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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 5, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 4:00, special news. waking up to good news for commuters, no bart strike. >> that is because of a last-minute move by governor brown. we have full team coverage on the strike. the governor is stepping in and whether the word got out. and we have abc7 news reporter cornell bernard and where they go from here. >> good morning. riders could be happy but the unions are not. bart trains will roll for another week after the governor stepped in last night to block a strike hours before that midnight deadline. that was at the request of bart management after contract talks
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appear to be stalled. in a letter the governor told both sides he was stepping in because it would significantly endanger public safety much the union is very angry. they are slamming bart management for posturing and "refusing to bargain in good faith." >> we are disappointed at the continued posturing, their continued negotiations which are in very bad faith, their continual failure to address a single safety proposal on behalf of the union. >> the only option to keep the trains rolling was to ask the governor for cooling off period. the governor has agreed. the way this works is there is a seven day fact-finding period, a board of inquiry set up and we present the facts of the case and the unions will friend the facts as they see it.
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>> the governor has appointed the three-member board to look into the heated talks. the governor may decide to impose a 60-day cooling off period between bart and the unions. no new talks are scheduled from the information we are receiving. for now, trains are rolling. >> a public board of inquiry is an official review of events or actions. the governor is appointing a three-member board to investigate the contract dispute between bart and the unions providing a written report in seven days. the governor use add law allowing the states to intervene if a strike would "significantly disrupt public transportation and endanger public health, safety, and welfare." >> the strike that was avoided is causing confusion. wayne? >> no sign commuters yet.
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we cannot tell if they are confused but there are signs of life at the west oakland bart station on 7th. you can see a truck. are you happy to be working? are you talking? [ inaudible ] >> he said he will keep his mouth shut for now. the first train doesn't leave until 4:30 to dublin/pleasanton and the next train to the city at 4:30. last night, commuters were relieved at the decision of the governor. >> i am happy to hear the news. we can relax, breathe, and let them work it out. >> i am stoked. this is always some. i have to get to work. >> i can meet people for networking and try to find a job in the bay area. it is a huge relief. >> it is safe to say she speaks
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for everyone who would be using bart this morning. everyone is relieveed for anybody planning to move in the area we will not have a logjam that everyone anticipated. this station in west oakland has not opened but there are signs of life and no signs of commuters. the first train will run on time at 4:30 and we will be here for it. >> thank you. >> we were worried about the impact on the roads. leyla gulen? author doing well. good morning, everyone. as wayne said, the train station, the bart station, is not open yet and we have an hour to go before trains start to run but as we take you to the east bay we have an accident in a construction zone eastbound side at hillcrest avenue with top speed in both directions at that area. we have this construction
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project northbound and southbound 880 with on-and-off ramps shut down until 6:00 this morning. in the northbound direction you can see the slow-and-go traffic but we are in good shape. the drive time traffic shows 580 westbound a 24-minute ride and highway four westbound from antioch to concord is 16 minutes and 101 southbound to san francisco is 17 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza is wide open. we will have a few lanes blocked eastbound and westbound for road work. that is the weather. mike nicco? no, we will go over to eric. >> we have a wide range of resources at including more on the governor's inquiry into the negotiations and traffic conditions so you can see how the commute is shaping up and you can down hold
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the exclusive abc7 news traffic app to navigate the freeways. you can follow us on twitter for breaking news updates. >> from the south bay, firefighters have battle add two-alarm file in an apartment building. matt? >> red cross is still here helping owes residents who are not allowed in the apartments until the power is back on. firefighters say a resident reported they were cooking in the kitchen when the flames started after midnight and spread to the upper unit. you can see how bad the apartments were damaged with windows blown out in three apartments next to the flames because of the heat and no one was injured. when power is back on some will be allowed back in their homes and the red cross is estimating they will be helping about 16 people with shelter, food, and clothing for the next couple of days.
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>> from san francisco's mission district, a fire injured a person this morning on 24th and started after 1:00 o'clock. crews put it out quickly. the victim was taken to san francisco general hospital. we are working to get more information and bring it as soon as it comes in. >> the latest on the weather situation. mike nicco? >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd and the satellite and you can see the satellite is showing a lot of cloud cover. everyone is dealing with clouds. this is also some mist and drizzle. it is not confined only to the coast but slipped into the bay and trying to slip into our higher elevations so do not be surprised if you are coming in or traveling around this morning for any distance you will run into a little bit of wet weather. we did not even need the wipers only once or twice driving through san francisco. now, the temperatures when you step outside, relatively cool as
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you would expect at mid-to-upper 50's with a few exceptions, and mountain view is 61 and san jose is 60. stepping out in hayward, san ramon, oakland, san carlos, 57, san francisco right now is 55 and concord and antioch at 56, and napa and novato at 54. breaking out the day planner, mist and drizzle through 7:00, and clouds and temperatures not moving much. slow sunshine starting first-in-the-south bay and inland east bay and work through the north bay and the bay itself with lingering clouds during the afternoon hour. 70 at noon and 64 and 56 and topping out around 80, 70, and 64 at 4:00 from inland and the coast. you will wonder, where is summer? it is actually going to get cooler tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. the complete forecast is ahead in a minute. >> much more ahead on the abc7
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news with bart trains running. we are watching the commute for trouble spots. the united states is on high alert with a chilling threat from al-qaeda that led officials to step up the security. >> more bad news for troubled ambulance company that serves the south
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>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the way area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 4:11, a picture of the embarcadero in san francisco, with little traffic right now this early. i do not see extra cars. bart trains will run this morning. i will have lot more and check weather and traffic. >> the trains will run because of a last minute maneuver by the governor who ordered a seven day inquiry into the contract dispute that threats to stop the
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trains. there can be in strike during the inquiry. the two largest unions remain at odds with bart management over a new contract and we will see how it affects the commute. >> breaking news in japan, a military helicopter crashed at a marine base. one of the four crew members died. the conditions of the three other marines on board are not released. reports are an hh60 rescue helicopter crashed which hosts half of the 50,000 united states troops in japan. local residents have long complained of accidents, crime, and pollution related to the military presence. >> close to two dozen embassies across the middle east and north africa are closed. some could stay closed beyond this week. the top government officials are monitoring a plot by al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. americans are on high alert
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around the world after the united states intercepted communications from al-qaeda revealing chilling details of the plot against the united states. homeland security increased presence at airports and train stations across the country and a travel alert in effect for members traveling overseas. >> this is a wake-up call. al-qaeda is stronger than it was before 9/11. >> we have learned the planned attack could be on the western targets or united states interests. intelligence officials say "it is going to be big and strategically significant." >> we received information and high level people from al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula are talking about a major attack and these are people in the high level. >> as a precaution, two dozen embassies and consulates are remaining closed through the end of the week. one official says the fear is the terrorists will use their bodies as weapons with bombs surgely placed inside of them
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that could beat detection. >> their expertise is chemical explosives, hit the aviation sector as we saw with the underwear bomber. >> the exact target is not known. with the united states lending details an expert says al-qaeda could change the tactics and is called a very active plot so intelligence officials are tracking it around the clock. >> the department of homeland security is stepping up surveillance in san francisco with the file monitoring areas of the toy determine if additional resources are needed. no specific location have hand pensioned, authoritieses are acting out of caution and much watching the airports and train stations and other transportation hubs. >> speaking of transportation we will check with leyla gulen. >> speaking of bridges we will
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look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is smooth. you can see a few cars making the drive from emeryville to san francisco. we do have a few lanes blocked from the westbound direction for construction but we have construction in the eastbound direction. at the orion outerbridge it is quiet and at top speed and from sausalito to san francisco you can see a couple of boats making the commute in the southbound direction. in san mateo, the san mateo bridge is hazy but traffic is moving into foster city toward the high-rise and running smooth at top speed. eastbound direction has no problems, either. now at look at the weather, good morning, mike. we will start with visibility with fog along the coast and
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reduced visibility at 2.5 miles. there is a low ceiling when you factor the cloud cover this morning and the mist and drizzle hanging or falling in the air. winds are gusting around 28 miles per hour in fairfield so we have a stout sea breeze again. right now it is just above the boundary of the earth so we do not see anything more than conquer at three and oakland ten miles per hour but the winds will pick up. cloud cover through 9:00 and it will take up to noon to get mostly sunny an the bay and into the north bay and probably around 1:00 o'clock or 2:00 until it is completely cleared and we will have clouds along the coast keeping you in the 50's to near 60. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures warmest inland where we hit the 80's but 60's
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and 70's around the bay and north bay and south bay and cooler on thursday and friday we could have measurable water precipitation, more like drizzle, falling from the sky. back to kristen and eric. >> new this morning, the private ambulance service that serves santa clara county has filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection. arizona based rural metro the largest ambulance operator serving rural communities has operations in 21 states. last month, rural metro missed a crucial $15.5 million bond. santa clara county officials brought in the c.e.o. to explain the financial problems. rural metro filed for bankruptcy protection in a delaware federal court yesterday after striking a deal with lenders to trim debt. >> san jose travel agent filed for bankruptcy after being accused of taking thousands from customers. sunlight closed in june and the
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owner is accused of making off with money and passports after buying airplane tickets to vietnam. the bankruptcy attorney claims there is no money to refund the customers. >> someone is richer this morning after winning $1 million playing powerball in milpitas which matched five of the six winning numbers in saturday night's drawing. no ticket matched all six numbers so that means wednesday's jackpot has soared to $400 million. >> did you say "little bit richer," that is an under statement. we can all use a cool million. >> we are watching the morning commute with bart trains running. the passengers need to ditch
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>> bart workers will be on the job today and the trains will run as scheduled. the governor stepped in to avert the strike that was scheduled to begin at midnight both negotiated until late in the evening. the governor has asked for a board of inquiry to probe the dispute which will delay a bart strike for another seven days. >> new this morning, san diego mayor filner is entering two weeks of intensive therapy as root woman has alleged that filner made unwanted advances. the woman says he grabbed her hands, called her "beautiful" and asked if she is married. the mayor is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit claiming he groped women for years. filner admitted to inappropriate
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behavior but refused to resign. >> a special abc7 morning news because of the bart station with no strike. >> no strike and all trains are on time as we speak. we have construction northbound 880 from marina boulevard to davis strike we will see a few lanes blocked until 5:00 this morning. both northbound and southbound moving along at top speeds. the drive time traffic is 680 southbound direction from walnut creek to dublin/pleasanton is 15-minute commute and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 51 minutes which is quick. to the maze we, oakland from berkeley is looking clear up to 580 in the eastbound direction and not seeing too much traffic. >> good to know you have good
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news about the bart strike, we will probably have flight arrival delays, and the clouds are above the rooftops of the embarcardero center and you can see the ferry building and, also, the bay bridge. the story today is temperatures from three degrees cooler-than-average in oakland with 67 to eight degrees cooler-than-average in san jose and redwood city at 74. summer is on break again. we will not see it the rest of the week. an the state, if you want to travel somewhere, where it is warmer 89 in sacramento and 98 in fresno, and sunshine and 80 in tahoe which would be warmer than the bay area. cool around loss an at 77 and in palm springs, it is 107 with sunshine. that is the forecast for now. now more news with kristen and >> and now the young of the mayor in minnesota: four-year-old is getting
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world-wide attention as of be elected to a second term. he only has 28 people in his his town but thousands donated a dollar over the weekend l is no formal government so this is just a sir -- ceremonial title. >> you are special? >> yes, i am. >> bans on ice cream are hard to beat. >> he has the confidence of a politician. voters' donation of a dollar went to the town fund so he is raising money for the commute. >> this is the story that shows an eight-year-old boy's devotion to his dog. this nine-year-old boxer lost the use of his behind legs because of a degenerative disease were the dog's young owner was determined to raise money to boy a special wheelchair that costs $300. he raised the money by selling magnets to his neighbors in lexington, kentucky, selling so
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many he was able to the wheelchair and donate the left over money to the local humane society. >> he made the key chains and magnets from beads that are so popular. >> well done. >> coming up, strike averted for now, the last-minute move to delay a walk out. >> reaction to riders. well hear from relieved commuters getting to work on time. >> we have a picture looking outside from our exploritorium camera in san francisco, you can see it looks misty over the bay bridge. it could be drizzle, too, we will check weather and factor ahead with mike nicco and leyla gulen. stay with us.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> this is the time our program normally starts. we have been on for half of an hour because of the bart situation. no strike. we will have team coverage. the bart strike was avoided when the governor stepped in. many commuters are still thrown off their normal plans. they wonder when this will all en. >> we have coverage in oakland the site of the negotiations. cornell? >> good morning, guys. good news for riders. unions are not happy. at all. bart trains will roll this morning for another week after the governor stepped in to temporarily block a strike before the deadline at the request of bart management after contract talks broke down.
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the governor told both sides he was stepping in because the strike would in his words significantly disrupt transportation and endanger public safety. union members are angry, and slamming bart management for posturing and refusing to bargain if good faith. bart says it had no other choice. >> extremely disappointed this has happened. we have said we did not want to disrupt the riding public. this did not have to occur. if the district would come to the table and bargain with us in good faith for an equitable contract, this would not be necessary. >> if you look at our latest offer and compare to what our public workers are getting doing the same job it is a very generous offer. this is not a union busting offer or board. the governor appointed a three-member board to look into the heated talks and the governor may decide to impose a
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60-day cooling off period between bart and the unions. no new talks are scheduled this morning if tomorrow if that matter. trains are rolling for now. >> thank you. more information about the three people appointed by the governor to investigate the contract dispute. the board chairman has been senior advisor to the governor since 2011 and is director of the department of alcohol and beverage control an attorney with employment background. and the san francisco director of human resources used to work as a state labor mediator and was a union representative at the service employees international union from 1982 to 1994. and the president emeritus of the trade counsel of california was a commissioner at the california transportation commission from


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