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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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schedule there. you can see the showers moving through southeastern iowa. one of the bands from cedar rapids to iowa city and then out to cedar in jones county. no more than a dusting in any one spot. hit looks like the snow showers will move out after midnight. there are still a lot of clouds hanging around the upper midwest and we will have to deal with those again tomorrow. we expect overcast skies for the commute with temperatures around 33-34. then in the afternoon more clouds and not much rise in temperatures. we should hold in the mid-30s through cold start to november?to december. disaster struck a linn county business on thanksgiving day. job. the fire here at iowa gold and oil recylcing took a lot of man power.central city fire says because this fire happened on thanksgiving day more volunteers were home and able to answer the call- but
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when fire breaks out in a rural fire district help is day, a lot more volunteers were able to respond, but that is not always the case. when fire breaks out in a rural fire district, help is critical. >> if it is a fire call, we will get the departments in route right away. just so that we have backup coming. >> reporter: volunteer departments require -- depend on mutual aid agreements t >> the emergency may vary. so, you need have other departments come in to assist you.>> reporter: most volunteers work full-time jobs and not everybody can answer the call. you can pretty much guarantee that a lot of department members are going to be out of town working.>> reporter: even when a full crew comes in, they cannot kappell
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of firefighter cannot stay in that position that long and need to get rest. >> we are blessed that they will come. they are always willing to help. every department around this area. we are all willing to help each other take care of the problem.>> reporter: now, the cause of this fire is undetermined, but central city fire says they expect an electrical expert to come to the scene some kind and -- sometime in december and it will hopefully bring answers. covering the corridor and central city, joe huisinga , cbs 2 news two elementary schools forced into a locked down. the police say there was never a threat to the public. school administrators locked down emerson elementary and saint joseph as a precaution. you can open your cbs 2
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and send it and you can send us your story tips. you can download the app for free in the android our app stores. -- or app stores. a man shot by the cedar rapids police during a traffic stop. an aphis -- an officer pulled over jeremy mitchell over the -- earlier this month. mitchell fought with the officer before driving away and crashing. his family tells cbs 2 that he is paralyzed from the next down. reporter kevin barry is at the african american museum of iowa where they are gathering for a benefit tonight. kevin.>> reporter: karen, tonight family and friends are hoping to raise money to cover the cost of increasing medical bills, legal feels -- legal fees and everything else they have to cover what he recovers. gerry anderson has called for a
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lucas jones should be indicted. there have been many protests calling for a quick resolution. tonight, katie jackson says it is about supporting jeremy. >> absolutely. we are his voice while we are here. we want to make sure we send the right message >> reporter: we are hoping to see stacy walker who is the first african-american elected to the post. he will bring his message to the benefit. kevin barry, cbs 2 news the official opening of the late january or early february.
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announced within the next few weeks. right now -- a proposed change to iowa law could protect more kids.the drug-endangered children work group is hoping to better protect families from substance abuse at home. they want to change state law to add allegations of cocaine, heroin and opiod use as additional drugs that could lead to a child abuse investigation at home.right now, meth is the only drug on the list. "when those drugs are us the presence where a child could see the drug use, smell the drug use, hear the drug use, that's when the safety of those children are erroded."the workgroup is the child could see the drug use and smell the drug use and hear the drug use, that is when the safety of those children has eroded.>> reporter: the group is voting on recommendations and they are hopeful that legislators will take up the issue next session. >> now that it is getting colder , the issue of homelessness is
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corridor or stay warm this the shelter house in iowa city provides emergency shelter and helps those experiencing homelessness get back into permanent housing08:44:05 it's just given me a little more support to get ahead and get my life in order.mark sertterh, shelter house associate executive director 08:33:12 there's a lot of demand throughout all times of the year for emergency shelter here at shelter house, but in the winter time, it really serious aspect.sertterh says exposure to the elements can cause frostbite and even death. the last two years shelter house has opened an emergency shelter for those who can not or will not use shelter house. 08:34:26 we've had a lot of anecdotal data that states that we haven't had anybody from the streets of iowa city having frostbite and certainly not dying in the last two years, so we're excited about that.opening that emergency shelter for three months and expanding services at shelter
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the out of the cold campaign is hoping to raise 45 thousand dollars before the end of the year08:39:30 an average of 32 people a night and that was on top of the 70 people staying additional support. the campaign is hoping to raise $45,000 before the end of the year. >> an average of 32 people per night. that is on top of the 70 people staying at shelter house. >> i feel real grateful and blessed that i have somewhere at least to come in. >> reporter: the shelter has says the easiest way to give us mellaney moore, cbs 2 news a big boost for a local program and the opportunities it can bring for corridor kids. all day long today we have been tracking snow showers as they have moved to rot -- across eastern iowa. we will have those in the
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cbs 2 this morning - we all know being active is good for your health and well-being,but now a new study claims certain exercises can help you live longer.find out what they are right now, a partnership is getting a big 2 news anchor kelly d'ambrosio is live right now a corridor partnership is getting a big boost. >> anchor kelly d'ambrosio is live with the latest from the iowa big celebration.>> reporter: we are life right now at the geometric building in
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going on behind me at this very moment is a celebration event for iowa big. they just received a $1 million grant from the super school project from hq schools. that $1 million will be given to them over the next five years. over the next couple of days, there's a representative hear from the hq schools which will be working with iowa big on a plan with how to spend that $1 billion. i talked to hq schools in earlier today about why they chose iowa big for this grant. they said the school is doing some amazing things and th
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terry thanks.weatherfirst team coverage continues now with meteorologist rebecca kopelman who has your corridor commute. coming up tonight on the cbs 2 news ten at ten.the first phase of the highway 100 project extension will be unveiled on saturday. the portion won't be open to
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means for corridor commuters and how it could affect future development.that's tonight - at ten. the all-big ten offensive teams were announced today - what this means for corridor commuters and how it could impact future development. that is tonight at 10:00. the big ten offensive teams were announced today. see were several hawkeyes landed next on cbs 2 sports. news at cbs 2 iowa dot com connect with us on facebook at facebook/kgan cbs 2. from the terrorism elias. (??turn??)documents captured from isis while retaking mosul show the terror group is pl from the terrorism alert desk in washington, dc, i'm jonathan elias. group says there are explicit threats.he did not disclose any information in the plans but says the information is being shared.(??take vo??)in mosul a fresh warning from the u.n about the growing humanitarian crisis says the limited supplies of
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percent of residents in the city - when a pipeline was hit during fighting.the offensive to re-take the city is now in its sixth week. (??take vo??) and, a north carolina man accused of murdering his neighbor and plotting a terrorist attack in the name of isis has pleaded guilty. federal investigators say justin sullivan was plotting to kill as many as 1,000 people.(??on cam??)sullivan was caught trying to recruit members to join of the people he contacted was an undercover agent.sullivan could face life in prison.from the terrorism alert desk in
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desmond king and jaleel johnson made first team all- big ten on wednesday - desmond king and jarrell johnson made the big ten on wednesday. the offense did not get as much love as the defense. 49 -- 4 hawkeyes were name to all conference today. the 4 were others made honorable mention. penn state had the offense of player of the year. to the mat we go. so far this season, the hawkeyes have looked like a third-ranked team. they are being tested and that will changed this weekend. they are off to grapple with 20th-ranked south dakota state. the hawks have never lost to
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this is a wrote dual against an opponent destined to knock off a name brand like iowa. >> we have had an eye on the stool meet. the environment will be fun. we have competitors here that are about that anyway going into the enemy arenas. >> once the whistle blows, that goes away. it doesn't really matter who is rooting for me or against me, or anything it is another match and that's how i approach it.>> reporter: the xavier boys begin their title defense with a win over mt. pleasant. for the saints it is one step on their march back to des moines. savior made history last season, but today that state title is just a memory.
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never forget. i know it is a new season, so turn the page and try to do it again.>> we want to think about that success and get back there.>> reporter: for the saints, success starts back at square one. >> it's a new year and a new team at a new process that you have to go through. you have to go through the peaks and valleys.>> reporter: there will be valleys because when you are champs, everybody is gunning for you. we are excited to have that our program is on the map and people look at our game with them on the schedule and that's exciting and fun. >> reporter: the best way to deal with expectations is experience. with three starters back, xavier has plenty of it. >> we have all been in some pretty big games. >> we have a pretty mature group in terms of experience. they have been around it and they have plenty of knowledge.>> reporter: the saints have the smarts, the skill and the savvy and it is a
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it's fun to play and the chemistry and the talent that we have feels pretty good.>> reporter: a team ready to repeat. in cedar rapids, cbs 2 news? pat moroney , cbs 2 sports. they are trying to go for the second in a row and they are
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the butterburger is made of just three cuts of fresh midwest beef. nothing more, nothing less. so we got the sirloin, the chuck and the plate. no fillers; that's it. all prized cuts, all well-marbled for richness and flavor. this is where those three wonderful cuts of beef come together. you can just tell that blend is working in there. and we sear them, and that seals in the juices of the burger. and that's the culver's butterburger.
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i think we prefer the burglaries over the tornadoes we saw on monday. >> -- the flurries over the tornadoes we saw on monday. >> i would have to agree with you. you can see these showers will spin out overnight and we will
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?? ? ?? ? oh, my, mariah! the diva gets caught make out with her backup dancer. the must-see over the top photos. wait, did he just drop her? then katy and orlando's date night after the engagement rumorr. >> we've tut each other a lot. >> it's the new talking about their relationship for the first time, but where was her huge diamond ring. plus -- ?? ?? >> we are first on the set of the movie britney spears doesn't want you to see. >> get ready. it's arrived. >> the drama, the dance moves and the guy playing justin. >> he has the iconic hairstyles and we affectionately call it the ramen noodle hair. >> and only yoet kwooet yoet yoet is on the scenes of the star-studded christmas party. why jennifer aniston made santa's naughty list.


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