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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 2, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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could walk off on monday morning for a second time. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the bart station with the latest. amy? >> they say they will continue bargaining but this is a warning. if they cannot reach an agreement they will strike on monday. start thinking about alternate plans. the two unions issued the 72-houren watching last night. the finger-pointing from both sides continues. bart management says the strike notice only stalls negotiations. union representatives blame bart chief negotiator saying he is a union buster. >> we are giving you a 72-hour notice of an impending strike if we are not able to come to agreement with the district by midnight sunday. >> a lot of things have been agreed to. how is that bargaining in bad faith? >> this is what the commuteed like when they hit the picket
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line last month, the week of july 4. transportation officials believe a lot of people were on vacation. this time it will be worse. frustration levels are expected to be high. all week we have been talking to riders who predicted the strike but do not want it. now the warning has been issued we are interested to hear what folks have to say. we are at the bart station in san lenadro. we will hear from those who will be impacted if the trains are not running monday. >> bart workers are reaching out to hollywood stars to generate support. union members and supporters rallied outside oakland city hall. the announcement that all three unions gave 7 to hour strike notice came at 300 union members finished marching and the rally got a boost from danny gloveer.
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>> we want a contract. we want a contract. >> and bart passenger whose backed the unions are not sure how long their sympathies will hold out if there is a strike. >> bay area transit agencies are making plans to carry more passengers. bart hopes to have up to 95 buses available to make limited runs from el cerrito, walnut creek, dublin/pleasanton, fremont and west oakland stations. service from concord and san lenadro could be added, too. bay ferry makes additional trips from oakland and vallejo with overflow parking available in alameda. golden gate transit will have two boats used by bay ferry. car pool lane hours are extended as they were last time from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> during the last strike thousands flocked to car pooling but the waits were frustrating. it went smoothly yesterday morning in san francisco. drivers dropped off passengers near the financial district. transportation officials are
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reserving parts of areas around the transbay terminal for the evening commute but commuters say that adds to chaos. >> the love the buses were routed to beale street where the car pool pickup so it was difficult to get picked up because there was so much traffic. >> there is a small spot for commuters. transportation officials will hand out $5 gift cards to evening casual car poolers in san francisco. >> we have a range of resources at abc7 news including the latest updates from transit agencies on how extra passengers are accommodated with a list of park-'n-ride lots and real time traffic maps. can you follow us on twitter for breaking updates. >> a motorcyclist is dead after a bizarre crash near the port of oakland. police say the motorcyclist crashed near 3rd street before
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11 p.m. and a speeding car had a separate accident that flipped and landed on top of the motorcyclist. he was pronounced dead at the seen. the differ of the car was not hurt. the overpass will be closed in both directions until later this morning. >> police are investigating a deadly shooting outside of a liquor store in northwest berkeley that happened outside bing's liquors after 9:00 p.m. when a 24-year-old man was found on the sheet with gun wounds and died at the hospital. homicide detectives have canvassed the area for information and checking local businesses for surveillance video. abc7 news reporter matt kellerer will have more at the top of the hour. >> former elementary schoolteacher face as sentence of up to 75 years to life in imprison after being convicted of molesting several young students. a jury found craig chandler guilty of lewd acts on five girls in his classroom at the
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elementary school. chandler blindfolded students and said they part of a lesson involving sensory deprivation and helen keller. the families of the victims remain silent as they left the hall of justice. another parent says moving on isn't that easy. >> i sit in the classroom at that school to see how the teachers are because of this. >> the evergreen school district released this statement, chandler's actions violated the children but also cast a pall on the sense of security not 18 months. >> two suspected marijuana growers return to court to answer charges of keeping a sex slave teen. the sheriff provided these pictures but the men made a 15-year-old southern california girl live inside this box at their pot farm. agents say they found 1,300 pot plants and weapons in a raid. the teen was not only abused but forced to process the pot plants.
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the 30-year-old ryan baletto and 25-year-old patrick pearmain could face life sentences if convicted. >> the next round of testing begins on rods installed at the bay bridge. the tests are at 32 similar rods failed when they were tightened this year. the tests focus on checking the long metal bolts for the way they respond to stress and the elements. the rods are designed to protect the bridge in a major earthquake. fixing the rods has forced caltran to delay the opening of the bridge which was scheduled labor day. >> san jose residents fighting a new downtown ball park for the oakland a's filed a new complaint against the city. the group is called stand for san jose. the mercury news reports they are challenging a city transfer of the proposed site to a re-development successor agency and the transfer includes an opening for the a's to buy the land for $7 million a fraction of the $25 million the city re-development agency paid. san jose granted the a's the
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option in 2011 to maintain the land after re-development agencies in california were eliminated. >> the labor department will release the monthly jobs report in an hour from now. the economists hope for good news. they say employers are laying off fewer workers and they expect they added 183,000 jobs in july lowering the unemployment rate to 7.5 percent from 7.6 percent in june. >> it is 4:37 and time if a check of the weather. mike? >> nice to see you, katie. 47 this morning in napa and we have an area that is at 47. 50 in san next 12 hours, we have a cloudy push taking place right now and
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late arriving clouds like yesterday, with temperatures for the most part in the mid-50 with a few exceptions like napa at 47 and los gatos at 51 degrees. coastal clouds is where they will reside and they will be more numerous than yesterday. 66 around the bay and 76 inland with sunny conditions and we will be sunny by 4:00 and warmer and the mid-80's at 4:00, and 70 around the bay and 60's at the coast and a comfortable evening, 78 inland and 64 around the bay and 58 at the coast. it last through the weekend in the three day forecast: tomorrow, the same as today. maybe a couple of degrees cooler on sunday and monday, then, about the same as today, too, so no great variation in the forecast morning clouds giving way to sun by 11:00 each day. now an update on the friday morning commute. >> it is also good to see you, mike and everyone at home. we have construction out there. a couple of closures are going
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to slow down the commute a little bit but this will be picked up at 5:00, northbound 101 between shoreline and oregon expressway is a construction zone until 5:00. good news, though, c.h.p. was a successful the i-80 challenge between california and new jersey, 2,900 miles of i-80 was patrolled resulting in no fatalities in california. that is excellent news. congratulations to c.h.p. now outside a look at the san mateo we have clear conditions. if you are headed out of hayward to foster city a clear drive across the bridge. >> next we are following breaking news in the east bay are a fire has damaged sell cars and hayward apartment complex. we will have a report from the scene. >> california woman snorkeling in hawaii survived a shark
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attack. her terrifying encounter with a 25' shark. now america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, looking to be another record day on wall street, markets kickoff with a series of records, the dow and s&p 500 all-time highs and the nasdaq also up sharply and all three indices are up 20 percent for the year. you can expect today's trading to be influenced by the government july jobs report. stock futures were higher overnight. growing number of millennials living with mom and dad, 21 million, since march of 2012, and 36 percent of 18 to 31-year-olds moved back home, the highest in four decades. research shows coffee at mcdonald's and dunkin' donuts is not as strong as starbucks with 20 milligrams of caffeine nothing compared to death wish a staggering 54.2 grams per ounce. drink at your own risk. that is
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>> covering petaluma and southeast altos and all bay area. >> a look at san francisco as the weekend begins and mike is looking at the forecast and leyla gulen is tracking the commute on this friday morning and we are all watching out for a possible bart strike. more on all of that will set coming up. >> it is moving quickly in detroit's bankruptcy case. a judge is holding a hearing to set an aggressive timeframe for hearings and deadlines. a key issue is whether the city is eligible for qualify for bankruptcy protection. the judge said any objections have to be filed by two weeks from monday with a hearing on the issue in october. detroit's troubles are because of corruption, financial mismanagement, the auto industry collapse, and the dramatically shrunking tax base as people move out. the city has long term debt of
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$18 billion. >> a southern california woman is recovering this morning after a frightening shark attack in hawaii. retired schoolteacher was snorkeling on maui on wednesday and 30' from shore in water only 10' deep when she was bit. >> i didn't see it coming or see it going. the doctor in the e.r. things according to the bites and where they are it was probably 25' shark. that was his guess. >> she ran to the beach screaming for help and she has bite marks on her back and bruises across her stomach and is expected to recover i. >> you have a chance to participate in a nation-wide cancer study that only takes place every 30 years, screening is now underway at mount zion medical center, the american cancer society study has only been twice. previous versions are credited
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with fining a link between smoking and cancer and obesity and cancer. the study tracks 300,000 people nationwide and look at genes and environmental causes of cancer. >> the ability to track individuals, understand something about them to determine whether or not someone gets cancer, that gives us a last information that can be used in research. >> participants must be between 30 and 65 years old and can you find out more information on >> in contra costa, eight more birds have tested positive for the west nile virus the infected birds found in antioch, brentwood, concord, danville, pittsburg and walnut creek. people can contract the virus when a mosquito bites an infected bird. overnight mosquito fogging was continue to fight the virus spraying a zone mere san jose
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international airport. >> a new brand of bottled lemonade hits the shelves created by a girl for a good cause. the nine-year-old girl and her make a stand lemonade debuts this afternoon. she and her nonprofit fair trade usa are using half of the proceeds from the drink to fight human tracking. the lemonade will be sold at all stores an the bay area. there is no price tag. pay what you can afford. she raised $100,000 last year. >> nine years old! congratulations, young lady. >> incredible. congratulations to us for the forecast. >> i think so. warmer weather starts today. that is still the case. good morning, everyone. we will talk about the breezes on the bay if you want to kickoff early. we have west wind at 15- to 25-knots through the bay area and in the delta starting at 11:00 and goes through 9:00 this
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evening, it will be rough out over the ocean and on our beaches and it will be brisk with northwest wind around 15- to 25-knots and that goes through 9:00 this evening. right now, fairfield is 17, so, the sea breeze is not so stout as it was yesterday. that is why the clouds are later arriving today than yesterday. 16 miles per hour is the sfo wind, and 12 at concord. calm in the north bay valley and it is cool. from mount tamalpais you can see sausalito and san francisco and a few clouds in the background. today we will have warmer highs. a lot of sunshine. the coast will probably have a few more clouds and more clouds overnight tonight but pretty much a steady pattern will fill in holding through seven days. temperatures will be 83 in san jose, and 80 closer to average, and let to mid 80's around
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morgan hill and los gatos and partly cloudy conditions in santa cruz and 73. a lost upper 70's and near 80 through the south bay. we have upper 70's from redwood city south to los altos and mountain view and upper 60's to lower 70's for millbrae. to the coast, low-to-mid 60's and pacifica is 62 and same for daly city, and downtown, south san francisco, upper 60's to near 70 in sausalito and low-to-mid 80's through wine country in the north bay with low-to-mid 60's at the bones. along the east bay shore we break out of the 60's with low-to-mid 70's and possibly upper 70's around richmond and castro valley and fremont and the east bay develop mid-to-upper 80's not quite 90 but getting close. a fireworks game tonight and rangers are in town take on the a's and pleasant start at 65. you will need a coat or hoodie
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and a blanket on the field for the fireworks at 60 degrees when it is over. the seven-day forecast shows a minor fluctuation in temperatures, and maybe cooler tomorrow and sunday because of the extra cloud cover in the morning but warmer for monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. no heat wave on the way. enjoy. leyla gulen? >> we have some construction being handled in san mateo and this is 280 traveling in the northbound and southbound direction of 280 at black mountain road with a couple lanes blocked off between 7:00 and 8:00 this morning. watch out for that. it could slow you down. headed in the east bay along eastbound 580, lanes are blocked and that is going to last until 9:00 this morning. so, longer. we are looking at clear conditions in both directions and as we look at our drive tame traffic 580 westbound from tracy to dutch lynn is 24 minutes and highway 4 from antioch to concord is 11 minutes and highway 101 season from san
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rafael to san francisco is a short 16-minute commute. into central san rafael it is looking light. hopefully it will stay that way. >> with a bart strike looming next week many commuters are wondering how they will get to work. >> there is an app for that. the company is offering incentives for peopling to step up and drive car pools. >> jonathan? >> workers picketed in front of the shuttered bart stakes a mess that was remembered all too well. >> ridiculous. so far backed up it was unbelievable how many were still driving. >> commuters loaded on to buses and ferries. lauren did something she had never done, agreed to drive a car pool if her own car. >> i was able to help a few people.
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>> she found passengers on a mobile app called car-ma. >> you can check out a profile and look at their photo and you find out they are even going to your building. >> it was used mainly to plan car pools from neighborhood to bart stations but during the last bart strike it changed. >> our usage went up 9,000 percent and we maintained 30 percent of that. >> it could be because they raffle build helicopter rides and povertied this video. this time they have a more practical promotion. >> pick people up and carry them to the city and we give you $25 for parking each day next week, strike or no strike. >> you have to pick up car poolers at a special location. >> you cannot make a lot of money using car-ma but if you give someone a ride today in the future when you need a ride
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something will give you a ride. that is what we call good car-ma >> 4:52 and coming up, field of dreams and we will tell you which peninsula little leaguers have a quest to a trip to little league world series. >> a star rubs to
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>> final preparations are underway if a bay area premiere summer festivals, crews put up the grandstands for the 13th annual art and soul festival in downtown oakland featuring nonstop music and great food and it features what organizers say is the largest family fun zone of any bay area festival getting underway tomorrow at noon and run until 8:00 p.m. and noon until 6:00 on sunday. admission is $10 for adults. >> the all stars begin the quest for the little league world series title today. the team is in san bernardino for the western regionals after
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beating santa cruz on sunday. the peninsula little league heroes left for southern california on tuesday. they will play arizona state champions today at 4:00 p.m. they will face teams from maui, utah, and you can catch the games by logging on to espn 3, our sister network, the west regional championship game is on august 10th. the winner advances to the world series in williams port, pennsylvania. >> time if a check on the weekend forecast. mike? >> pretty awesome. in august, here in oakland, we gain two degrees by the end of the month from 72 to 74. morning lows are the same. up to 1.25" rain. it could be as cold as 50. so are the extremes. today in oakland it will be 72. about four degrees warmer than
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yesterday. all of the us will be around two to eight degrees warmer than yesterday. if you travel around the state today and through the week, it looks quiet. it is getting warmer, but southern california, 71 in san diego and 75 in los angeles and 105 in palm springs and 79 in tahoe and no threat of thunderstorms this weekend. leyla gulen? >> we have a closure on the east bay overcosponsoring 8 -- overcrossing 880 because of a milk crash closed until later morning opening maybe by 6:00 a.m. but we not sure. this area will be closed overcrossing 880. you can use market instead. southbound 880 and northbound, a few lane closures with the cones picked up that is causing the traffic to squeeze by.
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the speed is six miles per hour. the drive time traffic 680 southbound 14 minutes from walnut creek to dublin and 101 and 17 and everything else is top speeds. >> thank you, leyla gulen. jamie lee curtis was rushed to the hospital after a traffic accident. she was a passenger in a black s.u.v. that struck a bmw. she and another were taken by ambulance to be treated. her injuries are minor but the other person's injuries more serious. a witness says that after the crash she called jodie foster who showed up almost immediately. >> coming up at 5:00 a.m., embassies on high alert with a new security concern forcing the closure of american embassies an the world. >> the city of richmond lawsuit against chevron over the refinery
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, at 5:00 a.m., so glad you are with us on this friday morning. >> what do we have in front of us weather-wise? mike if. >> great question. i will show you first live doppler 7 hd and the visibility. we do not have the fog yet, santa rosa visibility is down to eight with more clouds on the coast and six miles visibility at half moon bay and everyone else is okay. we will talk about what will happen today. as we head in the afternoon hours, total sunshine again, inland, from 81 in the north by to 89 in the east


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