 cases of unprovoked shark attacks on humans last year. that's according to the international shark attack file. and 78 attacks the year before. numbers that have been on the rise for over a century. that one is a big one. there are many breeds of sharks and not all are the mindless killing machines many think they are. some of them are incredibly beautiful creatures to be respected and even protected. it is absolutely spectacular. >> what do you think of your first shark dive? >> i think it won't be my last. that was kind of beautiful. >> once you do it once you're addicted. you're going to be back. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's be honest, sam -- i'm just glad you made it home. >> ah.
8:36 am
we were worried. >> honestly it's a little frightening because they gave you the look when they go bye. with the reef shark they're not going for you. they're going for food so they may check you out. chances are they'll leave you alone. a great white, to check you out they basically shred you to find out what you are. they're like i don't know if i want to eat you or not. they shred you. >> good thing there were no great whites. >> look how many shashlgs there were. that's scary. >> and by the way discovery channel shark week all week long. i want to thank them for making it happen. they did everything. put their crew in. >> yeah, woo! >> this is a newer version of the suit i wore. this is a newer version. >> all welded, hand done like chain male suits. it's beautiful. now here's what they tell me about this thing, first of all weighs like 20 pounds so when you go in the water you go straight down to the bottom. you're like bobbing on the
8:37 am
bottom. but if it's a great white they'll take the arm and the suit with them, but if it's a little shark they'll bite, they won't be able to get through and chances are you're going to be just fine but, again, i want to thank all the discovery channel. >> i want a cage. >> the sharks you dove with they'll slap you high-five. >> oh, josh, they weren't two feet long. >> thank you, sam. i'm impressed even though josh is making fun of me for being impressed. let's move on. what a season it's been on "the bachelorette." the season finale tonight. can desiree pull herself together and which lucky man will she choose? we have an exclusive sneak peek. take a look. >> i'm sad brooks isn't here. he actually chose to go home on his own yesterday and it was a surprise and, you know, we are at this point and it goes to
8:38 am
show, though that some love is unpredictable and it is a two-way street. i'm sorry. [ cheers and applause ] >> you can see the finale of "the bachelorette" tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central followed by the rose event. sam? >> can we get a close-up of this? can someone just look at that? >> oh, okay. >> that is -- i know. i don't even want to disturb them. it's like hey, hey. oh, my gosh. all right. let's get to the boards. we have one or two things going on that we want to share. other than the most -- the cutest dogs in the world.
8:39 am
we'll show you a picture of california, by the way, you send the pictures in, and also erie, pennsylvania, a shout-out to both of those communities in those towns for your weather pictures today. here's where the stronger storms are. at a risk in the red zone in goodland, kansas all the way to rapid city, south dakota and where's the heat? well, it's mostly in the south and it's certainly not around the great lakes or even into the northeast where these temperatures are cooler than normal and may stay that way all week long. not cooler than normal, from texas all the way to atlanta. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. looks like we've lost summer once again, temperatures well below average from 50s along the coast to possibly 80s in our inland east bay neighborhoods and that's it. [ cheers and applause ] >> i want to say thank you to the folks that made the neptunic
8:40 am
suit that allowed me to stay alive with all those vicious sharks. here's a live shot of liam hemsworth. liam hemsworth right here in times square. go nowhere.
8:41 am
8:42 am
great to have liam hemsworth with us this morning to tell us about a starring role in the thriller "paranoia."
8:43 am
here with our first look. >> leave it here, mr. goddard. >> thanks. >> well, what do you think? >> it's powerful. >> yeah, it is. consider it a loaner for saving -- >> i couldn't. >> yeah, you could. >> and away we go. liam. you share the screen with a couple of legends in this one. we saw him, harrison ford and gary oldham. harrison looking almost unrecognizable with the choice of hair. this role fascinate because there you are caught in between these two worlds. what was it about adam cassidy that excited you? >> a lot can relate. he's a young guy trying to climb the ladder in the big corporate world and this film gives a big
8:44 am
insight into corporate espionage. >> it's a role you didn't necessarily understand but when you got the role you did some research and it kind of blew you away to find out exactly how big a problem it is. >> yeah, finding out it's actually a huge issue. i think i assumed it was more, you know, made in the movies, but i researched a bunch of different corporate espionage cases and, you know, big car companies losing billions of dollars every year to corporate espionage, yeah. >> harrison and gary, i assume it's a great experience to work with the two. what was it like. >> yeah, it was a little scary at first. you know, just taking on something like this where it's mostly on my character's shoulders and then knowing that harrison and gary were going to be a part of it was a little intimidating but they're such good guys and, you know, some of the most well prepared actors i've ever worked with and, you know, as a young actor it makes you prepare more and make sure that you're on it, as well. >> something i like.
8:45 am
you make these great choices with these ensemble films. one of them, of course, the one everybody knows, pack ten deep, "the hunger games," the next installment. how was it to see jennifer post-oscar? how was it? >> she's great. i mean, you wouldn't -- you wouldn't even know. i mean she -- nothing has gone to her head over the last two years and, you know, when i first met her and worked with her, she was full of life and brings such a great energy to the set and, you know, when you're shooting a tough thing like "the hunger games," it can be a little dark at times and she's go the such a great energy about her and is still that way. >> getting to work on the third installment, september. that's when you -- are you excited to kind of get involved there? >> yeah, the third book is a lot more for him. francis lawrence did the last one and is doing the rest of them. such a great director. a great guy to work with. interesting person and i think
8:46 am
he's doing a great job on it for sure. >> quickly, i was looking. another great ensemble joyce. john malkovich, oliver platt. i read you enjoyed this as much. >> one of my favorite projects. it's probably one of the darkest ones i've done and i just had so much fun on it. the director was great. john malkovich was great, billy bob is great. michael slol berg and teresa palmer. a small cast but everyone was really excited about the project. >> great young actor. thanks a lot, liam. always great to see you. "paranoia" in theaters august 16th. coming up here, no fall-off, jason sudeikis talking about his new one with jennifer aniston.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ we had some happy people out there this times square because guess who is inside, jason sudeikis, he made saturday night the funniest night of the week for a decade on "snl" and now he is bringing the laughs to the big screen starring with jennifer aniston in "we're the millers." they are looking like a million bucks at the big premiere. i think we have photos of them. look at that. great to welcome back jason sudeikis. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me again. >> again and again. no, we hoff to have you. i have to say this is anything but your typical family road trip comedy. >> i would agree. i would agree. yeah. >> we actually have a clip to maybe make it more apparent for those excited. along the way you become a family. there's sweetness to the silliness. you actually are grilling a young man that your fake daughter played by emma roberts has just met so let's take a look. >> hey, those are cool at that times, man. >> oh, for real, thank you, bro. >> what is this one?
8:50 am
>> oh, this -- >> yeah. this my creedo, no regrets. >> how about that? you have no regrets. >> dad. >> like not even a single letter. >> no way. not me. >> dad. >> i love them. i think he's great. >> okay. >> i think he's a real winner. casey, i wouldn't use protection. >> and you know what, it wasn't always easy typing a clip to put on morning television. >> no, yeah, that movie -- it would have to be the credits maybe. >> your parents were at the premiere. how did they react? >> they've dealt with me a lot. it's nice that i now get paid as opposed to just like detensions for the crass things i say and i get angry a lot and she thinks i'm doing an impression of my dad. >> what does your dad think. >> he doesn't. we have no mirrors in our house. >> how fun was it making that movie? i laughed out loud. i was crying. >> oh, good, good, yeah, it was
8:51 am
a lot of fun and the best part, i feel like the movie is like a highlight reel of the time that we had making it and the cast is great. so many good people in there that, yeah, it's a lot of fun. comes at you from a lot of different angles >> that's a good way to put it. we mentioned "snl." you are leaving the show. it's been your home for ten years. has it sunk in you won't be doing it again. >> no, it won't until they do a saturday until don pardo skips my name in the opening credits and i imagine i'll bring the same emotional time since the first time he said it. >> you have a wedding coming up allegedly in spring. yes. >> how are the plans coming. >> pretty well. pretty well. you know, we just know we want to do it. yeah. >> well, that's -- that's the most important thing. >> after the choices. >> and speaking of food at the premiere there, you chose to wear a t-shirt that says oklahoma joe's barbecue. you're apparently a big fan of
8:52 am
the barbecue. >> in kansas city where a couple barbecue places in the movie. >> you've missed your kansas city barbecue living in new york city. it looks like the folks at oklahoma joe's barbecue decided to bring some barbecue to you in new york city. >> 9:00 a.m. barbecue. >> 9:00 a.m. barbecue. >> look at that. just enough for you. >> really from oklahoma joe's. >> it really is from oklahoma's joe's. we'll feast after this. i want to give you something to chew on before this. a quick lightning round. >> what is the most guy thing about you? >> i have a lot -- i have a lot of hair on my chest. >> good to know. if you were invisible for one hour what would you do? >> i would probably, you know, i don't know, like get in an elevator and pass gas all day. >> wow. all right. my wildest dream is blank? >> my wildest dream is blank? >> morning television. >> boy, then my wildest dream is the life that i'm living. >> that's good. i wish i could start --
8:53 am
>> answering these questions quicker. >> i wish i could stop. >> being so slow. wish i stopped biting my nails. >> i wish i had more. >> i wish i had more access to crystal clear water, saltwater. >> really. all right. what's your weirdest quirk. >> my weirdest quirk? oh, i don't know. i guess probably -- i have no idea. i wouldn't say it's weird. >> no one would actually and i think we should dig into the barbecue right now. >> i'm having a little bit of it, yeah. there should be some tough in the back for you. >> "we're the millers," by the way, opens nationwide this wednesday. i want to see you eat some of this, jason. >> all of it. we'll have a contest.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> so good. >> thank you to jason sudeikis only because we got barbecue, man. >> morning barbecue. >> liam hemsworth, thank you. ashton kutcher, thank you. we'll see you tomorrow.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. breaking news on the upper deck of the bay bridge where major delays continue following a big rig fire. this is how the fire looked from video sent in. this fire shut down two winnipeg bound lanes near the fifth street exit in san francisco. you can e-mail video to us as well. any new updates and time lines from leyla gulen. >> we have an update and it looks like the two lanes will be open at noon today. right now you can see traffic is still moving through. let's go outside live and take a look at this picture. this is at the maze, backed up out of berkeley. mike? thank you very much, leyla. they said two hours and you thought it would be longer and you were right. san francisco 62, everybody else in the 60s and 70s. we'll be in the 80s in the east bay valleys but they are the
9:00 am
exception. your accuweather seven-day forecast, expect drizzle and 50s announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new thriller "paranoia," liam hemsworth. "we're the com the comedy we the millers," jay crawford. and robin roberts joins michael at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are michael strahan and robin roberts! [cheers and applause] ♪


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