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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  May 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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assaulted a woman and a man arrested yesterday in connection with several pharmacy robberies. law enforcement agencies are cracking down on drunk drivers this memorial day weekend. >> partly cloudy start to this long holiday weekend. we have a chance of showers not only today. the winds will pick up. it will be cool. i'll have the details a little bit later. >> in oakland, a man suspected of committing two robberies is under arrest after leading police on a brief high speed chase. police are also looking to see if he's involved in another violent crime that occurred early yesterday morning. abc 7's lisa amin gulezian reports. >> this is the man oakland police arrested after a high speed chase that ended at west street and macarthur boulevard. >> i looked out the window and this car buzzed by. what's going on? >> police started chasing the suspect because his car matched the description of a getaway car used after an armed robbery at
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both the high street and montclair pharmacies this afternoon. when they tried to pull the car over, this is what happened. >> he was trying to turn left but instead at the second arrow, he started sliding and got to this gravel and lost control and jumped the curb. jumped up and hit the pole here. >> he jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the yard. >> that's where police found him. they also found bottles of medicine in his car, medication taken from at least one of the pharmacies that had been robbed. while police gathered evidence, a sexual assault investigator also arrived on the scene. earlier, a woman was sexually assaulted during a home invasion robbery on wilton avenue in the oakland hills. >> we look at suspects involved in different crimes because of information that we do receive. so i don't know that for sure but it's a possibility. >> the attack happened at around 3:00 a.m. while the woman's husband and two children were in the house. there have been several burglaries in the neighborhood recently. this home owner didn't want to
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be identified. >> we're still oakland and what goes on just a mile down the road still affects us. and for people to think that we're living in the bubble is probably not right. we're still concerned citizens. >> abc 7 has learned oakland police will ask the sexual assault victim to take part in either a photo or in-person line-up of the robbery suspect. in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> police agencies statewide are cracking down on drunk drivers and enforcing the seat belt law with the click it or ticket campaign. in novato last night one dui checkpoint had significance for everyone who knew a little girl killed by a repeat offender. abc 7's tomas ramon explains. >> marin county police caught this man with an open container in his car, no license and no insurance according to police. he was caught in this marin county dui checkpoint. officers set up this checkpoint in memory of 9-year-old melody osheroff. it was two years ago that a
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motorist under the influence rammed into father and daughter here on san marin drive in novato. aaron osheroff says he has the memories fixed in his mind and heart. >> we were in the crosswalk and mowed down by a drunk driver. >> osheroff said his daughter was murdered by edward schaefer who at the time had been convicted of multiple dui's. he lost a leg in the collision. he said every step is the reminder of his loss. >> i can forget about it, you know, sometimes. walking is not easy and doesn't come naturally. my physical injuries are with me and a daily reminder. >> marin county officers asked for osheroff's permission to use melody's name and picture for the checkpoint. >> this checkpoint we're having in novato is in honor of melody and her life. and to bring awareness and education and also to deter drunk driving in novato and in marin county. >> dozens of cars lined up on san marin drive for the checkpoint. licenses are checked, drivers are asked if they've been drinking.
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those like this family who had an unlicensed driver at the wheel was taken out of the car and their vehicle was towed away. they hope checkpoints like this can help save the life of another child. he and his wife are trying to get on with their lives. >> my wife and i had a baby six months ago, a boy and, you know, he's brought a lot of love and made us a family of four again. it doesn't bring melody back. we try to rebuild our family and rebuild our lives. >> the checkpoint here in marin county kicks off checkpoints across the state in preparation for a long memorial day weekend. >> the state assembly has passed a bill that would set guidelines for dui checkpoints. supporters say too many checkpoints are being used to impound cars of illegal immigrants and up licensed drivers. new law would require that they do checkpoints where drunk driving is a problem. and also prohibits police from
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impounding cars if a licensed driver can be found to come and get the vehicle. many americans will hit the road this memorial day weekend but high prices at the pump will keep many others close to home. across the u.s., drivers pay an average of $3.81 for a gallon of regular unleaded gas. here in the bay area, we pay some of the nation's highest prices. $4.06 in oakland and in san jose $4.17. in san francisco, i've seen some prices under $4 a gallon lately. triple a expects many people to travel this weekend. they might stay with relatives or friends instead at a hotel. they may take day trips instead of overnight vacations. >> the economy at large has to be factored into all those considerations because a family budget is not just about gas prices. it's about what other costs they have going on. >> to put things in perspective, american households spent an average of $369 last month on gas. two years ago, they spent just
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$201. families now spend more filling up than they spend on cars, clothes or recreation according to triple a. five seniors missed their senior prom last night in santa cruz county after administrators accused them of being white supremacists. symbols of racism have surfaced in the last few weeks. these photos show students giving a nazi salute. other incidents include hateful graffiti and swastikas appearing around the campus. administrators took action when five seniors wore white t-shirts for thinks class picture. that violated the school's anti-gang attire policy. >> we don't want students to identify with any particular hate group. it's a problem when those students are intimidating other students. >> they thought it was a joke and it kind of got really out of hand and they didn't really realize like, how it offended people. and they should have known better. >> the school superintendent fears a white supremacist group
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from off campus might have tried to recruit the students. a teacher is charged with keeping explosives in her classroom. and helping kids inhale a dangerous chemical. they accuse the 34-year-old of making nitroglyceride while students were present. a bomb squad and hazardous materials team removed the dangerous chemical from her classroom at livingston high school on thursday. explosives technicians detonated the material behind the campus after 1100 students were evacuated. police first arrested her on child endangerment charges on monday after police say she helped three students get high by sniffing chloroform. she remains in custody. hackers have broken into the networks of america's biggest defense contractor lockheed martin. a spokesman for lockheed wouldn't discuss the threat but a source says the hackers were able to get through security systems by creating electronic keys similar to this one made by rsa security. it's not clear what data, if any was stolen.
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but lockheed and other military contractors store sensitive data on future weapons systems and military technology currently used in battle in iraq and afghanistan. coming up next, the delays you're likely to encounter this memorial day weekend if your travels take you across the bay. and the great skiing conditions in the sierra during what's supposed to be the unofficial start of summer.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> crossing the bay may require a bit more patience this weekend. some even say a boat. detours on the bay bridge as well as bart repair work on the transbay tube will result in delays. abc 7's laura anthony explains the work and the impact. >> whether by train.
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or car. in between the east bay and san francisco this weekend will be a bit more challenging. >> we're going to be shutting down half the tube. >> work will begin after the last train friday, saturday and sunday night to extend into the following afternoon. riders can expect delays of up to 40 minutes. bart will close one track in the transbay tube to repair a cable that was damaged in a fire back in december. >> what that means is that the bay point to san francisco airport trains in both directions will have to share the remaining track through the transbay tube. >> bart riders using the dublin and fremont lines will have to transfer at the 12th street station in oakland to get to and from san francisco. those who choose to use the bay bridge instead will experience detours eastbound this weekend. from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. saturday and sunday, caltran will close the eastbound lanes on the approach to oakland as crews put the finishing touches on a lane reconfiguration.
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>> after this weekend, traffic will be detoured in this fashion here where we'll be moving things to the south. it's an easier curve. it should be easier to navigate but it is a change. >> this is an illustration that shows what the alignment is today. >> caltran's new bay bridge explorer app for ipad and iphone shows the before and after animation. drivers should not expect any significant delays. >> in this instance, the effect on the bay bridge traffic is going to be pretty minimal. it's a holiday weekend which traditionally is light for us and we've chosen hours that shouldn't conflict with traffic as much. >> we showed you a little bit of the bay bridge explorer. that's the new app that caltran launched earlier this month. users can get a view as if they were driving across the bridge in a car. according to caltran, 6,000 people have downloaded that app in a little more than a week.
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>> plans to extend bart's dublin line into downtown livermore will hit a bump next month when the livermore city council is compelled to act on a grassroots initiative called keep bart on 580. our media partner reports that a signature petition opposing a downtown livermore bart station and another has qualified as a ballot measure. on june 13th, the livermore city council will have to take one of three actions, adopt the measure, put it to a citywide vote or request further study on the potential impacts. they addressed the downtown plan. in lake tahoe, it looks and feels more like winter than it does approaching the unofficial beginning of summer. squaw valley and several other ski resorts are operating on memorial day weekend. they reported more than three feet of fresh snow last week on top of a 14 foot base.
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lisa was talking about more, more, more. >> yeah, coming today, tonight. we're talking about a winter weather ajeff adach advisory in nevada as another cold front heads our way. chance of showers in the bay area today. another chance of showers next week. stay tuned, your forecast. >> also next, another collision at home plate for the giants. last thing the team needed especially with prince fielder barrelling home. larry beil has the surprise hero in milwaukee next in this morning's sports.
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>> please fasten your seat belt as we look out to see the fog drifting by the camera. you see alcatraz and my gosh, this is beautiful. doing a fantastic job of guiding us around the bay. on this saturday morning. more from lisa argen and what it all means in a few minutes. golden gate bridge opened 74 years ago yesterday and now the countdown has started for next year's 75th anniversary celebration, the bridge district unveiled a logo. there it is. you're going to be seeing that all over the bay area. the plans include building a more welcoming visitors center
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at san francisco end at the bridge. it won't be a bridge walk as there was for the bridge's 50th anniversary in 1987. on that bridge walk, i was out there. so many people turned out, the bridge flattened out and lost its natural curve. an engineer was saying if everybody had started singing the harmonics might have been such that the bridge could have collapsed. >> come on! >> it was in the paper the next day and i remember thinking, that is never going to leave me. i'll never forget that. that would have been something. >> i guess i believe you. but he tells a lot of tall tales and i don't know. >> we kid sometimes but i'm not kidding about that. >> that's impressive. >> yeah. >> what about snow for memorial day? >> that's impressive, too. >> yeah. well, i guess because, you know, we are looking at yet another cool system. we have a spring similar to this last year so if you thought it was cold this spring, well, it's just as chilly as it was last year. 37 right now. tahoe valley airport, 39 and
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winter weather advisory. and we'll see 2 to 6 inches of snow below 7,000 feet in the sierra nevada. a little breezy right now but boy, winds are going to pick up and we're going to look for a gusty start to the memorial day weekend. 53 in half moon bay as well as redwood city, good morning, san jose. upper 40's in napa and santa rosa so we're looking at a chance of showers this afternoon from santa cruz on north and we'll look for more sunshine tomorrow. but it's going to be breezy. not going to warm up much and then clouds return for a holiday on monday. live doppler 7 h.d., some very strong thunderstorms off the coast with some very gusty winds so here we are well to the south. but look at cloverdale and santa rosa, some returns to the north. cold front is not going to sweep into the bay area until this afternoon but when it does, that's when we could see the showers so out ahead of it, we've got the clear conditions, we have southwesterly winds but
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the clouds will begin to increase and then we'll see not only the cooler air but a chance of showers throughout the afternoon as the area of low pressure pushes to the east of us so once it does that, you notice the moisture headed our way into northern california and then we talked about the snow in the sierra nevada. we're talking slushy snow at 50 and 80 but then we're talking accumulating snow at about 6,000 feet so at lake level, the snow is going to be coming down with temperatures in the mid 40's this afternoon. lowering tonight and we'll be looking at highs just in the low 40's tomorrow. so really, a little strange. this is true. but not unheard of for such a chilly may. as we look at our highs today in the south bay, look for more clouds around with 65 in sunn a sunnyvale. a chance of showers throughout the afternoon. temperatures here as much as, yeah, 10 degrees below the average. and 59 downtown.
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you may see a stray shower throughout the morning. the afternoon hours. breezy winds with the clouds increasing. chance of showers this afternoon in oakland. low 60's with only 63 in dublin today. breezy if you're headed out for a bike ride for a jog, best chance of showers will be the afternoon and the evening hours from santa cruz to monterey and then tomorrow, we take the chance of showers out of the forecast and bring you a little bit more sunshine. it will be breezy, though, another chance of showers memorial day into tuesday, that will be late in the day. don't think maybe the barbecue plans will be washed out but still, you know, it's not always warm this time of year, the end of may. we still have summer. we can hope. >> it's going to start in september this year. all right. lisa, thanks a lot. joining us live to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." very exciting story about a little sliver of hope coming out
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of that disaster following the tornadoes. >> that's right. that is the truth, good morning to you. we're going to be starting with the devastation still so real in joplin, search for survivors goes on. as you mentioned, hope is fading and people are finally starting to rebuild and we have a rescue story to tell you about as well live in joplin. as we kick off the start of the summer, millions are hitting the road. this morning, the new cost of travel this season and an abc news study on the best ways to beat the prices at the pump. a week of dramatic testimony in the trial of casy anthony. her father on the stand no less than three times this week. so what will come next? our team is on the case with the latest. and more gaga. she rocked central park yesterday. we have all the excitement here and even more from the epic concert to show you this morning. it was quite a concert if you did not watch it but i'm sure you did. >> i saw a little bit of it. is it true they're going to have you enter the news set that exact same way starting these weekend? >> that's right. and i'm going to be singing as well.
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>> all right. >> wearing meat. >> i love that. >> look forward to seeing that. thank you very much. in sports this afternoon, the giants will go for a second straight win in milwaukee with jonathan sanchez taking the mound. last night, the giants had another come-from-behind victory powered by an unexpected source. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the giants went to milwaukee still kind of depressed over the loss of buster posy. one king of the bat from the kid, brandon crawford brought the team back to life. he started the weekend at single a ball. if you're betting on italian, you're rolling in cash. bottom three. rolling along until ricky weeks puts a charge into one deep to left center. gone. his ninth of the year. 2-0 brewers. giants down 3-1, meet the kid brandon crawford. grew up in pleasanton, the shortstop with the future. future is now. his first big league hit is a grand slam. giants are up 5-3.
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bottom of eighth, bases loaded. single to left. one run scores. prince fielder, not another collision! eli whiteside hangs on. fielder is out. the lead was safe. crawford, welcome to the bigs. gets a pie in the face. it's all good for the giants. they win 5-4. a's and orioles, dallas brayden is hurt but still active raising awareness about skin cancer prevention. two on for baltimore. vlad is bad. guerrero, 6-4-3 d.p., saves a run. does not figure into the decision. in the sixth, still tied at two. ryan sweeney delivers one of oakland's five two out hits in this game. scores to make it 3-2 in the eighth. high, deep and aloha means good-bye. solo shot, his eighth of the year. a's roll 6-2. their second straight win. another day, another upset on the red clay at the french open. the number two women's seed kim
6:25 am
cloesters is out and the top seed followed her out the door yesterday. she's number one but has never won a grand slam event and daniellea made sure she wasn't going to win this one. big forehand winner right there. takes the first set and it was no sweat. match point. clips the net. crushes number one. goes down 6-1, 6-3 as she advances to the fourth round. to the ice, boston, tampa bay, game seven eastern conference finals, ouch. takes a puck in the face. wow. scoreless in the third. nice feet. to nathan horton and that is your only goal of the game. 1-0 b's the final. bruins headed to the stanley cup finals for the first time in 21 years. game one wednesday in vancouver. some college softball, stanford and alabama, rubber match of the tuscaloosa super regional. bottom of six, no score.
6:26 am
down the line, off the glove of melissa couts. scores, 1-0 and that's the only run of that contest. alabama wins 1-0 and they're headed to the college softball world series. e how about florida and oregon? gator brittany shutey hit two homers in this game. best highlight, though, incoming! smashed the car with a long foul ball! knocked off the side view mirror on that vehicle. she apologized in her post-game press conference. not much else for the gators to feel sorry about. we can't show this enough. they won this game 9-1. that's a wrap on morning sports. mike shumann will be here with all your giants and a's highlights. have a great holiday weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> coming up next at 5:30, police in campbell are still looking for a man who they say beat a 3-year-old girl and left her for dead in a rolled up carpet. also, a seafood scam. why the fish you order may not
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>> this morning, president obama is in poland meeting first with the country's president. later with its prime minister. he arrived at the presidential palace in warsaw to a formal welcoming ceremony. mr. obama says poland's successful transition to democracy has made it a leader
6:30 am
in europe and around the world and he's asking eastern european countries to use their experience transitioning to a democracy to assist nations in the middle east and north africa. the president criticized the crackdown in nearby belarus. >> here, we have challenges. we discussed the unacceptable situation in belarus. the president has shown a total disregard for democratic values, the rule of law and human rights of his own people. his brutal crackdown included the conviction and sentencing of presidential candidates who challenged him in the presidential election. 6>> poland is the final stop on the president's six day european trip. he returns to washington tonight with plans to attend memorial services tomorrow in joplin, missouri. campbell police are crediting a young teenager with saving a little girl's life. the boy helped lead police to his own father who had left a
6:31 am
girl rolled up in a carpet. police have been looking for george rodriguez for two weeks now. they say he left a 3-year-old girl for dead rolled up in that carpet. >> 35-year-old george rodriguez is still on the loose. campbell police say he fled after beating his former girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter dejah. the little girl was found with a black eye, bruises on her face and stomach in this garage. police now say it was the suspect's son. a 15-year-old boy living in the house who discovered the little girl in rolled up carpet. police say dejah was picked up by a friend and taken to her mother. the 15-year-old troubled by the discovery eventually called police. by then, the girl's mother jane marin had disappeared with the child. two days later, the little girl and her mother were found in this shopping center parking lot near santa theresa boulevard and bernel road in san jose.
6:32 am
this is police on may 11 after finding them. >> it's an area that we have some information she may have had some friends in that area and so they developed some leads she was possibly going to this particular parking lot. >> a neighbor says she's not surprised. police had been to the house in the past. >> we'd go and look. trying to hop over this fence like trying to get to them and tell them to come out and it's happened like numerous times. >> it's very unfortunate. it's really sad. beautiful little 3-year-old girl and no, we had no idea. very quiet. although they do have some issues with that neighborhood, that little area. other than, that it's a great neighborhood. >> the mother is in custody but rodriguez has not been found. meanwhile, police say the little girl is in protective custody. lyanne melendez. >> redwood city mayor ira ruskin is stepping down from politics to fight a cancerous brain tumor. doctors discovered the tumor
6:33 am
behind his right ear on may 15th and removed 95% of it during emergency surgery. that's when he learned the tumor is malignant. although it's not curable, ruskin says it is containable. the 67-year-old politician was looking at a possible run for state senate next year. pg&e crews are digging down to a natural gas transition line in newark getting ready to start pressure testing next tuesday. the hydrostatic pressure tests are similar to those conducted in antioch and mountainview earlier this month. they ordered the tests to make sure there's not another rupture like the one in september. residenting have been preefed at two public meetings, telephone and mail. it's slightly older than the san bruno segment that dates back to the 1950's. when it comes to seafood, conservation groups say you can be fooled about what you're eating.
6:34 am
some concerned scientists are sounding an alarm that fish fraud is not only bad for consumers, it is dangerous to fish populations. abc 7's wayne freedman has more on the problem and who it is fishing for solutions. >> it is fish in a restaurant and in many cases, eating it is an act of faith. >> special for today. >> are you sure it's yellow tail? >> that's what they tell me. >> at pacific fresh seafood, you can bank on it but another group has questioned how the food and drug administration has let standards slip in this country. >> they have fallen down on the job. in terms of enforcesing against nonhealth related problems. >> almost 80% of the fish that are consumed in the u.s. comes from outside the country and that means a whole range of different practices. >> alicia works for one of those rare wholesalers who do document their fish. you see this tag? there's one like it on every fish at pacific catch allowing the chef to trace its history.
6:35 am
>> it would take you directly to the web site which would have a link to the fish, the story behind the fish >> how come the fish doesn't have a page on facebook? >> it might actually. >> critics believe every fish consumer deserves this level of accountability. fish meat looks too similar, they say, after the fins and scales are gone leaving too much uncertainty. >> without tagging and traceability, people could be unknowingly eating endangered species. >> it's fish. it all tastes the same. >> isn't fish, fish? >> unfortunately not. fish is not fish. >> or maybe a fish is only a fish once we establish its pedigree. as one solution oceana recommends taking d.n.a. samples from fish to identify what species they are. it means consumers would probably pay more money. from the newsroom, wayne freedman, abc 7 news.
6:36 am
>> all right. you're saying all fish does not taste the same. >> no. >> all right. how about high pressure systems? let's talk about those two. low pressure. >> they're not all the same either. we've got all that, though. we have low pressure headed our way. that means a chance much showers even though right now it looks pretty good right now. from the roof camera, we have sunshine. temperatures in the 40's and 50's right now. yeah, we have clouds. maybe some rain. snow in the mountains much that's coming up. >> also ahead, a local history lesson. leaders of a now defunct indian tribe return to the bay area to keep their legacy alive. funny thing about vegetables... they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number? ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit.
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v8. what's your number?
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>> the good news is it's a three day weekend. >> yeah, and we'll see some sun. it will be on the cool side. maybe some rain. and then we've got snow in the mountains, up to 9 inches at the sierra crest. >> this is crazy. >> it is. and we have a series of weak storm systems headed our way. the first one coming in later on today. the camera is shaking and the winds will continue to be a factor not only today but tomorrow. it will be pretty gusty out of the southwest. out ahead of this system and then behind it, that cool pool of air allowing for some breezy northwesterly winds for your sunday. it's 48 in napa. good morning, redwood city. 53 for you. half moon bay, also san jose coming in in the low 50's with upper 40's, santa rosa and napa so we are looking at a chance of showers this afternoon but this morning, up by cloverdale and santa rosa, we've got some ec s
6:40 am
echos, and some returns. we'll show you those in a second. second system comes in memorial day and begins to cloud us up. pretty good thunderstorms off the coast. and further south, you'll notice a few light returns here but as this system continues to advance to the south and to the east, we're going to get that cold front sweeping on through. by the early afternoon but the chance of showers will linger as this cold pool of air continues to travel to the south throughout the evening hours. unusually strong for this time of year and it will keep the temperatures down as much as 10 degrees below the average and with it, the moisture all the way down to the central coast and snow in the form of a winter weather advisory from 5:00 tonight through 5:00 sunday and that means accumulating snow. couple of inches on the roads. slushy snow, around 50 and 80.
6:41 am
45 today and then by late in the day, here comes the wet weather and it will wind down by tomorrow. behind it, windy conditions so yes, think about skiing if you're headed up there with temperatures rebounding slightly by memorial day. back home, we're into the mid and upper 60's here with sun to start, increasing clouds. 66 santa clara. on the peninsula, 56. half moon bay. some breezy winds throughout the day and then a chance of showers with 64 in redwood city. san francisco, another cool one with breezy winds. up to 10 degrees cooler than average. and in the north bay, some spotty light rain showers. this afternoon, perhaps from petaluma. only 61 today in berkeley. 63 in castro valley so the morning hours, pretty calm. pretty sunny out there but by the afternoon, increasing clouds and breezy winds, maybe shower in danville today. down by the monterey, we could
6:42 am
see some showers in the evening hours. the accuweather seven day forecast, couple of degrees warmer tomorrow. that may be offset by the breezy northwesterly winds. memorial day, some clouds around. chance of showers late tomorrow into tuesday. i should say late monday into tuesday and then we'll look at slowly moderating temperatures. so it will be cool out there. >> all right, lisa. thanks a lot. well, for thousands of years, the aloni indians called the bay area home. over the course of time the tribe was driven away. this summer, they will return to san francisco to tell their story. cheryl jennings reports. >> this 73-year-old is actively keeping alive the traditions of his aloni ancestors for future generations because many people think the alonis don't exist anymore. members of the tribe will
6:43 am
perform in the world arts west ethnic dance festival this summer. >> it's very important to us. it's very important because our main thing is for people to know we're still here. >> i caught up with him at the r.j. photography studio in san francisco where he and his family were part of a photo shoot for the festival. his ancestors were among the original indigenous people of northern california. different tribes lived in villages around the san francisco bay area to the central valley. but beginning in the late 1700's, their world changed when outsiders came in and refused them to practice their religion. the spanish missions converted them to catholicism. many were forced into serve tud. others were driven away or killed. everyone wanted their valuable land. >> our devastation came because the spaniards coming in and the mission system and then after that, the mexicans took over when they won the wore with spain. we got devastated by them. and the americans came in and that devastated us more and then the 49ers come in with their gold mining.
6:44 am
>> it was such a terrible time for native americans that many denied their heritage and scattered. >> they'd rather claim to be mexican. >> the northern alonis were almost extinct by the early 1880's. but his ancestors, the tribe of caramel stayed together. 2,000 of them now live in ccalifornia. >> we have our tribal consult meetings and we have our youth council meetings and we have our sweat lodge meetings and talking circles. >> they can trace their family history back for centuries. >> we went as a group and we stayed as a group all this time so we got all our lineage and all our baptismal records and marriage records and that's what's kept us together. >> it looks like this is 1811. >> yes, this is the year 1811. >> great, great, great, great grandfather. >> right. here are his ancestors, a man by the name of andres and a woman by the name of suzannah. husband and wife.
6:45 am
>> his fifth generation great grandfather was baptized right here in san francisco. the inside of the mission is similar to the way it looked during that baptism. it has displays showing the type of huts built by aloni. the chief would like to bring his tribe closer to the home of his ancestors in the greater bay area. he wants to leave a legacy for them and his family. >> in the meantime, the bay area can experience an important piece of aloni history when chief serta and his family visit san francisco for the ethnic dance festival. cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> the rumson tribe opens a five week ethnic dance festival at san francisco's city hall next week. for the rest of their schedule and a documentary on the alonis, there's a link at abc 7 news under see it on tv. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> three children open their first savings account only to find bank fees ate up all their money. i'm michael finney. their story ahead on 7 on your side.
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sfx: bed crashes to floor kids seem to get bigger overnight. good morning... whoa! whoa! and when they do, they're ready for goodnites. the nightime underwear specially designed for kids 4 and up. >> happy saturday. tear a live look at heavenly mountain resort formerly known at heavenly valley. snow there and lisa says they're going to get some more. and not just a little dusting much it's going to be measurable amounts. we'll get some rain, too. she'll tell us all about it in a couple of minutes. a san francisco mother wanted to teach her kids the value of saving money. so when they were very yuj, she took them to a bank to open their very first savings accounts. trouble is lesson they learned was not the one they had expected. here's 7 on your side's michael finney with their story. >> it was a milestone in their lives when leslie smart took her three children to the bank to open their very first savings accounts.
6:49 am
>> the idea being save your money and it will grow. >> it was exciting to be in the bank and feel like, oh, i have my own money to put in the account. >> the kids bought their piggy banks and opened passbook accounts at this bank of america branch back in 2007. >> the first time i deposited my money, i only had $2. >> i think that was money gleaned from a lemonade sale. cookie stand thing. i got money from my godmother for my birthday or christmas. >> their mom told them if they kept their money in the bank, it would grow and grow. however, in january, the children went to the bank to deposit christmas checks from grandma and banking reality hit. >> basically, my account was completely gone. >> i was losing money, not gaining money. >> my bank account was gone. and it wasn't there anymore. and so i didn't have any money. >> instead of growing, their money had been steadily shrinking. the bank told leslie the accounts didn't even exist anymore. >> i said that was impossible.
6:50 am
of course, they existed. the kids had never even so much as taken out a single deposit. >> it turns out bank fees had kicked in after one year. and slowly drained the accounts at the rate of $3 per month per child in 2008 increasing to $5 per month in 2009. j.j.'s $16 account disappeared the quickest. kate's $74 was depleted by 2010. >> that was kind of shocking for me because i always heard things about banks but it was the first time that i had actually experienced that. >> and banks should do the opposite and give interest. >> only claire who faithfully deposited money over the years still had $191 in her account out of $323 in deposits. leslie says the bank didn't warn her about the fees. she assumed there would be none since the children's accounts were linked to hers. >> there's more fees and they're harder to avoid.
6:51 am
>> that's austin prize of the california public interest research group. the nonprofit is now calling for new laws requiring banks to explain all fees clearly to its customers. currently, banks must inform only those who ask. >> i'm sure they wouldn't have chosen the savings account that depleted her child's savings instead of them growing. >> 7 on your side asked bank of america about the kids' money. the bank said bank of america does provide ways to avoid fees for children's savings accounts. unfortunately, we cannot verify what was communicated four years ago. that helped determine the type of accounts the customer opened for her children. it is the responsibility of the customer to regularly review bank statements to keep on top of account activity. however, after we got involved, bank of america did restore the children's money. $310 in all. and it gave each child $50 to help rebuild their savings. we appreciate bank of america restoring the children's money.
6:52 am
they didn't have to do that. as for the kids, they've learned a valuable lesson. read your statements! i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, another first from the founder of the grateful dead. how they're making a very lively sound right here in the bay area.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's mega millions drawing. and the mega number is 10. one ticket sold in texas matched all six numbers to take the jackpot. >> one of the founders of the grateful dead has expanded into new technology. guitarist bob weir has built a studio where live performances are sent directly into your home. abc 7's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez takes us inside.
6:55 am
>> this is a music and video first. a live performance in h.d. and audio from tristudios a state of the art performance venue. a show on the internet directly to your home. the creation of music legend bob weir. >> i set about to build the ultimate playpen for a musician. >> one of the founders of the grateful dead has created this studio where bands can rehearse and perform. >> what i'm beginning to see here is that the future of music is live. we can do it in your living room. we can -- we can bring a more intimate experience than you can get anywhere else. >> what makes this place amazing is the revolutionary technology that changes the acoustics of the room. read by microphones in the ceiling. >> the room actually sounds like this. >> wow. >> that is dead. >> yeah. >> he controls it on an ipad. >> go to a cathedral by contrast. >> invaluable when you're
6:56 am
creating a piece of music. so he's giving me this demo and who shows up but the fellow musician sammy hagar, red rocker. >> the microphones take what they hear in the room and put it through software and put it back out. >> the results are astonishing. >> can it be better than this? >> no. >> there will be more shows that will be posted on the web site. >> what can you do to make this better? >> in six months, this will be old hat. >> the performances will be pay-per-view, he embraces the concept and he's touring this summer. >> the challenge is, as always, what are you going to do with it? >> looks like he found an answer. in marin county, don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> now, we have more information on the schedule for future live broadcasts at under see it on tv.
6:57 am
>> if you're looking for something fun to do over the holiday weekend check out the lawrence hall of science in berkeley. the life sized t-rex and the other creatures are part of an exhibit that opens today called "dinosaurs unearthed." as you can see and you can hear, the robotic dinosaurs actually roar and they stomp before your very eyes. even an area where kids can do their own archaeology dig for these prehistoric animals. the exhibit runs until next january. but it's available this weekend, if you'd like. and it's going to be times this weekend where inside might be the place to be. >> yeah. i don't want to elaborate but i have to because we are looking at a cool, blustery weekend. starting out with sunshine, though, at the golden gate bridge. our satellite and radar composite shows we have some wet weather off shore. to north of us, some thunderstorms off the coast. so later on today, breezy, chance of showers, and the clouds will thicken up with only
6:58 am
63 today in fremont. 65 palo alto. 68 in morgan hill and then tomorrow, behind the system, we'll see sunshine, breezy winds out of the northwest. a couple of degrees warmer and the holiday monday, yet another chance of showers into tuesday and still, just some low to mid 70's. keeping it cool into the middle of june. >> all right. >> early june. >> lisa, thanks a lot. thanks for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news and the next newscast starts at 8:00. stay connected 24/7. why do we choose coppertone sport?
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