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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  August 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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america this morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where a 9-year-old boy was hit by a car last night after the driver's game. the driver left the scene, but overnight police say they made an arrest. this morning, the government issues the august unemployment report in two hours. it's expected to determine whether the financial markets will suffer another day in big losses. >> neighbors in palo alto use a community meeting to vent frustration at the police chief and mayor for a recent jump in violence. >> good morning, fog. mist and drizzle, filled in the bay. waking up to gray skies and a cool day once again today. >> good morning. i'm sue hall in the abc7 traffic center. we are hoping for friday light and we will update you on overnight roadwork.
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>> good friday morning to everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney this for kristen sze. >> i thought you were kristen. my eyes were going bad. >> similarities go a long way. >> they do. >> i'm eric thomas. in the news, a stroll home from the ball game turns in a life or death struggle for 9-year-old boy in san francisco, injured by a hit-and-run driver last night while walking away from at&t park. amy hollyfield is live at the scene of the crash with good news about the search for a suspect. amy? >> reporter: eric, they did make an arrest, but not here. he left the scene from here. he was driving down new montgomery and the child was in the crosswalk on mission street. the truck was turning on to mission street. that's when he hit the 9-year-old boy and then kept driving. police made an arrest. a couple of hours later in hayward. he was driving a damaged white toyota pick-up truck, which fits the description of the truck that hit the
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boy. san francisco police brought witnesses over to hayward, and those witnesses confirmed it was the same truck. the accident happened at 10:30 in san francisco. witnesses say after the truck hit the boy it went on to hit other cars on mission street. some of them parked, some of them driving and then got on the freeway. police say the boy is from philadelphia, here visiting family. coming from the giants game, walking ahead of a family member when he was hit. he was in the cross walk and he's in the hospital with life threatening head injuries. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. wall street is bracing itself for what could be a rough opening when the stock market opens this morning. shares tumbled in overnight trading in asia and europe following yesterday's plunge in the dow jones index. and another dismal u.s. jobs report is expected. latest figures come out in the next hour or so.
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abc7's scott goldberg joins us live from washington with more on the economic crisis. >> terry, every stock market around the world is down today from tokyo to london. and here in the u.s., we are getting ready for what could be another rough day. if you thought the economy was in the clear after washington passed the debt deal -- >> i got 75,000. >> -- welcome to wall street where the dow served the biggest one-day loss since the height of the economic crisis and the stock market has given back everything it's gained this year. >> there isn't much washington can do right now. even if there was, there isn't much trust they would do the right thing. >> it's not just the u.s. this tumble started overseas over fears italy and spap might default along with greece -- fears italy and spain might default along with greece. it started in asia. it could add up to a double-dip recession. >> i think investors in
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general are worried we're headed for a recession and they want to get out while the hits keep coming. >> consumer spending drops for the first time in a year and then job market. >> even when there are jobs, people are willing to relocate to get the jobs but they can't do that because they can't sell their homes. problems are compounded all the time in this environment. >> still, experts say hang tight. >> don't panic unless you have to raise cash. some of the stocks will come back. >> but for the time being, the markets are bracing for more bad news that the july jobs report is due out in about an hour. the economists are predicting it will do very little to improve the country 9.2% unemployment rate. terry? >> scott, let me ask you this. what would be considered good news out of today's jobs report? >> if the economy added 100,000 jobs or more last month, that would be better than expected but people are predicting it will be more in the range of 90,000 jobs.
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that is a lot better than june, but still probably not good enough to help the stock market rally. >> scott, thank you very much. >> 4:35. president obama wants congress to pass a series of tax credits for companies that hire unemployed military veterans. the proposal to be announced today would give companies $2400 bonus for every veteran they hired and $2800 if the veteran has service-related disability and $9600 if the veteran has been unemployed for more than six months. the administration says there is her than 1 million unemployed veterans in the u.s. fourth of them enlisted after the september 11 attacks. in east palo alto, the police chief and mayor held a special town hall meeting last night to address the recent spike in violence. they applaud the community for coming together and working with police. they also face a lot of criticism. abc7's karina rusk was there. >> my husband didn't get killed at 2:00 in the morning. he was killed 4:58 in the
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daytime when people were at home and people was all outside. >> at times the special town hall meeting came in attack for the men in the room and how the city is allocating resources to deal with the problem. >> do not delay opportunity. >> this is serious. >> let me answer the question. let me answer the question. >> the mayor says the city distributed $180,000 this summer to 16 violence prevention programs. one community leader says more needs to be spent on placing at-risk youth in jobs. >> there should be a high priority. i'm look for a city council candidate that is going to put jobs for young people at the top of the platform. >> despite some heated exchanges, everyone in the room proved just by being there they were after the same goal. less violence, more peace. >> all we want to do is come together and give each other
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the love and comfort we need and support. >> in east palo alto, karina rusk, abc7 news. oakland police chief anthony batts says eight more of the officers laid off last year will return to the department in coming weeks. "oakland tribune" reports 42 of the 80 laid off officers will returned if all goes at planned. the total includes ten officers that mayor jean quan authorized rehiring in january. 24 returning officers will retrain this week and due on the street as early as august 16. the chief says the other eight are wrapping up commitments. mayor quan says the rehiring will save the city money by bringing back experiencing officers rather than laying off cash to train news ones. one of the big story of any day is weather but right now we have time for the all-important weekend forecast. always important. >> boy, you're right. the weekend is here! who would have thunk it? i saw fog out there, lisa. >> i had to use the wipers again this morning.
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we will be greeted with drizzle, mist, and certainly the gray skies. the marin layer is back, 1,500 to 1,800 feet deep. with that, numbers in the mid-to-upper 50s. east bay. oakland, good morning. 56. 57 in napa. 60 in mountain view and 62 in san jose. low clouds and drizzle. inland, we didn't see the clearing yesterday in oakland or the city. the on-shore flow will be weaker. that will clear from 11:00 to 1:00. then the number will be below average over the weekend. the reason is a series of low pressure system that continues to keep temperatures cooler than average. expect 68 today in oakland. 70 in san mateo with mid-70 through napa. low 80s in concord. 83 in morgan hill. a look ahead, the numbers stay cool, below normal over the weekend. then it looks like by the middle of next week we
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should warm up. good morning, sue. >> good morning, lisa. we have overnight roadwork. so far, so good. this is southbound 101 through marin county. headlights are inching their way down. no real delays in that direction. but you have significant roadwork going on northbound to novato area in non-commute direction. this is the southbound direction, hard to see but roadwork, stone valley road, bollinger canyon rode and sycamore valley road. up and down the corridor. light at the toll plaza. no problems. it's 4:39. >> it appears there is much more to mars than we knew. still ahead, the unexpected discovery that has scientists rethinking what we know about the red planet. >> taking a walk in the wild to explore the life in
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4:41 on friday morning. we are looking out from the roof cam down here at the abc7 studios near broadway and the embarcadero in general terms. lisa is saying we'll have a replay of yesterday to too much degree and nice weekend, too. details on all of that coming up. ? right now, more news for you. nasa scientists believe they have new proof of water on mars. yesterday, geophysicists in washington, d.c. unveiled high-definition picture from the nasa reconnaissance orbiter showing something flowing on the surface of the planet and says it appears to get heavier in the summer and dryer in the winter and run in formation that look like rivers. nasa scientists say the finding is promising but there are still questions. >> it did look like water is u oozing out of the bedrock and slide doing the surface.
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what's puzzling there is an instrument on the same spacecraft that is able to image the locations and measure the presence of water. it didn't see explanation of water. >> that may be the detection device is not as sensitive as the high definition camera. one day they could send a rover to take samples but that could be years away and that's years before they know for sure what created the formations on mars surface. >> the environmentalists known as the father of the national parks is the focus of a new interactive exhibition at the oakland museum of california. tribute to john lueir work and the legacy opens tomorrow. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez gives us a preview. >> reporter: this exhibit is called "a walk in the wild" and a way to get a fresh perspective on john muir, whose mission was to preserve our wilderness. the environment was his passion. >> he was the first modern environmentalists because he used his writings, knowledge
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and his contacts with celebrity and politician to get the word out and get gears in motion to protect the beautiful and endangered places. >> letter from theodore roosevelt. he founded the sierra club. he was in yosemite where muir found nation most abundant, explored in history, science and art. recreation of a giant sequoia where he took shelter in raging forest fire. the home called the hang net at the base of yosemite call. this showcase lets us follow in muir's footsteps. >> what challenges he put himself in to find what he wanted in the mountain. >> reporter: for doris, this show is a lifetime dream. it's taken her four years to assemble this exhibit. a chance for us to understand muir the man. muir was driven by curiosity, immersing himself to experience and understand the natural world.
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indelible dedication we experience today because of what nature can bring to our lives. the john muir exhibition will be here through next january. in oakland, don sanchez, abc7 news. 4:45 now. former governor schwarzenegger is back. >> hasta la vista and i'll be back. >> coming up, the first public speech since the sex scand that ended his marriage. and how we'll put people back to work in the bay area. >> how san francisco will get a big boost from the burning man. 3q septic system breakdowns
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good friday morning. the sun coming up and plenty of mist and drizzle before we see the sun.
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the coast is warmer. cool for sacramento. 89. 90 in oyosemite. triple digit heat in the desert. for more weather information, check out the website at terry? >> the senate is expected to approve a deal to fund the federal aviation administration until mid-september. the agreement will end the two-week shutdown that brought the airport projects to a halt. the furlough left 70,000 construction workers without a job. 60 working at the oakland airport. the temperatures and republicans -- the democrats and republicans will continue to negotiate long-term agreement. chrysler is recalling dodge minivans because air bag can go off unexpectedly. this is the second recall of the 2008 chrysler town and country chrysler voyager and caravan minivans. all three models were
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recalled in january because water from the air conditioner can leak to the computer chips that control air bag and make them deflate. dealers fixed a part to fix the problem but engineers found water may have damaged the chip in the repaired vans so it's recalling them again. >> arnold schwarzenegger is back in the public eye. the former governor has been out of the spotlight since revealing he fathered a child with his housekeeper. he was back last night to address a business conference. abc leslie miller has more on the return. >> reporter: standing occasion for the former governor who has been out of the public eye for months. he made his first speech after admitting he fathered an out-of-wedlock son with the housekeeper. addressing a business group in downtown los angeles, schwarzenegger didn't mention the scandalor marital problem with maria shriver. instead he gave rosy account of the years as governor. it comes in the midst of if divorce with shriver. the settlement is being
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worked out with attorneys behind closed doors. initially, schwarzenegger did not want to pay shriver spousal support. he changed his mind. he appeared comfortable with the crowd and made jokes about his future. >> i'm going to run in 2012. >> i'm going to run for president of the national body building investigation. >> only time will tell if he can win back support where he wants it the most, at the box office. >> hasta la vita and i'll be back. thank you very much. >> leslie miller, abc news. >> let's wait and see if he comes back. >> that is what he says. >> if you have 22-inch arms you are coming back, i'll gut of the way. >> what is going on weather wise. >> for now, same old same old.
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hopefully you'll see the warmer weather. between now and several days, still cool out there. emeryville, we can't tell but we are looking at mist and drizzle across the bay. the temperatures are cool. mid-50s. looking at the gray skies once the sun comes up. 6:17. livermore, 57. low clouds and fog in east bay valleys. we will look at the sea breeze. not as strong as yesterday. morning hours we look for the mist and drizzle, the gray skies. then early afternoon, clearing. we are staying below the average over the weekend. beyond that, finally looking at warmer weather. we are anywhere two to 10 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. redwood city, ten degrees cooler. 72 today. oakland, just a couple of
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degrees cooler. notice in between we should see 80s. throughout the day, only far inland areas will be in the 80s. livermore. san jose just in mid-70s today. here is the reason. not one area of low pressure but several areas of low pressure to enhance low clouds and fog. fog and sea breeze to the delta and carquinez strait. we have cool number for sacramento valley. this is going to bring minor fluctuation day today. we see numbers come up today. back down. mid-to-upper 70s for the south bay. 76 in san jose. santa clara, upper 70s. 75 in los altos. pacifica, 60 today. san francisco, 63. daly city, 60 with a lot of
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gray. if you get up to cloverdale, 84. 77 in sonoma. mid-60s in richmond. 71 in union city. over the hills, some upper 70s. that should do it for dublin. 79 in walnut creek. 85 in brentwood. down in monterey bay, yep, the low clouds, drizzle and 68 in salinas. so, keep the numbers especially cooler for tomorrow, coming up on sunday. the middle of next week, warmer weather arrives him. sue. >> good morning, everyone. so far, friday light. no problems. we checked in with the public transportation. no delays with muni, bart, caltrain. everybody is getting off friday morning to a good start. take a look at the drive time coming through marin county. lisa was mentioning the resurfacing roadwork. it's nice, but watch your speed. it's nice and smooth so you can tend to speed a little bit. looking good from 37 to 580. 24 from the diablo valley, walnut creek to the caldecott tunnel and through.
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looking good. no slowing yet westbound highway 4, lone tree to 242 driving to concord area. no problems there. take a look at the incline on westbound bay bridge. pardon me, this is the plaza plaza. excuse me. looking good, very light. go to the incline. lisa was mentioning fog. you can see the haze on the screen. no issues westbound through san francisco and treasure island. golden gate, you see fog on the span and you will need windshield wipers on the golden gate through the waldo tunnel. is the website. click on bay area traffic before you leave for the latest information. thank you. 4:54. this evening, the man who gained fame after being fired as macy's santa claus before christmas will be remembered at leftie's o'dulle's. he was found dead in his room. cause of death has not been determine but they don't suspect foul play. almost immediately macy's
4:55 am
fired him he was hired by leftie o'doulle. tonight, the toy program will collect toy at the event and it starts at 5:30. registered sex offender is in custody after police say he tried to force a woman in to his car. on highway 29 in napa county. the woman was pushing a stroller when police say 63-year-old paul webster pulled up, got out and offered her a ride yesterday. when she refused, he tried to push her into the car but she managed to get away. webster was arrested at the concord home after the woman identified him from a photo line-up showed to her by police. webster is facing attempted kidnapping charges. pacifica dog lover should find out today if they got enough vote to win a contest to bring a few park to their city. for five years, local group has been working to get a dog park built in pacifica. they found a perfect spot behind city recreation center. one problem, is money.
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so they entered online video contest called bark for your park. they have been parking. they know they made the final 15. today's winner gets $100,000 from pet company pet safe to build that new dog park. >> all right. hope they can take care of the throats. san francisco mayor ed lee is helping the organizers of the burning man project to launch a new non-profit in the city today. the "san francisco examiner" reports the group plans to build urban cultural center in the city to provide clab rative gathering and gallery spaces. classroom and sites for the ceremony. they announced in april it's relocating the headquarters from the bay view district to sixth and market. 4:56 right now. next on abc7 news at 5:00 -- waiting for the jobs report. we have the latest on wall street's reaction to indications we may be headed back in a recession. a 9-year-old boy is in the hospital after being hit by a truck.
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i'm amy hollyfield. live in san francisco. we've got new details about the search for a suspect. coming up next. also, the new investigation coming after a high wire rescue 14 stories above the streets of san francisco. surprising culprit some neighbors are blaming for a series of grass fires in the east bay. @i@i@i@i@i@i@iñ'ñ'ñ'ñ't
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