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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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continues to uncover more about possible asbestos exposure at jefferson high school...we are also exploring the health risks. risks.the last time the district dealth with his, at washington hihh, they offered testing for people who thought they might have been exposed. 2 news reporter dora miller joins us with the latest on the risks. when concerns over asbestos removal at jefferson high school were brought to us... us...we called the ioio department of public health... an electrical worker says he definitely inhaled asbestos but he didn't think it was enough to harm's important to note that particles of asbestos can stay in your lungs for years...but not all exposure automatically leads to lung cancer.however. one group is at a higher risk of cancer than others. "smokers have an increased risk because of the affiliation with smoking and lung cancer. when you add asbestos exposure and scarring from asbestos fibers in the
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increases."if you feel that you might have been exposed, you are encouraged to talk to your healthcare may take years to see symptoms, but pupuic health officials recommend testing early.dora miller, cbs 2 news you many not know that we are all exposed to particles of asbestos every day.we are talking to the e alth department to find out why and what the real danger is. is.we're working on that angle right now for cbs 2 newsen at 10. temperatures warmed up today across the area into the 40s and there were even 70s spotted in parts of the state. the mild weather is here to stay... and so are the winds. temperatures tonight will fall a bit ananthen start to rise
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be near 40 and winds will be evelated at 20 to 30 miles per hour. hour. cbs 2 news has the latest information now on the investigation of a shooting death in vinton. vinton.52-year-old robyn merchant wasasreleased f fm jail earlier today, but she has to wear a g-p-s tracker. court documents say merchant bought a rifle - investigation of a shooting death in denton. robyn merchant was released from jail today but she has to wear a gps tracker. court documents say robyn merchant bought a rifle and gave it to a 17-year old who accidentally shot emma redlinger. emem redlinger died in the hospital. robyn merchant is charged with providing a firearm to a minor.
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a man dead after falling from a cell phone tower. the sheriffs office tells us it happened just before 5:00 yesterday. police say stefan watermann was working on the tower when he fell. they are still trying to figure out what caused the accident. a crash in cedar rapids sent a car r to a building and they tell cbs 2 news, one person was taken saint luke's hospital - no word on that's person condition.right now, part of the intersection is back open. open.we first alerted you to this traffic tie-up on our facebook sure to send us your breaking news tips, pics and videos, just search for kgan-cbs 2. developing tonight t black hawk county. american airlines flight made an emergency landing at the waterloo
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afternoon.the waterloo-cedar falls courier reports, the plane was flying from sioux falls to chicago when the crew spotted smoke in the plane's landed safely and all 29 people on board were ablf to take a ackup flight to o chicagag now to continuing coverage of the on-going water crisis in flint, michigian. michigian.hy-vee is now sending help, in honor of iowa state basketball star, monte morris. morris.the i-s-u men's basketball team sent out a tweet saying hy-vee is sending 11 semi-trailers full of water to flint, morris' home-town. home-town.11 is the number morris wears for iowa state. last week, morris tweeted a video asking people to donate to the red cross to help flint residents.after hearing of hy-vee's donation, he tweeted a thank you saying it means the world to him. also at i-s-u, administrators say they will fight a judge's ruling that the school violated the free speech
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organization.two students who ran the i-s-u chapter of norml, a pro-marijuana group, school violated the free speech rights of a sanctioned student organization. two students who ran the chapter of normal, a pole marijubna group, filed a lawsuit against the school in 2014. the suit alleges the university stop them from using the schools local on t-shirts because of a marijuana leaf in the design. a judge ruled that rule amendment rights. warning students about health concerns before spring break. many students travel to exotic locations. they want to remind the community that the mosquitoes that transnst secret virus also transmit other diseases. therefore they ask people on campus to avoid more is that -- therefore they are asking
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mosquito exposure. congressmen blum is congressman blum is encouraging older adults to stay healthy. today they addressed concerns of seniors including social security, and medicaid issues. 40 vendors answered questions and offered services. warm temperatures today, the market is facing challenges as w wl, marissa scott is live right now at the market after talking with the new executive director.
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new team, the executive director started a month ago. some vendors are moving out of the market for different reasons and there have been rumors that there would be no more events. we found out that is not true. there is a lot of planning going on behind the scenes. the city market and surrounding neighborhood is booming. go. >> reporter: new restaurants in this spring. >> one of the businesses that is moving is moving into the national. >> reporter: some say the market might close. >> it must be the economy. >> reporter: the new executive director says those rumors are not true. they are planning events and connections to help the vendors. >> what we can do is to help small businesses to network. >> reporter: he says he wants to bring back charities,
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all while being a small business incubator. >> the short term goal is to build up the infrastructure. we want them to be successful. >> reporter: he wants to provide resources for the vendors and continue to provide a place for familili to come. he wanan a market that gives back to the community and their neighbors. >> when you look at the district and everything that it has to offer and is going to offer people just want to be a part of that positive change. >> reporter: me events cocong up this summer include the music festival which will take place over several days. there will a ao be five new vendors moving into the market
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marissa scott, cbs two. north liberty city leaders showed up plans for a number o o projects tonight. that public open house just wrapped up 10 minutes ago. those plans include a number of road construction projectct throughout the city and also upgrades to the cities water treatment plant. still to come, the new program that is a hit with employees and why it is coming a model for the rest of the country. if you did not know better you may think it was april around here. we are expecting temperatures
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'50s across all of eastern iowa. cbs 2 this morning.we hear alot about how driverless cars are the fufure of the auto industry. industry.several companies are testing it out right now, but how close are we to making it reality?find out tomorrow on cbs 2. for this week's c-b- j report reportand joining us live from the corridor business journal is time for this week's report and joining us live is the editoto adam. it looks like cedar rapids is getting another development of affordable housing. >> we got news that a developer will be breaking ground next week on two new apartment buildings in cedar rapids. that comes a month after the firm opoped its project in
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the new apartments will each contain about 30 units, thosesewill coco complete with parking, elevators and washer dryer inside. the new buildings will be located on centerpoint road. they are going to be breaking ground next tuesday. >> not long ago walk while collins launched a new health clinic for its employees, how is that working out? >> we just had the summit and got to speak with the vice are so promising they are looking to expand the program. the vice president told us that the on the site clinic takes about one third of the time of a traditional doctor visit. it can also save employees 30% when combined with the on-site pharmacy. it allows patients to visit with a doctor through a video feed. she said the companies next
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melbourne, florida. we got word korbel is looking for your input, staff wi hold a public meeting to share ideas and gather.some proposed changes to the cities commercial signings ordinanae. a city councilmember told us last f fl that the rules of one of the biggest parts and that conversation followed a disagreement between city staff anda donut company regarding that business. the public session will start next tuesday and it will be held at the west bank. >> those are always coroversial issues. it will be interesting. thank you uery much. the wind around eastern iowa has been picking up today and they will increase in the next day or so.
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warmer air into eastern iowa. we are going to show you some amazing temperatures, 43 the reading now in cedar rapids and that is about as low as we will go tonight. the satellite still shows some clouds around eastern iowa but you wi notice to the south and west the sun was out today in parts of nebraska a d iowa and that is a region that really enjoyed some nice temperatures. take a look at the highs in southwestern iowa today. omaha, reached all the way up to 65. you can see the warmth is not far away and it will be surging in later tonight. definitely we have a warm day
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the south reaching 60 from interstate 80 to the south. unfortunately xhis will be a wind driven event and we could see some wind g gts that reach as high as 45 miles per hour. so that will definitely take a little bit of starch out of the warmth. overall, it looks like a really good weekend ahead. temperatures now are in the upper 30s in the north where there is still a loloof snow on the ground. it is 43 in cedar rapids. washington at 45. clouds will eventually go away tomorrow and here is the storm track coming in from the southwest transporting mild air into the northwest. the storm track is now into this pattern right here which means high prsure and mild temperatures will be around for the weekend.
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lot of wind and tomorrow we do have a wind a wind advisory in effect with some gust that could reach 45 miles per hour. you can see new tomorrow we have a gust of 45 miles per hour in cedar rapids and then we get into the weekend and the wind will finally push off to the east of us. saturday will be a beautiful day. as far as temperatures go, tomorrow afternoon we should be in themid-50s in the afternoon with 60s further to the south. saturday we are still warm as high temperatures get t to the s. it is looking nice tonight. also, we won't have any rain or snow all across eastern iowa. weekend. temperatures tonight in the upper 30s to the north. tomorrow, look for temperatures to range from the low 50s i i the north to the lower 60s in the south with a lot of wind.
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sunshine and 48 on sunday. we do cool off next week but overall temperatures well above normal. i have got a special report tonight on theheinter of 1936. it was so bad that fence post were nn adequate to measurere the e ount of snow that swallowed trades and brought the state to a halt. it was considered one of the toughest winters in state history. we will have more on that tonight at 9:00. >> we hear a lot about the winter of 1978 and how bad that was. you are saying this is worse. >> it was very intense. my mother has told me some amazing stories about it. it is an interesting piece. coming up in sports it is
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school wrestling tournament. who took their first step towards been crowned state champion?
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iowa high school state wrestling is absolutely crazy. just take day waiting for
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matches constantly going on. in all 670 wrestlelestepped on the mat today. cedar rapids a finished five talk mass -- rapids finished 5th in the 1st round.y -- uthoff gets his in the second period -- in case you were wondering, his third cousin is jarrod uthoffthen at 160 -- in case you were wondering his a third cousin is a hawkeye. at 160 he was in total control on his way to a 9-0 major r decision. this guy shows why he is number one in his weight class. "you just treat every match, it's the first round ofofstate, just looking one
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is your first match. i know i have a target on my back. there are always guys coming after you. >> you never want to lose in the 1st round. you always want to atateast get to that stage. so, i had a little bit of nerves. i am here for one thing and one e thing only and that is to win gold. the hawks are in a three- way tie for the team with 31 points. in class i, one, they kickck things off in the morning in highlands. west kept his undefeated season alive with a 2-point take down there. he will move on. at 145 apple makes it easy.
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wanted to do. "this is a great atomosphere... everyone cheering you >>i mean this s a great atmosphere. you have got to try to score as many points as you can in each match. sometimes i have a tendency to get a slow.
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as i could.temperatures warmed up today across the area into the 40s and there were even 70s spototd in parts of the stste. the mild weather is here to
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temperatures tonight will fall a bit and then start to rise through the night. that warm wind is blowing tonight and tomorrow they will be a lot warmer than they were today. we will have the afternoon high of 58 in cedar rapids. i do want to stress that it is
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tomorrow. tonight did kanye taylor swift over the edge? >>ou'll want tohear whatat ea's saying about t now. then blake lively's new york fashion faux pas. find out what has style experts so up in arms. >> and taylor is rocking the new body at almost 30 yeaold. and we have former soprano's


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