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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 13, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good saturday morning, everyone. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm eighty marzullo. this morning we have francis ding lawsen in. >> good morning. temperatures are starting off on the cool side. only upper 40s in some locations and 50s elsewhere. we will see some low to mid-50s in the monterey bay. things will warm up. the low clouds and fog will clear by midday. we will see low clouds in the background. temperatures a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday. inland communities nice and sunny is bright. upper 70s to even some low 9os. around the bay very comfortable as well, upper 60s to low
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70s, but along the coast the clouds will stick around all day and that's where we see the cooler numbers. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. katie. >> two women are dead this morning and a man is in the hospital after an attack at the san francisco jewelrymart. we have more on what happened. >> this is video of one of the victims inside the giftcenter and jewelrymart being carted out to an ambulance. he was just feet from where it happened, this man says. >> i looked inside and i heard bullets, two, three, four shots and i see people start running. >> in this picture taken inside the basement where the shooting unfolded, you see police on the crime scene. >> a gold store we kau two
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deceased females. >> a suspect was walking on the north side of the street covered in blood. the officers went to engage the suspect, not knowing if he was a victim or a suspect. at that point in time the suspect produced a weapon and fired upon the officers. >> dozens of heavily armed officers quickly swarmed the area and the man eventually surrender inside a nearby mexican restaurant because he ran out of ammunition. he was also taken to san francisco general, but police have not described his injuries. the s.w.a.t. team then swept through the build to go see if there were any addition until gunmen and merchants were escorted out. this man saw unof the victims. >> i evacuated and went out out into the hallway, i saw the woman lay on the floor. >> many of the attendants of the
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jewelrymart are shocked it happened because you have to have a pass to get in. >> in san jose a man is dead this morning after being shot in in. our media partner, the mercury news, reports it happened just before 10:00 last night. a man in his 30s was standing on the sidewalk talking to someone when he was shot. no suspects are in custody. it's san jose's 27th homicide of the year. the father of a 21-month-old missing girl said he plans to search the day today for his daughter. last night he talked to reporter allen wong just as he was released from the jail. >> reporter: my daughter is missing. and i have to live with that. even though i'm out of jail, i'm still not free. >> when 49-year-old anthony web walked out of his neighborhood
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market yesterday, he said his two-year-old, daphne, was gone from his s.u.v. and his mother's purse was stolen. his mother suffered from dimension shaw and was unable to help. >> my mom is at home, daphne, and i talk to my wife every day where she's at and she hears her in the background playing. >> web said his wife has been in a drug rehab program for almost three months and she hasn't actually seen the child in two weeks. >> did you ever see your wife in danger or your baby in danger with your baby. >> i don't want to say that. i know her mother loves her, she gave wife to her. >> her wife was living on the streets with the baby which prompted an investigation. he admits there was a restraining order on his wife and daphne is missing part of
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her ear, which is also part of the investigation. >> can you tell us how she lost part of her ear. >> i'm not doing that on national tv. >> why? >> no. i'm not doing that. i just want my baby home. >> now he says he's going to go home and prepare to go out and find his daughter. at the jail in dublin, allen wong, abc7 news. police in in redwood city he identified a man killed in a six-alarm fire that gutted an apartment complex earlier this week. a 48-year-old man was killed when the fire broke out on woodside drive just before 2:00 monday morning. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. a fundraiser will be held today to honor a man who was shot to death in oakland after a fend are bender. police say 22-year-old man was gunned down on june 12th after getting into an altercation with two men who rear end his car.
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a reward is being offered for the suspect's arrest. today's fundraiser is from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00. proceeds will go toward his family and paying off his student loans. a third young woman has died from injuries suffered in an airlines crash at sfo. victim is 17-year-old lie yipeng. a chinese national. she has been unconscious at sf general hospital since saturday's crash. >> today we are sad to announce one of the victims of the plane crash expired this morning. she died of her injuries. she's a pediatric patient. she was in our care since the time of the crash. fourteen people from the asiana crash remains in bay area
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hospitals. san francisco police have confirmed a 16-year-old crash victim was run over by a fire truck. however, authorities say ye meng may have been killed in the plane crash, not the truck. she was hit add least once, they say, added she was covered by firefighting foam when it happened and no one would have seen her. planes are once again landing on the runway where the lane crashed on sfo. it reopened last night. we report. >> planes are landing side by side again on both parallel runways at sfo where saturday's crash happened. sky 7hd was over sfo when the runway returned to full separation just after 5:00 p.m., almost two days ahead of schedule n the past 24 hours airport crews picked up debris, repainted runway lines and repaved a lot of asphalt. >> the deepest were about
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8 inches deep, one foot by one foot and some were over 100 feet long. >> moving the fuselage by crane started early. this video, only on abc7, when friction from scraping metal what looked be to be a fire but it was only smoke. hours later it was on its way to a remote section of the airport for storage. it's now hidden for view from behind a scene. >> i worry about my mom seeing the crash site because my mom is getting along in age. >> she and her family are travel to san salvador and expected delays. she was surprised to see an on-time departure. >> i was so glad they cleared it yesterday. now that it's open it means all the runways are now safe. >> steven is putting his daughter, ella, on a flight to germany. >> it doesn't look very crowded, actually. >> there wasn't a long line at
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the gate so it should be fairly easy. >> i'm going to be visiting my family over there. >> in fact, we found very few flight delays after a long week of cancellations and delays after the crash. at sfo, cornell bernard, abc7 news. the chinese consulate in san francisco say dozens of students who were here since the crash have now left the bay area. they posted a photo on their website showing a group of 31 students and teachers boarding a flight for beijing yesterday afternoon. earlier 35 other students and teachers boarded a shuttle bus to continue their tour of the united states. a blood drive will be held on monday at sfo to help replenish supplies used to help the victims. it will be in terminal 3 starting at 9:00 a.m. donors are asked to schedule an appointment ahead of time by calling the number on the screen.
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walk-ins will be accepted based on availability. remember, you can keep on top of any breaking developments in the asiana crash investigation by following up on twitter and the new abc7 smartphone app lets you wash news on the grow and see live, breaking news. you will find it on we are happy to have francis here with us keeping an eye on the forecast. >> a great forecast actually. warmer temperatures but we will start off with some of the low clouds and fog, as you see from our emeryville camera over the way area. i'll tell you how warm it's going to get and have your seven-day forecast as well. >> thank you. also next, the lab results are back. what experts found in the meat balls that sickened some san francisco dogs. and 7 on your side's michael finney helps an east bay woman that has trouble with a product that promises to protect a mattress aga
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>> welcome back, everyone. so glad you can be with us on this saturday morning. it's 5:13. you are looking live from our hd roof cam. the embarcadero in the foreground, and the ferry building and bay bridge. quiet out there. low clouds over the bay. also you can make those out. but frances dinglasan says it will clear and sunshine later on today. as you wake up, something nice to look forward to. new details this morning on the poisoned meat balls believed to be deliberately left to kill dogs in san francisco. we learned one dog has died after eating the meat ball. an analysis of the meat ball show they contain a high level
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of stryctnine, high enough to kill a human. children can be prone to wetting their beds or in some cases their parents bed. there's a product called protect a bed which guarantees it can protect a mattress from stains. michael finney reports on an oakland woman who put the promise to the test. >> laura struggles to show us the mattress she said was left with several stains. mother of four bought the king side mattress a year ago along with an protectiven case meant. >> this is a grand new mattress, very expensive. >> she points to several stains left by her son after a number of accidents. >> this is the stain that went through for my son with the actual protective bedcover on it. >> after the first incident she sent the cover back with the company.
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>> it came back with a letter saying i stated too long to send it in, past 15 days, and they western going to do anything about it. >> protect-a-bed warranty said the company, at its sole discretion, will have the mattress professional cleaned or replaced if it is stained. her company instead sent her a replacement. her son had a second problem and stained the mattress. >> this time they sent a letter back and said the cover wasn't defective. >> and once again her son stained the mattress after a third accident. this time she called 7 on your side. we contacted protect-a-bed. can want agreed to clean the mattress but that wasn't enough for laura owe protective bed came up with a new solution. the company told us they stand behind the quality and efficiency of our products. our products are listed as class 1 medical device was the fda.
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carry the good housekeeping seal and protect-a-bed is an accredited business with the better business bureau. >> they decided they wanted to replace my mattress, and now i will be getting a brand new malt tres. >> the company tells us it believes it went beyond what is promised in its warranty to meet laura's concerns. if you have a consumer complaint, go to our website at abc i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. happening now, jurors in florida are preparing to reconvene in less than an hour to resume deliberation necessary the george zimmerman case. the six-woman panel was given the case yesterday after lawyers wrapped up-closing arguments. zimmerman faces second degree shooting charges in the shooting death of unarmed trayvon martin last year. texas has passed sweeping changes to its state abortion laws. lawmakers were called back to a
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new, special session, by the governor to cast their votes. democrats say the legislation is unconstitutional. taliban abortions after 20 weeks, limit where and when women can take abortion inducing pills and it could shut down most of the state's abortion clinics. in southern california a dare went horribly wrong. more than 22 school children had to be treated after getting sick at an elementary school in san diego. authorities say as part of a dare several students dranked beverages drank beverages mixed with food items like hot sauce, salt and pepper. several reported feeling sickafter wards. they were treated at area hospitals and released. parts of china have been evacuated ahead of a powerful typhoon that's expected to make landfall today. this is video out of taiwan
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after the typhoon brought heavy rains and winds to the northern part of the country. one was killed. schools and businesses in the region were closed yesterday and 8,000 people were ordered to evacuate due to severe flooding. scary stuff. 5:18 here in the bay area. we are shaping up to have a nice day. we are. we are starting off with the clouds and fog once again. we will go to live doppler 7hd to show you what is happening around the area. it is dry. it will be dry throughout the week. you notice the light blue, that's the area of cloud cover. it will stick around the coast throughout the day. we will take a look at temperatures right now from our exploratorium camera. you can see the beautiful bay bridge, and it's going to be breezy around the bay today with a small craft advisory in effect from three to nine. so look out for that if you are headed to the cup this afternoon. it's 54 in san francisco, 53 in oakland, and milder in mountain view at 58 degrees.
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we have another beautiful shot for you. this time we are looking out from the east bay hills. here you see some of the low clouds moving in from the coast. and even some patchy fog in some areas. it's still 48 in santa rosa where fog has been reported and visibility is down to three-fourths of a mile and 57 in fairfield, 48 in novato. here's what you can expect today. low clouds, patchy fog in the morning, but more sunshine today and that means temperatures will be slightly warmer and the trend will stay with us through sunday. then we have a change with the accuweather seven-day forecast. here's the fog forecast. by 7:00 we are looking at the clouds and the low -- low clouds and fog peeling back to the coast and maybe lingering around parts of the bay. then a lot of sunshine for everybody this afternoon where we have widespread range of temperatures from 60s along the coast to 90s inland.
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temperatures a few degrees warmer. look for a very nice day in the south bay. we are talking 80s now, 81 in san jose and 84 in los gatos. upper 70s for you on the lower part of the peninsula. 76 palo alto, 77 mountain view. along the coast just near 60, 62 degrees. 66 downtown san francisco. quite mild, as well, in the north bay. 82 in napa. look for very comfortable conditions in the east bay. mainly 70s. san leandro, 74 degrees. we are going to hit the low 90s in antioch and brentwood today. quite warm there, as we. if you are headed to the coliseum for the game tonight, you know it's going to start out fabulous and comfortable, mid-60s. the game will end in the mid-50s. so you will definitely need to grab a jacket. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we've got temperatures near normal today and tomorrow with more sunshine. and then things will cool down a bit. a little bit breezy, as well, on
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monday. below afternoon on tuesday. then we start to climb back up and we will end up to where we started on friday. okay. so we will let you know how warm it's going to be in your community. you can keep track of bay area weather on twitter @live doppler 7hd. we update that 24-7. >> i just tweeted that you were joining me this morning and mentioned live doppler 7hd. definitely a great resource. sounds like it will be a great day. >> great day, so enjoy it. >> it's nice when summer actually happens during summer, and the weekends too. perfect. thanks, francis. >> coming up next, from cam by to classic, the bay area man who may have a
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>> what if you were able to choose the sex of your baby. according to news from stanford, you already can. biologists studying animals at the san francisco zoo say expectant moms have the ability to choose whether it's a boy or a girl. the catch, it's not a conscious decision. the sub conscious factors in a host of environmental and societal factors and then makes the call. they say there's no question that humans do this, they just don't know exactly how. so think good thoughts. engineers have brought to life a dream that's existed since the time of leonardo da vinci, a human powered
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helicopter. they earned the prize. the challenge was set up by the american helicopter society in 1980. the aircraft had to maintain an altitude of nine feet for at least 60 seconds while inside a square. this week one hit the mark. their helicopter has four roters. marian voss is a dutch bicyclist and she and her olympian has urged women organizers to participate in next year's race. in a letter to the race director they say road cycling is one of the worst offenders in gender inequality, and after a century it's about time women are allowed to race in the tour de france. vo. s concedes getting women into the 2014 tour may be unrealistic, but she hopes to
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get the ball rolling. what happens when you pair basketball with gymnastics? in this case you get an extraordinary free throw. in a youtube video posted this week, a woman makes a phenomenal shot by cart wheeling the ball into the hoop. it wouldn't play in an official game because she stepped over the line, but it is still remarkable. you see it there in slow motion. and it's not the first amazing sports move by arhythmic gymnast. you may remember this from south korea last week showing a woman flipping herself around while standing on one leg and throwing a strike. bay area native movie could become a cult classic thanks to twitter. anthony, the director of the sci-fi network's new movie is from antioch. he got his film degree from san francisco state. thursday night, his movie, is that correct-nato, created huge
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buzz. the sci-fi movie had 387,000 comments on its website and twitter reported an average of 5,000 tweets per min about it during it's two-hour run. he told a hollywood reporter he thinks it's a hit because it's not dark, it's fun and it's unapologetic. next, the barton labor negotiations resume. another possible strike could be just three hours away. and our exclusive interview with the
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>> welcome back. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. we coming up on 5:30 and we want to start this half-hour with au% quick look at the weather. we have frances dinglasan in for lisa argen this morning. francis. >> good morning. i want to take you looking
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toward the east. sunrise less than half-hour away toward mt. diablo. you see the red and orange a beautiful day ahead once the low clouds and fog, even patchy fog along parts of the bay area will clear later on this morning. temperatures on the cool side, especially in santa rosa. 46 where fog has developed. some mid-50s around the bay. so for today, it's going to be a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday. we are starting off, though, with the low clouds. temperatures mainly in the 50s around 7:00 this morning. by this afternoon sunny for everybody except along the coast. and a widespread range of temperatures. up he were 50s along the coast to low 90s. i'll have your complete accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. katie. >> thank you. bay area commuters are holding their breath as they wait to see if bart and the biggest other i don't know can avoid a strike. as laura anthony explains, the trains are running but the accusations remain.
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>> the neglect -- negotiators for bart and the union return to the table. they want to iron out our significant differences. so far there's been progress on minor issues, but still there's a long way to go. >> the union is prepared to negotiate, as i said, 24 hours a day between now and august 5. if we can achieve an agreement by tomorrow, we would. but it takes two parties to negotiate. >> the union has taken issue with the fact bart's lead negotiator, thomas hawk, will be unavailable from july 24 to 28. bart claims there is still plenty of negotiating time between now and early august. avoiding another strike is of great concern to this man who drives a cab and lost a fair amount of his wages last week with the walk-out.
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>> do you think they will reach an agreement? >> yeah, i think they will. >> and others are hoping for a speedy resolution. >> i hope it gets worked out. i spent hours in the car. >> i think they have to compromise. i think that's the only way you solve a problem like this. >> understand the progress made was on the issues around safety that unions are concerned about the big sticking points remain around pay and benefits. they will be back at the bargaining table on monday. in -- abc7 news. the boat that capsized may 9th for the americas cup is back in the race. they have issued 37 rule changes to update the safety of the boats. thursday an international jury said two will not be enacted. those changes would affect the boat's rudders, which helps stabilize them. artemis is testing a new boat to make sure it can handle the
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bay's chop by waves. the team sent us this photo. they told abc7 news that artemis is staying in the race and gaining strength from each step of the process. >> every day we achieve another thing like finishing the building of the boat and now the structural tests and now we will put the boat in the water. every one of these are wins from where we came from. it's been a steep hill, but we aren't about dropping out or quitting. that's not in our dna. today will be the first head-to-head challenger, the race is for the louis vuitton cup. the official races again in september. new this morning, president obama says overhauling the nation's immigration system can provide a big boost to the economic recovery. in his weekly internet and radio address, president obama said immigrants have had a history of keeping america's economy the
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strongest in the world but under the current system they are prevented from contributing to the success. >> immigration reform would make it easier for highly trained immigrants and those who study at our universities to create jobs in america. foreign companies would be more likely to invest here. the demands for goods and services would go up, creating more jobs for american workers. >> the president is calling on the house to act since the senate has already pass add bipartisan bill. reaction is pouring in after janet neapolitan announced she's stepping down from the homeland security system. >> after a high profile year at arizona governor and current homeland security under
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president obama, janet neapolitan is set to become the leader of one of the finest university systems in the country. she is an unconventional pick outside the world of academia. one regent said she was chosen because she has a track record for tackling the toughest challenges and seeing them through. the pick signals the desire for change, according to some. >> she may not have such an appearance as being in an ivory tower. you see how the pope is changing things in romo. well, it may be time to change things in the president's office. >> uc has been under fire in recent years. because state funding diminished, students saw tuition double to more than $12,000 a year under the outgoing president. she brings in power. >> she will be to stand before
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the legislator without flynn wering and say, you know, the constitution of the state of california says the most important priority shall be the education of children through the university. she was the first female victorian at her school. >> uc students worry about hiring outside the academic world. >> our structure is really unique in the way that we work, so that's what we are set to go about. >> in a meeting with her next week, they will discuss their priorities of boosting racial diversity, keeping tuition affordable and admitting more students. abc7 news. >> it remains unclear when the new eastern span of the golden gate bridge will open. yesterday they started paving the span on the newly built
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eastern span. they are using two layers of special inch thick specialized asphalt. a specialized material that's easy to fix. >> it should last 150 years. there will be routine maintenance on all portion of the bridge, but as i heard someone say, it should outlast us all. >> it was going to hope labor day weekend but inspectors found faulty bolts and needs to be fixed. monday they will take a final vote on whether to launch an alternative power authority. the sonoma alternative authority plans to serve businesses and homes on october 1st. they will provide greener energy. so far four cities and the county have decided to join the agency. happening today, san francisco is hosting a route preview to prepare for the 11th annual avon walk for breast cancer. today's event runs from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
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it begins on fourth street. participants will get a sneak-peek at the walk. it includes a ten mile training route and meet and greet with avon staff and fellow walkers. coming up on the abc7 saturday morning news. there's a bay area company that specializes in preserving one everybody most important elements of a wedding. why this unique dry cleaning business is celebrating a milestone. and taking a live look outside at 5:38 at our mt. tam contact. you see low clouds as the sun starts to rise. france ding
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>> welcome back, everyone. thanks for joining us at 5:40 on saturday morning.
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a live look from our emeryville cam at emeryville. you see the great start to your morning. but there will be sun later today. that's something to look forward to. 51 in emeryville. we will have more on the forecast coming up in a few minutes. speaking of the weather, summer, and summer is wedding season and for most brides the most memorable keepsake is usually the gown. a dry cleaning business specializes in making gowns as good as new and this week they are celebrating a milestone. wayne freedman has the story. >> 36 years after the wedding and the bride has a problem. >> my wedding dress, it was really badly stained and spotted. >> valerie, on the day she got married and before she loaned a dress to a friend who ruined it. she came here hoping for a miracle, and what looks like wall to wall wedding dress land. >> it's beautiful. it's perfect. >> as it should be, considering
5:42 am
lynette's reputation at crystal cleaning center. >> is this more complicated than having your shirt done? >> a little bit. >> the preservation of wedding gowns. >> i'm probably not going to hold it and pick it up, but it's fun to know it's there and it's back to the way it was when i wore it the first time. >> which is not often an easy task based on the available evidence. >> it was in the garden. >> how do you know? >> grass stain, heel marks. >> you can get that out? >> yes, sir. larry can. >> that would be larry, the dry cleaning guy who works in the back. >> it's an art. >> one requiring a secret combination of chemical agents and elbow grease to remove food, wine. >> clean it all. >> what was the growsest thing you ever cleaned off a wedding gown? >> vomit. >> if the service is remarkable, consider how long this business has been here. 50 years. that's longer than a lot of
5:43 am
marriages. >> by and large you can do your dry cleaning online. >> she might also thank her mother who opened this shop. the art of perfection, you can see it in the fingers when she sews and the wedding dress she made 40 years ago. >> lynette said she bonds with customers. >> my mom made the cake, we will all the food. >> only half the job is cleaning, the other half is choosing pictures and keepsakes to go in the box. >> it's very fun. >> it's the little laundry side business that after half a century has become a main attraction and not just the service, it's the person. >> what would your mom say? >> that she's proud. >> does the bride have a problem anymore? >> no. >> mom would never allow it. >> she's keeping a close on eye on me. >> thank you. >> from san mateo, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> that's great. good for them.
5:44 am
5:43 now. francis is keeping an eye on the weather. it will be breezy. >> a small craft advisory from 3:00 to 9:00 tonight with winds from 15 to 35 miles an hour. here is mt. diablo. sunrise about 15 mention away. i'll tell you how warm it's going to get in your neighborhood shortly. >> also next, the giants try to snap out of their recent woes before an all-star break in san diego, and buster posey has his best rbi night of the
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>> welcome back, you are looking
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live he is san mateo bridge cam. very gray out there, but lots of sun later today and not only sun, but heat. it's going to be a few degrees warmer today than yesterday. that is some great news. frances dinglasan is in for lisa argen this morning. she has more. >> more sun, more heat just in time for the weekend. i will show you what's happening around the bay area as we sweep through. you notice also we have the satellite image superimposed over the radar. that shows us some of the low clouds right along the coast. the areas of light blue and spilling into the bay, as well. possible patchy fog in some local areas. here's a look from the east bay hills camera. we are looking out toward the bay. you can see some of the low clouds seeping in," as you saw from live doppler 7hd. a live shot corresponds with that. it's currently 54 in san francisco and in oakland. san jose at 56, as well as in
5:48 am
santa cruz. but we are going to see temperatures warmer, a few degrees, compared to yesterday. here's a look from our exploratorium looking out toward the bay bridge there. it will be breezy this afternoon with a small craft advisory in effect from three to nine. santa rosa 48. that's the cool spot where fog has developed, as well. fairfield 57, and also pretty cool in novato at 45 degrees. here's a plan for the day. i think you are going to enjoy it. we have the low clouds, patchy fog and some local areas once again this morning. but the clouds are actually thinner, the marine layer is thinner so we will see sunnier conditions today and that means warmer temperatures that will stick around through tomorrow. things start to change on monday. here's the forecast model showing the fog pulling back. by about 7:00 mainly clear all around the bay area, except parts of the coast here you will still see some fog sticking around. by late morning sunny for all of us except along the coast, we see clouds all day.
5:49 am
that's where temperatures will be coolest in the 60s but getting in the lowed 0s today. look for temperatures to come up a few degrees in your neighborhood. starting off in san jose at 81 today. a high there. 9 in santa clara. and look for 76 in palo alto. 68 in milbrae. downtown san francisco, 66. so a few degrees warmer, as well. and very comfortable, sonoma and napa, low 80s for you. upper 70s around the east bay, especially down toward fremont. and also look for some low 90s today in pittsburgh, antioch and brentwood. 85 in san ramon. for tonight things will be cool once again with the fog moving in. we will see low 50s to mid-50s. we might see some upper 40s as well in some of the valleys. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. enjoy the next two sunny days. we have temperatures coming up a few degrees, holding steady tomorrow. a little dip monday and tuesday and wednesday is when things start to come back up.
5:50 am
so i compare our live doppler 7hd seven-day forecast to amerry go round. we are up, down a little and then back up by the end of next work week. >> which is nice. we've seen some real heat in the last couple weeks and then cold again. i was in the field the last few mornings and i don't remember being that cold the last couple weeks. >> when we have clear conditions and sunnier, that's when we tend to get cooler overnight temperatures but we are right where we should be the next couple days. so enjoy it. >> thanks, francis. sports now. tonight in oakland the red sox and the a's play the second game in the battle between two first-place teams. last night the a's faced an old nemesis in red sox pitcher george lackey. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. this weekend is a great measuring stick for the a's. they are hosting the team with the best record in the entire american league, the red sox. battle of first-place clubs.
5:51 am
scary moment early. the home plate umpire cv bucknor not hit in the head and had to leave the game. here two run scores, 2-0 red sox. the a's cut it to 2-1. josh donaldson looking for more and robbed by justin pedroia. it started the inning-ending double play. a's get the run in the sixth. judd lowry, a towering shot off of john lackey who had a no-hitter after four. and parker retires 16 in a row. 2 runs on 3 hits and fans three. the sox take advantage of the a's pen. in the eighth it's pedroia again. a two-run single and that's the game winner. 27,000 in the house in boston. 4-1. crawford here, he catches the ball and then calls it foul
5:52 am
when it was fair. get out of the way. fifth inning, pablo sandoval breaks the tie. the panda heating up. 2 scored in the sixth. bottom of sixth, the padres load the base was nobody out. jose escaped unscathed. strikes him out to end the inning. the giants would erupt. where has this been for two weeks? five more runs in the seventh. posey caps off thenning with a two-run double, 5 rbis on the night for buster. giants cruz 10-1. to the nba. what the warriors have done with their roster this offseason is phenomenal. they brought in new guys and introduced new power forward maurice speights yesterday. he's 6'10". he's essentially going to play the carl landry role following his move to sacramento. he averages 10 points and 5 rebounds in 39 games with the
5:53 am
cavaliers and the grizzlies this past season and he likes what he sees in golden state. >> that's what you dream for in the league is going to the playoffs and a great city like this and great coaching and great court. that's always a great fit. >> finally congratulations to a young golfer from redwood shores. 10-year-old lucy lee became the youngest woman every to qualify for the us women's amateur. she shot 5 over 75 in oakland. the event is august 5 in charleston, south carolina. lucy is not even a teenager yet. just ten years old! what a future ahead. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. next, a popular japanese retail score is having so much success in san francisco, it's adding more stores in the bay
5:54 am
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night. >> nobody correctly picked all six numbers so now tuesday neat's jackpot estimated at $20 million. twinkies have made an early come back at wal-mart. the snack hit shelves yesterday," three days ahead of its anticipated return nationwide. wal-mart is selling the first batch of twinkies in a collectible box. twinkies and other hostess products went away. they haven't been produced since november. that's what hostess brand filed for bankruptcy but it was later bought out by a private equity group. it will be interesting to see how long the commemorative boxes stay on the shelves. happy news for the japanese retailer. they plan on opening four new stores in the bay area this
5:57 am
fall. it will be at valley fair mall in san jose, hillsdale shopping center in san mateo and the gallery in san francisco. they said they are expanding their reach into the u.s. market. they plan to open ten new stores nation wade by this fall. big growth. in britain the anticipation is growing over the birth of the royal baby wishes could happen any day now. kate middleton's due date is believed to be just a day or two away. the area outside st. mary's hospital in london where she's expected to give birth has become a media circus. meanwhile, the wax statues of prince william and kate have been moved. they say there's no plans to make a wax figure of the royal baby. at least not yet. they don't know what it looks like. there will be more on baby watch coming up at 7:00 a.m..
5:58 am
next on the news at six, the attack inside san francisco's crowded jewelrymart. how police caught the suspect without ever firing a shot. and the lab results are back. what experts found in the meat balls that sickened some san francisco dogs and kille
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good saturday morning, everyone. i'm katie marzullo. this morning we have francis dinglasan. >> good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we are starting off cool with temperatures in the 50s and even some 40s out there. fog has developed here and only 46 in novato. 50s around the bay and we will find 50s around as well near monterey bay. but things will warm up, the low clouds will start to dissipate. here's a beautiful live view


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