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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  October 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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are showers and storms to the west of i-35. those will move been mainly after midnight. scattered showers around one or 2:00 in the morning. he will get back to sunshine tomorrow with another mild day. tonight mostly cloudy showers after midnight and readings will be in the low 60s. early-morning showers a to the mid-70s by afternoon. we will let you know what that means for the weekend. life in cedar rapids is getting back to normal after the flood. as of this morning all exits on and off-site 380 are open. all bridges are open as well. there are some lane reductions on and ask avenue bridges. been well-known hotel and restaurant has fallen victim to the flood. a reporter to live at
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>> reporter: this normally busy parking lot is empty and there is still plastic wrap on the front doors of the hotel. it seems that when they closed for the evacuation it may have been for the last time. the discussion of a buyout started long before the flood. >> we began conversations with the property owner in the fall of 2015. we had the property appraised. they closed during the evacuation. it was decided to move forward with the acquisition. >> reporter: this is one of many properties on the westside of planned flood protection the city needs to remove. >> we bought over 1300 properties and we're continuing to buy properties. we talked about the cooper's mill. those are all socialist is
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same pot of money >> reporter: the nearby building was bought for $2.5 million in july. the city of oaks by the hotel and everything in it for more than $5.2 million. the agreement is set to go in front of the city council october 11. >> assuming that is approved we anticipate closing and having them transfer title to the city by the end of the month. >> reporter: it all is approved flowage easement instead of tearing businesses and buildings down but it would cost the city just has much money and create a lot of liability.covering the corridor joe huisinga cbs 2 news this morning the flood control system committee also heard updates on flood protection near the 16th avenue bridge. these renderings show the levee and flood walls planned to protect areas that were excluded from recent temporary
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a 130 foot base and walls 13 feet high.crews are planning to break ground on the new levee october 11th. marion city leaders leadersare holding a public reception friday to introduce four candidates vying to be the city's next police chief. chief.the one-hour reception is scheduled to get underway at five-30 on friday at the marion public library. library.long-time police chief harry daugherty announced his retirement in april.daugherty was a 40-year veteran of the department. the gun level - is also taking place in our 2 news statehouse reporter steffi lee explains the issues iowa legislators hope to address. address. are statehouse reporter explains the issues iowa legislators hope to address. >> reporter: for almost 30 years- >> the folks that come in my shop are the salt of the earth. a gun.and to him - iowa's
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steffi: recently -- missouri lawmakers successfully overrode the governor's constitutional carry veto - meaning anyone who can legally own one - can freely carry one without a permit. permit. state representative matt windschitl says that foundation must start with passing gun-related legislation in both chambers. chambers. but state senator matt mccoy and we met with some success. unfortunately they languished in the senate.>> reporter: he
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amendment rights also means supporting safety and he wants to pc iowa build a stronger mental health component for background checks. >> in-depth questionnaires as it relates to that. i would like to see a process outlined that would require them to go through a certification with a medical provider. one of the most well-known names fighting for gun control legislation has a congresswoman came through cedar rapids today on her 14 state bus to her with her group americans for responsible solutions. she and her husband started the committee after she was shot during a constituent meeting in a parking lot in 2011. she says making the changes she wants to see will take courage by everyone. >> i have seen great courage when my wife was on the line.
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the responsible. democrats, republicans, everyone. >> leaders also mentioned how gun violence is a growing issue in cedar rapids and can only be solved by a community that is willing to focus on it together. hillary clinton and donald trump will take a backseat to their running mates in the only vice presidential debate. report. i've talked to both of these men in the past week about what to expecta&they've both joked that they know they're not the main to speak, but that there are plenty of contrasts and they're going to try to point them out in a way clinton & trump, didn't.(pkg)- (file-bentsen) "jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you, are no jack kennedy!"- vice presidential debates don't typically have moments like ?that? anymorea&but that's not to say, they're insignificant.-(file-palin) "can i call you, joe?"-what
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(550-me & pence) "do you think this next debate will be more civil than what we saw in new york?"(605 pence) i believe that the policies of the last 7 years that hillary clinton and senator kaine want to continue have weakened debate will be more civil? >> i believe that the policies of the last 7 1/2 years that hillary clinton and senator. plane want to continue have weakened america's place in the world. >> reporter: how will your debate be different? >> anyone who knows the way i campaign, i campaign as an upbeat, positive, can-do public servant and i way to. but we will draw a clear contrast. >> reporter: there is something very different about the world these days. >> the conventional wisdom was that they were the attack dog is no longer as true. we have all sorts of characters coming out of the woodwork. you have mark cuban coming out for hillary clinton and others
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>> reporter: that means the potential for more policy and platform talk at least that is the hope. >> don't make it personal, stick to the issues and the records. i think you will see a high quality debate. >> it might be less entertaining, but probably more substantive. >> reporter: another preview about tonight republicans came out with an attack ad against tim kaine painting him as someone who is soft crime when he was an attorney and you can expect democrats the debate gets underway at eight right here on cbs 2.we will be tracking the debate from our newsroom and will have complete coverage tonight on cbs 2 news ten at 10. the johnson county affordable housing coalition is re- launching--as an independent non-profit organization.the coalition works to increase access to affordable housing for low-income people. according to the federal
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affordable housing. according to the federal reserve over the past 36 years rent has the cedar rapids community taking a new approach to make sure kids get to school. started with a pilot program at wright elementary and is now spreading across the district.a student who misses 18-days - or 10 percent - of the school year is the district says on any given day, most students are at school, but there are certain students who have a high number of absences. "1:57:43 it helps us to know who we need to target. who we need to provide information to, messaging to, need to target and who we need to provide information to call out messages and information. who do we need to reach out to
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and help you remove these barriers to your attendance. >> they say cedar rapids schools want to be supportive so families will reach out if they need help making sure their child is in school. coming up tonight at 10 we will dig deeper to see what is being done.
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tomorrow on cbs of the biggest lessons kids learn in college is how to manage their . money.the latest scam that says it'll help you out of debt -- but just ends up creating more.tomorrow on brandon with us now and but as they say almost things must come to an end. we are warmer than we normally are this time of year. the wet weather is on the way unfortunately. right now in cedar rapids a little bit breezy, a mild temperature at 73 degrees with the winds are southeast around 15 miles per hour. charles city 72, waterloo 73,
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wins have been gussy out of the southeast continue to be about nine to 21 miles per hour and there are the showers and thunderstorms your they will be weakening as they pushed into our area coming up sometime after midnight. as far as temperatures go in the western part of the state yesterday they were in the middle to the upper 70s different story where the rain was. we were in the middle to upper 70s and eastern iowa about 10 degrees ov should be. temperatures the next 12 hours we will get into the low to mid- 60s by early morning with showers moving in after midnight. showers late tonight into tomorrow morning and we should be dry by afternoon and get back to sunshine in the low to mid-70s and another system on thursday lingering into friday and a big weekend cooldown in- store friday through sunday there is the low pressure
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western iowa. the predictor has it playing out like this as we go through the late-night hours into early morning hours. the front is getting into iowa with scattered storms over our area and you can see the clouds and rain pushoff to the east by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. we are back into some sunshine and the front will lift back to the north and that will be the focus for additional showers by e thursday. they will write this front thursday night into friday and some of those could put some heavy rain down by the time it moves off to the northeast. as you can see the model saying three quarters of an inch to an inch or an inch and a half towards iowa city. it doesn't necessarily mean these areas will see this much rain, but there is a potential of heavy rain and the stronger storms
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there is the low pressure system with milder in the next couple of days and here comes the cold front and the cool air which will drift into eastern iowa thursday night into friday. temperatures will take a big hit. mostly cloudy lake showers after midnight -- late showers after midnight. by afternoon we should clear out, mostly sunny and another mile day. another chance of showers on thursday. could put down some heavy rain in the cold front moves through on friday. look at these nighttime lows, by the time we get to saturday morning could see low temperatures in the upper 30s and nighttime lows stay in the low 40s over the weekend. coming up in sports it is time for basketball.
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build on last season success. dot comconnect with us on facebook at facebook/kgan cbs 2.
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when my dad got the contract with donald trump, it was huge for our business. there was never any question about the quality of work... when you're a small business, a big contract is everything, i mean, it's huge. but...if you don't get paid, it's devastating. if he treats the american people like he treated my father, on the trump taj mahal, we're...we're in trouble. the whole country's in trouble.
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"quite him
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playing-you never play as well as you want. that has never happened, but playing to what we want to be. that is the fun and football. >> the hawks are not having fun because lately they are not playing well, but all of that can change with the when on the road saturday against minnesota. to get last weeks that case out of t field monday instead of tuesday. a road trip might just be what they need to get out of their funk. >> it brings the team together more because you have to rely on one another. anytime you can do that it is a good time for us to go out there and come away with a road win. >> we know we are always house and the guys on the field, we know we have to have each
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outside noise and stick to what we know. >> in ames saturday was career day for joel lanning who did not share snaps with the backup quarterback. iowa state quarterback completing 17 of 23 passes for a career-high and two scores to go along with a rushing touchdown. as staff speak for themselves, there was another factor in the decision to stay with the hot hand. be the starter and he played really well and a lot of it was situational football in terms of he was playing at such a high rate and those are tough call to make. he was obviously prepared to go into the football game, those are calls when you have two guys playing you have to go with your gut. >> hard to believe that basketball season is right around the corner. the panthers are coming off
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back to the big dance. the theme this year is abuse. 11 of the 16 players are new to the program, but that doesn't mean the new panthers haven't quickly learned that in cedar falls it is about the heart not the numbers. >> a bunch of new guys that are different and maybe not as much game experience or practice experience. there are guys there. >> last year we had a ups and downs and we all learned a lot about ourselves and each other. we know now if we believe in one another and come together the sky is the limit. but believe top three teams qualified for a trip to state. apple trying to do his best to get jefferson there. he dropped his approach shot on the green and he would it off by rolling in the birdie putt.
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code trooper from the rough leaves it a few feet from the pan. johnson would it in for an easy park and then on nine washington's think the put. every time i see those guys play golf i look at my golf game and say it's just not good.
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thunderstorms they will weaken as they push to our area overnight and we could see a light shower or a rumble of thunder by tomorrow morning. they clear out back to sunshine in the afternoon and
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?? ?? ?? kim kardashian's night of terror. new details about the robbery that left her bound and gagged. >> all kim could keep on saying over and over again is please don't kill me. >> why her family is convinced it was an inside job. >> have you talked to kim? >> you don't do that. >> why melissaeth ridge is going off on angie. >> i was around when angelina was not doing nice things. >> plus, candace cameron bure's daughter after her breakthrough voice audition. >> it is very surreal. >> and kelly clarkson opens up to e.t. about her new baby. >> brutally honest about her struggle with having two kids in two years. >> she's dramatic, like her mom.


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