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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 18, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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bart wants to leave cars available for those that don't want to deal with bicycles. and with those restrictions one rider says that makes a huge i impact on her day. >> i work full time. i have to ride a bike to get to bart. >> does this make things more convenient? >> yes. it ask. a lot. a lot. very to spend 20 minutes walking. it's a seven minute bike ride. >> now, bart told us this is a test that is going to be closely watched by the public as well as officials they're going to be conducting a vair asking people what they think about the way bart is allowing the cars, live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> we'll see you later on. a supervisor wants to change a law giving antiabortion
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advocates freedoms to protest in front of health clinics. an ordinance says they must stay eight feet away. but a quirk let's them protest near the door as long as they stand still. >> the buffer would create space around the front door that a pro testor could not enter. >> they're not going to make us go away. we're here. here to support women. we'll be as close as we can. >> this would keep pro testors 25 feet from the entrance of clinicsline like planned parenthood. >> we have new information about a deadly race car crash over the weekend that killed two people. >> one of them is a teenager. 17-year-old chase jond ondriving a race car that
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slammed into his 14-year-old cousin marcus johnson and a man with him. wayne freedman is live tonight. everyone is just devastated. >> they are. the school is empty today. it's out for break but the people are devastated. the kmunlt is devastated. the news today from the family they have a feeling whatever went wrong that car had to do with this steering wheel. they think it came loose somehow or may have broken. let's deal withs deal with the community. >> a sign outside of the home asking for privacy. a memorial outside of the family business. and another all demonstrations of sympathy and grief for a family bonding through racing and now, suffering a gut wrenching loss because of it.
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>> they were a close, close family. i mean, skront a better family. it's hard, really hard. >> the grandmother smoke from the family must haveler shop. saturday night her grandson had been racing his sprint car, lost control at 90 miles per hour and plowed into the crowd, killing two people, including his 14-year-old cousin, marcus. >> he leaves his father's side goes to the bathroom. the car goes airborne. and the car crushes marcus. hard to believe. >> i can't imagine not having marcus around. i feel so bad for chai. chai.s -- chase. >> last night in santa rosa a memorial for young marcus. friends and families coming to
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grip was the loss. >> this is -- he would have loved this. knowing everyone cared about him. >> foremost it's an experience with a death of someone they knew. kids in early teens tend to feel immortal this, group now knows better. >> it's sad. but his cousin, he did nothing wrong he's going to have to think about this, and know what he did, nobody deserves that. nobody. >> and here you're looking at the memorial here some notes and candles. we did speak with some family members today outside of the house off camera. it's been hard for them. they say they have no plans yet at least no announced plans for a funeral or a memorial. they say they will keep us posted.
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>> i can't imagine, wayne, thank you so much. we're going to shift dweerz now we have encouraging news for the recession battered bay area economy. some good signs of recovery. there is some growth. exception is san jose. david louie joins to us explain. >> some are suffering from a case ever sagging supply and demand. the number of flights operating here as dropped for the past five years. down 3% just in the past year which led to a kor spending nearly 1% drop in passenger traffic. $1.3 billion went into building a terminal b modernizing terminal a.
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this gets high marks for appearance and convenience. >> it's clean, nice. fast. and i live in san francisco. and you can get back and north a cab. sometimes you get stuck in traffic. it's not faster. >> you can tell from a few shuttered restaurants that the expanded airport isn't operating anywhere close to capacity. eight million passengers flew and n.and out last year. a new common used lounge called the club is an example of the facilities built to draw more passengers. good news is that virgin america is coming to san jose in may. and al-nippon plans to resume tokyo flights. >> we have tremendous capacity here and we're well positioned for the future. we're seeing that airlines are
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recognizing we're a good fit. >> slugs might be to get airlines to think of airports as one, maybe put them under a management. that is what a leading group would like to see. >> we need to distribute carriers understand that there is business in san jose. in silicon valley after all. now we have a phenomenon. business customers bypassing their airports and going to san francisco. >> i like the airport here. i think it's efficientent. i'm happy. >> now despite dispatting numbers and passengers and flights, they're going head with a terminal because of this prediction there will be growth in jets operated by silicon valley companies. it will go before the city council early next month.
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thank you. officials want to spend a quarter million dollars to keep service to south san jose afloat. the line may just 145,000s ntdz first seven months of operation. the problem is that it costs more than $2 million a year to operate. officials want to attract more riders by adding more ferries. >> coming up here if you'd like to see kids reading more, thousands of books the state recommends you introduce your kids to. >> when getting maimo gram every other year is okay. new screening guide lines that may add to concern for women. >> spring just around the corner so. is rain. i'll have a time line.
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a study has new guidelines for women and mammograms on the heels of research suggesting that screening every two years instead of one in cases. abc 7 news is here with the latest on this new research. carolyn? >> this study was released by uc san francisco, and the group health research institute. they collected data on nearby one million american women that started back in 1994. as you said on the heels of a study done in 2009 that created quite a political fire storm for women who are wondering when should we get a mammogram.
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okay. thank you very much we'll have more later on. thank you. well a new bill could help insure renters get deposit returned when they move. senator mark leno introduced the bill today that forces landlords to pay higher penalties if a court determine that's they improperly withheld the deposit this, also requires landlords to pay interest on those deposits when returned. groups say a study show that's 60% of the tenants reported part of the security deposits had been improperly withheld. >> a new list of books education officials think school kids is out. the schools chief unveiled 7800 titles today. he says the books will help students broaden their perspective, enhance knowledge and inspire imaginations and says it contains title that's
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reflect rich cultural diversity. and if you would like to take a look just look on abc 7 and click on see it on tv. >> it's a great jumping off point. >> i'd like to read those book autos it's monday. we'll see what the forecast says. >> if it's changing our forecast. we're going to need umbrellas soon here. we'll show what you is coming up. check out our radar in santa cruz just some clouds around right now. moisture up in the clouds. and this will be changing. here is a look from our camera. looking towards san francisco, you can see high clouds overhead. temperatures now 56 in san francisco. highs in mid-50s upper 60s.
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a nice view of heavenly. snow levels high 7,000 feet if they do get snow it's going to be at path levels or above rain snow mix expected. and snow from three to six inches. napa now, 64 degrees, livermore, 67 degrees here is a look at what is coming up. cloudy skies. rain night into wechblts spring arriving wednesday morning at 4:02. you can see cloud cover that is just high clouds before the rain we'll see the rain moving in with the cold front. tonight at 7:00 p.m. there is a veil of high clouds. get a nice break at 5:00 a.m. we'll see the sun but then sun
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will fade and high clouds continue to move n first opportunity of rain at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. and then, rain will continue in two waves. that is the first wave. 5b8g a.m. wednesday cold front starts to move in and we see rain shifting so some light rainfall. wednesday night, rain totals quarter to half an inch. highest totals expected around north bay mountains. we've been dry. you've noticed haven't had a lot of rain. just under five and a half inches we need over six inches of rain to makeup how dry it s
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oakland just under 5.5 inches. so we're behind morning lows into 40s, some cloud cover. partly to mostly cloudy skies. it will be comfortable in terms of temperatures. highs for tuesday, clouz up to the north. san francisco, 62 degrees. 66 oakland. up to the north, clear lake, 64. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. you'll need umbrellas but certainly by wednesday, first day of spring it's going to be windy and warmer for thursday. more sunshine for weekend. and temperatures will be going uninto low to mid-70s inland. so will feel like spring.
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plus get video forecasts alerts and information on weather tweets from your favorite weather team rain or shine we're always here for you. >> yes. the entire team. >> thank you. >> and let's talk about the study dealing with mammograms and when women should have them. >> for years women have been told once they hit 50 get an annual mammogram. nen 2009 a federal task force created a huge controversy advising every other year. today's study concurs but goes further in its examination of women ages 50-74. dr. carla from uc san francisco was one of the lead researchers. >> our goal say are there women at higher risk that
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might benefit from screening every year? of the two risk factors we looked at, high breast densitty and hormone therapy it didn't in those women can be screened every two years. >> the research began in 1994. she says the data is clear there is no added benefit with annual screenings for women 50-74 but double the down side. >> interest is more harm, more false positives. >> needs to be every year. >> cheyenne was over 50 when dig nosed with breast cancer first in one breast then another. she believes it may keep women from being as aware. >> if i had not had access to have frequency as we have had, in terms of screening i don't know i can be here sharing
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with you today. >> this is a small group of 40-49-year-olds with dense breasts. the 40-49-year-old is an interesting group. tumors tend to grow more quickly. and if they have high densitty, you can't see the tumor as well. >> and the doctor says if they wait two years they're tumors are likely to be larger. it's your body. you should discuss guidelines with your doctor. >> dan? >> thank you. >> women wading through a lot of mixed mess qlaijtz comes to health screenings doctors used to recommend getting every year. the american cancer society recommends screening every year beginning age 40 so does
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the group breast there has been similar confusion about cervical cancer screening guide lines but u.s. preventative services task force recommends pap tests every three years ging age 21. this is a lot of information to digest. we have recommendations on abc 7 >> stay with us. still to come concessions santa clara is willing to give up to bring a super bowl to new niners stayed skbrim a show so bad customers demanded refunds there on the spot. at 6:00 money finally coming their way but
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jonathan bloom has been riding bart to see how the return rush hour is going with bike as loud on board. let's check back in via cell 7 technology to see hout commute is going. where are you now? >> you know the folks here in oakland are pretty good spirited about it. the folks with the bicycles pretty much stayed to the least crowded cars. a couple folks had been
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holding bicycles. and some sent sed they'd be bringing their bicycles tomorrow you can bring bikes on any cars except the first three and you can answer a vur vai online to tell bart what you think about the idea. >> thank you so much. the city plans to meet the nfl financial demands in hopes to lure the super bowl to the bay area. santa clara has agreed to give up millions in revenues including waving a 10% charge for tickets. this could total $6 million ask a 35 cent surcharge. the city agreed to get rid of a 9.5 totel tax for teams and officials.
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the city expects to make money back.
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coming up at 6:00 the first funds to build california high speed rail are proved how close the project is to getting started and the steigerwaldering amount of interest you'll be paying on
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it. also fighting cancer. a device local doctors are using to make sure cells are gone, for good. >> a south bay man taking a trip to the laundromat came away with $333,000 that. was a winning jackpot sunday in the fantasy 5 drawing. >> he fwheent this liquor store out doing laundry. wow he plans to use that money to put a down payment on a home. >> i feel lucky finding 5s ndz jeans. but that is lucky. >> that is going to do it for us. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching.
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this is "world news." tonight, breaking news. tragedy averted. a college student with homemade bombs and hundreds of bullets allegedly on the verge of attack. and we tell you how his roommate may have saved the campus. pierre thomas standing by. false positive. a new warning tonight about breast cancer screenings. how you could have surgery for cancer, only to learn the screening was wrong. tailspin. what makes a small plane go from this to this? 11 small planes crash over the weekend. neighborhood homes a crash zone. and, bible boom. millions of americans watched the new tv series. so, can you guess which big stars are lining up for the movies playing noah, moses, pontius pilate?
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good evening. we begin tonight with breaking news. a disaster averted. a student had explosives and guns in his room at the university of central florida and police say he was on the verge of an attack. but he was foiled at the last minute by his roommate. how? abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas on how a nightmare was thwarted. >> reporter: this morning, hundreds of students at the university of central florida evacuated as word broke of a gunman on campus. >> the cops had guns and were telling everyone to run. >> we noticed something was wrong because we saw policeman with a big rifle and everything. >> reporter: it turns out, the students may have narrowly escaped a massacre. >> it could have been a very bad day. >> reporter: police believe that james oliver seevakumaran was plotting to kill his fellow students today and may have pulled a fire alarm to force them into the open, setting them up for slaughter. but the suspect's roommate saw him with a g


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