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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 20, 2013 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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wide open shots that wi ee're nornlly accustomed to making. did you know chris bosh didn't score tontd?
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>> lebron everyone said to him, it doesn't matter what happens to this point. nobody is going to remember what type of game you had. just help us make some plays to win this thing. he understood and made some plays. >> last two questions. what did you see from him as a player throughout the post season and for him to step up, you know, after his injury in game 68. we know what he was dealing with. he should g commended.
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he just helped us win. it was a selfless effort for two months. we sat out at the milwaukee game and said i'll play ail the way through. >> and what exactly is wrong with his knee? >> he has a deep bone bruise. at this level, it just continued to get me aggravated. >> coach, peter king with cbs news. living here in florida for so long and so many people saying you guys should have been winning this anyway, how do you respond to those who said you should have been doing this for the last three years and probably should for the next 20
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years. that's what competition is about. if people say we should have had an easier run, that's not giving any credit to the spurs it's never easy. particularly these last two rounds. >> thank you, coach. >> tim duncan will be next. >> that is miami heat coach eric spoelstra after campon ship win. this was the toughest series.
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sometimes people overlook that. lebron james talked about how much walgt he lost. he's an offensive and definancive side. they have that 32 game run. that, in itself, just takes a lot out of you. now, let's
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>> that's tough to swallow. >> mark, on the left? >> tim, on came 6, the most about this series. >> very grarks after the game. the spurs coach hugging lebron james. >> let's go back to the winning shot where lebron james clinched this performance and gave us the nba chavmpionship once again.
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so there it is, the final call. center court for miami heat. already coming down. that's what i was taking about. >> yeah, you noe, not everybody does. >> he can an amazing athlete. ret's chuck out some firsts. very proud of that miami heat victory. king james salute. this is from the city of miami. >> keep'm coming.
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and to the last second, to the last man, congrats miami heat. >> and this is dewayne wade's girlfriend. been around for a while. >> i don't think gabriell, is getting much sleep. >> hey, the florida panthers congr congratulating the hockey team. >> i'm so happy. i'm too hyped right now.
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>> yeah, adom son, i'll talk to you abilities what's going on right now, it seems that the podium died down a little bit. look at this guy right here. he wants you to put a three, guys. we have seen everything out here in just the matter of an hour. [ cheers and applause ] >> these guys want you to hear how happy they are.
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>> adam, back over to you. >> jus tinl, what's that on your neck? >> this is great video right here. and there's lebron jams. we'd love to hear what he's saying, but we don't have the audio on this one.
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>> that's beautiful. >> can we listen to this?
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is i r. >> we don't have the audio 6r789 he became a real fan favorite got here himself. >> we eat got so much perjty. >> joined the team about midway through the year. right now, we want to go life. >> how does this compare. you know, man, this is just sweet. to get here, to this moment, had that kind of performance to lep
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lead my team. special, so special. >> you sat right oulds the locker room on the floor there for a few minutes. what was that about? we go through life so fast. i wanted to soak in being a kid. this is a special moment for this organization. this is a special moment for miami.
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i just wanted to take that moment, soak it in. ji just sdr my own moment. >> what did you say after the game to duncan and today top. you see, he's one of the greatest of all time. if i was his arage and could do the whole thing, yeah, i'd thank him for being the come pet tor that he. i went to pack and she tolt him that he would ntd mooufl tornt.
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so i just thanked them for being unbelievable competitors. lags year you had mike. first of all, did you see that skomting? what did that do to help ohm things up. we just continue to trugs and believe. even though it's layered by a lot of shifts, everybody on that team gives something. and shane ain't hit a shot since i don't know when. and tonight, he was unkwoshs.
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he's a big one fwr that. i always say team he is wurn of knave rit teammatings of all time. we need it. we need an everyday hit of what gave. how much less criticism might he get? or d other does he have to wear a lot more. when you see the starlt of the game next year, it's on gent. its's the ebbs and flows. he's won two of them when you can make it to the final.
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the story is yet to be seen. he's a special player. we enjoy having him here. what he brings every night is unbelievable. >> today, hoorking at a box skoerl. all the summer.
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it's unimportant. its's how i could go whatever it takes for my team mittings. >> and lastly, are you going to just need rest for your knee? >> no. >> no, it's not. hopefully, no surgery. a lot of rust is goijs to be key for themgt. my knees right now, hopefully no surgery at all.
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. >> i was waiting on you, mike. >> miami three, kwiets a three. every time you're doubted, you put on a per nor mans dana that you did nont. everybody has an opinion. as i said many times your heat is stronger. it's a big game. that trophy up there means something dpempblt, but collect i havely, what dwuz it say about the teechl and where you guys are.
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does it feel like it's just starting? >> well, it says a lot about, you dmoe, where we're at now. we just weren't the team that we needed to be. and to be in the championship three years in a row. it's unbelieve blg. echblg does do that. but we are excited about the future of this orgization. we are still a good too many. we're going to do everything that we can to make sure that we're going to stai competitive.
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this organization doesn't rest putting ourselves in a pox to have a troe city like this. we'll be back an ex year again. looking to do it gent chblgt staying together would be on options. >> we vnt. we've living the the moment. we're not thinking about the future right now. obviously. sab san antonio has had a great one. we got this book thing going on, but he's still one of the toughest, fiercest competitors out there.
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it would be sweet to have a loenl run. >> in the name of all of the spanish speaking fans, gr oorks cias. i feel champions there: our fans have grown. i walk to tho coors ten year ago. they're enjoying this. we appreciate them.
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so for all the fans in miechl knee, where he thank you we thank you. >> is that it? that ice it. thank you, guys, for a great year of coverage. >> is this one is just spernl. that is muse inc. to all heat fans earrings. let's go live to those fans mplgt u [ cheers and applause ]
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>> people were settingoff fireworks. people rieting both side t seat.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live: game night," presented by skype. tonight, steven tyler and joe perry. also, skype scavenger hunt with one direction. and now, walking this way, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. i'm the host for the show. and welcome to our "game night" special. [ cheers and applause ] it's a big one. tonight we have game 7 of the nba finals between the heat and the spurs in miami. you know, this is -- thank you. historically, you know, the winner of game 7 goes on to win the series, so this one is big. so far, the series has gone spurs, heat, spurs, heat, spurs, heat, and so if this was a third-grade math test, the heat would be in real trouble right now. on paper, you know, the heat are


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