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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 18, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. dangerous and deadly heat wave. summer sizzling in 22 states right now, as temperatures are breaking records. and parts of the west facing a wall of fire right now, as thousands are forced from their homes overnight. new this morning. trayvon martin's parents speak out for the first time since george zimmerman was found not guilty. what they say about the verdict now. and what they wish the jurors knew about their son. hey, i'm cory. >> breaking overnight, new video revealed of "glee" star cory monteith in his final days. his message to a young fan about staying out of trouble, as one of his closest friends now speaks out in an abc news exclusive. and inside robin's incredible night. the sports world's biggest superstars and a thunderous standing ovation to honor her, with the arthur ashe award.
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>> to be able to beat adversity the way she did, is the example of a back-to-back champion. >> her emotional speech about family. what she's finding about her true strength, only on "gma." and good morning, america. what a lovely, powerful night for robin. and, josh, you were right there, walking her up to the stage. >> yeah. i was worried about getting her up those stairs, george. but what an honor. a humbling honor to be there for her, on a night when our robin was simply perfect. >> she was radiant in red and that speech full of hope and inspiration. listen to this. >> i draw strength from you. you give me the courage to face down any challenge. to know that when fears -- when
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fear knocks, let faith answer the door. >> that is vintage robin. you can see her drawing strength all through that speech. >> and yet we think of her as a pillar of strength. we'll have so much more of a that amazing night at the espy awards in california. but let's get right now to that raging wildfire, also in california, growing so fast. abc's linzie janis is on the front lines in idyllwild, california, this morning, with the latest on that. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: elizabeth, this town is in the path of the fire that's multiplied, to nearly 20,000 acres this morning. flames raced across california's mountains, expanding rapidly and now threatening more than 4,000 homes. overnight, thousands of residents grabbed what they could and ran for safety. >> we've had fires. but nothing like this. not at all. this is really scary for everybody. >> i never thought that this day would ever come. that we would ever have to do this.
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and it's kind of scary right now. you know? >> reporter: so far, a total of 6,000 people have been evacuated. some have lost everything. >> lived here for 30 years. and built my home with my own hands. uninsured. paid for. everything in the world i own is gone.irefighters across california say this fire season is shaping up to be one of the deadliest in their history. >> the fire behavior we're seeing right now is what we would typically be seeing in august and september. >> reporter: drought, sizzling temperatures and high winds are creating extreme conditions across the entire west. those same conditions led to the inferno 2 1/2 weeks ago in arizona, which killed 19 hotshots. investigators now say that fire was moving at a record speed of 15 miles per hour, 13 miles per hour faster than average. firefighters here say this fire is 15% contained. you can see some of the fire
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trucks parked here behind me. the terrain is so rough, they're having trouble getting close to the fire. and so it's being fought mostly from the air. george? >> such a difficult situation. okay, linzie, thank you very much. let's get to sam, he's out there in times square, with the latest on the deadly heat wave smothering so much of the country right now. >> this is a big one today and for tomorrow. look at the jumbotron. that's what our heat index level is in times square right now. it feels like 87 degrees. the normal high temperature in times square this time of year is 85 degrees. the real numbers are going into the 90s. the heat index levels are going from 100 to 110, and that's in an awful lot of the country again. it's day five of this deadly summer heat wave. and the summer sizzle continues to blanket the u.s. >> it feels like they're going to explode. it's so hot. >> reporter: 22 states from north dakota to massachusetts are now under heat advisories and warnings. and the health effects are getting more serious. in new hampshire, four children left in a car with the windows rolled up were taken to the hospital after suffering serious heat-related symptoms.
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dangerously high temperatures have been blamed for at least one death. on tuesday, a 78-year-old alzheimer's patient died after wandering away from his home. prolonged heat also taking a structural toll. the blistering sun, causing roads to buckle, like this one on long island. and train delays. new jersey transit riders stranded wednesday because overhead power lines were sagging from the high temperatures. in washington, d.c., testing how hot it gets after 30 minutes in a car. >> we approached 125 degrees in the car. i'm completely miserable. >> reporter: a reminder, heat kills more people than tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and lightning combined. >> it can be brutal at times. >> reporter: that's why firefighters take this seriously. in toledo, ohio, wearing 70 pounds of gear, they are diligent about staying hydrated. we all think we're stronger than the heat.
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and that's because your body doesn't let you know you're having a problem until it starts shutting down. so, make sure that you're cool, reasonably comfortable. and taking measures. because, look at these heat levels. we're going to stop about temperatures today and tomorrow. we're going to concentrate on what it feels like to you. we're going to feel like 108 in washington. your body will feel like 101 in new york. it will feel like 105 in st. louis. 103 in nashville. those are very real numbers and very difficult for people to move around in for at least two more days. george? >> thanks very much. got to watch out for all of that right now. now, we're going to turn to the growing outrage over the latest issue of "rolling stone" magazine. it features boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev on the cover. many people saying it glorifies him, makes him look like a rock star. the issue hits shelves on friday. but many stores are already refusing to sell it. abc's ron claiborne has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the backlash over this "rolling stone" cover, just keeps growing.
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>> that's ridiculous to me. >> i think this is the real problem. >> reporter: one day before the magazine even hits newsstands, people all across america, who saw the image on the magazine's website, are lashing out, calling the cover, which depicts a tousled-hair tsarnaev, insensitive, disgusting and -- >> wrong. plain wrong. >> reporter: peter brown is the uncle of paul and j.p. norden, shown in this photo with tsarnaev, minutes before the bombs went off at the finish line. both men were badly injured, and each lost a leg. >> why not a picture of him in an orange jumpsuit? why not an article about the victims and how people were destroyed that day? >> reporter: a friend and colleague of m.i.t. campus police officer, sean collier, who was allegedly shot and killed days after the marathon attack, was infuriated when he saw the cover. >> it's sickening. to view this picture and see this person on the front cover, again, being treated like a celebrity, being treated as a hero, it's just disgusting. >> reporter: and the outrage
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ripped through the blogosphere. "rolling stone's" facebook page, flooded with angry reaction. "rolling stone" is, of course, best known as the bible of rock 'n' roll. its cover is usually graced by the icons of pop music, not terrorism suspects. the magazine clearly knew it was stirring up a hornet's nest with its cover. the article which describes how they described it, tsarnaev as a monster. it begins with this preemptive strike. the cover story we're publishing this week, falls within the traditions of journalism and "rolling stone's" long-standing commitment to serious and thoughtful coverage of the most important political and cultural issues of the day. "rolling stone" is no stranger to controversy. back in 1970, they put charles manson on the cover of one of their issues. in 1981, that famous cover with john lennon naked. which called quite a stir. critics and there are saying this is different. the wounds, too raw.
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let's turn to josh ilofor o developing right now. good morning, josh. >> good morning, elizabeth. we're going to begin with some news affecting millions of college students with federal loans. overnight, senators reached a tentative deal to lock in lower interest rates for the next two school years. you might recall congress allowed those rates to double on july 1st. now, a final deal should be in place by the start of the coming school year. and two major banks are facing record fines this morning, accused of manipulating energy prices and so driving up the electric bills of millions of americans. jpmorgan chase could soon have to pay $500 million in fines. while barclays faces a similar fine. though it is vowing to fight the charges. and a violent crash on a florida highway. but the smoke you see here wasn't from a car. it was, in fact, from an air force drone that crashed during a test flight from a local base. crews had to close the highway
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because the drone is programmed to self-destruct. and secretary of state john kerry toured a refugee camp in jordan today that is now home to some 120,000 syrians who have fled the civil war in their country. it is the worst humanitarian crisis in decades. many of the refugees were angry demanding that the u.s. establish a no-fly zone to protect civilians. and an emotional milestone for nelson mandela and one few thought he would ever reach. for today, he turns 95. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday ♪ >> the tones of schoolchildren singing "happy birthday," while marching bands played outside the hospital where mandela is being treated. a full military parade saluted the nobel prize winner. south africa's current president says mandela's health is improving. and he's even smiling these days. some good news there.
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a look at your headlines. for more, now, we go back to the studio and you, george. >> thanks, josh. now, to the parents of trayvon martin. tracy martin and sybrina fulton have been in seclusion since george zimmerman's acquittal was announced late saturday. they're here, along with their attorney, bernard crump. thank you all for joining us. sybrina, you were not in the courtroom saturday night. where did you get the news? and what was your first thought? >> it was on one of the television programs. and my first thought was shock. disgust. i really didn't believe that he was not guilty. >> you've now had five days to think and pray about it, both of you. do you understand, now, how the jury might have reached that decision? and do you accept it? >> as parents, the understanding
7:12 am
how they reached the verdict, i'll never grasp that concept. and just as loving parents, and god-fearing people, we just continue to pray that whatever was in their heart was what they intended to do. but we feel that the verdict -- we didn't feel it was fair. and, of course, it's devastating. >> i can only imagine. we've now heard from one of the jurors, only one so far, who said that trayvon played a role in his death. she said that he could have walked away and gone home. what's your response to that? >> my response to that is that i think people are forgetting that trayvon was a teenager. so, he probably thought as a teenager. i really do believe he was afraid because he did call george zimmerman creepy.
7:13 am
so, he was afraid. >> is there something you wish though jurors that they didn't know. >> i really wish they knew trayvon for who he was. and knew he was a kid. they really didn't get a chance to -- they didn't know him as a human being. so, i just wish that they had an opportunity to really know who trayvon was and to put that in context with what their decision was. >> what more do you expect from the justice system? will you be filing a civil suit? >> well, we're going to look at all legal possibilities. but right now, we're asking the department of justice to look at this matter because trayvon was simply walking home. and his killer profiled him and followed him. so, we need to know what is the law? does it allow that anybody can profile and follow you? not even the police, based on the u.s. supreme court decision, can profile based on race.
7:14 am
so, are we going to allow private citizens with guns to do so? we need to know because we need to know what to tell our children. >> but, as you know, the fbi investigations did not find much evidence that race was in play here. the prosecutor didn't believe that. do you really think there's evidence for a case here? >> george, witness number nine has said that he had racial issues. so, there's evidence that may be very telling for a u.s. attorney to look at the civil rights of trayvon martin. and if they were violated by his killer. >> and finally, george zimmerman's parents spoke to barbara walters. they wanted you to know that they're deeply sorry and they pray for trayvon every day. do you take any comfort in that? >> that's a hard question. but i think it's a fair question because parents of -- there's no winner in this situation. obviously, we are devastated more.
7:15 am
and i just think that all the circumstances surrounding books being written and the characterization of us as parents, and i just really don't feel that it's real sincere. but we continue to pray that, you know, that we'll find peace and strength to be forgiving parents. >> good luck with that. we're praying for you, as well. thank you for coming in this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and to learn more about the trayvon martin foundation, go to our website, on yahoo! elizabeth? >> all right, george, thank you so much. and turning, now, to the espys. an incredible and special night it was, robin getting that huge standing ovation from the superstars of the sports world, as she accepted the arthur ashe courage award. and josh was there, in los angeles, for it all. hey, josh, tell us all about it. >> oh, it was such an honor, elizabeth.
7:16 am
it was wonderful to be with her to see this wonderful moment. ever since learning of the award, robin has gone to great lengths to say there are many more deserving than her. but last night, here in los angeles, it was completely evident that they made the perfect choice. >> i'm honored to present the arthur ashe award for courage to the most beautiful, strong woman i've ever been around, miss robin roberts. >> reporter: it was a victory lap i couldn't have been happier or more humble to share. robin accepting the espy's prestigious arthur ashe award for courage, for her unwavering strength. >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: amidst unthinkable adversity. >> i realize there are many worthy of holding this honor. others who have exhibited far more courage, strength and resilience. and it's humbling for me to represent you tonight. i draw strength from you. you give me the courage to face
7:17 am
down any challenge. and know that when fears -- when fear knocks, to let faith answer the door. >> reporter: that contagious warmth, felt by all, including first lady, michelle obama. >> see the beautiful thing about robin is that she treats everyone she meets with such deep respect and kindness. >> reporter: and her story sparked this candid moment from lebron james. >> we feel like we have adversity that hits us and we start to think about i can't. or it's too hard. or we can't do it. let's just think about this moment. >> reporter: robin thanked her fans, her colleagues, doctors and nurses for all of the e-mails and tweets and encouragement along the way and especially -- >> my big sister, sally-ann. my donor. i wouldn't be standing here. heck, i wouldn't be standing anywhere, if it were not for you, and i thank you for that. >> reporter: and as always, finding a way as only she can, to lighten the mood. >> very easy to spot sister sally.
7:18 am
she's always the one that's yes, jesus. yes, lord. yes, yes. >> reporter: robin's gratitude, immense. her love, palpable. >> to have my sister's dna. but you will always have my heart. >> sally-ann was in full-effect, guys. it was a wonderful thing to see. and the ever-unflappable robin had a little case of the nerves before. and who can blame her? but, in the end, it was a remarkable thing to hear the oxygen sucked out of that arena. it was a beautiful, beautiful moment to share. >> how great you were there for that. and how great for our robin. >> josh, i loved seeing you walking her down the aisle. you were like a proud big brother. >> i do want to say very quickly, i was really worried. she had seven stairs and showed up in a floor-length gown. i thought, robin, please, no jennifer lawrence moment. >> you did good.
7:19 am
>> how great did she look in that dress? >> oh, my gosh. robin, best ever. sam, we have to get to the storms. >> and how strong. i don't know if we're going to have time, but let's look at the board. come over with me. we begin to break the heat wave with the dropping of this front. and this is where the storms will light up. it's from the great lakes, well into northern new england. where these storms fly, there's likely to be one or two tornadoes and some powerful weather with that. in the west, we talked about the fires at the highlight of the show -- at the top of the show. the fire weather continues there. there are several fires, probably 16 large fires, burning uncontrollably right now. in these conditions, there's likely to be more in the coming days.
7:20 am
>> i was going to say, the best part of my day, a strong and healthy robin roberts, standing on stage, accepting an award. >> fantastic. also coming up on "gma," brand-new video overnight of cory monteith. his message to a young fan, as one of his closest friends speaks out. in an abc news exclusive. also ahead, mystery in michigan. a young woman vanishes. her co-worker found dead.
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7:25 am
yesterday the jury reached a decision against jose montanao. tuesday they had a verdict against peter. two men tried together but with separate juries. the judge ordered the verdicts sealed until both could be read today. eric, a sig alert has just been issued due to this crash involving an overturned truck. take a look at this red out here. it's causing a major jam as you make that drive along 280, north and southbound direction. we have this accident involving a motorcycle that cleared southbound 880 at tennyson road. plenty of s
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good morning, temperatures in the 50s everywhere except walnut creek and concord. you can see clouds thick in san francisco. i do believe they will dissipate an hour quicker. that's why we'll be 3 to 10 degrees warmer today compared to yesterday. our temperatures will run from the 60s along the coast into san francisco, 70s around the bay,
7:28 am
80s north bay and south bay. look at low- to mid-90s east bay valley.
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mallory, hey, i'm cory. i'm sheila's friend. and i wanted to let you know that, stay out of trouble and stay in school. >> it's heartbreaking. new video coming out overnight. cory monteith speaking to a young fan, just days before his shocking death. we're going to hear more of that coming up. also going to hear from one of his closest friends speaking out in an abc news exclusive. we say good morning, america. josh in l.a. this morning, coming from the espys last night. >> what's going to happen in a few days. also ahead, vanished. we have a beautifuling mystery in michigan. a young woman disappears. her co-worker is found dead. what authorities are saying right now about the case and their desperate search to find
7:31 am
her. then, there's "king of queens" star leah remini. she recently announced she is leaving the church of scientology. her sister is speaking out. we'll tell you what she's saying about that decision and why the actress became disenchanted with the church. >> that's a big deal. she was a leading and famous proponent of it. >> yeah. i don't know that you speak out. >> you separate that. >> often. but it will be interesting to hear. it shouldn't surprise you when hollywood's hottest hit the beach in the bikini. >> wow. >> what do real women say about rocking the two-piece? >> never. i'm sorry. >> i think they're more flattering. >> no way. i would never reveal these abs after a few babies. >> i know. >> that's the discussion right there. >> we have a segment there. >> all right. >> that's coming up in the show. we're going to begin with the new video that surfaced overnight, and the abc news exclusive on cory monteith. one of his closest friends
7:32 am
speaking with abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: in a new video posted on youtube, monteith is seen on his flight to vancouver, giving advice to a fan. >> i'm cory. i'm sheila's friend. and wanted to record this video for you guys to let you know that, stay out of trouble. and stay in school. ♪ just a small town girl >> reporter: before he was finn, the jock-turned glee club member. he was a lost kid from vancouver island, looking for his direction in life. who happened to wander into andrew mcelroy's acting class. and changed both their lives forever. >> off the street, into a room, where acting was happening. and never left. >> reporter: monteith never let go of his connection to mcilroy, who became one of his dearest friends. monteith's death has hit hard. >> i don't like to talk about
7:33 am
it. i don't want him to be a past tense. it's always a shock. i never walked away from cory going, oh, my god, i hope you're okay. >> reporter: mcilroy spoke exclusively with abc news, on the same vancouver street he walked with monteith. the two would often take long walks together, he said. the teen idol sat in on one of mcilroy's acting classes just before his death, at this studio. with a hat pulled down low, wanting to soak in the experience without anyone seeing him. he gave no indication of a man slipping back into addiction. >> the keys of addiction makes you think you're driving the car. and it slowly moves you in the passenger side and it starts to drive. >> reporter: overnight, "glee" co-star jane lynch spoke on "the tonight show." >> he flew across the country on his nickel to meet with a sick kid. that's the kind of guy he was.
7:34 am
>> reporter: monteith, we now know, died of a drug overdose. but mcilroy says he wasn't hanging with a bad crowd. but old friends he acted with years ago. he wanted to sigh his old friends before returning to hollywood for the new season of "glee," and the stardom that even he never quite understood. >> he said, people love me. i don't know that i deserve it. he was surprised at every compliment he got. and grateful for every compliment that he got. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, vancouver. >> what a story. now, to a puzzling case in michigan, where two 20-year-olds were just doing their jobs at a dollar store in the suburbs. now, one of them is dead. the other is missing. authorities are searching for answers. and abc's linsey davis is here with the latest on this puzzling case. >> really puzzling, indeed. good morning to you, elizabeth. it's a case that is confounding authorities. but new surveillance video has
7:35 am
emerged that police believe could provide the clues they've been searching for. >> he was a young man. he was happy about the job. he's smiling all the time. and it's just senseless. we have no idea. >> reporter: the families of co-workers joe orlando and brenna machus is pleading for help this morning. >> she's loved by many. if there's someone out there that has her, i don't care if you drop her off at a hospital. let us know. we will come get her. no questions asked. we want her home. >> reporter: just two days ago, authorities entered the family dollar store in dearborn, michigan, and found 20-year-old joe orlando dead on the floor of the ransacked store. still missing, 20-year-old assistant manager, brenna machus. she hasn't been seen since. >> we want her home. >> reporter: police believe this man, caught on surveillance video in the star, is the
7:36 am
primary suspect. in the footage, he's wearing a hooded jacket, and appears to wave at the camera on the way in. he arrived shortly before 7:30 monday night. authorities are searching for two other women who were also in the store at that time. >> we're going to make sure we do everything we can to bring the family of joseph and brenna some closure and some justice. >> reporter: there is an $11,000 reward for any information about brenna's whereabouts. investigators are asking all of the victims' friends and family to talk to police, in the hopes that any information here will help. brenna's mother, who called her daughter a shining star, says she wants her daughter back, no questions asked. and joseph orlando was just hired last week. >> wow. >> one week on the job? >> last week. >> i hope the police get some answers soon. thank you so much. let's get to sam now. >> we're going to start with pictures out of dallas early in the morning. it's been a rough time in the state of texas for a couple of days now. getting heavy, heavy, rain.
7:37 am
an early shot will show you we're drying out. rough and necessary. amarillo picked up five inches of rain yesterday. some picked up a foot in two or three days. this is replacing a serious drought in texas, northern and western texas, anyway. now, we're getting drier air in the eastern half of the state of texas. houston, dallas, going up in 93, 94 degrees. albuquerque, about 83. you see the moisture that hovers in that area. the heat's on in the east coast. and expect these numbers to stay until friday through saturday, when we start to make the big changes here. it's going to take those two days for the cold front to make it from the great lakes all the way to the eastern seaboard. saturday could be a stormy day on the east coast. look for that to signal a change for better weather. 90 in boston. 96 on friday. good morning, sunshine about an hour quicker and warmer weather on the way, 81 in the
7:38 am
north bay and south bay, 95 east bay, 70 around south san francisco, fremont, palo alto 81, 62 >> all that weather was brought to you by the university of phoenix. kind of nice in the seattle area. 76 degrees today. >> thank you. coming up, "king of queens" star, leah remini's sister, speaks out about the star's life inside the church of scientology. and you don't want to miss this reunreunion. that's a soldier's wife and kids women swimming. wait until you see what happens next. with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you
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back, now, at 7:42, with new details on actress leah remini's recent decision to leave the sometimes controversial church of scientology. she's been quiet since making the announcement last week. now, her sister, nicole, is speaking out. abc's dan harris has the story. >> what's happening here? >> i'm saying my prayers. >> reporter: leah remini, former star of the hit cbs sitcom "king of queens" was a famous and outspokenly proud member of scientology. when she dropped out, it made headlines. since the news broke last week, remini has not explained why she left. only issuing a statement, expressing her sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the support she has received. now, remini's sister, nicole, who left the church herself several years ago, is coming forward, giving interviews to "people" magazine and a local
7:43 am
radio station in minnesota. >> we have been involved in scientology for 30, 35 years of our life. you can imagine the circle of friends that my mother has. my sister has. they literally have pulled in these people and told them they had to choose between relationships with my sister and my mother and the church. and i'm going to tell you, these people chose the church. >> reporter: her relationship with the church began to sour in 2006, at the wedding of tom cruise and katie holmes. where leah remini reportedly asked the head of the church, david miscavige, who was tom cruise's best man, where his wife was. his wife has not been seen publicly for many years. >> she was shocked. she did not at all expect that type of response. and then, it just kind of
7:44 am
escalated from there. >> according to leah's sister, when leah asked if she could call shelly miscavige, she was asked to write a letter and the church would hand it to her. the church claims that shelly miscavige is a private person and does not like to be seen in public. >> reporter: the church has publicly denied the story about remini confronting david miscavige at tom cruise's wedding. the church has also denied that members are forced to cut themselves off from former church members, saying the decisions are voluntary. the church released a statement to abc news overnight saying, mrs. miscavige continues her work in the church, as she always has. leaving the church has been a huge life-changer for leah remini. she's been a member since age 9. even serving for a year, according to her sister, in the church's elite religious order. but this morning, her sister tells abc news, leah is holding up well, with the support of her
7:45 am
family. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> dan, thank you so much. coming up, big night at the espy awards last night. josh was there. he talked to all of the hottest stars on the red carpet. there he is. he has "the play of the day" from l.a. but first, let's freeze it. >> oh. but first, let's freeze it. >> oh. >> you see what i did? jay an talking action figures. my idea. love it! let's see what i say... roll that beautiful bean footage! [ jay ] bush's country style baked beans are slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with specially cured bacon and extra brown sugar for a thicker sauce and richer taste. the secret family recipe starts with beans and... batteries not included. aw, you're no fun. [ jay ] enjoy bush's baked beans... still made from our secret family recipe. ♪ [ male announcer ] bring your personal style to life with a new vanity for just $99 at lowe's today.
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7:47 am
[ male announcer ] there's no time like beggin' time.
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7:49 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> well, guys, i tell you what. it was a wonderful night here in los angeles last night. i'm here, of course, to be here for robin, as she received the arthur ashe award for courage given at the espys. and joining an illustrious list, muhammad ali, billie jean king, pat summitt, last year's winner. and she joins them. another award winner last night is someone we first met here on
7:50 am
"play of the day." you remember this guy back in april? jack hoffman. the young little fella. the nebraska cornhuskers. you see him there, number 22. he's going to go, and go and go. and go. i'll tell you what. he took it 70 yards, 1 carry, 70 yards and a touchdown. the greatest running back in nebraska cornhuskers history. fighting and thriving a fight, suffering brain cancer. and this magical moment at the spring game. the team hoisting him on their shoulders. last night, and very, very, very wonderfully so, richly deserved, he became a winner of his own. take a look. >> the espy goes to -- >> goes to jack hoffman. >> oh. come on. >> and so, he goes. there he is, accompanied by his father, andy. and then, boy, did he bring the house down with the wonderful
7:51 am
little speech of his own. >> before we go, jack wanted to say something to all of you. >> thanks for the trophy. i'm glad that you are all now on team jack. and i know with you, we can't lose. thanks. >> everybody is on team jack. god love him. it was a wonderful moment to be sure. still to come here, jeff bridges and ryan reynolds. there in times square. the acidic levels in some foods...
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. oakland police are investigating a shooting that left an 8-year-old girl dead, two children and a woman wounded. it happened at a home on wilson avenue shortly after 11:00 last night. the surviving victims are in stable condition and police don't have a motive or any suspects in the shooting. these clouds will be lifting quickly. lets check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you very much. good morning, everybody. about an hour quicker than yesterday, mid to upper 60s along the coast of san francisco, mid-80s in north bay and south bay and low- to mid-90s in east bay and valley. at least we'll be in the 50s at
7:57 am
night when it's warmer for the weekend. leyla. >> sig alert 280. accident involving an overturned vehicle at woodside road. 8 miles an hour is the top speed all causing delays in the northbound direction. southbound
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i'm on top of the world, hey i'm on top of the world, hey ♪ and good morning, to everyone out there in times square this morning. they don't care about that heat. they're having a good time. >> sure are. >> we're having a good time this morning, as well. what a time for robin roberts last night at the espy awards. she got that huge standing ovation, as she took the stage to accept the arthur ashe award. listen in. >> you heard me. momma used to say make your mess your message. find the meaning behind what you're going through because everybody's got something. >> everybody does have something. that's right. josh was there and helped to escort robin up the stairs for that amazing honor. josh, it must have been
8:01 am
incredible. >> i replay it now. the piece that proceeded her speech was remarkable. it was singular. but to see her up on stage and the culmination of this year that we are all so very familiar with, again, it was humbling. it was an honor to be there. she is one of the many stars. it was a cavalcade of stars. dwyane wade, gabrielle union. just two of the untold numbers. we went behind the scenes. can't wait to share that with you, as well. >> that's great. >> lucimarian, as robin was standing up there. >> and robin called her out. >> and sally-ann. >> yep. waving her hands. what a night. >> congrats, robin. also ahead today, are you doing everything right in your summer diet plan? but you still can't take those pounds off? finally, we're going to show you what we're doing wrong.
8:02 am
the calorie alternative to some of your favorite restaurant items. you think you're doing everything right. >> i think i'm ordering too many burritos with sour cream. >> that would be doing nothing right. >> our new contributor, taking it from the negative to the positive. not only going to tell you what you did wrong. but show you how to make it right. we like to look at the glass half-full. and some of hollywood's hottest stars are proving that age is just a number. real women weighing in on when it's time to hang up the two-piece. i think it's only your business. we'll get into it. to josh for the news. >> all right, george. sam, in fact, has been saying today, now. expect it to be the worst day of all of the record heat wave plaguing you guys in the east. really, so much of the country. but the big news overnight here in california, a dangerous wildfire raging in the mountains
8:03 am
near palm springs has exploded. it's roughly 100-times larger than at the beginning of the week. we've learned more than 6,000 people are being evacuated as the flames approach their homes. we'll have updates as news becomes available. meanwhile, trayvon martin's parents speaking publicly for the first time about the acquittal of george zimmerman. they told our george this morning, they were shocked and disgusted when they learned the verdict. martin's father says he wishes the jury could have known his son personally to understand who trayvon was. and he said recent statements from george zimmerman's parents did not feel sincere to him. and "rolling stone" magazine is facing more backlash over the cover of its latest issue. it shows the accused boston marathon bomber looking more like a rock star, some say, than a suspect. at least nine chain stores are refusing to sell it, including cvs, walgreens, rite aid and
8:04 am
kmart. a potential breakthrough in the battle to prevent down syndrome. 1 in 700 babies are born with the disorder every year. now, researchers say they're able to shut down the extra chromosome that causes it, effectively turning off the defective gene. they've done it with cells grown in the lab. but a sign that gene therapy may work. a big mistake in ft. worth, texas. city workers supposed to condemn a house. but instead, theyer to down the house next door. quite a shock, you might imagine for the owners, when they pulled up to find their house missing. the city, trying to figure out just what went wrong. and now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> and a good morning to you, josh. tell everyone at "gma" our real money people is back on the case tonight. we've already saved families
8:05 am
$5,000. this week alone. and no one will want to miss tonight because we have easy and genius tips to save you money on electricity, right now, when the air conditioner's returning. see you tonight on "world news." >> diane says hello, all. of course, we will be watching. we've seen a flood of feel-good soldier reunions over the years. love them. they have friends of the program. but this may be the very best yet. watch what happened when one soldier's wife and kids went swimming, not suspecting what was lurking under the water. >> are you freaking kidding me? >> reporting for duty. >> that is air force captain hyram bronson, in the scuba gear. sneaking up on his wife, bethany, and four kids.
8:06 am
he had been in afghanistan for nine months. they weren't expecting dad home for another three weeks. obviously -- oh. a welcome home for the ages. it never, ever, ever gets old. >> that's a great one. >> that's great. >> before the hug. are you kidding me? >> are you freaking kidding me? >> are you freaking kidding me? >> josh, we miss you. we'll see you tomorrow. >> all righty. >> i hope. how about "pop news"? good morning, everybody. we begin with justin timberlake. he better dust off his suit and tie. he'll need it for the mtv music video awards. sam champion. the superstar, leading the way with six nods, including a nod in the video of the year category, for "mirror." timberlake is going up against mcelmore. also, they have six nods.
8:07 am
bruno mars. taylor swift for "new york trouble." and robin thicke, for the controversial "blurred lines." what's controversial about it? judge them all when the vmas air august 20th. >> in the video, there's a whole lot of -- >> there's two different version. speaking of robin thicke, his new single, "ain't no hot for that," was covered with his father, alan thicke. if you listen to the song, you'll hear a little cameo by his son, 3-year-old julian. we don't have it. but just -- i'm sorry to lead you in. three generations collaborating on one song. and you know, robin's hot, new single, "i think you get a little nasty." give me a ding.
8:08 am
>> ding. >> there's no "blurred lines" here. allen, a song writer for "different strokes" and "the facts of life." all dog owners know it's so hot out. sam's been talking about it. how do you motivate to get them the exercise they need? in this case, you don't. you have them use your exercise equipment. we found this video going viral online. this little fella. >> he's terrified. >> no. yeah. he's not terrified at all. he has a sweat suit on. his shades on. and he's getting his workout. no word what happens when he has to go. but the exercise part, check. taken care of. and never leaving the a.c. that's "pop news." >> yeah. >> no? >> you can't get the bag there fast enough. it's kind of under -- i'm just saying. >> really? >> i'm just saying. can you do the weather? >> we have one or two things
8:09 am
happening outside we thought we would share with you. we'll start with the heat advisories and warnings that's going on. if you step outside the door this morning, the heat's caught up with you. there isn't a cooler part of the day today or tomorrow. just avoid doing as much as you can in the toughest part of the day, midday, when the numbers and heat index level will be at their highest. here's the relief, though. chicago, you start the downward trend on saturday. sunday, it's 77, compared to where you are right now. that's a big difference. look at washington, d.c. the downward trend also. trending slightly by friday.
8:10 am
>> remember, there's strong to severe storms around the great lakes today. that signals the relief from the heat far lot of people in the next couple of days. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the royal baby countdown continues. why some experts are convinced kate is having a girl. hollywood stars mac it look so easy to rock a two-piece at any age. but there are those who say there's a tern point to hang it up. we're going to show you how low-calorie alternative to some of your favorite restaurant foods will satisfy you. all that, and this will satisfy you. ryan rends, jeff bridges, here, live, on "good morning america." [ female announcer ] is your conditioner doing the job?
8:11 am
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♪ with a new vanity for just $99 at lowe's today. every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations,
8:15 am
we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. [ cheers and applause ] everyone out there in times square. that's on the "heat index." the hottest stories trending right now. beginning with the royal baby watch. abc's bianna golodryga is there in london. >> reporter: they say the queen waits for no one. but on wednesday, queen elizabeth told a group of schoolchildren, she is waiting for someone, her great-grandchild. >> i'd very much like it to
8:16 am
arrive. i'm going on holiday. >> reporter: the queen isn't the only one anxious for kate to give birth to the heir to the throne. the entertainer who calls himself the royal babysitter, sings daily tributes to the ongoing waiting game. when do you expect this baby to be born? >> we expect this baby the 20th. >> reporter: you heard it here, folks. the 20th is the due date. we asked other brits to pinpoint the baby's arrival. >> two weeks. >> i think the baby will be born on friday. >> some time this year. >> reporter: we thought we would take the question to a higher power. or a psychic power. >> the baby is going to be born tonight. >> reporter: and harra told us she thinks the baby will be a familiar soul. >> this might be the incoronation of princess diana. >> reporter: dr. jennifer ashton said, without examining kate, she can't say when she will give
8:17 am
birth. but she has a sense about what the genter might be. >> if her face is fuller, more often than not, she is carrying a bull. if her belly is more pointy, tends to be a boy. my prediction is the next royal monarch will be a girl. >> reporter: she might be on to something. listen to what kate's uncle told reporters yesterday. >> i do think it's going to be a girl. but that may be wishful thinking. >> reporter: and we are fortunate enough to have a special guest with us, the royal babysitter came over from buckingham palace. just joined us. you think it's going to be a girl. >> of course. >> the due date was the 20th. how much will the baby weigh? >> according to my information, around 100 pounds. >> 100 pounds. that's a bit too much. he penned a song. a chart-topping song that's headed to the u.s. next. he's going to sing a little bit
8:18 am
for it right now. >> one, two, three. ♪ we're waiting for the royal baby ♪ ♪ we're waiting for the rail baby ♪ >> this is what happens, folks. >> we all it stir crazy. >> the royal baby. yeah. >> all right. moving on. also burning up our "heat index," getting a bikini body over 40. and when it's time to hang up the two-piece. the stars make it look so easy. but you don't need to have a personal trainer to make it happen, to look good in that bikini. abc's juju chang has the story. >> reporter: hollywood's hottest celebs are steaming up the beaches this summer with their teeny wienie bikinis. bombshells like rihanna and miley cyrus have been spotted with a lot of midriff. this body has gone viral.
8:19 am
heather locklear, at 51. >> nobody moves that more than heather locklear. >> reporter: some of hollywood's hottest bikini bods are over 40. celebrities like j. lo, demi moore, and naomi campbell move that age is just a number. >> after two kids, you don't look so bad. i'll do it. i'll rock the bikini on the beach. >> reporter: this is like hi, i'm grandma. we stopped by canyon beachwear, to find out how real women of a certain age can feel comfortable rocking a bikini. >> it's not an age. it's a comfort and how good you feel about the suits. >> reporter: when is the time to give up the bikini? >> when she doesn't feel it's the right fit. >> reporter: here are a few other potential deal-breakers. stretch marks, saggy skin. is it a work function? or there kids around?
8:20 am
luckily, there are a few tricks that allow you to cover problem areas and allow you to feel sexy. >> this is a monkini. >> reporter: try a tankini. and a lot of people have that as a problem. the skirt. you have a sexier stop, but the bottom is more covered up. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> i'm going to have a mumu on. >> i was learning so much. >> i think the monokini, because it's cut out like that -- >> makes you look like you have a big waist. >> go on, find your comfort level. and don't listen to what anybody else says. let's go back, speaking of bathing suits, to california, and josh. who is not wearing one this morning. >> no. >> but has the scoop on the cavalcade of stars last night at the espy awards.
8:21 am
>> i'm going to sing to the heavens on the west coast. don't miss segment ten on "good morning america." this is unbelievable stuff to watch. lots to get to here, as well. as you mentioned, what a night it was. red-hot, one might say, honoring the best in sports. and of course, the best in our studio, robin roberts. of course, the stars came out for espn's espy awards here in los angeles. we were on the red carpet and behind the scenes of the big party. it looks and sounds familiar. with screaming fans outside. celebrity fashion. and an epic hollywood opening. espn's espy awards, the midsummer night's award show. where hollywood and the wild world of sports collide. >> thank you. i'm jon hamm. i'm honored to be here. hosting the espys. >> he comes out here.
8:22 am
he's hollywood. >> i'm trying. i'm ready for my kleenex. >> reporter: there was only one someone that everyone seemed to be talking about. our robin. >> thank you, very much. >> to be here tonight and to be able to present that award, that's an unbelievable woman. it was the ultimate. >> reporter: ben aflac became to salute a boston/son duo. >> we want to have some of that courage for ourselves. >> she is amazing. >> reporter: inside and outside, the is messages of love for robin. >> you know, an amazing woman. >> i was sitting directly behind you. and i could -- the shoulders heaved a moment. what hit deep? >> to see the hospital scenes. it kind of reminded me -- and
8:23 am
maybe they were tears of joy, really. this time last year, the conversation was quite different, wasn't it, josh? >> stunning that it was a year ago. >> i know. to be amaze that people are going through what they're going through, and thinking it's going to pass. it will pass. >> reporter: robin roberts, ladies and gentlemen. robin roberts. >> thank you, josh. i get to go to the after-parties. he has to get up in the morning. >> right. i'm not going to the after-parties. i am not going to the after-parties. >> so, good night, america. >> i am just a sleep-deprivation experiment. doing live television, not having slept a wink. can we just say, how beautiful she looked. she looked beautiful. >> she did. she was gorgeous. the dress, the earrings, the hair, the makeup. >> a total goddess.
8:24 am
josh, you look pretty good. >> you're holding up well, sir. >> oh, heck. >> get a nap. >> get back here tomorrow, already. we need you for tomorrow. let's continue. at the moment, we're really excited about. we want to welcome a special new member of our "gma" team. dave zezenko. >> how are you? >> we're all really excited. yeah. >> let's do this. >> dave is always -- we know each other personally. and he's great at fitness tips. he's going to share all of that information with you. we're going to do all of the great tastes of your favorite restaurants and be healthy while you do it. it's a new series. we call it "eat it to beat it." and today, stamping out summer diet disasters. here's what i want to ask sam to do.
8:25 am
>> get ready. there's lots of stuff here. >> sam, go and ask you to get into the "eat it to beat it" mow vags. the number one thing to know is it's not about deprivation. >> not at all. this is a cake. free zone. my food philosophy has been to eat your favorite foods. if you do that and have all of the nutrition info, you can get on the path to better health and lose a ton of weight. >> so, the "m" word, moderation, you're a fan of. we're going to start with burgers. we have chili's big mouth bites. this is a dish of four sliders you would buy at chili's. what's the equivalent of four sliders? >> sam, bring out the wheelbarrow. the sodium equivalent of 35 servings of sea salt.
8:26 am
if you're at chile's, get thor is serloin, 250 calories. >> sonic? this is a milkshake. and this is a lot of -- >> 1,800 calories. this is not a sonic blast of a sofa collapsing. the equivalent of 16 bags of cotton candy. would you eat that much sugar? no. want to do the root beer float. you're going to save 1,200 salaries right there. >> we have so much more. we're going to show it to you online. ryan rends is here.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. happening, the uc board of regents holding a special session in san francisco to confirm janet napolitano as the next president of the uc system. a special ten-member search committee unanimously recommended the former secretary of homeland security for this post. it said napolitano was an effective advocate for public education as two-term governor of arizona. the students and immigration activists are planning a noonhour protest before the vote over her role in immigration policies as former head of homeland security. how is your commute looking? leyla gulen, please heat it be good news. >> i'm afraid it's not. sig alerts, southside 880, woodside road due to an earlier accident involving an overturned vehicle.
8:28 am
the backups, 8 mile back-up, single digits as you drive in the southbound direction. also this accident involving a motorcycle westbound 880, carlson boulevard. the other sig alert coming skyway close to eastbound 880.
8:29 am
sun out in antioch, 66 there, the rest in the 50s with a lot of cloud cover into sfo. as far as temperatures today,
8:30 am
anywhere from 3 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. this is just the ♪ kill the lights and come back down ♪ ♪ i know we're gonna make it and you're looking at exclusive world premiere sneak peek of the backstreet boys' brand-new music video. it's called "in a world like this." >> so, everybody, we're going to give "gma" viewers the very first look, right there, right now. and all day today. go to on yahoo! >> all day long. josh has been out in l.a. all night long. up all night after last night's espy awards and the after-parties. >> and the after-parties. >> and just a couple of minutes away from the emmy nominations.
8:31 am
>> very exciting. we're counting down to our huge concert event tomorrow. jason derulo will be joining us in central park. be sure to come out. be sure to wear red. and we move over here right now because the boys are back. jeff bridges and ryan reynolds. hi. >> how lucky are we, elizabeth? >> we're so lucky. we're here to talk about their new supernatural action movie "r.i.p.d." here to explain the concept are the stars, ryan and jeff. we're first going to show you a clip, and in it, they're getting to know each other a little bit. >> look at the ankles on that girl. >> that's what you're into? ankles? that's what does it for you? >> modern-day, women, they dress more conservatively. >> that makes you way less creepy. >> what is your day? >> 1800s. i'm what they called a lawman.
8:32 am
it was considered a sexy name at the time. >> and jeff and ryan join us this morning. i love the concept of this movie. you guys are partners in the after-life. and you're not exactly a match made in heaven. >> well -- >> we butt heads a little bit. >> you're 200 years old. and you're recently deceased. >> a newbie. >> at first, you don't know you're dead. and you joined this sort of police force in the after-life. >> and what's your mission on earth? >> i had a few times in my life, i didn't know i was dead. basically, i love the idea of these two cops, different modalities, different eras, coming together in the after-life and working together. my guy, nick, he just died. he's paired up unwittingly with this gentleman, who is a lawman from the old -- >> a cowboy, right? >> we're seen by people that you
8:33 am
have here today, i would be seen as a beautiful blonde lady, played by marissa miller. >> and you, ryan? >> and my character, when other people see him in the film, i'm played by a character actor, james hong, he's an elderly asian man. >> you said at one point, wait a minute, how did i get stuck with this body? >> bite your tongue. james hong is god's gift to sex. please. >> that's a good story. >> thank you, lara. thank you very much. >> and your mission is to get rid of dead people hiding in the real -- >> souls that want to stick around that don't belong here. >> and that's your expertise that your character can spot them, hiding in human bodies. >> yeah, yeah. absolutely. >> i was interested to read, you talked about it in the past. two of your brothers are mounties. >> my brother is in the police department. my father is a former policeman.
8:34 am
i was going to make it as an actor, a cop, or a roller skater. >> you could be the first ever -- >> you know what? that's a fantastic idea. i can hear the movie trailer already. >> i think a writing session is in order. >> wow. >> you're doing some touring with your country music band, right? >> and my brother's going to be opening for me, jesse bridges. >> are you serious? you do a lot of work with michael j. fox's parkinson's foundation. your dad suffers from the disease. >> yeah. what michael has done with that foundation is absolutely incredible. it's one of the most wonderful organizations in the planet. their mission is to cure parkinson's entirely. they've taken huge steps towards that. i'm forever grateful for what michael's done. you know, just a selfless, incredible act. >> any family with a family member suffering from that disease.
8:35 am
>> there's a lot of them. >> mine, too. >> are you up for a little game. how well do you know your co-star? >> oh, yeah. >> here we go. it's a bit of a speed round. we're going to begin with jeff. jeff, who starred opposite ryan in "the proposal"? here's a hint -- >> i already know this. sandy. sandy bullock. >> yeah. >> didn't go betty white on that one. >> she was in it, too. >> she was. >> ryan, who was jeff's leading lady in "the mirror has two faces." here's a hint, people who need -- >> barbra streisand. >> jeff, who was the co-star of ryan's movie "the st. house"? and this actor co-starred with your co-star, tom goodman. >> denzel? >> there's a couple. >> denzel washington. not denzel martinstein.
8:36 am
>> so, everybody, looking for the roller-skating mountie movie. we thank you so much, fellas, for coming in, playing the game and now a final check of the weather. good morning, gang. we're going to talk about the uber ice cream truck when we come back in the show. let's get to the weather. we have only 30 seconds. we need to do this rapidly and quickly. we'll show you what's going on by the nation today. and thanks to the long island folks at lij hospital for a beautiful event last night. in comes in this cold front. this is beginning of breaking this heat wave. lit take some time. where you see storms for the next couple of days, you can see strong to severe storms. because we're up against this heat. when it's over 100 degrees, it's perfect for ice cream. when it's over 100 degrees,
8:37 am
good morning, sunshine about an hour quicker and warmer weather on the way, 81 in the north bay and south bay, 95 east bay, 70 around south san francisco, fremont, p >> all that weather was brought to you by bp. coming up, the emmy nominations are in. everything you need to know, right here on "gma." you by bp.
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welcome back to "good morning america" with the 2013 emmy nominations. earlier this morning, neil patrick harris revealed who's up for tv's highest honors in hollywood. let's join them. take a look. this morning, live at the leonard h. goldenson theater in hollywood. >> welcome to the 65th primetime emmy awards nominations announcement. >> good morning. i'm bruce rosenblum, chairman and ceo of the academy of television arts and sciences. welcome to the 65th primetime emmy awards nominations announcement. today's the start of our favorite time of the year, emmy season. with this morning's announcement, we begin our primary role of honoring creative excellence. this past television season clearly reflects the extraordinary creative vision within our television industry. the quality of our story-telling has never been better. and more people are watching
8:41 am
more television than ever before. television has evolved and is now experienced on mobile forces, and on flat-screens in the home. and television is on broadcast, on cable and on demand over the internet. this is truly an exciting time for us to be honoring the best of television. now, to get emmys season started, it's my pleasure to introduce one of the stars of amc's hit series, "breaking bad." two-time emmy award winner, aaron paul. and filling in for kate this morning, three-time emmy award winner and host of this year's primetime emmy awards, neil patrick harris. aaron, neil, thank you so much for being here this morning. the stage is now yours. >> thank you, bruce. this is very exciting.
8:42 am
>> it's fun to be hosting the tv show, that announces the nominees for tv show awards and awards. >> and thanks for kate mara, for getting me out of the house before my children wake up screaming and crying. i actually appreciate that. let's begin. >> our first category is lead actor in a drama series. and the nominees are. >> hugh bonneville. bryan cranston, "breaking bad." jeff daniels, "the newsroom." jon hamm, "madmen." damian lewis, "homeland." and kevin spacey, "house of cards." >> the nominees for lead actress in a drama series are -- "connie britton, "nashville." claire danes, "homeland." michelle dockery, "downton abbey. vera farmiga. elisabeth moss, "madmen."
8:43 am
kerry washington, "scandal." and robin wright, "house of cards." >> the nominees for lead actor in a miniseries or movie are -- benedict cumberbatch. matt damon. michael douglas, "behind the candelabra." toby jones, "the girl." al pacino, "phil spector." nominees for a lead actress in a min series or movie are -- jessica lange. laura linney, the big "c" here after. helen mirren. elisabeth moss, "top of the lake." and "sigourney weaver." >> the nominees for outstanding host for a reality or reality competition program are. tom bergeron, "dancing with the
8:44 am
stars." anthony bourdain, "the taste." cat deeley, "so you think you can dance." heidi klum and tim gunn. ryan seacrest, "american idol." and betty white. >> betty white, nice. >> finally. the nominees for lead actor in a comedy series are -- alec baldwin. "30 rock." jason bateman, "arrested development." louis c.k., "louis." don cheadle, "house of lies." matt leblanc, "episodes." and jim parsons "the big bang theory." >> the nominees for lead actress in a comedy series are, laura dern. lena dunham, "girls." edie falco. tina fey, "30 rock." julia louis-dreyfus.
8:45 am
>> here are the nominees for the reality program. "the amazing race." shocker. "dancing with the stars." "project runway." "so you think you can dance." "top chef." and "the voice." >> the nominees for variety series are -- "the colbert report," "the daily show with jon stewart." "jimmy kimmel live." "late night with jimmy fallon." "real time with bill maher" and "saturday night live." for outstanding miniseries or movies, the nominees are -- "american horror story asylum." "behind the candelabra." "the bible." "phil spector." "political animals." and "top of the lake." >> the nominations in a comedy
8:46 am
series category are -- "30 rock." "the big bang theory." "girls." "louie." "modern family" and "veep." >> let's bring bruce back to announce the final category. b-dog? >> the nominations in the drama >> the nominations in the drama series category are -- "breaking bad." "downton abbey." "game of thrones." "homeland." "house of cards." and "madmen." aaron, i'm excited to announce that you have been nominated for best supporting actor. and, neil, you've been nominated as producer/host of the 66th annual tony awards. >> thank you. >> congratulations. there's a complete list of all of the emmy nominees on our website at
8:47 am
on sunday, september 22nd, tune into cbs for the live telecast of the primetime emmys and find out who is going to take home the gold this year. have a wonderful day, everybody. >> i love it. >> chris connelly and josh are in l.a. chris, what stands out about the announcements this morning? >> it's kerry washington's world. we're just living in it. >> yeah, i agree. >> that's all i can say. how about that? and connie britton, as wells for "nashville." but how about kerry washington. getting married and now getting nominated. >> pretty good week. >> seven nominees in the lead actress category. we saw that in category. but that category is loaded with all kinds of people. and it's great to see her in that as well. also, here's the word of netflix upon us, "house of cards," the emmy nomination from netflix.
8:48 am
>> so much good information. we're going to take it all out. when we come back, more on the emmy nominations you just heard.
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8:50 am
[ cheers and applause ] emmy nominations. let's go right out to our expert, chris connelly, in l.a., for a little analysis. so happy for kerry washington. how about those nominations for the men in a drama? jeff daniels and kevin spacey, both getting a first-time nod. >> yeah, things are crazy. you talk about steve buscemi left out. you have a loaded category right there. bryan cranston. jeff daniels. >> talk about loaded categories. the best drama category, the one that didn't get nominated. >> "boardwalk empire," "the scandal," "the newsroom." this category is loaded.
8:51 am
will it finally be "breaking bad's" year? will we see more great work from "homeland"? >> how about "game of thrones"? will it rise up? >> i'm with him. i love "game of thrones." i'm so excited. >> chris, what's your take on the comedy nominations? >> well, it's amazing. if i read it right, both in lead actor and supporting actor, the people who won last year didn't get nominated this year. >> can we all talk about "veep." it might be one of my favorite comedies. and julia louis-dreyfus is brilliant. >> yeah, these categories are completely loaded. and "arrested development," we thought might have snuck in for best comedy series. but it did not. so, i guess, it wasn't an all-netflix award series this time. >> chris, i want to ask your opinion. do you see "30 rock," or its cast members going the distance
8:52 am
with the show off the air? is there sentimentality. >> i kind of had a feeling this is their gift. to be nominated here. i think the show was quirky all the way up to the end, like it should have been. but they have such strong competition. you have once again "modern family" in there. and once again, you have "girls." and julia louis-dreyfus, as josh was just saying. these are performances. they'll be hard to beat. >> if there's one lock cinch -- >> michael douglas, clear off that mantelpiece. i would order the track lighting if i was michael douglas right now. i would put it right in the middle there. what an amazing performance. everybody will be talking about that for a long time. a lot of people saying, that's on television. that could have been in the movies. but here it is on television. no wonder it's such a magic time for this medium right now.
8:53 am
>> and its co-star, matt damon, nominated, as well. it's a great day for the steven soderberg film. thanks very much. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
what a packed show today. thanks to josh and chris connelly out there in l.a. big day tomorrow. jason derulo out in the park. be sure to wear red.
8:56 am
and sam, you got a quick announcement. >> your uber app, where you can order a car. you can order ice cream. look on your app. tap it over. and an ice cream truck will be on its way through. i'm not kidding. i was tapping it while we were talking about the emmy nominations. >> have a good day, everyone.
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