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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  May 4, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight on "world news," back to work. america adding more jobs. but not enough. what does this mean for the economy? the big picture tonight. follow the money. dramatic new evidence today about the millions of dollars used to cover up john edwards' affair. health alert. the cdc warning us tonight about on outbreak of a deadly disease we once thought was under control. sinking feeling. a neighborhood wakes up to find a sink hole threatening to devour their back yards. how this happened and which parts of the country are at risk. and good night moon. why all eyes this weekend will be fixed on a spectacular show in the sky.
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good evening. this is the day we take the pulse of jobs and employment in america and the pulse was weaker than predicted. employers added 115,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate did drop a notch to 8.1%. but as we said, those numbers were a disappointment. and so far, less than half of the jobs lost in the recession have come back. we wanted to know why. and tonight, abc's dan harris takes a look at the big picture on the american economy. >> reporter: behind the numbers today, real people like leslie and john, both looking for work. our partners at yahoo have been following their stories. >> how can i not find a job? i'm obviously failing at finding a job. and that makes me angry, because i'm not a failure. i sold all these houses. >> reporter: leslie lost her job as a real estate agent in 2008. she's been living off of her retirement savings. >> i think i could survive, you know, six months, maybe, without a job. then i sell everything i own. and -- yeah, it's scary.
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>> reporter: john, a married father of two, got laid off from the red cross in july. >> being laid off sucks. no job. >> reporter: as john has struggled with bitterness, his family's bills have piled up. they are but two of the nearly 9 million americans who lost their jobs during this great recession. among the hardest hit lines of work? construction. 2 million jobs lost. then, there are the 281,000 teachers and principles who have lost their jobs. and the 123,000 firefighters, cops and other public safety workers. now, of those 9 million jobs lost, we've added roughly 4 million jobs, but it's a long road back. still 5 million to go. >> the overall trend is up, but it's up from a really low base and we've still got a way to go to recapture what we've lost. >> reporter: so, how are our job
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seekers, leslie and john doing in this environment? leslie is still looking. but john interviewed at a security firm and then got a call with a job offer. >> guess what? i now have a job. >> reporter: and john recently started that job and he's very happy about it, he tells us. economists say there are a few positives tonight, including companies hiring a lot of temp workers, which is often a precursor to firing full time workers. >> and you were telling me that we've just about maxed out on productivity for the workers now in the workplace. >> reporter: the average worker, the productivity has plateaued. people who have jobs right now, they are being worked to the bone and companies may be forced to hire more people. >> right. thank you so much, dan. and now, it was another dramatic day in the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards. today, it was the money trail, the cover-up money for his affair. and it totaled nearly $1 million. most of it provided by a 97-year-old heiress, a legendary
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philanthropist in this country named bunny mellon. and today, we finally learned how the edwards team got her to keep that money coming. here's abc's bob woodruff. >> reporter: all along, john edwards has denied knowing about secret money that was paid to cover up his affair with girlfriend rielle hunter. today, powerful evidence that he did. alexander forger, a lawyer for the multimillionaire heiress rachel "bunny" mellon, testified today that he asked an attorney for john edwards at the time if edwards would acknowledge, or did he know, that this was for his benefit? edwards' lawyer replied that john has said yes, he acknowledges now that this was for his benefit. it was the first big crack in the edwards defense. >> if all these witnesses are says, john edwards knew or that it looks like all trails lead to him, that's a logical conclusion. he knew what was going on and he was manipulating how this played out. >> reporter: another bombshell moment came in testimony from one of mellon's close friends, an interior designer, brian
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huffm huffman. he toughed that andrew young, an edwards aide, asked for money to form a charitable foundation, long after the election was over, even going so far as to suggest she mortgage her home. mellon was described as very upset. huffman said, miss mellon told me, i can't believe the senator wanted me for my money. it was huffman who shepherded $725,000 from miss mellon to young, that helped keep the affair secret. huffman and mellon nicknamed the project their furniture business. our furniture business did not involve furniture. it was money for senator edwards, testified huffman. the scheme worked for awhile, until one of those checks for $150,000 bounced, alerting mellon's attorney that something was unusual about these transactions. now, this has been a turning point for the prosecution in this case. so far, the talk has been mostly about the affair, but now there is new evidence about a key point in this case. did edwards know about the money flow intended to keep the affair secret during the campaign?
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john edwards' lawyers will have their chance next week to fire back. diane? >> and bob woodruff will be tracking it for us. thank you, bob. and we're learning more tonight about that secret service scandal. this time, from the woman at the center of it. an escort hired by one of the agents advancing the president's trip to cartagena, colombia. and here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: we've seen her pictures splashed across the tabloids. but today, for the first time, we hear from dania suarez, who describes herself not as an ordinary prostitute, but as a high priced escort. speaking on a colombia radio show, suarez said the now infamous evening began with secret service agents out of control at a strip club. "they were on the bar dancing and i thought crazy. they were all drunk. they bought alcohol like they bought water." she said at the time she did not know that the man who approached her was a secret service agents. "when i am there, he comes close, said sex.
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she responded -- >> baby cash money. >> reporter: "he said, how much? i said, $800. he said, $800, okay." they arrived at the hotel at roughly 1:30 a.m. the argument, which eventually went public, started the next morning when the agent offered only $30. suarez says she's yet to talk to the secret service. congressional leaders are not happy about that. >> how was she able to appear on television and radio and give an interview and yet, the secret service and the colombian police could not track her down? >> reporter: as for suarez, she's been in hiding, afraid for her safety. she says her escort days are over. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. and there is news tonight that that international crisis with china appears to be ending. the blind chinese activist, the one who made that heroic escape, will be coming to the united states. you'll remember he asked secretary of state hillary clinton to fly him to america on her plane.
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that will not happen. but the chinese government has agreed to let him bring his family to america, officially, so that he can study at a university here. and the state department said that it expects that to happen within weeks. and in japan, a kind of aftershock from last year's earthquake and tsunami. the last of 50 operating nuclear reactors is shutting down. all of them, now closed. japan's faith in nuclear power was destroyed by the disaster at fukushima. three of four reactors there suffered a partial meltdown and radiation is still leaking. 100,000 people still unable to return home. and back in this country, a headline that seems straight out of the 19th century. a resurgence of whooping cough. the disease that produces violent coughing. as patients, usually children, gasp for air. and it's a disease we thought we
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had conquered with vaccinations. so, why are there 1,000 cases in a single state tonight? here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: baby kahlia lived just 27 days before she died last august in washington of whooping cough. she caught it from her mother. >> i already had whooping cough when i was in labor, but didn't know about it. so, they gave me the shot before i left the hospital, but it was already too late. >> reporter: this youtube video shows just how violent whooping cough can be. babies gasp for air, cough uncontrollably. the fits can even break ribs. in washington state, it is a full-fledged epidemic. more than 1,100 cases so far this year. that's more than ten times as many cases than all of last year. and last year, california saw the most whooping cough cases in more than 60 years. more than 9,000 cases, including ten infant deaths. just yesterday in idaho, a 9-week-old died from it.
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>> whooping cough is preventable. no baby needs to die from pertussis in 2012. >> reporter: doctors say this resurgence of an old illness may be because more and more parents choose to not vaccinate their children. >> we have created all these population of patients who are susceptible and then the transmission starts more frequently. >> reporter: in babies, the symptoms can be tough to spot. doctors say at all, if your child is experiencing shortness of breath or coughing fits, get them to a hospital immediately. chelsey charles wishes she had that chance. >> it's scary. and i don't want anyone else to have to lose their baby. >> reporter: cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. and the family of former nfl star junior seau has agreed to let doctors examine his brain. it's to see if football injuries contributed to his death. seau shot himself with a gun and other former players who committed suicide were found to
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have had brain damage caused by concussions. seau's former wife said he, too, suffered concussions during his 20 years with the nfl. and in florida tonight, a whole neighborhood trying to figure out what to do next. a sink hole is collapsing, growing bigger and deeper by the minute, as families wonder how to save their homes. abc's yunji de nies has that story. >> reporter: outside, the sink hole was growing by the minute, but inside, the lambros family had no idea, until they glanced through the window. >> we ran downstairs, and as we came out, it was -- the ground was just collapsing on itself. >> reporter: the backyard swallowed up. a sink hole, stretching 100 feet across, 50 feet deep, creeping dangerously close to their home. >> you go to bed thinking that you know you're not going to be moving out of your house the next morning. it happened so rapidly. >> reporter: neighbors are moving too. >> it could get bigger. >> reporter: and if it gets bigger, right where we're
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standing -- >> we'd be gone. >> reporter: once the soil stabilizes, engineers can come in and start filling the hole with rocks and dirt. the problem is, it's still growing. we stayed at a safe distance, knowing sink holes can be catastrophic. nearby in florida, a sink hole devoured a road. this one in texas swallowed up a tractor. in san francisco, homes teetered on the edge. sink holes form when water weakens certain rock types beneath the ground. eventually the rock gives way and the land above caves in. areas most susceptible have rock more prone to eroding in water. that's about 40% of the country. as for this home, it has already been deemed a total loss. luckily, the owner has sink hole insurance, even though they no longer have a safe home. yunji de nies, abc news, windermere, florida. and coming up, news about those models who are too skinny and too young. the world's biggest fashion
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and "vogue", the most influential fashion magazine, is voufing i vowing to be a trend setter, saying ultra young and super skinny is out of style. in addition to being sexy and glamorous, the magazine's editors from around the world made a pact to use models who also look healthy. keep in mind, this is the same magazine that was the inspiration for the movie "the devil wears prada." >> none of the girls here eat anything? >> not since 2 became the new 4. >> reporter: the editors say they will no longer knowingly work with models under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder. but critics say the pact is too vague. >> i think there need to be carrots and sticks, you know? people need to be recognized for doing the right thing and reprimanded or shamed for hiring kids. >> reporter: ironically, one of the biggest critics of the fashion industry just this week is also a kid. >> we want to show "seventeen" that we love our bodies just the way we are and we don't need photoshop to fix us. >> reporter: over the past two
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weeks, this eighth grader collected more than 26,000 signatures on a petition asking "seventeen" magazine to print one fee sure a month of un-airbrushed photos. you think that's been modified? "seventeen" hasn't agreed to that, but perhaps "vogue's" latest fashion statement is yet another trend that will be followed. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> and we will see. coming up, the bizarre accident that may have ended a hall of fame career. in florida we had more suntans... season in y. in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records on the gulf. this year we are out to do even better... and now is a great time to start. our beatches are even more relaxing... the fishing's great. so pick your favorite spot on the gulf... and come on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home.
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he's considered the best relief pitcher of all time, but today we learned mariano rivera might suddenly be out of the game. the 42-year-old was shagging fly balls before the game,s as he normally does. he tore a ligament in his right knee. and if you look again, closely, you see him chase the deep fly ball, land awkwardly, cleats catching in the ground. his right knee buckles. he slams into the wall and he crumples, writhing in pain. he now needs surgery. a recovery could take up to eight months, putting his career in jeopardy. but rivera said today, "i'm coming back. write it down in big letters, i'm not going out like this." and a loud voice from the 80s and 90s was lost today. adam yauch, better known as mca in the group the beastie boys, he died at the age of 47. he had been battling throat cancer for three years.
5:51 pm
the group became the soundtrack for a lot of gatherings with songs like "fight for your right to party." ♪ you got to fight for your right to party ♪ >> reporter: yauch's illness prevented him from joining the rest of the group when they were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame this year. and now, a reminder to gather your friends and family and go out and look up at the sky at 11:34 p.m. eastern time tomorrow night. there will be a super moon. the closest point it comes toward earth. and these are some pictures of glorious super moons in the past. the big show tomorrow night will also be the brightest full moon of the year. and next year, there will be another super moon, but it will be a little bit further away. so, get ready. and coming up, do you remember how this woman changed america, 15 years ago? it's why she's our "person of it'sthose surprisi "person of things she does
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and we owe this change in part to something that happened now 15 years ago this week. in fact, all week long, the twitter boards were celebrating the night ellen degeneres and her sitcom changed history. as you'll see, i sat down with her right before the seismic coming out episode in which oprah winfrey showed up to play her psychiatrist. >> has there ever been anyone you felt you clicked with? and what was his name? >> susan. >> reporter: in 1997, ellen degeneres knew that she was taking a risk. advertisers like jcpenney pulled their ads. there was even a death threat. but she marched forward. >> i decided that this was not going to be something that i was going to live the rest of my life being ashamed of.
5:56 pm
i belong with everybody else. and that's what i finally did. >> reporter: as we know, gay and lesbian teenagers are four times more likely to commit suicide than straight teens. and so, she did it for them. and for the 20-year-old girl who once had to tell her mother, betty. anything you ask her? >> probably, are you sure, how do you know, or, when did it happen? >> you always wanted me to be open and honest with you. >> oh, no, honey, that's what you wanted. >> reporter: but 15 years ago, when jerry falwell and pat robertson started to attack, a mother stepped in to protect her daughter. >> i'd like to know how many people in that list have relatives in their own families who are gay -- you know, ellen is such a good person. i don't want to get weepy. i don't. but she's so good. that -- she shouldn't have all
5:57 pm
this directed at her. >> so afraid to tell people, i mean, just -- susan -- i'm gay. >> reporter: step into the unknown, 15 years ago. >> ellen degeneres. >> reporter: but look at ellen degeneres today. a hit talk show. "forbes magazine" lists her as one of the most powerful people in hollywood. and that same company, jcpenney, which once pulled its ads, has asked ellen to be its spokesperson. and her mom, betty, travels the country in support of her daughter's journey. >> my kid is the greatest. >> reporter: two pioneers making sure everyone gets to live in the open and dance. and so we choose ellen degeneres, who tweeted a reminder of the 15-year anniversary and the message boards lit up, as we said, and they said, thank you for helping
5:58 pm
me be brave, and ellen, you helped change the world. and we thank you for watching. we're always here at remember, "nightline" later. and we'll see you back here again on monday. and david muir will be here this weekend. have a great night. new at 6:00 laid off auto workers are the targets of a scam. one man who fell for it. >> a ride along with police as they cruise through gang territory. >> and new protest policies for uc campus police, officials recommend mediators
5:59 pm
be sent in before violence breaks out. >> and dangerous duties of water rangers in a policy putting their lives in jeopardy. >> good evening, we're going start with a scam you need to know about. >> there is a warning that someone trying to friend you on facebook may be out to scam you. those who are vulnerable are laid off auto workers from numy. abc 7 news is live in fremont with the story for us. >> they're on high alert here in fremont. that is because someone on facebook is trying to cheat 2700 laid off auto workers and possibly their friends out of thousands of dollars they can't afford to lose.


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