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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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workers say a patient at napa state hospital attacked a fellow employee today. this follows a series of violent attacks including one in which a psychiatric technician was killed. lilian kim joins us from the newsroom with more on that. this latest incident involved two employees, but only one seriously injured. he was attacked when he came to the aide of a co-worker. employees at napa state hospital learned about a fellow worker who was beaten by a patient. >> we are con constantly looking over our shoulders. >> hospital officials refused to guff details and they say it started when a male patient was acting up. >> was upset about something.
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from my understanding it went and confronted one of the staff. >> the situation es ask you light -- escalated who was a female technician. the patient then assaulted him. he was treated on site and then later by his own healthcare provider. >> at this . he is okay. depending on how serious the attack was, you don't know how you will be feeling the next day. >> they hope it will lead to better security measures. they have been complaining since october when a patient strangled psychiatric technician donna groves. that was followed by another attack that left an employee with a skull fracture. hospital workers say it is scary going to work when 86% of the approximately 1,150 patients were committed by criminal courts. >> maybe it is the fact we are getting younger and younger. sometimes more gangster-like mentality coming into the hospital. >> workers want police
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officers permanently stationed in the forensic unit. currently they are outside the barbed wire fence. they also want a campus-wide alarm system. >> we know if a patient jumps on a staff we are going to get -- >> the department of mental health was fined $100,000 for a series of violations related to the murder. the department says it has already taken steps to improve security such as eliminating areas where patients can hide. but much more needs to be done. in the newsroom, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. a man suspected it in a halloween shooting in san francisco shot it out today with police in texas. 20-year-old jesse brown pulled a gun when he was stopped trying to board a gray greyhound because in houston -- bus in houston. he then ran to a parking garage.
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police heard a single gunshot and found brown dead with a gunshot wound to the head. they believe he was on the run since a halloween shooting at this this potrero hill apartment last year. three people were shot during the incident including a three-year-old boy who was hit in the leg. tonight the pressure is being turned up on pakistan. the questions that are -- that most people are asking is how could pakistan not have known that osama bin laden was hiding in plain sight. even president obama is raising questions. and now a new add -- admission from pakistan. larry jacobs reports. >> it was the strongest statement from the pakistani government since the raid that osama bin laden had help from inside the pakistani establishment. sunday a senior pakistani official told abc news elements of pakistanien tell inteligence probably rogue or retired were involved in aiding, abetting and sheltering the he hader of al-qaeda. they have no hard evidence for his assessment, but it is based on years of experience
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in the government. in an interview that aired sunday night, president obama pointed no fingers, but raised more suspicions about pakistan will. >> we think there had to be some sort of support for bin laden in pakistan. but we don't know who or what that support network was. we don't know whether there were people inside government, people outside of government and that is something that we have to investigate. >> about that raid that took out the leader of al-qaeda, he saw the death photos. >> it was him. >> and that despite the tension in the white house last sunday night -- >> as nervous i was about this whole process, the one thing i didn't lose sleep over was the possibility of taking bin laden out. >> the president would not condemn pakistan out right, and cited their help in the war on terror, saying "we have been able to kill more terrorists on pakistani soil than anywhere else."
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larry jacobs, abc news. in south san francisco, a 26-year-old woman told police she was grabbed from behind and dragged into the bushes by a man who tried to rape her. police say it happened in the 1300 block of san mateo avenue after she struggled and screamed, the woman says her attacker ran away on foot. he is described as a stalky latino man with a buzz cut. he is about feoff foot 9 inches tall, 200 pounds and wearing a shart sleeved button up shirt and pants. if you have any information, call the san francisco police department. and a man add -- admits he made an error in judgment for driving under the influence. he invited the media to a san jose home to apologize. he admitted to drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel. he was pulled over early saturday morning. police found his blood alcohol level to be over the legal limit. he says he will take full responsibility. >> i feel terrible for what i
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did. the bottom line is i shouldn't have gotten behind the wheel, and i did. now suffering appropriately the consequences of that. >> he is serving his first term representing district two in san jose. for some moms, mother's day is the day they mourn to children lost in violent crime. they stood at the steps demanding justice. here is heather ishimaru. >> we want justice like everyone else. >> her son was killed in august of 2006. suspects in his shooting were arrested and released for lack of evidence. >> and they are walking amongst us now. they are probably standing here looking at us now and got away with killing our children. >> brown joined other mothers at san francisco city hall this morning pressing for their children's murder cases to be solved. for an end to violence and supporting each other through unimaginable pain. some like brown and elsa
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cassillas are veterans of the rally. her son alberto was killed in 2007. he grew up in visitation valley and aiming for a career with the san francisco police when he died. ever since then, her mother's day involves a trip to his grave. >> after the rally we go along with the regular day. we go to the cemetery and clean it up a little and then join my other boys and go eat lunch or something. >> this is her first rally. son tyson was killed by a friend who claimed self-defense. >> i think is this too easy to use a gun? there is too much violence. >> in san francisco, the major obstacle to solving cases is getting frightened witnesses to come forward. >> we need people to get involved. 200 people can witness a homicide. but when you get there, no one knows a thing. >> her son was killed in 2006.
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she wants a secure, public place to display signs offering $250,000 for information leading to an arrest. there have been 20 homicides so far and it represents a downturn freeing up resources. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. up next, people along the mississippi river are preparing for the worst flooding in 70 years tonight. also, the university of california considers charging a higher tuition at the campuses. >> and we are starting to see clearer skies out there. it will be a cool night and also the wind is still with us. we will run through the wind speeds and look ahead to see when we will warm
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to in memphis, tennessee, people are preparing for the worst flooding in 70 years as the mississippi river continues to rise. the river is expected to crest tuesday at 48 feet, just below the record set in 1937. so far levies and flood gates that protect the city are holding. the army core of engineers says this will be crucial to ensure some areas are not devastated by high waters. as many as four million people are being threatened by the rising river. this map shows where throeding is forecast -- better flooding is forecast to hit in the coming days from tennessee to mississippi and down to louisiana. that's nearly 1,000 miles. it has grown from half a mile wide to three miles across. and earlier today officials went door-to-door warning people to get out before the river reaches its expected
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peak. tomorrow pg p e will -- pg&e will start testing its lines with water and then pressurize it with a much higher level it would ever operate with natural gas. any sections that show weaknesses will be replaced. pg&e warns that some gas will be bled out of the pipes and residents might smell it during the testing. the testing is part of pg&e's efforts to make sure the pipelines are safe after the deadline explosion last september. tuition at uc schools cost the same, but now the california system is thinking about changing that. that means it could cost a lot more to go to uc berkeley than uc santa cruz by allowing undergraduate tuition, the advocates say consumer demand could raise money for schools to share, but opponents say it would create anily tis system and harm the nature of the system. they raised basic in state
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tuition to 11,124 dollars, but varied tuition rates could go as high as $27,000 a year. hdtv gives you millions of pixels to form an amazing picture you might be watching right now. but the next generation of high resolution tv's will give you billions of pixels. here is richard hart in the drive to discover the gigapan. >> it is the highest resolution movie you can view. higher than hd. high definition television becomes low-def when you zoom in because it is painted with two million pixels. this movie is made of billions of pixels. you can continue to zoom in while the movie is playing. >> each frame can be billions of pixels. >> you can do that over long periods of time. this is on the website, and you can pan around. >> they developed the technology jointly with randy
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sar -- randy sergeant's create lab. there are dozens of videos playing at the same time. they were taken by a robot that pans the lens around while it is taking the telephoto images. anyone can punch in the number of views and the locations. >> the camera mounts are available to anyone on on-line for a variety of cameras. you cannot only enjoy it on a web browser, you can make an image or time machine movie. >> at the can play them all on the internet because it streams only the part of the movie you have zoomed into. that's the secret sauce, stitching the movie while we are watching so seem leslie we never notice. thanks to the powerful modern computer processor and a new web technology called html5. when combined with time lapse over long teams, you can zoom back and forth through time and space simultaneously.
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>> they start recording today and people in 10 years will be able to come back and answer questions. >> they call that the gigapan time machine. >> richard hart, abc news. today is mother's day and 25 mothers got a special mother's day celebration. the homeless women were treated to complimentary hair and make up sessions. all 25 women live at the hamilton family center. that's a shelter for homeless families in san francisco. the hamilton family center is the largest provider of shelter and support services for homeless families in san francisco. and leigh glaser here. a lot of mothers got their hair blown around in the wind today. >> the wind is still with us, and since we last saw one another, about 6:30, the wind has started to die down a little bit. you can see the bay bridge in the background. here is a look at the wind speeds. the sfo airport gusting to 25
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miles an hour. the north bay and the wind has come down and we have a southly wind in concord at 10 and calm conditions in mountain view. westerly winds in san jose. 49 in napa and 50 in san francisco. redwood city is checking in as well at 50 degrees. 52 in san jose. i don't think this is correct. it is not 41 in los gatos. it is 50 out toward the livermore valley area. we will continue with cool and breezy conditions. mainly near the coast and the bay overnight. slightly warmer conditions as we head into our monday, and then warmer still as we head to tuesday and wednesday. looks like wednesday is the warmest day of the upcoming workweek. we did have a very weak cold front brush the bay area earlier this morning. it has moved to the east of us and an area of low pressure is hung upright here, and you can see even as we check in with live doppler 7hd, it is even
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creating a few lightning strikes. all of this is pushing toward the east. it should be out of our vicinity overnight tonight. and we should start to see some of the clearing. the clearing patches will give way to cooler overnight temperatures. cloverdale is at 39 degrees and napa at 43. 48 for san francisco and half moon bay at 45 and fremont 47. the low pressure, also a cooler air mass over us today. and it also created the strong winds. all of this is pushing toward the east. high pressure will move in tomorrow. it is a fair weather maker and we will look for more sunshine and gradually each day right through wednesday the temperatures will begin to warm up. here is a look at our highs tomorrow. we will come up a few more degrees and los gatos 68. 66 in san jose. at the coast, the temperatures are still in the 50s with the westerly winds tomorrow afternoon. half moon bay 59. 55 for redwood city. san francisco will warm into
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the low 60s tomorrow afternoon. 62 degrees and even some 70s in the north bay. santa rosa 70. 66 for nap paw. oakland tomorrow afternoon sea breeze there. 65 with a mixture of sun and clouds. 65 for union city. the temperatures in the east bay locations, brentwood 72, 71 for antioch. 59 for concord and 65 for santa cruz and 71 for gilroy. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, tuesday and wednesday, the warm days for the bay area. inland, upper 60s near the coast and upper 50s at the bayside. locations on wednesday and beyond that it looks like more clouds next week. cooler temperatures and maybe even rain next weekend. shu is here and there was a loud choking sound from the tank tonight. >> very good. when the sharks smell blood they usually move in for the kill, unless they are the san jose sharks. they let the series get away as they go down 4-3 to the red
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the third period and lose 4-3. the sharks like the killer instinct and instead of closing out the series they head back to detroit for game six. the tank was rockinger. the -- rocking early. setoguchi there to tip it past howard. san jose up one in the first. san jose adding on. it is his fifth goal of the post season. sharks are up two. it is now 2-1. danny heatly and sharks up 3-1. series over, right? not according to the red wings. erickson is all alone in front of the net. it is 3-2. less than two minutes after that and the shot goes wide and he stops the rebound.
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the sharks and their fans are stunned. we are tied at three. six minutes left and the deflection finds the twine and detroit with six shots on goal. three went in. 4-3 your final. the series is heading back to detroit for game six on tuesday. >> they are such a good team. they will make us pay. >> they have so much talent. it is the end of the season if they lose a game. >> wow. break out the brooms. the giants swept the rockies, the first of the season. fear the mom. always good advice. and fear cody ross as well. he rips a single to left. pat burrell rumbles and stumbles and he beats the throw home. the giants are up 1-0.
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he took a no hitter into the 6th. he loses that and a runner on second. it allowed one hit in six shutout innings. cody ross and towering two-run jack out to left. g-men are a game behind colorado after sweeping the rockies. mother's day kansas city style. a's looking for the royal flush. he grounds one up the middle. flips to second and gets pass pennington. he takes off to third and ross covers the bag with a diving stab. what a play. kouzmanoff ricks one to center. oakland goes up 3-0. and suzuki adding some insurance. and his fourth on the year and they take three of two from kansas city. 5-2 the final. a big surprise in the nba playoffs. the lakers swept by the
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mavericks. and they didn't take it very well. showing poor sports man ship showing poor sports man ship they got two players ejected. ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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three pete in the nba playoffs as the lakers were swept by the mavericks. this may be phil jackson's last game as a head coach and it wasn't pretty. lead by jason terry. nine of 10 from beyond the arc. he had 32 points tieing an nba playoff record with nine trays. dallas up 24 at the half. it got uglier in the fourth. barrera drives and he is leveled by andrew bynum. bynum is tossed and owe dom was ejected earlier in the quarter. the two-time defending champs were swept. it was a 122-86 victory. game four between the hawks and the vols and league mvp derrick rose and 44 points friday night and 34 tonight and the floater puts the bulls up three.
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josh smith takes over. misses the lay in and follows his own shot. two of 23. the flush and smith two assists with a triple-double. final round of the wells margo championship -- wells fargo cheep. he needs a birdie to force a playoff. 5* slippery down-hill put. -- downhill putt. he needs this par putt to win and money. it is his first win since the 2009 u.s. open. and 32nd straight win for know vac and his 6th title. look out for him in the french open. >> sharks have to get it together. >> if they don't win tonight and have to go back to detroit it will go seven. not a wood and situation. >> thanks, shu. that's it for abc7 news. i'm alan wang with leigh glaser and shu. our next newscast at 4:30. good night, everyone.
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