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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 9, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the attack which happened over the weekend. the search is now on for a suspect. the police say the sexual assault happened in the dorm room of a female student living in one of the resident halls on the west side of campus. police say the victim and the suspect met 50 campus on friday and returned here. she was attacked early saturday teen 3:00 and 7:00 a.m. police are looking for a white male about 21, 6' 1" with a medium build. he has brown hair and blue years. officials were notified about the attack on monday and took quick action warning students about what happened. if you have any information scale the police right away. we are live on the campus for abc7 news. >> 6:03. san francisco police chief will hold a townhall meeting in the mission district this afternoon to discuss the weekend shooting
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of a suspect outside a nightclub. an argument broke out between two groups of people in front of the elbow room at 17th on sunday morning. when a person pulled out a gun people ran to the police station to alert the officers and police shot two suspects who suffered life-threatening injuries. the gun was later determined to be an air-powered weapon. we posted days on the townhall meeting at abc7 news. >> new details now on the shooting death of a former oakland tribune photographer killed over the weekend. we have learned the funeral for the man will take place on saturday. the 54-year-old was shot while driving home from the gym on friday night outside a gas station at seminary avenue. investigators say another man who was the intended target was critically wounded. the funeral is set for saturday at noon at the address of 5800
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international boulevard in oakland. >> new details now on the passing of former british prime minister margaret thatcher. her funeral will take place on wednesday. she passed away yesterday at able 87 after suffering a stroke. her funeral will take place at st. paul's cathedral in london but it will not be a state funeral rather a full ceremonial funeral with military honors. state funerals are reserved for monarchs. >> in washington, dc families of the sandy hook elementary school tragedy are making up to make a personal plea to congress about gun control. katie marzullo? >> so far, pro-gun control lawmakers are not able to persuade the other side. president obama is bringing in relatives of the sandy hook elementary school shooting in washington, dc, arriving from cut last night on air force one, special guests of president
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obama. they will personally ask congress to pass new laws aimed at curbing gun violence. on the table are stricter background checks and a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. the full court resolution began last night at the university of hartford with speeches by the mother of a sandy hook elementary school victim and president obama moved some people to tears. >> do something before our tragedy becomes your tragedy. >> we have to tell congress it is time to require a background check for anyone who wants to buy a gun so people who are dangerous to themselves and others cannot get their hands on a gun. >> advocates for gun owners say the president is playing politics. a dozen senate republicans are vowing to block any laws that curb access to guns for law-abiding citizens. >> vice president biden and attorney general holder will also deliver remark ed today and scale on congress to pass common sense measures to reduce
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gun violence. >> governor brown is on the way to china today for a trade mission to bring new business to the golden state and the lt. governor is acting governor while brown is away. his office tells the sacramento bee it is business as usual while brown is in china. the former san francisco mayor's schedule included a speech in san diego and an appearance at the state democratic party convention in cement -- sacramento and will announce something on online education. >> bart is back on schedule after a switching problem delayed part of the monday evening commute. the problem started after 3:30 yesterday afternoon when a bad switch was reported on a track in the area. a electrical malfunction followed causing major delays which stretched until almost midnight. again, bart says everything is back to normal this morning.
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>> in san jose tonight the city council is set to approve an $82 million airport addition. the facility would serve as private and corporate jets and be built in a packing lot on the west side of the airport. the city has signature flight support and blue city holdings which has a growing fleet of private jets but before taking a final vote, the counsel must can be a bid that was disqualified by the city staff saying it would raise airport safety concerns. >> new this morning palo alto is requiring private, commercial, and residential developers do contribute to public art projects for the city. the council patted the plan at a meet the lag feist called percent for art requiring developers to earmark 1 percent of a project costs for public art, acceptors have the option of either commissiononing art work on site or pay money to the city's public arts commission. faith based and affordable housing projects are exempt and
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the mayor supports the plan saying great cities have great art. >> san francisco may become the first city in the nation to limit the number of tobacco retameers. the idea comes from a nonprofit youth group that spent years working on the idea. right now, there are a thousand stores selling tobacco products in city limits, and the san francisco youth leadership institute called for control, where the retailers are located. after four years of research they conclude that cigarettes are much more available in low-income communities. >> it is not fair. that is not just. we want to create a fair even playing field, and even amount of tobacco permits across the city of san francisco. >> the group is not proposing taking away permits but wants to limit the new number of permits issued. retailers in low onincome neighborhoods worry about city-imposed restrictions. >> we have break news. there is an earthquake in the past hour that we have been
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tracking and it was pretty large at 6.3 magnitude and three people at least have been killed in the earthquake in social iran. >> it is reported not to be far from the nuclear power plant that is used for private electrical generating purposes. we will have more as it becomes visible. three people are dead and a report five after shocks following this 6.3 magnitude earthquake. >> we are also checking the weather and this morning, you will notice sits calmer. >> absolutely but the wins pick up as we start to get near sunrise around the 30-miles-per-hour gust range in fairfield and napa and 24 at point reyes and 12 in oakland and 11 in san jose and 19 at sfo. as we head to fairfield at 29, 25 miles per hour in oakland and hanging around 25 to 30 miles per hour range.
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gusts 10 to 25 through 3:00 and over the ocean it is up to 30 and 35 and through the evening and overnight, you can see the teens and the 20's coming back overland and over the ocean so it will be another quiet morning tomorrow compared to this afternoon. we will hit temperatures in the 70's just about everywhere but for along the coast and in san francisco and downtown san francisco where we will be in the mid-to-upper 60's. enjoy the warmth and the sunshine. how about the commute? leyla gulen? >> the commute is treacherous in brentwood with a serious accident involving a head on collision and this is in brentwood a head on collision, a car is on the side and someone is trapped. as we take you to our app we are tracking our drive through brentwood and some folks are seeing a major accident but they say it is not causing heavy delays. if you make the drive in the north bound or southbound
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direction be aware this crash is there and it could cause problems in a little bit. metering lights are on if you are going out of oakland to san francisco you will be met with quite a bit of traffic out there. >> 48 months, 60 months, how about 72 months with a new trend in paying auto loans and how it is get are more customers inside the show rooms. >> plunging stock price forced jc penney to fire the c.e.o. who says the company got it wrong. louisville is celebrating the championship this morning, the unrest that followed last night's big ñ9ñíñybit
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:14. new this morning in health news, a just-released study finds people younger than 65 are twice as likely to skip medication than older americans. researchers with the centers for disease control say 13 percent of younger americans skipped taking meds as prescribed in order to save money. this compares to 6 percent of those over 65 and one in five in both age groups asked doctors for generic drugs in order to
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trim costs. >> jc penney is facing criticism hours after out of thing the c.e.o. in a boardroom shakeup. the struggling retailer fired ron johnson, a former executive from apple. this is video of johnson ringing the opening bell last april at the new york stock exchange. he was fired after the shares lost half the valley during his time at c.e.o. the man now said to replace johnson is the retailer's former c.e.o. with analysts saying he is responsible for the problems johnson was hired to fix. >> a new trend in the banking industry is driving up car sales. lenders have begun offers loaning of six years and more to pay off the car with competition leading banks do offer the lengthy terms to attract customers. experts say banks are more willing to offer longer terms because delinquency rates on loans are near record lows.
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>> the cardinals are celebrating the national champions of college basketball. louisville trailed the wolverines by 12 in the first half and they came back to win last night 82-76. hancock led with 22 points and louisville captured the first ncaa crown since 1986. injured guard kevin ware was on hand to mark the victory by cutting down the net. petrino is the first coach to win at two different schools and he agreed to let the players get a tattoo if they won. >> the university of michigan loss in the ncaa championship game inspired fans to start small fires. new video in the abc7 news newsroom shows ann arbor with disappointed fans taking to the streets and setting small items on fire including a box spring, a deck, and a couple. firefighters responded to at least seven fires but only two people were arrested.
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>> not good. not good. >> what about sportsmanship. >> there is always next year. that team is young. three freshmen and a couple of sophmores, they will be around. >> for the rest of the day, we have live doppler 7 hd at 6:17 showing seven days of dry weather. in san jose, as we look at 87 near h.p. pavilion it is 49 degrees in san jose. a cooler sport around the bay and walnut creek is cooler inland at 44 and low-to-mid 40's for mill valley and palo alto and san francisco. from mount tamalpais this morning, back toward the east bay it is a beautiful sunrise and santa rosa is 41 and napa is 47 and 53 or 54 or 55 degrees for fair filed, and livermore and union city and los gatos. some areas are sheltered from
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the breeze and cooler this morning in areas with the breeze temperatures are mild. it will be bright and breezy but not windy like yesterday. i am still pegging the warmest day to be tomorrow where we will threaten a record and it will be mild and dry through the weekend. you can see how beautiful it looks, and we are not seeing so many white caps on the bay waters right now. temperatures are running from four degrees warmer in oakland compared to 24 hours ago to ten in san jose and 12 in fremont and most of us are in the 70's today away from san francisco and the coast. we are seeing the pressure grade relax as the low moves away and the highs start to come in and take over. the high also is bringing warmer weather with it today and tomorrow. and mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay and san jose at 76 and the peninsula low-to-mid 70's and millbrae is a breeze at 69 and low-to-mid 60's along the coast with sunset at 65, and
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hopefully, no more blowing sand and upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at mid-60's and the same for the beaches. 74 in oakland and hercules and union city are the warmer spots and fremont is at 76. mid-to-upper 70's throughout the east bay valley with concord and pittsburg at 77. tonight the temperatures are cooler than this morning at mid-40's to low 50's with a breeze again. tomorrow, the breeze will blow from land to sea and that is why it will be so much warmer, mid-80's inland and upper 70's around the bay and mid-60's at the coast and temperatures are above average and the weather stays dry thursday through monday. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> checking a serious accident in brentwood and this popped up in fremont along southbound 680 at washington boulevard, eight cars got flat tires so debris out on the roads everything has been pushed to the shoulder. that is causing just a little bit of backup. the yellow is on the map making
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the drive in the southbound direction, and northbound is looking clear. at brentwood we had head on crash and this is being at this area here. some folks have come up on the crash, and it is not showing a backup. again, it is a serious accident involving an overturned vehicle and a head on crash and one person is currently trapped. we will wax this all morning. in san mateo quickly along the bridge if you are coming out of hayward and to foster city traffic is smoothly out there. >> we will check back with you in a few minutes. >> spring wildfire is keeping firefighters busy in southern california and ahead in the next half hour an update on the evacuations, the damage and the continuing firefighter. >> first, though, snack on this, we go on a taste
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>> crackers have come a long way since saltines with new flavors and healthy versions. >> how do the different varieties taste? we partnered with "consumer reports" to check it out. >> the cracker aisles sos
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competition heating up with lower facility and snow brand twins and newer flavors. consumer reports can tell you which are worth trying. >> if you served crackers lately they have come a long way. >> if you choose right there are new choices that are healthy and tasty. >> experts at "security -- "consumer reports" found some that sounded healthy may not be. multigrain and the original multigrain scored just "fair" for nutrition and have no fiber at all. >> healthy cracker does not have to taste like saw bust. >> three tasted very good with better nutrition. best was original seven grain k ash i scoring better for nutrition and the panel found they were tasty with a crunch.
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>> the two other tasty crackers offer good nutrition, and the original multiseed is gluten free rice cracker with a little crunch. >> and jingo lime and sweet chili packs the eat. ritz, the less expensive store brands held their own for taste. >> they tasted almost the same. >> the exception was whole food wheat squares they could not pass for wheat thins. >> consumer report says do not hesitate to try reduce fat versions of ritz or wheat thins that taste similar to the full fat siblings. >> the bay area's largest city
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is fighting a war on graffiti. ahead at 6:30 one battle san jose is winning and where the city is still falling behind. >> high school student tested positive for tuberculosis and we will hear how school district officials are reacting to the news. >> it is breezy but near record temperatures on wednesday. then a cooling trend. >> from the traffic center we are trafficking a sig-alert in the brentwood area and the bay bridge tolls have the metering lights on. we will
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. 6:30 on this tuesday. looking across the bay at oakland from the sutro tower camera looking at a clear, gorgeous, and much more still quiet morning for us. boy, it will be a gorgeous day,
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right? >> yes. the camera year was bouncing around like american bandstand. >> good analogy. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. mike has the forecast. >> dick clark is smiling. that was great. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry this morning and breezy. not dangerous winds of yesterday. the fastest gusts are 20 miles per hour in novato and half moon bay and fairfield and livermore and the rest of us are at 15 and down to around den in oakland. those are gusts that could change at any time. sunny start around the bay and 54 and upper 60's at noon and mid-70's and breezy conditions in the afternoon. inland we are starting in the 40's and 50's and near 70 by noon and in the mid 70's by 4:00 but a calm and mild evening around 70 and cool at the coast. this is where the fast wind is at 48 and hanging around 60 for the boater part of the afternoon and a coat this evening at 55.
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>> sig-alert in brentwood is slowing traffic down taking you to marsh creek road a head on collision with one party still trapped and a car is on its side^. we will look at our app and we are seeing a very special abc7 news wazers tracking this for us and it is looking busy and traffic is diverting. you can use the alternate at walnut boulevard. >> in the east bay hundreds of high school students in antioch will be tested for tuberculosis after a classmate came down with the highly contagious infection. our news reporter joins us live from district headquarters with more on this health scare. amy? >> district officials decided to test 200 deer valley while
6:30 am
students, health workers are on campus on thursday to do blood work on 200 kids all of woman either had class or extracurricular activists with the student who tested positive. that student is now okay and is back in class. health officials say it is no longer infectious but it can take these months or more for an infection to develop into the disease. health officials are still on alert. symptoms of tuberculosis include coughing for more than three weeks, fever, night sweats and weight loss. this is the first time they have done blood tests on a campus in contra costa county since 2009 when a student in antioch, at amount job high school, tested positive for tuberculosis. they say this is unusual and they are taking it seriously. >> this morning, police are looking for a man who sexually assault add student at her
6:31 am
apartment on the university campus. school officials are sending out a crime alert to students warning them about the attack. the victim and the suspect met off campus late friday. she was attacked early saturday between 3:00 and 7:00 in the morning and campus officials were alerted to the attack yesterday. police are looking for a white male at 21 years of able and 6' 1" with medium build brown hail and -- hair and blue eyes. >> a wildfire is burning and firefighters have the upper hand containing 80 percent of a blaze burning in ventura county. the fire has burned 170 acres an hour north of los angeles. evacuation ordered forced 200 people from their homes and was lifted after midnight. yesterday afternoon the power lines came down and strong winds. the fire damaged several homes. back in the bay area, fishermen are urged to take precaution
6:32 am
because of winds creating waves along the coast. parts of the great highway remain closed as leyla gulen has been reporting after gusts of up to 75 miles per hour dumped sand on the roadway yesterday. 15 to 18' seas forced the movie experienced fishermen to keep the boats tied up the first time they have had to do this in five years. salmon fishermen are losing on business. >> a search is underway for a 76-year-old with early signs of alzheimer's disease. lopez has been missing since sunday leaving a friend's house in east san jose to go for a walk but didn't come back. he was wearing khaki pants and a green jacket. relatives say he walks with a limp and likes to visit our lady of guadalupe church on east san antonio. >> the san jose city council will get an update on the war on graffiti from a company hired to clean it up.
6:33 am
according to the "san jose mercury news" the 96 percent of graffiti reported is cleaned up in 48 hours. but tagers have taken to freeways and railways where it is more visible and harder to clean and the city and contractors do not have the authority to clean up the private railroads. >> we will find out why the steel rods on the new span of the bay bridge broke. caltran will deliver answers to the transportation commission. two uc berkeley metal experts and a private consultant said the bolt failure could have been prevented with questions of whether testing protocols for quality criminal were followed after nearly three dozen steel rods snapped. >> the city of santa clara is considering building a hub of housing entertainment and retail shops next to the planned 49ers stadium considering a bid to put up $200,000 to study
6:34 am
building options at the site paving over city-owned land and great america parkway which is occupied by a golf course and bicycle track. the developers says the plan has the support of the 49ers and joe montana who will build a hotel and sports bar. >> be careful how you read the hashtags with some twitter users believing a popular sing are died. >> if you have tried to get a cab in san francisco you know how difficult and frustrating it is. what it will take to fix the city's taxi trouble. >> a look outside right now, san francisco and embarcardero, beautiful, the flag showing it is still windy out there. we have traffic and weather out there and leyla gulen is tracking the
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>> we are back at 6:40 and the forecast for at&t park it will be breezy but the normal breeze you expect not the aggressive one. first pitch is 62 and dropping down to 54 degrees. it is dry across the entire
6:38 am
state. still going to be breezy but mild and mid-70's through the central valley. 50 at tahoe and mid-60's for yosemite and monterey and upper 60's around san diego where we will fine the rough surf. 74 in los angeles and 81 in palm springs. leyla gulen? >> in fremont we were reporting this earlier this morning about eight cars pulled over because of flat tires now that number has jumped do 20 at southbound 680 at mission boulevard. look at the slowing. you start at top speed and come to a grind halt at 15 miles per hour to mission and washington boulevard. in brentwood there is a sig-alert with a head on crash. traffic is diverted off and you can take walnut boulevard. on the waze app someone took a picture for us and she wants to show you that we have fire
6:39 am
trucks on the scene. emergency crews have arrived and hopefully we can get this cleaned up. kristen and eric? >> leyla gulen, thank you. perhaps you have experienced it but new there is confirmation that san francisco has a taxi short average. today in san francisco, a consulting form report commission by the transportation agency concluded that the city will be better served by adding about 700 more cabs on top of the 200 approved. operators say they are losing business to unregulated rideshare companies but at the international airport they are telling the rideshares to "hit the road" in regulations are put if place. >> ahead, the little known part of president obama's new health care law and the impact on mothers who breast feed. >> trading is underway on wall street, and the big board shows the dow is up slightly at 15 points. we will go to jane king at the
6:40 am
stock exchange. >> twitter hashtag that had
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 6:45, you know what time that is.
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>> checking with josh to find out what is coming up on "good morning america" in 15 minutes. long time no see. >> good morning, great to be with you. you know being a sports fan on the east coast is punishing because you stay up and watch a basketball game to the end it starts at 9:45 at night...congratulations to louisville cardinals but can we tip that earlier? how do they do it in i don't know. i have never been happier to be from california than watching sports. enough of that. we have a lot to get to people including the push if gun control from the president. yesterday making a major speech in connecticut now turning his eyes and parents of the new town victims' eyes to capitol hill and bringing families that suffered in the tragedy with him to capitol hill with an update on that this morning. also, it looked like osteen was
6:44 am
brandishing his christian faith with pranksters setting up fake websites and he took it in stride. an incredible story but, nevertheless, also, incredible, the fact that kevin ware was cheering his team open. just a week after the horrible, gruesome injury he suffered, his louisville cardinals got it done for him and for themselves and the entire city. the lady cardinals get a title of their own tonight. what a morning after in "dancing with the stars", very emotional from what i was told. i can only watch one thing at a time and i did go for the sports. that is coming up on "good morning america" and if you are looking for a reason, another reason to watch the show today or to not watch there show there could be footage of me walking in a kilt in a charity fashion
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show. that might have happen. maybe. >> that is what kept you up, wearing the kilt, not the basketball. >> it was the kilt. >> it wasn't just me kept up by that site, kristen, not something you want to see. >> the bravest man i know. you might think it would be nearly impossible to mistake eminem for margaret thatcher but that happened yesterday. there was some confusion over an unfortunate hashtag in lower case letters so rather than reading as now matcher is dead, and there is cher, it was mistaken, now that cher is dead, the same letter without the spacing and the hashtag was meant for britain's former prime minister who passed away yesterday. >> i have to start using capital letters right? >> ford is the maker of the best selling cards cards and breast g
6:46 am
could become more common with a new health care law. live to the new york stock exchange with more. jane? >> good morning, like patient consultants, the people who help new moms learn to breast feed and make sure the baby is eating okays they could make a big move in the mainstream, the medical professionals make sure the baby gets enough. the field is part of the affordable care act and the companies have toy pa. the ford focus was the best selling car not world last year more than a million focuses sold around the world beating outwrit according to data released by ford. this morning, a quiet but higher here and caucus so far this morning. the silicon valley index is trading up and the same story, a little bit higher. if you love chicken wings, prices are down 20 percent from
6:47 am
the record high before the super bowl. people are turning to cheaper snaps during march madness. that is how we look on wall street this morning. >> thanks, jane. >> not too many clouds, mike? >> very die air. we will have a run of dry days. no rain in the forecast. keep an eye on your plants and see if they neat -- need watering. the sun is up and it is original because it will be warmer today than it was yesterday. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry it is and we have beautiful shot of coit tower this morning. we are at veteran in san francisco, oakland and palo alto and mill valley are low-to-mid 50's. walnut creek at 44. san jose is at 49. this is 101 at san rafael and it is breezy but not so gusty or as dangerous as year.
6:48 am
santa rosa is 41 and napa is 47 and fairfield and union city and los gatos in the low-to-mid 50's. as we head into the afternoon it will be a bright and breezy day but it is not going to give us damaging winds. the warmest day is tomorrow and still above average and dry through the week. here is how it looks in the san ramon valley at walnut creek, temperatures today napa the same as the average of 70's and everyone else is five to heaven degrees warmer-than-average as we top out most of us in the 70's away the beach and san francisco. high pressure is taking over and that is relaxing the gradient between it and the low so the winds are fought so fast. you will notice them but they are not so aggressive. warmer today and tomorrow with the high pressure settling over the neighbor. mid-70's to upper 70's and low-to-mid 70's for the peninsula and cooler breeze in millbrae and 69 and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and daly city is 63 and upper 60's if
6:49 am
downtown and south san francisco and sauce haiti and mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley and he to mid-60's at the beaches and no blowing sand today. well start at 71 in richmond and berkeley and warm up to 76 in fremont along the east bay shore and mid-to-upper 70's in the east bay valley. the coolest temperatures are inland and low-to-mid 40's and the rest of us in the upper 40's 70's and 80's away from the coast and well stay in the 70's for the better part of the forecast where you are stuck in the 50's. have a great day. >> in fremont along southbound 680 we still have 20 cars pull over to the shoulder because of flat tires. that is at mission and washington boulevard causing a lot of slowing. we have this sig-alert head on collision sounds like injuries are involved and one car is on its side and to our waze app our traffic tracker is looking at
6:50 am
this scene with emergency crews arriving on the scene. can you always track your own traffic with the exclusive waz. app at the app store. >> more break news, a powerful earthquake hit southern iran this morning killing at least three people. the 6.3 earthquake hit before 5:00 our time near the kuwaiti border and near the only nuclear power plant. the state run tv says there are no problems with the plant. >> five things to know before you go. >> the m
6:51 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know. students at deer valley high school will be tested for tuberculosis on thursday after a student tested positive for the disease. the student came down with a lung infection in mid-january. the health officials will
6:52 am
resouthwest students this may because symptoms can take three months to appear. >> police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a student at her apartment on campus. officials sent out a crime alert to students. the victim and the system met off campus on friday and she was attacked early saturday. >> san francisco police chief will hold a townhall meeting in the mission district at 5:00 to discuss sunday morning's officer-involved shooting with reports of a man with a gun who shot two suspects and the gun was an air pistol. >> family members of newtown shooting victims are in washington, dc, arriving last night on air force one, president obama invited them so they could make personal pleas to congress to pass strict new gun control measures. >> today is national equal payday is day to bring attention to the wage gap between men and women in the workforce. women are sometime paid only 77 cents for every dollar a man is paid. >> final check on the accweather
6:53 am
forecast. mike? >> we looked at the camera from san rafael and you can see novato gusting to 20 miles per hour, the fastest breezes, and 23 at half moon bay and 25 in fairfield and the rest of us at 10- to 15-miles per hour but it will pick up, the preeds, -- breezes, stretching from 62 for the temperatures at the coast to 78 inland. you will need a coat at the coast and 55 and everyone else is in the upper 60's to low 70's. leyla gulen? >> we have good news in fremont with 20 cars with flat tires. the debris has been cleaned up. we are starting to see things picking up. in brentwood, a serious accident with a sig-alert, a head on crash, we did have injuries and emergency crews have arrived on the scene. >> thank you. the abc7 news continues in 25 minutes during "good morning
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america" with weather and traffic and news. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. 3 days of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy.
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♪ and it's beautiful good morning, america. breaking now, wild weather coast to coast. hurricane-force winds sending flash fires in the west. massive dust storms turning day to dark. temperatures dropping 50 degrees in 24 hours. sam has the up-to-the-minute mayhem. emotional journey.
6:58 am
president obama brings the newtown families to washington on air force one. a mother wiping away tears as they board ready to press for gun control, the president says it's time to push back. an elaborate hoax targeting one of america's most popular pastors. the video claimed he was abandoning his christian faith for good. what he says this morning about turning the other cheek. and -- >> louisville completes the emotional journey to the championship. >> what a game. louisville captured the national championship. now coach rick pitino had to make room for the tattoo he told his players he'd get if he won. >> good morning, america. ♪ and good morning, kevin ware and all the rest of america,
6:59 am
robin off, great to have elizabeth vargas off and look at all those louisville fans right there pouring into the streets last night. what a game, what a tournament. what a win. louisville's first ncaa title in a generation. >> overall, becoming the sent mental favorite, of course, with the struggles of kevin ware and a team that twice fought back from 12-point deficits in the final four to cut down the nets. what a team and what a run and what a story and coach. look at rick pitino. it is fair to say the man for 40 long unbelievable minutes last night, the cardinals get it done with the lady cardinals getting it done tonight. lots to get to. >> indeed, he is. >> first to the wild weather that's taking hold over so much of the country right now. sam is tracking it all. those fierce storms are causing havoc out west and tornado, blizzards today.


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