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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 17, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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lab in virginia. these photos obtained by abc news show what was once a $100 medium-sized pressure cooker, twisted from the blast after being turned into a homemade bomb packed with tiny nails and ball bearings to maximize the damage to its victims. >> this is a very similar device to the ieds that we have found throughout afghanistan used to kill our soldiers. >> reporter: the fbi says the pressure cooker bombs were hidden along the race route in black backpacks. the tattered remains of one of them seen in this photo. agents want to know if they saw someone carrying an unusually heavy bag. >> someone knows who did this. cooperation from the community will play a crucial role in this investigation. >> reporter: among those who have come forward with pictures that could help the fbi is boston tv station, whdh, which
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broadcast first this shot taken by a viewer near the finish line, note the large sack in front of the metal fence next to the mailbox. and then this shot, the station says was taken just after one of the bombs exploded. the area was blurred because of the graphic nature of the material but the viewer said the large bag had disappeared the fbi says anything that stands out is worth a second look, including these shots made seconds after the blast by ben thorndike from his office overlooking the finish line. >> i was struck by this individual everyone else in the photo is on the ground bent over holding their ears appearing to be in shock, immobile, but this one individual is exactly the opposite. he's sprinting. his clothes were in tatters. they were melted and burned off his body so for all i know he was panicked and fleeing.
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>> reporter: at this point there's no indication that that man had anything to do with the bomb blast but the fbi now is most interested in finding out who bought two of these pressure cookers. we bought this one, the exact same precise model used by the bomber last night just a half mile away for about $140. a thousand of them are sold every year, they're made by a company in canada and that's a key part. let's get more from richard clarke, the head of counterterrorism for presidents clinton and bush, now an abc news consultant. let's go through some of the clues. first of all, the photo showing the bag right by the mailbox before the blast and then disappearing after the blast. will investigators have a good shot at pinpointing how and why it was placed there? >> well, they might if there are pictures of the site when the bag isn't there. what they're going to try to do is, in their jargon to negate
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the picture and they're going to try to take pictures back and see when the bag was there and when it wasn't so they can get the exact time of placement. then they'll start looking through the crowd pictures to see who was in the area at the time of placement. >> and then, we have the images of the pressure cooker, as well and that shredded bag that was placed in perhaps and pressure cookers have become pretty common as a possible weapon and saw it in the failed bombing in times square, the 2006 bombings in mumbai and it's also been promoted on the internet by al qaeda and other terror groups. >> yes, so it doesn't tell you much about who did it or whether they're islamist or otherwise, right wing, it doesn't tell you a thing about motivation, but it does perhaps give you a lead eventually as to where it came from. remember, the fbi was able to take a 747 that blew up over scotland, pan am 103 into millions of pieces and to put it back together again and to find in all of those pieces the bag
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where the bomb was placed on that 747 and those pieces were over 100 square miles so the fbi may be able to trace back a pressure cooker, if they were able to trace back a piece of luggage in pan am 103. >> finally, several who have been briefed by investigators and another intelligence officials, including the ranking republican on the senate intelligence committee saxby chambliss say a lot of what we're learning so far points in the direction of domestic terrorism. do you agree with that? >> no, i don't think we have enough information to find out yet. we have to have patience, progress here is not going to be linear. it may take a long time. >> your gut tell you this is going to get solved? i read this morning that half the terrorist incidents, a third in the u.s. have never been solved. >> this will be solved, george. it may take a while but this will be solved. >> okay, dick clarke, thanks very much. george, we are learning more about the three victims killed in the boston bombings.
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portraits are emerging of that 8-year-old little leaguer martin richard, the young woman whose parents say had a heart of gold and a third victim, a chinese grad who was watching the race with two friends. abc's linsey davis has the abc's linsey davis has the very latest now from boston. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, amy. even before we knew their names and ages we knew what had happened here was tragic but now that we're starting to see their faces and hear their stories it's becoming especially heartbreaking, especially to the folks being told that your daughter is alive only to find out later there was an awful mix-up. >> beautiful, awesome sight, this spontaneous gathering. >> reporter: overnight thousands gathered in the chilly massachusetts air for a candlelight vigil honoring the youngest victim, 8-year-old martin richard, the brown-eyed bruins fan had just gotten ice cream and was watching the marathon with his family seen in this facebook page when the bombs went off. even richard's young playmates
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devastatingly aware of the loss, etching messages in chalk on the family's driveway. >> when we would see them they would all be together. >> reporter: his mother was by his side at the marathon. she's still in the hospital. his younger sister jane, a dancer, lost a leg. she was a first grader at the same school where her brother's artwork remains and staff members are trying to cope before classes resume next week. >> we are going to be extremely strong. the joy of those voices will bring us back. can you stop for a minute? >> reporter: the emotion just as raw as patty campbell remembered her daughter, 29-year-old krystle campbell, who also killed in the attack. >> she was a wonderful person. >> reporter: campbell reportedly left her job at a restaurant recently to take care of her ailing grandmother compounding the grief, the initial glimmer of hope when the family was first told krystle
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was alive, only to learn it was her friend who survived. >> she was all smiles. couldn't ask for a better daughter. >> reporter: and this morning new details are trickling in about the third victim, a boston university graduate student from china who had been watching the marathon with two friends when tragedy struck. the parents of the graduate student of china have not released her name yet because they haven't told her grandparents, saying they don't think that they can handle it. also of note, that restaurant where campbell worked, they closed it today in her honor. >> thanks very much. we turn to another potential terrorism scare out of washington. a letter mailed to a mississippi senator has tested positive for the deadly poison ricin and the senate has suspended mail delivery as investigators try to determine who sent it and why. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas joins us with more. and, pierre, this echoes the anthrax scare in the capitol after 9/11.
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>> reporter: it really does. the senate is on high alert and all mail to the capitol has been stopped while the fbi awaits test results to see if that letter mailed to senator roger wicker was laced with the deadly poison ricin, which can be fatal if inhaled or ingested. it was postmarked in memphis, tennessee and intercepted in landover, maryland, after two field tests showed a positive hit for ricin. sources are telling us those field tests are notoriously unreliable and a more definitive test is being done at a laboratory. we should know those results in the next 24 to 48 hours. >> but investigators already do believe, pierre, and they told senators that there's no connection, they believe, to the boston bombings. >> reporter: yeah, no connection to the boston bombing and i can tell you, george, there is a person of interest who is known for sending angry letters to capitol hill. that person will be receiving a knock on the door. >> okay, pierre, thanks very much. a lot of big headlines this morning.
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those with josh. we're going to begin with that travel nightmare yesterday. thousands and thousands of people stranded after the computers at american airlines went down tuesday. they are back up this morning. but more cancellations are expected. abc's david kerley is at reagan national airport with the very latest this morning. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, josh. there are a lot of american airlines flyers waking up in places they do not want to be. they are grounded. not by weather, but technology. the third largest airline still is not back on schedule this morning after a massive computer crash left thousands of passengers stranded. >> systems are down. i tried to check in online. the app isn't working. >> very frustrating. upsetting. not happy at all. >> reporter: the crash in computer system meant every ticket agent and gate agent saw their screens go dark. the same at the airline's operations center. no way to track bags, update schedules or flight plans. american had no choice. it stopped everything, grounding every plane. they were parked in chicago, miami and dallas.
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>> there's nothing you can do. you just have to stand in line and hope you can get on your flight. >> reporter: the cancellations started cascading before the day was over. nearly 800 flights never happened. embarrassed the ceo took to youtube to explain. >> unfortunately, in this case we had a software issue that impacted both our primary and backup systems. >> reporter: so all the airline could do was apologize and start shelling out cash for refunds or to pay any additional cost to book passengers on other airlines so they could finally get to where they wanted to go. i was just inside. there are long lines in washington. i'm sure at other airports as flyers from yesterday trying to get where they want to go today. if yesterday was a migraine today will be a headache. american admits, josh, they will have to cancel more flights today. just a reminder how much we rely on technology. >> indeed, it is. david kerley in washington, we appreciate it this morning. meanwhile, showdown there on capitol hill. a major vote on gun control set for this afternoon in the
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senate. but support for the bipartisan plan that would now expand background checks to all gun buyers appears to be dwindling. also this morning, a final good-bye to former british prime minister margaret thatcher. queen elizabeth joined dignitaries from around the world for the funeral at london's st. paul's cathedral. thatcher's flag-draped coffin arriving from parliament on a horse-drawn military carriage. meanwhile, dozens of people outside protested the cost of the funeral but there were no major disturbances reported. and finally, to many of us he will always be the voice of football. >> there's emmitt smith. touchdown! >> and that was pure pat summerall. his understated play-by-play welcomed into millions of home every fall sunday for four decades. 22 years spent alongside the equally incomparable john madden.
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summerall called a record 16 super bowls and although we do remember him as royalty in the booth he also scored more than 500 points on the field and he spent ten seasons as a kicker in the nfl and died from cardiac arrest in texas. pat summerall was 82 years old. and i have to say, when i saw this yesterday, another bit of my childhood slipped away. >> we all grew up with him. thanks very much. let's get more now from boston with the bomber or bombers still not found it is a city very much on edge. beefed-up security and high alert matched here in new york and other major cities across the country. abc's dan harris has more on all this from boston. good morning, dan. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning to you. the city is trying to edge its way back toward normalcy but that's tricky to do. you have 12 blocks of the normally bustling downtown shut down as a massive crime scene. second of all, people here are justifiably still a little bit nervous and it's not just in boston, this is happening all
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over the country. >> the american people refuse to be terrorized. >> reporter: when president obama asked us to stay vigilant in the wake of the attacks, he may not have foreseen this. bomb-sniffing dogs and robots working overtime. americans seeing something and saying something in droves. >> you feel safer by seeing it but brings it to the forefront of what could happen. >> reporter: a rash of suspicious packages called in to 911 tuesday. >> they located an abandoned box in the trash can that's suspicious in nature. it has wires coming out of it. >> reporter: a bomb-sniffing dog took out this hair dryer. in new jersey, an unattended bag shut down the pat train. police in new york city fielded 77 such reports in less than 24 hours, three times the norm. >> it would be easier if we just did pay attention, but if yesterday doesn't refresh your memory, i don't know what would. >> reporter: the epicenter of the jitters quite justifiably boston, where streets this
7:14 am
morning are filled with armored vehicles, heavily armed cops and the national guard. at logan airport officials removed all passengers from a u.s. air flight because of concerns over a strange noise. at new york's laguardia, thousands of passengers were held outside after calls came in about exposed wires in a light fixture and at landmarks in major cities all over america law enforcement keeping anything but a low profile. >> i am not in the hope for the best business. i am in the plan for the worst business. >> reporter: meanwhile, in 15 cities around america they are planning to hold marathons of their own within the next week. all of those places now having to think about security in a whole new way. amy, back to you. >> all right, everyone on high alert. dan, thanks so much. and now to two former new england patriots players and super bowl champs, now being hailed as heroic rescuers for racing into the chaos right after the boston bombings. what they were thinking and why they did it in their own words. take a look.
7:15 am
>> it looked like a scene from a war. >> it's just a cloud of smoke and chaos and your ears kind of explode. >> my instincts kicked in and i ran toward the blast not thinking and just looking to help. my upbringing and my father was a police officer. my three brothers are new york city firemen and i saw three young girls, trying to carry their mother on their back and ran over to them and said let me help and scooped her up and walked her down the block, brought her over to the ambulance, knowing i have five children of my own, i was trying to help them breathe, calm down. >> i'm holding a woman who's nearly lost her leg and is losing an incredible amount of blood. we just did the best we could in that moment. i can still see her face and i sill at this point don't know if she's okay. >> it is a little relieving to know that they're home safe and, you know, not still in the hospital. civilians, they were the heroes, the emts, the firemen, police,
7:16 am
everybody out there helping. >> thank goodness there are men like that in the world. >> you just love people to see them step in and do the right thing. >> like i told my daughter there are more good people than bad people in the world. >> but i'll take 10 million more people like that. take 10 million more. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to share with you. how about the line of storms in kentucky that would deliver something like that. a hailstone waiting to do damage and there's more of that likely today as these storms fire up in the middle of the country. america's heartland one more time. oklahoma is the bull's-eye here. also a little bit of north texas and a little bit of southern kansas as central kansas we've got these powerful storms moving all the way up to kansas city and st. louis. quick look at where the snow falling and there's more snow here. we'll talk much more about it. next half hour, pictures and you just won't believe how much snow is out there.
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>> again, today, large area of strong storms and big snow.
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>> okay, sam, thank you. and coming up on "gma," what makes a pressure cooker bomb work and how easy was it for the bomber to make the deadly device? and the latest on that remarkable story, two brothers risking their lives shielding others from the blast. each lost a leg. their mother speaks. the latest on the jodi arias trial. the new witness who may have punched big holes in her defense. to goschool, you deserve more than just flexibility and convenience. so here's a few reasons to choose university of phoenix. our average class size is only 14 students. our financial tools help you make smart choices about how to pay for school. our faculty have, on average, over 16 years of field experiene. we'll help you build a personal career plan. we build programs based on what employers are looking for. our football team, is always undefeated. and leading companies are interested in our graduates. we'll even help you decorate your new office. ok. let's get to work.
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>> only, in martinez a boy injured in the boston marathon bombings will have surgery on resolution leg. the mother of the 11-year-old aaron hern is making progress and has opened his eyes and communicating with nods of his head. some businesses and martinez are holding fundraisers to help support aaron hern's family. now a check on the interesting wednesday morning commute. shear leyla gulen. >> good morning, everyone, at 7:25. we take you drive into present and we have this accident southbound 680 to south mission boulevard awe emergency cars are on scene but we have a backup at a result. heading into san jose the drive along 280, starting to load up. drive safe, everyone. >> when we come back, our meteorologist, mike nicco, has the bay
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>> we still have gusts around live more and sfo is at 30, and 16 in novato and 18 in san carlos. today is less breezy than yesterday. four to seven degrees warmer today than year. the seven-day outlook shows 80's on the way as we head toward friday inland and even some 80's
7:26 am
around the bay by monday. that is when it will be warmest and we could get near 90 inland. and we could get near 90 inland. warmer
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the clues have been coming in all night long. investigators poring over images like this. see that man in tattered clothing running away from the bomb site. looking at that right now. also, look at the bag next to the mailbox right near the finish line. you see it right there before the explosion. just a few seconds later it is gone. the explosion has happened. major new clues coming in overnight and we're looking at all of that this morning.
7:28 am
>> here's what we know right now. we know 20 people remain in critical condition. police have received 2,000 plus tips and still zero suspects at this hour and the boston police commissioner says he has never seen a more complex crime scene, understandably so with the bombs that went off. josh has an abc news exclusive story to tell us about. >> we saw liz norden yesterday, the mother whose sons each lost a leg in the initial blast there at the finish line. in fact, taking the brunt of that blast and so saving friends they were watching that race finish with. their incredible story and their mother just ahead. >> we are also covering other news of the day. we'll have the very latest on the jodi arias trial. the new witness who says she is lying and many believe she punched a big hole in jodi's defense. >> do you need a reason to smile? how about friend of the show and all love around woman sofia
7:29 am
vergara is here live and that is going to be a great guest. >> two pressure cooker devices loaded up with deadly shrapnel designed to maim anyone standing by and jim avila has more. it's not hard to find out how to build one. >> reporter: it's not. investigators are learning more about the anatomy of the bombs and abc news confirming the common cooking appliance used in their construction was a midsize fager brand pressure cooker. unfortunately, the pot maker sells 50,000 a year of those in the united states. this is what remains of what investigators believe could be the crude but effective bomb used in boston. the american military knows them well. the pressure cooker bomb. homemade and designed to maim and kill. this video of military units detonating one in afghanistan posted on youtube. this one found on the internet from the streets of nepal.
7:30 am
so common the department of defense handbook on spotting roadside bombs warns soldiers and marines to be on the lookout for that innocent pressure cooker and publications all over the internet teach the construction of a bomb made from mom's kitchen, why so popular? because pressure cookers seal so tightly and can be filled with nails and ball bearings and other projectiles, plus when the explosive goes off this will shatter and the metal becomes a projectile itself. >> the pressure cooker most likely was some type of container that would add more fragmentation. >> reporter: walt houston studies ieds and says what he is seeing on the videos from boston indicates this pressure cooker bomb is basic, even crude with its black gunpowder explosive that leaves the telltale ied white smoke but the bomber, he says, may be more sophisticated than the bomb itself. even using a circuit board to
7:31 am
tell the bomb when to explode. >> that is a classic ied design. >> reporter: so what was this bomber trying to do with this type of bomb? >> if he wanted to make a point and blast and disrupt the marathon, he didn't have to add the shrapnel. >> reporter: among the items recovered at the scene abc news has learned were a nylon black backpack, shrapnel that included ball bearings and nails and that circuit board, all items that are difficult to trace and long used in these kind of weapons. george. >> boy, designed just to create grievous injuries. josh? >> we'll bring you now this really remarkable story. two brothers who were at the boston marathon finish line cheering on a childhood friend, both severely injured bearing the initial brunt of the force of the explosion, both losing their right legs just below the knee. they were just going into surgery yesterday when we interviewed members of their family. take a look. they're known by family and
7:32 am
friends as the tough guys with the softest hearts, but this morning j.p. and paul norden also exemplify the tenacious spirit of their hometown as both begin the long road to recovery after monday's bloody horror. their bodies bore the bankrupt of the initial epgs explosion and in the midst each man lost a leg. their mother, liz, told me paul called her frantic moments after the blast. >> my son called me at 3:00 on my cell phone. he said he was hurt really bad and couldn't find his brother or his girlfriend and that he was being rushed to the hospital. >> reporter: in the chaos the brothers were separated and rushed to different hospitals not knowing if the other had lived. paul at beth israel. j.p. to brigham and women's a half mile away where he underwent two emergency surgeries. painstaking hours passed before his family even knew if j.p. was alive.
7:33 am
what were those moments like when you first saw your boys? >> terrible. i wish i could take the place for them. it's terrible. all those people, it's -- i just -- it's like i want to wake up and have it not be real. >> reporter: this morning 33-year-old j.p. is off a ventilator breathing on his own. he has a hard time speaking but his little sister says he remembers the moment of the explosion vividly. >> he remembered everything and the 8-year-old boy was actually right in front of him when that happened and passed away right in front of him so he knew that. >> reporter: 31-year-old paul has undergone multiple the surgeries due back in the o.r. in the next few hours. their sister says these heroic brothers are bearing the pain of the injuries but not the idea of being a part. the first question they have asked, they just keep asking about each other. >> they cry and then they ask again and cry again and it just
7:34 am
makes me sad to know one is worried about the other one and knows his leg is gone and just like heartbreaking to me. their legs are changed forever. >> a dear friend of theirs also lost both of his legs. paul's girlfriend severely burned and i promise we will be having updates as this family begins to recover. we're staying with them. this sunday there will be a fund-raiser meanwhile, for the nordens at the dock side restaurant in wakefield where they live, the dockside restaurant in wakefield where they live. time now for a look at the nation's weather. sam. >> i'm so glad you brought that up. these kinds of injuries that we're seeing, every one of these families is going to need financial support so the one thing we can't do is forget about these families. we need to help them raise some kind of money because they're the kind of injuries you don't get over at all and you just have to learn live through. to the boards and show you what's going on outside. an awful lot of snow in parts of the country. believe it or not pictures from
7:35 am
breckenridge and vail where five feet of new snow has come in april and re-opening, by the way, for the weekend in breckenridge. there is snow. there is lots of snow in the west. so much snow again today we have a blizzard watch in the northern corner from denver all the way into the northeastern corner. 8 to 12 inches of additional snow in the arrowhead. its gorgeous here. as a matter of fact, gorgeous here, how about new york at about 70 degrees. all that weather was brought to you by transition lenses. josh, amy, george, rachel. >> thanks, sam. coming up the latest twist in the jodi arias case. the new witness who says she's lying. and the astonishing technology that is offering real hope to the victims of the
7:36 am
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♪ we're back now at 7:42 with the latest on the breakup murder trial. after 38 days and 10 witnesses, jodi arias' defense rested its case tuesday. the prosecution getting its turn again calling an expert witness who punched holes in arias' testimony and ryan owens is in phoenix with that. good morning, ryan.
7:40 am
>> reporter: good morning, amy. the prosecutor has now started what's called his rebuttal case and he wasted no time attacking jodi arias and those expert witnesses who tried to explain away her lies. jodi arias, master manipulator and serial liar who refuses to take responsibility for anything. now there's a portrait of the admitted killer the jury hasn't seen in a while. and it's exactly the one prosecution psychologist dr. janeen demarte came to court to paint. >> people with this personality profile tend to experience a lot of aggressiveness, hostility, defensiveness. >> reporter: demarte spent a dozen hours with her in jail and diagnosed her with a personality disorder. she knows exactly what happened when she shot and stabbed her ex, travis alexander but is
7:41 am
incapable of taking blame. >> they tend to externalize blame. >> reporter: arias told the jury she killed alexander in self-defense, that she is a battered woman even though she never reported that to police or family. >> there did not appear to be significant abuse. >> reporter: dr. demarte believes it's just another lie and just as tough on those two psychologists who testified for the defense. first dr. richard samuels, who diagnosed arias with ptsd. even though she lied on the test he administered claiming strangers killed alexander. >> that would absolutely invalidate the test. >> reporter: she didn't think much of alyce laviolette either and she spent too much time with arias and seemed sympathetic. >> it would bias your results and make you sway more in finding things that might be more helpful for them. >> reporter: the jury looked riveted by demart's no nonsense testimony after hearing the
7:42 am
defense case that sometimes meandered aimlessly through 38 long days. an afounding 18 of them with jodi arias on the stand. >> the prosecution did a pretty good job of discrediting or at least marginalizing the defense's expert witnesses and now this witness is really the final blow. >> reporter: arias' attorneys are already getting their chance to cross-examine this witness. they are portraying her as young and inexperienced. even suggesting their experts were helping and diagnosing people before she was even alive. expect more of that cross-examination today. amy. >> always pore to come in this one. ryan owens, thanks so much. coming up next, the mom who says kids don't need to learn to share. sparking a big backlash this morning. >> i hope you were watching, sarina. my "play of the day" coming up. tributes to boston across the
7:43 am
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right then, here's the "play of the day." >> today's "play of the day" proof that we are all on the same team especially in times like this and also really proof that sports matter. they are after all about symbols and take a look at how the sports world remembered the tenacious folks in boston. that, the "chicago tribune." we are the chicago patriots. we are the chicago revolution acknowledging the teams of new england and at major league ballparks all across the country moments of silence, standing in memory of those fallen in boston and then in a happier way sing-alongs to neil diamond's "sweet caroline" a staple at
7:48 am
fenway park. in cleveland they hung that and let's go to new york, the ultimate rival where not only did they hang that banner, united we stand, regional rivals no more. listen to what they did in yankee stadium. ♪ sweet caroline ♪ good times never seemed so good ♪ >> afterwards the sox said thanks over twitter so did neil diamond saying "thank you from the bottom of our hearts. you scored a home run in my heart and in all of ours ♪ >> yay! the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
7:49 am
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♪ good times never seem so good so good so good so good ♪ >> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am eric thomas. we follow developing news from the east bay where a woman is involving after being shot while sleeping in her living room. detectives say someone shot in her hayward home around 12:30. a car was seen driving away from
7:54 am
the area and the woman who is in her mid 20's is expected to survive. our meteorologist, mike nicco, has the forecast. >> a lost pollen again, good morning, everyone. it could be the reason your eyes are watering again with scratchy throat possible. low-to-mid 70's and 60's along the coast and upper 60's in san francisco down the peninsula to san mateo and check out how warm it gets this week. leyla gulen? >> we are taking a check of the san mateo bridge and it looks like the flat part is decent but it will pack up beyond the high-rise. we do have a high win advisory on the san mateo and the bay bridge. look at this, metering lights are on and it is packed as you head into san francisco. >> the
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
♪ and a big crowd out there in times square and our musical tribute to boston. that is "dirty water" by the standells, something of a boston anthem. boston harbor to the charles
7:58 am
river, got a very happy crowd out there in times square. let's take a look at what's happening in boston this morning. there it is, a live shot of the prudential center, flags flying at half-mast. of course, that city still on edge and lots more clues coming in overnight as to what might have happened right here. we've seen the images of the man in the tattered clothing running away. you see that right there. the backpack right next to the mailbox in a bag then later exploded a few seconds after the blast, so investigators going through every single inch of that square right now trying to figure out what happened. a lot more on that coming up as we say good morning, america. robin and lara off, great to have amy and rachel here. >> thank you very much. and we're also talking about a very different story. one that we think every parent will have a definite opinion on. there's a mom out there who's sparking a lot of debate, she's saying that kids should not have to share, that they don't need to learn to share.
7:59 am
>> here's my question, is there another mom having that discussion with her? is this one person? >> it's a school -- it's a school that actually has adopted this mantra and they're trying to teach kids not to be entitled. a reversal. you can't have what you what when you want it. >> and gather and -- >> you've made me want to learn more about it. >> we'll find out. >> into the new era we return. also, sam was discussing it, so true. sofia vergara, is going to make every morning better. she's already had, of course, a child on "modern family." we cannot confirm if that child will be sharing. is she going to be getting ready to play a mom again in real life? we're going to ask her if so and if she is, will she have that child share? also, a passion of her that she wants to share with us. >> and what a big night last night. what a tough week in the ballroom it has been
8:00 am
and d.l. hughley and cheryl burke are now out of the competition. yeah, and it was a tough week to dance. it had to be so we'll talk to them live this morning about what the week was like in the ballroom you know when everyone had to put on their smiley faces and dancing shoes. yeah, and then what it's like to leave the ballroom this morning. >> he was game all the way. look forward to talking to him. >> nice. >> not much of a dancer either. a lot coming up. right now to the latest on the boston bombings and the massive investigation going on right now. there are no suspects. we want to go back to abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross on the ground. brian, no suspects but everyone looking in that image of the pressure cooker. >> reporter: absolutely, george, and with nobody in custody, the bomber at large, there's still great urgency. the fbi believes the road to finding the bomber will be through the bomb and already they're trying to figure out who bought two pressure cookers like this one which we bought last night about $140 just a half mile from here. this is what was used to build the bombs. the fbi now has had a major breakthrough by recovering the
8:01 am
twisted mangled remains of one of the bombs which did not apparently fully explode. those remains are now at the fbi crime lab in quantico, virginia, being closely examined by the fbi. as well, the fbi is going through what they call tons of video and still photos from all kinds of people who were at the race route that day, including the pictures taken by and broadcast by a boston tv station showing a white sack next to a mailbox right in front of the fence during the race route and then right after that, the explosion and that sack disappears. authorities are now trying to figure out who put that there. so that's the latest from here, george. >> and there's a lot more work ahead. thanks. let's turn now to linsey davis tracking the emotional stories of the victims. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. last night at a vigil for one of the victims someone said everyone we lost still had their whole life ahead of them but the
8:02 am
perspective of an 8-year-old makes it different and that 8-year-old she was talking about, martin richard, the brown-eyed bruins fan who loved little league and had just finished eating ice cream when one of the explosions claimed his life and then there's 29-year-old krystle campbell who recently left her job working at a restaurant to go help take care of her ailing grandmother. then to make matters worse her parents were initially told their daughter was still alive and being treated only to find out later that there had been a horrible mix-up. it was her friend who had actually survived and this morning new details still trickling in about the third victim, the boston university graduate student from china, whose parents still have not released her name because they haven't told her grandparents because they're concerned they can't handle it, george. >> heartbreak spreading a world away. thanks very much. a lot of other headlines. to josh for that. >> we'll begin with security breaking news an arrest this morning in the murder of the texas district attorney. the dallas morning news reports that the authorities have arrested the wife of eric
8:03 am
williams, former justice of peace who has been held in connection with this case after allegedly making a threat against the two prosecutors. police have said that williams had motive for murder because he was prosecuted for stealing computer monitors. he's not been officially charged. the dallas morning news also reports only his wife is charged thus far. and she's reportedly being held on a capitol murder charge meanwhile, news has been suspended at the capitol hill, after a letter possibly containing the deadly toxin ricin had been discovered addressed to mississippi senator roger wicker but was intercepted at a mail facility in maryland. initial tests were positive. more analysis, though, is needed. meantime, it's already been a busy day on capitol hill. at 2:00 this morning, new york senator chuck schumer officially filed a bipartisan immigration bill that would spend billions of dollars on border security and put 11 million people in the u.s. illegally on a path to citizenship. president obama calls the plan a very clear compromise.
8:04 am
overseas, full military honors this morning in london at the funeral of former prime minister margaret thatcher. queen elizabeth was there along with some 2300 dignitaries and guests. now, at thatcher's request there was no eulogy delivered. when the service was finished her flag-draped coffin was carried out as the crowd of mourners followed behind. and we want to take a moment now to note the passing of a beloved member of our abc family. during his 35-year career preston davis supervised the technical side of virtually every major live event from presidential elections to monday night football. before retiring he launched the network's transition to high definition. a true role model and pioneer. he will be missed. preston davis was 63 years old. and finally, the scandal-plagued former governor of south carolina who famously ran off to argentina to be with his mistress is in trouble again and just as he's trying to re-enter the political world.
8:05 am
mark sanford's ex-wife jenny says she caught him going out the back door of her house using his cell phone, in fact, as a flashlight. she says that's trespassing and violates their divorce settlement so he's been ordered to appear in court next month just two days after the election for the vacant congressional seat that he hopes to win. >> gets ugly with those domestic -- >> here's another twist in that one, he asked her to be his campaign manager. >> yes, he did. >> i have a feeling -- i have a feeling -- >> a big no. >> she was going to run herself. >> that's right. you know what, guys, let's turn and talk about some acts of kindness. >> okay. >> some words of encouragement and hope that some celebrities have allowed us to see and kind of take in this week. first up we start with celebrities like ashton kutcher.
8:06 am
vocal and visual with their support for the people of boston. kutcher, an iowa native, tweeted this picture of himself in a red sox cap and, boston natives like ben affleck, mark wahlberg and mindy kaling expressed their support. kaling tweeted "my heart aches for my hometown. my love and support to the many worthy boston-area hospitals who are helping the wounded." affleck tweeted "such a senseless and tragic day. my family and i send our love to our beloved and resilient boston," and comforting words dominating the internet yesterday came from unusual sources. the comedian and late tv icon patton oswalt on twitter, advice from mr. rogers about what to tell children when scary things are in the news. "look for the helpers. you will always find people who are helping." indeed, you will. on facebook oswalt posted a
8:07 am
moving essay, including with this line, "when you spot violence or bigotry or intolerance or fear or just garden variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think -- just look it in the eye and think, the good outnumber you, and we always will." excellent advice. and finally, relief for the bombing victims. wide receiver danny amendola, who just joined the new england patriots announced he will donate money to a boston marathon relief fund for every pass thrown his way next season and he pledged a $100 donation for catches and get this, $200 donation for anything dropped so fans can root for either outcome and, of course, eyes will be on amendola and tom brady next season for a whole new reason. that's a way to -- >> that is terrific. >> exactly. so everyone weighing in and just thinking of boston. >> absolutely. i love that. rachel, thanks very much.
8:08 am
let's get the weather from sam. >> all right, now, george, it's a fantastic crowd and i didn't even catch this at first but now let me just get in the middle. do you see anything going on here? anything? these are the first twins -- tell me where you're from. >> washington. >> and where are you from. >> washington. >> really. that's amazing but they disguise themselves as twins. i didn't even realize it. wait, you really are. let's get to the boards. just my thing. let's show you what's going on. one or two things. how about some heavy rain in the middle of the country. all of this from kansas city all the way to chicagoland. this is going to be an issue. not only is it 3 to 5 inches of additional rain but remember snow melt going on up there. a lot of more snow happening just north of that area so we really think that there will be some good size flooding along the rivers for awhile to come. a story we'll watch. on the west coast, cool but dry. look at the big difference in phoenix. 10 degrees cooler than yesterday and in the 60s in vegas.
8:09 am
>> if you're going to hang out in times square we'll get you on television. let's go back inside to rachel this morning. good morning, rachel. >> good morning, sam. thank you so much. now, here's a look ahead on what's on this "gma's morning menu." the mom who says kids don't need to share and the backlash she's sparking right now. a sizzling night in the ballroom. cheryl burke and d.l. hughley are out. and two of hollywood's hottest stars, sofia vergara and
8:10 am
susan sarandon are here live, all coming up live right here on "gma" in times square. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the makers of centrum, the most recommended, preferred and studied multivitamin brand. recommended, preferred and studied multivitamin brand. [ alarm clock ringing ] [ female announcer ] if you have rheumatoid arthritis, can you start the day the way you want? can orencia (abatacept) help? [ woman ] i wanted to get up when i was ready, not my joints. [ female announcer ] could your "i want" become "i can"?
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coming up, emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed brought to you by thomas', the original nooks and cranny english muffin. and we are here in times square right now. more on the boston bombings and the remarkable technology perfected in war zones that offers real hopes to the wounded. i'm here with our veteran of war
8:15 am
zones, abc's martha raddatz and, martha, so many lost parts of their legs and doctors have learned so much to help them straight out of the bionic man. >> it's true. hearing about these injuries was a reminder to so many and to me of the injuries our veterans have suffered but there is another reminder, the amazing progress we have made in treating them. when i first met mark little, bleeding and broken in the 28th combat support hospital in baghdad, he had lost both legs to a roadside bomb. >> you're pretty [ expletive ] certain. >> reporter: four years later he was newly married and also walking, running and even playing hockey with a set of prosthetic legs. >> i could see a soldier that came off the battlefield 72 hours and honestly say to him or her that six months from now their life was going to look so much better. >> reporter: for so many, the
8:16 am
boston bombing victims recovery will be a long, hard road. but thanks to the painful experience of american troops over 12 years of war, that path is a more hopeful one. >> a decade ago i don't think we had anywhere near the ability to return functionality for a lost limb. but the advances that have been made have been absolutely amazing. >> reporter: it's not just trauma care that has made huge advancements, rehab and the quality of life for amputees is better than ever. >> bring that wrist up. >> reporter: civilians too are seeing the benefits in places like houston's memorial hermann-texas medical center. >> we see a lot of different advances that our patients are able to take advantage of. >> reporter: last year the rehabilitation institute of chicago showed off this leg that looks more terminator than prosthetic on an amputee who used it to climb all 103 stories of chicago's tallest building.
8:17 am
it's the first bionic leg controlled by thoughts. >> it's a long process to psychologically overcome and establish a new normal in your life and move on. >> there is, of course, a high price tag for these prosthetics. they can range from $5,000 to up to $50,000 for the most advanced kind and not all insurance plans cover all the costs but i suspect in boston that town will rally to help those injured with whatever they need including the new england patriots who are kicking in too. >> yes. sam to your point earlier everybody chipping in to help. >> the healing power of hope that there is going to be a better tomorrow. >> it's amazing. i've seen it for 1 years and we'll see it in boston. >> yes, we will. >> thank you so much, martha. switching gears we'll move on to a mom sparking a big controversy this morning. she's saying kids don't need to learn to share and has a lot of parents talking about it. abc's becky worley has the story.
8:18 am
>> no! >> reporter: share and share alike, sharing is caring. >> mine! >> reporter: we've all heard the saying but now some preschools are teaching kids that they shouldn't share saying that forcing one child to give up a toy gives the recipient a sense of entitlement. >> if one of the kids has a toy and someone else wants it we're not going to make them give it up until they're totally done. >> reporter: mommy blogger beth goes to a preschool where sharing is not encouraged and she says it's good for them. >> i want your shovel. can you share to me? >> no. >> reporter: did you say no? how come? >> i just like it so much. >> reporter: it goes like this, only when a child is done playing with something can another child take the toy. in fact, many of these preschools have replicas of the exact same toys to avoid any conflicts but it doesn't always work. proponents say forced sharing
8:19 am
sends a message that everyone gets what they want right now like the 20 somethings in the hbo series "girls." >> all i'm asking for is $1100 a month for the next two years. >> chump change. >> reporter: but can a no sharing policy prevent a generation of entitled kids? >> we are trying to get kids towards ideally not forced sharing but empattic sharing in a way that raises that altruistic giving for the right reasons. >> reporter: yet for some on the front lines with toddlers rethinking traditional values may ultimately benefit the child. >> if left that their own devices they work 0 out conflict remarkably well when adults don't put an arbitrary rule on them. >> reporter: becky worley, abc news, san francisco. >> it goes against all my parenting instincts but i like the message. >> it made some sense. >> you don't get what you want when you want that.
8:20 am
i want that now. >> it's a chaotic world. they need a little order and i really do think that i might be best to deliver that to sarina just in moments, i don't know. >> i'm a big you have to share with your sister but i do like the message. >> okay. i love the parents. let the parents -- i like the message of sharing. how about that? i just like that message. by the way we've been talking a lot about boston and so have folks all around 9 country, even "dancing with the stars" folks, they paid a special tribute to a tragedy with the show honoring the folks in boston. one couple, one couple is leaving the ballroom on this tough week and by the way they're with us live this morning. d.l. hughley and pro partner cheryl burke. cheryl, love you. look at that boston fire department sweatshirt. >> i love you. >> good morning, good morning. >> boston pride, baby. >> yeah. >> d.l., i know this was a tough week for you. both of you are such good friends of the show. i have to ask you before we start even about the disappointment of you guys leaving the ballroom, what was it like on the dance floor, i
8:21 am
mean, early this week knowing that everybody was thinking so much about what was happening on the east coast? >> it was really, really hard but, you know, i thought -- i think we -- i felt a little conflicted, you know, it felt a little sack krilegious to be dancing but we felt it was a distraction for a lot of people so we did the best we could but something really we thought about during the whole routine. >> yeah, so many people were up for that distraction though. we saw it on twitter saying, thank you, thank you, thank you, i needed a reason to laugh or smile on this particular early in the week. now we're watching you guys right now so tell me, i mean, even george has said a little rough on the dance floor, d.l., what do you think? >> even rupper, i'm even rougher, d.l. >> a big improvement. >> i don't care about dancing. >> what are you talking about? >> i did it to have fun and, you
8:22 am
know, it went from learning how to dance to "hunger games" in tights. >> did you get what you wanted out of it? >> i got -- well, i got a great friend in cheryl and so that was really -- and i had a lot of fun. i lost a little weight and i'm burring my dance shoes on the way out of here. >> cheryl, are you going to miss d.l.? >> i'm going to miss him. i mean coming from like a serious season like all-stars last season to this season has been so much fun and he's reminded me how much fun the show can really be so we had such a great time together. he's going to be a friend forever for sure. >> you left on good terps with len. how did that feel? you ended your feud? >> no, i didn't. i despise len. what did make me happy is seeing -- what did make me happy seeing len dance at the end on -- i didn't know whether he was dancing or i was watching an
8:23 am
oatmeal commercial. >> so much for ending the feud. >> feud renewed. >> oh, yeah. >> d.l., who is going to win this year? >> it was -- it was -- i think -- i have to go with jacoby. >> same. i think we're rooting for jacoby. >> i want to be for andy dick. i just want to actually say that on tv. i want to be -- i wanted to be team dick but i can't say that. >> i love you both. i love you both. i'm going to miss you so much. >> d.l. and team dick can't go together. >> an all new "dancing with the stars" monday starting at 8:00, 7:00 central on the "a," the "b" and the "c." >> check this out. >> amazing news. >> thanks to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you to you. >> and you. >> "gma." >> we have so much fun? because of you -- good morning. >> we are feeling love. >> good morning. >> thank you very much. >> we are going to work. >> good morning, america. >> it's because of you, "gma" is
8:24 am
riding high and so much fun and we're just getting started. so -- >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. mcdonald's will not add a new location in the south bay. the san jose city council has rejected the conditional use permit to build a new mcdonald's. concerns residents protested the if you location saying the fast food restaurant would bring more cars to already busy streets. >> speaking of busy, leyla gulen, what is going on? >> at 8:27, we are taking you to
8:25 am
petaluma where an accident is blocking a lane and causing slowing southbound 101 before petaluma boulevard as we take the drive into the east bay, here is another crash, westbound 24, beyond 680 you are backed up from 680 freeway. >> thanks. we will check with our meteorol
8:26 am
>> we are back, watery eyes and
8:27 am
itchy throat. the pollen is very high. the gusts are fastest in the east bay valley and along the peninsula busting up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. good news, like yesterday, they will not be as fast or wide spread as the day before. we will talk about today compared to yesterday at four to seven degrees warmer. most of us are in the low-to-mid 70's, a few upper 60's along the peninsula into san francisco. you think that is nice? you like warm weather, how about 70 and 80's? you like t ♪ ♪ to love and hold and keep ♪ between us living on the earth tides of hope and love ♪ ♪ sister and brother
8:28 am
>> the boston children's chorus singing for us. "shed a little light." they drove through the night for a very special performance. 50 of boston's neighborhoods, ambassadors of armny they call them and we love having them with us this morning as all of our thoughts are on boston. good morning, america. >> so beautiful. speaking of, inside amy sitting down with friends of the prog m program, sofia vergara, this morning. amy has been saying she wants to see how she looks blond. there you go. the first look at the new sofia. >> if you allow me to name drop a list of stars on the program we call "gma." how about susan sarandon? [ applause ] >> i just dropped that name on the ground. and, look, everybody needs a
8:29 am
little comfort. susan has some guests with her. >> the tweeting dogs. >> emeril is here. >> with some food. >> the dogs tried to eat the sandwiches. >> what do you have? >> this is what we're going to make. english muffin with peanut butter and bananas. super good. super good. >> this is great. >> isn't that good? >> a little honey. just a little dribble. >> emeril, serving peanut butter on television, live television is awfully hard to do. amy, back to you. always a delight to welcome "modern family's" sofia vergara to our "good morning america" family. the new look, the blond locks and a message she wants to share with everyone and sofia, i want to start off with serious news because i know that you were directly impacted with what happened in boston. your son goes to school there.
8:30 am
tell me what those moments were like when you first found out there had been a bombing. >> well, i think i felt the same way that everybody in this country felt, it's like disbelief. like not understanding what is going on and why? why is this happening? my son -- i was very fortunate that my son that day had come on the train to new york to visit his girlfriend, so i was shooting in new orleans so i immediately went crazy. i'm like, immediately he texted me. he knows i can get crazy so he's like, mom, i'm still in new york but i mean it's unbelievable. i mean, it's heartbreaking. it's so much unnecessary pain. >> i know and we certainly are happy that he is safe and sound and so many families going through that same anxiety and our hearts continue to go out to them. >> hopefully they can overcome this horrible thing. >> i know you're here actually to speak about raising awareness. you have a campaign about thyroid disease. >> yes.
8:31 am
>> affects 30 million americans. i'm among them. you're a paid spokesman for synthroid but you were diagnosed with thyroid cancer in your 20s. what is your message? >> it's simple. i think, you know, many women like you were telling me to go for a long time without knowing that they have a problem with their thyroid and it can bring many problems. it's like -- you know, it changes your mood. it changes your fertility. changes so many things and the sad thing is it can be checked with just a simple -- >> it took me months and months and months. >> all it takes is a blood test. not like you have to go through a colonoscopy or something horrible. >> and it's life-saving. >> and can fix it very easy taking the right amount of medication, being very serious with it. i mean, i had cancer ten years ago so because they took my thyroid out i need medication.
8:32 am
and, you know, i figured out i mean i hear so many people saying they have so many problems with their thyroid. i've never had a problem because i've been very -- i've taken control of it. i've been always very serious with it. i take my medication. i check my blood every three to six months. i mean -- >> it's about seeing your doctor and being aware. very important advice. >> exactly. like not playing -- just be proactive about it. be smart and do something. >> let's talk about what i think a lot are thinking, wait, is she a blond? and that's your natural hair color. >> yeah. mrondzer than this. >> you are? >> we have proof of it. there you are. blond locks. why did you ever go dark? >> well, i did it when i started working in hollywood because, you know, with this accent and the body and -- >> service so va-va-voom. >> what's wrong with her? is she latin? she has the blond hair?
8:33 am
the moment i dyed my hair i was able to start getting jobs but i think now that everybody knows me that i'm latin i can maybe -- and i wanted to change -- i just finished a movie in jason -- >> exciting. >> and wanted to have a little bit of a different look for the movie. >> i like it. you're busy, but it's interesting because you did make some more headlines talking about how you might want another baby. you were talking about freezing your eggs, there's been rumors circulating that you have a surrogate. where do we stand on that? >> well, you know, i'm 40 years old. nothing happens that naturally anymore. >> i'm 42. i know. >> yes. we wanted to plan ahead. my boyfriend is three years younger than me and never had a son. i had my son manolo so it's not that -- it's not like an emergency for me to have another kid but for nick, yeah, because he's never had a baby so i wanted to make sure i already
8:34 am
froze some eggs so, you know, i wanted to take advantage of science, why not? >> how far along are you? in the process. >> i took them out already. they're in the refrigerator. >> oh, that's hilarious. >> i hope they'll be fresh by the time i use them. >> any closer to setting a date on marriage. >> no, i don't know yet because i've been working. he's been working. we're trying to do other things like we're trying to buy a house first. i just -- you know, did a huge party for my birthday so we're trying to figure out when. i think maybe next summer. >> all right. >> next summer, that would be fun and maybe a baby and a marriage all in one year. >> maybe. we'll see. you know, we don't want to plan too much because it's difficult and you want to be excited and then doesn't happen so we'll just wait and see what happens. >> it's an exciting life and "modern family" airing at 9:00 p.m. thanks for stopping by. love the new hair color. >> gracias.
8:35 am
>> hey, sam, she's joining us in the world of blonds. >> she is gorgeously, gorgeously blond, amy. talk about gorgeous, look at this crowd. some boston folks hanging out with us and, josh, who did you find in the crowd? >> how are you, clair. >> good. >> is that your mom over there? >> hi. wave, wave. did they drag you out of bed to bring you down here? >> no. >> you wanted to come. >> yes. >> you wanted to see sam champion. well, there he is, clair. there he is. >> we'll give a little weather map for you. to the boards. one or two things we want to share. twitter and facebook pictures coming in. ft. wayne, indiana, a little cincinnati, good morning, cincinnati with hailstones on the ground and in come the storms and some will be tough all the way through the middle of the country highlighting central oklahoma, look a little bit of north texas, a little bit of kansas, as well involved in this. this is where the hail will fall today. a lot of lightning and possibly even one or two tornadoes there. so take a look at that. the snow a little bit north of that and that's the weather around the nation.
8:36 am
>> all that weather watt brought to you by -- >> jcpenney's. >> good job. >> great to see you. >> nice for you to be here, my friend. welcome back. >> susan sarandon coming up on the big program. so hang with us. emeril is here. emeril is here!
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
big splash of a cast as a divorced couple. pretend they are still married at their son's wedding. she plays the girlfriend. take a look. >> pretend to be married for the weekend. what's the big deal? >> where would you like me to start? there's this one little part i'm stuck on. those two are still married then what does that make me? >> my concubine. >> this is going to go great. >> susan sarandon right here. >> wrong answer. >> you got to tell us about your guests. >> this is penny and they were very upset they didn't play the
8:40 am
dogs in the movie. two dogs who were very heavy breathers in the movie. >> we just heard it right there. >> you're upset, respect you? >> beebe loves pugs. >> paintings everywhere. >> which one is the actress? >> this one because this one is a bit of a substance abuser and so she'll eat -- if there's a pocketbook that has cigarettes, pills, nicorette, matches, she'll eat it. i'm sorry to talk about you but -- >> she wanted emeril's peanut butter. >> penny is much calmer. >> last time you were here for "arbitrage" you played a long suffering wife and you said you wanted to play a mistress. was it more fun. >> it's a really fun movie. just kind of one funny thing after another that happens. >> still not about the pugs. >> we had a good time. i never worked with de niro. i've of course run into him and
8:41 am
diane. >> you hadn't worked with de niro. >> they allow only one woman per film usually and maybe one is old and one is young and they hate each other automatically because of that. so we don't see each other very often. and katherine heigl and worked again with topher. >> robert redford was here for his movie "the company you keep" and play a former '60s radical who turns herself in. >> it's about becoming a movie star. yeah, it was -- redford is an old friend. we hadn't worked together since i was a baby. when we filmed it it was actually during the hour of spring so it was a very interesting thing to revisit -- i had forgotten what started everything, you know, what atmosphere, the context in which all this happened and the dilemma that these people saw but like i added with shia,
8:42 am
anything you would risk your life for? we forget how lucky we are. >> in the midst of these tragedies looking at the boston children's chorus and watching those bombings in boston hits home for all of us, new york, especially those here on 9/11. you were downtown that day. >> i was downtown and have to say, boston, our hearts are with you and thank the first responders who have been so amazing, but for new york, it was such a beautiful moment afterwards because what it does is it renews people from the tracks they're on and everyone comes together and starts actually seeing each other and helping each other and so in a way it was a unifying blessing for new yorkers, became real new yorkers after that so i hope the same thing happens in boston where people see how really much we have in common and not our differences but how we can reach out to each other. >> a lot of heads nodding. >> a lot of nodding heads. >> susan sarandon, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> "the big wedding" opens on april 26th in theaters then.
8:43 am
coming up, emeril has a twist on english muffins. we just tried them. they are fantastic.
8:44 am
8:45 am
one question, one of our favorite events, emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed. that's when you and a big army take over a town and one unsuspecting deserving mother and serve her the breakfast of her dreams. it is phenomenal. we look forward to it each and every year. >> takes an army to get it ready, by the way. while emeril is getting ready for that occasion there are one or two things you can their with your family that is a definite treat and emeril is going to show us one of those. >> let's cook. >> this is really simple. getting back to breakfast in bed. we've had literally thousands of entries. it's going to be very difficult. let me take these out first
8:46 am
because they're getting a little dark here. >> they smell good. >> you know, grilled cheese only we swap an english muffin on there and swap peanut butter and banana. >> take peanut better. use any kind of almond butter or whatever. >> kids at home can make for mom. >> simple a, b, c recipes. >> great for the kids. we do a little peanut butter and what we'll do is take sliced bananas. >> ah, yes. >> ah, yes. >> sort of do that and make a little sandwich. what we'll do now is take a little honey. >> honey! >> i will say i was a peanut butter and honey -- >> me too. >> now what we do is brush this with butter and then actually it goes in the pan. >> can you use a panini press? what about those -- >> that i got from you.
8:47 am
>> again, we -- okay. >> it's a blender. >> bigger kitchen. >> not cold enough out here so this is frozen yogurt. >> we told amy it was warm outside. we kind of like -- >> yeah. >> you have a jacket. >> a little orange juice. >> yep. >> again -- you can use whatever you want. whatever you like. >> whatever fruit you like. >> the honey, a great natural sweetener. underrated. >> and use some strawberries. >> yes. >> make a little smoothie for mom. >> a little smoothie for mom. >> never mind. thank goodness you're operating that because we've all seen what could happen when josh takes over a blender. >> wait. who wants -- >> wait, wait, wait. >> not me. >> get away from the blender. >> so let's just -- >> all right, so --
8:48 am
>> give us any lessons. >> emeril, you mention it. thousands of entries. >> yes. >> do you love this as much as we do? >> i absolutely love this and i can't wait to surprise one of the moms out there. i can't wait. it's not too late. >> it's not, no, no, listen, get these recipes and a bunch of treats from his breakfast in bed dishes. log on on yahoo! not too late. enter your mom. >> big, big, big. >> emeril will sneak into your town and serve her breakfast, friday, may 10th. emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed brought to you by thomas' shall the original
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8:51 am
our thanks to emeril for an excellent breakfast. big day tomorrow, jennifer aniston, zac efron. big deals and steals as well. >> the boston's children's choir. they are singing "in the name of love." ♪ in the name of love one comes and goes ♪ ♪ one is justified one man
8:52 am
overflows in the name of love ♪ ♪ what more in the name of love ♪ ♪ in the name of love ♪ what more in the name of love ♪ ♪ in the name of love ♪ love love love ♪ ♪ early on april the message ♪ say good night ♪ in the name of love ♪ what more in the name of love ♪
8:53 am
♪ in the name of love ♪ what more in the name of love ♪ ♪ in the name of love ♪ what more in the name of love ♪ ♪ in the name of love what more in the name of love ♪ ♪ for all of us oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
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>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. it is opening day at brand new exploritorium on the water front. the any location is at fir 15 directly across from our abc7 news building. it opened to the public at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 11:00 tonight. abc7 news is the official tv
8:57 am
partner of the exploritorium. >> look like a sunny day to visit. when it ons it will be 58. and 65 at 10:00. this evening, dress if temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's. warmer this weekend. leyla gulen? >> muni takes the line to the exploritorium. we have a gas main break in san mateo southbound and nobody. shut down define announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from comedy "how to live with your parents the rest of your life," brad garrett. and a performance from singer, songwriter nick lachey. plus, "royal pains" star mark feuerstein takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on the emmy . ard-winning "live"
8:58 am
now, here are kelly ripa and mark feuerstein! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi! mark: i love it. i love it. i'm just going to do this the whole show. let's go. [cheers and applause] yay! kelly: it is wednesday, april 17, 2013, filling in for michael today is our good friend, mark feuerstein. mark: hello! [cheers and applause] hello! you have the best crowd. kelly: no, i'm telling you, they love you. they absolutely -- everybody loves you that knows you, i have to say. mark: thank you. well, i love everybody. that works out well. i love everybody. i love you. i love you. [applause] i love being here. kelly: well, you are certainly -- you are such a breath of
8:59 am
fresh air for us the past couple of days, we've been surrounded by the horrors that have happened in boston, and so today, of course, the news continues to unfold. more information is coming out that there were pressure cookers that have been made into these homemade bombs of shrapnel and nails and ball bearings inside. mark: it's so sad and my heart just goes out to all those families. kelly: oh, my gosh, you can do nothing but pray for them. that's all you can do. mark: i know. and that children are -- it's just -- it's so terrible. kelly: yeah. really is. mark: but the fact is they hit us at a place where people are -- at the worst kind of place where people are working out and taking responsibility for their own fitness and i think everybody should go out and work out today and jog in a park and let it fly in the face of those weak cowardly terrorists. [applause] you know?


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