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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 14, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> vic, thank you. another man working in a position of trust rn faces charges tonight. police arrested this man. nathan at the school where he teaches in seaside near monterey. a search of the home in east san jose turned up a thousand video clips and children who appear to be from 5 to 9 years old. >> the way sit right now, there are so many suspects out there that are sharing child important yog graphy. we have to pick the worse of the worse. >> the school district notified parents about at rest. he worked from 2008 until just weeks ago. the district is asking parents to speak with their children to make sure none of them had improper contact with him. >> we're learning about how a registered sex offender ended up on a school bus with high
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school students. a parent who uses a wheel skmair her friend got a ride home from andrew hill high at deanza college. the friend turned out to be a registered sex offender. >> the policies are set up so this doesn't hachl i understand the situation our staff showed for this volunteer who is wheelchair bound but the parent was not scheduled to be on the trip. >> accord tg police the man did not commit a crime. >> a former congressman is joining surfers in a legal light to gain access to a private cove south of half moon bay. a billionaire says it's his right to keep outsiders off the only access road now that he owns the land surrounding it.
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>> this is a road to the beach. this road has been open until that billionaire bought exit put thaup gate. this morning he he called at tempt to close the beat an outrage. >> it's illegal as hell, part onme. you can't put a gate on a public beach in california. the people of california have had the right to go down to the beach since god knows when. >> so this morning they walked down the closed road past guards and deputies to the spot as he came to as a college stud yeent we had beer kegs right there. >> it's also possible that he, since blocking it off, each day violation could be $15,000
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a day. the court could sock him with a lot of money. >> the property owner reported to be a owner with a lot of money, co-founder of sun micro systems. an attorney wrote in a statement to abc 7 that under us us and california constitution public access requires an easement based on nextus to a development application. neither is the case here. mark mcclusski is working to restore public access. >> you're looking at former public he rest rooms and snack bar, restaurant this was a public parking area. >> saying former owners ran a family business at this beach. >> that is my mom and dad here years ago. >> i like to bring grandkids down here. there are a lot of beaches here but this is a special beach. >> houses belong to people who
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built on land lease frtd previous owner. most of them are vacation places. and one homeowner says they're united in favor of locking the gate. >> too many people with kids running all over the place, dogs running all over the place. boom boxes going. we paid big price to be here. and if they want to be here, they can buy here. >> now, very heard that not every residents believes as she does but in october five surfers were arrested here for crossing that gate. the judge threw the case out. sheriff deputies told me nobody is going get arrested for walking down this road to the beach. >> at san francisco city hall a rally continues on city
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college. the college faces a deadline tomorrow, and could lose it's acred daigs if it fails to meet it. wayne freedman is live tonight with the story. wayne? >> that rally ended just seconds ago. less than a minute. a laurj crowd gathered. they're upset with how the university has been trying to deal with this accreditation report. administration feels confident bit. but changes at city college of san francisco have angered students and staff. they're theer let the mayor and city officials hear, and see them. by the time the students and staff arrived outside san francisco city hall and mayor ed le's office they had marched, shouted, they had pleaded to the city and administration for a voice. >> they shut out voice from students, from staff.
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they have just pushed through. >> since jult administration has struggled to appease a panel threatening for accreditation. they say they're confident. >> more financial accountability. a closer look at how we're managing our facilities. >> the cost come in class sizes and services. instead of college put money into a fund leaving the staff and students suspicious of a hidden agenda. >> they say there are no enough funds for education. there are major force that's want to push them into private education and online. >> they're just not going to school. >> so two sides with one goal and a major disagreement.
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>> part of the process unwinding many, many years of behaviors. it couldn't ab forded anymore. >> the state is public education and the communities that are being shut out. it's about equity. >> and now about ending this demonstration. students and staff are so suspicious they believe this requirement were political. they say the quality of education has never been an issue. why middle witness now? they want to know. >> wayne, thank you. >> still ahead here tonight at 6:00 a new plan to strike a balance between the environment and our growing thrift for water. will a 35-mile tunnel do the trick? >> a new chapter for bill and nadya lock year. the treasurer decides to give the marriage another go.
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>> i'm sandhya patel. high clouds, toastal fog in the forecast. rain also in the forecast. i'll show you, when coming up. >> thanks z no wedding cake for this couple. not today. they got married on pi day. stay with us.
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state water officials unveiled the first part of a $23 billion plan to balance the eco system with the need
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fr a stable water supply. includes a proposal to carry water to farmers and other thrifty users. abc 7 news is live in the delta tonight with more on this for us. laura? officials hope this plan is a huge step towards ending california's water wars but critics say it looks like there is another canal to them. >> this sntd about waging war but resolving critical resource conflicts in california. >> with that, the director released a draft of the first chapters of the conservation plan. >> our plan isn't without controversy. no plan of this magnitude could be. because of the efforts we've put in, this plan enjoys an unprecedented amount of consensus. >> the 50 year plan includes building three diversion inlets or pump that's would channel water to two, 35-mile
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underground tunnels. they'd link wupt existing pumps in the south dealt why. >> talking about restorations from space. >> the draft includes 22 measures, 214 goals and protection for 57 species including the endangered delta smelt but most are not fish. >> the plan prop dwrosz restore almost 16,000 acres of sand hill habitat. >> critics say whatever environmental benefits it contains are outweighed by short comings. >> upstream from delta means less fresh water going into the delta. >> golden gate salmon association plans the plan could undermine the already-fragile salmon run. >> without water, nudging is
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going to happen. we have to provide for adequate flows to keep the delta moving the way it's supposed to move and keep fish moving the way they're supposed to go. >> the pumps just upstream in portland but there is a long road ahead. in portland laura anthony abc 7 news. >> no tuition increase for uc students in the fall but they will continue to pay a small surcharge. >> compared to drafted tuition hikes a $60 a year surcharge for uc students doesn't seem like a lot of money except
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students say it's not fair. >> students are not just a piggy bank. >> the money laz to come from somewhere. >> here is why students have to pay for something that happened in 2003. 10 years ago facing massive cuts, officials say they have to raise the tuition. after sending out bills and even after promising graduate students they'd see no hikes courts found uc acted improperly, ruled they had to be reimbursed and today's students are paying for that reimbursement through the surcharge. >> rather just turning to students every time they need to pay for something. >> today, they voted to extend the surcharge to finish paying
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off the last of the judgments. officials have said there are no independent resources to pay for the reimbursements. >> the increases is is a 60s aids year, one third goes financial aid and charges are bennett fiting our neediest students. >> it will bring in a total of $91 million in 2018. a formerer social media producer for a television station indicted today for conspiring with the hacker group anonymous. 26-year-old matthew keys gave members of anonymous access to servers of the parent company which owns the "los angeles times". they're able to alter a online feature story. keys worked here for less than a year before leaving for routers.
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>> a riot broke out in the kern valley state prison. crews were able to stop the fight bug not before several inmates were stabbed. 10 prisoners were taken to the hospital for treatment. >> california state treasurer bill lockyer has withdrawn divorce papers filed when his wife was battling a methamphetamine addiction. nadya was forced to resign from the alameda county board of supervisors and now completed a six-month month stint in rehab. a spokesman says lock year is proud of the progress and they've agreed to try to work things out. they have a 9-year-old son. >> spencer christian is here not here and we have sandhya patel... >> outdoor plans? don't worry.
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the rain holds off until next week. right now, i want to show you live doppler 7. we do have clouds around. and a thick blanket of clouds. you can see the sun just peeking through here. we'll continue to see cloud cover through the night. temperatures right now 55 in san francisco. it's 60s in oakland. cool in half moon bay. the view from san jose, clouds passing through no. big deal. harmless. los gatos, 68 degrees. mostly cloudy skies overnight, cool to mild for friday afternoon. and it's a dry weekend with rain arriving next week. so right now, we do have cloud cover just spilling over the top of the area of high pressure. and you'll hear computer
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animation at 7:00 p.m. just clouds passing through then we'll see a blilt of fog returning near the coastline by morning. high clouds with very little change in temperatures. coastal areas may come up a couple degrees we're not expecting quite as much fog by morning and we're not expecting it to be as dense. so morning lows, low 40s low 50s by afternoon here is where it's going to end up. mild, san jose, 74 degrees in the south bay. 72 santa cruz. milpitas, 71 degrees occasional high clouds and sunshine on the peninsula. low clouds around the coast so into afternoon with upper 50s pacifica and half moon bay. and mild readings in the north bay. east bay, 69 in berkeley and
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hayward. 71 oakland, inland areas running above average at this time of the year. similar to today, 5 in livermore. 77 degrees in fairfield. sheer look at 9 accu-weather forecast. and it will be a partly cloudy day tomorrow, saturday, breezy conditions along the coast. mild inland. temperatures coming down st. patrick's day. you'll notice tuesday, late afternoon rain, wednesday, first day of spring showers. what do you know? seasons change and so does the weather. >> yes. >> there you have it. get ready to pull umbrellas out but not for a while. >> thank you. >> coming up here next, wickedly fast wi-fi. >> how fast is the super speedy access rolled out today? days of walking
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facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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san jose trying a new tactic to draw people to the downtown area. free ultrafast wi-fi. the city calls it wickedly
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fast using the existing fiber network and dozens of new antennas. the service covers a one and a half square mile area of the downtown part of the city. city employees will use it and not just to check restaurant reviews by by the way. some parking meters are wireless. departments and fumpblgs functions have information collected downtown. >> visitors can connect by selecting the wickedly fast wi-fi network. >> from horses to homes, the new housing community built in san mateo is set to open. the first homes constructed on the track will go on sale on saturday. today, developers from the city officials inaugurated the park at site. 12 acres of green space accompanies almost 1200 new
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homes. there will be retail and office space. >> he we've embedded history in the streets here. they're named for people, horses and events associated with racing. >> that includes paddock way commemorating grassy area where horses used to get exercise. most important pieces of the track given to the historical society. prices of the homes start at $700,000. >> nice. >> yes. >> there is more still to come here tonight at 6:00. just ahead, pope francis. his first full day as head of the catholic church. we're beginning to hear from doubters tonight. >> looking at bodies shot with weapons. >> dianne feinstein butts heads over a colleague with her ban for military style
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weapon autos why are customers getting bills for a year's worth of water? ahead we'll get to the bottom of it. >> stay with us. abc 7
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it's been a busy day for pope francis the new leader of the world's catholics. the pontiff celebrated with cardinal thdz morning. pope francis the first to be elected outside europe showed he would lead by example. >> he stopped in the main office, greeted everyone deciding to pay the bill for his room that he'd been occupying for the past weeks because it e.was concerned about giving a good example of what priests should do. >> some are expressing concerns. he says gay marriage is a destructive attack on god's plan. these positions led some people to keep their praise in check. >> wait and see attitude
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towards this pope. he has a reputation for being an ultraconservative so. it is not necessarily the remedy of what ales the catholic faith. >> he holds a news conference saturday and will mark a mass to mark the start of his reign. >> a start ban on assault weapons, the judish yairy committee voted in favor of the ban. democrats hold the majority in the senate fought off exemptions they wanted to add. a verbal shootout occurred between ted cruz from texas and dianne feinstein. >> it seems to us all of us should begin with the constitution and the second amendment in the bill of rights provides that the right of the people to keep in z.bear arms should not be
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infringed. >> i walked in and saw people shot. i looked at bodies shot with the weapons and have seen the bullets that implode. >> feinstein spoke about the moments after the 1978 murders of mayor george mosconi and supervisor harvey milk. president obama called for the ban after december's shooting massacre in sandy hook elementary school. >> president obama continued his so called charm offensive today. the president made his third trip to capitol hill this time meeting with republicans over a lunch talking with about tax rates and the need for a grand bargain. senators said they're happy to see the president reaching out on the other side of the aisle. mitch mcconnell called it quote, a great meeting. >> transition for a new billing system is being blamed for tens of thousands of
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customers not getting their bills on time. >> some people are drowning in debt. >> they are. this is a bill that is easy to forget. imagine the surprise, some customers received a bill for almost a year's worth of water. >> danny from oakland lives on a small budget, taking pride in keeping up with bills. after tloo months of not getting the bill he thought he should check in on it. >> in july, east bay mud had in answer. >> he called back but no explanation from east bay mud this is a something brit gets mailed. it had been six months. the bill was not among those sent out.
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manning began to worry. >> i knew it would catch up with me. there is just no way they could not charge for water. >> more months would pass. manny was more than concerned. >> i'm upset telling them i don't want to get stuck with a large by. i need to you look into this. >> nicholas arias is with east bay mud. >> we rely on a 24-year-old system to manage our customer accounts. and it was no longer feesible. >> east bay mud had installed new software 18 months ago and the transition had rough spots. saying 42,000 of the accounts failed to receive bills ontime. that is more than 10%.
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>> we thought in working with the system that the bill had been sent... when in fact it had in the been. >> making matters worse, manny's water meter had become fogged and couldn't be read. >> the conversion to the new system is just taking longer to deal with those situations. >> it would be 10 months before he would finally receive this bill. 835 customers had bills delivered at least 10 months late. the bill came with an apology and a balance $650 payable in less than two weeks. east bay mud will allow him and others to pay off their bill over a year without interest or penalty. as for manny? the utility conducted an audit on the bills and found some exyifs charges due to leaky pipes.
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>> they're talking about reimbursing me for the bill. >> east bay mud tells thus they have 1200 outstanding bills that need to be sent out. if you had a problem give us a call. we can make the transition smooth. >> what a shock. >> no kidding. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next, a math problem. >> what do you get when you divide the circumference of a kickel by the diameter?
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happy pi day, everyone. march 14th is a day celebrate bid math geeks because 3 3. -- 31.4 are the first three digits of by pi it started at san francisco exploratorium 25 years ago. abc 7 is the official partner of the exploratorium.
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>> that is right. we have access to the new exploratorium. >> tonight celebrating pi day. here is jonathan bloom. >> this is one of my favorite tee shirts. >> this is here. >> seems concern they'd find themselves here on pi day. >> on march 14th at 1:59 this pro session circled the golden pi shrine approximately 3.14 times surrounded by kids tossing pizza pie and eating apple pi to the tune of pi. >> larry shaw leads the
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procession. think of him as the pi piper. >> i was just curious about pi and eating pie with pi. >> over the past quarter century it's spire spiralledded out to celebrations around the world including up the street. turns out pi day falls just as the class begins stud yeef circles. so to help them, how about circles? >> my favorite part of pi day is pie. the food more so. >> pairing pie with pi became popular. >> congress passed a bill declaring march 14th as national pi day. >> it's a more special day for the exploratorium senior scientist. he and his sweetheart married
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at 3:14 in the afternoon standing on the pi shrine and had a bite of pie it will be a crazy fashion forever and ever. >> still to come a drug trial that can offer hope to children with a
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we have breaking news just coming into the newsroom. one person has been shot and killed at the richmond bart station. one person shot and killed. however, for commuters we understand the train station is still operating. one person, killed we'll update that as soon as we get more information. >> childrens hospital is launching a long awaited drug trial. researchers believe the drug could have an impact on other serious disease s as well. >> there is the camel. >> for this 5-year-old the walls of the hospital are full of adventure but his parents are hoping the stay will be life changing as well.
6:44 pm
>> his neurologyist found the eye of the tiger. >> the eye of the tiger refers to an image in the brain scan. the dark spots forming the eye shapes are iron caused by a condition known by the name pkan. we met other patients including one whose limbs were so twisted. >> he were so handicapped they were flat now there is an international trial of a drug that can cross into the train and help filter out the iron. having used it on a case by case basis he was able to stabilize the deteareration in a small number of patients.
6:45 pm
>> suddenly, he started to look and was able to move and started communicating. >> this is a cross section of the brain he says interest began to grow because it shares characteristic was well known disease autos we noticed parkinsons has isolated iron in the brain that. is going back to 1970s, demonstrated that it's also associated with excess brain. >> i corn. >> the trial includes 130 patients on two continents. children's hospital is the only site in the u.s. the goal is to possibly provide the first pope to families like tanner's. >> well, i hope that it is, it
6:46 pm
works and it's -- helping children with this. it's not a cure but will be a step in the right direction. >> td trial is being funded by both fda and european union. of the 130, 40 will be treated at childrens hospital, oakland. >> the breaking news we're talking about at the bart station, one person shot and killed at 25 minutes ago. we understand however, trains are still running at the bart station z updating weather forecast. right now, high clouds passing through the bai area. here if you're traveling tomorrow 62 in tahoe. a warm 778 degree day. here in the bay area we're going to see temperatures from upper 50s in places like half
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moon bay. 65 in san francisco up to the 70s. 71 oakland. happena, 75 degrees saturday,, big st. patrick's day parade in downtown. second on market street will end ind up at civic center plaza sunshine dropping down into the low 60s. accu-weather forecast does feature cooler weather and especially tuesday, wednesday time period. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> some 49ers news to report now. >> another change. >> this is a good time to be a 300 pound guy who can stop a run if you're out there. yes. 49ers lose another free agent what. is the going rate?
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defensive lineman ricky g just became a big bucks starter for the colts. getting a four-year, $22.5 million deal in indy, only starting two games this season with niners after justin smith injured his elbow in week 15. 22 tackles two sacks over all. free agency about supply and demand. and 10 teams have an interest in him. other nfl news rams running back steven jackson left st. louis saying he wanted to play for a contender, today signed with falcons and got over 10,000 yards and 56 touchdowns. april 25th is where dreams
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become reality for some. ecsofelli wasn'tn't invited to the nfl compound. keenan allen leaving cal after three seasons. bonkos have the 28th pick. >> just wanted to see hand, eye coordination going through drills. he said he was in need of help. trying to look and it's a lot of talent out there. we'll see what choice they make. >> allen kind of tweaked his knee a little bit speaking of athletics hoops team facing utah utes. two-man show in vegas. justin cobbs on the attack,
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strong take. cobbs with 13 right now. they're at the half. ucla rallies. look at this with authority. that is duncan over 7 foot two inch jordan pachinski. this guy is spectacular for a freshman. brunz up by three. sun devils a chance to tie. john gilling no. tipped around. ucla holds on to move on to the semi finals. world baseball classic comes to san francisco this sunday. team usa needing a win tonight to lock up a spot in the semi finals. smokes at 451 feet to left. that is where they are now,
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deadlocked at one. just when struggling lakers were finding their trip they lose kobe bryant because of a high ankle sprain. kobe wants revenge this, turns into a controversial. lakers and hawks last night. kobe went up for the shot. landed on the foot of daunte jens. bryant thinks jones slid under him intentionally. he's not happy bit. nba said a foul should have been called on jones on this bay plai. >> there is a very, very dangerous play. it's no rhyme or reason why i should come down near someone's foot. i can't get my mind past the fact i have to wait a year to get revenge. >> he means it. >> upside is that you know lakers coming on and warriors if lakers lose, it's good for them.
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>> have shock ads gone too far? a car salesman looks like he's getting the ride of his life. >> then at 11:00 he's young, now missing. the search for a bay area man recently suffered a head injury. >> on jimmy kimmel live an encore edition. that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time and will see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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